Good morning Roads Church. Good morning. Roads church, I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord. Would you stand with us this morning? We’re so excited to be here. Welcome to our erodes family, watching online this morning. We’re so glad that you guys are with us man. Today. We’re going to, we’re going to continue to pursue Jesus. And I love this series. We’ve been on living in Liberty and just remembering that when we’re connected to Jesus, he’s the source of our freedom. He’s the source of our hope with Mt Carmel Church. And when we’re, when we’re not experiencing hope or freedom in different areas of our life, it always comes back to connecting to Jesus deliberate or the freedom giver. And so if there’s something going on in our lives, I’ve realized that this week there was something that was stressing me out. And I’m like, it’s because I need to first come to Jesus, bring it to Jesus. And when I’m connected to him, then I find freedom in every area of my life. Not just in worship, there’s freedom in

Every area of our life as we connect with Jesus. So can we do that today? This may be your first step to connect with Jesus through worship today. And then it becomes the lifestyle and it can start today. Or we can reconnect with Jesus today and he can bring freedom to our hearts. So let’s worship with all we are. We put our hands together.

Where the spirit can we give God praise for that? Freedom, freedom, freedom, reigns promising us. You would never leave us. We’re just going to keep receiving, declaring it over ourselves. Come on receiving this money. As we were practicing this morning, before y’all arrived, we were practicing the song. I was singing it. Then someone came and gave me a word that they could see chains coming out of my mouth and they were braking as they came out. And so also all of your chains were breaking. And so I just want you to just say yes and advance to what the Lord wants to do at this moment. The song has nothing to do with me. It’s all about Jesus. It’s all about what he wants to do in your life. So I just encourage you. If you need to close your eyes, if you need to sit through the stand, if you need to kneel, whatever you do, just get in the presence of Jesus, Lord, we thank you for what you’re going to do Mt Carmel Church. Thank you. Holy Spirit, that you are the Raker only you can do it. You’re the only one we’ve seen. Yes. Seamless with me.

His love has calm. is the cheese, no matter what you feel, it is doesn’t matter. What’s going on. Doesn’t matter what we see a standing. If you want to be just call out to him. Holy spirit. The Bible says that if God is for you, then who can be against you in one translation that says, if God has determined to stand with you, then who can stand against you? Come on. I just need to remind some people today because you’re standing up against something. And God is saying today, that thing that you’re standing up against, that God is standing with you. I’m not worried about what’s coming against me. I’m just standing and knowing who is with me. And if God is with me and I know he’s with me,

He can do all things, come on. And you just say that right now. Just see God is for me. And if God is for me, who can be against me and devil, I declare today that you have been defeated. Death has been won. Victory is mine. And I claim it in the name of Jesus because I am an overcomer. No matter what my feelings say,

No matter what it looks like. I am an overcomer by the Blood of Jesus’ name. Come on, give him praise one more time. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you. Holy spirit. Thank you, Jesus. Hey, look around you this morning. Just high five somebody fist bump. Somebody tell him that. You’re glad to see him. The presence of God. Thank you, Jesus. Yeah, yeah. Yea, A lot of Greek go on in here. That’s all right. That’s all right. Good morning. Hey, my name is Christmas. Want to welcome all of you. That’s here at the road’s church. We just want to welcome all of our people in the overflow room today. All of you that are watching online Mt Carmel Church, all of you that are here in the auditorium, man, we are so thankful that you would choose to spend part of your weekend with us. We are so honored to be here with you. And it’s just a, um, we just love it. We love to be able to get together because doing life together, man, it’s just incredible. So can we just do something Rose Church that we love to do? And that just gives it up, make some noise, put your hands together for all of our first-time guests this morning.

And we thank you for joining us. And we just have, we want to connect you to Jesus. That’s our heart. That is our desire. So whenever you, you came in this morning, you should have got worse of guy. But right now, if you just take out your phone and text the word Rose to the number (618) 243-0900. If you are a first time guest, or maybe you watch online for the first time, text the word Rose (618) 243-0900. Or I said in your worship guide, he got a connect card. Take that connect card out and take it out to the new or the next step tables out here beyond the doors in the four years, the cafe for your air. We got some table set up and also out here in the four years, Eric, we just want to connect with you. We want to help you with your next step with us at Mt Carmel Church.

Your journeymen. I just understand today that God is he’s wanting to raise up people that from observation to participation to get on the crew, get out of the crowd. And right now we can only have one service for our kids. I’m just telling you, God wants to raise up kids, ministry, people that will have a heart for kids to invest in the kids and disciple kids. So we want to help you on your next step. Maybe your next step is getting on the crew. Maybe your next step is baptism or, or maybe your next step is freedom. Ministry, roads, group. It’s all in our new, at our new life table. We just want to wish you and get the heart of God to you. So get out there and man, we just want to help you on that journey. So right now we’re just going to continue to worship with our giving.

So if you want to go ahead and get those out and we’re not going to pass the buckets, but I’ll give you some instruction here in a bit. We’re going to pray over those. So just go ahead and get them out. There are three ways you can, you can give, maybe you’re watching online. You’re saying, Hey, I want to support what is happening. The roads church, God is doing amazing things. Not right, just here in North city, but all around this world, through your generosity and through your giving, God is doing amazing things. The Bible teaches us that we give out a place of honor. We give with all of our wealth for the best Mt Carmel Church. And he said that he will rebuke the devour when we give. And that’s awesome. That’s incredible. So let’s pray, father, we thank you for the power of the time. We thank you today for the giver.

God, we thank you for the seed that is going forward. And father, we just pray God that you would bless it and use it for the furniture of your kingdom. God, we just pray God that you just Lord for pastors and leaders all around this world in this area, God, we just pray to bless churches. God that we just pray in this hour, that the church would rise and having a voice. So, God, we thank you. And it’s in your name. We pray today in Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen. So here’s what we’re gonna do after service. If you just take your ties and armories, if they’re a cash or check, you’ll just take those and put them in the boxes on the walls back here and also in the overflow room, we have some boxes set up for you. And uh, so right now we’re going to play the Rose news. What check out what’s happened, the roads church, and then pastor Chad, I’ll be out with a message for the top Mt Carmel Church.

Good morning, Rhodes church. I’m Renee Hardy. We want to welcome everyone. Joining us at our North city campus, our Mount Carmel campus, and all our E roads family joining us online. We are excited to be living in Liberty today as we worship together and give God all the glory because it’s in him that we’re free. God created us to be connected to him and to people. Here are just a few ways that can help you get connected here on the roads. If you’re joining us at one of our campuses this morning, we would love for you to visit our next stop tables on your way out today. Our hosts are ready to help you. Whether you’ve made a decision to start a new life with Jesus and are ready to be water baptized, or you’d like more information on growth track where you learn about your gifts and talents and how to use them.

When you serve on a road crew, or you would like more information about freedom ministry, we believe everyone has the next step on their journey. And at the road’s church, we want to make every opportunity available for you to discover yours. If you’re joining us online today, we’d love to hear from you. If this is your first time joining the road’s church, please text the word roads to (618) 243-0900. If you need prayer today, text the word prayer to the same number. Our pastors, our staff, and our pastoral care crew. Pray over all the prayers that come in through our texts and emails because we believe prayer changes things. Baptism Sunday is coming up on Sunday, July 26th. If you’ve made Jesus your savior and are ready to make a public declaration, testifying that you’ve started a new life with Jesus water. Baptism is your next step. Stop by the next step table. After service today to sign up, we have more great ways for you to stay up to date on everything. You need to know. Take a few minutes to check out your worship guide, check out our website at, and our online calendar as well as our YouTube channel for all of our services and pastor Chad’s teachings. That’s all for the Roads Church news. We love you. Rhodes family. Welcome home.

Hey, good morning everybody. What’s up. How are you doing today? Great to see all of you. Great to have you with us this morning. What a great day to be in the house of the Lord. Anybody glad to be in church today, I’ll be overflow room. Great to see you guys glad to have you this morning. All of our erodes family watching online, my name’s Chad and my wife, Donna, the lead pastors here. And again, it was what a pleasure, pleasure to get to worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords together in a group without any fear, without any, uh, without any concern that, uh, the enemy is going to be victorious in our presence. We just, we believe that God in us is greater than the enemy that’s against us. So again, we’re just, we’re excited about being here. I hope you feel right at home and welcome.

If you are a guest here, we’d love to get a chance to meet you and pray that God meets you right where you are a vision here has always to connect people with Jesus from all roads of life. So our desire is that you will do exactly that today. Get connected with him and watch what he can do in your life. We’ve been on this series called living in Liberty and I’m going to be finishing it today. Bring it to a close landing, the plane, closing the door, all of that. We’re going to be shutting it down. It’s going to be any, Liberty’s not ending. We’re not going to keep living in Liberty, but we’re not going to do it on our series of talks today. So today I’m going to continue talking about the progression of Liberty, really pumped about this, and been praying a lot about what God wants me sharing this.

So if you wanted to jump into your sermon notes, there they’re available right there in your worship guide, or you can get them on your YouVersion Bible app. But here at the roads, we get excited because we believe every time we open his word that he wants to speak to us, he has something to say to us, his word is life to those who find it and health to all their flesh. So we get a bit pumped whenever we get the Bible out. So if you’ve got your Bibles, let’s open them up this morning to Galatians chapter Relations, chapter five, what’s up, what’s a Galatians chapter five living in Liberty, Galatians chapter five. And I’m going to start reading here in verse one. This has been our launch passage. We’re going to get into some other scriptures today, but I’m going to start here as soon as I find it. There it is. Galatians chapter five, verse one. Are you ready? Question? Is, am I ready? I know you’re ready. You don’t have to talk. Yeah, just kidding. Galatians chapter five, verse one says this stand fast or, but say stand fast, stand fast. Therefore in the Liberty, by which Christ has made us free and do not be in tangled again with the yoke of bondage. Now jump down to verse 13 for you. Brethren have been called to Liberty only do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love, serve one another.

All the law is fulfilled in one word. Even in this, you shall love your neighbor as yourself, but if you bite and devour one another beware lest you be consumed by one another. Come on. Let’s pray. Jesus. We love you. Thank you for your love that you poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit. So Holy Spirit, I ask you to come and just speak to us, speak life to us, speak truth to us. Yeah. We receive your presence Lord, that you will guide every word Lord that you will bring clarity to the communication and to the understanding that revelation truth will set us free. So, Lord, I thank you for moving today. I thank you for your power in your presence in Jesus’ name. Somebody say amen. Amen. All right. So we’ve been talking about this progression of Liberty. We started last week talking about three DS.

I’m just going to remind you a little bit about these. They’re there in your notes. We talked about defining Liberty. We went through the details of that. And then we talked about declaring Liberty. And then we talked about, or we’re going to talk today about defending Liberty. Just to remind just a little quick reminder about defining Liberty. We redefined, what Liberty was. It means independence through dependence, Liberty or freedom is not me independent of God. I’m independent. I’m free because of God. So my independence is direct, uh, the, the extent of my independence is directly connected to the extent of my dependence. I know there’s a lot to get out.

We said it this way. The extent of your Liberty is directly related to the extent that you’re connected to the, there is no Liberty outside of Jesus. There’s no Liberty just in my freedom to think how I want to think. That’s not Liberty. There’s only Liberty in the liberator and that’s Jesus. So we want, we want independence through dependence, but that was last week. Then we’d talk about declaring Liberty. And once we define it, then we got declared. We use Romans 10, 10 for, with the heart. One believes unto righteousness with the mouth. Confession is made unto or in the direction of, towards the goal of salvation. So the heart we believe in my spirit, I believe. And then I confess with my mouth. So I believe in my heart. And then my mouth starts lining up with what I believe. And I’m confessing that out towards that.

We live in Liberty and we declare Liberty before we necessarily experienced Liberty. This is a key part. If I’m going to live in Liberty, I’ve got to believe it. First in my heart. I got to believe that Jesus has made me free. I got to believe that he has one. It is over. I got believed that I didn’t say I got to see that. I didn’t say I got to feel that I didn’t say I got to hear it. I got to believe that I got to believe it’s over. When I don’t see it’s over, I got to believe it’s over. And then I start to line my mouth, my confession into what I believe. So I start speaking. I believe, not what I see. I start believing or speaking what I believe, not what I hear, not what I feel is said and this, and I want to get your confessor lineup. It’s like, we speak Liberty. We believe Liberty before we see it. An example case in point. I know we’re not on this today. So I’ll be brief with David and Goliath. Pretty popular story. Remember when David came up to Goliath and Goliath says to him, the tongue about confessing and declaring, goliath says to him, you’re coming to me with these dogs. Here’s what he said to David. I’m going to feed your flesh to the birds of the air and the beasts of the earth.

We just say something very clear right now, right now the enemy is talking a lot of smacks the enemy is taking a lot of bold trash. Like he, somebody like he’s the one in control. Like he’s the one that’s in power. Let me tell you something. The enemy is always going to be saying something he’s always going to be braggadocious. He’s always going to be playing is extending himself before he has the ability to fulfill it. So we got to listen to what the enemy is saying, but then David didn’t just listen to it and say, Oh my gosh, I wish he would stop saying that. I wish the enemy was stopped talking. So I would feel better about myself. I wish the enemy would stop talking. So I would feel like I’m victorious. No, he declared something back. Here’s what he declared back. When you’re going to feed my best. Let me tell you what’s going to happen. I’m going to cut off your head. And then I’m going to feed your flesh and the flesh of all of your homeys, to the birds of the air and the wild beast of the field.

You threatened me. Let me tell you, I’m not only going to feed your flesh, but everybody else to see sometimes we’re worried about the enemy stops, declaring negative things. When we need to start declaring the word of the Lord, he backs the church into a corner. We go timid and passive of the big, bad interviews. Oh, what’s going to happen in the world. I tell you, what’s going to happen in the world. Jesus is victorious. Jesus has won some my message today, but it’s not too bad. So now this, we got to remember, so we got to declare, declare, declare before you see it declare before you feel it. Because just because David declared it, then what had to happen? He had to back it up. That’s 0.3. It’s one thing to talk a good game. Talk the talk. You gotta walk the walk, right? I’m going to cut your head off. I’m going to feed your flesh and then glass starts walking. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m just kidding. Because you gotta be ready. The enemy’s going to check your confession. Sometimes we get the right thing. We know we’re supposed to say. And then the enemy comes to check.

He comes to see if what you said is what you really believe. Or if you’re just regurgitating, what somebody else said is that Christian ease or is that in your heart? I heard somebody say something about, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, whom Paul preaches and word the word wasn’t in the sons of Skiva, his heart. They heard Paul say something and they thought just declaring alone would get it done. But now it’s the belief in your heart. Cause she gotta get ready to defend it. Ty declares it. Now we’ve got defend it. So let’s talk about defending Liberty dependent, defending Liberty, the progression of Liberty. Look what it says in verse one, stand fast. I had you repeat it and we’ll have you say it again. Stand fast, stand fast, defending Liberty. We’ve defined it. We declared it. Now we’ve got defendants. We got defendants to stand fast means to stand firm, to persevere, to be constant, to hold one’s ground, to maintain our position. What position are we maintaining? We’re maintaining the position of the Liberty by which Christ has made us free.

We’re maintaining that position. We’re not trying to achieve freedom in Christ. We’re maintaining freedom. Defending the word defending is very important. It means this in Webster to take action against an attack or a challenge to take action against an attack or a challenge. So defending, when I talk about the word defend, we’ve got to understand the context, defending something is very different from fighting to possess something, defending something is something that I already have that I’m trying to prevent someone from taking. There’s a big difference in fighting to possess something that you don’t yet obtain versus defending something that you already have put it in the natural. There’s a big difference in someone going overseas and trying to fight to take a Hill in a country that they don’t want to be in, that they don’t know much about and fighting to defend your backyard.

Whole different ball game, whole different ball game. You put me in some country across the ocean, say here, I want you to take this village. I’m like, okay, whatever you say, put me in my home and have someone come trying to come into my home. Whole different attitude. It’s my house. I’m defending it. So we gotta have a defending mentality. Like we already got it. Not like we’re trying to get it

Too many times. We’re praying to get what Jesus already gave instead of praying to defend. We’re praying at the one who’s already given. Instead of at the one who’s trying to take, did you catch that? Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes we pray like the other night we were Lucas came into our room and he was just, he could hardly breathe. His throat was swollen so much. He couldn’t breathe. He’s gasping for air. And so he’s trying to, so I just started to pray. And as I started to pray, what I knew Jesus was my heater. He’s already provided helix. I began to pray to defend his health. Not trying to get God, to give him his health, whole different mindset, whole different mindset. When I start praying, I’m not begging God, God, please do something I’m saying, get off of my son in Jesus’ name, totally different attitude. I’m defending his health. Not asking God to give it to him.

We defend what Jesus has given. Defends your joy. Don’t ask God to give you joy, defend your peace. Don’t ask. It’s already been given in Christ, defend Liberty. You cannot get Liberty for yourself. The blood of Jesus is the only one that can get that for you. We’re standing fast in the Liberty by which Christ has made us free. Who Jesus, the Bible speaks all the time about the Christian life using military terms. And I gave you some there in your notes. Second Corinthians 10. We don’t war. According to the flesh, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty in God for the pulling down strongholds fill, fill them on one. We’re talking about a fellow soldier. Second Timothy endures hardship as a good soldier. We had no one engaged in warfare. All these great scriptures. First Timothy fight. The good fight of lay.

Hold on. Eternal life. When I talk about defending Liberty and talk about fighting. Remember I am not talking about fighting to get something because we’ve already been given it through Jesus too many times. We think we got a fight to get God to do. We will never convince God to do what he’s already provided my fighting and my contention. My good fight of faith is not to move the hand of God. What my fighting, the good fight of faith is to defend what Jesus has already given me defending Liberty. So switch our attitude. When we go to pray, say, wait a minute, the enemy was trying to Rob my peace, trying to Rob my joy, trying to Rob me of this, trying to Rob me that I have already been given that through Jesus Christ. I’m going to defend it today. I’m going to stand fast right now. Say I have the peace of God. Anxiety gets off of me in Jesus’ name. Get off of me. I have a peaceful mind, the peace of God rules my heart and mind. Let me tell you what’s up. Get off of me.

Defend The Progression of Liberty is about defending the Liberty that is defined and declared. Now, when I say the progression of Liberty, it’s important for you, for me, important, more important. It’s important for me to clarify. I’m talking about the progression of Liberty, not the perfection of Liberty. When I talk about the progression of Liberty, I’m not talking about the progression of availability. I’m talking about the progression of the application. Jesus has already made everything available through him, his death, burial, and resurrection made everything in his word available. But how many know, just because it’s available, doesn’t mean it’s applied. The lack of application of the promises of God does not mean a lack of availability of the promises of God it’s available to me. I just have to apply for it. I have to apply for it. So now let me give you an example. Historical definition, a declaration of independence. We talked about defining and declaring the defining and declaring of the, of Liberty came on July 4th, 1776. So they declared we’re independent. But how many know that Liberty that they declared now had to be defended?

Yes, we had to. I had to fight for it. Just like David did with Goliath. He said, you know, British, you’re not in control of us. You’re not the boss of me anymore. Right? Okay. Then now you got to defend that. It took till September 3rd of 1783 with the treaty of Paris before there, what they declared actually became official. They had to defend it. So just because I define something in the word, I find something that God’s promised me and I’ll declare it, that I want this in my life. It doesn’t mean I’m not going to have to go through a season of defending it. I’m not doing that season is to get God to do it. It’s for me to have the revelation and understanding that God has already given it to me and that new life or that place is where God wants me to operate from not operate for.

He wants me to believe that I’m already there by the blood of Jesus. Now I begin to change how I act and how I think and operate from a place of peace instead of trying to get peace. This is what he’s saying. So they had to define it. They had to declare it and then they had to defend it. Here’s one of the principles that had to be defended. Here’s what he was said in the declaration of independence. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. All men are created equal. All men are created equal. All men are created equal. I didn’t say all men were treated equally. Then say that all men were created equal in God’s eyes in Jesus. All men were created equal. That was a true statement. But now that truth that’s declared has to be defended.

The truth had to be implemented. Then truth had to be implemented in amongst a world that was consumed by had slavery all on every continent, slavery existed. It wasn’t just a white person thing and an African thing. This happened on every continent, slavery existed. So now God’s starting a progression of new Liberty thing in this new country. I want you to declare that all men are created equal. Were they treated equally at the time of this document? No, but it was a declaration that was made. Now that declaration has to be defended. In other words, it has to be implemented to everyone around started right away in 1777, uh, 1777, uh, Vermont Vermont said that its state constitution that abolished slavery. So the ideal was set with the declaration of independence. The ideal, I mean, it was like the 10 commandments are the ideal, but it doesn’t mean that we all obey the 10 commandments all the time.

So the 10 commandments are the ideal on how, the way, how we want to live. But that truth has to be applied. And that’s an individual decision. The statement of all men created equal was set out there and said, Hey, this is the way it’s going to be. But that truth has to be applied to everyone. So now by 1804, all the Northern States had abolished slavery. One place in the entire globe, whereof slavery was starting to be abolished. It was a forefoot progression. It was a start saying, Hey, we’re going to start a new way of thinking. No more slavery, no more slavery. So the progression was started. Liberty was started. I’m not not saying that it shouldn’t have started earlier. Not saying it should have started more, but that truth had to be definitive. It had to be defended through the civil war.

You’re talking about one thing that we’re talking about in our society and racial injustice, the justice started because God-fearing men and women said, listen, it’s going to be different. All racists that in this nation, we want to be different. So the ball started rolling towards what God wanted, which is no slavery for all men to be equal and treated equally. It’s what he wants. It’s what he wants. So we’ve got to get there. We’ve got to keep working towards it. We’ve got to keep growing in it. I saw this progression start to play out. See some people were criticizing the Decker in the declaration of independence. And they were saying things like, Hey, it’s amazing how the people who signed that saying, Oh, men are created equal old slaves. Well, they need to understand a little bit of history. Not everybody who signed the declaration of independence owned slaves or wanted slaves.

Some absolutely did not want slaves. Some of them began to change that process, right. Then begin to change. Not everybody did not everybody embraced it, but the change started and this we’re talking about. We want to make sure we’re clearly communicating what’s happening. I mean, I’ve got a lot of things that I can mention. It was even amongst the native Americans, the native Americans own slaves. A lot of people don’t know that, that this, uh, the lady of fender named Tia, Tia, Tia miles, Harvard University professor, instead of the five civilized tribes, Cherokee Chickasaw, Choctaw Creek and Seminole were deeply committed to slavery. And at the time of the turn of the century had as many as 5,000 slaves amongst the native Americans. And they were very supportive of the Confederate side of the civil war. Things that people don’t know about. So what was happening was God was trying to say slavery is evil.

It is not of me. Spread the word. Now, begin to defend that truth. Begin to defend and spread it out. Even there were black owners of slaves in South Carolina, people don’t know about a guy by the name of William Ellison had 63 slaves. He was one of 173 black slave owners in South Carolina. And William was for the Confederate side of the civil war. Now that’s not to glorify anything. Slavery is wrong, no matter what your color is. I know in India right now, there are slaves there in other nations of the world, they’re safe. We’re just saying, God’s wanting us to speak to this, to stand fast in the Liberty that Christ has for all men and women. There are women and slit sex slavery right now, right now in sex slavery. The third, ah, I don’t even want to talk about the things that I read and studied about what’s happening in slavery.

When women all across, not in foreign countries in the United States of America, God’s wanting us to progress in Liberty. Now, some people talk about this. When I start talking about these issues, that amazed. When people say Christians and politics, shouldn’t go together. Christianity shouldn’t talk about politics and social issues. Well, I would say if the Christians can’t talk about political or social issues, then where are people going to hear biblical base support for the kingdom of God? We have to hear about it somewhere. We have to hear what God says about these situations because we’re hearing about everywhere on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, it’s blowing up. And that’s where the enemy is just saying, blah, blah, blah. This is what’s happening this way. It is. We’ve got to have an answer from the word of God. I want teenagers to know there is a word from heaven to deal with our social issues.

There’s a word from heaven that you cannot have justice outside of a relationship with Jesus. You cannot provide justice for one group. Okay. We got to go to the scripture. So let me, let me, uh, turn your Bibles. Turn your Bibles here. I’m going to skip. Skip, skip, go to second Peter chapter two-second, Peter. I knew I had way too much than what I was gonna be able to share today. So I’m just gonna jump to a point. People don’t want to talk about political issues in church. Some people want the church to just be quiet and love people and do some nice charitable deeds, but sure. Don’t raise your voice and say anything about what’s going in society. Just let us take care of that. Let’s just let us have, have that. Let me just tell you something. Everyone who has everyone in the world has a basis for their beliefs.

The way they speak, influence others in the vote, based on their beliefs or their worldview, but just because the basis of their beliefs is different from mine. It does not mean that the platforms for those beliefs can be expressed should be different from mine. If you have a secular worldview, therefore you speak, influence and vote. According to that secular worldview, that means that another person should be able to speak, influence, and vote according to the source of their worldview. Even if it’s a Christian worldview, just because I have a Christian worldview, doesn’t mean that I’m limited to platforms where I can speak and influence people of my worldview. Some people tried to say, if you have a Christian worldview, then you can only speak to the Christian. No, that’s not what it means. That’s speaking to the source of my worldview. You can have your worldview from wherever you want to have your worldview, but our platform should be the same where we are able to speak.

I want freedom of speech. I want people to be able to believe whatever they want to believe. I want religious Liberty for everyone. I don’t want to legislate morality. Oh Jesus, Jesus. I can’t skip that well. Oh yeah. Yeah. Let me, let me, let me say this first. What you found second, Peter, I just hold your finger there. Charles Finney said this, Charles Finney was a revivalist in the 18 hundreds. He said the church must take right ground. In regard to politics. Politics are a part of religion in such a country as this and Christians must do their duty to the country as a part of their duty to God, God will bless or curse this nation. According to the course, Christians take in politics. I’m not talking about loyalty to a party. We have to be more biblically passionate than we are politically passionate. Our allegiance is not to an elephant or a donkey. Our allegiances to a lamb,

Our allegiances to a lamb, the lamb of God who is slang. That’s who our allegiance is to take your other animals and do with what she wants. I’m not loyal to you. I’m loyal to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And I’m telling you, if you want to accept my worldview and support what I’m great on you, but I will not compromise my view of my Christian loyalty to be loyal to a party. I’m going to be more biblically passionate than I am politically passionate. Proverbs 29 two says when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice because I’m telling you this, the Christian faith will at times, hear me, hear me, hear me. The Christian faith will at times offend both parties

Say I see posts every once in a while, people saying here’s our solution elect this one party. So close-minded so close-minded. Here’s our solution. Prey. Stand for godly principles. Live a Christian life, influence your circle of influence, and let the world be introduced to Jesus.

Have you found second, Peter yet? Hold your finger there. See, we have to defend the rights of religious Liberty. Hold your finger here. I want to say, we’re going to have to defend our religious liberties. We’re going to defend our religious liberties. It was taken not too long ago. It was taken from your bill of rights. The bill of rights. First, a minute of the United States, United States. Here’s what it says. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or of social media or, or of the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Now, some people said this for first amendment said the separation of church and state. That’s not what it says. It was not a separation of church and state.

It was stating here’s the first version. Maybe you didn’t understand this in history. The first version that came out, here’s what they, they introduced on the floor. September 3rd, 1789. It stated this Congress shall not make any law establishing any religious denomination. That was the first version. Then they adjusted the second version. They threw out Congress shall make no law establishing any particular denomination. Then the third version said this Congress shall make no law establishing any particular denomination in preference to another. But then the final version that passed was this Congress shall make no law establishing a religion or prohibiting the free exercise there up. It is clear that their intention was saying that God, the government cannot say there is one national denomination. There’s one national church. They were trying to get away from the Anglican and the Catholic ruling. The society said there is no one national denomination, but it was not limiting the church or the Christians to be involved in the government. They were just saying, there will not be one church that rules the entire country. This first amend was based on two clauses. Number one, the establishment clause, establishment clause prohibiting the federal government from establishing a single national denomination. The government can’t say, all right, we’re all going to be Baptist.

Can’t do that.

Then it also, the second clause was the free exercise clause prohibited the federal government from interfering with the people’s public religious expressions and acknowledgments. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can. We can, we can talk about, so social media now trying to sensor Christian, freedom of the press.

So what things are being censored? What things are being limited. Only things that are according to Jesus. So now it is hate speech. If you speak against a certain belief, but it does not hate speech. If you speak against another belief. So we’re handpicking which beliefs we’re going to call hatred. That’s not freedom of speech. I want anyone to be able to speak against my beliefs. Go ahead and say what you want against me. There’s freedom of speech. Say you don’t agree with Jesus. Say curse, Jesus. It doesn’t matter to me. You’ve got the freedom to speak, whatever you want to speak, but I’ve got the freedom to speak. What I want to speak. That’s what the first amendment is about. It’s not legislating morality and saying you will all be Christians. No, no. That’s not what God wanted. God wanted us to serve Him out of love.

When you have a choice, I have you found second, Peter. All right, we’ll go to it. We’ll go to look at verse 18 for when they speak, Oh man, listen to this for when they speak great swelling, words of emptiness. Let me, let me just read again for when they speak great swelling, words of emptiness, who were they take your pick for when they speak great swelling, words of emptiness. They allure through the lust or the desires of the flesh. In other words, they allure through telling you what you want to hear. They allure through promising you something we’re promising. We’ll take care of your promise. We’ll do what you want promising. We’ll look after your best interests through the lust of the flesh, through lewdness the ones who’ve actually escaped from those who live in error verse 19, while they promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of corruption. They promise Liberty, but they themselves are slaves of corruption for, by whom a person is overcome by him. Also, he is brought into bondage. You see that.

Be careful who you put your trust in to give you Liberty. People will promise you a lot of things to get elected into power. People will say a lot of things, but someone can not offer you something. They do not have themselves. They promise Liberty, but yet themselves are slaves of corruption. Let me just be very clear. There is no platform or policy that will provide Liberty outside of the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Any platform that promises Liberty outside of the Lordship of Jesus is deception. We’re promised Liberty for all people. Do you recognize Jesus as Lord? Well, no. Then you do not have Liberty. You’re in slavery and bondage to your own corruption. You cannot provide for me something you do not have only in Jesus. Can someone truly have racial equality, social justice, all of that can only be found in Jesus Christ?

So we gotta be a very clear church that I’m not looking to someone to tell me what I want to hear fro out a little pro. Life’s a speech. And then I’m loyal to you to be careful. You’re just putting out a political buzz word. You will try and get my loyalty. Now you better be living your life under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. You can throw out some political tag words or phrases if you want, but you’re not going to get my loyalty. My loyalty is to Jesus and Jesus will expose everything that is not loyalty to him. No matter whether you’ve got an R or a D after your name, we have to understand right now in these times in it’s crucial that we are defending our Liberty.

I guess some people say, Chad, you shouldn’t talk about these things. Shouldn’t talk about politics and religious liberties or social issues. I’m telling you who else is going to talk about that? See the enemy is after the minds and the hearts of people that are not connected to Jesus, but they’re getting caught up in the minutia of political debate. And they’re missing that Liberty is only found right here, connected to the man, Jesus, the relationship Jesus, with a relationship with him. That’s the only place where the church is going to experience Liberty. It’s not putting all of our eggs in the basket of one party saying one party, please. We’re not loyal to a party. We are sons and daughters of the almighty. God. If God, before us, who can be against us, we pray and things begin to shift and change in the air. Are we looking to people and saying, listen, Yerbas please, please give me Liberty. What are you talking about? We live in Liberty. Christ has made me free to begin to declare over your life. What God has for you.

I don’t say this. I don’t say this in opposition to politics. I say this as a proper perspective on politics, the Christians come in saying, this is how it’s going to be. It’s going to be according to the word of the Lord. Democrat-Republican. Get on board. Get on board because we’re winning. No, no, no, no, no. We haven’t gotten our hearts yet. We’re still so many people are scared thinking, well, what’s going to happen. They’re overwhelming. The enemy is getting worse. Krone virus and all of a sudden, Hey, we win through Jesus Christ. Stand up. Act like talk like it. Believe like it say, Hey, I serve Jesus. A lot of big talkers out there talking a big game, talking big smack. Think they got everything under control. Let me tell you what Jesus has just waiting. He’s sitting at the right hand of the father. Say, father, you say the words you say, the word I’m going. I’m going, I’m going. I’m telling you those that are going to call themselves sons or daughters of God do not be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for the power of God, to salvation, to everyone who believes from the Jew first and also to the Greek, we got to define, we got to declare some things. So here’s what I’m wanting to do is wanting to do and living in Liberty, living in Liberty, Liberty, Liberty, Liberty, Liberty, blue, Liberty, Liberty mutual Liberty, Liberty, Liberty, Liberty, no sports on. I’m just watching commercials serious.

Hey, I want to encourage you. I truly want to encourage you. Let’s defend like we’ve already got it. I stopped walking around. Like we’re hoping to get it. We’re trying to eat the crumbs from the politician’s table. When we’ve got a table at the King of Kings and Lord of Lords,

We’ve got a seat at the table. We’ve got a seat at the table that I bow my knee to Jesus Christ and him only because he is the Lord. He is the King and every knee will bow. And every tongue will confess. I say to my black brothers and sisters, I played prose to all minorities. Be careful who you put your trust in to give you Liberty. Jesus is the only one who can provide Liberty for any of us in any situation, in all applications, it is available. We just need to apply it. Let’s just pray. Thank you, Lord.

Thank you, Lord. Right here. Just to invite Holy Spirit to speak to you. I want you to ask him this question. Say, Lord, is there Liberty that I have not applied? Is there Liberty that I have not applied? I mean, the answer for all of us is going to be yes for sure. But I want you to ask specifically because I don’t want you to be overwhelmed. It’s a progression of Liberty, not the perfection of Liberty. Keep progressing, keep progressing, keep making progress, keep growing and your relationship with Jesus. Praying for our nation to continue to make progress, praying for our state to continue to make progress. Are you declaring the word of the Lord over your state? Or you declaring something different overstate Conviction, just coming into the room right now. Are you declaring the word of the Lord over the United States? Or are you declaring what you saw on Facebook and Instagram?

I’m telling you, God is asking more of his people. You’re just sharing and retweeting what somebody else says. He said, but what did I say? What did I say begin to define and declare and defend what I say about your place? Well, it’s never going to be, this is going to be that he’s that? She’s that? What does the word of the Lord save? We will never walk in Liberty. As long as we are repeating words of those who are held in bondage. We gotta repeat the words of those who are in Liberty. And Jesus is the one Liberty available does not mean Liberty applied. Stand fast, begin to defend, defend your home, defend your home, defend your mind, defend your mind, defend your heart. This is what Jesus died to give me. I will take my stand right now. It belongs to me. It’s mine. It’s mine. It’s my peace. It’s my joy. It’s my salvation. It’s my health. It’s my hope. Jesus died to give me hope. I will stand fast in my hope and defendant against all attack her,

This is my state. It’s where I live. It’s where I was born. It’s where God put me. I will stand fast and I will defend the Liberty that Jesus died to give my state defendant. I will defend my country. I will defend alongside my brothers and sisters that are experiencing justice, injustice. I will defend the Liberty that Jesus died to give them come on. Let’s pray like people living in victory, not people wishing and hoping that it might come, but I just praise you for victory right now in our hearts, in the name of Jesus. I thank you, Jesus, that you gave us Liberty. So we choose to walk in it now. Not because we are somebody, but because you, you died to give it to a salute. I pray for the application of Liberty in every area of our lives. I pray for our community, our society, every race, every creed, every nation, God, I pray for Liberty across the world. The true Liberty that only comes from you.

Maybe you don’t even know haven’t even experienced Liberty from sin. Maybe you’re watching today. Maybe you’re in the overflow room here in the auditorium and you’ve never given your life to Jesus. You realize Chad, I’m not, I’m not a Christian. I’m not giving my life to God. I’m still held captive by sin. But I want to experience this Liberty that you’re talking about. It’s very simple to do. All you have to do is accept Jesus into your heart, that he paid the price for your sins. You couldn’t do it. You’ll never be good enough. I’ll never be good enough. But through faith, by his grace, you accept salvation. I want to lead you to prayer. If you want to make that commitment to give your heart to Jesus right now in this moment, there is no other, no better time to walk in the Liberty that Christ has maybe walked away from God.

And you may be kind of lead your own life right now. God wants to speak to you. Will you let him in your erodes family, will you let Jesus come into your heart? You listening to this on the podcast, Jesus said, I have come that you might have life and that you might have. I have life more abundantly. I want you to experience abundant life to him with all of your heart. We’re going to pray together as a family, pray this out loud to him. Believe it with all of your heart. Say, dear Jesus. I believe you died on the cross for my sins for I should have died. I believe you rose from the dead to give me new life today. I repent. Forgive me, come into my heart, and be my Lord. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for saving me. You chose me now.

I choose you. I love you, Jesus. It’s in your name. I pray. Amen. Amen. Amen. But if you prayed that prayer this morning, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to take out your phone. I want you to text to this number six 1824309001 word new life. If you’re here in the auditorium or you’re in the overflow room, maybe you Mark on your connect card today here at Mt Carmel Church. I made Jesus the Lord of my life. It’s so important for us to introduce people to Jesus and help you with your next step. So immediately after the service, if you’re at one of our services, I encourage you to stop by one of our next steps. Tables are there, our sorry, our new life tables before you leave there on your, on your way out at the exits. If you’ll check out one of those, we want to help you with your new life, with your next steps in Jesus.

And then we also want to pray for those needing healing. I don’t want to start out by giving testimony. Ryan, come on up, buddy. This is Ryan’s ship last week. You know, every week we give these words, words of knowledge, and last during one of the services, I didn’t do it in both services. I think it was the first service I gave a word of knowledge about a football injury. Just felt like God was saying something about football injury. Well, then Ryan gets in contact with us and says that 20 years ago, he’s playing at a football game and he got spirit in the hip, flipped over helmet hitting right in the hip, caused him pain. Not only right then, but for the last 20 years ongoing regular pain and just two or three weeks ago, he had told the lawyer say, God, I want this to be healed and I don’t care what it takes. So here a word of knowledge has given a football injury. So now Ryan’s going to tell us what happened last Sunday Mt Carmel Church. And I had one of the teams pray for me. And as it happened between the femur bone and the pelvis bone, the joint between it is much better. Cartlidge started warming up as it warmed up. The pain I had for 20 years had started to leave. I went home and started doing different moves that I knew that it would hurt it. And since last week till today,

Come on. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Who said, God doesn’t heal today. I’m just saying, I’m just saying. So if you would stand to your feet, we’re going to pray again today. You may not have a football injury, but you have Jesus who wants to heal you. We didn’t handpick and we didn’t decide who we just give the words and let God do the work. So we’re going to pray for these. Maybe we got a word of knowledge for someone dealing with a gluten allergy. Want to pray for that. Also had someone with a bottom right tooth pain. If you’ve got pain on a tooth on the bottom right side, want to pray for that? Also heard the word, uh, the name Sarah associated also with the number 39. I don’t know what that means for is trusting God for that Mt Carmel Church. So the number 39 and then heard the word, Sarah is from a pray for that. And so just bow your heads. We’re just going to pray and ask God to move. Thank you, Lord. God, we give you glory and praise that you are the healer comes. Holy spirit.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. I’m just hearing the word receptors and I’m sure what that is. I’m not sure what God’s speaking yet, but some, some neurological receptors and something, something with the brain just kind of flowing with what I feel like God is saying. If you have an issue with that neurological receptors, thank you, Lord dammit. Damage issues with the nervous system. God’s wanting to heal that. If that’s you just step out, if you need prayer, just go and make your way. Now, even as I’m preparing a few, one of the words of knowledge apply to you or anything else, you don’t have to wait for it to get called out. God may just want to move right there where you are. If you need prayer for anything, it can be not just physical healing, but emotional or financial or whatever you need prayer for. God’s here to touch you. If you’re watching online, if you’re in the overflow room, just receive from the Holy Spirit.

If someone would deal with tendonitis in the right elbow, tendinitis in the right elbow flat, God’s wanting to take that, heal that in the name of Jesus, God, we give you praise someone with a diagnosis of lupus does say today, I want to heal you. Thank you, Lord. Someone dealing with chronic asthma issues, respiratory issues, chronic asthma issues. And there’s been significant fear with what’s going on with COVID-19 and the coronavirus. Uh, we’ve got Singh. He’s wanting to touch your lungs. So I bless them, but we just go ahead and we release our faith for anyone dealing with the coronavirus or COVID-19 we just plead the blood of Jesus’ father. I thank you that you are the healer right now, Randy. Well, I thank you for Randy right now. According to the word of the Lord, got to praise you for healing in Randy’s body. Thank you Mt Carmel Church. Some meniscus problems for Randy, but if that’s you if your name’s Randy you’ve had meniscus problems, I just thank you, Lord, that your word is held to all of his flesh right now.

According to the glory of God, we just release it. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. God touches every heart here, Lord. I pray. We will defend the Liberty that you died to give us. Thank you, Lord, that you gave us freedom. You gave us Liberty and we choose to defend it today. We fight from a place of victory, not for victory. You have already provided a solo. I just thank you. That healing bound right now in the room. What I thank you for the peace abounding. For all those watching online, I just released peace, wholeness, and healing for those in the overflow room. Lord, I thank you for your presence to saturate that place. God be glorified in our midst. Use the road’s church cups to release the glory of God in the state of Illinois in the United States of America around the world, we give you all praise for God. Use us to be a difference-maker, a dispenser of hope for the glory of Jesus. We love you and we praise you in Jesus name. Amen. Come on. If you need prayer, go on and make your way to the front. Let our team pray with you.

Sons and you’re his daughters. You’re his child. God, we just thank you this morning that the war is over. Thank you. Holy Spirit for the word that has been sent forth, they’ll be asked that you just help us to apply it to our lives this week as we’re living in Liberty together. Lord, we thank you. It’s in Jesus’ name for us at Mt Carmel Church. We pray. Amen. Amen. Hey, don’t forget your offerings. If you check for the cast, put them in the boxes on the walls. If you’re in the overflow room as well, have a great rest of the week. God bless you. We love you.