This morning, I’m going to do something a little bit different. I felt like, um, this morning, the Lord woke me up at four 18. The very first scripture that came to my mind was Luke four 18. And he says, you’re that The spirit of the Lord is upon me. Me, the spirit of the Lord is upon you because the word is for me. And the word is for you because he has anointed me. I want you to say he has anointed me. He has anointed me to, to do what, to preach the gospel to the poor. He sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim Liberty, to the captives and recovery of sight, to the blind, to set at Liberty. Those who are pressed for 18, I’m thinking, okay, God, I’m open with it when it comes to our Mt. Carmel Church.

That’s what he says about me. That’s what he says about you. And then he began to speak to me and he says, I’ve appointed you. But then he turns it around. He flips it to do a meaning. He says, it’s also for you because I was sent to heal you to heal the brokenhearted. He healed me. He said I was a captive. And he sent me free. He sent me free. I was blind. You know, I was blind. But now I see. So that scripture is the spirit of the Lord is upon me so that I can be healed from those sings because healing is not just for me, but I get healed so that I can heal other people so that I can be that conduit. And that’s what he’s saying to you today. I just felt like that. I just needed to start that out. That that’s a word for somebody today. And I also, I just want to step out and be obedient. I just, I heard these words in worship. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. You hear me wrote family one. Man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Now that meaning that saying can have a lot of meanings. You think about junking, you know, antiquing and yard sales and all that. But what I felt like the Lord was saying is there have been people. And I feel like there’s someone specifically the Mount Carmel campus. I’m talking to you right now, Mount Carmel. You came in today. You’re expecting to see pastor Chad, but guess what? God still has a word from you through someone else. And you fought that. I am just junk. And I feel like the Lord is saying that we are here Mt. Carmel Church, God, you are not junk. God treasures you now it’s for all of us. But there’s someone. I feel like it’s a man at the Mount Carmel campus. They came today.

He says, you’re my treasure. And so we can all just want us to take an absorb that for a minute. You may have been discarded by your family. You may been discarded by your friends. You may have come from another church and you were discarded from another church, but God says, I treasure you. I treasure you. I value you. He wants to repurpose you. So I want to tell a little bit of story about me and my husband. Um, we just celebrated our eighth anniversary on July 3rd Mt. Carmel Church. And so we decided to go to the current river because we wanted to do something close to home. And, um, we wanted to kind of like disconnect from phones and so forth. And, um, I was like, yeah, it’s close. And so we went and we had a really nice evening, a free meal at the jury. And for supper, you have to hear the story, go back and listen to the live feed from first service.

I’m not going to go into all that. But then it happened Saturday morning, July 4th and current river is packed with a whole lot of stuff going on. It’s not about Jesus on 4th of July, I’ve never been to Kurt river. And so I had you guys ever have a preconceived notion about something you think is going to be one way. And it is so not that way. That was me. So they get on the bus, we arrive at the current river and, and whatever, this woman in authority, she says the water, there’s a lot of debris. The water is high. I’m thinking, okay, we’re going to be in a tube. And then she says, and so then you’re going to see a fork in the river and you need to go, right. And don’t okay. So we get in this extremely cold water and it was so refreshing and felt so, so good to me.

And we start down in, you know, Lewis is just like, okay, now you’ve never been on the curve river before. So I wanted to, you know, I just want to, okay, if you lose your tube and I’m thinking, lose my tube, I’m sitting in my tube. I’m not going to lose my tube. And so I’m thinking, I don’t know what you’re talking about. So anyway, he’s just like this real calm. He says, if you live, you lose your tooth. Don’t panic. Okay. That’s a no brainer I thought. And so, and then just hold, you know, hold on. Okay. Don’t just, don’t panic. Okay. I got this. And he says, and if we can separate it, just keep going and digging. You’re not going to, I’m not going to be separated. This is our current river for goodness sakes. And so we’re traveling down just, you know, in the water Mt. Carmel Church.

And it’s not very long. I see the fork. And all of a sudden I noticed, cause we were just kinda like that, you know, and the water, I could see the bottom and then it happened safe and it happened. And so it was, we began to veer to the left and I thought, Oh no. Before that he’s given me his words of wisdom. And so I do the godly thing and I say, I plead the blood of Jesus over myself. And I commissioned angels to surround me this entire trip. It was really wise a wise thing that I did. Okay. So remember that less than five minutes after I pleaded the blood of Jesus over myself, sin commit called on all those angels to surround me. And we can do that by the way. And uh, so we start to go a little bit closer to, you know, faster swifter to the left. It’s like, Oh, we got to go. Right? It’s like, Oh. And so me and all of my godly wisdom, um, look down and I can see the rocks. It’s like, this is a piece of cake. So I get out of my truck on a slide out of my tube, you know, kind of go like this. And then it happened, I went whoosh and I’m like, Oh Jesus, I’m going to die. My tube. I’m Holy not to it. But like, I’m like, I’m like, and I see Louis on the way.

And he’s saying,

Are you kidding me? I can’t even get a hold of my tube. And so I’m panicking. He told me not to panic. Do not fear. God’s not giving you a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. I can’t quote any of those scriptures. Okay. At the moment, have you ever been in that place? You know the word, but it’s like, I can’t, I can’t get, so all I can do was Jesus called [inaudible]. This is not a message in tongues. Okay. This does not need interpretation. This was my vertical language to my father. Cried out for help. Jesus was interceding for me. And so I finally, I finally make it, I get ahold of my tube and he says, go to the knob deacon. Okay. It is, seemed like an eternity. I finally make it to the side and I’m shaking so bad. Like my legs are jelly. Have you ever had jelly legs? And it’s just like, I could barely go like this I’m drenched. And by the way, I have to hold my nose when I go into the water. So it was not pretty. And so he says just, he says, yeah. I said, I thought I was going to die in Louis. And he said, you look like you were going to die.

Okay. Well, it’s not my greatest cheerleader. Actually. He was because he’d prepared me, you know, one time and that’s just Lewis’s personality. He doesn’t get panicked. That’s when we were first married, we went to Nairobi. Um, this is the first time I went to Kenya on a mission trip. And the first year we were there, the Nairobi airport burned while we were in Kenya. And I’m thinking, okay, so we were, we were delayed getting home Mt. Carmel Church And so I get to the hotel in a Nairobi on our way back. And I said, Hey babe. I said, um, the Nairobi airport burned while we were here. So I don’t know. There’s a few thousand people trying to get flights. So I don’t know when I’m going to be home. He goes, okay, just let me know. It’s like the Nairobi airport bark, your wife’s across the world.

And you just say, okay, just let me know. Totally was not what I was used to. And so I said, but I’ll let you know. And he says, okay. He says, I’ll try to take work. I said, you’re going to try to take off work and come and get me at the airport. He’s so calm. By the way, he did pick me up at the airport, but he was late. I was the only one on my team left there, but he did show up. He doesn’t get in a panic. He says, I know God takes care of you. And so we knew God was, this is a true story. Is it not Louis? It is a true story. So back to the current river. So he says, babe, you know, after I’m back in the tube, we get to the right. And um, he says, Hey, he says, um, can you swim?

And I said, well, we’ve been married at years. You should know, I can swim. He says, but can you dog paddle? And I said, well, I can dog paddle. I just can’t swim under water. And he says, but you think you could save yourself. And it’s like, it’s a fine time for you to be asking me now. He says, what am I gonna refile? We should’ve rethought the current river. And he says, what’d you think it was going to be a lazy river? I said, well, y’all kinder. He says, you know, they do call it the current river for a reason.

So God began to speak to me. It’s just like, yeah. I thought it was a holiday world type current river. And I was gonna, it was going to be romantic day in the sun. We were sweating. I was going to send Bay. Then we had a cooler, we were going to have a picnic. We’re going to hold hands. And the inner tube going down the river, he was going to sing over me. He’s like, Oh my gosh. So not the case. So I was fighting for my life. I felt like it Mt. Carmel Church. So anyway, so we get down a little ways and he gets stranded. He gets hooked up in all these branches and debris and I’m like, Oh my gosh, he’s hooked up. I was actually going towards it. And so I started padding cause it was like, Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, help me. Help me.

Help me. I got to get away from that. Cause what if I get stuck? So he gets stuck with the tube, with the cooler. And so he says, just go on. You’ll be fine. And I’m thinking, Oh my gosh, it’s a five hour trip. We did the whole river. And I think this river for five hours. So I kept going and he’s still stuck. And so people, there’s a couple of guys that come to his aid. That’s how Stuckey was. And I just kept going. It’s like, Jesus, me and you. I’m going somewhere with this. Have you ever had that mindset is so not what you thought it was going to be. And you’re in this lazy river. I thought it was going to be one thing. And then it’s a whole bunch of like other stuff that I didn’t anticipate. So I refocused, I had to resist fear. Everybody say resist fear. Have you ever had to resist fear?

Especially today, come on. Every day, every day we gotta resist fear because fear the news media. That’s what the media mountain of influence wants to do. They want to instill that fear. They want to instill fear. But God says that we are peace. We are to be carriers of peace in this hour. Are you a carrier of peace or are you a carrier of fear? Because what’s inside us. Come on now out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks what’s inside us will come out. If fear has apprehended, you then fears. What’s going to come out. We are to be light bringers. We are to be bringers carriers of peace in this hour. That is so not related. What kind of sorter to what I was going to say anyway, have you got your Bibles? One person? My husband. I told you he was the most amazing man. He has his Bible. Cause second Corinthians five 17. Yes. Yes. We are excited about the word.

Thank you, Jesus.

Thank you. Jesus. Second Corinthians five 17. Are you there? All right. I want to go back. Hold your place. Repurpose. God began to give me this message for repurpose. He gave it to me on July 1st because pastor Chad asked me on July 1st. He sent me a text and said, you want to preach on, um, uh, July 19th. I totally ignored him. By the way, we have the most awesome pastors. They are amazing. And so I ignored my pastor for quite a while. It was like, he meant to send that to somebody else, except he said, Hey, Mona, I think other than Mona cram, I’m the only Mona in this body. And so I just kind of like after I went to the bathroom and I thought, no, I can’t do this. I can’t do this. I think I’m going to throw up. Can’t do this. And so I finally texted him back and I said, you do know that’s a Sunday down.

Cause I thought maybe he was looking at 2021 or something. And anyway, he said, uh, yes. Um, but he just encouraged me to be obedient and God would fill my mouth. And so I want to encourage you today. What is God asking you to do even that day before I said yes to pastor before I said yes to Jesus, not in that order. Um, God begin to speak the word repurposed. And then he began to speak to me, repurposed for what? Repurposed for him, we can be repurposed for a whole lot of things, but he says, I want you to be repurposed for me. Second Corinthians five 17. Oh yeah. The definition of repurpose is to give a new purpose or used to, to use or reuse something that already exists for another purpose or in another form. If you don’t have your sermon notes out Mt. Carmel Church, you can get them on the you version on the website.

If you’re watching the Rhodes family or your paper, sermon notes, to see these definitions, the synonym for repurposes recover say recover. Has anybody ever lost their keys? I’ve lost my keys multiple times. My husband will tell you it’s a process, but I always recover them. Recover, save regenerate, reuse, remodel, reprocess. And I feel like there’s both groups of people in Mount Carmel online here in this auditorium, that there are people here that you feel like that you have no purpose. You never knew what your purpose was because it’s like, Oh, I got saved now, what do I do? God has purpose for you Mt. Carmel Church. And then I feel like there’s this group of people that you have been in the fire, you are wore out, you were in the fire and you keep getting in the fire. And that thermostat keeps getting turned up higher. And the battle keeps raging and you keep failing.

You keep failing. You feel like you’re a total failure. And you’re listening to the voice of the enemy that says you’ll never change. You’ll never change. God’s never going to do that for you. You’re not worth it. All of these voices, but that’s not what God says about you. God says that you have purpose. You have value. And the Bible says that there was a righteous fall. Seven times they shall get back up again. So you may have fallen 29 times. Get back up, get back up, get back up. Say, get back up, get back up. Mount Carmel, get back up, get back up second Corinthians five 17. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he’s a new creature. Say new creation, all things say old things have passed away. Behold, all things have become new. Yeah. All things have become new. You know what? God spoke to me out of this scripture. New is great. But new gets old.

Come on. Whenever you first got saved, everything was wonderful. It was this love affair with Jesus. He answered all your prayers. You loved everybody. Come on. You guys are not participating. Is there anybody in this room that still loves everybody with a love of the Lord? When it’s new, we love everybody. It comes natural. But then it happens. New things become old and we got to work at it. See, we can be in that lazy. We can have God begin to speak to me. We can have that lazy river mentality, that lazy river mindset that we get in our ways we get comfortable. We go to church on Sundays. I read my Bible and look at my you version notes, put on the same playlist every day, listen to 15 podcasts a week. You’re set in your ways. You’re in your groove. You’re in your lane. You’re following Jesus. But here’s what it says. Here’s what he began to speak to me. You’re following me. But are you running after me?


Got really quiet in here. You following me? Yes. He loves it when he, we follow him, but he says, I don’t want you to stop. And just following me, I want you to run after me. I want you to run after me. Roads, church, those watching online run after me run after me. He says Romans 12 two and do not be conformed to the fit to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is, what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. We gotta renew our minds. Guys. This is not any new heavy revelation. We got to renew our minds. Re we got to redo it. That re I keep hearing all these rewords like since July 1st is renew. Re-ignite reset, revive all these reasons. Like do it again. Do it again, repurpose all these things.

If you could be in my head for all the reasons, I did not know so many reasons existed in the English vocabulary, new furniture, Louis, and I’ve been going junk and looking for five little pieces, teardrop knobs for one of my grandma and my grandma’s antique piece. I found one, I need five more. And so with that, we go to all these junk stores, these antique stores, and we’re amazed. Louis is I got rid of that 20 years ago. I should’ve kept that. You know, you get all these things and it’s like, we see all these things that have been repurposed. There are beautiful, you know, doors that are now these photo album things and like bed frames that are now benches. And I don’t know, creativity is not my green. And so I’m just amazed by that. But God just began to show me that that re-purposing is a process. New furniture becomes old and then it has to be reprocessed. It has to be refurnished. Oh, there’s another one. It has to be refurbished. Yeah. That’s another word. Alright. Revelations two, four. But I have this complaint against you. You don’t love me or each other as you did at first


But I have this complaint against you. You don’t love me or each other as you did at first Matthew 15, eight. These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Going back to that word. Repurpose. When you repurpose furniture, the ingredients you gotta have fin stripper, you gotta have fixed stripper Mt. Carmel Church. You got to have a sander. You gotta have sandpaper. You gotta have a power sander. Then you gotta have the stains and the finishes and you have to have a cough. It’s a painful, can you imagine being that piece of furniture and it gets stripped and it gets stripped. Again, takes up power. Sander is like, what the heck? What am I ever going to look like? By the time they get done with me, you ever feel like that? Come on. Sometimes I get stripped and I get stripped away and I get stripped away.

It’s like, God, water, you do it. God doesn’t cause bad things to happen, but God will take it. He will use it. Lewis heard a scripture, a sermon this week and was talking to it was in Matthew talking about the, the wheats and the tears that parable about the weeds. And if you, and it’s not in the, this has nothing to do with a sermon. But anyway, I want to share this revelation. And so in the tears and they says, no, don’t take the tears out in that parable. This is their necessary. Use those together. And so the gist of the sermon was it, God doesn’t cause bad things to happen. The enemy always causes bad things to happen, but God’s going to take it. And he will use it in the process to bring a harvest right in the middle of your circumstance. So no matter what weed you had, no matter how bad your circumstances are, it’s part of your testimony. You got a story and you and Jesus together, we’ll rewrite your story. Does anybody need their story? Rewritten? I need my story. Louis and I, we are being repurposed for him. Even ours. This is our second marriage, but we are repurposed for him. So no matter where you’re at, if you’ve been divorced, if you have not served Jesus Mt. Carmel Church, if you used to serve Jesus as a child, but you went off, maybe you’re an adult and you got distracted.

You got distracted and you’re not serving him any more. You’re going through the motions. God. How could you ever use me again? He says, I want to repurpose you for him. Not just for anything, not to survive, but, but not just to survive, but to thrive now. Caramel. Are you with us? I don’t know. His eye is on you Mount Carmel. Alright. Reprocessing takes time. Where are you in that stripping process? Are you on the first stripper? Not the first stripper. Are you on the first I on the first layer, huffy and strips like that furniture, But joy of LRC. Laughter does good. Like a medicine. My face is really red right now. Yeah. This must be the lights. Oh Jesus. Woo. It’s really hot. Michael King says I couldn’t have a fan up here cause it wouldn’t make the uh, the Mike roar. I really need my fan. All right. So where are you in that stripping process? Romans 1129. The message version says God’s gifts and God’s call are under full warranty Mt. Carmel Church. Never canceled, never rescinded


God’s gifts. And God’s call are under full warranty. Never, ever, ever, ever canceled and never, ever, ever rescinded. Never, never say never, no matter how much you screwed up. I said that on live stream, no matter how much you’ve messed up his plans for your never canceled. Come on. I’m just being real guys. I’m not all about religion. I’ll just step religion. You know what?

I don’t even care because he’s after transparency. Come on. She wants us to be real guys. We can look great, but on the inside, we’re dying on the inside because we become religion. So he says, take off your shoes, take off the layers and just be real before me. He’s after pure raw Christianity. If I be, if I could just it being Jesus is mine right now. I believe that he would say, I am so sick and tired of religion. I am so sick and tired of proper. He says, I want a people. I want a people that will run after me. They’re going to take off their shoes and they’re going to run and they’re not going to lag behind because you are leaders. You are leaders in social media. In this hour. You can scroll when you can be influenced by the fear and by the propaganda.

But are you going to be the one that’s a voice. Are you going to be so repurposed for him that you don’t care what it looks like? You don’t care how undignified you look. Yes. He’s looking for people that will be on dignified before him. That don’t care. If they wiped sweat all over their face, he doesn’t care. He says, but while you run after me, what you look foolish for me, he says, I’m compelling. You I’m compelling your charts. I’m compelling. You sons and daughters will you rise up? Well, you rise up and run after me Mt. Carmel Church.

Thank you. Jesus

Purposing is all about hope. Your hope to the hopeless

In staff prayer. During the pandemic, I saw a picture of these two basis and one base looks so beautiful. There were some loyal coming off the top and it was affecting people. It was just like right there. And then right next to it, I saw this vase and it was all shattered and there was an oil going everywhere and it was going as far as I could see, and God asked me, he says, which face do you want to be? You want to be that one? That’s all pretty. Or do you want to be that one that shattered that right in the middle of your circumstances that you’re going to be poured into and you’re going to pour your stuff out Mt. Carmel Church. It’s all going to look pretty. He says through your circumstances. So God, I wouldn’t be that basis shatter right in the middle of my mess, right in the middle of my repurposing that I’m willing to give it all up and surrender at all.

Psalms 51 12 says restore to me the joy of your salvation and make me willing to obey you. You see the correlation there. When he restores us the joy of our salvation, it makes us willing to obey him, makes us willing. What do you need to be restored? I needed to be restored. I need to be restored every day. Today, today, his mercies are new every morning. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Are you new in him? Are you new in him? God’s asking us Philippians three, eight, and 10. I’m not going to read the whole thing, but you and I need a count. All things lost, all things. Say all things. Now, Carmel say all things. I count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of the Jesus Christ. My Lord for whom I’ve suffered the loss of all things.

And calcium is rubbish. Say rubbish, rubbish. Rubbish is not good. It’s kind of like ashes. It doesn’t matter. Everything else pales to the comparison of him. You can read that scripture. I encourage you to read that on your own. Philippians three, 12, and 13, I’m going to go here. Not that I’ve already attained or I’m already perfected when none of us are perfect, but I press on say, press on that. I may hold of that. For which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me. What’s that? Have you held all of that or is that got ahold of you? Are there those things that have us have a grip on us or are we holding that, that thing? What is that thing? Is that thing Jesus, or is that thing off fence? Church hurts unforgiveness what’s thing Mt. Carmel Church. That’s apprehended

As we’re going to be apprehended by something. He just doesn’t want to repurpose us for him, but he wants to repurpose us for someone else. The part of the current river story that I did not tell you was right after we pass the fork, we found the backpack. I thought maybe somebody was dead under that backpack because it was so bad. We picked the backup pack up and there was nobody under their price. Jesus. I said, Louis, I said, we gotta get that backpack. I says, because I want somebody like me and you to pick it up and recover my stuff. We drove an hour and a half or we drove, we were in the tube floating, you know, the lazy river style. And um, and Lewis would say, BU’s backpack. Lowe’s backpack. Everybody said, no, we did this all along the way. It was really, I dunno, it was really annoying.

And we were like, all those people, nobody, he wasn’t annoying. It was just, no, he was not annoyed because it was my idea to pick up the backpack. But it was like, it was just like, we’re never going to find them. It’s like a needle in a haystack. And so an hour and a half down our journey, we pull over to the, the, the, um, the sandbar there and we’re sitting there eating our snack. And there’s this woman that comes by and she goes, are you the ones with the backpack? Yeah, we were. So she comes on. She tells us, she goes, you don’t have four kids. I said, y’all the one I almost died. She says, I lost my kayak. I lost all my belongings. She says piece by piece. People have come along and help me recover my belongings. She said, you are the 11th and 12th person that helped me recover. This is the last thing. And you helped me recover. The last thing that needed to be recovered. And I’m like, wow, God, our current river just wasn’t about us. And I said, I stand here today before you to say your journey, guys, it’s not about you. It’s not about you. Today is not about me. You are a part of someone’s journey because it’s your repurpose for him. Come on now. Hear me as your repurpose for him, you’re going to help someone else recover. What’s been stolen from him. What’s that mean for you individually?

What do you need to surrender? What do you need to surrender to him so that you can be repurposed for him? Fix your eyes on Jesus. I’m not going to read this scripture. I’m going to refer to it. Hebrews 12 one. And to strip off every weight, you can read it at home later, fix your eyes on Jesus. I heard Lisa Mt. Carmel Church, Turkers say this this week, we will steer where we stare. We will steer where we stare. Where are you staring? Come on. Where are you staring? If Caleb’s Jesus, I got my eyes on him. He say, no, come closer, come closer. Fix your eyes on me, daughter, fix your eyes on me. When I got my eyes. So fixed on Jesus. What you all are doing out there is in my peripheral. It’s not going to matter. Just fix your eyes on me. If Caleb would have moved this way or that way, if my eyes are so fixed on him, I’m intense. We will steer where we stare.

I want to end with this story by the name that ladies smell, that name is lady. The lady’s name was melody. We got to talk to her about. Jesus said, Hey, that’s in the Bible. Yeah. The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. But Jesus comes that we may have life and have it ever lasting. So where are you? I want to share a story real quick. About a, we were in the nations a few years ago, three or four years ago, about three years ago. And uh, we were invited to go to this village. Um, it was not a Christian village. She was a Hindu priestess. And um, we, she invited us. And so she shared with us. She was sick. She wanted prayer. Think about that. And so, um, she shared with us that she had three dreams. Jesus appeared to her and every dream will you follow me?

Will you follow me? No, I’m not ready. Kept appearing to her one day. She said, yes, I’ll follow you Jesus. While we were there though, she had this room of idols. She was a well known, very prominent priestess. She had this room full of idols. She invited us, come on. Now, you think God’s not directing our steps. She invited us to walk into this room of idols and we began to pray over those rooms, that room, all those idols. So we got word after we got back from the nations that she had said yes to Jesus. We got pictures where she had emptied out her entire room of idols. They were no more. She stripped away every yeah, come on. Yeah. Jesus is appearing all over the world and people.

And so she stripped away everything. Every weight, every idol, she stripped it away. Her almost her entire village has been safe for the gospel of Christ. She was baptized, which costs you everything. And other countries shitting care because she knew that something was greater. Something was greater. She later went on to be with Jesus. She passed away. We went back the next year. There was a church in the village. Yeah Mt. Carmel Church. There was a church in the village. See, she knew that there was something more. And if she can do that, what is it that we need to be stripped away? What is it?

I wanted this quote by Michael Giuliano’s while we’re looking for direction. God is looking for affection, direction, flows from effects. While we want him to tell us what to do. He wants us to be with him. And guess what happens when we were with him and while we’re with him, he tells us what, Oh guys, his presence is everything. Can we run after Jesus? Can we run after him together? Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, father. God. See, we were a part of that woman’s journey on the current river to help her recover her thing. Yes. About kids’ ministry here. All of these things say, Hey, we need, we need people who have a heart to invest in children. It’s not to fill a slot. There’s something inside you. There’s something inside of you guys that is going to help you is going to help you. Help someone else recover their stuff. Global really we’re carriers of his presence. God, he wants us to be so repurposed for him.

He’s saying realist church. It’s time for the big C the big church to realist realists. We gotta defend like pastor Chad said last week. What we declare you see there’s freedom. There’s Liberty and running after God. He’s not a restrictive God. We can change the world. When we’re repurposed after him, are you getting his say, repurposed, come on now caramel. Say repurposed with us. Repurposed, not repurposed for anything but repurposed for him. The persecuted church in third world countries, it grows at rapid rates. When there’s persecution. This is the hour. I believe that America, this is America’s form of persecution. Are we going to rapidly grow? Are we going to run after him? Are we going to say on that lazy reserve river mentality? I don’t mean this to be a hard word. It’s just what he’s asking me. I’m just letting you into my God conversations. We must remember that repurposing ourselves for him will meet resistance, but we must repent and

Be resolute to renew our minds, to reset, rewind, and reignite our hearts and return to our first love and to realist as good soldiers to reclaim, recover, and restore the joy of our salvation. Everything that has been removed from us, God wants to read in your purpose. I know I just had to do something with those ares, cause it’s like, they’ve been swirling in my head, but he wants to read what is the read that he needs to do in your life Mt. Carmel Church?


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