Mt. Carmel Church | It is Finished Pt 4

Let’s get into the message:if you got your bibles get your sermon notes out, Mt. Carmel Church you can also get the sermon notes on your youversion bible app go to the events section and you can download the sermon notes there as well. It’s over bibles to john chapter 19 will yell because we’re happy happy about the bible happy about what god’s doing john chapter 19. It is finished. It is finished. It’s what we’ve been talking about in the series we started out talking about the importance of of seeing what god is doing in our lives and see what he’s doing another sand and we talked about being a great finisher in the beginning. Was it mean to be a great finish? I gave you three eazy-e on how to be a great finisher number one. The first see was you have to have an entry to go to finish. Well, you got to start well, she got to know your goals and then you got to get Mt. Carmel Church started on people what they want to do, but they can’t make themselves get going so you got to get started. Then, after you get started, you got to deal with the endurance e. The second one is the endurance. It’s one thing to start something good and how it goes. It’s a different deal. When you get opposition to your difficulty, it’s tiring! You got to endure some challenges. So I’m going to be a great finish when you got to have some endurance about you and then Mt. Carmel Church the last have an ending entry endurance, an ending it’s not just about starting and got the endurance we got to go through to the end. We got to see it through to the end. We don’t quit until god is finished. How many times we quit when we’re finished, but we don’t quit till goddess finish. Those are three eazy-e’s about being a great picture and then I talked about the importance of knowing your it. When jesus said it is finished, he knew what his it was and we need to know our it in life so that when were the end of our life, we can say it is finished. So I gave you this a simple way of remembering your it’s as simple as abc. The first thing about your ears, you need to know is it is acceptable or agreeable. It’s agreeable agreeable to you and to god it’s going to please Mt. Carmel Church god whatever you’re it is on this earth. It will, please got a number to it, will fulfill you, so you want to do your it, because it’s going to be the best thing that ever happened to you, be it’s bigger than you. I mean just going to take god and you to do it. You can’t do it on your own. How do you know you’re in your id when it’s impossible, encouraging? Isn’t it? It is encouraged when we know we’re relying on god’s resources, not just ours, it’s bigger and then the second part of bigger. It’s not just about you. It’s about somebody else. It’s about serving of the people see is means it’s costly. Getting in your end, it’s going to cost you something going to cost you some, but the other part of costly as it’s valuable. It’s precious you’ll sell your whole everything you have Mt. Carmel Church to buy. What god has for you cause. They came and talked to us about the importance of raising or expectation level. Do we need to live with greater expectations about god wants to do so. I encourage you. They raise your expectation on what god is going to speak to you then I want you to i. Want you to get my subtitle for today’s segment of it is finished. I want you to look at your neighbor and tell him you got taste for yourself taste for yourself taste for yourself. Mt. Carmel Church These are some things in life in psalm, 34, the bible talks about taste and see that the lord is good. I mean those are some things in life. You just got taste for yourself. I can tell you that it was the best steak. I ever had, and that’s wonderful for me, but you don’t really know for yourself until you tasted for yourself some things you got to say for yourself. You got to taste it for yourself since we’re going to talk about today, I’m going to present a problem and then hopefully, god is going to help us solve it by the end of the message. Here’s the problem. How many times in life do we have situations or circumstances Mt. Carmel Church where something can be prepared, made ready in advance or something can be finished or completed? And yet we still not experienced it. Some things finished some things done, but yet we’re not benefiting from it. That ever happened to you. I think it has some examples that you might relate to with a halo around here. Never had anybody holler at you in the safe supper’s ready we are outside playing and mom and dad says I supper’s ready. What does that mean? As soon as she said, supper is right. That means she had gone to the trouble of preparing or cooking supper and it was ready for us to eat. Now the moment she said, supper’s ready, I didn’t get full supper was ready and prepared for me, but I did not benefit from it. Until I came to eat, she can say:supper’s ready and I keep Mt. Carmel Church playing and I’m still hungry. Why am I still hungry, cuz I didn’t come eat, but if I will come and eat what’s prepared for me, so something was made ready in advance, but I wasn’t experiencing it. Yet give me another example:someone writes you a check will say it’s. A good check. Show me write you a check today. If I check is a promise to pay so somebody’s written you a check, they’ve made the payment.

How many in your mind, when you mail the check you sent in the payment, but that other person, if you give someone a check, they haven’t benefited from that check. Yet it’s just check only after they go to the bank and cash that Mt. Carmel Church check. Do they benefit from that check. So payment was prepared made ready in a bath. They have the funds available in the bank for you, but you won’t see the benefit from until you go cash it for yourself. The check like i, said it’s a promise to pay, but you got to cash in on that promise. How about a sieve? Get ready to plant your garden great time of year to get your garden planning? Maybe you’ve already started with a seed inside a seed is everything that she Mt. Carmel Church needs to produce. Tomatoes everything’s may be ready in advance that seed is prepared to grow it’s all there, but how many knows a seed in two different people’s hands can produce two different results, so she can be prepared made ready in the bath, but you’re not experienced in tomatoes. You’re almost caesar, like man, I’m hungry, for some tomatoes you’re, not going to experience it until you put the seed and its proper place and let it produce what it’s designed to produce so I’ll take time might be a gift card. I got a gift card here. A gift card is for, someone else, goes to I will say a restaurant for this example and they Mt. Carmel Church give money pay money to that restaurant, and then they give you a gift card and they give you the gift card. And now, when you get the gift card, you’re ready to go, you didn’t pay anything for it, but it was prepared a meal. A free meal is waiting for you. It’s prepared. It’s made ready in advance, but you’re not experiencing it. Yet you actually have to go to the restaurant and present your gift card, and you have to show up all of these examples. I’ve, given you something is made ready and advances prepared, it’s ready, but there is an action item on our part to experience the benefit of what is prepared for us. Mt. Carmel Church You tracking with me i, just give you natural example of thing, so you can see the process to understand that something can be ready. Something can be prepared for us, but we have to do something in order to experience the benefit that has been prepared for us. So I can stay this way. Just because something’s, not experience doesn’t mean it’s not prepared. You can take this gift card. You said on your dresser. Are you going to set there for weeks and months the whole time the restaurant is just waiting for you to walk through the doors haha meal is prepared for you. They got everything ready. All you got to do is Mt. Carmel Church walk in and show him the car there waiting for you, but you got to believe there’s something on this card. You got to believe that something is prepared. You not believe that something’s been made ready for you got. You got to believe that somebody actually paid the restaurant you to ask your some cards. They probably didn’t pay the restaurant, you leave it on the shelf and never benefit from something to ask prepared for you, because you didn’t receive it. You got it in the natural right. You understand the natural application, but I want you to see today that the same thing is true in the spiritual that something can be Mt. Carmel Church prepared for us spiritually, but not experienced by a spiritually. Something could be ready for us. Something could be finished and completed just waiting for us, but we still not experiencing just because something is ready to eat. You know we got to understand it just because they made that preparation. We still have our part to play to explain to me what the bible says about it and what what we need to do to experience everything that god has for us. What we understand, Mt. Carmel Church this concept of natural imma bring it in the spiritual today, so the by the time we’re done. You will understand the idea in the mindset that something can be prepared for me and I’m just not experiencing it so big, just because I’m not experiencing. That does not mean it’s not prepared and waiting for me. It doesn’t mean it’s not finished yet somebody you can buy a present for somebody and you can wrap it up and put it under the tree. It’s prepared it’s waiting for him, Mt. Carmel Church but they’ve got to experience it by unwrapping it I believe, there’s gifts that god has given us he’s wrapped him up in jesus waiting for us to unwrap everything that he’s purchased for us john, chapter 19 when we get there myself, john 19:28, says after this jesus. Knowing that all things were now accomplished, everything accomplished accomplish that the scripture might be fulfilled. He said I thirst, no vessel full of sour wine was sitting there and they filled a Mt. Carmel Church sponge with sour wine, put it on hyssop and put it to his mouth. So, when jesus had received the sour one, he said it is finished everything finished and bowing his head. He gave up his spirit notice. One says knowing that all things for now, pushed-and it is finished the word accomplished and the word finished in the greek language. The original writing of the new testament is the exact same word. The exact same work through the definition of a give it to your sermon of it means to bring an activity to successful finish to a successful finish this list to complete to end to set out for a goal appoint aimed at or target. So Mt. Carmel Church when jesus said, all things are accomplished and it is finished we need to know what was finished.

We need to know what he did. We need to know what has been completed, its not talking and didn’t, say jesus didn’t say it is now started and will happen someday. He said it’s done. It’s completed, I want to know what was complaining. I want to know Mt. Carmel Church what he’s made ready in advance for me. I believe we need to know what he’s already prepared. What if he’s got a gift card for you that you need to redeem? What, if you paid for something that you’re not experiencing yet, but it’s raining. We need to know what it is. So what did jesus finish on the cross? Two things I’m going to talk about today, too, thanks label start with an r number. One is redemption redemption, he finished ephesians chapter 1. Let’s look at Mt. Carmel Church these two things that are finished notice. These things are not going to happen. He said they’re all accomplished and finished. It’s already done. It’s already done so something can be completed but not experienced ephesians chapter 1 I’m going to start reading in verse, 3, it says blessed, be the god and father of our lord jesus christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in christ, just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world that we should be holy and without blame before him in love having predestined us to adoption as sons by jesus christ himself. According to his good Mt. Carmel Church pleasure of his will to the praise of the glory of his grace, by which he made us accepted in the beloved in the beloved means in jesus, we are accepted in jesus, verse, 7 in him we have redemption episode redemption. We have redemption through his blood the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of his grace. So the first thing we have is redemption in him. The first thing that was finished on the cross is redemption. Here’s what the word redemption means that means to release or set free on receipt of ransom, paying a price to redeem. It’s from vines dictionary. So it’s to relieve for set free because of payment was made. We were bought and paid for remember this. A gift card is free to you, but somebody has to pay for it. You can’t just take a gift card. I was a store and stick in your pocket and then come back and get your meals i. Here’s a gift card, but I’ve got a gift card, but there has to be money on the gift card. Small Mt. Carmel Church detail, the same thing:i redemption was free to us, but there was a price that still had to be paid. It wasn’t free, it had to be paid. So how is our redemption paid for the bible says in 1st peter that that I redemption we were redeem not with corruptible things like silver or gold, that with money you can buy redemption from god god, but by the precious blood of christ it cost jesus his own blood fit cost him his life, so redemption that was provided for us. It’s free to us. It’s our! It’s our spiritual gift card redemption is a gift card, but it cost jesus his blood. How does that work for us, 50 patients, 2, verse, 8-9, Mt. Carmel Church say this for by grace. Are you saved through faith? Not of yourselves? It is a gift of god, so redemption forgiveness of sin is a gift from god, it’s god’s gift card to us. It was paid for through the blood of jesus by grace. Here’s what by grace means by grace means it was his idea, he’s the one who bought the cart, he’s the one who gave us the guitar, we didn’t say:hey god. Could you give us a good partner by grace means she’s, the one who initiated it? We couldn’t come Mt. Carmel Church to god. He came to us by grace. We couldn’t afford it. He did that part on his. He thought it was his gift, his his by grace. This is what you do, but notice what it says. This is by grace through faith. Sony understand that the salvation is made redemption was purchased for us, not extending towards men. Remember this part about redemption when jesus died, redemption was purchased for everyone, but it must be applied individually, be safe. This way forgiveness or Mt. Carmel Church redemption was given universally, but it must be appropriated individually when I use the word universal I’m, not talkin., universalism, where everyone is safe and everyone’s going to heaven know what I’m talking about is that god said I’m going to forgive the sin of humanity universally now, I’m just going to ask you to individually apply it to your life, he’s already paid for the sins of humanity. It was paid for through the blood of jesus 2000 years ago, on the cross payments already been made, but now it has to be appropriated individual. How do we appropriate? How do we redeem the gift card? We redeem it through. Mt. Carmel Church Faith knows what it says by grace. Are you saved through one through faith? The sovereignty of god was his decision by grace, but now it’s up to us through faith, to redeem what was applied or appropriate or supplied for us by grace means god’s part through faith means our parts by grace was not extended to me. Something I could not get on my own. True faith is how I receive what god provided for me. It’s the tunnel, it’s the it’s! The conduit, if you will I receive Mt. Carmel Church true faith, I believe what he did for me. It’s believing it’s trusting that what god did is actually applicable to my life. It’s like having a gift card. Faith me, like somebody, gives you this gift, it’s like having a gift card to a restaurant, but never going because you don’t have enough money. Imagine that then, Mt. Carmel Church if you someone, give you a gift card for $100 to go out to eat, but you don’t go to out to eat because you don’t have $100 like i.

Mt. Carmel Church Don’t have enough money to go I know, but you got to gift card I know, but I don’t have enough money which I know, but I don’t have no gift cards. We talked about that in the natural, but the problem is we try and do it in the spiritual it. So we think that we got to do it on our own, that our goodness and I’m not going to come to god I’m not going to come to church until I get my life straightened out till I get my life in order until I fix my meth. Stop trying to fix Mt. Carmel Church your mess. You’ve got two gift cards. It’s the blood of jesus he’s already paid for it. So, based on my goodness, it is based on my goodness, I sure, wouldn’t be up in here. But when we understand we have a gift card, but I have to apply by faith. I have to show up to the restaurant I have to eat my food and, at the end, I give them this card by faith that there’s something on it. I ate that food ahead of time, I didn’t have them run the card first. Maybe you Mt. Carmel Church shouldn’t once in awhile, but I’ve been blind by somebody gives me a gift but I’m. Trusting you put some money on that thing. Sophie and I’ve eaten already received. Everything is provided for me, i, believe payments already been made. We need to do the same thing, spiritually, true faith and believe redemption has already been applied or origin provide for us. We just got to receive it through faith. It’s redemption is not about our far. Goodness is not about Mt. Carmel Church our resources. We miss out on things because we’re focused on our our resources. Instead of his provision, me say it again:we miss out on what god has done for us, because we’re focused on what we have done:you’re missing out on redemption, sometimes I’m missing out on redemption, because I’m so focused on my failures. Instead of working on focusing on jesus’s acceptance, we’re safe through jesus, well, I need to get my i. Don’t need to get our life in order, but we got Mt. Carmel Church realize our life in order does not make us accepted by god. I hate diversity, buddies bubbles, you’re not going to earn your way into heaven. The only way we get in is because jesus paid for your redemptive gift card. Does that mean i, don’t have to worry about, I can do whatever I want I’m. Just saying I get done that in a minute I’m talking about that, we have to apply by faith. What jesus already did for us relationship relationship tear your relationship with Mt. Carmel Church god. This is off script, but I was thinking about this week. My relationship with god see when people talk about what that mean. I’m just saying to do whatever I want I’m going to get into heaven, because it’s already been provided. For me, my relationship with god is not based on something that my confidence, my security in my relationship with god is not something that based on something that happened to me years ago. My confidence in my security in my relationship with Mt. Carmel Church god is based on what I do everyday. Can we give you an example of my comfort to my security in my marriage is not based on what happened on march 28th 1998, my confidence, my security. My marriage is what I get up and do everyday with my wife same thing with your relationship with your savior, you should be absolutely confident and secure in your relationship with god, but it’s not based on something you did on some date. That’s based on something you do everyday everyday everyday to buy saved by grace through faith is how we receive our redemption i. Listen to the segment jeans. You redeem redeem redeem jesus took, on what Mt. Carmel Church we deserve, so we can take on what he deserved. The second are the first 11. It says in him also everest I also and him also. We have obtained an inheritance inheritance, western rewards I’m, not talking about your heavenly rewards, based on your works on the earth when I say, rewards is 2 oz of using to talk about our inheritance. Redemption forgiveness of sin and inheritance knows what it says, and he also also what does bar 7 in him. We have redemption in him. Mt. Carmel Church Also, we have inheritance. So we have is our inheritance. Just our redemption know it’s our forgiveness of sins and it’s everything else that jesus died to give us. We can’t leave our inheritance on the table because we have an entire inheritance been given to us by god. That’s okay. Also. We have been predestined according to the purpose of him, who works all things according to the counsel of his will. Second thing that we get that was finished. Remember what we’re talking about. This is what it’s finished at the cross. When jesus said it is finished, one of the things was redemption forgiveness of sins. The second Mt. Carmel Church thing that was finished was our inheritance. People have a problem. We talk about rewards what your bible says in in hebrews that it’s impossible to please god without faith, for he who believes god must believe that he is who comes to. God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him, he’s a rewarder, so we can realize that god gave us an inheritance and we got to see what is that? What is that inheritance that jesus died? To give us? Mt. Carmel Church Give you three w’s to talk about your inheritance? You even know what your inheritance is if you’re watching this online you’re listening here in the auditorium or you’re listening by city, we need to know what our inheritance is. We grasp ahold of redemption forgiveness of sin, but to meet I’m grabbing hold of the inheritance.

That is, we also and him. Also we have an inheritance there’s the three doubles number one player:where is your inheritance i, want to know where my inheritance? Yes, if jesus died, so that I can have an inheritance I’d like to know where it is? If somebody left you an inheritance, wouldn’t you like to know where to go pick it up? Would you like to know where the show up to sign papers to make it official I want to know? Where is my heritage? The bible tells us Mt. Carmel Church I’m so glad you asked. Where is it looking for 7 that says in him we have redemption verse, 11 says in him. We have obtained our inheritance, so our inheritance, both redemption and rewards, are in him in him know just what I said back in verse. Three that he’s giving us has blessed us with all spiritual blessings Mt. Carmel Church in heavenly places in christ. Our inheritance is in christ it’s in jesus. Why am I in for sizing that? Because we have tried to get our rewards or inheritance outside of jesus he’s not santa claus, it comes from a relationship with him in genesis abramson he’s talking every since i. Am your exceeding great reward. He is our reward. It’s not what he does for us is our rewards. He is our reward, so this is what we gotta do. We gotta realize and him I’m going to get everything I need for my life. You want to figure out what god has provided for you ahead of time that you experience when I talk about I’m talking about joy, peace, Mt. Carmel Church goodness, love, family, life jobs, probationary, health, every year, your life, it’s all found in him, it’s all found in hip. So now we know where it’s in him notice. What it says, though anniversary it says in every spiritual blessing. I’ve heard this before chad. Now this and that’s just spiritual blessings Mt. Carmel Church when I talk about natural blessings, the problem with this I think it’s been misinterpreted, but when it says spiritual blessing is talking about a type of blessing about a type of blessing is talking about a source, a location. Where do you get your blessings from its spirituals from god, every good gift and every perfect gift comes from the father above comes down from him. So now, all my blessings are spiritual blessings cuz. They come from him, whether it’s a whether it’s a house, whether it’s emotional weather, spiritual or physical, with whatever it is spiritual blessing being where I get my blessings from he’s my source. This was talked about every spiritual blessing. It comes from him, so it’s where it’s located. It’s our access point! If you want to access, if I Mt. Carmel Church want to access my inheritance I need to know where it is in heavenly places or in him it’s like a bank. When you deposit money in a bank, you have to go back to that bank to withdraw. Did you deposit money in the first national bank? You can’t go to first, federal and say:i want to make a withdrawal. Did you don’t have an account I know, but I want to withdraw $1,000 I deposited over here in first national, but I want you to give me a thousand crazy in the natural, but this was hung up. Spiritual blessing means it’s our source. So now, when we will receive our spiritual inheritance, it’s very important. We got to Mt. Carmel Church make sure we’re withdrawing from the right bank i, don’t ridge, withdraw spiritual blessings with natural sources, i, don’t try and withdraw spiritual blessings through natural means. Just what I’m trying to say, I can’t wait for my natural, its senses to confirm a spiritual transaction. What I’m? Looking for what god has given me? What he’s made ready for me what he’s provided for me what’s finish for me, I can’t wait for my feelings to tell me whether I really got it or not. That’s what drawing from the wrong bank. What are withdrawal if it’s been deposited in him, so where do I withdraw from I withdraw from him? Mt. Carmel Church I don’t want to put draw from my feelings he didn’t deposited into. My feelings, but we want to wait if we felix am I saved i, just don’t feel safe, i, just don’t feel safe. Probably not going to happen. I don’t feel safe. Where did you deposit your redemption by grace? Are you saved through feelings by grace? Are you saved through through 5? So how do you know you’re safe through faith? What about when you don’t feel like it? You believe it you believe it so you withdraw from using spiritual meats. What is our spiritual mean hebrews to access is by grace through faith. Our spiritual resources are spiritual memes for withdrawing spiritual inheritance. It is through faith, it’s not through thinking, but i. Just don’t understand you don’t have to understand. Just received my face:call Mt. Carmel Church timmy, time, spiritual blessings to natural resources and got to say, hey you’re, getting hung up because you’re trying to withdraw something from the wrong bank of deposit this in spiritual to where it is it’s in the gym, so we got to withdraw from the same one. We can’t wait for a natural to be a confirmation of that spiritual transaction, see what her when were using face. I like to see if this way faith is being means for withdrawing spiritual blessings, it’s the means for by grace. Are you saved through faith through faith? True faith, but there’s a good important kicker faith is the means where we receive spiritual blessings, but it is not. The lack of faith is not the only hindrance. You say that again. I hope this helps you faith is the means by how we Mt. Carmel Church receive spiritual blessing, but lack of faith is not the only hindrance. There’s some things you could be hindering me from experiencing.

What’s been prepared for me and it’s not faith, it’s something else. That is issue in my life that I need to address and get corrected there x things that I Mt. Carmel Church can be held back by unforgiveness towards someone, and all of that that I’m holding is keeping me from experiencing, what’s been prepared for me at sometimes people get discouraged and condemned because people that why you just didn’t have enough faith, you just need to believe. You, don’t have no faith in it may not be that you didn’t that it may not be that you didn’t have enough faith hit. Maybe something else:that’s hindering you from receiving what god’s prepared faith is being mean by how we receive, but there are other hindrances that may keep us from receiving. This is why we have to have relationship was the first one where I’m sorry, who was the first one, the second one, the second w2 so who gets to inherit and inheritance and are romans chapter 8, verse 16 says the spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of god and if children then heirs, heirs of god and joint heirs with christ, if, indeed we saw that Mt. Carmel Church we may also be glorified together. So now, when we become born again filled with the holy spirit. Now we are children of god. Once we are children of god, we are heirs of god. What are heirs of god and joint heirs with christ will check it out now. What do we have in the right for inheritance, everything that jesus inherited we get to inherit, i, don’t know it sounds like it’s too big. I know it sounds like it’s impossible. Cuz we’re just human being, but I didn’t write. The bible god did-and he said once you become a child of god. You are now a joint heir with jesus everything that he had. You have a right to inherit so just Mt. Carmel Church because I have a right to inherit. That doesn’t mean I’m going to experience it just because it’s been finished and made ready in advance. Just because it’s prepared for me doesn’t mean I’m going to experience it. So, if I’m not experiencing everything that I believe god wants me to experience, I don’t get discouraged, I just focus more. We got to spend more time focusing on the provision that we do. Our lack of experience, there’s what happens to us. Here’s what happens to me, maybe you’re better, but here’s what happens to me when I’m not experiencing my inheritance in an area I will get to focus sometimes on what I’m not experiencing and I’ll get me discouraged and got some fuel spend more time focusing on my provision and focusing on what I’ve done for you what I’ve completed for you. You will begin to experience the reality and the truth from the inside out. My inheritance is a spiritual blessing. I got to withdraw it through Mt. Carmel Church spiritual me through faith instead of i. Don’t see it i, don’t hear it i, don’t feel it. Therefore I don’t have it. That’s the wrong bank we’re trying to withdrawal based on what we feel i, don’t understand, i, don’t understand, i, don’t know where this is going to work. I know i, don’t either but I’m going to keep making withdrawals from the right bank from the spiritual bank cuz. That’s where god put my hair so now I know you’re there you’re there, but you never said Mt. Carmel Church you were there. I didn’t I didn’t give myself. My rights god gave them to me through jesus on the cross. I’m not bossing got around when I received my purchase receiving I’m having the audacity to show up and use the gift card. When you go to the restaurant and you present the gift card-they’re not going to say who do you think you are coming in here with your gift card-want a free meal, you freeloader never going to tell you that we understand that right right, your Mt. Carmel Church father, your heavenly father is never going to say to you when you come to him and say lord I come to receive the promises that you made for me. I come to redeem the gift card on my inheritance he’s never going to save you call you private little thing. What do you think you’re doing here? I got bigger things to do than worry about your problems, he’s never going to say that he’s going to say that’s been paid for come on in come on, come on in I’ll, receive your car. Mt. Carmel Church That’s been paid for, enjoy your meal, I’ll pay for it he’s going to be happy to see if they’re going to love to see. If that, because they know they’ve already got their money, disuse win final ws win stefano my inheritance, that’s been provided, I know it’s it’s in heavenly, places. I know that I’m an error so I get out of window i, get it every once in a win notice. What’s in verse, 3 you look at your just make sure I get a ride, does blessed be the god and father of our lord jesus christ, who has blessed us has blessed us has blessed us, is that future tense, present tense or past tense has blessed. Us is what tense past Mt. Carmel Church tense. He has blessed us with how many spiritual blessings every spiritual blessing has blessed us. It’s already been done when, when does an air receive their inheritance when they die? Give me the scripture for where there is the last will and testament the death of the one who made it must be established for a will and testament is valid and takes effect only at the deaf, since it has no force or legal power. As long as the one who made it is alive, when does Mt. Carmel Church the air receive their inheritance when they die? Know they received their inheritance when the one who made it.

If grandpa joe left you an inheritance so thrilled grandpa, joe left you and when do you receive what grandpa grandpa joe left? You call joe dice. When you die. Phone number to god bless grandpa joe, we’re not trying to send him home early, we’re just saying:there’s a problem in religion. Religion has told us that will receive Mt. Carmel Church our inheritance when we die I didn’t receive my inheritance. I don’t receive my inheritance. Only when I die do I get to go to heaven, jess, not not putting anything in making light of that. But my inheritance came to me as a gift card to me when the one who made it. When jesus died two thousand years ago when he died now his last will and testament every promise that he made is now available for me to inherits everything that he promised. He said now you’re in there you’re Mt. Carmel Church a joint heir with jesus. So now there’s your gift card. It’s been provided well, I’m not experiencing it. I know I’m not experiencing everything yet either, but it doesn’t mean it’s not ready. It doesn’t mean it hasn’t been paid for, instead of side, supper’s ready. All he’s waiting for you is to come eat. Your Mt. Carmel Church bible says that those who hunger will be filled too many people give me times got to say other state. For me, I got more for you, I’ll pay for some more for you to experience like I i, don’t believe it saratoga card. The problem is just what he told me this week. I want to correct. Please feel free! You put more faith. You think you think it’s more difficult for me to heal someone physically. That is for someone to be born again, so your faith is in agreement with what Mt. Carmel Church you believe. You think it’s a bigger deal for legs to grow out that we’re not there, then for a person to raise their hand and be born again I’m telling you. It is a greater miracle for a person to be born again. Then it is for someone to grow out new legs, but because your face is in accordance with your belief, you see more of one than you do. The other like most of the story of the paralytic on the bed and his friends, carry them tour open the roof dropped you down. What was he there for? He was there for healing jesus looks at the man on the bed says:hey your sins. Are forgiven, the prince and the guy I’m sure they’re like Mt. Carmel Church how you do that’s great. Thank you, but we kind of game came for something else appreciate her forgiveness thing, but we came for a miracle check. This out, jesus shed his homework. He says which is easier or take up your bed and walk. You think, it’s easier to say your sins are forgiven, but I tell you to show Mt. Carmel Church you to prove to you that the son of man has power on the earth to forgive sins. I say to you, pick up your bed and walk, took up his bed and walked out, which was a bigger deal in jesus, is mine. The bigger deal to hit was it his sins, were forgiven, search without saying not only about giving you redemption forgiveness of sins, it’s the greatest miracle the world. It does not mean that we don’t pursue miracles, signs and wonders in the natural hey to god, to save my Mt. Carmel Church steps. Then to heal my body now I got to have more, got a few, can save my soul. You sure nothing heal, my body that you can save my dad spirit and make it a lot. If you can do that fit healing my body is a cakewalk for you. If we will transfer our faith and realize that both redemption and inheritance is a gift Mt. Carmel Church card presented to you all week, I just read even show up in a relationship. Every spiritual blessing has been paid for to pay for every scripture about your name, and what do you need today because it’s already provided all you have to do is through faith, receive receive what you are trying to twist. You didn’t have to say to god. Will you please forgive me? Will you please forgive me? Will you please forgive me all? Okay, okay I’ll know he already forgave you when it Mt. Carmel Church was finished on the cross. All you had to do is receive what was already done same thing. We don’t have to beg god to heal us. We don’t have to beg god to provide for us. We have to make all out okay, okay, oh he’ll, you know she’s like it’s already finished. Psalms 103 puts two two together forgave all of our iniquities and healed. All of our diseases

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