Mt. Carmel Church | Jenna Jones-Marriage | Hometown Victories

Hi, my name is Jenny Jones and this is my story. Me and my husband Dustin Jones. We met in 2008 and just three months later he proposed in five months after he proposed, I found out I was pregnant and one month after that we got married and we were very in love and super excited to get married, but the reality of marriage sad and very quickly and we just found out how hard it was. Mt. Carmel Church I was very sick with my pregnancy. We had medical bills, financial stress. I’m just becoming new parents in the responsibility of that and mainly finding out that we think completely opposite about everything. If I thought it was one way, he thought it was the other and vice versa, and we just argued all the time. In the first few years. Mt. Carmel Church I remember for some seasons, almost every single weekend we would just get these horrible, horrible argument.

If it wasn’t that it was that we were just like nitpick at each other’s personalities and resentment grew and again to where on both of us and at the same time we’re both Christians, but we are in and out of church and I had heard some law based teachings a few years before and was just very confused about God and my par and why it wasn’t like it was when I had first got saved and just heard he leave me, you know, if I sin or he was disappointed in me and I just was filled with fear and I think just condemnation and guilt all the time and I just would be like good for a few weeks and then bad for a few weeks. I’m just felt like I constantly disappointed or felt him and those two things together kind of produce the perfect trap and I eventually was unfaithful to Dustin.

It lasted just three months. During that time, I was just completely different person. I was very cold and my family knew something was going on. Dustin knew something was going on but didn’t want to believe it’s what he thought and they were praying for me, but I would say the only person I really cared about at the time was landon and I remember two different times during that three months of a crying out to God and just saying, you know, help get me out of this mess that I’ve made, but just going on doing what I was doing. But shortly after the last time I had said that Dustin found out and he was devastated and so was my family. Mt. Carmel Church But he wanted to make things work. And while I knew it was the right thing to do, I didn’t feel like I had any feelings for him.

And I told him I was sorry I was, I didn’t want to hurt him, but I just really didn’t have feelings for him anymore. But he called pastor Chad and pastor Chad told him to come home and for me to just tell him everything that had happened, get everything out. Mt. Carmel Church so I told them, and even then I only told him thinking, well maybe he’ll leave me if you know this will push them over the edge if I just tell them everything and he’ll want to leave me. She didn’t, thankfully he told me to call pastor Chad and I was like, um, no. But he said he, he’s not just all my side. He wants to hear your side of it too. And that’s the only reason I ended up calling him and I called him and I told him everything and just said I was willing to try to stay because it was the right thing to do.

But I didn’t have any feelings for him. I remember him telling me what your feelings are alive. They’re not based on, you know, God’s word, so they’re not the truth. And if you change your focus, your feelings will follow. And he began to just pray and prophesied over me. And I remember him praying that the blinders would come off my eyes and just telling me to remember who I was and that I was still, you know, a child of God and his daughter. And my heart soften and the binders that had come off my eyes and after that conversation, my feelings for Dustin Hatton change, but I was ready to walk towards trying to heal my marriage. We just completely shut out, shut out the world. We didn’t have our phones for six months. We didn’t watch TV except for Joseph Prince Teaching and we just spent every spare minute focusing on God or each other and it was very hard in the beginning.

We are both very sad or you’re just on autopilot. We just took it one day at a time, but I battled depression and almost like a morning of leaving that old life in the way I had been thinking, but we just kept pressing in and we would just get with God anytime I felt like that, to get peace and comfort and we counseled with pastor Chad once a week and we went to church every Sunday and every Wednesday, only four or five weeks later, he began to change both of us. My sadness and heaviness lifted and I started to have feelings for dust. And again, it wasn’t completely over. I did continue to battle thoughts for like a year, which I didn’t understand why really because I was just focusing on God and Dustin, but I remember my math would feel like it was glued shut, but every time I would get a thought, I would speak the opposite.

It would you know, I would have thoughts. You’re not in love with your husband really. You don’t have feelings for him and every single time I would say I am so in love with my husband or you have turned the water into wine concerning my marriage and I would almost feel physically exhausted some days from just combating those thoughts in the beginning, but eventually I did get freedom and complete healing and deliverance from those thoughts that we continue to counsel with password chat for four or five months and we just had the sweetest memories from that time at all God did and him pouring into us just completely changed us and God did so many sweet things along the way. Just letting us know he was proud of us through that. And listen, you’re Joseph Prince Teaching on grace. I was completely, you know, Mt. Carmel Church Hilde and freed from condemnation and realized that it wasn’t about me.

It was about Jesus and his righteousness and not my own. Mt. Carmel Church I’m just no longer sin, conscious or conscious. I’m only Jesus conscious and I fill it really took me from a roller coaster of a walk with God to producing just slow and steady growth desks and was so wonderful through the whole process. He never wants to. This Day has thrown it in my face, not once ever, and it’s not an off topic that we can’t talk about, but he has never used it against me and I feel it truly helped me heal and step out of that identity and step into my true identity. And today, six years later, I am so in love with my husband. God has turned the water into wine concerning my marriage. We’re best friends. We are so happy and you know, it’s just so overwhelming to me that in my biggest failure, you know, God didn’t leave me in my biggest failure. Mt. Carmel Church, his love came down and rescued me.