Mt. Carmel Church | Michael Robinson | Hometown Victories

Hi, my name’s Michael Robinson and this is my store. I went to work January fifth office. I work midnights but about 3:00 in the morning I was uh, was kind of lagging around waiting on the clock, run out more or less what was done and when you had to list we had to do and that was one of the last things we had to do and this guy would call pops. He come down the steps and he hollered at me so you know what’s going on, you know, you get it going. I’ll see. Yeah, Mt. Carmel Church I got it going in. But that time when I turned around that roller took off in her about three foot long, Yay. Wide, you know, and it sucked my hand up in it and when it went through it I just make it back out. But when I yanked it out, it just more or less pulled my pinky off.

My ring finger was just, you know, it was there, but it was smashed up my middle finger from about that knuckle is just like a 90 degree turn and that’s just a bit cut off, you know, fingernails on top of what’s going on with cheating and see what it cut off when I, Mt. Carmel Church when I did get hurt, I was like, oh no. As far as I can come to mind clutching it. I parked my bike for, for not the reason of my hand. My hand was perfectly fine. It looked like this hand when I parked my bike, I parked my bike because it had it. It’s got a head gasket leak and I said we’re not going for a ride and he knows I’m canceling the goes, it’s leaking oil. And of course I was a brand new motor. I just had it built first one ever having ever had built and uh, I thought were just parked over in the corner and I get a few checks on them, you know, get some stuff caught up and get it fixed, you know, access but 800 bucks to fix it.

We go to Evansville, they calling her Dr. No. And hey come in and he, he put it back together and finally we got into another therapy over in Salem and they got going on it. And then my bike is parked for the head gasket leak and too bad. Oh, I go to therapy for a, for a year and four months. Sixteen days. I started my bike once every two months, you know, every other month, you know, started. Just keep it going because one day I’m a writer and I always told them I’m going to ride my motorcycle. I got moved my clutch down somewhere. Oh, in the meanwhile where this was getting hurt, I was probably headed probably 40 years and I was getting ready. Chin was dorm writers down here. Mt. Carmel Church so that led into problems at home, you know, letting problems, me and her were, you know, it shouldn’t have, but it did.

And we was arguing that morning and uh, she left and I thought, well, you know, I’m done. I’m done with all this stuff. I’m done with everything. You know, I’m 44 years old and I’m done. Grabbed the bottle and it’s a, it’s a high dosage. I just bought six, seven, eight, 10, Atlanta and I just put on my mind, you know, got my son’s car and took off and I called her and I said, you know, it’s, it’s over. Well, so you’ll find me somewhere else. Said, you know, it’s done. Mt. Carmel Church when I got out to the highway, I don’t know why they go towards job thereto I guess because I wanted someone to find me that know me know, over in this part and I just swung the car up in the woods or you know, up in the word bigly found. I just left it and took off walking.

Well anyway, she called nine slash 11 and had cops over there and everything and had to ambulance there. I was in the ambulance and I just told that guy said, I just want to go home. It’s all one to go home. He that lady said beside me, she said, sir, you can’t go home. She said you tried to kill yourself. And I saw Michelle walked by and I said, Mt. Carmel Church, there goes my wife. I said, you get her and get her in here and get me out of here now I’ll go home. Made me wake up. Michelle told me one day, she said, why don’t you come because I didn’t come up here and go to church. She did. And she said, why don’t you come to church with me one day I’d rather go ride my bike or go do something else, you know, but the following Sunday I told her, I said, I think I’m going to go to church with you.

I wouldn’t change it for the world. And you know, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. You know, Randy Clark, he, uh, had a healing at our church that I, that I go to and uh, I thought, you know, fourth a shot, you know what I mean? I’m waiting on a, on a major back surgeries, you know, what else do I got to lose, you know, so, and I even told Chad or pastor Chad, I even told him, you know, a couple of ways. When, when they said it’s coming, Mt. Carmel Church I said he’s coming for me kind of sitting back here in the back and I’m trying to move my hands and, you know, trying to move my fingers as he’s healing everything and words of knowledge come up on the, on the board and it’s, I mean, every other one is just, feels like it’s just pointed at me.

He says, come over and microphone. Then he prays over me, no speaks into them and I’m still, you know, got my hand like this right here. And I really can’t. I really can’t move it that much, you know what I mean? I can, you know, move it a little bit past her. Chad comes up to me, my fingers just popped out and they were straight and I kind of looked down and I was like, wow. I was like, I can move these, you know, and I went to do that and he hollers at Michelle and he says, Michelle, come up here and look at this. Well, she walks up and she, she’s standing off to the side. I mean, and uh, I showed her. I said, look, I’ve moved my fingers, you know, and everything, Mt. Carmel Church and she was, she was just in tears. My son walks up there and when I shook his hand he was like, wow, dad.

He’s like, I just can’t believe it and it ain’t. It ain’t quit since. I mean it just keeps getting better and better every day. So much pain. I mean I’ve come to church before, had to walk out service and go get sick because I’m in so much pain and just horrible and I don’t have that problem. I got home and I thought, well I’m gonna. Pull my bike out. War. She was a little dusty and Devin and Bryce was modeling and Bryce was waiting Anna. So I pulled it out so I’m going to write it down, don’t hall one stop and get some gas. Mt. Carmel Church so I got on it and my son said, dad, you don’t need to go for, you know, your, your hand mine my mess up and so I’m just going to install them all. One Stop. Got Two dollars worth of gas.

That ain’t very much. So I come back home and I thought, well, I get a drug go north Sydney, yes, some gas. I got to thinking about them, you know, I’m going to ride this bike north city, go north city. And uh, turned around dinner section, went back home and got to the house, looked all over the head gasket, it ain’t leaking. And like I said, I’ve been on it a bit. I’ve put 1500 miles on it and I ain’t put maybe half portal and if I would have wrote it from here to home, I probably would have blew it up before any of this happened. And like I say, uh, yeah, he didn’t get fixed my hand. He, he fixed my bike because he knew that’s what I was writing. Mt. Carmel Church. I got all kinds of paperwork, doctors, doctors, surgeon, you know, says that my hand was more or less run. I used to not build, do that. I mean, I couldn’t do none of that and I’m done it.