Mt. Carmel Churches | Tim Pollard | Hometown Victories

Hi, my name’s Tim Pollard and this is my story. I grew up as a minister’s child, Mt. Carmel Churches went to church every time the door was open and it was great growing up as a child in that house. Uh, but as I got older I thought there was a lot more fun outside, started running around and with the wrong crowd, obviously trying to, trying this, trying that, you know, this went on for 10 years, you know, and I got pretty good at playing church. I was still going to church at the time and I had everybody else fooled, Mt. Carmel Churches but I didn’t have God folder myself. Fold, you know, it’s a miserable time in your life when you, uh, try to make everybody else think you’re okay, but inside you’re dying. It’s nothing at all. What I had pictured and envisioned in my mind, people having fun with it because it’s no fun.

Uh, I was one of those guys that couldn’t go out with a casual drink. I couldn’t just have a beer and I would love to just sit down and drink a beer and eat a steak at a meal or symptom. I couldn’t do that. I had way too much and I didn’t know when to say no. I didn’t know when to say it was enough, was enough and met my wife, uh, about 23 years ago. She was way out of my league by the way, and I was not her type. Somehow some way she stuck it out and we were pregnant with our first child and this was kind of my turning point. I said, Mt. Carmel Churches I can’t let my kids grow up and see me this way. God met me right where I was at. He loved me. He brought me back to where I needed to be, put my feet on the rock and I haven’t turned back since.

I’ve really been challenging myself last couple of years to do more things for him since he’s done so much for me. And this year I was a challenge myself with being more open and involved instead of just being so complacent. I’m sitting back and uh, you know, man, he’s given me so many opportunities and I have never been one that, Mt. Carmel Churches, like to be in the limelight of any kind, but, uh, he’s given me a lot of opportunities to be up and stand up for him and do things for him. And it seems like every time I turn around there’s someone other opportunity. And so that’s, that’s my story. That’s where I’m at. I just think God and that he has met me and he’s not left me and I praised him.