Good morning. I’m Renee Hardy and the Rhodes wants to welcome you to our North city campus. And for the very first-ever morning service at our Mount Carmel campus and to all our roads family joining us online this morning, we are so excited to be back with you. There are a few things we want you to know. As we get started, our seating at each campus is spaced out to help with distancing. We have hand sanitizers available for you and our roads kids. Although not being held this week has put together some amazing activity backs to help your children engage with service this morning for erodes family, joining us online, make sure to visit our website, to get weekly family worship lessons that include a lesson activity and worship music. Also, whether you’re joining us at one of our campuses or joining us online, take out your phone and invite a friend to our online service this morning. We know that the message of Jesus gives hope and changes to living forever. It’s what the world is looking for. Okay. One last thing. That’s super important. At the end of the service, we ask that you please remain in your seats. We’ll be dismissing service, a little different than normal. This will help us facilitate distancing as we move everyone out of service. We want to say a big thank you for your grace and patience as our parking crew host crew and usher crew, all help navigate through this morning. Welcome home roads, Mt Carmel Church.

Hey, good morning, everyone. And welcome to the road’s church. If you want, stay with us, we’re going to lift our King this morning. Are you guys ready to do that? Come on. Let’s lift his name with a good service hallelujah. Aren’t you thankful that he never leaves us or forsakes? He always calls out the life that he’s placed within us. You know, as I have walked through this last season of my life, there were many hospitalizations and a lot of questions are why. And we don’t know, but one thing I do know that the Lord was always with me

and he is always with you. So I don’t know what is staring you in the face today. And I do know it’s hard to sing out your song to him when you’re staring at it in the face herself. Maybe you just start, your praise starts as a whisper, but it’s still a risk and you’re still singing out his word and you’re proclaiming his promises over your life. So this morning we’re going to lift our voices together. We’re going to lift our praise over our nation over the world. And your praise is powerful. Your praise precedes you’re sometimes you have to praise before you get that breakthrough. And the Lord is never late and he will always meet you in the middle of whatever mess you feel like you’re right. So as a body of Christ, we’ve got to come together today in person. I’d just love to hear your voice. Nobody else can sing your song for you. nobody else on the face of this. Start to can make the sound that you make to him. Thank you, Jesus. We thank you for your presence here at Mt Carmel Church.

Are you good? we pour praise. It’s your bread in? Praise will be my song. I will not stay silent. And then I will not, this will be my song. I will not stay. I will. We worship you with all of our hearts today. Lord, surely our hearts can not contain this love. So we open our mouths and we sing of the goodness of God. We sing of the one true living God. Today gathered together. We see the goodness of God, father. We thank you that all over the world that we get to see of the goodness of God, how thankful we are, how strong we are together. Sing of the goodness of God. father. We are here for you. We are here for you and only you. We are here. Your presence is everything. Your presence is everything. I just encourage you to take advantage of this time right now that we can just look at him. Cause his presence is here. And I don’t know if you feel it, but it’s so tangible. It’s so tangible. And the house of God today, everyone’s joining online. It’s tangible for you, right? Wherever you are. However, you’re listening because he’s that presence. God, he’s the God that is right there for your situation as just talks about today. He’s there for you. No matter where you are. If you’re in the hospital right now, he’s there for you right now. And we extend our faith for you right now. He’s here for each and everyone, vice. So father, we just charge. Okay. hi. Just one us Jesus. Huge alone. can do hi, Juan. Wow. Not just go through the motions. I just sang another song. What? how much? No, nothing. Nothing else do hi. nothing. Nothing. Nothing ass will too. Come on.

Everything that has breath. Praise the Lord this morning. Salt’s one 50 verse six says let everything that has breath. Praise the Lord this morning alone. Let’s just raise our hands to heaven my mouth. We’re going to give him praise. We may not see the breakthrough. We may not see all we see as adversity. We may have always that’s happening in the world, but I know today thank you, Lord. We thank you for your Holy spirit right here. We just thank you for your presence, God, but your presence is everything in this place. God, we thank you that your love never ends it to during your mercy is forever from generation to generation. God, we thank you for that. Honor you in this place. We honor you. God. Thank you for free to thank you for delivering this. Thank you for healing with us at Mt Carmel Church. Thank you. God restoration, reconciliation of families. We thank you at this moment right now. Thank you. Thank you for the work that you are honoring. Jesus, Jesus.

If we’re gonna continue to worship place of communion. So if you want to make your way back to your seat, there’s we have communion elements available for you and the seatback in front of you. I believe it is the bottom rack there. So if you’re online watching this, watching us, go ahead and get your elements ready? My name’s Chris. We’re just so excited that you’ve joined us. We’re going to continue and more secure with our communion. So when you get those ready, we’re going to pray. Thank you. Holy spirit. Thank you for your presence. God, thank you for your presence. Jesus said that as often as you do this, he said to do it in remembrance of me. So we’re just remembering the Lord for what he’s done for us on this day and for the days to come. So father, we just thank you for your body. We thank you for your death. Thank you. But you said first, Peter, you sat that by your stripes, we are healed physically, spiritually, and emotionally in this place. We thank you, but you died a horrible death that your body was a sacrifice pled to as a lamb to the slaughter. So we thank you for that in Jesus’ name called us. Eat the bread this morning. the blood this morning. Just thank you Mt Carmel Church, God, for your blood is pure. Your blood is Holy. Your blood makes us wider than snow. Even when we were filthy rags red as Garmin, Scarlet as red God, you just, you poured out your blood for us. We thank you that your blood is poured out for all mankind. Kindness poured out for this nation, the cities, this region, and all of us. Thank you. And it’s in Jesus’ name. We pray. Come on, let’s treat together. thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hey, good morning. And welcome to the roads church. And my name is Chris. I’m a youth pastor here. We’re just so excited that man to get back together for one and we just do something that we love to do, and that is to celebrate people, make some noise for people. We want to make some noise for all of our first-time guests. You’re here in the auditorium, in the overflow room. All of you watching online, all of our erodes family. Come on, let’s just give it up. Make some noise for all of the first time. Guests are evils family. We thank you so much for joining us, joining us. We hope you had a great experience this far. And so if you’re a first-time guest, here’s what we want you to do. We want you to right now, take out your phone.

Whether you’re watching online, take out your phone and text the word roads to the number (618) 243-0900. Again, that’s (618) 243-0900. Text the word roads. We just want to connect with you and just get some resources also in your hand. Um, and this one, take a moment and just celebrate the man. All of our kids that are here today, come on, let’s just make some waves for all of our kids, a journey with Jesus. Come on our journey with Jesus. Thank you so much for all the families. And we’re going to continue to worship right now with our giving because we believe that giving is a, is a very powerful thing. The Bible teaches us in Proverbs that we honor God with ours, all of our wealth. We honor him with all of our first fruits. So we’re going to continue to worship right now with our giving.

So if you’ll go ahead and get those out and I’ll give you a little instruction about that. We’re going to do things a little bit differently. You will see three ways that you can give. Maybe you’re watching online and maybe, Hey, you’re just want to support what’s happening here at the road’s church. And what’s going on here. We just want to be able to partner with you as well. So be partnered with us for what’s happening and we give you three ways. You’ll see that on your screen. And you’ll also see that here on the screen behind me as well. So there are three ways to give you, get those out a little prayer with those right now. And God, we just thank you for the power of the tie. We thank you for the seed and we thank you for the sower this morning. And God, we just pray that you would use it for the furtherance of your kingdom all around this world, that you’re touching lives by the power of giving and Lord, the generosity is going forth.

So we just thank you right now. God, we thank you. We honor you with all of our ties, all of our offering, all of our giving as well in Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen. Amen. If you’re going to give this morning, we just want to make it available to you. I know we don’t have the buckets, but in the back of the room, when you leave this morning, if you’re writing a check or if it’s in an envelope, put an antelope and there are two boxes on the back of the auditorium here, there’s also will be available back in the usher, the overflow room. If you’re in the overflow room, we’ll make it available for you as well. Before you go out, there’d be some buckets and then back here in the auditorium. So we just want to allow people to give. And we’re so thankful for that as well. So right now, all right, you’re going to hear some ways that you can get connected to here at the Rose Church. And then also we’re going to have a testimony video, and then pastor, Todd’s going to be right out with the message living in Liberty. It’s going to be awesome. It’s going to be powerful. Amen. good morning Rhodes church. I’m Maya Scroggins. We want to welcome everyone joining us at our Nora city campus and give a huge shout out to our Mount Carmel campus who was having their very first-morning service today and welcome all of our erodes family. Joining us online this morning, we are excited to be back together again. If this is your first time joining the road’s church, please text the word roads to (618) 243-0900. If you need prayer, you can text the word prayer to that. Say number four, email your requests to If you use our text options, you’ll receive a reply that includes a link. Use the link to fill out your information or prayer requests. Our staff and prayer crew are praying daily for the requests that are coming in through our texts, our emails, and our social media platforms. We believe that prayer changes things and we are honored to partner in prayer for our family, our community, our nation, and the world.

The move youth is life on Instagram, Mondays, and Fridays at 8:00 PM. We have an amazing lineup of leaders ready to engage with you. Follow the move on Instagram at the move. Y G and tune in the move services also live every Wednesday at 6:30 PM on the road’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, the roads, kids crews, excited to be able to continually support parents and the biblical training of your children. We are pleased to provide our parent resource page and weekly family worship lessons designed by our roads kids crew based on pastor Chad sermons each week, all found on our website. Typing is an important part of our worship at the roads where we honor God with our giving. There are three ways you can give, you can text to give you can online give, and you can mail in. You’re giving all the information for giving is available on our website at www dot church slash Gidding. That’s all for the news on the road. As we get ready for the message this morning, you can find pastor Chad’s sermon notes on the YouVersion Bible app. And now we pray that this sermon connects you with Jesus and sets you on the road to discover him more and more every day in a way that impacts and influences your life and the lives of those around you. We love you. Rhodes family. Welcome home. Hi, my name is Jason Rutledge and this is my story.

Probably my journey starts in 2001. Uh, that was the year that I got saved. And then from there on, you know, well it kind of fast forward to, to 2017 and want to focus on that time between 2001 and 2017 throughout that, that time that spawn like most men, you know, we want our identity to be a certain thing. We want our identity to be a husband, a father, a good employee. I worked for a, for a company and I worked at that for 24 years. Uh, that company provided so much for me in my life. My father retired from there, my father-in-law retired from there. I and my three brothers worked there and even including my brother-in-law. So to say that it was like a lineage or heritage is a real, probably an understatement. The Bible tells us that we’re to, you know, too, to go for God for everything and pray about everything.

Right. But as a man, sometimes we think we’ve got this all figured out and, uh, we don’t need the need prayer looking back. I probably hardly prayed much at all because I thought, you know, why a burden down God on the small details of what’s probably the knowledge that I had in my head boy, how I was wrong, uh, in, in all that in 2015 ish timeframe, uh, you know, work was going 110 miles an hour started collecting baggage that I didn’t even know that I was collecting, um, just was happening. Uh, don’t know why it was happening and, and got in a very, very dark place in life. As a man, as a father, as a husband, as a leader, you kind of hide all that because you don’t want people to know that you’re broken to know that, uh, you’re hurting to know that you’re don’t have it all figured out.

You kind of put on this facade. And so finally, one day, you know, I had an impromptu meeting with our pastor, pastor Chad, and, you know, through that, working out with PC, we started dissecting some things and dissecting the things that I was taking on that, that weren’t mine to take. Going through that process, I realized that, you know, what my identity had become. It had become all the things that had caused me all strife and all, all the tribulations, God opened up a door for me, uh, to, to make a change, uh, opened up for me, uh, the avenues to take another career. Uh, that was a big step. After working in one place for 24 years, I took out to start a career in running a business. I’ve never run a business before, went through all of that change to where now I have to pray about God for everything.

And I’m just so grateful that the burdens and the yoke that was lifted off of me, that it wasn’t Jason, or at least trying to figure this out anymore. It was just Jesus Christ walking alongside me. So if there’s anybody out there that has let themselves become the identity, their identity becomes work. Just know that that’s not your true identity. Your true identity is, is the Lord. And just to be able to walk hand in hand with him, you just need to know that you can, you can truly live a such a burden-free stress, free, free life on whatever role that you were taking on. As long as you just make that choice, that it’s not yours to take on alone. That it’s yours to go hand in hand with the Lord of praise this morning, you’re worthy. Geez. We love your dog. It’s all for you. Jesus. Hello about karma buzz phrase or together let’s worship pulled overflow. Come on. Erodes family. Let’s worship cheetah.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Well, I was going to ask you if everybody’s ready to be back in the church today, but I believe you answered my question, man. Welcome back to the building. All of our erodes family, you’re still with us and a lot of things have happened. My name’s Chad, by the way, if you don’t know me, um, but it’s so great, great to be back in the house together. So great to be special. Welcome to our erodes family. Some of you now that have settled the other side, you realize the value of what we do online. And some people watch, um, around the country, around the world every single week, some people are still not ready to come back yet. And so they’re setting where you were setting last Sunday. And so now you can appreciate all of our production team. I’m so thankful for all of them.

Come on. Can we give him a hand? All of our people, not a great job. A lot of things so changed since you’ve been in the building, new cameras everywhere. And, and we’re grateful for that. We’re a special welcome to our roads. Mt Carmel Church family. You’re first on a Sunday morning, that’s coming up in the second service. I just welcome people who aren’t there yet, but that’s why we’re working through some of the kinks about how to do this. I’m remembering like I’m talking to three different groups. Now I’m talking to our erodes fan. I’m really for I’m talking to our overflow room. What’s up an overflow room. Glad to have you.

You guys back there, come on room or Mount Carmel campus, our erodes family. And right here in the auditorium, you got to talk to everybody. So it’s great to be with you this morning. A lot of things to get to. Uh, so I’m just, you know, a lot of things that changed while we were, while we were gone and I pray that some of those things will forever change. Some things will never change. Our vision is to connect people with Jesus from all roads of life. And that’s still going to be our vision or our motto if you will, or our agenda, but we’re going to do it real. Try and do it as differently as we possibly can. We realized how many people are out there that aren’t in the room, the churches, not just in a building, it’s not just in a room. And hopefully, now you’ve got a good grasp on that.

That we’re not just having it in here. We’re having it all around and in homes everywhere. So I want to get right in here at the roads we believe the Bible is God’s inspired word. So every time we open it, we get a little bit excited. Now I’m going to tell you that doing this with no people in the room has been a little bit different, but you know, I’m expecting today, but I want ours erodes family to join with us. We believe that God’s speaking to us. He wants to say something to us. Every time we open up a word, we’re excited about that. And so that’s why we get a little happy. So if you’ve been with us, you understand why we do this. If you have your Bibles, get them out, get them out there at your home, get them out here in your, in your auditorium, get your Bibles on your phones, whatever it is. But let’s open up this morning to second Corinthians chapter three. That’s so much better than what it’s been for three months. I know you’ve been yelling in your living rooms and some of you are hooping right now. And we’re thankful for that, but it’s just a great to have some feedback. I felt a little percussion off of me right there. I don’t know what, what happens, but pastor Chris did a great job last week, speaking on transitional truth. So thankful for him and God speaking through him last Sunday, come on, John. We just completed an eight-week series called we will overcome. And so that’ll be available if you’d like to pick that up and CDU catch it on YouTube, huge victory. I want to say for the church, not just our church for the church last Thursday, when, uh, less than four hours before the deadline, governor Pritzker will have to file a response to us Supreme court to the emergency injunction requests bought, brought by the two Romanian churches, justice Kavanaugh ordered that he unilaterally removed all restrictions on Mt Carmel Church.

It’s in the state of Illinois. Thank you, Jesus. Thankful for that. Thankful for that. Take them far religious liberties. I pray, we learned some valuable lessons from this that we will never let our religious liberties be taken from us. Again. We will stand for our rights and a lot of things that I’ve learned in the process. And so, again, we’re, we don’t want to get political for the sake of being political, but we want to be Christian. We want to stand for what’s right. Stand for the God-given liberties that he’s put inside of our hearts. So we’re thankful for that, that we’re able to come together today. The sermon notes again, they’re available for you. I’m going to start a new series today. Back on May 1st, I was in prayer, just my normal quiet time with God. I was praying in my secret place as I call it. And as I was praying there, I just felt the Lord speak to me and say the word Liberty, the word Liberty.

And so I was like, okay, Liberty. And I had the impression I had the feeling like God was saying, that’s what my next series was going to be. And we still did two more weeks off, we will overcome after that, but I felt he was saying Liberty. So, I began to pray into that and what God was wanting me to do. And we’re going to be talking about that over the next few weeks. Some of it’s going to involve the Liberty of our nation, the birth of our nation, the Liberty, and how Liberty came about today. I’m going to talk specifically about the location of Liberty, the location of Liberty. Have you found second Corinthians chapter three, I’m just overwhelmed that there are people that I’m talking to. I’m usually just looking at the cameras back and forth, but now I can do both because I want ours erodes family to know that you are still very important to us here at Mt Carmel Church.

We love you. We’re thankful for you. And I’m still going to be talking to you. So when I’m talking to the camera know that I’m talking to people just like here, segregated the is chapter three, are you ready? I am so ready. Verse seven says, but if the ministry of death written and engraved on stones was glorious so that the children of Israel could not look steadily at the face of Moses because of the glory of his countenance, which glory was passing away. How will the ministry of the spirit not be more glorious for if the ministry of condemnation had glory, the ministry of righteousness exceeds much more in glory for even what was made glorious, had no glory in this respect because of the glory that excels? I know that may sound like a lot of glories and not clear, clear, but we’re going to break it down a little bit.

So stay with me for if what was passing away was glorious. What remains there basically remains is much more glorious. You need to know that if what was passing away was glorious, what remains is much more glorious. Therefore, since we have such hope, we use great boldness of speech. Unlike Moses, who put a veil over his face so that the children of Israel could not look steadily at the end of what was passing away. But their minds were blinded for until this day. The same veil remains. Unlifted in the reading of the Old Testament because the veil is taken away in Christ. But even to this day, when Moses is read a veil lies over their hearts. Nevertheless, when one turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. Now the Lord is the spirit and where the spirit of the Lord is. There is Liberty. This is my thesis statement for the day. Are you ready for that? Now the Lord is the spirit and where the spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty, but we all with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror, the glory of the Lord are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the spirit of the Lord. Let’s pray Father in heaven. I’m overwhelmed by your goodness. And I just want to say, thank you. There’s one King in this room and his name is Jesus. , Yes. Holy spirit. I thank you for your faithful, that you’re going to fill the room here at Mt Carmel Church. Yes.

Going to fill every living room, every phone, every screen with your presence. I recognize. And I declared no one’s here for me. We’re all here for you. We came to you. Nothing else will do nothing else matters. It’s just you. Jesus. You said, if I am lifted, I’ll draw everyone close to me. So I lift you. Jesus, thank you for saving us. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for your goodness. We give you praise in Jesus’ name. Somebody say, amen, you can still type it in the comments. If you want context for this scripture, if I can speak to it contextually, it would be this that Paul is taking a moment to speak to the church of Corinth. And he’s comparing the old Testament glory of the 10 commandments and Moses under the law of Moses with the New Testament law of the spirit in Christ.

So you have old Testament glory that is talked about and new Testament glory. We have the Old Testament law, 10 commandments under Moses. And then we have the new Testament under the Holy Spirit. The spirit of Christ, a huge difference between the two, but notice both of them have prevalence. Moses had an outward. When Moses came down with the 10 commandments, it talks about here. Even in verse seven, when Moses came down with the 10 commandments, the Bible says that his skin, his countenance would glow because he was in the presence of God, physically in the location where the presence of God was in the temple, in the tabernacle with our Mt Carmel Church, in the Holy place, Moses would go in there. And the Bible says that God would talk to Moses as a friendly face to face. And when Moses would come out of the presence of God, because the presence of God stayed only in that room.

And when he would come out of that location, the glory of God on his life would sustain so much that even after he left, he would still glow. But notice it talks about it would begin to fade away because he was out of that location where the presence was, the presence was limited to that room. And so as long as Moses was there, boom, the glory was on him. But as he would leave, it would start to fade, but he put a veil on him. So in verse seven, they couldn’t steadily look at his face. So he would get in this location with the presence of God. So if the press, the spirit on you in a specific location was glorious. How much more if he was with us all the time.

So the old Testament, it says in verse nine, there was the ministry of condemnation and it had gloried in the new Testament. It’s the ministry of righteousness and exceeds in glory. A lot of times we can think about being in the presence of God, being in there with the ark of the covenant, the tangible presence of God. And we think wow, being in there, that would be awesome. And it is awesome for a long time with our Mt Carmel Church. We took for granted the opportunity to come into the house of God, to get into the presence of God, with other people. And too many times in church, we think about being in the presence of God, getting into the church. But I want to talk about something today. I want to talk about three different types of the presence of God. I want you to know that there’s the omnipresence of God, that God is everywhere.

You know, we can talk about that. I don’t have time to go through it in detail. I’m not preaching on those three things specifically, but Psalms one 39 says, you know, if I would go to heaven or if I go to hell everywhere, God is everywhere. That’s omnipresence, right? But secondly, there’s the indwelling presence. It’s what they didn’t have in the old Testament. The Holy Spirit would come upon someone, the old Testament, but the Holy Spirit never came into a dwell. The indwelling would be Romans chapter eight, with the spirit of spirit, the spirit of the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you. So that’s the indwelling presence. And number three is the manifest presence. The manifest presence is often talked about as the glory of God. That’s where the inner dwelling of presence is more personal. The manifest presence is more functional.

It’s like God shows up and something happens. He manifests himself. It’s like, will you experience something? Okay. So there are three different types of presence. And when it talks about Moses getting in the presence of God, he was getting in that tangible presence of God, where he was there, but it began to fade away. So I don’t want us to go to acts chapter one. Today is Pentecost Sunday. For those of you not familiar with Pentecost Sunday, this is a feast. You can go and turn to acts chapter one while you’re turning there. I’ll mention a little bit about Pentecost. I’m not again teaching on that whole fifth festival, but it was also called the feast of weeks. It’s called the feast of Pentecost. It was the second of three great Jewish feasts that occurs seven weeks after Passover. The word Pentecost, two words, Pinta and costae Pinta means five or a 50th, sorry. 50th cost. They mean to count or to number. So after Passover or what we call Easter, they were to count 50 days, 49 weeks of sorry, 49 weeks, 47 weeks, 49 days. The 50th day was Pentecost and we’re celebrating Pentecost Sunday. What happened on Pentecost originally? It was a festival celebrating a harvest. Also, it was this. They have celebrated the giving of the 10 commandments, but we’re celebrating the birth of the new Testament church. Now, when I say Pentecost Sunday, you need to understand Pentecost. Sunday is not for a denomination with our Mt Carmel Church.

Pentecost. Sunday is not something that I heard much about growing up, but I need, but you need to know that Pentecost Sunday, the birth of the church, it was not the birth of a denomination. The Holy Spirit didn’t come for a group of people in one building with a certain label on their door. When the beginning, there were no denominations. The Holy Spirit came and birth. The church of Jesus Christ, one church under one Lord, one savior Jesus. So Pentecost Sunday is where the Holy Spirit came in. Let’s look at this here in acts chapter one, a lot of things you can do on Pentecost. Sunday, Pentecost. Whenever they say come three festivals, Passover Easter Pentecost, where we’re celebrating right now and the feast of Tabernacles, which will come in the fall. All three of those were the three great feasts in the Hebrew calendar. One important thing I’ll throw in here that I think is invaluable for you here at Mt Carmel Church.

That the Bible says that when you come before God on those three separate feasts, he said those three feasts, everyone was required to come to the house of God. And he said, don’t come empty-handed. So I know personally, there’s something I’ve done in my life. I’ve, I’ve made it a habit where I started bringing a special offering above my ties on all three of those fees say, well, you’re saying I have to do no, you don’t have to do anything. I’m not looking for a way out of giving. I’m looking for a way into giving. When I’m searching the Bible, I’m looking for ways and opportunities for me to be more generous to God because he’s been so generous to me. So when I’ve, when I find the Bible and say, Hey, when you come before me on the feast of Pentecost, don’t come empty-handed here at Mt Carmel Church.

Then I come to bring you a special offering. Now again, I say that just to help you study it out for yourself. If you’d like to, someone had to show me before I could do that, what has it done for me? It helps me be more generous in my life to God. So you can do that on Pentecost of Alex acts chapter one. Let’s go there. I knew I’m going to get too rambunctious today. I was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rockets shares this morning, my extroverted jeans were on overload. It’s like I walked into the side and I saw all your people. I’m like, I want to touch every single one of the hard limits. I want to hug him all summer. If you’re not a hugger today, just look the other way. Don’t give him, don’t make eye contact with me f.

If you make eye contact, except for one-acts chapter one, Hey, when we dismiss at the end, we’re going to let all the introverts go first. So you can escape. You can escape. Have you found acts of chapter one? So here’s the birth. This is Pentecost Sunday and being assembled with them. He commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait or may say, wait, wait for the promise of the father, which he said, you have heard from me. This is Jesus talking for John, truly baptized with water, water unto repentance. But you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit. Not many days from now. So Jesus was saying something to the disciples. When I say disciples, it was not 12 people. He was talking to there are over 120 people in the room. So it’s not the original 12. This is one of them.

Judas wasn’t even on the scene. It wasn’t the original 11 plus Matthews. This was, this was all 120. And he says you’re going to be baptized with the Holy Spirit. This is what he’s talking about. Then they said, Hey Lord, are you going to restore? The kingdom of Israel at this time was still hung up on this earthly kingdom and rule and overtaking Rome. They were still hung up on it. Lord, when are you going to throw Caesar out the door Mt Carmel Church? And it’s verse seventies. You know, I’m just paraphrasing. If you’re like, I don’t find that in my Bible at all, verse eight, he says, stop tripping over times and seasons right now. He said, but verse eight, here’s what you need to know about right now. And we know sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and we start worrying about things that we don’t need to worry about yet.

And sometimes we need the Lord to bring us back around and say, here’s what I want you to focus on right now. He said, yeah, the times and seasons we’ll, we’ll talk about that later. But right now here’s what you need to know. But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon, has come upon you and you shall be my be witnesses to me in Jerusalem. And that to me also means my witnesses, witnesses for me, my representatives in Jerusalem and Judea and Sumeria to the end of the year. Important for us to understand the witness, to be my witnesses, to be my witnesses. That doesn’t mean, you know when I talk about, we go out and let’s witness to people, it’s to go tell them about Jesus. That is a part of witnessing. That is not the totality of witnessing.

Witnessing is not only telling someone about Jesus and what he’s done for you and telling them about the gospel and leading them to Christ. That’s a part of it. But being his witness is to be his example of doing what he did when Jesus came. He didn’t just point people to the father. He also did many signs and wonders. He worked power. He worked miracles. He operated in demonstration and power. He said Paul talked about this, that he didn’t just come. And in a note, in typing words of man’s wisdom, but he came in demonstration and power of the Holy Spirit that your faith would not be in the wisdom of man, but in being the power of God. So this is what he’s talking about. Be my witnesses. So now after Jesus comes to stay focused here. You shall receive power. So Jesus is with them, right?

He’s with them in the room. And he says you’re gonna receive power. When the Holy Spirit comes upon you. He told them that. But then if you fall through that, Jesus ascends back into heaven. So after Jesus has, since he’s no longer with them, follow me after he ascended, he’s no longer with them in the room. So they go back into their room and they’re closed up. So they’re in this room. They didn’t go anywhere yet. He said, wait for the promise of the father now, what are they, why are they in this room? Go back just a little bit to the left. John chapter 20. I want to show you something. They returned to the upper room of a house where they were staying in Jerusalem. Look in John chapter 22. Look at verse 19. It says then the same day at evening being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut, where the disciples were assembled. Notice what it says here for fear of the Jews. So the disciples are hiding. They’re closed up in a room for fear of the Jews. Jesus comes and stands in the midst of them and says to them, Peace, be with you, follow. These are all important. Peace be with you. Why is peace with you? Jesus is with you.

What were they doing in the room? They were hiding. They were full of fear. But when Jesus came into the room, what did he say? Peace, be with you. I’m with you when I’m here, what do I bring? I bring peace. You’re hiding and fear. But when I come with you, when I show up in the room, fear goes, peace. Is there peace be with you? Am I getting the point home? So then when he said this, he showed them his hands and his side. Then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord glad when they saw. So they’re afraid. They’re, they’re huddled in fear, but Jesus shows up. They see him, they see it’s his hands Mt Carmel Church, his feet. They see it’s Jesus raised from the dead. And now they’re glad they were afraid. Now they’re glad. Why are they glad when they were afraid? Because he’s with them physically, he’s with them. So his presence with them changed everything. They went from afraid to glad I’m just building something for you. We’re going to connect the dots for you, but I just want to build it up. So they’re there with him. So now when Jesus was in the room, what was with them? Peace was with him. So they were with peace, but peace was not in them.

Come on down. They were with peace, but peace was not in them. Yeah, you can be with something and it not be in you. You can be surrounded by something and not be full of something. I can be in the presence of something and not have the presence. Inmate, the plan of heaven was not for him to be with us, but to be in us, there’s a difference in being in his presence and his presence being in you. Come on, write that down. You got to get that.

There’s a difference in being in his presence. I love to be in his presence. Moses was in his presence, but when he left his presence, it faded away. Why? Because there’s a difference of being in his and his presence being in you. So now we got to understand this. His, we can be with his presence and feel peace in the church. You come into the church. This is why some of you when you come to church or you’re watching service online, you can get in the presence of God and you can feel peace. You feel good. But when you go away and you leave the church, all of a sudden you don’t feel that it starts to fade. Okay? Maybe by Sunday afternoon, maybe my Monday or Tuesday, that piece that you felt on. Sunday’s not there anymore. Why? Because you are with peace, but you’re not filled with peace. Well, God’s come to do today Mt Carmel Church.

Food dog. I’m telling you he, he comes to fill some people. He comes to fill you. I’ve been praying for all weeks. And Lord, I pray that you fill this room, filled overflow, filled your house, fill your living room. He’s coming to feel you. I hope you’re ready. I know my time is already getting away. I just started. Oh, Jesus. So now, uh, John, let me give us John 14. I’ve got to go through this quickly. The spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive because he will dwell with you and will be in you. John 14, verses 25 through 27. Don’t have time to read all verse 27. Peace I leave with you. Hold up, hold up, hold up. Peace. I leave. Who was he leaving? Remember when Jesus stood in the midst of them. He said, peace. Be with you. Then in Johnny said my peace. I leave you. How’s he gonna leave his peace? He was gone. He ascended.

So now he’s how’s he going to leave? My peace? I give it to you. Not as the world gives. Do I give it to you? Let not your heart be troubled. Neither. Let it be afraid. Why? Because the Holy Spirit is what he was going to leave here. He left the Holy Spirit. All right. All right. Now go to acts chapter two. Oh, Jesus. We got to get to, we gotta get to the elevation. We got to get to 30,000 feet. We’re climbing chapter two, verse one. Are you ready? When the day of Pentecost had fully come that’s today for us, we’re celebrating

all with one accord in one place. Stop right there. They were all in one accord with one place. What happened? They gathered together in unity, one accord, one place. This is what our nation needs right now. We need unity. We need to gather together in unity, every race, every tribe, every creep, everybody comes together in unity. Bringing the love of God, understanding, bringing clarity, listening to the discussion, listening to other people that see things in a different way than you do. Having an open heart and say, I may not agree with you, but I will listen to you. And I will respect you coming in one accord, one accord, and one heart. You can’t tell me that 120 people in one room agreed 100% on everything. You can’t tell me that I have seven people in my house and we don’t all agree on one thing all the time. So you’ve got to understand that 120 people that does not mean one hard one to court does not mean that they agreed on everything. They agreed on. One thing. let that sink in for a minute. Okay with us here at Mt Carmel Church?

They didn’t agree on everything. They agreed on one thing, they agreed on him. They agreed on. We want him. We believe Jesus told us to wait for the promise of the father. So we’re going to wait for the promise. So they agreed on what they agreed on. One thing that promise of God, they agreed on that. I don’t know about this. I don’t know about that. I don’t know what’s going to happen when he comes. This is what’s going to happen. When he shows up, this is what we’re going to do. I know what’s going to happen. I know what’s going to take place. I know this house is going to play up. Whenever the promise comes is they all had their own different opinion on what’s going to happen. When he showed up, they all already broke off in their denominational categories. When the Holy Spirit comes, I’m telling you, this is what we’re going to do. Oh, you John, you’re going to do that yet. We appear in this. What I’m going to do, Frank, whatever. No, nobody knew what was going to happen.

They agreed on one thing. They wanted him. And that’s what I want us to agree in here this morning that we want him. That’s why I want you to agree on though. Do you want him? You want him in your home. You want him in your life. You want him in your family. All right? So let’s put this together. Psalm one 33 says behold, how good and pleasant it is for the brethren to dwell together in unity. Unity, jump down to verse three. It says for there, there the Lord commanded the blessing life forevermore. When we’re in unity, God’s going to command the blessing. When we get in the unity of one church, one heart, one, one accord. That’s where God’s gonna command the blessing. So let’s go on. They’re all in one card in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven like a rushing, mighty wind. And it filled, filled, filled the hole. How much of the house, the whole house filled the whole house, where they were sitting notice. They were sitting in the water in a house. They weren’t in a church. They were in a house. You’ve been to your house. The Holy Spirit can fill your house right now. The Holy Spirit can fill your house. You got to appreciate the presence of God in your house. It’s not just for this house. It’s in your house. The spirit of God has to go with us everywhere. We come in, we get filled with the presence of God, but now we don’t leave him in the house anymore. We’d take him with us. Moses had to leave him in the Holy place, but we don’t have to leave him getting ahead of myself. They were all filled. They were all filled. They were all filled, not just the ones that were open to it. They’re all filled. There were sitting. Then there appeared to them, divided tongues as a fire, and one set upon how many of them upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues as the spirit, them utterance. A lot of things that we could talk about here. I could focus on the day of Pentecost. We could talk about that piece. We could talk about the power of unity. I talked about it a little bit. We could talk about the sound from heaven and the rushing mighty wind that filled that whole house. We could talk about the power of meeting in a house and what it can be like to be out of the church and doing that. We can talk about the tongues of fire and how the fire of the Holy Spirit set upon every one of them. And we could talk about how they were all filled. We could talk about tongues and the validity of tongues and how much value it provides for us in our own lives. That we can talk about a lot of things. I’m not going to talk about that today with our Mt Carmel Church team.

Here’s what I’m going to talk about. I’m going to talk about that. They were all filled and something changed in them. Remember when I talked about how Moses when he came into presence when he walked out of the presence, there was a visible glow. There was an outward resemblance, or there was an outward change, a change that you could see with your own eyes. Here’s what I believe happened. Notice the disciples that they were a chain, they were huddled in fear in the upper room. And after they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, what happened

after they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, the Bible says that Peter goes out and preaches and 3000 people in one day get saved. He goes, all the people they were afraid of. They start preaching to and all that. They were hiding from the Jews. In one moment, they get filled with the Holy Spirit. Something goes from being with them to getting in them. And when something got in them, something changed. They changed it. It changed who they were changed, their outlook, what they were afraid of. They started preaching too. What’s you’re afraid of right now. You’ll start preaching too. When you get filled with the Holy Spirit, you’ll start declaring the word of the Lord over something. Instead of being afraid of something and wonder, what am I going to do? What am I going to do is what’s happening? What’s going to you’ll stop being afraid of that thing. You’ll start declaring the word to that thing. You start worrying about your kids and start, stop worrying about them. And what’s going to happen. You’ll start declaring over your kid, preaching to your kid. You’ll start, stop being in fear about your marriage, and being afraid of it. Start declaring the word of the Lord. Be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. There are people in his room for Samuel, for Samuel says the spirit of the Lord will come upon you. You were talking to Saul and he said that you will prophesy with them and you’ll be good. We’ll be turned into another man. Turn into another woman. Pentecost was not just for certain types of churches. We don’t have to leave him in the room. Now let’s go back to second Corinthians. Here’s what I want to land on. I’ve got to, I’ve got to start bringing it down. Second Corinthians chapter three. We’re going to now look at this second Corinthians chapter three. Let me stay with it here to make sure you’re following the transition. You get in the presence. You’re with something, one level of glory, right? But when you get filled with something, it’s another level of glory. I want to go. I want us to go.

I want to encourage people to not be people that want to come into a church, just to have a good church service, to get filled with someone that no matter where you go, you don’t, it doesn’t fade away too many times. You know, when we came to church and were appreciative of the opportunity to come to church, who do if we make it just about the building, then I come here and I’m different here than I am out there. That I come in here and I have great expectations of God moving in my life. And then I go home or I go to school or I go to work. And all of a sudden it begins to fade away. I don’t want it to fade away. I want us to be filled with something. Look what it says in chapter three, verse 15. But even to this day, when Moses is read a veil lies on their heart. Nevertheless, when one turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. Now the Lord is the spirit and where the spirit of the Lord is. Now. The Lord is the spirit and where the spirit of the Lord is. There is Liberty. There is Liberty. Let me tell you what Liberty means a state of freedom, unrestrained free from internal or external control or domination on hindered. Let me say that again. State of freedom. So anybody needs any freedom in their life free from internal or external control for the spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty where he is. Liberty is there.

When Jesus walked into the room, he said, peace. Be with you whenever he left the peace lift. But when they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, something changed, the piece didn’t leave. He said, my peace. I leave with you. I’m leaving it here. So here’s what my prayer is. That where the spirit of the Lord is there, there in that area is Liberty. What room of your life do you need to allow the spirit in so that you can get Liberty in that area? Where the spirit of the Lord is where he is, where he comes in. That area of my life gets freedom. Maybe you’re dealing with addictions. Maybe you’re dealing with issues with your marriage, with your kids, with your finances, whatever it is, where you let the spirit of the Lord in there will be Liberty and us here at Mt Carmel Church.

So here’s what my prayer was. It’s very simple, very simple. I said, Lord, at a moment in the service, I’m going to say, God, I just want you to fill the room. And I’m going to invite you to allow him to fill your room. Where do you need Liberty? Maybe you’re watching online and maybe you’ve never let Jesus come into your life. Holy Spirit right now in Jesus’ name, I release you to do what only you could do no hype, no working, anything up. Fill this room, fill the overflow, fill every living room. Fill every screen. Come now in Jesus’ name.

Just open your heart. Let him fill your mouth for there was fear. Let him fill that room. Liberty’s coming. Liberty’s coming. Liberty is here where the spirit of the Lord there’s Liberty. I want you to wait on him for a moment. I want you to just stay with him. When watching online, let Liberty come into your room. What does that look like? Just open your heart. Jesus. I need a situation with my children. Fill me, fill me with peace. My situation with my job, with my marriage, my coworker, my friend, my family member, whatever it may be. Fill me.

Holy spirit. Fill every heart. Come up. I’m sold on it. I’m sold on you letting the peace of the Holy Spirit. Some of you have never received the Holy Spirit that came on the day of Pentecost right now at this moment. Here’s how simple it is. You can say to Jesus, Jesus baptize me in the Holy Spirit. That’s how complicated it is. Jesus said, John baptized with water with me, I will baptize you with the Holy Spirit. You will feel you. Some of you need to be refilled. Make it your prayer, right? God, Jesus. Fill me with the Holy Spirit.

Fill me with Louise. Fill every room. Fill every person God set upon. Each of them just receives no preconceived expectations on what’s going to happen to you. When you receive him, just receive him. What am I supposed to do this? I supposed to do that. Just say out of the sincerity of your heart, Jesus, fill me with the Holy Spirit and believe in your heart that he’s filling you. That’s all you have to do. You have to look for something to happen. Expect something. You have to make something happen. Just ask him by faith. Say, Jesus, fill me, fill me today with your presence. Fill me to overflowing up.

Fill me fresh. Cool. If you’re watching on lights, just receive, just received, got to pray over everyone. Every person, all over this room, all overflow, every person watching online. I released the presence of God and just receive that into your home. Some of you don’t know what to expect. You think shouldn’t this be more? Shouldn’t this be a bigger deal? Should this be more demonstrative? Should be. You’re receiving a person. You’re not receiving a manifestation. You’re not receiving an outward symbol. You’re receiving a person. Let that outward demonstration habits score right now. You receive the person of the Holy Spirit. That’s what Jesus wants to fill you with. He wants to, he said my peace. I leave with you. I want to leave you something. I want to leave you something that’s going to help you deal with things. Deal with temptations at school deal with temptation deal, with confusion about what’s going on in our world.

What’s happening politically. What’s happening in our, in our, our, uh, social settings and people in around in our cities and things of that nature. All of what’s happened. I need, I need some peace chat. I’m afraid. I’m afraid. I understand you need the peace of the Holy Spirit. You need the Holy Spirit. Our nation needs the Holy Spirit. I’m praying for a flood of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday, not to a denomination, not to certain types of churches, to every believer that follows Christ. Everyone who says Jesus’ sensor logs. I see when the enemy comes in to divide, to conquer, to steal, to destroy. When the enemy comes in comma, I’m going to put the comma there like a flood. The spirit of the Lord will lift a standard against him.

So I say over the United States of America, when the enemy comes in, I thank you, Lord, for a release of the flood of the church of Jesus Christ. Then we’ve been held out of our buildings for three months. We released the flood of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, flood our nation with love, flood our nation with the goodness of God, flood our nation with peace in Jesus’ day. Thank you, Lord. Thank you. Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Be filled, be filled. Chad, how do I know that I’m filled? Your Bible tells that if you being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him? You ask, I’m going to lay hands on every single one of you to receive the Holy Spirit, but it’s not needed. I love to do it tonight. Time. Indoor facilities don’t allow it with a good Mt Carmel Church service.

but right where you are, you can receive him. Some people have been filled with the Holy spirit that you need a refilling. I’m praying for that right now in Jesus name, your Christian walk has begun to sputter and fizzle. You need a refilling of the Holy Spirit. I’m seeing, I’m seeing this and maybe it’s cause I’m doing some yard work or God’s just spring to my mind. But I’m seeing a hose. That’s kinked. We had a problem with our pool hose and it was, it was collapsing. And so when it was, the water was supposed to flow through it. And because of that, the hose would collapse. It wouldn’t the water couldn’t get through there. The pump was working. The pressure was working and water was on the other side. Everything was available, but the hose was collapsed. Some of you, I just feel like stress, worry, fear, anxiety, things of God into your life. And it’s collapsed. You’re hosing to unkink it right now in Jesus’ name. But the Holy Spirit floods your heart and bring peace to you.

If you need to accept Jesus as your Lord and savior, I want to pray for you to do that right now. If you’ve never accepted Christ, maybe you’re watching online. You said, Chad, I’ve never accepted Jesus. I want you to do that. Jesus died for your sins and I want you to accept him right into your heart. Just pray this prayer with me. If that’s you and you want to get born again today, if you want to commit your heart to him, maybe reconnect, rate recommit, whatever it may be. I’m going to point you to Jesus. Pray this to me. Say, dear Jesus, pray this to him. Say, dear Jesus.

I believe that you died for me in my place, on the cross for my sin. Yes. I believe he rose from the dead to give me a new life today. I repeat. I choose you. Forgive me of all my sin. Come into my heart and be my Lord. I need a savior and I choose you because you chose me. Save you by faith. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for saving me. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. Fill me with your presence in Jesus’ day. Amen. Listen, if you prayed that prayer, I want you to take a moment and get your phone out and just text the word new life to (618) 243-0900. Or even here in the room overflow room or watching online, text that number. We want to connect you with your next step with Jesus. If you need prayer this morning, you can text the word prayer to that same number, or you can send an email to us. Prayer at the roads dots shirts. We’d love to pray for you with our next Mt Carmel Church service.

We’re so thankful to be in the house of God. It’s her first week back, a lot of new things happening, transitioning, getting ready, Mount Carmel service, going to be starting the second service. So I’m trying to remember all the orders on how I’m supposed to do things and I’m already running over a little bit. So I’m just pumped. Super excited. Second service, no limitations. Look out well. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to dismiss those who need to go. We’re going to allow you to watch online. Thanks so much for being with us. We love you. We can’t wait to see you next time. Have a great week. God bless you.