Hey bro, we’ve been talking about this series lately and we’re going to finish it up today called where there’s a will. There’s away, and I don’t know if it’s been impacting you at all, but uh, it’s been doing a lot for me. I’ve enjoyed it and feel like God’s been teaching me a lot of things and helping me through a lot of things. So if it was just for me, it’s been good and a buttress, God speaking to you as well. If you’ve got your worship guy, there are sermon notes in there, you can pull those out or you can get on your YouVersion Bible app on your phone and you can follow along, download the sermon notes as well Mt. Carmel Church.

There were expecting every time we open the word that God’s going to speak to us, that his word is life to those who find it and health to all their flesh. So every time we open the Bible, we’re like, God’s going to speak to me today. I just believe that we got to know that God’s wanting to speak to us more than we want him to speak to us. So let’s get our Bibles out this morning. Let’s open them to Romans chapter one Mt. Carmel Church.

Romans chapter one where there’s a will. There’s a way where there’s a will. There’s a way in this series we’ve been talking about the fact that God has a will for our life that’s based on his heart’s desire for us, but he also has a way, a method, a means a system to get into his will. So does the fact that God has a will for our life alone guarantee that we will experience his will. Now, there’s also away, there’s a means or process, so it’s not like it’s just going to happen magically or automatically. God does have a will for my life, but he also has a way for our life and he says, when you connect with my way, then you get to experience my will, not because he’s holding out on us.

He’s just giving us the plan. He’s giving us the map. He’s given you the route you want to get to the plan of God. Follow this route. It’d be crazy. You know, if Google maps start talking to you and say, Hey, in a hundred feet turn right, you go, I don’t want to, but I still want to get there. Well now, they’re going to have to reroute you. Not because they’re mad at you Mt. Carmel Church,

because you didn’t turn where they told you to turn. Oh, I guess I got to go two more blocks now cause you’re all mad at me. No, because you didn’t turn right. I told you to. And sometimes this is what we do with God. We get mad at him because we don’t follow his way. When we’re not experiences will, he says, Hey, my way is just about helping you experience everything that I want for you. It’s not that I’m mad at you.

Just say, Hey, when I say do it this way, I’ve got a reason for it. So we’ve been talking about that. We want to experience his way. So today I want you to give the theme. I want you to be the one who communicates the theme of our last installment of where there’s a will. There’s a way to your neighbor day. I want you to look at your neighbor now what you asked him this question, are you looking for a way in?

Are you looking for a way in? And once you give the second part to the other neighbor and I want you to ask them, say, are you looking for a way out? You’re looking for a way out. They may have been your second choice but still ask them there. You’re looking for a way out. You are looking for a way out of talking to them, but I made you talk to them anyway, so here’s the theme today. Are you looking for a way in or are you looking for a way out?

You’re looking for a way in looking for a while. Let’s go. Let’s look at our scripture in Romans chapter one my Bible is just automatically opening Romans chapter one right now. Verse eight says, first I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all that your faith is spoken up throughout the whole world Mt. Carmel Church.

For God is my witness. Who am I whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of his son without ceasing? I make mention of you always in my prayers making a request. If by some means now, at last, I may find a way in the will of God to come to you for I long to see you. That’s what I want to do, that I may impart to you some spiritual gifts so that you may be established. That is that I may be encouraged together with you by the mutual faith, both of you and me. I want to pray. Father, just thank you for the reading of your word and I pray Holy Spirit, that you would just come and bring life to it. I’ve prayed you bring clarity of communication, clarity of understanding. Lord, I want you to reveal truths to us, that we can see you in a different light Mt. Carmel Church.

We can see our situation and our circumstances from a different perspective, so God, I pray that life will truly be found in your word today. We give you praise for everything that happens in Jesus’s name. Somebody say, man, in verse 10 Paul says, I prayed that by some means. Now, at last, he may find, he may find a way in the will of God. I was going to move off of this. This is our last week and I thought, Lord, Romans chapter one surely I can start with a different verse Mt. Carmel Church.