Mt. Carmel Churches | Hometown Victories | Casey Chappell

Chapel one, this is my story. In September 2017, I’d went to a regular doctor’s appointment with my gynecologist and she did an exam and she had felt something so she did an ultrasound and said that I had a cyst on my right ovary, so I went in for the surgery and they actually cancelled it because they said that my echocardiogram came back bad and so they sent me to a cardiologist who had found that I had something wrong with my heart that wouldn’t affect anything with the surgery, so I got rescheduled for the surgery and leading up to the surgery. I was a mess. I was worried. I didn’t think I’d survive it. I wanted to write letters to the kids. Mt. Carmel Churches I just had no peace about it whatsoever and I never had surgery before, so it was a small surgery, but to me I’d made a pretty big deal.

I went in the second time for the surgery, woke up thrilled, and that’s what my doctor came in and said that she didn’t remove my right ovary or the cyst that was on it because I didn’t have one, but I had a large mass behind my right ovary. So they sent me home that afternoon and I was with my mom. He cried the entire way home and it hadn’t really set in with me yet because my doctor had mentioned that she thought it kind of looks scary to her and she didn’t touch it. I thought it looked like it might be cancerous. So the year before we had lost my grandpa and my uncle both to cancer and both had given just one a couple of weeks and one a month before they had passed. Mt. Carmel Churches so it was kind of devastating news to hear because we had already kind of experienced it.

So that night I got home and I had family and forensic came over and checked on me and an uncle that I want to mention just because he threw the whole thing was the one that kept showing me Jesus and you reminded me that he had a plan for my life, had a rough night. I had a rough couple nights. And then I, uh, I finally just, you know, I cried out to Jesus and I hadn’t talked to him a lot since my uncle and my grandpa had passed and not because I thought I was angry with him, but I think I would just, I had more hurt than I realized. And so I started asking God, you know, what, what have I done wrong? What did I do, what, why is it my turn? Because I felt like, you know, our families being picked off and it had gotten to me any, any spoke to me.

And he showed me that I hadn’t done anything wrong and I wasn’t at fault and that he loved me. And, and he had loved my grandpa and he had led my uncle and we just live in a world of hurt and pain and, and things happened and he wants to walk through it with us and not for us to blame, aimed, not fair because he’s not put it on me or he hadn’t on them. And so I promised him that night, I said, God, I said, I promise that I’ll tell my story, our story because I believe that things are going to be fine and you’re going to walk it out with me. After that I went for a ct scan that showed things that looked a little bit better. Um, but my doctor had said, you know, it just, she hadn’t seen anything like it before.

And they sent me for a biopsy. The biopsy doctor had told me that he was going to drain it. So I thought it was going to be over that day. Once he got done, I asked him if he had drained it and he said no, that it was solid and he said he had never seen anything like it. And then he just kind of walked off, he just left me with, with that, you know, and so I went to my doctor and she told me that everything looked like it was benign, but still she didn’t know what it was. And so she me to a surgeon. So when I got to the surgeon, the first thing my surgeon said was that the biopsy didn’t work, that they weren’t able to get any, um, anything for the biopsy and so I would need to have another biopsy.

So he took me out and he showed me on the screen, the actual, the mass. So at that time, that’s when he had told me that it was impossible to remove and that’s what he had noted in my chart, that it was impossible to remove, but he still wanted to do the biopsy and so he wanted to cut me open and do this big biopsy and he said that that would kind of be a risky surgery going in and getting the biopsy, but it needed to be done because we need to find out if it was cancer or not. So that was the first appointment that I actually left and just cried and cried because I just felt like how could something so large and causing so many problems inside of me be here to stay. And so I went home that night and through all of this I usually give myself that one day or I can just be really hurt and really angry and really mad.

Mt. Carmel Churches I know that the next day I’ve got gotta I’ve got to change that attitude and I’ve got, I can’t dwell on that place. And so I did that that night and then I woke up that morning and uh, God just reminded me that everything is possible with him. So what the doctor had said was impossible cuts it, it’s possible. And I believed it, you know, as soon as I asked for answers and he gives them to me, I believe what he tells me. And so I believe that it was possible. And so we scheduled an appointment with a different doctor. So I went to vanderbilt to the cancer center there and met with a surgeon and he’d said, you know, we need to do an Mri, we need more pictures and images. We need to do our homework because you know, what we’re dealing with is, you know, more of a risky surgery.

But he said, but I believe that it has to come out and it will, you know, he told me right then it’s going to come out. It can’t stay. And so that was the first time that I left an appointment where my hope was not just in God but, but in the Dr, I really believe that, you know, I was in the right place. They called me a few weeks later, had me come back in. They showed me the tumor on the screen where it was pushing up against things and just the kind of trouble that it was called in different organs. Mt. Carmel Churches so she walked me through the procedure and said that we would probably have to shave my pelvic bone. Said that we would probably go ahead and take out some of my rectum and then they would have different surgeons in there for the surgery for different things that they might have to do.

And so she wasn’t sure about, you know, other organs and you know, how bad the tumor was, sucked everything. So I still left, you know, happy that it was coming out even though it was a little scary, you know, about the surgery itself. And I had gotten the call and they gave me my surgery date and then I started getting really worried and laying in bed at night and just thinking about it and thinking about it and I talked to my family doctor and they’re like, hey, you can come in and we can put you on a low dose of something. I’ll just Kinda, you know, take the edge off and maybe you won’t worry so much because I pictured myself going in for the surgery. Just a basket case. And so that night I just seen, I prayed and I was like, I just gotTa get through this without that.

Mt. Carmel Churches I really believe that joy comes in the morning and, and in the Bible it says that, and for me it’s, I take it as at night, that’s when I worry the most inside. I worried the most about the surgery and just everything in general. That’s where I were. And then when I wake up in the morning usually I’ve forgotten about everywhere I had and that’s what I call joy in the morning. And so that happened for me and I knew then that, you know, I was just going to do it. It was reality. It was happening to me and I was going to face it. So I went in for the surgery and on the way up I actually, I’d been brand, you know, that I needed a piece I needed help. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to just walk in that hospital and just let them do what they need to do without God.

And so that day we went up and I couldn’t eat or drink. I had to take medicine all day long and we’d got to the hotel and and the next morning I got up, I got ready and I wasn’t worried. I went in, they, they started sticking me and getting me all prepared and I never cried. I never felt worried and it was such a piece that I’d never felt before and it was god he was. He was there with me. Then he was all over me in how I was able to do it, was with him, with me and he had promised it and there he was. He had showed up when I needed him the most. I only asked them a couple of questions and one was how much pain I’d be in when I woke up. Mt. Carmel Churches I wanted to know if I wake up crying and they said, yeah, that there was a possibility that that would be the case and said okay, I was still okay with it and so I woke up from surgery, no pain at all.

My sergeant actually I told the family and myself that she wouldn’t call any surgery perfect, but mine couldn’t have come any closer to that and so on. Instead of shaving my pelvic bone or removing at anything else, it just pilled out. She said, for whatever reason, and she didn’t know it, just they were able to go in there, you know, pretty much with her hands and just peel it away. So my surgery was hours less than it should’ve been and I knew and some people will hear the story and they’re like, well, that’s how it was the entire time. Mt. Carmel Churches for me, I don’t believe that. I believe that God did a work in my life. I believe he did work in my body. I believe that he changed the circumstances for me. I believe that he took the impossible and he made it possible and I believe it.

So this is my tumor or was my tumor. Mt. Carmel Churches It’s a little over four inches and it was deep in my pelvic area. And so when you think about how small that area is for something like this, it’s pretty large. It definitely could have done a lot of damage had it been left in there. I had a few rough days at the hospital of course. And then I came home on a walker because they had gained. I actually had nerve damage from the surgery in my right leg. And so they sent me home on a walker and hadn’t begin therapy yet because I was in too much pain and having a hard time getting out of bed. And so I started letting the data will get in my head a little bit, you know, and tearing me down. Mt. Carmel Churches so I had a few really rough nights and I’d gotten to where I needed help going to the bathroom because I would scream and cry and I’d actually messaged a friend and just told her.

I was like, listen, like I’m having these thoughts, this is what’s going on. Mt. Carmel Churches then she started reminding me, you know, of a, of the word and that you know, that it was, that it was the devil that was, you know, putting these thoughts in my head. And so that night I laid in bed and I woke up and had to go to the bathroom. I just started remembering things that she had said and so I just started rebuking the devil and, and I just started saying the name of Jesus and we talk to everybody, you know, you hear it at church. They’re like, oh, that there’s so much power just in the name of Jesus. And I’ve always believed it, but I don’t think that I believed it as much as I did that night because I started raising it up and I started speaking the name of Jesus and I spoke the name of Jesus all the way to the bathroom.

I mean I shouted the name of Jesus all the way to the bathroom and I got to the bathroom with no pain. And so I praised him all the way back and, and how I didn’t wake up everybody in the house, I don’t know because I was. I was shouting the name of Jesus because there’s power in it. Mt. Carmel Churches it was proof that died in my own house. That the power of Jesus changed my circumstances. Right then, and so I woke up the next morning with a new attitude and and I started rebuking the devil more and started going to therapy three times a week and getting better and better every day. And my last visit, my doctor had said that, you know, with the nerve damage, it could be one year, two years or it could be forever and I don’t. I don’t believe it because I believe in the possible. So I believe that I’m going to be 100 percent and I’m going to be healed and went, oh God Mt. Carmel Churches.