What’s up bro. Church. What’s up. You don’t get tonight. I am just so excited. I’ve been, I’ve told 20 people already. Hi, I’m excited to worship with all of you. One Both locations. Come on somebody. And we’re so glad that all of you have joined us online. It’s going to be an awesome night, just celebrating Jesus and worshiping with all of our heart. So if you want to get out your phone and invite somebody, who’s not watching tell them to tune in tonight. Cause it’s going to be a special word. Charla. Our kids, pastor and Chris, our youth pastor are going to be bringing us something that God has laid on their heart specific for us and our church right now. And we’re excited. Yes. I can’t wait to hear that awesome word that they’re going to bring us. And I want to do something quickly. If I could have everyone that normally attends the Mount Carmel campus make some loud.

So you’re North city family.And if North cities in the house, let me hear you tonight.Man. We love Jesus with all of our hearts and we believe that even though we’re going through a crazy time right now, the church is strong and the church is here and we’re not backing down. And we’re coming to worship with all of our heart and serve Jesus. So let’s do that tonight. We got about one minute and 15 seconds left and we’re going to get started. So there’s going to be just another minute countdown and then we’ll be riding with the service. So get ready to enjoy the best sermons at Mt. Carmel Church.

Good evening Rhodes family. And welcome to first Wednesday. Can we give God praise one more time? Come on. We’re we’re, we’re pumped for what Jesus is doing. And tonight we have our kids with us who are going to lead us in worship. But before we do that, we have Presley who’s in our youth and she’s going to lead us in a powerful prayer before we get started tonight, Presley, pray for us.

Alright, father, God, I thank you that we get to come here and we get to gather here to worship you. Lord, we pray that we, that you will fill our hearts with your love and your in your presence. Uh, God, I pray that, um, every time I pray that as we dig into your word, we’ll find something new because I believe that every time we opened the Bible, God speaks to us through that. So God, uh, come, come to come here and fill your, fill us with your presence in jesus’ name. Amen.

Hey man, can we stand together Mt. Carmel Church? Let’s worship with our kids. This song is called warrior. When the negative is all you hear, you gotta keep [inaudible]

Is a beautiful reminder of the moment. When I walked through [inaudible] hello, we got some warriors in the house.

Thank you, Jesus. We love you guys. Thank you guys.

Jesus. We thank you for your presence tonight. God, God, we thank you that you’re good. And your mercy endures forever and your faithfulness continues through every generation. God, you’re on the throne tonight and we’re here to celebrate you. Jesus, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, master savior, Redeemer. You’re all that we need tonight. Jesus. And tonight we choose to hold on to hope. We believe that there’s greater things in store for us. God, I haven’t seen or ear. Hasn’t heard the things that you have in store for us, God, as the roads church. So we declare that we’re going to follow you with our whole heart and lift you up tonight. Jesus be glorified in our praise and our worship Mt. Carmel Church.

Jesus’ name. Thank you, Jesus. That lay between how high the I could not in desperation. I turned to him and spoke through the darkness. Then through the work is finished. [inaudible] Jesus Christ. [inaudible]

That’s sealed up yo Barry, Out of the silence, the roaring loud


Have snow.

Come on, sing that again. [inaudible]

Come on sing. Holy [inaudible]


[inaudible] say that one more time together. Holding [inaudible] a song that never gets old. It’s the song that will seek for eternity around the throne of heaven. Let us encounter your glory and your presence tonight. Like we’ve never experienced it before Jesus, a new facet of your goal. Love your prayers.

The Bible says, seeing a new song to the Lord, we’re going to do that. My team got together, uh, about a month or two ago and we begin to share what’s going on in our hearts and in our world and in our lives. And a new song came from our hearts as a cry for our church and a cry for our world and a declaration of where we stand on the word of God. So we want to share that tonight with you guys. And I believe you’re going to catch on, you’re going to begin to worship with us, but this is a road’s worship team, original song that God’s releasing out of our body Mt. Carmel Church.

Let’s just stay in his presence. Father. We’re thankful. We’re so thankful. And we come together tonight. All of us in one accord [inaudible]

We were listening. [inaudible]

Man, did we come to serve? Notice on the devil tonight? We didn’t just start one out. We thought we’ve got to both of his eyes tonight.


The Bible says in Isaiah chapter six, I think this is so fitting right now. Verse three. It says they were calling out to each other. They were calling out to each other. Holy Holy Holy is the Lord of heaven’s armies. Holy Holy Holy is the Lord of heaven’s armies. The whole earth is filled with his glory. We ain’t backing down his glory, but their voices shook the temple. There was a Sacony that began to happen when their voices begin to be saying Mt. Carmel Church, Holy Holy


It says the temple on the foundations and the entire building was filled with something. It was filled with the smoke. And I just hear as an agent of heaven right now that God has seen, the devil has been decent,

Belongs to me and my, and my glory. Your voice, your voice says, come on, come on. [inaudible]

Thank you, Lauren. And I just feel like for some people in this place that this is a pushback season right now, I just keep hearing the word pushback. Sometimes you got to push some things back to get rest in your life, to get, get some room in your life. You’ve got to tell the enemy, you’ve got to push him back and say, get back into me. This is my territory. This is my territory. And I’m pushing you back. I don’t care what’s happened in the last five months. I don’t care about your Corona virus strategy that you threw on this earth. All I care about is Jesus. And he’s the King of Kings and I will push you back every time that you

Pick your nose and what you think Mt. Carmel Church.

Yeah, this is a pushback, a pushback. So God, we just thank you tonight. We thank you for your presence. We thank you for your goodness. God, we choose today

To not quit, to not throw in the towel we’re coming. We ain’t backing down. We ain’t backing down. We thank you. Holy spirit said your name. We pray tonight. God, come on. Let’s give him the ridiculous shout of praise. [inaudible] thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Hey look around you tonight. Greet five or 10 people, high five I’m hugging. Tell him you’re glad to see him. Tell him it’s a pushback. [inaudible] what up? Roads? Church, man. What’s up? He Rhodes family. Come on. Lee Rhodes family. Can we just make some noise for all of our evils family right now in your living room, wherever you’re watching from, put it right there in the chat. We want to know right where you’re watching from. And we’re so thankful for you. We love you and man, thank you for hanging out with us tonight, man. This is going to be a good night. It’s already been a great night. What else can we say? I’m just lost with words. I’m not sure where else, man. God is so good in this place. He is so good. So I just want to start tonight by just, um, first of all, just I think that celebration is, um, the way that we emulate the heart of God when we celebrate people and we celebrate what’s happening, it’s the emulation of God’s heart Mt. Carmel Church.

So I just want to take some, take a moment and celebrate our worship team right now. Just for the amazing, just bringing it tonight, man. Come on, make some noise. So good. So good. And just celebrate them. And also our Mount Carmel families with us tonight. Come on, let’s make some noise. If this is what happens, we’ve got to get you air here every single week, man. I’m just telling you. Come on. Wow. No, this is good. It’s the way it is every week here. We love it. And we’re so honored. I just want to take a moment to honor our lead pastors, pastor Chad, and pass it on. You guys are great champions for the kingdom [inaudible] and last but not least, I’d like to just take a moment and honor you because I think he’s doing amazing job with our kids’ ministry [inaudible] and I just heard God say that he wanted to, he just wanted to thank you for your audacious faith and your all Udacity to keep leading. Even when the struggles, even when it’s tough,

It’s truly an honor to be up here with you tonight. Um, and I just want to during worship, um, I just, I know I felt the father’s heart. He was so happy. I just heard him say that all my children are in here together tonight. And so we just made him so happy Mt. Carmel Church. So

[inaudible] so I just want to take a moment cause I believe that laughter is great medicine and uh, and uh, so, so I just found something I was reading the other day and I thought it would be, it was so fitting for the moment we were in. How many enjoyed pastor Chad’s message series right now? I think it’s just so great, but I heard this, I thought it was, and I heard it several years ago and I’ve even said it before, maybe not here, but if I have, then you can close your ears, but it says there was a preacher one time, his name was pastor Chad and I’m just teasing. Who was preaching on being in the Lord’s army? Yes he was. And how important Christian assembly was? He was, he was bothered by the fact that some people in his congregation would only show up on holidays and special occasions. Finally, he saw them one day and he asked them, are you in the Lord’s army? And they replied, yes we are. And then he asked then why are you only here on holidays? And they said, we’re in the secret service. So the next time that pastor Chad asks you that if you’re in the Lord’s army, say no, I was in the overflow

Or Mount Carmel because secret service won’t work. Oh man, that’s so good. I just want to talk tonight. Charlie and I were going to, we’re going to have a conversation about something that we feel like, and after we said yes to coming together and making this night about families, we really felt like that it was not only about you, but this was something that both her and I had talked had just realized that it’s something that God has really been putting on our hearts and really moving us in this area. So we’re going to talk about families tonight and um, the title of our talk is basic training. So how fitting is that? Right? Basic training. Because here’s what we know about family and raising up children. I don’t know a lot, but I do know that God knows everything that needs to be done and how to raise kids Mt. Carmel Church.

And here’s what I keep hearing. God say that God wants to raise up children that are like land love, like lambs, but roar like a lion. They love like lands, but they roar like a lion. And I believe that’s the father’s heart right now in this season. And just what God has is doing in our life and my life. And so many times I find it hard and I struggle on making things complicated because I feel like that I want to do this for my kids. And I want my kids to, to, you know, love God this way and show his soul, the affection this way and, and all these different types of, of ways of just sewing that and displaying that. And then sometimes I struggle and I just feel, God’s saying don’t overcomplicate the simple skin don’t overcomplicate the simple, yeah Mt. Carmel Church,

I think we could just get, um, preconceived notions in our minds sometimes of what it’s supposed to look like. You know, um, it’s a Sunday morning or maybe we try to replicate that at home and really that’s, that’s not what it’s supposed to be. It’s, it’s something totally different and unique.

Yeah. So a few years ago I felt like God had really, I was reading this scripture and it really began to hit me and it began to God begin to stir that in me, but I never knew when was a good time to really release what God was saying about this word. And, and so I feel like tonight, so if you have your Bibles or you’re watching your, your falling on their electronic device or whatever, um, turn with me to the book of Luke chapter one, verse 17, Luke chapter one. So the context about what is happening here is John the Baptist. Everybody familiar with John the Baptist. So if you’re not familiar with John the Baptist, he was a forerunner for Christ. And he went before the Lord to prepare the way for Jesus to come to the earth. But here’s the cool thing about this dude. This guy had camel’s hair for his attire. I’m like, if you’re looking for something to wear tomorrow, just put on some camels Mt. Carmel Church,

You ate bugs camels. And he also ate locusts. And he,

I also ate raw honey. I mean, I don’t know what else he had in his diet, sir, if you’re looking for a good Kito diet, locusts and wild honey is the GoTo right now in this season. So John the Baptist, his sin, he comes to the earth and, and is, and is con he’s. He’s brought forth with, by his mother Elizabeth. And so in Luke chapter one, verse 17, it says, and he will go on before the Lord in the spirit and power. What did he go in before him with

Spirit and power Mt. Carmel Church,

Spirit and power can do a lot of things in the house. Can it, and it says that he went before the Lord in spirit and power of Elijah to turn the hearts of the parents. And this is the NIV version. So if it’s a little bit different in yours, but he said to turn the hearts of the parents, to their children and the disobedient, to the wisdom of the righteous

To make ready. Everybody say that tonight to make ready a people

Prepared for the Lord. That was his ministry. Let’s pray, father, we thank you. And we honor you, God, we honor your spirit. We honor your presence and God, we just pray tonight. Lord, just let your words flow freely and do what only you can do tonight. God, we don’t want people to experience us. We won’t. We want people to experience you. So we thank you for the value of family and we love you and it’s in Jesus name. Amen. So he says in Luke chapter one, there, he says for John to go before the Lord and prepare the way to make ready and prepare the people for the Lord. Now, now this is interesting too, because in Malakai chapter four, you will see in the very last chapter Mt. Carmel Church, the last verses of Malakai chapter four in the old Testament, this same scripture was used for 400 years. Can you imagine meditating for 400 years of silence meditating on the last thing that was in the last scripture that was in the old Testament, it was to turn the hearts of the fathers back to their children and the children’s hearts back to their fathers. I believe that’s a word in season right now that God wants to turn it. And I kept hearing God is not just turning the hearts of the fathers to their children, but it’s also keeping the fathers hearts turned to their children.

That’s cute.

Keeping them turned. So maybe you’ve already turned your hearts to your children. Your children’s turn to you, but you got to right now in this season, there’s so many things that are, that are coming at our children. There’s so many things that are coming at our youth and our students. And, and so many, I don’t want the world to define our kids. I want God’s word to define our kids. We want the word of God to define that. So, so the word basic training, what does that mean? Basic training just simply means it prepares recruits for all elements of service, physical, mental, and emotional, anybody in here dealing with any kind of physical, mental, or emotional situations in your life. That’s what basic trainings for it gives service members. The basic tools, basic training gives you the tools necessary to perform the rules that will be assigned to them for the duration of a tour, for the duration, for the duration before I was a police officer, before I can actually enforce the authority of the law, I had to know the laws first Mt. Carmel Church.

I couldn’t just put on my bat. Anybody can put on a badge, anybody can come to church, but it was when I went through the training of the 12 week training to understand and know the authority of the law that gave me access to be able to enforce the authority. It wasn’t the batch. So I just, I just felt like God wanted me to point that out tonight, very practical, but we can all come to church. We can all hear a great message, but until we engage the authority that God has given us through his word,

God, just, you know, when we entered this past few months, um, God started speaking to me just about family and my own family. And um, he just reminded me that our family is our first ministry at home. That’s our first commitment and that that’s our very first ministry. Um, and he just, he just reminded me. That’s where we disciple at first, before we disciple anybody else outside, we disciple at home. First, we disciple, um, as husband and wife when we disciple our children. Um, and I think, I just feel like we’re in this divine moment where God is, has handed that back to us and said, this is what it is. And I want you to take a hold of it. I want you to take a hold of it because I’ve given you this opportunity right now Mt. Carmel Church. And he’s showing it to us what this time is that we’re in and how crucial it is that we, that we turn our hearts, that we stay turn towards each other and we minister and disciple each other first.

So good. So good. So I was just looking at some statistics that I thought that I felt like the Lord, I didn’t know if the Lord want me to bring him out or not, but I felt like in the last hours that God said, yes, I want you to do this. But 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes. 63%, five times, the average 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes. 32 times. The average children with fathers are, who are involved in 70%, less likely to drop out of school. That is stunning. Stunning. It goes on to say here that 19.7 million children, more than one in four live without a father in the home, one in four. Now I’m not, I know that there’s situations that sometimes we can’t control when a father’s not in the home. So I’m not, I’m just saying that, that it is our duty and it is the mandate and the agenda of heaven to bring father father’s voice Mt. Carmel Church. Whether it be from a father, whether it be from a mother to bring that voice strong in homes.

Yeah. That’s good. That’s good. Yeah. So, um, if you will turn to Deuteronomy six, um, we’re going to look at four through nine and this was just, um, one scripture that the Lord speaking to me about with family is Moses. So Moses is giving this command. So he receives the 10 commandments and the law and he’s giving it to the people. And he says, hear O Israel, the Lord, our God, the Lord is one. You shall love the Lord, your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength and these words, which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children. You shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down and when you rise up, you shall bind them as a sign on your hand Mt. Carmel Church.

And they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your Gates. So he says, here’s what the law is. And the very next thing he says is teach it here. It is for you. And then you teach it, you pass it on. And, uh, um, I loved that. Jesus did the very same thing. He, he talks about this when he gives talks about the command and what is the greatest commandment. He gives us that exact same thing. And then he, but then he adds to it and we love our neighbor as ourself. And God told me your closest neighbor is your family. That’s your closest neighbor to you. And, um, even as pastor was talk, has been talking through this series, we talked about nations and what a nation is Mt. Carmel Church. And part of that definition is kinship and that’s your family.

And God just has been revealing that to me. Um, and he tells us how to teach. And I think as to what you said earlier, sometimes we overcomplicate it and we think it has to be this big thing, but it’s just in what we’re doing in our daily life. It’s just not neglecting to sh to talk about where God is, where, what he’s doing, what he told me this morning, and just sharing that with your family, sharing that with your children and in turn asking them, you know, did you have a dream last night that God tell you something this morning? And that’s the first thing that you do. We’re giving him that the very first thing in the morning, but then we’re also doing it at night. When we go to bed, we’re where he’s so worthy of everything that we are. And before we close our eyes, he’s worthy of our attention before we go to sleep. And it’s just doing that and demonstrating that for our children and, and having things on your, in your, on your walls and in your house. And it’s just always before them, you know, um, we have little sticky notes and whatever it is, but, but it’s before them, they’re looking at it and they’re seeing it turning worship music on. And just in the background, as you’re doing supper, doing homework, it’s just, but it’s on it’s there. And it’s constant Mt. Carmel Church.

Yeah. And it’s really good because I was thinking about what pastor said about, we have to teach, train and instruct, and that is so relevant right now and imperative for what we’re talking about with kids. And also all chambers said that one soul that is, um, uh, yielded wholeheartedly to God is of more value than a hundred souls awakened by the spirit. Because when you’re whole heartedly, um, yielded to God, then your job is no longer just about you. But it’s also about you reproducing, what is inside of you? It’s a reproduction and we have to look for opportunities. Like you said, that the children and I don’t, I just want to set this real quick because sometimes when we talk about children, I believe there’s people in here that your children’s already gone already. You feel like, Hey, I’ve already raised my children. Now I can just set back Mt. Carmel Church.

And we escaped that with, yeah. Sorry, but maybe not anyways. You’re I know you’re probably thinking, man, I want my kids back home, but you got your kids. I know there’s some people in here tonight that you haven’t even had your first child yet that you’re waiting for that moment to come. And there’s some people in here that you’ve had, you have your kids every night or every day that you wake up. So no matter which category that you might be in that your first ministry, even if your kids are out of the house, even if your kids are, you feel like, Hey, they’re already grown. And maybe there’s some people in here that you felt like right now, I believe in the name of Jesus that there’s a lie has said that, you know what? I didn’t raise my kids well enough. And my kids are too far gone. They’re not too far gone in jesus’ name. I believe tonight that we’re coming and we ain’t backing down and families are going to be restored and we’re coming for the Rood properties. We’re going to resettle the land, as I say, a 49 cent. That’s really good Mt. Carmel Church.

That’s awesome. Yeah. So, um, and then, so God just started talking to me about preparation. You want to move forward preparation? Yeah. So, um, Proverbs 22 six, when I think about how, how did, what am I supposed to do? Um, and God just started talking to me, uh, many months ago about training and, and what does that look like? And so Proverbs 22 six, this is the amplified version, says, train a child in the way he should go teaching him to seek God’s wisdom and will for his abilities and talents. Even when he is old, he will not depart from it. And something really cool whenever I went to that chapter. So I was, I was looking at you version when I went to that chapter, the title of that chapter of 22 was how to live a life of wisdom. And I thought, wow, I’ve lived a life of wisdom when I’m training my child up in the way that he should go to Mt. Carmel Church.

That was just, I loved that. And the Hebrew train up here in Proverbs means to dedicate. And so I immediately thought, um, about how Hannah dedicated her child’s Samuel to the Lord. She, she wanted that child and she said, I will dedicate him to you. And she sent him off with Eli to be trained up in the Lord and for the Lord. And so he just reminded me that this is our duty. It is our responsibility. And, um, that, that it’s not optional. It’s a responsibility. That’s on us as parents and, and spiritual mothers and fathers it’s on us to do that. Um, and, and he was, he was telling me, you know, it’s not, we’re not adding what we do at home is not adding to what happens here on a Sunday morning Mt. Carmel Church. What happens here on a Sunday morning is adding to what you’re doing every day of the week at home.

And that that’s, that’s, what’s added to what you’re doing at home is not added to what happens here at the road’s church, but we’re just coming alongside of you on a Sunday morning and helping you and instill what you are already doing at home. Um, and so he just talked to me to you about how, when we’re at home and it’s just us, but there’s two or more of us were the chart where the charts where they please, we don’t have to be in here a hundred of us, two or three of us at home. We are the Mt. Carmel Church.

That’s good. And it also says any fees in chapter six, it says, and you fathers do not provoke your children to anger or wrath, but bring them up in the training, bring them up in the training, bring them up in the basic training and, and abomination of the Lord. I just love how it just, it says, you know, as we’re talking about bringing them up and in an edifying encouraging, and, and you know, that word, bring them up as one word in the Greek, I believe it says to bring up to maturity that we’re bringing our kids and our families up to maturity and we’re, we’re helping them grow. And to be nourished

Really good as I was talking to the Lord about training my own children and what that looks like, and he reminded me that they’re not just mine, but they’re his, and just a perspective that just that little tweak in my thought pattern and perspective, I thought, wow, wow, that is so good. And how we look at them is that they’re not just mine and I can do whatever I want and train them however we want, but they’re his, they’re his children that we’re raising up and it’s something so totally different. Um, that he’s just been telling me that it’s different when my child receives that teaching from me, um, than it is from somebody else. It’s, it’s different it’s and it’s special for them to receive the word, to hear the word coming from you, to watch you in worship, to, to see you, um, crying and weeping before the Lord and believing for something and standing on something is so different with us here at Mt. Carmel Church.

And, and he said, they need to see that they need to see that from us. So good. That’s great. And so he started telling me about train. I looked up what it means to train. And so, um, it means to teach. So as to make fit, qualified, or proficient to form by instruction, discipline, or drill, to make prepared as the exercise for a test of skill, to direct the growth of a plant, usually by bending, pruning and tying, and to aim at an object or objective to direct. And so I started thinking about the teaching part of that aspect. And, and a lot of times we can teach by just modeling something. We’re just modeling it. We’re just doing it, we’re demonstrating it because children, they learn by watching. And even if you’re a visual learner, I’m a visual learner. And so I’m watching somebody do something and I’m learning as I’m watching them do something.

And, um, he started talking to me about how it’s just taken advantage of the little opportunity, the teachable moments, and just asking him for that got Holy spirit. Would you just create a moment for me to invest something into my child and then taking advantage of it and seeing it and just jumping on it. And it doesn’t have to be something elaborate, but we’re just planting little seeds in their heart at a time over and over and over. So good. So, yeah. Uh, so in the seeds, um, God gave me this a while back, but he reminded me that when we plant something, um, we cover it up. So we plant seeds in the ground and we cover it up and you can’t see them. You don’t see the seeds, it takes time and it takes the sun and water and then roots start to form with a better Mt. Carmel Church service.

Um, and he started to tell me that there’s actually, I looked up, there’s actually stages of, of growth when a plant grows, there’s different stages. And, um, I read that there are certain things, nutrients that are essential in every stage of plant growth. And I thought, wow. And God said, every stage that we are in as a child, all the way up through adulthood, there is something essential that we have to have in every stage that we’re in. So we’re not grown before an adult children. We’re, we’re grown, we’re done. We’re not because we’re still growing up and we’re still growing up in the Lord and our central key things that we have to have in every stage of growth.


Um, yeah,

That was great. You know, they say that women, they have, they speak like 30,000 words a day and men speak like 7,000, I think. But see, men are like quick to listen, slow to speak. I’ll just give me this athletical moment. Oh, geez. I’m just processing everything that you were saying. I was talking about the seed and I like the part where it talks about preparing as my exercise for the test or the skill. And I was thinking about, you know, just, I love to exercise. And I was thinking about how, like, if I hired a personal trainer, I’m hiring a personal trainer, only gives me access to, you know, what they can give me. They can’t give me the full results, but they can only give me the workouts, the nutrition. They can only give me the plan. But if I don’t exercise the plan, if I don’t go into training, then I’ll never be able to, um, succeed or be successful in, in the area that I’m wanting to be successful in. You know, whether it’s losing weight, whether it’s bulky and whatever it is like, just because I have a personal trainer, doesn’t give me that access. It’s that training that we’re in with our kids, we’re developing when we take them through that training and we are developing that skills and the talents inside of them. And some of the practical things that, that I think it’s great that even if your kids don’t do it Mt. Carmel Church, because here’s where I get, I struggle so many times. Cause I’m like, let’s sit down and let’s just meditate to kids.

And you know who, the only one is meditating. I’m sitting there with all my friends, like where did they all go? You know? But it’s like, anybody else ever struggle like that? Like you’re one, your kids will read their Bible and do these things and pray and worship. Sometimes you have to engage those things and you have to, you have to be the one to put the worship music on. You have to be the one to sit down and meditate because it’s good that your kids see it because sometimes here’s the deal. Here’s what I know about. I love discipleship. It’s one of my favorite things, but that, that there’s people even in this room tonight that need to be discipled and there’s people in the room that need to be a disciple. That’s good. There’s people are so mature that they need to be a disciple. They need to be a spiritual mom. They need to be a spiritual father. And there’s people in here that need to be discipled. So, yeah we are the best here at Mt. Carmel Church.

Yeah. So, um, so another part of training, um, what, one of the definitions was to direct the growth and it talked about bending and pruning and tying, and I thought, okay Lord. And he said, this is correction and, and discipline the bending and the pruning and the tying. And, um, discipline. The definition of discipline is training that corrects molds or perfects the mental faculties or moral character, um, and, uh, habits and ways of acting that are, that are gotten through practice. And so Proverbs three 12 says for the Lord corrects those, he loves just as a father, corrects a child in whom he delights. And so God is so good that he corrects us when we need to be corrected. And he disciplines us when we need to be disciplined. And it’s, and it’s out of pure love. It’s just him loving us and going, Nope, we need to go this way when it come to the top Mt. Carmel Church around.

Nope. We need to go that way. And that’s as, as a parent, just reminding us that that’s, that’s part of it. And that’s part of loving, um, loving our children and then as children or someone who’s being discipled receiving that correction because, you know, somebody can give it to us all day long, but we have to receive it for it to do anything at all. And so, um, I, I thought about the bending part, you know, in roses or, um, even some plants in the garden, you have to, you have to move them around and get them to tire around something. And, and, um, that was kind of, you were kind of guiding and leading, um, the pruning, I thought about how, you know, we, we cut off the things that are not going to bear fruit that are harmful, um, that could, that could choke something out.

Um, and then tying, this was, this was so interesting. I thought, I didn’t know why plants are tied. And so I looked it up, I’ve seen it done. And, um, but I didn’t know why. And when I looked it up, it said tying needs to be done when the stems are soft and pliable. And so I started thinking, wow, about children, how they’re moldable, they’re soft and they’re pliable. And, um, it says when shoots are growing quickly, and we think about children grow so quickly, they may have to be tied into their support. And that’s the parent we’re tying them into us and we’re growing up together super strong. And so, um, I just, God just blew my mind with that. I just, uh, thought, wow, that is amazing. Um, and then, you know, just thinking about how children are fruit, the Bible says that they’re fruit of the womb in Psalm one 27, um, three through five in the amplified services for us now that we offer the best Mt. Carmel Church.

It says behold children are a heritage and a gift from the Lord, the fruit of the womb, a reward and like arrows in the hand of a warrior. So are the children of one’s youth, how blessed, happy, and fortunate is the man whose quiver is filled with them. They will not be ashamed when they speak with their enemies in gathering at the city gate. And so this fruit, but God was speaking to me about how we have to do the work on the front end. We have to do the work on the front end to see that, that prosperity at the end and, and to see all that. And it’s, and it’s hard work and it’s not easy. And, and sometimes it can look a little discouraging or hopeless, but we have to keep going and we have to do it on the front end to get that on the back end for more levels of Mt. Carmel Church.

So good. That’s great. That’s good. And I think like the last part is just like, you know, the, having a, an aim at that. So as you were talking about lawyers and talking about the bow, I actually brought a little demonstration. We’re going to shoot some things down in there. I’m telling you, but no, my daughter told me, I said, can I look? Cause I got my bow out, but it’s a little rusty. So I said, you know, um, can I use your boat tonight? And she said, make sure you tell everyone that it’s a Chabot.

It’s not a Hebrew, it’s a Sheba. So anyways, um, so I got this bow and I was just thinking about to just, just to wrap all of this up, there is an incredible story in the Bible where it talks about Elijah, the prophet, he lies. You’re the man of God. And it talked about Jehovah, Joe Ash, the King of Israel. And it talked about how, um, and we’ll, we’ll go, well, let’s get this, get to that. Can we, can we get this table back just a little bit? Maybe. Okay. There you go. Okay. Okay. So, um, I need some helpers here. Let’s see. Who can I get? Who can I get? You’re too old. Mike Cole. And one of your kids, one of your boys there. Mike Cole. One of your boys. Yeah. Okay. We need you. Come on buddy. You know how to shoot a bow? Right? Alright, come on around. So, so tell everybody your name. What your name? Come on up here. All right, Robin, you ever hold a boat? Tell the bowl before you have, are you good shot? Okay.

Alright. I want you to take this book Back. It’s pretty heavy. That’s why I got your dad here. You got it. You got a good name. Can you pull that verse up in second Kings chapter 13? the Bible says, now he likes you

Had been suffering from the illness from which he died. Joe Ash King of Israel went down to see him and he wept over him. This was coming to the end of elatious time and he was about ready to die. And the King of Israel, which wasn’t a real good King. His father wasn’t a real good King and had already kind of adapt to some of the bad and the evil things. But he still had some kind of belief in who he lies. So it was, I don’t know if he lies to might’ve mentored him at some long the way or what, but he came to Eliza and he say lies. He said, father, father. And he cried. And he said the chariots and horsemen, that was just something that he remembered probably hearing or seen about a lie ship, that he was strong in that he told me lodge. He said, [inaudible]. He said, get a bow. I think God is calling you tonight. As parents, fathers, and mothers, spiritual fathers, mothers to get a bow, have your children get a boat. It says get some arrows. And then he said, shoot. And I believe that in the strength of Joe ashes, hands in his own strength, this is probably what it would have looked like the best Mt. Carmel Church around.

So he told him, he said, get a bow, get you some arrows. And he said, shoot. And Joe asked her thinking, can I do this on my own strength? So here’s what happened.


He said open up the waste East window. This is what he lies with. Told listen to this. This is so powerful. Open up the East window. Eliza was speaking direction. Eliza was a man of direction. He was the man of God. He was the father, father, father. He cried. There was two things. The lies you had that Joe asked probably didn’t in his life that he needed in his life. He needed first direction and he needed strength. I believe our children need direction and our children need strength. Our families need direction and our families need strength. And I believe that what he, what he said was he said open the East window to Joe lash and he opened it up and he said, shoot that, go back, go back to the neck, the burst before that, if he can for te best Mt. Carmel Church by far.

But he told him is said on there. Okay. So what he told him was, is Elijah came, Eliza came and after he realized that he could not do it in his own strength, Eliza came, he said, get a boat, get an arrow. And then the man of God came and he put his hand on. Joe asked his hand what he could not do in his own strength. It took the man with direction and the man was strength to help direct his victory. So you got to get this because I believe tonight that our kids, our families we’re preparing them for victory. And that’s what Eliza was doing. Eliza was preparing him for victory. He knew that Joe ass could not do it on his own. So he came alongside and put his hand on his hand.

There wasn’t gonna be any longer of these things. These arrows just dropping off. And that’s not really what the Bible tells us really happened. I was just using that as a, as an application, you can put it down now, come on, give him, give him price. And what I felt like God was saying was is that the word of God, Elijah was a representation of the trainer and Joe ass, Joe ass was a trainee. We need to be trainers for our kids. We need to be trainers in our family. We need to be trainers to the trainee. And we go through basic training to be able to get that training that we need in our life. And as John, the Baptist was crying out in the wilderness, prepare the way for the Lord, make ready and prepare the people. I believe tonight. That’s what God is doing. I believe that he’s inviting us into a new basic training to enjoy more at Mt. Carmel Church.

We’ll either engage it or we’ll walk away from it, but we can’t wait for just another church service. We can’t wait for just another gathering because I believe God is doing a new thing in the season. He’s doing a new thing and he’s putting it right in our hands. So here’s what we’re going to do tonight. You just stand in the house of God, all of you watching online, erodes family. Hey, we just thank you so much again. And we want to invite you erodes family as well. What we’re going to do is we’re going to tonight. We felt like the Lord, we had this. We felt like God wanted to do this in this moment. And he wanted just to pray for fathers and mothers, to pray over their children and also for children to pray over their mothers and fathers. And maybe you don’t have a mother or father here, or maybe you don’t have children here find a family that has children, because I know what Joshua was said in 25, 20 chapter, 24.

And this is what I feel like that God wants to declare over our families. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. We will serve the Lord. And I believe God wants to declare that tonight over each family and over your children, someone invite you to come to the front families, parents, get your children, come to the front. Maybe if you don’t want to come to the front, maybe you’re just, you’re better. Where you’re at. Get with your family. Gather your kids. If you see someone that has a family, don’t pray with them. Lay hands on him. We’re going to pray over them right now. So get your kiddos. We believe this is a right thing of God. We believe God is raising up warriors tonight. Spiritual fathers and mothers in this house here was the ministry of John the Baptist to bring harmony and hold to a lost and dying world. Harmony and hope. Jesus, thank you. Holy spirit, Jesus. We thank you.

We thank you Lord for mamas and daddies. We thank you for our children. We’re God. We thank you that your hand is upon us. Your hand is on our family. Lord, just as your hand is on our children. God, I thank you for unity in families. God, we just come against and strife and anything that would try to come against our family. Lord, we declare that a threefold strand cannot be broken in the name of Jesus. We are United and we are stronger together. God, we believe your word that says you are going to resettle families on the ruined properties. We claim that today in Jesus name, you are resettling our families on the ruin properties. God, you are calling prodigal’s home. You are calling the prodigals homes, but we say, come home product goes in the name of Jesus. Come home. You have been trained up in the way, you know the way and you will return and we call you home right now in Jesus name, you are no longer lost. You are found, you are found in the name of Jesus. You are found God, we bless our children. We bless our children. They will grow up to be strong, mighty warriors for your kingdom. God strong, mighty warriors for your kingdom and see why we are the top Mt. Carmel Church around.

Father. We just thank you for blessings and favor right now. Supernatural favor God over every home. I just thank you for harmony and peace. Olga erodes family right now in your home right now where you’re watching from. No, we thank you right here in the auditorium. We just, we just pray blessings today. God, we pray for strategies and downloads from heaven. God, we just pray right now. How to disciple our own children. How to continue to disciple God, to keep the hearts of the fathers, turned to their children, to children’s hearts, turn to their fathers. God that there will be no fatherless in this country. We say no to fatherless. They just father this nation right now in the name of Jesus. We speak right now in jesus’ name, moms and dads. We thank you. And we pray blessings over every home. Every home we thank you for the spirit and power is not by might not by power by the spirit, sayeth the Lord in Jesus name Mt. Carmel Church. We thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord.

Okay. Renee Hardy, would you complete as Renee Hardy is one of our drinkers at Mount Carmel for our children’s ministry up there and she’s, she’s going to release the prayer. We just wanted her to partner with us tonight and representing our Mount Carmel campus. As she, as she’s making her way though, I felt like God wanted to do something, um, special. Um, so we know that there is no junior Holy spirit that lives in our children. And so, um, I just felt like God gave me this prayer, um, for the children to pray over your parents. So if you, if you would just repeat after me, Jesus, I bless my mom and my dad from head to toe. I thank you for giving me my mom and dad. Thank you for my family here at Mt. Carmel Church. I pray that you would bless my parents, marriage, their jobs, what they set their hands to do every day.

I pray for healing to come to them in any place that needs to be healed. Holy spirit, I pray for you to fill my mom and dad to overflow with your spirit, your love and your peace. I pray for my mom and dad to have freedom in every part of their life. I pray for my mom and dad to hear you clearly and draw closer to you every day, I pray you give them wisdom and strength to lead and teach me, give them the confidence. They need to train me up in the way that I should go.


So if you are like, if you’re not with someone else, can everybody like, just be together? Like if you’re not touching someone else, can you just like go near someone? Like there were some kids in the back that didn’t have any grownup adult with them. Um, I just really feel like this. Isn’t just about our family unit, like our blood family, like the people that we go home with, the people that we see, but this is about God’s family. Because when we accept Jesus into our heart, we are a family now that we all belong together. And so, as I was just praying about tonight, I’m just so thankful to be a part of the church, big C and also the roads church, because it has become my family. And so I was just talking to Jesus and um, I’m just gonna read, uh, some things that he said to me and then I’m going to pray some more when it comes to the best Mt. Carmel Church around.

Um, but I felt like God was saying family God’s way. And that I just felt like he was wanting me to tell the parents, like, as you are reading the word, you know, we should always open up our Bible and say, God, what do you want to say to me? But this time tomorrow, next time let’s pray and ask him to see the scriptures as a parent. And that just changed my whole vision, like reading the word as, as a mom, to my children. And so in first, Peter four 11, it says if any speaks, it should be as one who speaks God’s words for more things at Mt. Carmel Church. So as I’m talking to my children, as I’m correcting them, I’m thinking in my head, is this what God would say? Is this how God would say it? And that can be condemning sometimes, but it’s not. It’s a conviction because God wants to change us.

And he wants to mold us. And he wants us to hear his words. As we release that to the children, if anyone serves it should be from the strength God provides. So are we serving our children and the strength that God provides. And so he said, may the families and the roads church hear the word through the love of the father who wants parents to be confident and fruitful and training up their children. May the children hear the word with eagerness and desire to seek the Lord with their parents, children? It’s not just up to your parents to say, Hey, come read with me. Step up and say, dad, mom, I want to pray with you. Please. Can we partner had a really rough day at school? I need you. I need you to show me the way


We break off any lie that says it’s too hard. That says scissors, no time. They won’t understand how many parents do. Sometimes think they’re not gonna understand what I’m reading. You know, they talked about, you know, talking about what we read in our word. And sometimes as parents of even little children, we think they’re not going to understand, but God is saying they do. Their spirit is inside. My spirit is inside of them here at Mt. Carmel Church.

So I bind the spirit of an adequacy like pastor Chad preach on Sunday, we bind the spirit of an adequacy and we lose the spirit of identity. Because as the verses that they were reading, God chose you to be parents. He chose you for your children and children. You were chosen. You were chosen as a gift to be the child of your mother and your father, that you are a gift from heaven sons. It says in the Bible that you are in inheritance, you are an inheritance. So sons rise up because you are a gift that God has sit down for your parents. You are in inheritance of the Lord for your parents.

So yeah, we bind up the spirit of inadequacy and we lose the spirit of identity on earth as it is in heaven. Because in heaven, we are those parents. We are the parents that know that they are parents. And we are the parents that do not fall to the live in adequacy. So we bind that up and we lose that. Parents. You were chosen to be a mother and a father, children. You are chosen to be a gift from heaven to release freedom of childlike faith in your family. And so just on that, that we’re supposed to be like, you guys is silly little kids wanting to run around, play toys, just be silly in the presence of the Lord. We are supposed to be like you. So don’t take your position as a child lightly, don’t look at yourself in the mirror and say, I wish I was grown up.

I was, I wish I was like my mom and dad, because God is calling us to be like, you, you are bold and you are chosen in your children of the most high key. So father, we just thank you for your word, that it is true, that it is alive and active. And that every promise is yes and amen. And that you have so many promises for us as parents and as children, father, I just release the spirit of unity right now over the roads. Church, families rise up in name of the Lord, rise up in the name of Jesus. Holy spirit. We just thank you that we don’t have to do it alone that you live inside of us. And that you guide us like pastor Charlie was talking about the guiding of the plant. Holy spirit guide us as parents so that we may guide our children.

That it just may be so generational. The father, Jesus, Holy spirit, us, our children, the next generation, the next generation. I just released blessings over this, these families tonight, if you feel like your family is broken and you don’t have a, we’re talking about a parent who trains you, who guides you, who pays you, please find someone in the church like pastor Christmas, say people in here, you have wisdom that the next generation needs. Step up, rise up, Lord. We just thank you that you fix every broken hole in our hearts. That no matter what our family looks like at home, that your family is perfect, but she was a perfect father. You never leave us. You never forsake us. And all you want is the goodness and the abundant life for us to live each day. We just thank you for your word. We want to be pursuers of your word. We want to desire your word. We want to desire to wake up and hear you. We want to go to sleep in here. You’ve got never stopped talking to us. We just thank you Mt. Carmel Church. And we love you. Holy spirit. We love you. God. We love you, Jesus.

So this feels like God’s wanting to say to maybe you’re a foster parent. Maybe you’re saying, Hey, I just feel like maybe you’re saying, Hey, I didn’t sign up for this. Or maybe you’re raising kids that wasn’t initially your kids. I just want to pray into that right now just to break any lies because I believe God is just, just he’s saying, as she was talking about how you’re equipped and God has given you that moment. I just want to encourage you to, to, to use what God has put inside of you to don’t think that you are inadequate because that person in your life is in your life for a reason. And God wants you. God, God wants to use you in their life to teach them and train them, instruct them. So father, we just thank you and we love you. God, we thank you for all the foster moms and dads.

God, we thank you for their duty and their call. God, it’s a call to action done. It’s a call to action. As we’re called God to raise our children, to make that investment God, to the Gates, the basic training, God that you have laid before us God, that we are the four runners for our families, God fathers and mothers, spiritual fathers and mothers that were the four runners for families. God, and they were crying out in the wilderness. God. So Lord, we thank you. And we love you. Jesus. It’s your name tonight? We pray. Amen. Amen. Come on. Let’s just give the Lord a hand. Clap of praise tonight. Come on, make some noise for Jesus tonight. He votes family. Thank you so much for watching us Mt. Carmel Church. Come on one more time. [inaudible]

Um, before you guys go, is there any family in here with the last name Partridge? Is there a Partridge family in here? No. Is there anyone named Shirley who is a grandma? No. Okay. Well, I just felt like I had some words from God, so thank you for letting me be obedient to the Lord and just practice, hearing his voice.

Awesome. Have an amazing rest of night. Don’t forget your kiddos. And also we have some food available out in the cafe for you to hang out and fellowship with us.