Not that we don’t have troubled. I’m talking about peace in the midst of the storm. Peace, not there’s no storms kind of piece I’m talking about. Even when there’s storms in my life, something on the inside of you helps you navigate this. As I’ve got the peace of God, it’s going to rule and guard my heart and my mind. They come to give you peace. The Bible says that he will give you peace, keep you in perfect peace. Whose mind is stayed on him Mt. Carmel Church? You know sometimes how we get out of peace because we give him out of our mind.


When our mind is stayed on him, all of a sudden peace comes on us. You need peace in your life. Guard your mind. What do you let your mind dwell on? There are certain things will Rob our peace because we sit and stew over problems we can’t control. We’ll stew over things with people and we can’t control them. I was talking with an individual just yesterday and talking about a scenario, things going on, things that were difficult in their life and talking about these different moving parts and these pieces and I said, dude, I feel you. I feel you understand. I said, okay, let me, let me ask you this. Amongst this big conglomerate of issues and people, what’s the one thing? What’s the one individual that can be controlled in this? They said, uh, um, I guess me. That’s right. That’s right. You absolutely can control what you’re going to do.

You can’t control what they’re going to do, but you can control what you’re going to do. We let our piece get robbed by things out of our control that our peace be inside of us. Hold your peace, hold tight to it. People going to try and pull on it. People going try and trigger circumstance. Go try and pull away. This is going on. You need to worry about that. Need to worry about that. Aren’t you worried about that? Why aren’t you worrying about that Mt. Carmel Church? If you had any sense of your life, you’d be worried about that. I’m waiting for you.

I’m nervous for you. Oh, I don’t know how you can even contain yourself. See, we’ve got to hold our peace by keeping our mind on him. When everything else tries to see and say, no, no, no, I want the peace of God. So he’s bringing peace to you. Second thing he said he’s going to bring, I’m bringing peace and Goodwill or by say Goodwill. Goodwill. That word Goodwill means delightful, fixed intention of good pleasure and favor Mt. Carmel Church. He has a fixed intention of good pleasure and favor for you. I’m not talking about candy coated blessings, but here are not. Realize you can get in the wrong ditch on this, but you need an I need to understand that God has good will towards men. God’s not here every time some tragedy happens in the world or some, uh, what they call natural disaster, they’ll call it act of God and they’ll say, God’s bringing judgment on that city flood happens or something and say, Oh, it’s an act of God trying to paint God like he’s angry with the world.

I’m telling you, God’s not mad at the world, does not matter whether you know what he’s mad at. See and know he’s already paid the price for Sam through Jesus. People religion get mad at sin. God’s not mad at sin. Jesus hung on the cross for sin. Your Bible says that Jesus made peace between God and man. There’s peace. Why? Because Jesus died for you. That’s why as he said, he’s already, the Bible says that God reconciled the world to himself through Jesus. It didn’t say he reconciled the churchy people to him. He reconciled the whole world to him. God’s not mad at anymore so he releases Goodwill. Anybody, you could use some Goodwill in your life of that word. Goodwill means favor means favor. The Psalm five 12 says for you, a Lord will bless the righteous with your favor. You will surround him as with a shield. God speaking in favor and Goodwill. Look what it says here, Goodwill toward men. This was a part that I want to illustrate this morning. Goodwill towards men. How have you? How many of you ever? I’m Christmas. I got some props here I want to use Mt. Carmel Church. Let me get him back here. All right. All right. He’s ready for some Dodge ball. Some of a couple of you’ve been dosing off and I’m going to wake you up right now.

It’s coming Mt. Carmel Church. I can throw some heat whenever we do Christmas set. Uh, one of our places we do Christmas that we have people that are called the delivery people and everybody else sets down their spots. And usually it’s young. Used to be my job years ago, a couple years ago, but then the young ones go and they get presents from the tree and they come, they bring them to you and they go back and get another, I mean you guys do that and anybody else. So you got delivery people. Well, when I was a delivery boy, things got a little exciting because I like to, I like to play. So when I was delivering, I would see the name, find them, toss them. I like to toss the presence to them. You know, until you saw a certain name, you learn you and you’re really young. I didn’t know the certain people in the family. You don’t throw too, I just don’t have that skillset at hand. Eye coordination,

you’re the, you don’t just don’t throw to them. First year, I don’t know. You’re young. So next year I’m like, okay, so-and-so. Oh duh. I remember last year, man, that to you there you’d go Mt. Carmel Church. Okay. You know, so let’s hug so you can, you can want him. He knows this. You can want someone to catch something, but that doesn’t guarantee they’re going to catch it. I remember teaching our kids how to play pitch and catch or pitch and catch either one. So I taught him how to pitcher catch and you know when you’re first throwing it to them and they’re really young and you got a glove on their hand, they’re going got, they put their hand up like this, you know, talking about dancing.