Good. We’re into our second week of this new series of talks called where there’s a will. There’s a way, and I’m, I’m super pumped about today and what God’s going to speak to us and what he has for us. If you get your Bibles out, you do have sermon notes this week there in your worship guide. Got those two for you this week. For those of you who enjoy those also YouVersion Bible app, you can go in there and get those as well. Let’s open our Bibles this morning to Romans chapter one. Woo. Yes. We’re just happy about the Bible. Happy about what God’s speaking to us. We believe every time we open the word God’s wanting to talk to us. God wants to talk to us more than we want him to talk to us. You got to believe that in your heart of hearts this morning where there’s a will, there’s a way Mt. Carmel Church.

Have you ever wanted something and not gotten your way while you laughing because it was having to all of us, right? Maybe you wanted your parents to buy you something like, please, please, please, can I get that? And they said, no, you’re like, you evil parents. How dare you not give me everything that I desire? You know? Or maybe, uh, maybe you’re like this, maybe you go out to eat with some friends or somebody like that.

And you ever had this scenario where they’re like, where are we going to go to eat? And you really had a place where you wanted to go, but you’re trying to be friendly, you know, so you play it off. Like you don’t really have this big desire on where you want to go, but you know immediately where you want to go. And so you throw out, you know, maybe where, where you want to go.

And then, then you say, or you know, or you name other couple of places just to be kind, but you really hope that they would stick with your first one. And then that other person jumps on your last suggestion. He goes, yes, let’s go there. You’re like, no, I really wanted to go. The first one it was sometimes they came strong and so they got their way, but sometimes we have a will, but we don’t always get our way. We have desires either communicated or uncommunicated. Can we have a little marriage conference for just a moment Mt. Carmel Church?

Uncommunicated desires. Maybe we had been moved off that topic. I’m not talking about marriage today, but man, that’d be good. Wouldn’t. Wow. Okay. Let those run around the track. So where there’s a will, there’s a way. So do we have a will? Do we always get our way? Okay. Let me ask you these questions just to, for the context of the message, does God, you don’t have, these are kind of rhetorical, so don’t feel like you have to answer them, but does God have a will Mt. Carmel Church?

Does he have a will for the world? Does he have a will for our individual lives? Does he always get his way? Is his will for the world and for individuals lives, individual lives completely out of our control or is some of it dependent on us? Good questions. How many of you ever heard this said, or maybe you’ve said it yourself, what if it’s supposed to happen? It’ll happen.

Maybe you’ve heard that everything happens for a reason. When it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go. There’s nothing you can do about it. You guys ever heard these? Just checking if any good. You know, if somebody says this like Vinnie good sums out of a situation, we assume it has to be the will of God. Like we’ll say this. Well, if I hadn’t gone through that there no way I’d know what I know now. So it must have been the will of God Mt. Carmel Church.

I’m not trying to challenge all of your theology this morning. I’m just wanting to lay the groundwork for some questions and how we just determine what God’s will is and how his will works with our will to get his way and our way. And we throw out these things like that. Well, it’s, it’s supposed to happen. It’s gonna happen. Like we have no safe, so we have no control in it. So we’re going to address some of that I want. And this whole series, it’s what we’re talking about is where there’s a God’s will Mt. Carmel Church.

There is a way where there is a will, our will. There is a way and how do we connect the dots? How do we get in our life? How do we experience what God wants for us? Is it just it’s gonna. If it’s supposed to happen, it will happen. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that wholeheartedly. I believe there’s context for that and we need to get that. We need to know the difference, so I’m going to get ahead of myself. Let’s just see what it looks like.

I want to start preaching on it, but let’s go to Romans chapter one and then we’ll get to what I want to talk about today. Romans chapter one I’m going to start reading in verse eight. Paul’s writing there and he says to first, I think my God through Jesus Christ for you all that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world. For God is my witness whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of his son, that without ceasing, I make mention of you always in my prayers here he’s praying to God making request Mt. Carmel Church. Be sure to reach out now and see what things we can offer you at our amazing church today!