Hey, we’ve been on this series called a basic training, the making of a soldier. And this is week five. If this was your first week where you been, no, I’m just kidding. If you’re watching online and this you’ve tuned into the first time you can go under our website or you can get onto our YouTube channel and you can get caught up and watch the previous few weeks and find out what God has been saying. The sermon notes are available there in your worship guide. If you want to pull those out, if you’ll follow along with the paper version, or you can get on the YouVersion Bible app and you can get the electronic version of the sermon notes available and download those as well. Here’s the, here’s the roads. We believe that the Bible is the living word of God. So every time we open it, we get excited because we believe God wants to say something to us here at Mt. Carmel Church.

So if you have your Bibles, Mount Carmel, he wrote family right here in North city. Get them out this morning. Let’s open them to Matthew chapter 28, Matthew 28, man. God’s got something to say today that rhymes Matthew 28. Sorry. I just broke out in a wrap there and you didn’t even know it. Verse 16, are you ready? It says then the 11 disciples went away into Galilee to the mountain, which Jesus said Jesus had appointed for them on. Read that again. I didn’t even see this in the, in the previous four weeks. And I didn’t even see it in the first service, but the Holy spirit just highlighted to me right now. This is fresh off the cup. This is why you come to two services. Then the 11 disciples went away to Galilee to the mountain, which Jesus had appointed for them. You’re going to find out something here a little bit.

Jesus appointed a mountain for them. Oh Lord. That was good. Thank you Lord. When they saw him, they worshiped him, but some doubted and Jesus came and spoke to them saying all authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them, the name of the father and of the son, the Holy spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I’ve commanded you and lo I’m with you always, even to the end of the age. Amen. Let’s just pray, father. I love you. And I just thank you for your word. I thank you Mt. Carmel Church That is truly life to those who find it. It has held to all of our flesh. So I say, come Holy spirit, come and move and power. And it might today. Well, I give you Liberty and freedom. I pray that this word will truly transform us on the inside out.

We look to you. We put you in the sinner. Jesus, we make it all about you. Teach us how to live your way. We love you in Jesus name. Somebody say, amen. Now we’re talking here. There’s we in this series, we’re talking about the making of a soldier and making them a soldier we’re talking about. Even a follower of Christ and two things that I think are vitally important for the making of a soldier. Or if I was to talk to a new believer, a new Christian two things are really important. Number one is every soldier, every believer needs to know their mission needs to know their mission. This is why you’re here. Mission speaks of direction. It speaks of what’s the purpose. What’s our objective. A soldier wants to know what’s the objective of this mission. What are we trying to accomplish? What’s the goal.

Every person on the earth needs to know your mission. You need to know why you’re here. You need to know why you’re alive. One of our core values here at the church is we pursue our green. We live from, and for his purpose, some believe every day that we wake up, we need to wake up with an awareness of a mission on our life. I’m not saying I’m going to know every detail of what’s going to happen about my life Mt. Carmel Church. Cause I sure enough don’t know, but I believe we need to have some sense of mission and purpose. Why do I get out of bed? Why am I here? Why am I breathing oxygen every day? Because God has a mission for me on the inside of me. That’s bigger than what’s on the outside of me. Need to have something driving you every day.

Something, when you get upset, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’ve got a reason for living. You need to know what your mission is. God, something God’s got something for you. It’s not just being a good person and going to church. There’s something bigger than that. Something bigger that God’s called you to do, you know your mission. I’ll say this someday. If you call yourself a Christian, if you believe in accepted Jesus as your Lord and savior, there’s two different Thrones. A Bible talks about any eternity. There’s the great white throne of judgment. And then there’s the judgment seat of Christ. The great white throne of judgment is going to be the eternity of heaven versus health. So now if you’ve accepted Jesus, then you will not stand before that throne. You will stand before the judgment seat of Christ and the judgment seat of Christ will be where we will be awarded based on our mission. In other words, what God called us to do on the earth, we will receive our rewards in comparison to, or along in agreement with what he’s created me to do, not what I decided to do.

So I was thinking about this week and I thought, man, Lord, how discouraging would it be for me to stand before Jesus on that day and have to give an account of a mission that I wasn’t even aware of? Because I did what Chad wanted to do when Chad wanted to do it. And I go up to stand before God and Hey, thank you, Jesus, I’m into heaven. But he says here, Chad, here’s what I was wanting you to do Mt. Carmel Church. Here’s what I created you to do. Here’s the mission that I had for you. You want me to do that? I didn’t do any of that. He said, I know, come in. You’re my son, but you’ve got a lot to learn about the kingdom of heaven. There’s a mission that every person you find, you need to find your green. That’s not the sermon today, but it’s just good to know.

Good to know. So now let’s go. So number one need know our mission. Everybody say mission. Number two, you need to know the rules of engagement. I think this is vitally important right now, more than any time in history, every believer needs to know the rules of engagement with speaks to a 40. One of the challenges in our walk with Christ is not knowing our authority in Christ. What does this, uh, rules of engagement mean? It means when, where, how, and against whom force may be used, what actions soldiers may take on their own authority. What directors may be issued by their commanding officer. This is our spiritual authority. We need to know the spiritual chain of command in our walk with Jesus. You need to know what you have authority over. You need to need to know what you as a son of God or a daughter of God, what you can command to go, what you can take authority over what you can exercise.

When, where, how you got to realize their spiritual authority. That’s available to us in Christ. Not independent of Jesus, not over people. It’s spiritual authority, too many times in our spiritual walk with Christ. We don’t know what we have a right to say no to. And so we just accept everything because someone’s told us that God’s sovereign. So if it’s happening, it’s because he wants to, to have once it to happen. So you just got to deal with it. Well, everything that’s happened in your life is not what God wants to happen. I’m not saying God’s not sovereign, but in God’s sovereignty Mt. Carmel Church, he created land a region called freewill and he gave principalities and powers even freewill. How else could angels walk away from him? How else could Lucifer walk away from God? Because he created free will. So this is why we got understand.

There’s certain authority that we have to exercise and utilize in our life. So here’s our general mission. You’re saying, Chad, what’s my mission there in general, all of us have this mission. Here it is. Are you ready? Our general mission is to influence culture with the kingdom of God, under the authority of Jesus, every single person. This is our general mission in life. What we’re supposed to do, why we’re breathing. We’re supposed to influence culture with the kingdom of God under the authority of Jesus. She said, well, I thought that’s the preacher’s job. No, our job in general, once we become a Christian, our job is to influence culture, to match the kingdom of God under the authority of Jesus. That’s our general mission. Now we’re going to have unique missions within that. And we’ll talk about that more in just a moment. So notice how Jesus said all authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth. He connected those two places with his authority. I believe this is vitally important in our life too. To remember Jesus said, all authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth. So his authority connects those two realms need to know that his authority connects those two. So what’s in heaven is connected now to what’s happening on the earth.

Jesus afford. He brings those two together as far as, okay. Okay. Just making sure some of you nodding, some of you are like, so, so what’s our mission. What’s our mission. Verse 19. He says go therefore and make disciples of all nations. Now I clarified this last week to say that the word make disciples in English is kind of incorrectly translated because it looks like the verb is make and disciples are what we supposed to make. Make disciples, make verb disciples, direct object, but in the Greek language, original it’s one word make disciples is one word and it’s a verb it’s [inaudible] and it means to literally teach, train or instruct as a disciple. So it’s an action. We do not just a person. We are, Jesus said, go disciple, go disciple, go teach, train, and instruct people as they disciple. So in other words, I become a disciple Mt. Carmel Church.

Now I go and I teach, train and instruct others as one. What does that mean? He’s saying go wherever you go, whatever you’re doing, he knew we were going to go to work. So he said, as you go to work disciple, he knew you’re going to go to school. So as you go to school disciple, you knew you’re going to go on vacation. As you go on vacation disciple. We don’t leave Jesus at home. When we go on vacation, maybe that’s another topic we never addressed with Bowie. We knew that he was going, we’re going to go to the store and we’re going to go get gas. And we’re going to go to the mall or we’re going to go. Maybe not so much the mall anymore, but we’re going, we’re going to go.

He’s just saying, wherever you go, disciple on your way. In other words, live like Jesus. So we’ve got to realize that that’s our assignment. That’s our purpose. That’s why we’re here. When I accept the responsibility of discipling Mt. Carmel Church, it makes me a better disciple. That’s important. I’m going to give you an example. Have you ever, ever have you had to, let me try that again. Have any of you ever had to lead a connect group or teach a Sunday school class or lead a devotional or maybe even preach a sermon? When you knew you had the responsibility of speaking for something else, preparing some, what was your walk with Jesus? Like before that?

All of a sudden you’re praying all the time. You’re reading your Bible. You’re making sure to connect with God. Oh, the pressure I’ve got to have something ready. I’m preparing. So you’re praying more. You have read your Bible in a month, but that week you’re reading it. You’re preparing. Cause you’ve got your, you’ve got to take five that week. It’s your youth group. So you gotta be ready to go. What is that? When we understand the responsibility that God wants to speak through us, we stay connected to him. Now, if we understand that God wants to disciple through you. Every day we stay connected to him. You may never preach a sermon, but every day of your life, you preach a sermon every day of your life. You’re living out the gospel. You’re living out of purpose. So God’s saying when you understand and receive the responsibility of, of discipling, it makes me a better disciple.

I live my life differently. I prepare differently because I know that God wants to use me as a disciple. So once we become disciple, our mission is to disciple. It’s our mission. All of our mission. Here’s what second Corinthians five 17 says, therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he’s a new creation. Old things have passed away. Behold, all things have become new. You’re a believer. You’re in Christ. Old things passed away. All things become new, wonderful new creation. Great. Now look at verse 18. Now he says, now, now what? Now that you become a believer, now that you become a new creation in Christ. Now here’s, what’s happened. All things are of God who has reconciled us to himself through Jesus Christ and has given us, given us every say, given us, given us the ministry of reconciliation. Now wait a minute. When we’re born again, we’re reconciled to God through Jesus. And then he turns around and gives us the ministry of reconciliation. What does that mean? I’m glad you asked the word reconcile means to restore proper relations in what has been broken.

So God reconciled us to him through Jesus. What does that mean? Our relationship with God had been broken, but Jesus came and broke down the wall of separation and made peace between God and man, if he’s in chapter two. So now there’s a restored relationship to the father through Jesus. It says that word also means to replace hostility with peace, to exchange money. Whenever we would travel in the nations on a mission trip, uh, there would be a time during the trip where you’d have to bring your cash. And if you wanted to buy stuff, you would have to exchange it with their money. So you would take your American dollar and you would change it, exchange it with the money. So you go and you have to negotiate the rate or what they’re offering. And so you give what you have and you receive what they have. This is what God’s saying happens. When we reconcile that we exchange what we have and we receive what he has. God’s wanting to make some exchanges in our life where we give up what we have and we receive what he had. We give up our fear and we receive his comfort. We give up our anxiety and our word and we receive his peace. That’s reconciling back to God. And God had the audacity to give the ministry of reconciliation to you.


To me, he says, I’ve given you the ministry of reconciliation. So what are we supposed to do? As believers in Christ is our responsibility. Let me read it this way. He goes on to say this way, that is that God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself. God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself. It doesn’t say God was in Christ, reconciling the elect to himself. He was reconciling the world to himself. Everybody reconciling the world. That means nations, not imputing their trespasses to them. Oh, anybody thankful that God doesn’t their trespasses against them anymore because of the blood of Jesus. I’m thankful for that and has committed to us. Here we go. Again, committed to us that we’re committed means to assign a duty or responsibility to he’s committed an, an assignment, a duty, a responsibility to us. What is that? That is the word of reconciliation Mt. Carmel Church.

So he’s committed to you and I a duty, a responsibility to bring peace to people, to make an exchange with people, to bridge the gap with people, to restore broken relationships. He’s given you and I, that ministry and that word reconciliation goes for, it says, now, then we are ambassadors for Christ. What does it mean to me? And ambassador? That word means to function as a representative of a ruling authority. We’re ambassadors for Christ as though God were pleading through God, we got to get it as though God were pleading through. As God himself was pleading through through us, God’s using you. He’s pleading through you to build relationships back to restore fellowship again, you and I were the ambassadors. Well, God’s going to change this nation if he wants to, he wants to Mt. Carmel Church. And he wants to use you to do it. Wants to use me.

He’s imploring. He’s in pleading through us. He’s imploring on Christ’s behalf. Be reconciled to God. So how do we reconcile? Who do we disciple? Who do we disciple? Notice what it says, go therefore, and disciple nations. Now who are nations? Do we have the responsibility with what’s happening in the United States? It can seem overwhelming to the body of Christ. We’re never going to change this. It’s too big. It’s too big a problem. When it says the nations, here’s what the word nation means. It simply means a large group of people based on kinship, culture and common traditions with physical and geographical ties sounds overwhelming until you break it down. It really just means people, groups, groups of people. So he says go therefore and disciple people, groups. So what does that mean for you? And for me it means you disciple your people. You disciple your people, group, your circle of influence the people. You know, you’re not responsible for discipling people in a foreign country, unless God gives you a connection or an assignment to fund. You can support financially or whatever, but you and I clearly have the responsibility to disciple our family, our friends, our circle of influence our coworkers. We have that responsibility. You and I, we are ambassadors for God to teach, train and instruct. So now we’re going to disciple nations. How do we do it? Same way you eat an elephant Mt. Carmel Church

One bite at a time. There’s a discouragement in the body of Christ because they think it’s impossible. I’m telling you what God wants to do in the earth is not impossible. Stop watching the news. You will get discouraged and defeated because you think it’s impossible. God wants to do a work that nobody knows what’s doing. The news is not going to report what God is doing in the world. What God is doing in the world is greater than what the news is doing. God has an agenda. That’s bigger. God is bigger than the news. He’s bigger than any agenda in the world. So we’ve got to understand that and be encouraged by it. Be encouraged by it. But here’s the, the mountains of influence in our culture that we need to transform. I’m going to give you seven of them. Seven mountains of influence in our culture.

And when I give you these, I want you to start thinking about what are the mountains that I’m called to number one, arts and entertainment and sports. Number two, the economy three education, four family, five government, six media and communications, seven religion. When people in these individual mountains of influence experience transformation, we will experience transformation of the culture in the seven mountains of influence individuals, experiencing transformation in their own life is going to begin to change the culture in that mountain of influence. Here’s the problem. The church may I give you seven of them remember? And one of them was religion. The problem was the church. The body of Christ thought that the religion mountain was the Holy mountain and that all the other six were secular Mt. Carmel Church.

So they thought that the six leave that to the world and the religion one is God’s mountain. But I came to tell you was God correct to me? He said, Chad, stop sacrificing my mountains. They are all my mountains. The religion mountain is not my only mountain. The education mountain is my mountain arts and entertainment. Mountain is my mountain. Media is my mountain. He’s telling the body of Christ that we are not just to sit in the religion mountain and bless and sink ourselves into some type of glory and hope God raptured us out of these evil six mountains. No, we are to influence all seven mountains of influence. We’re supposed to infiltrate them. See the problem is I’ll put the blame some on my people, people that leave, maybe a pastors or teachers, they made the religion mountain, the focal points so that they, some of them could be the King of the mountain.


I’m going to give a percentage number, but I’m going to, it’s going to be not exact, but less than 3% of the population is called to do what I do less than 3%. The Bible says not many of you should desire to be teachers of the word because you’ll receive a stricter judgment. So just let me bless you with that.


But here’s the thing. If less than 3% are called to do what I’m doing, that means over 97% of the spreading of the gospel of discipling of nations comes from the other people

Come on.

The problem is the world looked to the 3% and thought you disciple the world, but that’s not kingdom. The kingdom is that the 97, you all listening to me, you will do for more than me this week in discipling the nations, because there’s a greater percentage of you than there are of me. You go into your kin fluids as you go into your mountain and you begin to disciple, according to being a follower of Jesus Christ. And we will impact culture, not from the pulpit, but from the offices, from the school, from the wherever you are less than 3%, the church is supposed to lead the world, not avoid the world Mt. Carmel Church.

Jesus brought a gospel of the kingdom, not just the gospel of salvation. Here’s what I believe. God’s wanting to speak into our hearts. He’s willing to remind the church that I didn’t call you to come out of the world. I called you to be in the world, just not of the world. And what we did is we came in and we sacrificed these other mountains and we allowed other people to determine the culture of those mountains. And then we’re shocked and offended when the gospel of the kingdom, the kingdom culture is not operating in that mountain. It’s because we got on our one mountain huddled around it, sung coup by y’all and wondered why the media is not exalting Jesus Christ. Well, we need to get back into that mountain and say, wait a minute, this mountain belongs to Jesus.

Come on,

Jesus. Here’s what Jesus said in Matthew four 17. From that time, Jesus began to preach and to say, repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. He prayed. This is the way I want you to think. He said this way. I want you to pray in Matthew chapter six. He said, I want you to pray this way. Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom, come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Remember where was the authority of Jesus on earth? And in heaven, he connected the two. So when he said to pray, I want you to pray this way. I want you to pray, Jesus, your will be done on earth just as it is in heaven, but you weren’t always taught that you were taught that the earth is just going to be I’m choosing my words, right Mt. Carmel Church?

Uh, yeah, it turns the earth. It’s going to be bad. There’s going to be bad. And then someday we’ll get to heaven. That’ll be good. I promise you heaven’s better than earth. But he still said to pray this way that your kingdom would come and it would be on earth. Just like it is in heaven. That’s his agenda. That’s his agenda. So now we’re disciples. We’re ambassadors. How do we going to do that? Go to Mark chapter 16. Oh man. Where’s the time go. I said Mark chapter 16, Matthew chapter 16, Matthew chapter 16. Are you with me? Matthew chapter 16. We gotta hurry. Turn faster, Matthew 16. I’m gonna to start reading in verse 17. Anybody loves Jesus.


Verse 17 says, Jesus answered him. Blessed. Are you Simon? Barjona for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my father who’s in heaven. You just learned how to hear from the father. Good job, Peter and verse 18. And I also say to you that you are Peter changed his name from Simon to Peter. And on this rock, I will build my church and the Gates of Hades will not prevail against it. I will build my church. I will, my church. He said, now the word church, there is a Greek word ekklesia or a clay. However you want to pronounce it. It comes from a group, a root word that comes from two. That means X and collegial. It means called out of so when Jesus said I will build my church in English, we think about a building. We think about a place to come and worship, but that’s not what he said. Jesus could have used a word that meant building that the Jews would have connected with. He could have said, I will build my synagogue or I will build my temple, but he didn’t use that word. He used ekklesia and ekklesia was a secular word Mt. Carmel Church.

It was not a churchy word. It was a secular word. And this word ekklesia means a legislative assembly or governing group of people. Now don’t miss this called out, having authority to make government type decisions, to change the culture of a region, to match the culture of the one who empowers them. I got to read it again. Jesus said, I’ll build my ekklesia. I will build my ekklesia. My ekklesia when he said my ekklesia, he was distinguishing his ekklesia from other. Ekklesias see, when you use the word church, then it doesn’t work. It’s like going to build my church versus other churches, churches aren’t against churches. He wasn’t using the word church. He said, I will build my ekklesia, which is a governing group of people. Notice what it says. I’ll read again. Governing group of people called out having authority to make governmental type of decisions, to change the culture of a region, to match the culture of the one who empowers them. Here’s the thing we’ve got to realize ekklesia is not just a place we worship. It is not a place of meeting. It is an enforcer of the government of the kingdom. It is our functional assignment. It’s the restoration of the dominion mandate that God gave in Genesis chapter one, we got to realize that there are other ekklesias vying for the movement or the pressing in of their agenda Mt. Carmel Church.


For, for us to realize there are not just one ekklesia Jesus that I’ll build my ekklesia, but my ekklesia is going to come into contact with other ekklesias. They have their own agenda. They’re going to try and influence culture with, so my ekklesia empowered to influence culture, not hide from culture influence. It is going to run into resistance and opposition of other. Ekklesia trying to influence an empower their agenda, their culture. So we’ve got one agenda of culture versus another agenda culture. Who’s going to win. Notice what he says, my, I will build my ekklesia and the Gates of Hades will not prevail against it. The Gates of Hades, why does he say Gates of Hades? He didn’t say the Gates of hell. Important for us to understand. He didn’t say Gates of hell for reason. Hell is not Satan’s Homebase. Hell is Satan’s place of eternal punishment Mt. Carmel Church.

When he talks about Gates of Hades, he’s talking about spiritual demonic of 40. So he’s saying to me, he’s speaking to me in this way, thinks my ekklesia going, that I am empowered. They’re supposed to go influence and change culture to match the kingdom of heaven. And they’re going to run into another ekklesia of the kingdom of darkness, but just rest assured chat. My ekklesia will prevail over the kingdom of darkness. So it doesn’t mean I won’t have opposition. It doesn’t mean everybody’s just going to bow and say, Oh, we want to do what the Christians want to do. It just means that they will not prevail against me. If God, before you, who can be against you, come on Mount Carmel. Who’s here. See, this is what he’s given us. This encouragement, my ekklesia as oppose. So we’re not trying to hide. We’ve focused too much on the agenda of the enemy instead of on the assignment of the ekklesia. Well, the devil is doing a lot of stuff. Nowadays, the devil doing the devil, you know, what’s happening in culture. I’m telling you what the culture is just going to pot.


Run around the track. There’s lots of stuff happening, but here’s what we got to remember. If we’re believers, we’ve been empowered by Jesus who has all authority in heaven and on earth. So we’re part of the ekklesia. So now our assignment is to influence culture in all seven mountains of influence. So we don’t come out of the church and go, Ooh, that’s a great sermon. I hope I can make it till next Sunday. No God’s purpose for you is not to insulate you from the world, but for you to infiltrate into the world in all seven mountains of influence and begin to bring the culture of the kingdom to this place now, how do we do it? And how do we do it? How do we do it? Look at verse 19. We’ve got to get to here. Oh Jesus. Cause it looks your neighbor and say, we come, we come and we ain’t backing down. We come in, we ain’t hiding. We’re coming verse 19. And I will give you, this is Jesus talking. And he said, Oh Jesus Mt. Carmel Church. And I, I

Feel the spirit of the Lord

Versailles team. Jesus said, I will give you in search your name, their insurance, insert your name. I will give you Chad. I will give you insert your name. I will give you the keys. Somebody say keys. I will give you the keys of the kingdom.

The keys of what I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, the keys what’s the keys represent keys, represent a 40 and access. I’ve got some keys here at keys. Allow me access. They allow me a little bit of a 40. I can get into places, a keys. If it’s a device use to unlock or lock something, it’s a means of gaining or preventing interests. If I have a key, then I can lock a door and no one can get in it. If I’ve got a key and I don’t want some, someone to Gideon, I can lock the door and they’re not going to get in it. If I have a key and I come up to something that’s locked, I can unlock it and I can get in it. So a key not only gives me access and prevents the wrong thing from getting in. I give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven given you


Could I give you my key plots, your keys to look at? And you can say, well, I’ve got the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Kingdom of heaven. Jesus gave me the keys of the kingdom heaven. So what can I do? I have access. I have a Ford enough that I can unlock my way into things. God wants me. I can lock things. How do we do it? Oh, good. Next part. I’ll give you the keys. What are we going to do with them? Remember also key. I forgot this part. It’s a piece of information that provides a solution or controls the operation of something. A key is also a strategy. A key is also a strategy. Oh, what am I going to? How am I going to change the culture of my office? God’s giving you the keys to do it. He’s giving you a strategy. How am I, how am I going to turn my, my kids around my kids gone South Oklahoma. God’s going to give you supernatural strategies. He’s giving you the keys. How am I going to overcome this? And they come over and drop the keys. You’ve got a 40 and you’ve got strategy. How to do it. So what do we do once we have the keys?

He says, I’ll give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven and whatever you bind on earth. Hold on, hold on, hold out. Whatever you buy. Somebody say you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven. Whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven, whatever you buy. So Jesus was saying to me, he’s saying to you, whatever you bind, I give you the keys. Now, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven. Why? Because the authority connects both rounds. This is important. So what does word bind mean? The word bind means to exercise authority over something on the basis that it is not legitimate to prohibit, to not allow to not permit something. This is Jesus talking. This is now religion. One-on-one this is Jesus talking. This is not a certain church doctrine. This is Jesus telling you and I how to operate as a soldier on the earth. So I’ve given you the keys. And he said, here’s, I want you to exercise the authority on the things that are not legitimate, that are not pro, not allowed. Not for, not that you should prohibit those and Exercise authority over the basis of things that are legitimate.

Notice what happened,

Read it to you out of the new American standard version. I think it translated, translates it a little bit better because some people get a little nervous when you’re talking about you can bind and loose things. Here’s what 19 says, says, I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven. And whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven. Notice the exchange. There’s a binding and there’s a loosening. How do I know what to loose? Chad? How do I know what to buy and chats? We have to have a relationship with the word of God and with heaven so that I know what is allowed in heaven and what’s not allowed in heaven. And when I come across something that’s not allowed in heaven that comes up against him in my life. I say, wait a minute. I’ve got the keys to the kingdom of heaven. And my Bible says that you’re not allowed in heaven. So if you’re not allowed in heaven, you’re not allowed in my life. I bind you. I bite you, but we can’t stop with biotin because if I just don’t want to buy, I don’t know what to lose. Why is that important chess? Because a lot of times we know what to stop doing.

We know what we’re doing wrong.

You know, what’s not good. I know I shouldn’t do that. How many times have I heard that fester jet? I know I shouldn’t be doing that. I know I shouldn’t. I know I should. So we know what to buy, but the key is not in the binding alone, but it’s in the loosening of the good thing we need to replace it with. Cause if I only find the wrong thing and don’t lose the right thing, the emptiness in my life will remain and the enemy will come back and want to feel that back again.

But when I bind the lie of the enemy and I bind fear over my life, but then I can just find fear and try and stop having fear. I bind the effects of fear. Now I loose the courage of God. I lose foot. God says the Bible says, perfect, love, casts out fear. I lose the love of God over my life. If we’re going to operate in this Villa, totally. We’ve got to realize that God gave you the keys to bind up what shouldn’t be there and to loose what should not under your own affording. That’s under jesus’ support under the 40th heaven.

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