We have been on this series of talks called basic training, the making of a soldier. And, uh, so we’ve been on this for several weeks now, today, we’re going to try and put a bow on it. We’re just going to try to be the last one. I believe it’s going to be the last one. Yes. It’s going to be the last one. There you go. I said it now you can hold me to, this is week nine of basic training, the making of a soldier. So we get your sermon notes available there in your worship guide, or you can get on your phone or iPad the YouVersion Bible app. And we have sermon notes available. You’re watching online erodes family. You can get those they’re on the website as well at the road’s dot church. But here at the road search, we get excited because we believe the Bible is God’s living word and he wants to speak to us every time we open it Mt. Carmel Church.

So it’s not just a ritual. When we get this baby out, it is alive. So we get all excited about it. So if you have your Bibles erodes, Mount Carmel, Nora city, get them out. Let’s open a Matthew chapter 28, Matthew 28, and a great job by the worship team this morning, that song, that video, anybody type hyped about that video. Are you available as one, been one of my favorite songs for a long time, and I’ve been excited about the potential for us to do it and what a great job by our video crew, our production crew, putting that together, big shout out to all of our crew that make, that was in the video. The people serving. If you’re not serving on the crew, Hey, jump on. We need, you have some gifts and talents that need to be used, and we just want to make a slot for you to use what God’s given you.

So we’re thankful for the crew. That’s doing a great job of helping us reach people all around the globe, even in the midst of COVID 19, praise the Lord, Matthew chapter 28. I’m gonna read through this and we’re just going to jump into verse 18. For some time sakes says, and Jesus came and spoke to them saying all authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth go therefore and make disciples of all the nations Mt. Carmel Church, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I’ve commanded you and lo I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Amen. Let’s just pray. Holy spirit. I just welcome you and ask you to come as thank you for your presence. I pray on every screen. I pray for Mount Carmel location.

I pray right here in North city of pray for every home. I pray for the presence of God to manifest right now in Jesus name. Well, we want your glory to fill every heart. To know that you are with them, that you are available no matter what they’re going through. No matter the challenge or difficulty they’re facing that Lord you are available. And so Lord, we just ask you to come hang out with us and let truth be spoken. Jesus. I want you to be the centerpiece and I want you to get all the glory. It’s all about you in Jesus name. We pray. Somebody say, amen. Amen. The first couple of weeks of this series, we started talking about being engaged in warfare and as good soldiers of Jesus Christ. We talked about how soldiers are not trained for the barracks, but they’re actually trained for battle with us at Mt. Carmel Church.

They’re not trained to hang out in the barracks. They’re trained to get out, actually fight the battle in military basic training. They don’t teach you how to hide and avoid conflict. They actually teach you how to overcome it. They’re preparing you for it. They they’re telling you it’s coming, be ready for it. So when you go into a, in the military as a soldier, it’s not like, well, I’m going to enlist and hope we never have any adversity. You don’t go in there. You go in there to be prepared for adversity. Same thing as soldiers for the kingdom of God in church. This is why we’re wanting to prepare soldiers in the kingdom of God and not just church attenders.

As long as the church has been satisfied with people just attending and checking a box. And I’m telling you, it’s coming to a place in time in history where the church has to be ready to engage in battle. The word of warfare. It’s the kingdom of God versus the kingdom of darkness. Good versus evil. I’ll be talking about this, uh, in the coming weeks. And I try not to get too ahead of myself on it, but I just want you to be prepared about what’s coming. We’re making soldiers here, not just seek fillers, just trying to let some things run around the track there. But, and week three and week three, we jumped over to Matthew 28 and we camped out here for a little bit and roasted some marshmallows and two things I gave you. Every soldier needs to know two things. Every believer, every person, every person taking up oxygen, oxygen, oxygen, oxygen on these to know, need to know these two. Number one mission need know your mission in life, your purpose. Why are you alive? You’ve got to know again, I know your direction. Where are you going? Number two, you need to know the rules of engagement, which tells you how to fulfill your mission deals with authority. We talked about all of that. So today here’s the theme for today. Are you ready? The theme for today is, are you available for your mission? Get us how we went. The video in this hall available. Are you available?

That’s why they didn’t have anything. Are you available for your mission? Your mission is available for you. My mission is available for me. The question is, am I available for it? The moment that you were conceived in the womb mission was on the inside of you. Purpose was on the inside of you notice. I didn’t say the moment you came out, the moment you were conceived, mission was placed on the inside of you. You’ve gotten mission. So it’s a matter of, are we going to engage that mission or are we going to let it lie and let somebody else fulfill their mission? Their mission, you individually, you have your own. God’s calling you into that. So we’re going to talk about today. So what is the mission? Verse 19? Jesus said, here’s your mission go therefore, and make disciples of all nations. We talked about making disciples for us here at Mt. Carmel Church, really being one word disciple.

It’s a verb that means to train teacher instruct, go train, teach, or instruct nations. That’s what he was saying. Now, when I use the words or the Bible use the words, make disciples of all nations. Most people get intimidated and check out because they hear nations and they think countries, they hear disciple. They hear discipleship and intima is like, I got here’s what you need to understand. When he says disciple nations, all these things. Nations represents people, disciple reprimands, it’s teach, train, instruct, instruct. So he’s telling you, and I go out, teach, train, and instruct your people. Don’t think foreign nations all the time. Although I love going to the nations. Your nations may be your neighbor. Your nations may be the person in the locker, right beside you. Your nation may be the person at the cubicle Mt. Carmel Church, right beside you. Your nation could be the school teacher that’s in the, across the hallway from you.

Discipling nations is not something we should get separated from. It’s something we need to get connected to. In other words, you need to ask yourself, Lord, what’s my nation, who are my people. It could be your family, your coworkers, your friends, all that. That’s your nut, your nation. So he says disciple nations. This is what he’s talking about. The transformation of society through transformation of the individual Mt. Carmel Church. It’s important for us and Christiana important for us. In these times, we talk about transformation of society. A lot of times we just start talking, talking about, we need to change laws.

That’s another topic that we’ll get into, but we need to talk about transforming our neighbor. Before we worry about transforming laws, we pass by individuals to get to a concept that’s so separate from us. That excuses us from personal responsibility. Oh Jesus, come on. We want to talk about this big global concept that we tweet about and post about out there and forget about the responsibility we have to the person right beside us. Let’s transform culture about transforming some individuals. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on Jesus. So what if I’m going to give you two questions? What if our mission in life was not about the accomplishments we pursue for ourselves, but about the person we become. When you think about your mission, think about it from it. Just have a Sila moment. I had had this. What if my mission is life? That mission in life is not about the accomplishments I pursued, but really my mission is about the person I become.

It’s not about the raise. It’s not about the job. It’s not about retirement. What if it’s not about any accomplishment I make? What if it’s about the person, person I become? What if, what if another? What if the mission in our life is not about the life we build for ourselves, but about the impact we make on the lives of others? What if our mission is not about what we have at the end of the day Mt. Carmel Church, but it’s about the impact we made at the end of the day, right behind this drum and enclosure, as the news is going on or a testimony video, depending on the week what’s happening, you would find me staring, standing at the drum enclosure usually. And I’m just praying. And I say, God, I want to make a difference. I want to make an impact. I don’t want to be famous.

I’m not trying to be whatever. I want to make a difference. I want to make an impact. So I say, God, I’m available. Here’s my voice. Here’s my, whatever you need. I want to go make a difference. And I believe this is what God’s calling you and I to do to make an impact on the world. Here’s what impact means. By definition, it’s the force of impression of one thing on another, a Mark left after contact. Here’s what you need to know about changing your world around you. God wants to remind us that as we come into contact with people, our life is literally a force that leaves an impression. You are a force. Cause some of you are like, Oh yeah, he’s looking at your spouse. You are a force Making an impact. What’s an impact. Making an impact is a force of something that leaves an impression after contact. When you come into contact with people, what impression do you leave? We’re supposed to make an impact. Now, listen, here’s something that’s good for you to remember. I got, I just got this this morning that all surfaces are not the same texture. Some surfaces are harder than others. So you can’t always control the impression you make, but you can always control the force of your impact today at Mt. Carmel Church.


I can run the same speed into concrete or into foam.


There’s going to be no difference in the force of my impact, but there’s going to be a huge difference on the impression that’s left behind some people you speak to, they’re going to be hard and you feel like I’m not making an impression. You’re going to try. You’re going to be speaking to them. And it’s like, I’m not making any impression. And so what’ll happen. A lot of times we will stop the force of our impact Mt. Carmel Church.

And we think that’s going to change the impression. No, no, no, no. Don’t change your force of impact. Just look for another surface. Hmm. God, you just let him, let him meditate on that and put that in a crock crockpot. Put it on simmer and let it go overnight. So now here’s our mission. Our mission is to be an influential force. That brings transformation in society. How do we do it? Here’s what he said in verse 19. He said, here’s how you want to go fulfill your mission. Number one, we’re going to baptize them. We’re going to baptize. Want to immerse them in the name of the father, son, the Holy spirit. That’s not just words we say at water baptism that is actually immersing them into the person, into the name, into the character and nature of the father, of the son of the Holy spirit.

We’re going to transform people by immersing them into the nature of God. That was step one that was last week, go back and watch it. Number two, verse one, verse 20. He said, after you immerse them into the name, into the character and nature of the father, the son, the Holy spirit, then verse 2020. He says teaching them to observe all things that I’ve commanded. You, teaching them to observe all things that I’ve commanded Mt. Carmel Church. You, teaching them to observe all things I’ve commanded you. If I can help you out as a disciple, someone wanting to grow in your relationship with Jesus and your understanding of the Bible. Here’s a little trick, little tidbit, something I do. When I read a verse, I read it and read it and read it until it speaks to me. If you want the Bible to speak to you, you cannot scan it.

You have to eat it. Joshua. Joshua tells us that we meditate on the words of God. We meditate on it. You’re not going to get revelation from God’s word thumbing through it like a, like a feed on Instagram. You’re only going to, so what I’ll do is I’ll read verse 20, teaching them to, wow, I got ready for this week. I started reading verse 20, teaching them to observe all things that I’ve commanded. You, teaching them to observe all things that I’ve commanded you, teaching, teaching them, teaching them to observe, to observe all things that I’ve commanded. You, teaching them to observe all things I’ve commanded you. And from that, he began to speak to me. So if you want to read the Bible till it talks to you, if it hasn’t talked to you yet, keep reading. Well, I’ve been reading it for 60 seconds.

I’ve been reading it for five minutes. We’ll we’ll just read a little longer, read a little longer. We’ll binge watch on Netflix, but we can’t read the Bible for five minutes. I’m on episode seven in a row of this. So on Netflix, how long has a show? There’s an hour long, seven hours straight. Anyway. So now teach. I’m not hating on anybody. I’m just saying, give Apple. Yeah. Teaching them, teaching them. That’s what we need to say Mt. Carmel Church. TC move on said, Oh, so what’s the first focus. Here’s what I got to teaching them to observe all things. I’ve commanded. You. I’ve commanded you. Everything that I’ve commanded you in order to receive commands. We can’t teach someone else until we receive commands for


Teaching them to observe all things that I’ve commanded. You commanded, you commanded you. If we’re going to receive commands, we have to have a commanding officer. So this deals in submission. Do you have a commanding officer and is their name you

I’m just throwing out questions. I’m not making accusations. I’m just, do you have a commanding officer? And do they have a name other than you? Does it start with G in with D have a big hole in the middle. You have to have a commanding officer that you answer to. That is other than you. He says teaching them to observe all things that I command you. So my first responsibility is to receive, not teach. I’m not bossing people around and telling them to do something that I haven’t received first. I’ve never to preach something that I don’t live.

I’m not going to teach you to observe something that I don’t pay attention to. It doesn’t make the cut to get to here. Unless it’s in here, I’ve got to live at first take. I can’t give a theory of what some people preach about. I gotta say, this is how I live my life. So now from there, I’m going to teach you, teaching them to observe what I have commanded you. So now you and I first we have to receive, after that, after that, then we begin to teach others. Are you available to be commanded to do something? Are you available to receive commands? Three words for the theme, wherever, whenever, and however are you available for your mission? Wherever, whenever, and however, are you available to receive commands? Do you receive commands from God wherever, whenever, and however, or you tell him when Howard, where, when he tells you to do something, he said, well, I would, but right now I’m in a tough season.

We laugh because it’s true where you, we put some spiritual terms on it. God says, Hey, I need you to do this right now. Oh, geez boy. I would. But yeah, this is not feeling. I’m not feeling it. I’m feeling it. God, whenever, wherever, however, are you available? Let the Holy spirit speak to us. So are you available then once we did it and we teach them, here’s the word? Teaching means it’s a present active tense verb. So it’s not a onetime class that you take. And then you’re done teaching them, provide instruction, impart skills or knowledge too. So it’s an ongoing process with us Mt. Carmel Church. Are you available to teach others? Are you available to provide instruction? We talk about teaching a lot of times, again, people get intimidated. Oh, you’re talking about teaching like a book and curriculum. No, no, no, no, no. Teaching is imparting skills and knowledge that you have to someone else, that’s it.

What has God showed you? Pass it all. Imparting it to someone else. Are you available to teach? Are you available to teach at the office? Are you available to teach at school? Are you Veda available to impart knowledge in the lunch room? Are you available at the store to impart God has a word for you. It’s got something he showed you. And God says, Hey, would you share that with that person? Are you available to teach? Can you pass on what God’s given you? Well, I’m not really a teacher. Yes you are. You’re an imparter of skills and knowledge. That’s who you are. You can do it. Some of you could teach people a lot better than I can because you’re going to speak from what’s in here. So God’s just saying, teach them. It’s an ongoing process. Are you available to teach now? Now what do we teach them?

He says, teaching them to observe ongoing process, teaching them to observe. What’s the word. Observe me. When you see the word observe in English, we think it’s the word to watch teaching them, to watch teaching them, to watch teaching them to watch. No, we’re not teaching the what’s the word observe in the Greek language. Here’s what it means for us here. It says to continue in a state, to obey, to guard, to take care of, to protect and maintain. So it’s not just watching or listening to something. It’s actually staying power. It’s like actually guarding and protecting. So teach them to observe what I’ve commanded. Not just get what I commanded you for a little bit, but guarded and protected. Here’s why one of the most important things about being a follower of Jesus that I’ve seen in my life, in my own experience and what I’ve seen in watching others. I’ve seen people come and go. It’s easy to get fired up with what God’s telling me in a moment, but it’s a whole different deal to live it out over a lifetime. He says guard and protect it. We’ve got to teach people to be in it for the long haul. Not just till the feeling wears off Mt. Carmel Church.

People are all in for the field goods. Whoa, I’m on fire, man. It feels good, man is God’s goodness. That’s awesome. But I’m telling you, there’s going to be a time where it cools off. I’m not talking. I mean, when you tell people that’s on fire, they get offended. Don’t tell me I’m going to come up. I’m not going to get watered down. Like you, I’m just telling you it’s a marathon, not a sprint and people that have just been mad at me and called me unspiritual, call me and led by the Holy spirit, whatever. Cause they were on fire. I’m still here. Some of them, aren’t not, I’m not making judgment. I’m just saying we gotta be in this with durability. In my endurance, in my Hebrew says it this way for you have need of endurance so that after you’ve done the will of God, you may receive the promise. We got to teach people to observe, to guard and protect what God has commanded. So once God tells you something, now you’ve got a garden, protect it, maintain it, maintain it. We need to do regular maintenance on our spiritual life. Not just emergency


Our relationship with Jesus should be more than just about crisis moments. Well, I really haven’t prayed or talked to God in a long time, but crisis is now when crisis hits coming to God, amen. Come do it. That’s the best thing. But I’m just saying that shouldn’t be all it’s about. We’ve got to maintain that garden, protected that even when I don’t feel anything, nothing’s going on, I’m getting in this. My kids take teach, taught my kids how to pray. We went through prayer times. I said, Hey, when you pray about a Lucas right now, he’s got this thing. He’s got this routine. He prays the same thing. So I’m always asked Lucas, Hey, can you pray something else? You got, you got anything else? Like he’s only six. I know, but he needs to grow it. Okay. You got it. We’re making soldiers here.

And so he’s got this routine, he’s going through the same thing. And I’m like, Hey, you already said that twice in the same prayer. And uh, so what else you got? He said, I said, what does he pray for? He said, I don’t know nothing, nothing. Nothing’s wrong. We have this mindset that we don’t need to talk to God unless something’s wrong. So we have a crisis management relationship with God. Whenever there’s a crisis here Mt. Carmel Church. I come to governor. There’s a crisis. We need to come to God when nothing’s going on. Just say what’s up, Jesus. Just hanging. Just letting you know I was thinking about you. I don’t need nothing. I know it’s bad grammar. Sorry. I do not need anything. I’m working on my speaks.

Are you available for your mission? Are you still available? Teaching them to observe? Is that, are they still available? So now how do we do this? Wherever, whenever, however, I’m going to give you some steps here because I believe God’s called us to transformation. A mission of transformation or culture. So I’m going to run through six things. I’m going to be really brief on them because they’re all good. But I want you to jot these down. And here’s the application for you for us. This is how I believe you’re going to get transformation in your individual life and how we’ll see transformation in our culture. And I’ll try and put these together as we go along. So you’re ready. There’s sermon notes. You can have them. So we have a mission of transformation. Are you available for this number one? Step one for transformation is recruit everybody with us at the Mt. Carmel Church.

Say, recruit, recruit, come on. Mount Carmel. Say recruit, recruit. So they got this means to pursue something new, to go after something else. Timothy says, flee these things and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, and gentleness. Transformation is about what we’re moving towards. Not just about what we’re moving away from. When I say recruit is talking about, if you’re tired of the life you’re living right now, you need to pursue a different one, need to go after a new and you need to have an image in your heart of the man. You want to become the woman you want to become the father. You want to become the mother. You want to become the students. You want to, whatever it is, you need to have an image. This is what I want it to be. And you need to pursue that instead of just trying to get away from what you don’t like, we’ve got to pursue something.

We have to have a goal. Recruiting is about pursuing what God has for me and not just wanting to get out of where I am with no direction. How am I going to get transformation in an area of my life? When I start pursuing something new in that area of my life, I’m not going to get an transformation in the area of my life. As long as I complain about that area of my life. Well, I just don’t like this about myself. My attitude just stinks. I just want a different attitude. I don’t know what’s wrong. My attitude will pursue a different attitude. Go after a different one. You got to have a goal. You got to have it. Some that you get up and say, I’m recruiting something new. This is where you call someone into something where someone is not where they need to be with us at Mt. Carmel Church.


Well, they’re just lost in drugs. They’re lost in this sand. They’re lost in that Villa. We’ll call them out of it. That’s recruiting them, recruiting them into destiny, recruit them into purpose. Well, I don’t see it. I know, but God does. God didn’t see much in me either, but he’s still recruiting me every day. Come on, chat. Attitude stinks right there, but I’m calling you into a good one. He’s always recruiting. He’s always recruiting. Number two. After you recruit them, you got a desire to change. You’ve got to move towards something, but transformation is not just about moving away from something, but it’s moving towards something. Number two, you got to train train. So you’re wanting something different. You wanna change your life. Hey, I want a different life. That’s great. You’re recruiting that. Now you got to train for, in other words, you got to go out and get the information on how do I do it? Training is, could be a lot of things. Training is, could be listening to sermons, listening to podcasts, listening to the information, reading your Bible, where you’re getting information. You’re receiving information about what you need to do. In other words Mt. Carmel Church, I’m recruiting. I want to change this in my life. So now I need to get information. How do I get from here to there? Go to school. You want to change your thought life, train your mind on what you need to think on instead of what you currently think on replace your amazing Mt. Carmel Church

Bad thoughts

With the thoughts that you need to be thinking about. In other words, I don’t want to think this way anymore information is I need to know what do I need to start thinking? I need to get that information. Otherwise you’re going to get stuck with, I don’t know how to get out of this place. I don’t know how to change my life. I don’t know how to do it. Go to school, go training. This is how I got out of pornography. This is how I got out of cinema. I went to school and got information. This is how I live. This is how I think this is how I operate. I had to learn a new way. I’m going to have to change my whole way of thinking. Now. Number, number of shifts, you’ve trained. Number three, then you’ve got to equip. It’s about equipping. This is about applying that information. This is where a lot of times we fail in Christianity. A lot of times people are good at the training stage receiving information, but they’re bad at applying and equipping. In other words, the training session would be I’m listening to sermons and people just want to keep listening to sermons. We keep receiving, receiving, receiving, receiving, receiving, receiving. We never apply it Mt. Carmel Church. Never. You’re never equipped for something until you apply what you heard. Well, that’s a great sermon. Preacher. See you next week.

A person’s life is not probably not going to change from enough. You’re not paying any attention to the sermon notes that I spent hours preparing.

What is it? Equipping? We’ve got to be equipped. This is we’re talking about making you soldiers. I’m not putting, you’re not in this service. You’re not so that whoever’s speaking can just give you more information that you can go. It’s like something’s got to get in your heart. It’s never going to change you up here. It changes when he gets down here, man, my clocks. Anyway, are you with me? Are you with me so far training, equipping what’s next. Then you got to send, send, recruit, train, equip sin. Now you got to infiltrate. Infiltrate. Infiltrate is where you take what you’ve been equipped with. And now you go out and you be an influencer with what’s in you. In other words, too many times, people make this mistake. They B they want to try and infiltrate before they’ve been equipped before they’ve applied it to their own hearts. They try to go out and be an influencer. And you’re not an influencer you’re influency, but once you’ve equipped it in your heart, now you go out and now you become the thermometer and not the thermostat. So when I take the step of I’ve been equipped now I’ve applied it to my heart Mt. Carmel Church. Now I can go back into the circle of my friends that used to drag me down and I’ll begin to pull them out.

You got ’em gotta, gotta go. Got to infiltrate. So this is why we don’t stay in church. We get equipped and now we go out there. Now we infiltrate. We’ve tried everywhere. We’re just like a virus when we get the .

We’re a virus. We’re spreading the gospel. We’re spreading hope. We’re we’re contaminated with the love of Jesus. We got to infiltrate. That’s not a disparaging comment. That’s just how the gospel works. Step five, step up, step five. Now we’ve got to conquer recruit. You got to train, get your information. You got to apply your information. Then you’ve got to infiltrate. Then, then you’ve got to step forward. I say five. Yeah, sorry. This is a step five. Yes. It’s conquer for was sin for sin. Now we’ve got to conquer conquer. Here’s what the Romans chapter eight verse 37 says yet in all these things, we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. First, John four, four, you are of God, little children and have overcome them because he was in you is greater than he, who is in the world. We have to conquer.

Once. It’s become a part of your life. You’re equipped. Now we have to go out in the world and face opposition. And now you have to overcome opposition. In other words, not everyone that you go out. When you go out to infiltrate with your new revelation of life, not everyone’s going to applaud you and go, that’s fantastic. You’re going to have to be equipped to now. You have to conquer. And here’s something that I wrote down. You never practice overcoming something in the absence of it. You never practice overcoming something in the absence of it. We think we’re going to be overcomers because we don’t have problems. No. In the face of problems is where you become an overcomer in the presence of temptation is where I become victorious. Over that temptation with us here at the Mt. Carmel Church. It’s dealt

With the temptation’s gone. Now I’m a Victor. No, you’re not. You are. No, I’m not. I’m not a Victor until I see it eye to eye. And I say, I see you. I hear you. And I’m going to railroad right over the top of you today. Depression, you try and drive me down. Trying to get me, pull the covers over my head and lay here, depression. I’m going to pull over the covers. I’m going to jump. I’ll say, Lord, this is a day that you have made. I will rejoice and be glad at that moment you became a Congress.

He’ll be ready for it. Conquer, gotta conquer. What’s your name? You say conquer. Last step. Last step. You’ve got to occupy occupy occupied. This word occupied means to guard. First Timothy says, Oh, Timothy guard. What was committed to your trust? A lot of times we’ll make, we’ll take a, never felt like this. I want to relate with you. Have you ever felt like that you’ve taken one step forward, two steps back. You ever felt that way. Me too. Here’s the problem. Here’s here’s what’s happening. We failed to occupy the one step. We take a step forward. We’ve gained ground. There’s a vacancy. We need to fill it. If we don’t fill it and occupy. Whenever the military takes new ground, the front line moves forward. They don’t keep their base of operations way back in the same spot. They move the base of operations up with the front. As the front goes forward and they take new ground. The base of operations moves forward application for you. And when God breaks in you take new ground. In this sphere, you don’t go backwards to the same thing. You moved your base of operations up where now your new standard is your new level.

Your new standard is now where you were a day ago. So you can go back and say, well, I’m still starting. No, no, no. I took new ground. I’m not going back. I overcame that by the blood of the lamb and by the word of my testimony. So I’m not moving back. I’m moving the base of my operation. Well, what if I fall? Then you repent and let the grace of God bring you right back to the standard of what he wants you to live in occupy. You gotta occupy. We got to take ground and fill it. If we don’t occupied, if we don’t guard, if we don’t protect it, the enemy will come right in and snatch victory right out from under our nose. Things. We we’ve got victory in an area we’ve overcome. And if we don’t occupy, if we just go, nah, you got to guard that bad boy, you got to protect it Mt. Carmel Church.

You got to say, wait a minute. This is my relationship with Jesus. We’re in a close space right now. There’s times temptation. I will feel the enemy just trying to pull me away from God, through discouragement, through whatever. And I’ve got a guard that I’ve got to go to my prayer time. And I say, no, you don’t, God, I don’t care. If you feel a million miles away, I’m still going to pray to you today. I’m still going to worship you today. Even if you can’t hear me, I know he does, but I say it doesn’t matter. Cause I’m addressing the lie of the enemy. We’ve got to do it. We’ve got to do it.

So here’s the, here are the steps. Recruit, train, equip, sin, conquer, occupy equals transformation equals transformation. Here’s the question I feel like God wanted me to ask. Are you available wherever, whenever and however, are you available? Do you have specific terms on when you’re available? I know I do gotta be straight there’s times when I tell God when I’m a baby. Not right now, I’m tired. Not right now. I’m just, I’m not feeling it. Let me just encourage you. We’re never going to feel our way into a new life. You’re never going to feel your way into a new habit. You got to make a decision. You’ve got to put your head down and you’ve got to go after it. You got to do it. You want to change your life. Then get new information from God, start applying it to your life and don’t compromise anymore with us for the best Mt. Carmel Church. solution

You want to change the thought pattern, then put new, think on these things. Philippians four, six, tell yourself I’m going to start thinking on these things and anything. That’s not these things I refuse to think about. When, what if I do, what am I doing? The thought comes. Then you apply second Corinthians, chapter 10. You take that thought captain say not today, liar. Well let’s, it’s just, my mind is getting bombarded. Then you bombard it. You be the bombard earth. You be the one making the impact and football. They taught us that we don’t take hits. We give hits.

You don’t run with the ball and try not to get hit. Someone’s coming to tackle you. You make the impact. You’re like, okay, you want to hit me? I’m going to hit you. Well, that’s what we got to do spiritually. When the enemy comes in, we’re like, Oh, don’t don’t attack. We gotta say, boom, I’m coming. I’m coming with the word. I’m coming with the promises of God. And it’s not going to happen by emotion because that’s not always there. I gotta stop. This can encourage. Cause I want, I want you to feel, I want people to know the struggle that I deal with that I’m not immuned. I’m not preaching from something that I don’t deal with. I’m fighting because I know the enemy wants to shut my mouth was to shut my mouth because he knows that when I’m releasing what God has put in my heart, it’s making an impact. And when you release what God’s put in your heart, it’s making an impact. It’s making a difference. So are you available? Are you available whenever, wherever and however, no caveats, no restrictions, no special circumstances for you. We love us. Some me, we love some me blessings. Oh, favorite? Oh Lord. I receive the best with us Mt. Carmel Church, I receive, Oh, bless. Oh, the power of blessing. We love it. Right? We love the blessing. We love us a good prayer blessing on ourselves with us here at Mt. Carmel Church.

What if God’s asking you to bless someone else I’m telling you, can I, can I give you a secret that pulse? It it’s better to give than to receive.

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