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You can get it today, get into god’s word today to get into god’s work. Yeah just forgot to speak Mt. Carmel Church to your heart today, I believe god is going to challenge. It was some things, I believe he’s going to speak to you today. If you have your bibles or your electronic device for ipad to android, your iphone and list goes on turn with me:the exodus, chapter 25. Today’s message and the title today is called it’s all Mt. Carmel Church about the pattern today we’re going to talk about just a little bit about patterns today and at about how patterns skin. How god wants us to build healthy patterns in our life? He didn’t want us to have. He wants us to build a healthy patterns. We don’t want us to have these a bad pattern. You say so many times in our world week. We look at the problem and we won’t enforce the problem in our world today in our culture today, but we don’t ever give heat to the pattern, Mt. Carmel Church because the pattern always creates a problem that, if we want to know what’s wrong with the world today in our culture today did I think it we need to quit. Looking at the problem start looking at the pattern, how can we enforce and how can we create better habits, better, better pattern, better patterns that will that will create no problems, all right, you want to live in a world with no problems. Hey man I’ll be great right now, when it all right, so we return there I’m going to get there just go ahead and tell me if they get there, cuz I’m already there, but so high. So the bible says in the excerpt chapter 25 and god’s, Mt. Carmel Church given moses he’s bringing the kids children obituaries bottom out of egypt in and gods gave moses the ten commandments and now with this scene, where god is so awesome to god spoke to moses through burning bush in in the chapter 3. But then god spoke to moses in a cloud in this in this chapter right here, I think it’s very unique, very cool that god will speak to moses. He called him in the mist of them a burning bush already on this ministry and then he’s calling him again in a cloud got you some unique ways to call you, people I’m telling you right, now. Will, call you in very unique way. He may call you out of the fire. He may Mt. Carmel Church call you miss the cloud whatever the case might be, but he used unique ways to the bible says that in exodus, chapter 1 moses speak to the children of israel that they may bring an offering that they may bring an offering from everyone who gives it willingly with his heart. You still make my offering you so make my offering so not tell him how how should we give our offerings with a willing heart offering with willie heart? So it goes on there and inverse versus verse 3. It says there. These are the offerings you are to receive from them. Gold silver, bronze, blue purple, I am start at yarn and the final in goat, hair or no Mt. Carmel Church me has don’t care just hanging around your house. Goat, hair, rim skins without ran scans, got ram skin hanging up there dyed red another type of durable leather asia. Would olive oil for the light spices for the anointing oil and for the fragment, incense, alright, thorne 4:7, says and onyx stones and other gyms to be mounted on the ad brent and breast plate and here’s what moses says or god says the moses? He says moses, he said:let them build me a sanctuary. Let them build me, a sanctuary so god saying to moses he’s giving moses this disorder in this plan. He’s positioning, moses and commission him to build this 10 of me and this this ark, where he can come and dwell among his people. How many believe that god gives intention for our lives is that he can come and dwell Mt. Carmel Church among us? He can be our god and we can be his people. That’s what god’s original intention was in from the beginning. Remember what it said in in 1st corinthians I think it’s 1st corinthians I think it’s 6 6 chapter. It says that, for we are the temple of the living god we’re temple of the holy spirit, where the temple of the living god pastor talked about that little bit last week, I may just blown away by what password, but what god has given pastor to speak to her house and her body just powerful recalibrate, it’s been so awesome, so don’t let them make me a sanctuary. According to all the I show you, so we tell him Mt. Carmel Church those you say moses. He said I’m going to give you something that you’re going to be able to give the vin to help them, build the sanctuary and here’s one. I. Believe the speaking to us today, god begin to speak to me about this in my life, and he said that he asked me a couple questions when god asked you a question, you know you sometimes you miss him and he asked me this question. He said chris. He said. Why do you sometimes? Why do you create patterns in your Mt. Carmel Church life that need to be broken, and why do you get rid of patterns in your life that you need to keep? You just asked me that question one day that’s been like, maybe like a couple years ago and I just been sitting on this word I’ve been sitting there. Thinking about this, it took me 2 years to figure out what god was saying. You’re trying to say:why are you crying these patterns? You lied to me to be broken, and why do you get rid of the patterns in your life that Mt. Carmel Church you need to keep I’m like okay god? So you know what you’re talking about now.

So here’s what he says the most he says he said according to what I show you, the word show actually means to consider or perceive Mt. Carmel Church so god is actually suggesting the moses and giving him an ideal thought he saying moses I want you to take this the thought and give you the suggestion that I want you to build. I want you to create this. This sanctuary, according to a pattern. Is, very thorough about creating things to as a pattern he created. This whole bible is full panel trade, a man detroit according to his image and his likeness of the pattern that god creates things. So he says it says the moses Mt. Carmel Church he says build it. I want to show you that, according to your pattern of the tabernacle and the pattern of all its furnishings, so just so you so make it. That’s all good, because moses was like okay guy we’re going to we’re going to do something here, we’re going to build this, we’re going to we’re going to build this place. Where you can, you can come and well. That was one of the first you want to bring his people out of egypt now does want to be known as our god, and Mt. Carmel Church the next thing is of god is one of them to walk in a unique identity. He trying to get his people to walk in a unique identity by them, knowing by the wailin among them and knowing that he is their god and he wants to dwell among them. So he can be. No one of them that’s what he wants to do, what you want to do with our lives as well. He wants us to build our lives according to a pattern. You know that that we’re going to build our life according to a pattern. We really are going to be our life according to pat we’re going to build it according to the pattern of the kingdom. According to the pattern of the world. That’s Mt. Carmel Church that’s it! There’s! No! In between your early on in my life, i, just kind of stepped over I was just kind of riding the fence and I was kind of building building patterns over here build patterns over there. You know what time until i, completely surrender to christ completely surrender to jesus christ in my life, then I started to have to build healthy habits and healthy patterns in my life, but there’s no in between the breeder building wrong pattern or build a good pattern. All right. That’s what that’s! What god want to speak to us this morning? So I can look at philippians chapter 3 we’re going to go somewhere with some Mt. Carmel Church things were taking off on the philippians chapter, 3 verse, 20 liberty said the most. He said, moses building, according to the pattern. Here’s what I believe the guys wanted to hear is what this, what I believe the guy wants to. He spoke to me about this. He said that I want you to. This. Is a culture, not his position in the commission of culture of people and society peach people that will think like this right here. He says for our citizenship is in heaven, Mt. Carmel Church for our citizenship is in heaven not on heaven. It’s in heaven. Where is heaven heaven’s inside of us? We bring heaven right here. We have heaven end up your password kind of talk about that. We’re bringing heaven right to earth, you bring heaven, it doesn’t come by observation or at the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of god does not come by observation. The kingdom of god is within us is when everyone of us-and it be call ourselves believers. So he said your citizenship is in heaven. In other words, words, citizenship. Also means your conversation, your conversation, your administration and your government is in heaven people going around even like right now in in in this hour right now, people are trying to figure out who’s going to take care of all the problems, who’s Mt. Carmel Church going to take care of all the problems of the world and everybody’s looking this party in that party in this way, and that way, we’re planning on them and and or just let them take care of the problem, though I believe today that god is raising up a people and a society in a culture that will operate in the reality of the kingdom of heaven I believe that god is raising up a people that will that will operate. That will bring the kingdom of heaven not only to earth, but we’ll also know. It’s reality know what the reality of the kingdom of heaven is know that it’s a society is a community. It’s a government is Mt. Carmel Church administration, that’s what heaven is that’s the way we respond, but if we ever want to embrace the problem, if we don’t embrace, if we don’t take care of the patterns in our life and don’t address the patterns around in our life in the patterns will dress us. That’s really where we’re heading right now in society and culture. If we don’t address the patterns in our own life individually and don’t address the patterns of things instead of looking more on the problems and focus on what the problem is, because we get so wrapped up and so tied up, because we want to fix the problem, I’ll tell you how to fix the problem. Mt. Carmel Church You got to pics of patterns because we’re looking at object, sometimes to be the problem, the object or not the problem. It’s the pattern on how we get to the problem, because the pattern leads up to the problem. You see, but god says the word citizen. Our citizenship is not. Our citizenship is not of this earth Mt. Carmel Church and all this work I should have some ship is in heaven, but the church, the local church.

We believe we got this, this mentality that will work on that. Next part. That says that, for we are his citizenship, our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the savior, the lord, jesus, christ i. Think of what happens, if is if we did-and we say all this going to eat early wait and it’s okay to wait for christ to return, but it’s time to respond and react to prices going to do in and through us and what he wants to do in and through I said he wants us to address the patterns. God’s, calling the church he’s, calling society he’s going to culture, keep raising up people that will no longer look for somebody else to take care of the problem, but look at the church is raising up people that will dress the pattern. That’s not scared to dress the pattern. Mt. Carmel Church We can say what we can get other laws. We create other laws and that will prohibit people from doing this and doing that in and all these things, don’t that’s not the problem. It’s the pattern! It’s the pan! That’s what it’s all about today! So. Begin to show me it through this that not only week his citizenship, but that we have this government that we have this administration, that he wants us to operate from. Look at me, look with me in in ephesians chapter 2 and Mt. Carmel Church we’re just going to go to another. Another scripture hear that kind of gives a little bit more detail, helps us to understand that that we’re not just eagerly waiting for jesus to return. But god has put something in our laps to say what you going to do with it. What you going to do with it ephesians chapter 2. He says in the first verse he says and you he made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins. I mean thankful today that once you were dead, but now you’re alive. How many are thankful that you were in your trespasses once long ago, but now your your sins are all what’s away and you’re you’re you’re you’re, all Mt. Carmel Church good, now, you’re, all good alright. So he says here in which one you want once walked according to the course of the world. According the course of the world hears what god begin to speak to me, he said chris I said lord. What do you want to tell your people today and he said, tell my people to stay the course remain the course and the course is not the course of the world. The world has its own course. The bible even says right here, specifically that the course Mt. Carmel Church of the world it has its own way of doing things on way. If we’re ever going to to to see the problems, have a problem taken care of, then we have to dress the pattern that leads to the problems we got to dress those patterns in our life. He says they’re in that in that next next passenger. He said the course of the world, according the prince of the power of the air, because that’s where that the prince the power there is talk about the devil, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience, among who also we all wants conducted ourselves in the lust of the flesh, but feeling is desires of the flesh and of the mind Mt. Carmel Church nearby nature shield of wrath, just as the others. But that’s what it says here. It says but god who is rich in mercy god is rich today. It’s, a rich guy he’s not rich just in in in wealth of a finances, but god is rich in mercy. If it’s mercy, you need your life today. God is rich he’s rich in mercy. You can just give a little bit. He he goes all in when it comes to mercy god goes all-in when it comes to mercy but god, who is rich in mercy, because his great love, which he Mt. Carmel Church has loved us as love you as love me when we were dead in our trespasses, made us a life together with christ by grace. You have been saved and raised up together and made us sit together in heavenly places in christ jesus, that’s good stuff erase this up. It’s not something that we’re waiting for. He raised us up to sit in heavenly places. We are saying in heavenly places with christ. It’s sometimes it’s hard for us to get that phone or mine, because we’re thinking we’ll Mt. Carmel Church when I get there, yes, I’ll be I’ll, be in the presence of god you’re in the presence of god you’re in the presence of jesus. If you have jesus in your heart today, you had the presence of jesus in your life. Your trespasses and sins are gone. Your dad, your your life you’re not dead. Your life you’re not there, but he raised us up to sit together and company. That’s what the word together means. It means to sit in company we’re set in company right now we’re Mt. Carmel Church sitting in company together in the heavenly places. What does that mean to me? That means to me:what does that mean? That means that that everything that we do that are thinking we got to get to get our head wrapped around the idea and the thought that we are sitting in heavenly places with christ even in our situations, even in in the moment of conflict and adversity. In all these things, we are sitting in heavenly places because we’re not formulating to the pattern of any Mt. Carmel Church kind of worldly system we’re formulate to the pattern that god has already given us, because we have the pattern of god with inside of us. So here’s in romans, chapter, 12 god, show me a few things in romans chapter 12. If we return there as well so moses god commissioned same god positions him to build this tabernacle to build this this place of meeting, and now we should we talk about that.

We are citizens of heaven and we sit in heavenly places jesus, as god has raised us up to sit in heavenly places. Now we’re going to look at romans, chapter, 12 and paul gives us exhortation to the church and I believe it’s a exportation for even the times over in right now. He said the first one he says:i beseech Mt. Carmel Church you chapter 12, verse, 1 i, beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of god remember. Is that is rich in mercy, that you present your bodies, a living sacrifice holy acceptable to god, which is your reasonable service or your proper worship. How do we know what the proper worship is in our life to present our Mt. Carmel Church whole being to present everything that we are to god? It’s a service to god when we present ourselves to him we are, we are. We are laying down things and represent us ourselves to him, because we want all of our service to be to him. So he’s saying the sacrifice present your body as a living sacrifice holy and Mt. Carmel Church acceptable to which is are reasonable:service, i, proper worship, liberty, says in verse, 2 and do not conform just want to say and ivy do not conform to the pattern of this world that this world has patterns and god is saying:don’t conform yourself to the pattern there sometime we just got to get our his hand on mine is wrapped around the idea and the fact that god is saying that he doesn’t want us to conform to the pattern, but he wants us to make it to make good Mt. Carmel Church patterns our life that will create healthy, lifestyles, don’t conform, what you say when he says don’t conform. He says not to conform to working for me to shape fashion yourself out line sound just saying today that sometimes we got to set up some boundaries in our life we going to have some boundaries in our life. If we want to stay away from the patterns of the world, we got to have some boundary set up and I think that’s wrong with what’s wrong, with summer society day that we don’t set up any boundaries and that’s why sometimes we see all the problems that are festering because there’s no boundaries, anything yes. Going Mt. Carmel Church to set boundaries. Probably today the goddess is his position in the commission of the church to start setting some boundaries, not the shape are still not the former self to the to the pattern of this world. The word pattern means to fast and we’re not fasting our stuff, we’re not putting on the world’s good when I put it on on the worldly things, because we’re not hardware in the world, but we’re not of the world I’ll, be god’s reason up a culture I believe this was. This:is nuts one that shift the culture that will begin to think to recalibrate their minds. Recap me the way. We think that we are citizens of heaven that Mt. Carmel Church we do have the answer to the problem new. What happened in john chapter 8, whenever the woman was committed caught in the act of adultery? No, what happened? They all said, the pharisees and the sadducees. They were all there that the teachers of the law-they were there in a safe stone, this girl and and and that’s just the way, we’re going to do it. You know what you need in jesus shows up on the scene and maybe going to ask jesus. They said jesus according to most slow, we’re supposed to stone her, but here’s the question that I think it should be raised in the church, the dub again to raise him. My my mind of my sin Mt. Carmel Church and the way that I think is what do they say? What do you say? What do you say about this jesus I think it’s sometimes in the church. If we want to see at the problems taking care of, then we have to enforce the pattern, but we have to also answer the question of what do we say about this when we say about this culturally? What do we say about this in our society? What does heaven say about this because I’m a citizen of heaven and what is heaven say about this situation? What is heaven say about distance with? What does heaven say about this problem? People ask me the other day. So, what’s the answer to all this, this this stuff? That’s going on right now. What’s the answer? What’s the answer, I know what the big overall answer is:i believe it’s up to the church, I believe it’s Mt. Carmel Church up to us me and my wife. We just had this conversation. Even yesterday, I mean what responsibility is on us as a church to help break the patterns, but we will sit back and we will look at all the problems and we’ll see all the problems going on. But then we don’t enforce what the pattern is. If we don’t enforce the pattern, then we’re never going to see the problem change. If we don’t address the patterns, whenever going to the titans will dress us in our lives, he Mt. Carmel Church said:don’t be conformed to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, be transformed, here’s what he says and transfer I like if he said, b, transforming your character, be transforming your conduct, that’s what he saying when we, when we walk in a renewed, mind the word:transform means to be transformed in your character, be transformed in your conduct, be transformed in your chain the change of estimates. Our character is whatever we Mt. Carmel Church begin to estimate. How are characters is represented, as when we begin to estimate what we want to be a part of. Do you want to be a part of the pattern of the world going to be a part of the pattern of the kingdom of heaven? That’s what the question is.

What do we say about this when we say about all the problems when we say about all the problems in our life? All the situations I’m just going to share a little bit about my life and and I can assure you that I used to have some skeletons in my closet and thank god that one day that I was dead in sendai in my trespasses, but i, Mt. Carmel Church remember, I used to have a perverted mindset, I used to have converted my so I used to go to strip clubs and and strip bars and and all these types of things I used to have an alcohol problem. I used to have an anger problem, a very bad anger issue, very bad, like a fighting anger issues, I still struggle at times, I’m, just not there yet, but I’m working on it, but the every one of my problems. There was a pattern. Don’t begin to show me that if you want to take care Mt. Carmel Church of the problems anger, then you got to enforce and you got to go to the pattern. If you want to take care of the pain with alcohol-and you can’t hang out the same places that used to hang out with you can’t socialize with the same people that you used to socialize with you can’t go to the places that you used to go somewhere in there we got enforce the patterns in our life. We got to break the patterns. We got to break the time. We got to see the. If we want to see Mt. Carmel Church change in our marriage, then sometimes we got to break the pattern. Sometimes men we have to. We have to think about some of the things that we may say to the ladies. Sometimes we just have to change the way that we think the way that we were things are language in all these things pattern. If we can break the pattern and we can see a change in our problems, I think that’s the answer. I really do, he said, don’t be conformed to the pattern of this world, but we are citizens of heaven. Our citizenship is not hear our citizenship is in heaven. That’s the mentality that god is willing to create heat, wanted to create a culture that will begin to think that heaven is not something that we’re waiting for, but having to something that we’ve already obtained. Jesus is not something that we’re waiting for, but jesus to something that goes with us. Every single day in our life. Look up 1st john chapter 2 talk about some of these things that Mt. Carmel Church yeah I know some people may be sitting here this morning. He’s thinking well, that’s kind of contradicting because jesus said are in it in john 3:16. It says god so loved the world that he gave his only son I even had that thought too well. So loved the world in what what’s what’s wrong with the world? Is that I’m not I’m, not I’m, not talking about the water, because I created the world made everything in the world I’m talking about the ways of the world. What jesus wants us to do? That’s I think. That’s the pattern. It’s not the world! That’s wrong! It’s the pattern in the world. It’s always in the wrong. It’s the view of thinking. It’s the way. We think that’s wrong, it’s still it’s the ways. First, john chapter 2, verse, 15 and says:do not love the world or the things in Mt. Carmel Church the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the father is not in him. The love of the father is not in him. Anyone that loves the world. The love of the father is not have the world. The word world simply means the ways of the world. If we’re following after the ways of the world, the love of the father is not in us. That’s what he’s saying there. The world have two ways. He said any three categories you said for all, that is in the world:the lust of the flesh, Mt. Carmel Church the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the father, but is of the world the ways of the world. That’s all these things are all the ways the world, the lust of the eyes lust of the flesh and the pride of life in matthew, chapter 4, jesus, christ, see i, think I’m, one of the greatest components, one of the greatest tools of the enemy has. If I was going to ever going to give him credit today when the greatest tactics that he has is temptation, the enemy will tempt us with evil. He’ll tempt us to get us out of our place of citizenship. That’s your goal! That’s his strategy. It’s a realist out of the place of citizenship and to get us to think not like having a longer but to think like the world. That’s a strategy. You’ll get a try to think about the lust of the flesh, the lust Mt. Carmel Church of the eyes, the pride of life and all these things that go along with that in matthew, chapter 4 jesus was hit with some of the same issues. Bible says that he was lit up in the wilderness for 40 days, 40 nights he fasted and he went up there and he was laying up by the spirit and the devil just happen to come to bible says when the temper come came. Can I just address this morning that it’s not a matter. If the temper come to your life, it’s a matter when the temperature comes what’s the matter when we can’t sit back and see what he’s never going to come to my house-and this was never going to happen in my little community. This is never going to happen. I think. Sometimes that’s we take the backseat on things and we don’t think of things early like we should. Mt. Carmel Church

We was jesus, he comes in and the devil first of all he chose me says jesus. If you’re the son of man he said, make these stones here making become bread. I mean was that story first thing jesus said it is written, is written at the pattern right there. It’s written, jesus came back with the pattern. He broke the pattern that the enemy come against them, where the enemy comes against him with a pattern, but jesus came against them with a greater pattern. That was Mt. Carmel Church the word of god. He said it is written. Man does not live by bread alone, but man lives by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of god. Every word not a few words, but every word of the mouth of god. The second thing is, he took it up on pinnacle and he told me that jesus throw yourself down. He said. If you throw yourself down a few, really said a man, he said the angels will come scoop. You up, you won’t be hurting all these things are happening and he was actually revert back to scripture that that scripture was quoted. Three use, the word of god against him. Jesus said lord or he said devil. He said it says not to Mt. Carmel Church tempt the lord, your god not to tempt god, and the next thing you tell me came and the devil showed him all the kingdoms of the world, all the kingdoms of the world. He said:if you want these kingdoms, he said that down and worship me and jesus said no. He said no, he said, I love the lord, it’s all his. So another words. What jesus was saying was is, if you see it, you’ll see the comparison, hear the comparison in the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. All three of those things jesus was tempted with just like. We are i. Think of sometimes the temptation comes in those three categories, all the Mt. Carmel Church temptations that we go through I think that sometimes all of those some up in those three categories, the less the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. I know this is heavy. The bible says the matthew john 6:14. It says what to say lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil. One god has an escape for you in the mist of your temptation. It’s not a matter if we’re tempted to matter when were tempted, we’re going to be tempted to believe today, some of your going to be tempted to believe when you walk out of here that you did not receive the healing that you ordered for summer things you been asking Mt. Carmel Church for for your marriage and asking for it and asking for your children and believing for some of those think the enemies going to try to tempt you to believe that it’s not going to happen. But I come here today to remind you in the clear today that if you will stay the course-and you remain in your citizenship, that god will see you through god will see you through. Did you respond to his government? His administration lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil. One bible says in james, it says blessed. Is the man that endures temptation, for when he is tempted he will receive the crown of life will receive it? Mt. Carmel Church Blessed? Is the man who endures temptation? How many believe they just agree with me this morning that sometimes endurance is a long time. It’s not just something we do in dirt 3 one moment, then we just we just put endurance to the side, but it takes some durance man in this life is endurance. Being a christian and being a believer in a follower of jesus, christ and disciple is sometimes requires a significant amount of endurance. Sometimes all the time for me, you Mt. Carmel Church guys are way better than I am, but the window tinter comes the temptation to come. Here’s what it says in luke, chapter 12, verse, 31. What I like about this is peter the enemy, the devil he actually had to ask jesus if he could sift peter see what I want to point out today is. One thing is that that god will never tempt you with evil. The bible even says, don’t ever say that got to do with evil. God will not there’s no evil in him. That will not tempt you with evil. My test you to see the validity of your faith. He tells him he tells him here. He said simon simon. He said indeed I’m. Just asking this question. Would you want to know if the enemy is going to come to see? If to you or not, I mean really? Is it something you just rather the enemy just show up and do, or would you rather Mt. Carmel Church got just say, hey the enemies getting ready to sift? You i, don’t know some things are left. You know, i, don’t know, but I tell you today. He said indeed, satan has asked for you that he may sift you as wheat. The word sip needs to examine I believe that the enemy wants to examine our lives. He wants to examine the places of access that he used to go to betty used to belong in the place that he had the foothold in your life. Then he’s going to try to come back to those Mt. Carmel Church places in your life. The enemy tries to come back in the places of my life. He tries to get me to revert back to my old ways. He tried to get me to revert back in the midst of temptation. It’s in that moment of temptation. Remember what temptation does it’s kind of a pattern? A man is tempted. Whenever he’s drawn away by what his own lust a man is tempted, it ain’t the temptation of did it. Mt. Carmel Church

It was when the man was drawn away by his own lust that we were drawn away by our own lust that we were tempted stay the course stay. The course usually says the 1st corinthians chapter 10 I like what it says. Never what Mt. Carmel Church simon he said, simon simon indeed, satan has asked to sift. You usually says no temptation has overtaken you except such as common is common to man, but god is faithful. God is faithful here, hurting i, say this:this is the scripture that says god will never put on you more than you can bear. You don’t have a problem with that, because I’ve been look at this scription i, never see that we’re not put anything on anybody that they could bear. What I see in this passage of scripture is, it says no temptation has overtaken you. No temptation has overtaken you and then he goes only said to accept such as common as met at the Mt. Carmel Church man, but god is faithful. Who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able I want you’re able. Knows? What we’re able to do? He knows what we’re able to do, but like this next part, but with the temptation, will also make the way of escape. Don’t trust us that we would have enough faith in him to know that he is faithful in the midst of our temptation, that we would know that there’s a way out. There is a way out. There is escape from temptation. We Mt. Carmel Church can’t keep our citizenship. We can’t keep our citizenship in our minds and know that we are citizens of heaven, even in the midst of temptation, even one of the greatest strategies of the enemy, it’s a gift, a lucky in and buy it to life. They’re, not even true temptation. Jesus said, says in hebrews chapter 4 15. It says, for we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses but was in all points tempted, as we are I like what it says there. It didn’t Mt. Carmel Church say as we were, it says we are. We are tempted. We are tempted, i, believe that some people here today that you’re tempted to walk away from your marriage today, you’re being tempted to walk away from some things. That god is saying:hey I put them in your life today, I put them in your life today, I’m saying you don’t walk away from there. Cuz I’ve, given you the skate, but you just said that the weight is 2 carat too heavy and the weight is too much for me to carry and I Mt. Carmel Church just hear god saying to you today, just what he told me to tell you to stay the course remain the course and not the course of the world, but his course discourse how to get to it. There’s six ways:i want to give you today, six things. First ones, we got it stain. We have to stop entertaining unhealthy patterns in our life. Another word for quit, doing it, but doing it it’s easy right, but doing it. The next thing is we got to fix what we got to fix. We got to fix our Mt. Carmel Church mind and a heart on jesus, christ, b6 thing, I think it’s paramount right now for you to have healthy patterns in your life. If you want help energy like you want to build a cultural, a culture in your life that that is healthy with healthy patterns. This is it right here:staind fix meditate on god’s word, not just reading god’s word but meditating on god’s word. What god’s word say:hey I’m, a citizen of heaven, so I get i, get that first hand, knowledge next wiz, watch Mt. Carmel Church and pray. Remember when they were in the garden, they were praying jesus told him to watch and pray that you fall into temptation did tyson going to come. He said your spirit. My spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak and I believe that some people in here you’re saying the same thing that you’re saying that my flesh is weak, but god saying my spirit is willing. My spirit is willing. Exercise exercise doesn’t mean join the gym all the way. My gym owner, I love to Mt. Carmel Church have your membership exercise discipline self-control! You want to stop the pattern of anger. You got to keep putting yourself in situations that you’re going to respond. The way that you don’t want to respond. Think about what you going to say before you say it. Why didn’t mean to hurt that person that you did that reminds me? I didn’t mean to say that god said yeah. You did because everything that precedes out of your heart comes to your mouth. What’s in your heart displays what comes out your mouth is already in your heart exercise. You got a self-control, yeah discipline and the next thing is you got to feel yourself with Mt. Carmel Church the holy spirit. You got to be controlled by the holy spirit at the pattern. That’s a pattern that god wants our lives. Six things the stain, fix, meditate watch, exercise and be filled. That’s not a hard task. It’s not a hard task! I believe! That’s! That’s the that’s the position and the commission that god wants from us today. If we want the sea the fix world problems, maybe cuz, not speaking to you about that, may be speaking to you about something else. Maybe saying no he’s wrong. Not the problem is I know how to fix the problem when you fix it. Let me know how that works for you, because what god has been speaking Mt. Carmel Church to me is my problem. Is my patterns, pattern of anger that leads to other things. In my life we got to tristan pattern to my life. Let me ask you a question today:ask you couple questions:what are the patterns in your life, but you need to break what are the habits where the patterns that you need to bake break that contribute to the overall problem and where the prep pot, the patterns, but you’re, walking away from that you’re letting go out of your life, but you need Mt. Carmel Church to keep this is all about health, so about health of your soul, of your mind of your your heart that cares about.

He cares about our patterns. He cares about what the patterns that we train our life, because we are what we allow him. What we create

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