Mt. Carmel Churches | Sidney Bingman | Hometown Victories

Hi, my name is Sydney and this is my story, so my freshman year of college I started partying a lot and I ended up meeting this one guy at a party. We were kind of on and off for about two months after that of talking and not talking and I have had a couple of friends then tell me that he really wasn’t a good guy and I really shouldn’t go for him and so basically me being me, I went and did the opposite of that and started talking to this guy one weekend. Mt. Carmel Churches It got kind of bad after we got to know each other. He got really intoxicated at my apartment. He ended up pushing me up against a wall and getting just really violent with me and throwing things at me and calling me all sorts of names. About five months later down the road, he had constantly flip switches.

We would be perfectly fine with me. One night and then a second later he would start screaming and yelling at me and calling me names and one night it got really bad because he thought I had cheated on him, which I had not. He pushed me off of his bed and kicked me off of his bed and grabbed me and threw me across the room and he has all my things outside of his house and basically kicked me outside of his house at one or 2:00 in the morning. I also live an hour away from his house. Mt. Carmel Churches I had begged him to just let me stay at his house, which I was super desperate at this point. Yeah, just beat me down so much for about three or four hours and had been throwing me around his room that I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know where to go.

I didn’t want to call my parents. I didn’t want to call my brother, so he ended up letting me stay there, but told me after we woke up in the morning we were done. So I went home the next morning and called my parents and I called my dad and told him that we had broken up and um, I ended up having a bruise around my arm from where he had thrown me so hard and my stomach had hurt because he had kicked me off of the bed there. This whole period of us dating prior before is breaking up. I lost my walk with God. I did not go to church. I was drinking way too much. I was not doing things that I should be doing at all. He kept trying to contact me and I contacted him and I ended up getting a screaming fight with my parents Mt. Carmel Churches.

Um, when we were dating I, I never really talked to my parents anymore. And I’m a, I’m a family person. So I stopped talking to my parents. I stopped talking to my brother. I pushed away all my friends because they had told me to leave him alone. My parents weren’t really that big of a fan of him. And so I basically just leaned on my ex boyfriend. I got an that screaming match with my family. And they took my phone away so I went to contact him. I had got my phone back a few weeks later and he had messaged me and he said he was coming to my house that night. I didn’t believe them and I think he would. And about 11:00 to midnight, Mt. Carmel Churches, I heard a tap on my window and he was at my house and so I didn’t let them in my house that night, but we did talk and I ended up agreeing to get back with him.

So everything was all fine and Dandy through a couple of weeks. And I got my phone back. I had started getting privileges of going back and doing stuff on my own and Evansville. And then I would sneak him in every so often in my house. And when I would go to Evansville I would sneak into his house. It did not get better. After a couple of weeks he went right back to what he was doing with me, calling me all sorts of names, flipping the switch on me, always comparing me to his ex girlfriend. And this is the time when I really started pushing everybody away. I just completely shut everybody out, worse than I had before, and it just got 100 times worse and one night I had went to a party and I, Mt. Carmel Churches I went to my grandma’s after and I let him in my grandma’s house and I told him I didn’t want to do a certain thing and he ended up forcing me to have sex with him.

A couple days after that we went and filed a rape charges against him. And then I tried killing myself a couple of days after that with some pills. I was laying in my apartment and I had the pills in my hand ready. And I had called one of my friends on the phone and told her that I was about to do it and that I loved her. I ended up not doing it obviously. But Mt. Carmel Churches, that was really difficult for me knowing that I was going through something so hard that was pushing me to want to kill myself and my parents had. They thought that they were doing the right thing. They had told me that they were going to cut me off. They were taking my car and my phone and I would have to pay for everything because I was not following the rules. That wasn’t the good thing because I ended up turning towards him and he told me he would pay for everything and he told me that my parents didn’t love me and that’s why they were cutting me off and he was the only person who could love me.

So even after that one incident that night, I went back to him and it just kept getting worse. I stopped eating. I developed my eating disorder again, which I had in fourth grade. Well, after the eating disorder started getting really bad, I decided that I needed to start getting help, so I told my parents on my own that I wanted to start seeing a therapist. Through all of my therapy. I was still seeing him. I ended up dropping out my sophomore year and son. My first semester I moved back home because I was sneaking him into my apartment and Evansville and I lived with a friend and she did not want me to put her in danger. Once I had moved home, Mt. Carmel Churches it was really difficult for me to kind of adjust to my parents, so then I started sneaking him and again, the point that kind of started making me realize was my eating disorder and then how violent he was getting with me and how I really didn’t want to be stuck in this forever because I had heard some other stories.

I read plenty of books on domestic violence one especially that really helps me. It was all these stories of women that have been through domestic violence and stuff like I had gone through and it had scriptures and with it and I think that’s what really helped me was seeing that other women were going through it and how God could turn their life around. Even after they pushed all their family and friends away and had lost their job and just everything. I am in probably the best place I’ve ever been in my entire life with my parents. They fully trust me. My family has been a major support system for me and they have done so many awesome things right now in my live. I have decided to switch my major to psychology because I want to major in focus more in domestic violence so I can start talking to girls about like what I have been through and I really want to share my story with girls and tell them that it’s not an easy road, but Mt. Carmel Churches God can definitely get you out of anything and everything.