Throw me some peace. I have to drop anxiety to catch God’s peace. I can’t hold on to worry, stress and anxiety about a situation and catch peace in that same situation. It won’t happen. This is what we try to do. We try and we try and catch both of them. So, so I’m holding onto my worry and stress and I need peace. God told me some peace, but I can’t let go of this. I can’t let go. Do you know what they did to me? Do you know what happened? I’m never going to get over that Mt. Carmel Church. It happens. I’ve had people say that to me, Chad. I’m never going to get over that.

Okay? That’s your call, but you’re going to live like this and every time God tries to throw something to you, it’s going to bounce right off. The only way we can get catch what God’s thrown at us. We got to drop what we’re holding onto. This is what he’s wanting to give you. This is what he’s wanting to tell you this morning. He said, listen, I want to give more into your life, but you’ve got to build a drop. What’s your hanging onto now? Once you have the peace of God, once you’re holding onto what God has you, once you’ve caught what God has for you, your it’s, yeah, it’s okay Mt. Carmel Church. Just make sure they’re still participating. Keep an eye on him. For me, William, it’s hard to get good help, but once you’re hanging on, once you’re hanging onto the peace of God, you catch God’s direction for you. Guess what? It’s not over.

I’d love to tell you, well, it’s over. I call it the peace of God. The peace of God guards your heart and your mind. It doesn’t mean the devil stops throwing. Yeah, it just makes you stop catching and you’ve got to hold onto your peace and your Goodwill from God. That way when I didn’t say, if I say when the enemy tries to throw things your way, you’ve got something to guard against. So he tries to bring guilt and condemnation. I’m a hold onto my piece. My piece is guarding my heart and my mind. I’m holding on to that piece. You’ve got to hold onto it. So every time he comes, Mt. Carmel Church I’m going to hold on to forgiveness and that’s I’m going to, I’m not going to read it. I’m not gonna catch bitterness. I’m not gonna catch that all offense. I’m not going to catch that discouragement.

I’m not going to catch that depression. I’m not going to catch fear because I’m holding on to the love of God. Fear you got to go. I know you’re still going to be thrown. Fear still going to come. Stress is still going to come. Anxiety is still going to come. All these offenses still going to come, but every time they come them, you’ve got to hold on to what God has told you to hang on to and that helps repel what the enemy’s trying to get you to catch. You see what I’m talking about this morning?

Thank you guys.

Can you give my helpers a hand? Look at him.

Great job. Wonderful helper.

So here’s, here’s the thing we got to do. You can’t control what’s being thrown at you this Christmas, this life, this year, next year. But you absolutely can’t control what you catch. Here’s how we do it. Here’s how we do it. Let me give you a couple of scriptures and then we’ll go and pray Mt. Carmel Church. James chapter one verse 21 says, therefore, lay aside, lay aside. Everybody say, drop it, drop it. Drop all. Filthiness drop all overflow of wickedness. Drop off fence, drop bitterness, drop unforgiveness, drop selfishness, drop pride. Drop that hurt. Drop that insecurity job, that fear receive with meekness the implanted word which is able to save your souls. So I’ve got to drop all of those things. I got to drop those things that are not from God and I’ve got to receive the implanted word and allow it to save my soul. I’ve got to receive the word. I’ve got to catch the word. You don’t for you to catch something, you gotta be around it.

You know? If somebody is contagious, know for the first, I don’t want to say that. Let me revamp the story. Edit, edit, edit. You know, if you’re around kids and somebody contagious, if you stay around them, there’s a chance you’re going to catch what they have. We understand that natural in the negative. What if it was also a positive principle that I’m not going to catch. I can’t catch the peace and Goodwill of God if I’m not around where he’s throwing it Mt. Carmel Church. If I’m coming to church once every six months, I can’t catch the peace and Goodwill of God. If I’m never opening my Bible, I’m never gonna catch what God’s trying to pour into my life. Receive into your heart the implanted word of God. I’m going to catch whatever Twitter’s throwing. I’m going to catch whatever Facebook throwing. I’m going to catch whatever my friends would throw, what the news is wrong, whatever, but if I’m not around the word of God, I’m never going to receive what’s being thrown.

You gotta be there. You got to catch it by being around him. Receive the word of God. Then once we receive the word of God, look the next scripture I’ll give you in first Timothy chapter six verse 12 it says, fight the good fight of faith and lay hold on eternal life to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses. Here’s what it wants to do today. Very simple Christmas catch. You can’t control what’s being thrown at you. None of us can. There’s some things that have been thrown at me in my life that I wish beyond anything I can express that it wouldn’t have been thrown, but I can’t control what I catch.


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