We’ve started this series called basic training, the making of a soldier. And now this is week three and a lot of things going on our world today around us. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it. There’s kind of a virus going around and some things impacting our world. And it’s no joke. It’s a serious issue. And, but we’re dealing with it head on. We’re going to deal with it from scripture. We want to deal it from God’s perspective so that we can walk in authority, walk in strength and walk in the peace of God. So if you’ve got your sermon notes there in your worship guide, you can pull those out. You can get on the YouVersion Bible app and the sermon notes are available for you there as well. Or you can pull out your Bible and take old fashioned, just paper notes, but either way, I want you to get your Bibles out there with us today as the best Mt. Carmel Church around.

Mount Carmel erodes family, come on, get them out. And we believe here at the road’s church. Every time we open the Bible, God wants to say something to us. So we get a little excited about opening the Bible because God is speaking to us in our lives. So if you’ve got them today, let’s get together. Erodes family, Mount Carmel, North city, open your Bibles to Matthew chapter 28, Matthew 28. Just still excited about the Bible. We’re not crazy, maybe a little, but not, not crazy in a bad way. Crazy good. Matthew chapter 28. I want to start reading in verse 16. If you’re ready, let’s do it says here then the 11 disciples went away into Galilee to the mountain, which Jesus had appointed for them. And when they saw him, they worshiped him. But some doubted and Jesus came and spoke to them saying all authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them, and name the father and of the son and the Holy spirit. Teaching them to observe all things that I’ve commanded you. And lo I am with you always lo I am with you. It was try it again all together. Now, lo I am with you always as because we are the best Mt. Carmel Church around.

We went to the end of the age. Yeah. Amen. Let’s pray. Jesus. Thank you so much for your word. Holy spirit. I ask you to come and just breathe life on it. I want to hear from you. And we w we all together want to hear what you have to say to us. So what has come against all distraction of fear in jesus’ name? We just pray the peace of God that passes all understanding will just settle right now in guard our hearts and our minds. Lord, we want to hear your truth because we know when we know your truth, that truth will make us free. So we receive your truth today. Thank you Lord, for your love and your peace from your presence in the name of Jesus, we pray, somebody say, amen. Amen. So with this Matthew chapter 28, a lot of times it’s called the great commission. These last five verses they’re 16 through 20.

And this is where Jesus had risen from the dead. And he appears to the disciples and the he’s. He’s showing back up on the scene here in Galilee and told them to meet him there. And so when they meet, this is what happens. These, this is the first conversation, the first interaction I thought it was interesting. As I was looking at this, I wanted to pull out some things that I thought might help us in this season of our life. And we talked about making a soldier. Well, this context, this scripture is about making disciples. So this is where I kinda got the theme for the whole series that God’s wanting us to make disciples or make soldiers. We’ve been talking about enduring hardship as a good soldier. But today I want to go into this a little bit and see where God takes us. So look at verse 17. Notice again, Jesus had shown up on the scene for us as the best Mt. Carmel Church today. He’s resurrected from the dead. All right, now, peep, this, you got to remember. They saw him hanging on a cross. They saw him dead, took him off the cross, put him in a tomb, rolled the stone over it.

He’s dead, dead

Like doorknob dead, like really not alive. And then all of a sudden he shows up to them again. Now again, he had appeared to them in the room and said peace, but he’s coming to them on the mountain. So they’ve already, some of the disciples have seen him in the room when he showed him, said, peace, be still or peace to them. And then he, you know, doubting Thomas, he showed up a gift, but here is on the mountain. So this is, could be the third appearance, depending on how you want to break them down. But notice what he says. He shows up to them in verse 17 before he speaks though. And when they saw him, they worshiped him. But some doubted and I read that it kind of jumped out at me. And we’re talking about making a disciple, making a Christian making who follow Jesus.

I think this is important. I think it’s important to let the followers of Jesus know this principle, that of Jesus shows up in person after resurrecting from the dead and some worship him. And some doubt. I just think we need to be under the understanding that not everybody’s going to believe what you believe. I just think we need to get it from in our life, in our hearts, that some people are going to worship and some are going to doubt. I think we have this false notion. I know I, I carried around a lot because you know, sometimes with things going on, we want to say the right things. We want to say the perfect things. But if it happened to Jesus, it happened to the disciples and it happened to Paul. It’s going to happen to us, not everybody’s going to like you. I know that’s a newsflash, but not. Everybody’s going to agree with you. Not everyone’s going to worship Jesus, not everybody’s going to agree with your political view. Not everybody’s going to believe with your view on the coronavirus. Not everybody’s going to believe or agree with your view on Christ and the in times and not. Everybody’s going to agree with that. So I think this is important. If we’re going to follow Jesus, we need to get this truth in our hearts. You need to see why we are the best here at Mt. Carmel Church.


Just go ahead and shake it off. You can’t please. Everyone. Just go ahead and just let it come off of you because it’s something that really sticks to us in ways us down. It’s a legit problem in our life because we want everybody to be pleased. Any people pleasers out there when we want to make everybody happy. When everybody get along and everybody just have a good time and have fun. I’m a middle child by birth. There’s three with my mom and my dad. And so I was the middle child, middle children, but stereotypically are supposed to be the people. Pleasers, bring everybody together. The oldest, the youngest, everybody to get along. That’s great until you try and live your life. That way it can be very challenging. And so this is why I want to address this. We want to make sure in our, how we’re handling things, you know, you don’t want to try and have the perfect post what’s happening in our world today with us here at Mt. Carmel Church.

Like you think, okay, you know what? Everybody’s posting this. Everybody’s posting that I want to post that one thing that answers everybody’s questions. I’m going to put that post out. That when people like mine, it’s like, boom, double love on that one. It’s like, man, everybody, I’m going to have no criticizing voices on that. You want to come up with that proof thing? Let me just set you at ease. That post does not exist. It doesn’t exist. There’s times that I’ve thought something was a slam dunk on how people would view a certain topic. I thought, well, at least this thing’s easy. No, all of a sudden, just people go crazy blast to them. Like how can you see it from that perspective? But it happens right? It’s humanity. It’s why we gotta realize that there is no perfect response for everyone. So here’s what I want to say to you in this world.

He says some people worship. Some people doubted the fact that some people worshiped and some people doubted did not change who he was. He was still the way, the truth and the life. So here’s what I would say to you. Be a leader, be a leader, be a person who lives based on principles and convictions in your life and go in the direction that God is telling you to go. And don’t be pushed around by everyone’s opinion and voices live by what you believe in what convictions you have in your heart. And if people come alongside you and want to follow the direction, you’re going great. But if not, at least you still end up where you want to go be a leader. That’s what we need in this time of our life. We need people of principle and conviction that say, this is where I’m going.

If you want to go great, if you don’t want to go great, that’s all right. But I believe what I believe. I’m standing in what I believe. And I’m going to follow what I believe. Be a leader, not everybody’s gonna like it, but you gotta stand loyal to something. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for everything, your loyalty, your loyalty to God will look like rebellion to some. So let people talk you about being loyal to God, even if they think they call it rebellion. So look what happened. Some worshiped in some doubted, some were all in, some were on board. It’s going to happen. Our live look at verse 18 and Jesus came and spoke to them saying, here’s the first words out of his mouth before he was getting ready to be ascended into heaven. So he’s showing us the disciples.

He’s getting ready to tell him to go and make disciples before he, before he tells them to go and make disciples. He makes this statement that I think is imperative. He says, all authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth. First thing out of his mouth before he says, go make disciples. He establishes this one principle that I think is very important for all believers to get in our heart. That is the principle of authority. If we don’t get a 40, right, as believers, we’re going to struggle in our walk with Christ. And so when I talked about and was thinking about, okay, let’s just go back to basic training, making a soldier, making a disciple, making a follower of God. I thought, what’s the first thing we need to address. Huh? Why don’t we just address the first thing that Jesus addressed? He had just addressed authority. He said, listen, let me just set you guys straight here. Here’s the first thing you need to get before you go make disciples, understand this principle, all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me because we are the best Mt. Carmel Church.

And I thought about that and thought about, well, how does that connect? Cause you know, I’ve been following and reading and discussing basic training and talking to different, uh, soldiers, people who’ve been served in the military. And I, I, uh, WhatsApped with a friend of mine, who’s on deployment right now, serving in the military, uh, Lieutenant Colonel. And I talked to him about this and said, what does authority look like? And we all came across, came across the same established truth. That from the moment those soldiers in training, get off the bus for basic training. The first thing that is poured into them is the concept of authority. The moment they get off the bus that drill Sergeant or instructor or whatever they call different branches, have different terms for that. From the moment they get up, they start breaking them down so that they can build them up with us ehre at Mt. Carmel Church. And the first thing they give them is there is new authority in your life. The first principle for basic training is authority. In other words, that drill Sergeant, you know, maybe if you’re not in the military or never been in the military, like I have not been, we don’t really understand it. But if you’ve been in the military and you’ve gone through basic training, you understand that the first thing you get indoctrinated with when you get off the bus is someone else is in charge.

Like I am not in charge anymore. This person is yelling in my face. What are they doing? They’re letting you know, we are going to tell you what to do when to do and how to do it. A 40 is essential in the military. If you don’t get a 40 ripe, then nothing else will work together. So you’ve got to understand the authority. I it’s the same thing in the kingdom of God. If we don’t understand the authority, then we just attend church. And if we just attend church, we don’t understand how it works. So we need to understand two things about being in the military or about a 42 things that I think are important to Kate key, foundational truth. Number one, the source of authority, who is the source of authority. Number two submission of authority. We’ll talk about this source of authority and submission to authority, who is the source?

Who’s the source of authority in your life. Who’s running the show. Who’s the commanding officer. Is it you? Or is it God? We’ve got to establish that. If we’re going to be victorious, we’re going to walk in victory in our life. We have to understand these two things. Number one is who’s the source of authority. And number two are you submitted to that authority? What’s the chain of command in your personal life. When a, when a soldier goes into basic training, the first couple of weeks, they are indoctrinated indoctrinated with the chain of command, they will get quizzed on the chain of command. Who’s your superior officer. Who’s their superior officer. You are this. You have to take written tests on. You have to know the chain of command. Who are those above you? And who are those below you? You have to know the chain of command. It’s the same in the spiritual. We need to know our chain of command spiritually. Here’s why it’s important. You need to know who you listen to and who you take orders from and who you do not take orders from our sermons here at Mt. Carmel Church.

The chain of command tells you that when my superior officer tells me something it’s yes, sir. Yes. Ma’am, whoever’s your superior officer. You, you, you just, whatever they tell you to, that’s what you do. And now you take those orders and you give those to the people. After you spiritually speaking, we need to know who our superior officers are and who those are, that are under us. Very important, very important. Let’s get into it. Let’s look at it here. So now Jesus says all authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth. Why does he make that statement? All authority has been given to me in heaven and earth. Jesus was called by two phrases a lot. He was called the son of God and the son of man. When I used to read the Bible, I didn’t think there was any big deal.

The son of God sent a man. What’s it matter? It matters. Son of God means that Jesus was not the product of a male. The Holy spirit conceived Jesus in Mary. She was a Virgin. So he’s the son of God, God, son of God, man. He was born of a mother named Mary. So he’s both of heaven and of earth, son of God and son of man, are you with me? It’s important that we break that down. There’s a reason for it. Son of God, is a phrases used 46 times. The new Testament sent a man 87 times. Why so many more times notice we said Jesus has authority in heaven and on earth. Jesus has authority in heaven. As the Hebrews chapter four says, he’s our high priest.

He’s our high priest. When Jesus died and Rose from the dead, he’s now seated in heaven as both the son of God and the son of man. Here’s why that’s significant. The son of God left heaven and became a man and became a man lived on this earth and died. And then Rose from the dead, went back and ascended into heaven. So now he’s son of God and son of man. Why is that important? He says, all authority is given to me in heaven. Now Jesus, before he came to the earth and back as after he came to earth are two different pictures. Before he came to the earth, he did not have the connection with mankind like he did after he was resurrected. Now he is son of man and son of God. So now he becomes our representative in heaven. Here’s why it’s important authority.

Hebrews chapter four says he’s our high priest. We can come boldly to the throne of grace that may be obtained mercy and find grace to help in time of need. We have access to a throne of grace because Jesus became the son of man. The Bible says he was in all points, tempted like we were yet without sin. So now in first Timothy chapter two, verse five, he’s our mediator in Hebrews chapter seven. He’s our intercessor. Here’s what that means. The son of God became the son of man so that the sons of men could become sons of God.

Is that tracking with you? If Jesus didn’t come and die on the cross for you and me, we could not get back to God. Jesus didn’t need to come to earth to reconcile his relationship with the father. He had to come to earth to reconcile our relationship with the father. So when he says I have all authority in heaven and on earth it’s because I not only am of heaven. I also came to earth and overcame the earth. Now I have total jurisdiction. I’m establishing a 40 for you. I’m establishing who’s in charge. You need to know this. Who’s in charge of everything. Jesus, he’s in charge. Look at Philippians chapter two, verse five says this, let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ. Jesus who being in the form of God did not consider it robbery to be equal with God to get great Mt. Carmel Church.

So this is what he was. He was equal with God, but made himself of no reputation. Here’s the gospel. Can I be as plain as can be. Jesus was equal with God, but he humbled himself. He made himself of no reputation. Look what it says. He took on the form of a bond servant and coming in the likeness of men being found in appearances as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death. Even the death of the cross. Can you imagine you’re the creator of mankind and you come down to you, humble yourself. You set aside your Diddy and come and humble yourself and become like your own creation. And then that creation that you created actually beats you and crucified. You that’s the position he took for us. That’s the gospel. So now he humbled himself took on the form death on the cross.

Therefore God has highly exalted him and given him the name, which is above every name, verse 10, this is important that at the name of Jesus, how many needs are going about? No, no, no, no. Do you don’t know how to yet that at the name of Jesus, how many needs are going about we’re getting closer than at the name of Jesus. Come on, Mount Carmel. How many needs are going about every knee? Every knee will bow to Jesus. Every knee. I don’t care who you are, what political party you’re with or what religion you say you’re with. Every knee will bow to Jesus. So here’s why my belief system is based on this. If your knee doesn’t bow to Jesus, now, then I’m not going to listen to what you have to say because you’re not going in the right direction right now. Oh, that offends some people that offend some people. But I said it last week. I’ll say it again. My Bible says to not listen, do not listen to the counsel of the ungodly. If you don’t bow your knee to Jesus, then who do you bow your knee to?

So this is why I’m setting up the authority. Who’s who’s the top dog. Who’s the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus. So it’s not me. It’s not you. It’s not the president. It’s not the potential president. It’s not the, the, uh, this, uh, Republican party Democrat party. They’re not in charge. Jesus is in charge. He’s the King. He’s the King when it comes to amazing Mt. Carmel Church. He’s the ultimate authority. So now every knee will bow of those in heaven, those on earth and those under the earth. So does that cover everything? Those in heaven, those on earth and those under the earth, Jesus is ultimate in authority.

So now we need to understand how authority works. I want to explain chain of command to you real quickly as a believer. If I pull you aside, one-on-one I say, come on, let’s talk about authority. Here’s what I believe. Every Christian needs to know. They need to know what happened with authority and what authority mankind has on the earth in relationship to God. Now, when I say this, when I talk about authority, it’s not to be condemning or talked down to it’s something. I continually walk out it’s to encourage you to walk in your identity as a son or daughter, if you’ve made Jesus, the Lord of your life, you have stepped into a new category of authority. There is human beings, and then there are born again, sons and daughters of God. And those are two distinct different positions of authority. It’s important. It doesn’t make you better than people with great Mt. Carmel Church.

It puts you in a different position of 40 because of your submission to the ultimate authority. I only have authority based on my submission to authority. I don’t have any authority unless I’m submitted to authority. So when I’m submitted to true 40, I now have delegated authority authority underneath his true authority. If I get out from underneath his true authority, I have no authority. All right, just trying to lay it out for you. So now he says, all authority has been given to me. Authority is delegated power in Genesis chapter one when God created the world and I don’t have time to go through, but it’s in your sermon notes, Genesis chapter one, verse 26. Your Bible says that God made man and woman in his likeness and in his image. And then he gave them dominion, gave them authority over the earth, over all the earth.

The Bible says, so God has ultimate authority. Can we agree on that? And does God have ultimate authority? He is sovereign. He is King. He is Lord of all. God has ultimate authority in Genesis one. He created a physical world and then he delegated only true authority can delegate authority. If I give a guy or gal, a badge and I say, Hey, you are now deputized going out there and just enforce the law. They have no authority. Why? Because they didn’t get it from true authority. I can’t delegate authority. God has ultimate authority for our great Mt. Carmel Church. He delegated authority to mankind. He says, you know what? You’re in charge. You’re in charge under my authority. So now in Genesis chapter three, you’ll see that in your Bible where man transferred the authority from themselves by obeying Satan in the garden. You remember that Genesis chapter three. So now they yielded their authority to Satan.

And then you look ahead and we’ll see this in Luke chapter four, when the devil appears to Jesus on the mountain, and he’s going to tempt him in verse six. And the devil said to him, all this authority, I will give you all this authority. I will give you Satan talking to Jesus. Can you imagine JE Satan is talking to Jesus, telling Jesus, the son of God, I’m going to give you this authority. What authority is he talking about? All the authority over all the kingdoms of the world and their glory for this has been delivered. Everybody said delivered. It’s been delivered to me and I give it to whomever. I wish notice. He says it’s been delivered to him. It hasn’t been delegated to him. This is important from Bible teaching for you understand the difference. When Satan says all this authority has been delivered to me, he wasn’t saying it was delegated to him.

That word delivered means to literally give or handover, to yield to someone, to transfer. So when Adam and Eve yielded to Satan in the garden, they delivered their authority over the world’s structure to the enemy. And it wasn’t delegated to me. God never gave it to the devil. God gave it to mankind, mankind delivered it to him. So Jesus is here in the garden or up on the mountain. And Saint comes says, Hey, I’ll give you this authority. And she’s like, dude, you can’t give me authority. You don’t have any authority. I’ve got ultimate authority. And the authority that you have, I’m fixing to take from you anyway, here in just a few. So you think you’re going to give me some, I’m going to take it from you. I’m going to strip you from all your power and all your authority. I’m going to disarm all principalities and powers.

I’m going to break the, the separation between God and man. I want to destroy all that. And I’m going to turn around and give the authority that you stole from them. I’m going to turn around and give it back to them. This is the chain of command and affording. We need to understand this spiritually cause otherwise we just come to church and we wonder why what’s happening. What’s going on? And we never walk in the 40th believers because we’re waiting on God to do something. He’s delegated you to have the authority to do. And I’ve done saying that a condemning way. I’m saying that in an uplifting way, that there’s more to you than meets the eye. There’s more that you have ability to access and tap into, but we need to know our authority. So we got to be connected to true authority because the liars going around like a roaring lion saying, he’s got authority, roar, wrong with us and a solid Mt. Carmel Church.


He’s going around saying he’s got all kinds of toys, but he doesn’t have any authority. The Bible says he comes as a roaring lion as eyes it’s imitation his is Oh, to tell you some guts spoke this to me this morning. When I woke up it wasn’t in the first service. This is free coming off right now. But the Bible says that Satan walks around as a roaring lion. What is he talking about? He’s talking about his sound, his voice it’s as he can talk, but what does he say about the righteous and Proverbs? The righteous are bold as a lion. Boldness is not an external sound. Boldness is an internal feature. So the difference between us and the devil is he’s talks a big game on the outside, but we have something on the inside. We’re bold as a lion, we have an internal boldness.

So this is what we have at our disposal. So God delegates authority. So now he gives it back to us and Luke chapter 10, remember he died and Rose from the dead. When he, when he came, Jesus came to take authority back from the enemy in verse Luke chapter 10 in verse 18. And he was talking to the 70 they’d returned. It was just backstory real quickly. So he had sent the disciples out and he had told the disciples, Hey, we’re going to, I’m going to give you authority. And I want you to go preach the kingdom of God. And I want you to go and I want you to preach the kingdom. I wanted you to heal the sick and cast out demons. That’s what he told the disciples. He told them, you go here, the sick, you go cast out demons. You go do it.

This was a new theology. They didn’t have that in the old Testament. That authority wasn’t given to man, but Jesus delegated to them. He said, now I’m giving you a 40 over sickness over disease. And over demons go cast them out. So they come back here in Luke, chapter 10, they come back from this little evangelism trip. They come back, they had some meetings. They had a great time and they come back to LA and they say, man, what you said was real. It was legit, man. We cast out, we saw demons, get cast out in your name. It’s happening to man. This is awesome. And look, what jesus’ response was the rejoicing of these demons being subject. And Jesus said, I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. First time I read that, it thought it was no big deal. I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven and there’s God highlighting what he’s talking about when it comaperes to great Mt. Carmel Church.

They were excited because demons were subject to them. Here’s about authority. There was, we have authority over demons. We’ve never heard of this before yet. It’s awesome. And Jesus saw Satan fall like lightning. You don’t have lightning falls. When you see lightning fall, do you see it? Go here it comes. Oh, look at that. Here’s the lightning boy. That’s a bright one here. It it’s coming down. It’s kind of sharp. Little jaggedy. Look. It all matches. It’s coming and coming. Boy. That’s a long one, man. That’s pretty. Look at that bright look. Hey, check out this lightening, sit very comfy. It’s still coming. Watch it all the way where it’s going to hit and wonder what’s going, is going to hit their nose. It’s kind of jaggedy. What’s going little bit lightning. Doesn’t vote like that. How’s the lightening fall. Boom. It’s gone. That’s how fast Satan fell.

That’s a sign of authority. That’s let you know. There was no major struggle between God and Satan. There was no big power struggle like, Oh, it was nipping talking. Wasn’t sure which way it was going to go. And God won a little bit then Satan one a little bit. No Jesus said I saw Satan fall like lightning. Why are you sweating him? Why are you even giving any second notice about him? Go and cast out demons in the name of Jesus. In other words, I’ve given you a 40 of them. And he says in the next verse in chapter in verse 20, nevertheless are sorry. Verse 19 behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and over how much of the power of the enemy over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Nevertheless, do not rejoice in the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven for us as we get amazing Mt. Carmel Church sermons.

Jesus was establishing authority. Two things about being a soldier in the military and about being a soldier in the army of God. Number one, we need to understand what’s the source. What’s the source of authority. Where’s, what’s your source of truth. Where are you getting your truth from? Are you getting truth from culture? Are you getting your truth from what God says? Well, my friends say this is okay. They say that’s okay. You don’t any more. That’s not that bad. You know, every we’ve kind of embraced this. We’ve been enlightened now that this is now okay. And, and that’s kind of old fashioned and that stuff’s kind of going away. Listen, where are you getting your truth from? You have to establish in your heart. What is the source of your authority? And once we have established that source of my authority is Jesus. Then anything that contradicts what he says cannot be true. I don’t care how many people embrace it. It doesn’t matter. Jesus is, truth is not up for a vote.

It’s not up to pass cultural acceptance say, well, let’s, let’s put out a poll and see if everyone agrees what the word of God says, it’s the truth. It doesn’t matter how many people agree or not. It is the truth. Sanctify me by your word, Lord. Your word is true. So we got to set our hearts on that. That’s the source of our truth. We’re not going anywhere else. We’re not looking for anybody or else. We’re not asking anybody else. Jesus, if you do not use the Bible, I’m just encouraging you as a soldier in the end times, because I believe friends, we are in the beginning of the end times, I believe we are in it. And I hear people that’s using all kinds of worldly wisdom and thinking this that my heart goes out cause they’re deceived and they’re going to miss it. They’re not going to understand the church, the church, Christians. This is not our time to back up and quiet down and be timid. We’re the only ones with the answer. We’re the only ones that knows the truth. If we truly care about people, then we tell them,


Man, people are so afraid to tell the truth because they don’t want to upset anybody. I get it. I don’t want to upset anybody, but I would rather upset my family member and see them go to heaven. Mad at me then does have them be okay with me and be separated from God for eternity. I would rather post something that is the truth of the word of God and get blasted by all of these people who don’t like it. But somebody reads it and says, wow, that’s true. And it changes their heart and they give their life to Jesus. We got to stop worrying about how many likes we get. And we got to worry about how many disciples we’re making, how many followers of Christ we’re making, because I’m telling you it’s time to separate the weak from the chaff, the sheep and the goats are getting separated with us here at Mt. Carmel Church.

In that context. Sheep are good people. You know, sometimes like I’m not a sheep, you know? Well, in this context, you want to be a sheep. You want to be sheep. So we got to understand the source of our authority is Jesus. Someone 19 one 60 says the entirety of your word is truth. And every one of your rights has judgments endures forever. But number two, we got to understand submission to authority, source of authority and submission to authority. Here’s one thing I found out in talking to my friends about the military. Whenever you embrace the system of authority, you’re not just submitting to your commanding officer. You’re also submitting to a authority structure. Here’s what I mean. Whenever I say I’m going to submit to an authority structure. I understand that there is a chain of command. There are those that are above me and those that are beneath me.

So I understand not only my responsibility to submitting, to authority over me. I also understand my responsibility to be a leader for those that are under me. So I also have to embrace my authority if I only submit to authority, but I never embraced my authority. The people under me are going to falter you and your life and my life as Christians. We need to understand not only our submission to God’s authority, but we have to embrace our authority so that the things that are under us will stay under us. Here’s the problem. We have to meet times. If we don’t know what authority we have, we don’t know what we have a right to refuse and change in our life. So when the enemy comes against us and not everything is the devil, some things are just people that are deceased, but at the root of everything, it is God good versus evil.

As the roof too many times, we’re getting caught up in the minutia of the struggle, being about a Republican versus Democrat mask versus no mask, a vaccine, no, we get caught up in all the ultimate root of everything. Jesus versus Satan, not in that. Satan’s going to win. It’s just Jesus, his kingdom to bring as many followers to heaven and Satan trying to steal, kill, and destroy and drag as many people to hell as possible. That is the ultimate route. And if we don’t understand that, that paradigm, we will get caught up in the superficial surface stuff and we will sacrifice our religion and our faith for the sake of social cultural issues. Okay. So, so here’s how I understand. So now if I’m going to walk in authority, let me give you an example. Um, man, I didn’t even have this. This is, this is fresh for a great Mt. Carmel Church.

Okay. This isn’t on my, uh, go to acts chapter 19. If you’ve got your Bibles, this is not in anybody’s sermon notes. This is just coming straight off the cuff. So, uh, yeah, freebies. So it’s not going to be on the screen because they don’t have it. So if you’re looking at the screen wondering where’s the scripture, that’s why you bring your Bible to church for moments like this, I’m not getting on you. I’m just saying it was a great opportunity. All right. So now let’s look at a verse. Um, I’m gonna start in verse 11, just cause I don’t know where else to start now. God, see, this is about authority while you’re turning there. This scripture helped me understand the authority in the kingdom of God. This is what I think you need to understand as a believer. If I was to help you.

If I was to disciple, you pull you aside as a Christian, I’d say, listen, you need to understand the authority of Jesus and the authority that you have in him. You have to understand that. So here’s, here’s an example. This, this changed my life. I’ve mentioned it many times with the Lord to bring it back to my attention. My attention now, God, verse 11, God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul. So that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick and the diseases left them. And the evil spirits went out of them there. His sweat was anointed, his handkerchief. He would, while he’s working, he was a tentmaker while he was working, he would wipe his brow and wipe the sweat and they would take his handkerchief and give it to people. They’d put his handkerchief, his sweaty handkerchief on people and the anointing of God on the, his sweat would heal people. That’s authority. When your sweats anointed,

It’s not. Yeah, yeah. Can just move on. So now then it’s even casting out demons. Then some of the itinerary Jewish exorcists took it upon themselves to call the name of the Lord Jesus, over those who had evil spirits. So now Paul’s doing this with handkerchiefs. Now it says that these itinerant Jewish exorcists, they begin to call on the name of the Lord. Jesus. Notice the language over those who had evil spirits. So they come across people who had evil spirits. People were possessed. People dealing with demonic, oppression, you know, all kinds of layers with us at Mt. Carmel Church. People don’t get spooked out. When we talk about demons, he was watched too much Hollywood don’t get don’t get intimidated by demons. Don’t don’t think someone’s, head’s going to start spinning around and vomit and all of that. Now may I’m not saying somebody may bomb it, but I’m just saying don’t be intimidated by demonic.

Oppression. Demons are subject to the name of Jesus. If you are a believer, a son or daughter of God, you can look a devil right in the eye and say, get out in Jesus name and do not be afraid. Don’t back up. Don’t pause. Don’t be scared because you don’t have to be afraid. Hollywood can magnify it all they want, but they’re just a lowly devil compared to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Isaiah says this, that someday, we’ll see the devil. And we’ll say, is this the one who tormented the world? Is this the one that I was afraid of? My look, what was I thinking? Being scared of that pool.

And he says as much here says, uh, they call those who had evil spirits. And they said, here’s, here’s what they said. Notice this language, we exercise you. In other words, we command you to come out by the Jesus whom Paul preaches. We take a 40 over you. According to the Jesus whom Paul preaches the Jesus whom Paul preaches. Also, there were seven sons of Skiva Jewish. She preceded. So, and the evil spirit answered and said, this is where the demonic spirits speaking back to them. Jesus. I know Paul. I know, but who are you again? I didn’t catch your name. I’m not familiar with you. I know Jesus. You said in the name of the Jesus, whom Paul preaches, you said the name of Jesus and I got a little nervous. You said Paul. And I’m like, Ooh, I remember a beating. I took from him with that sweat.

I’ve just had handkerchief. I think stunk like crazy. I had to get out of there. I remember that Paul, but, but then, but then you were the one telling me to come out and I don’t quite remember your name. When I first began to read that, I realized that there was a hierarchy in the spiritual realm. There was a Thoratec demons recognize Jesus. He’s a man, Paul, he’s a bad dude. We don’t mess with Paul, but I don’t know you once. I learned that. And once I heard that, I begin to begin to grow myself, realizing that through Jesus, I have authority over demonic spirits. So how do you, how do you exercise that you make yourself known when you accept Jesus Christ, as Lord you’re filled with his Holy spirit, you don’t get any more authority from that moment on you have ultimate authority, but your authority that you have is not revealed to you until you actually


People said, well, I just need more authority. You don’t need more authority. You need to understand the authority that you have. How do you get that? You get that by exercising. The next time depressive thoughts come to you and tell you this is going to happen. That’s going to happen. Here’s what you need to do. Open your mouth and say in the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke you get out of my head. Second Corinthians, chapter 10. I don’t wrestle against I don’t my weapons. My warfare are not carnal, but they’re mighty through God to pulling down strongholds, casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bringing every thought into captivity to be in surprise with us at a Mt. Carmel Church event. So right then you quote that scripture and you say devil, I take that thought captive in jesus’ name, try to steal my peace, try to stip shock.

Fill me with anxiety. What’s going to happen. What’s going to happen. I take authority over that thought in jesus’ day. Lord, I thank you that I have a 40 in you. Then I am far above all principality and power. Thank you for the authority that belongs to me and Jesus. We need to know our chain of commands. That Jesus is calling the shots he’s ultimately in control. Now you as a son or daughter of God, you have to exercise your authority and say, no, I ain’t going out like that. I’m not going to put myself in bed, pull the covers over my head and just say, it’s not, I know what to do. I know what’s going to happen. I’m going to stand up and I’m going to say, God, your word has promised me that your peace will guard my heart and my mind. So I say no in the name of Jesus. Now when I say authority, here’s why some people get upset. You and me talking about it, hear me excited about it. And you think I’m saying that when we walk in authority, we don’t have problems.


Authority is the opportunity to use delegated power. It is not the absence of opposition. Walking in your thought authority is not the absence of opposition. It’s doing something with your authority when opposition arises. For example, if I’m a police officer, just because I’ve been sworn in, I’m actually an actual real police officer sworn in badge authority, everything, all legal, just because I was legalized and given proper authority does not mean crime stopped crime. Didn’t stop. The day I got sworn in, I didn’t get sworn in. I’m just saying like, if it is case you don’t know me, I’m not police officers, per se. If our sheriff, the day he got sworn in crime, didn’t stop that day. He now has to exercise his authority to let the enemy know that he knows his authority. And once he knows his authority, his enemy knows that he knows his authority.

So now he knows that he knows that he knows. And now he looks at you and says, Jesus, I know Paul. I know. And you, I know I’m not bothering you again, but we have to know it ourself. We have to know what Jesus has put on the inside of you. It’s not arrogance. It’s not pride. Oh, you’re people trying to discourage people of faith and say, who do you think you are? Who do you think you are? Tempting God and testing. I’m not tempting. God. It’s not tempting God to believe God. I’m not tempting. God, who do I think I am? Who do I think I am? I think I’m a son of God where he said in Luke chapter 10, that I give you a 40 over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall be even heard. That’s who I think I am not in Chad, Everett and Jesus, because I’m submitted to authority. I get

Yes authority. So I want you to have

From more trained people, make soldiers, make disciples. You need to know you have authority and Jesus, some trying to come between you and your spouse. So I’m trying to come between your seniors, your kids. That’s not Jesus. That’s the anti Jesus. No, it’s just my wife. No, it’s just my hubs. And he knew idiot. No, he may be an idiot, but there’s other issues involved. We need to understand our spiritual authority because what’s happening in the world. Again, I’m just trying to highlight things. I’m feeling the, the assignment of God to have awakened people, to the spiritual case of what’s going on in the world. You need to see that this is spiritual in nature with us at Mt. Carmel Church. Don’t get caught up in Malin voting and all that. And forget to know that Jesus is at the center. He is our focal point. Do not lose your faith in Christ. Do not lose your focal point on him because you’ll come over here and take a side on a social issue against Jesus. And you’ll forget that. He’s the one that all of the matter is the one that matters. It’s two questions. Let’s pray this way. Number one, what is the source of your authority? Is it your party? Is it your cultural view? Is that your friends? Is that your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your parents.

I don’t want be the source

Of my kid’s authority. I want to be a reflection of the truth of 42. My kids, if they don’t see the authority of Jesus in my life, then I’m not giving them the right picture. I gotta let them see Jesus in me that I am submitted dads. Well, men, macho men. If you’re not submitted to Christ, then you have no authority. You have no real delegated authority. Lets your kids see that you kneel before God and Saint Jesus is the Lord of this house. He is the King of this house, whatever he says, he’s my commanding officer. And when he says jump, I say, how high puts your life submitted to Jesus? And once your kids see real authority, I’m the authority in his house. No, you’re not. Jesus is the Lord. Let them see what real a 40 looks like real. A 40 looks like this. God, here’s my life. I’m in a 40 by submitting the true authority. And in that submission, I get to walk in my authority. As a husband. I don’t have authority over my wife because I’m a man. I have a 40 to walk and encourage and lift up my wife because I’m submitted to the Lord. I don’t have a 40 over my kids because I’m the boss of the house because I brought him in this world. I can take them out

Or pray. Let’s feel the Holy spirit

Challenges. What is your source? What is your source of authority right now in jesus’ name?

Cool. Give your hearts.

If you’re watching online, you’re in Mt. Carmel Church. You say Jesus. Isn’t the Lord of my life right now. It’s time to get on his team. There is not time for playing games anymore. It’s right. Now’s the time. If we’re going to make disciples, we’re going to make soldiers. We gotta be. Have you prepared for battle? It’s time. It’s time. It’s time to get off the fifth. Pick your squad, get in, get on, getting turtle, get saved. Now Jesus is the way the truth and the life. And if that’s you write down, you’re like Ted, I know I need to get my life right with God. I need to do it. I’m in sin. I’m lost in sin. I need to make a change. I’m going in the wrong direction. I need to get in the right direction. I need to get my life right with God right now. I want you to commit your heart to him. Not out of emotion, not out of hype, out of a belief, conviction that without him, I am dead. Jesus paid the price for sin. You’re separated from God. He became the son of man so that you could become a son of God, a daughter.

Thanks so much for watching with us. We love our online family and we invite you to connect with us. We have a few different ways. You can do that on our website@theroads.church, as well as on social media for Mt. Carmel Church, you can text to give by texting the amount space, roads to four, five, seven, seven, seven, and we’d love to pray for any needs you might have. So send us a message and let us know how we can partner with you in bringing the light and love of Jesus to your worlds.