Today or messages seeking the right way, seeking the right way. I thought about calling it. You got the right one baby, but I decided to go with seeking the right way was better. Sorry. That’s old jokes for older people. Oh boy. I’ve got to get some young, fresh, relevant things. If you got that, then I’m sorry. You’re with me. But here at the road search, we’re going to talk about seeking the right way. We believe the Bible is the right way. So we get excited when we open them up today, let’s go hero’s family, Mount Carmel campus, North city. Let’s get it pumped about the Bible. Open them up to Ezra chapter a as rhe chapter eight. Are you excited about Ezra? Do you know where Ezra is? If you don’t know where Esri is, go to the book of Psalms right in the middle and turn left, you’re going to run into it. Eventually. It’s Ezra Nehemiah, Esther job Psalms. So go backwards from job Esther as Nehemiah, and then bammo as rhe seeking the right way. How many want to do things the right way? Many times there is a right way and a wrong way. Sometimes there’s things that are a little gray. You’re like, man, there’s no right or wrong to that. But some things there absolutely is the right way. So we want to look at that. We will seek to do things the right way as read chapter eight. I want to start reading Mt. Carmel Church in verse 21,

The context of the scriptures, they were, these were people leaving or leaving, leaving captivity. And they’re going to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. The King has given them permission, finances, resources. So you’ve heard about Nehemiah rebuilding. The walls will. Ezra was also part of that. So as Rhea and Nehemiah are together and scripture as they’re in Nehemiah chronologically, because they were there hand in hand as Tara was the prophet working with Nehemiah, who was the governor. So Nehemiah was in charge of helping build the wall. But as rhe was in charge of helping rebuild the temple and the spiritual side of that as well. So verse 21, they’re heading back to Jerusalem. Then I proclaimed a fast there at the river of Ahava that we might humble ourselves before our God to seek from him the right way for us and our little ones and all of our possessions for, I was ashamed to request of the King and escort of soldiers and horsemen to help us against the enemy on the road, because we’d spoken to the King saying here’s something important to remember the hand of our God is upon all those for good, who seek him, but his power in his wrath or against all those who forsake him.

I mean, he knows that we be very clear. It’s good to be on the side of God. Here’s what it says. The hand of our God is upon all those for good, who seek him, but his power and his wrath against all those who forsake him. So we fasted and entreated our God for this. And he answered our prayer. And I’ll jump back to verse 21. Again, as we get ready to start our prayer and fasting time, if you’re new to the road, searchers, what we do at the beginning of every calendar year, we set aside 21 days for prayer and fasting. Now, what is fasting? Fasting? Biblically definition is doing without food for a spiritual purpose. So it’s not just doing without food. That’s called starving doing without food for a purpose with us here at the best Mt. Carmel Church. So now instead of eating, you do something else, that’s what fasting is.

So instead of eating, they would pray more or they’d worship more. So that’s what they said. They called, they called for proclaimed a fast. And this is what they did because they were seeking the face of God seeking God’s help. So at the verse at the 21 days, it’s not going to be actually the first 21 days this year, we’re going to start on the third, which is Sunday and we’ll end on the 24th, which is a Sunday. So we’re going to start and stop together. So we’re going to be in the fast. Now you can fast, whatever. That’s the biblical definition of doing it. That food for spiritual purpose, the American version is doing without something that you want to do without. So you can still be comfortable and live your life, how you want to live your life. That’s the American version, but I encourage you to pray about it now, enough saying that you need to do that food completely or entirely, but I’m telling you fasting is about humbling ourselves and seeking God, putting aside something important to us for something more important. That’s why the Bible talks. God talks about fasting with food because there’s nothing more important than food.

You have to have food to live. So when you set aside food, God’s like, Whoa, They’re sending excited Food. That means they’re serious about seeking after me. So that’s why we do that. Just to set aside time, it’s a biblical principle. This whole sermon is not about fasting, but it’s not something weird churches do. It’s not something radical people do. Jesus said this in Matthew. You can find him says when you fast, not if you fast, but when you fast. So it’s why we give you an opportunity to you. Don’t have to do it when it comes to your Mt. Carmel Church. If you’re a member, here you go here. He wrote family watch. You don’t have to do. We just give you an opportunity to do it. So if you want to join in, that’s great. We’d love to have you be a part of it because we want join together. For this reason we’re doing it. This in verse 21. Here’s what he said. Then I proclaimed a fast there at the river of Ahava that we might.

So this is the purpose of the fast. We proclaimed a fast at the road’s church that we might number one. There it is in your Bible, humble ourselves before our God. What’s the first purpose in calling a fast here’s. One of the benefits of doing a fast number one is to humble ourselves before God. Prayer and fasting is a way to humble ourselves before God humble our selves. As a Hebrew word, that means to bow down, to reduce or lower yourself in authority, priority or status. When it says we are calling a fast that we might humble ourselves. This is about position rank or a caliber accountability. It’s like, who do you answer to? Who are you accountable to? When it says you bow down to lower yourself to reduce yourself in authority, priority or status, it’s literally humbling. Yourself is literally bowing down to something that’s greater.

When we talk about humbling yourself, it’s literally you doing it yourself. Humbling is not something God does to you. It’s something God asks us to do to ourselves. A lot of times in religion, people talk about, well, God’s just doing this to humble me. No, none of God’s principle is for us to humble ourselves, to lower ourselves in priority and rank and value and say, God, you are more important than I am. I lower myself that you will be lifted up. That’s what fasting does it lowers yourself? It’s about humbling yourself to experience the best Mt. Carmel Church. It’s about being accountable to someone bigger. So the question to you and I is this, who are you accountable to? Who do you bow down to? Who is, uh, uh, in a higher position than you? Ha how do, who, uh, who do you respond to as far as doing what you want when you want to do it, who is Lord of your life?

Who do you run things by? Who makes you do things that you don’t want to do? There’s nobody. I answered nobody. Okay, well then look in the mirror and say, hello, God, because that is your God. If there’s nobody in your life that you bow down to and say, I do whatever you tell me to do. When you tell me to do it, then you are your God. And let me just tell you something. We are terrible gods. There has to be. So there’s a humbling. Fasting is about, and prayer. Fasting is about humbling and saying, God, I am not the Lord of my life. You are the Lord of my life. Who makes you do the hard things that you don’t want to do?

Those are questions we have to ask ourself. There’s nobody that, that, uh, that can control your life like Jesus can, if you allow him to, but you got to give him permission. So humble ourselves. Let me give you a scripture. Hold your finger there. And let’s go to James chapter four. We’ll come back to Ezra, humbling yourself as always an awesome message. Point that people get excited about. The electricity in the room is almost tangible. As people are so excited about fasting and humbling themselves, they can’t wait to start it. Please wait. It’s not until January 3rd. I know you want to start today, but just wait with our Mt. Carmel Church. If you can, till January 3rd, Hebrews James, let me get to James chapter four. Humbling ourselves is difficult because we like to be the boss of ourselves right?

How many times have you’ve heard your kids say, you’re not the boss of me. I’ve heard mine say it to their siblings. Many. You’re not the boss of me. Well, the question to you is who is the boss of you? Who’s the boss of you. Who’s the one who calls the shots. I can’t be the boss of my life. Jesus has to be the boss of my life. I’ve got to submit myself to him. Look what says in James chapter four, therefore submit to what’s the next word there. Therefore submit to, I got two people working with me, therefore, submit to just make sure you’re tracking with me. Who are we supposed to submit to submit, to submit to God that word submit means to be obedient, to bring under control, have to submit to the orders or directives of someone who do you do that to who do you submit to?

It says, therefore, submit to God. That’s step one, submit to God. Number two, after we submit to God, the next part is to resist the devil. That word resist means to stand against him, to oppose him, to stand against what he throws at you to physically and mentally and spiritually oppose what he’s offering. So there’s two steps to the process. Number one, we submit to God. And then after we submit to God, we resist the temptations and the, and whatever the enemy throw out is two parts to that are crucially important to work with our great Mt. Carmel Church. We submit to God and we resist the devil and look what comes next. And then he will flee from you. Speaking of the devil, he will flee from you. What does the word Fleming? It means to run away, to move quickly from a point or area. Now listen to this definition. I want almost slow down.

I’ll read this to you quickly or read the slow down and read it to you. But I want you to hear me what I’m saying here to run away. Remember, this is the devil fleeing from you to run away from you to move quickly from you from a point or area in order to avoid presumed danger or difficulty to escape. Who’s the one fleeing in this passage, the devil who’s the fleeing from he’s fleeing from the one who submitted to God and the one who’s resisting him. And so who is the victim here? The victim is not the devil or not. You. The victim is the devil. He’s the one that’s afraid of you. He’s the one that’s trying to escape you. He’s trying to get away from the danger. That is you. When you submit to God and you resist the devil, you are dangerous to the enemy.

He’s not fleeing the guy who convinced for 300 pounds. He’s not scared of him, but he is scared to death of the one who would submit to God and will resist his temptation. That’s the real man. That’s the real woman, the person who will submit to God and resist the flesh and temptation that is power. Any penny West, we pay any waste. Weekly can sin. It takes someone of courage. And some, it takes someone of courage and Moxy, whatever words you want to use. I got some other ones running the track, but it takes someone with some boldness and courage to resist temptation and to serve God. I’m saying that that’s a man when it comes to the best Mt. Carmel Church, that’s a woman that’s filled with power of God. And he says, this is the one that the devil is going to flee from you. He says, cleanse your hands. You sinners, purify your hearts.

You double-minded lay mint and mourn and weep. Let your laughter be turned into mourning and your joy to gloom. Here’s verse 10, humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord. And he will lift you up humble yourselves. So as we get to the seeking the right way, here’s the first point, go back to Ezra chapter eight that are proclaimed to fast, that we might humble ourselves. Here’s the first thing as you prepare your hearts for this prayer and fasting time is to lower yourself and say, I’m not the most important person in the world. God is who do you answer to? Who do you answer to do you answer to yourself or to answer to God, do you to do what you want to do when you want to do it, how you want to do it, then your God, there has to be someone that can tell, you know, that can tell your flesh.

No, there’s gotta be someone in your life that you submit to and say, even though I’m wanting to do this with every fiber of my being, I will answer to you God. And I will do what you tell me to do. And I won’t do what you tell me not to do. That is submitting to God. When my flesh wants to do this, there has to be that person in your life. For, for me, I, as a man, I can’t say, well, I’m the head of my house, but do what I want when I want to do so don’t I get an argument which never happens with our Mt. Carmel Church sermons.

But if it would happen, it has happened it. Yeah. So let’s say we’re not talking. And uh, it’s not speaking to each other. Maybe we’re not. We were just on the outs, as they say, ultimately there has to be somebody I submit to that’s God that I can do it for a little while, but eventually God starts knocking on my heart because he knows that he’s Lord and I’ve made him Lord. So I got to answer to him. Eventually I got to go back to him and he’s going to say, Hey, what’s up? How come you’re not talking to Don because she did it today. Yeah, go apologize.

Get behind me, Satan. She’s going to roll up and apologize to me any minute now. But if I’m truly submitted to God, then whatever I don’t want to do, I got to do he’s Lord. That’s what I’m talking about. Submitted to God. I’m not talking about doing things you want to do. I’m talking about the hard things, humble ourselves to submit to God. Now that’s the number one. We humble ourselves before God. And then number two, to seek from him the right way for us, our little ones and our possessions to seek from him. Here’s the second reason we’re praying and fasting is to seek from him, to seek. That means to search out to work with the top Mt. Carmel Church services, to strive after diligence in requiring him acquiring information to seek after God, we have to seek after God. What does that mean? It’s not that God’s just going to come upon us in our Instagram feed.

It’s a, we’ve got to go after him. We got to look for him. We got to pursue him, seek for him. Hide and seek would be a terrible game. If you counted and you never went and looked for someone, if you say, okay, you count to 20 and I want to go high and they never come and find you. Two days later, you come out of the closet. You’re like, what’s up? Like, I don’t know. I just didn’t want to come look for you. That’s a terrible game. But that’s what God’s saying. I want you to seek me. That’s what God is asking you to do in prayer and fasting. As we seek him, we’re looking for him. We’re trying to hunt him down. We’re not trying to avoid him. We’re seeking, not just on Sundays. We’re seeking him every day. We’re looking for him.

We’re looking for him every morning. Before we start our day. We’re God we’re going to seek after you. We want to find you. The Bible says, we will find God. If we search for him with all of our hearts, we got to seek him. I just wish God would do more than we’ll seek after him. He promises. If you’ll seek him, you will find the problem is in our life. We’re not seeking him. We’re not seeking him up. We’re hoping he shows up in, in our convenience, but are we moving out of our convenience to do something inconvenient way with our Mt. Carmel Church, to find him? That’s what God’s asking us to do. Seeking for him, seeking from him, speaks to our source. Here’s what we’re seeking from him. We’re seeking from him the right way. Somebody say the right way, the right way we’re seeking from him the right way. What does the word right way mean? That means straight, pertaining to not being crooked right way versus the wrong way. In many things in life. It’s important for us to remember there is a right way. And I want to say this

To you that it’s important for us to figure out what is the right way that we’re going to have to make a choice. Are we going to live the right way or the wrong way? Here’s what, uh, first Kings chapter 18, Elijah just dropped a bomb on the people they were trying. They were like serving bail and serving God that they were trying to, they were kind of mixed on what they’re gonna do. And Elijah came to all the people and said, how long will you falter between two opinions? If the Lord is God follow him. But if bale follow him, but the people answered him, not a word. He said, Hey, sorry, Hey, you want to serve bail. If bales gone, then go ahead and serve bail. But if God is God, then serve God. In other words, you got to get off the fence, decide who you’re going to serve.

You’re going to serve God or you’re going to serve yourself. He’s laying it out there. You can play church. And I’m well, I come and I attend and I sit in the service. No, no, no, no. Don’t you either serve God or you don’t serve God. He’s either Lord of, of all. Or he’s not Lord at all. That’s what he’s saying that the ebst Mt. Carmel Church is here for you. Even Joshua says it this way, just for 24. And if it seems evil you to serve the Lord, then go and don’t serve God, choose for yourselves this day, whom you will serve whether the gods of your fathers, that your son, your fathers served, that were on the other side of the river or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you will do. You dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. He says, we’re going to seek from him the right way, the right way we want to serve God the right way we choose this day, whom we will serve.

We will serve God. We will separate. We’re not going to be gray. We’re going to be crystal clear. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The son of God. He is the way the truth and the life. And that’s who we’re going to serve the right way. Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father, but by him, well, Chad, calm down pipe down. There’s many ways to God. We’re not judging people. I’m not judging people. Let God be the judge. But the Bible says there is only one way. And it’s the right way. I don’t say that to make anybody mad. I make it to say to help people find the right way. Look what he says. Three things are going to find the right way, the right way for us, the right way for us, it starts with us.

It’s about personal devotion, the right way for us. He said, we’re going to humble ourselves. And we’re going to seek from him the right way for us. First and foremost, it starts with you. It starts with you. You seek him for yourself, not talking about in a selfish way. I’m talking about self application. I’m not talking about only think of me. I’m talking about, apply the principles of the gospel to yourself first, instead of looking at other people and when they need to get their life, right with our great Mt. Carmel Church, you focus on yourself and saying, God convict me first. It’s me. It’s me. It’s me. The Lord. Standing in the need of prayer for us seek for us. So in other words, you personally, are you answering the call for God? Are you doing what God’s called you to do? Are you allowing God to be your convictor?

Are you allowing God? Are you allowing God to show you the right way to be a spouse for you? Are you allowing God to show you the right way to be a son or daughter? Are you allowing God to show you the right way to be a college student? Are you allowing God to show you the right way to be a teenager? Are you allowing God to show you the right way to be in a dating situation with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you allowing God to define the boundaries in your relationship? Well, I just don’t think, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I just don’t think he’s wrong. As long as I don’t think as the judge, then I am the God, but seek from him the right way, because I just don’t think it’s wrong for boyfriends and girlfriends to have sex before marriage. There’s nothing wrong with that was not a matter of my, my way. It’s his way. We will seek him him the right way. Now for me the right way, how I feel we’re gonna seek from him the right way. Not because it’s more moral because it’s the right way. Then when I try and tell this to people, I learned I’ve lived for the devil and I’ve lived for God. God is a better way. It’s just better. I promise you. It’s better. I know there’s times it’s other way feels right. It feels good. It’s temporal. And you’re like, yes, but I’m telling you, living for Jesus is the right way hands down. Yes.

If you don’t agree with it, then live for the devil. Go ahead. Live for the devil. You’ll be back. You’ll be back. He will steal, kill and destroy from your life until you’re a miserable mess and he will leave you for dead. And he will condemn you about being a mess and being separated from God. He will kick you in the mouth and say, yeah, you don’t deserve anything. He will leave you for dead. And Jesus will still be opening his arm saying, I love you. Come on home. That’s the difference? That’s the big difference is that the Mt. Carmel Church is here for you. Jesus never stops. Loving. You never stops calling. You never stops. Never stops welcome you. But the devil will just string you out and get you out of the place of sin. And then he will cut you off. And then he will kick you in the head and say, you deserve everything you get.

He’s terrible. Do not listen to his voice. So we got a secret for us. And then the second part, what a secret for us, for our little ones, for our little ones, for our children, Proverbs 22 verse six, says train up a child in the way that he should go or the way that he should go. And when he or she is old, they will not depart from it. Notice that it does not say train up in the child and the way that they want to go, make sure you’re listening, train up a child in the way that they feel like they should go as train up a child in the way they should go. Parents. The right way for your kids is not always going to get their stamp of approval. Just like God’s right way for my life. Doesn’t always get my stamp of approval. Everything he wants me to do. I don’t always go. I get to forgive that person. That just totally.

I know there’s things that he asked you to do. That’s hard. That’s difficult, but it’s for your good same way for our kids. There’s things that you’re going to train them up to do, teach them to do, give them boundaries because it’s the right way. And they’re going to rebel against it. They’re going to resist it. They’re not going to like it at times, but you keep doing it. You’re responsible for what you do. You’re not responsible for how they respond to what you do parenting one-on-one there’s sometimes they’re gonna say tat the best Mt. Carmel Church, Oh, you’re the best dad. You’re the best. Oh, you’re wonderful. You’re awesome that I can’t believe you don’t understand all that happens. And I’m the same desk. So I’m telling you, we’re going to seek the right way from him the right way. Sometimes the right way stinks. Sometimes the right way. It’s hard.

Sometimes we don’t understand the right way in the moment because we, we see in part and we only will understand in part and God sees the end from the beginning and he’s telling you to do this and you don’t understand why you don’t know how it’s going to play out. You don’t understand the benefit of it in the long run, but if you will trust him and submit to him, he will never leave you nor forsake you. He’s good like that. So we do it for, for our little ones and it doesn’t just mean our kids. It’s also people that you’re speaking into. So we’re going to seek the right way from him, for the people that are coming after us for our heritage. I’m thankful that people before me sought the right way and I get to step in and benefit from the right way that they pay for me.

So some people, what I’m concerned about in our country right now, some things that’s going on and I wanted to continue on or let no one deceive you, but we’ll do that in January. Maybe we pick that back up. Cause I’m fresh things that I want to talk about. But what I’m concerned about is some people that sees see what’s going on in our country. And they’re not as concerned about it because they think the ripple effect of it’s not going to happen in their lifetime. And they say, well, that’s just going to happen later with our Mt. Carmel Church. So because it’s going to happen later than they don’t think it’s a big deal, but I care about what my children are going to have to be raised up in what my grandchildren are going to have to be raised up in my great grandchildren. I want to fight today for what they’re going to experience in their life.

And this is what God’s asking us to do. There was one of the saddest things in Bible. I don’t have time to go into it, but a man by Hezekiah received a prophecy said, these things are going to happen. The nation’s going to fall away from God and it’s going to happen. Your children’s going to be taken into and your grandchildren’s going to be taken into captivity. And he said out of his mouth to the prophet, he said, well, at least it won’t happen in my day. That’s the attitude of many in the United States of America right now. And I’m telling you, we need to stand for what’s right for our little ones as well as ourselves. Thirdly, thirdly, we’re going to seek the wisdom from God the right way for us, our little ones and all our possessions. Here’s the word? Possessions means that word possessions means stewards.

Stewardship is the manager. If I can give an example of what stewardship looks like, imagine yourself. Let’s say you work for a boss who has a chain of stores. We’ll call them just half dollar stores, just so I don’t infringe anybody’s trademark name. So you are, are, he puts you in as a manager of one of the half dollar stores with the best Mt. Carmel Church. He’s got many of these half dollar stores. And so the, the owner of these half dollar stores puts out agendas and initiative. And once he wants what he or she wants to take place in all of these half dollar stores and you’re the manager. So you’re responsible for that store. So the productivity of that store, the profitability of that store, how everything takes place in that store, you are responsible for that. If the owner wants to do something that store,

Then he, he or she sends you a memo, send you an email, says, Hey, this is what you want. What I want you to do. And then you are responsible for executing that instruction from headquarters. That’s what steward means. You and I are stewards of our bodies, stewards of our gifts, our talents, all of our possessions, everything you own. I know we preach about and teach what the Bible says about the 10th. That the first 10% belongs to God. And we honor him with the tie, but let me just be very clear. Everything belongs to God. Everything we have belongs to God, everything you can do, physically, all of your abilities, if you can play basketball or baseball or volleyball or softball or, but all of that from God, your ability to earn them, earn money and earn income. You’re like I built my business from own bootstraps. Pull myself up. I run this whole thing. All of us have the ability, the mental capacity, the cognitive ability you have came from God.

Your ability to breathe. The ability is for your heart to beat came from the almighty God. The fact that you can wake up in the morning and even think about running your business is because the gift of God on your life that you are stewarding. So the question is, how are we stewarding? What he gave us? This says, we’re going to seek from him the right way for all of our possessions. In other words, it’s saying, God, I give you everything that I am. I give you everything that I have. I give you my talents, my abilities. If you want me to use it here, if you want me to give here all the money it’s yours, I’m trusting that you know how to do it. I’m going to steward it well, because if you were at that manager at that half dollar store and the owner says, Hey, I want you to run a sale today with our great Mt. Carmel Church services.

Everything 50% off. And you’re like, that’s going to cut into my profits. Absolutely not. We’re not doing it. This store not here. Full price, go against what the owner says. Great possibility that you won’t be the manager of that store very long. Given the responsibility here. Let me read you this first Corinthians chapter four, let a man or woman. So consider us as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. Here’s the important verse. So once you catch, moreover, it is required, required. Not suggested, not requested required in stewards. That one found faithful, faithful. We’re seeking the right way for us, for our little ones and all of our possessions. Here’s the question. I think God’s asking you. I think it’s, I know it’s what he’s asking me.

How are you stewarding? What God gave you the abilities he’s given you the talents he’s given you. The finance has given you the relationships he’s given you. How are you stewarding your, how are you stewarding your kids as a parent? How are you stewarding men? Holy, Spirit’s going to apply it. I think, to all of your lives. How are you stewarding what he puts in your hands every day that you wake up some new day. The Bible says he daily loads us down with benefits. His mercies are new every morning with the . How do I steward the grace of God that he’s given to me? How do I steward? My free will hear me. You’re given free will to do whatever you want when you want. However you want to do it. How do you steward that? God’s given you incredibly powerful gift free will. God says you can serve him or you don’t have to serve him with our great Mt. Carmel Church experience.

You can do whatever you want. You never have to call them. God, you never have to come to church. You never have to read your Bible. He will let you think every day that you don’t need him. He’ll let that to happen. But it’s a lie. How are you stewarding your free will? What are you doing with it? Are you choosing it to bring him glory? Are you choosing it to bring yourself glory? These are things I have to deal with myself too. I’m not throwing shade you on you. I’m saying I have to apply it to myself. How am I handling my FreeWheel? I wake up, I get to do whatever I want. Am I including God in those plans? Or am I not? Am I running it through headquarters? Or am I just doing it? Like I own the whole thing. I’m a steward.

I’m not an owner. I’m a steward. I have life in my lungs, breath in my lungs. I have life heartbeat because he gave it to me. How do I steward that? I want to answer the question the right way. And I believe you want to do the same. So we’re going to seek the right way coming up, starting next Sunday, we’ll start our prayer and fasting time. I want to give you this week to start seeking God and just asking him, Lord, are there areas in my life where you are not the Lord are there areas of my life where you’re not in charge? Like if you would tell me to do something, I would say a negative. Like, if you would say, Hey, I need you to get up 30 minutes early. And I want you to spend time praying and read your Bible now Mt. Carmel Church.

Then your Lord. I hate to be that plain, but I’m just trying to make a play for all of us. When there’s things that he asked us to do and we will not do in that area. We are Lord, we’re the boss. And I’m just telling you, he’s a better boss. We are. So what areas of it’s tithing, maybe you’ve got speaking to you about tithing. Maybe it’s about your gifts or talents that God’s given you and you’re not using them the way he will. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s about your business and you’re not honoring God. Maybe it’s in your marriage. Maybe it’s with your kids. Maybe it’s as a kid, you’re not honoring your parents or maybe, maybe it’s with your relationship with your boyfriend and girlfriend. And you’re not doing it the right way. And God’s speaking, you think do it the right way.

And you’re like, well, I don’t know, but he really wants to, or she really wants to, but what does God want? What does God want? We have to have a place in our life where we humble. We serve God. He’s either God or he’s not. He can be just this figurative, religion and stories in a book. And we come and do services and whatever I’m telling you Mt. Carmel Church, he’s alive and he’s well, he’s real. He’s real. And we’re going to see him face to face. Someday. The reason I do what I do every day is because I am convinced that he’s real. I’ve never seen him. I’ve never seen an angel. Some people get to see things, seeing the spirit. I get jealous. I’ll go pray. God I’ll come. I never see you. I want to say something. Just show me some, show me an angel, just a boom, just a blur. I don’t care. Show me something. I’ve never seen it to this point in my life. And I want to, but I live my life in faith that I know that someday I’m going to stand before the creator of the universe and I’m going to bow because the Bible says every knee will bow and every tongue will confess and say, Jesus, you are Lord. I am not Lord.

Thank you so much for joining us today. I’m Kevin Gammon campus. Pastor the roads church in Mount Carmel. We hope that today’s service connected you with Jesus. If this is your first time you’ve joined the road’s church for service, text the word roads to (618) 243-0900. And let us know you are a part of our service today. If you need prayer, we would love to pray for you with our great Mt. Carmel Church. Email or text the word prayer to (618) 243-0900. If you made Jesus your savior today, text the word new life to (618) 243-0900. We want to celebrate with you also, if the roads church has impacted your lives and you’d like to give an offering, visit our website for all the ways you can give Don’t forget to stay connected throughout the week, visit our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel.