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Hi, are you ready, let’s get into the word today, we’re on the series called one nation under god? We’ve been talking about it for a few weeks now and we’re going to talk about some powerful stuff today about being indivisible, what it means to be indivisible in our nation. We talked about a little bit at the end of last week’s message:we’re going to delve into a little bit more. So if you get your bibles, your electronic devices open them up to matthew 28 yeah matthew 28, we will start there and then hold your finger there, also to open to ephesians chapter 4 you’ll need both of those scriptures today matthew 28 and then we’ll go to ephesians chapter 4, the very end. I’m. So looking forward to that one nation under god matthew, chapter 28, I’m going to start reading and verse 16 when you’re ready, we will begin matthew 28:16. Here we go says, then the eleven disciples went away into galilee to the mountain when which jesus had appointed for them and when they saw him, they worship him. But some doubted you know in order to worship Morganfield Church you got it, you got to see it for what it is I like how this says that when they saw him, they worshipped him when you, when you see jesus, for who he really is it’s going to bring more stuff out of you, you got to see him. You got to see. If you can come into a church service and never see him, you can. You can never have a life as a believer as a as a christian, and if you don’t see him for who he is, worship is not going to be there in the in the right context, so they saw him I just encourage you to see jesus everywhere, you go be looking for it be looking for him all around look for him in different scenarios. Look for him where he may be found. You know, make sure you’re looking for jesus in your life and you’ll, be able to worship him in all kinds of circumstances, because you can see where other people can’t see him like that. I saw jesus in that. What are you talking about? There’s a terrible tragedy:i know, but I saw jesus right in the midst of it and it cost me to worship, him, worship him for what happened. I, worship him, because he was in it’s in the middle of it. So I worship him and then no matter what cut what happened in my life, that was, it will all my notes with us just free. It was flow with it. There’s a team and she says jesus came and spoke to them safe. All the 40 has been given to me in heaven and on earth, because jesus has all authority in heaven and on the earth go therefore, and make. Disciples of all the nations notice. Here’s the commission, here’s the assignment to the believers he’s talking to disciples. He already says, go and make more disciples don’t be so excited about your disciple hood that you forget to multiply yourself. Don’t be so excited about being a believer that you forget to be contagious and let that spill over into other people, go, make, disciples and those sweet says go make disciples of all the nations play all the nations that were nation speaks to race, ethnic group diversity. He he wants all kinds of god loves me. He created all kinds of people speak at all kinds of animals i. Whenever I look just at the animals in the fish, I think lord. Why did you make so many different kinds and all the different nuances? He just loves diversity, people from the united states. He loves people from thailand. He loves people from russia. He loves people from from all over australia. He loves the aborigines people. He loves the caucasian people, you love to oriental people, love diversity, remind him at all shapes and sizes. He likes tall people and he likes some shorter people. He likes everybody in between it’s, not an insult to shorter people. That’s just it’s not always fun to be talk, but he loves people of all kinds of sizes, all kinds of all kinds of ethnic background. He loves diversity. So we should love diversity. This is what we’re going to speak on today. Sometimes we say yeah diversity until we have to embrace Morganfield Church. That’s different from us:i love diversity, but as long as they’re like me, he said all the nations. All the nations I want to make sure you’re. Okay with that, because jesus is assignment to us, was to go to make disciples of all the nations no matter the political climate of that nation didn’t say:go into all the free nations and make disciples he didn’t say:go into the nations that have the same political view as you and make disciples. He said:go make, disciples, go, make, disciples, sorry, let’s go on 20 we’re baptizing them the name of the father son and the holy spirit were going to do that here in just a moment’s baptism. Sunday we get the exciting pleasure of getting baptized more people today into newness of life. One of the greatest pleasures that we have is to bring people into a relationship with jesus I love, baptism sunday. So that’s free to go verse, 20 teaching them to observe i. Just remember being a part:sometimes it places the baptisms happen, maybe once a year and so I’m, not comparing I’m just saying I want to stay. Grateful I was thinking for every time. Somebody who is baptized, don’t say thank you jesus for another person coming to know. You move on teaching them to observe all things, o things that I’m commanded you and lo I am, with, you always, even to the end of the age.

How we going to make disciples were going to teach them teach them teach them to observe how many things all things all things smithers. That’s a loaded statement tonight when I’m thinking about that all things that some like lord, how can we describe all things and-and we got to realize that the way that we’re going to make followers of jesus and disciples of nations is because we start to look at. We have to apply everything that jesus said into our life. There ronnie says that this way we talk about every time. We do child dedication, let these words be in you, and then you teach them to your children. We can’t teach somebody Morganfield Church that we don’t apply to ourselves if I’m not going to have everything that jesus commanded be applied in my life, I can’t be pointing my finger at the things that are applied in other people’s lives. So it’s going to get quiet up in here today, because sometimes it’s easy to point out the faults faults in others and how they’re not following all the commandments of jesus when we may not be following all of them ourselves, I’m just saying once in awhile, we might miss a thing or two. How do we make disciples is it is it about politics is about? We need just to elect more democrats or more republicans. Is that the answer for a nation?  No, absolutely not absolutely not how we going to stay indivisible, we’re going to do it, because it’s not about a party. It’s about the principles of the kingdom of heaven. It’s about the principles of the word of god. We are followers of jesus. Morganfield Church First, we’re not republicans or democrats were followers of jesus. Where are the members of certain denominations? We are followers of jesus, see too many times. We divided, we make we’ve stayed our differences and we we divided ourselves recording 2 things that we disagree on. Instead of uniting our cells, according to things that we can agree on, we divided we serve with lamb, baptist and pentecostal and charismatic know you’re a follower of jesus. You may go to that type of church and that’s wonderful, that’s fine, but don’t hold yourself into being. I am pissed because it brings division that I’m this and you’re that I’m a follower of jesus. Are you a follower of jesus? Yes, okay, then we got Morganfield Church in common I remember one time we was witnessing at the jail and some of our people that came back from the jail and there was another church there that was witnessing at the jail and they believe that you weren’t saved until your water baptized, and we believe that you receive when you made the confession of faith. So I came back, that’s what we going to do there telling people they’re not safe. Do we believe in water baptism? They said yes, I said well great, then we have Morganfield Church in common. Just give him on the back. Everything’s fine, stop worrying about arguing about. What’s different us unite about what we agree on was just getting water baptized to move on well, I just know. We will spend too much time argue about things that will not matter in the grand scheme of things. I realize, there’s biblical accuracy and theology and I’m all for it. But let’s find ways we can you not our world spins, how much time focusing on what’s different about ourselves instead of finding what’s what’s, we can unite on all right? Let’s move on with that has followers of jesus. We have to be indivisible on the mission where his principal, so let me go back again where his principles that he gave us remember it’s not about Morganfield Church political parties or anything like that about the principles of god, so where the principles of god import in founding our nation I will take you back again with a little history. Hope, you’re enjoying some of this as some of you that that hated history I apologize, but we just need to remember some of these things. You weren’t taught in school, so many things you’re not going to find in your book and that’s why I’m bring them out today about our nation and how we, if we are one nation under god, what did that mean the beginning? And what does it mean? Now we talked about our pledge allegiance i, pledge allegiance flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands. One nation under god, indivisible quotes were going to be with liberty and justice for all. So now, what is the significance of god in the bible in our country’s history? Ready, september, 7th, 1774 ebay? Remember that day, very crucial day this day was the marked the first time that our congress met and they open congress with prayer, and you said well, we do that in congress, they know know when they open with prayer and 1774. They start 2 hour prayer service. You can’t get church people to have a 2-hour prayer service loan congress and they started with a two hour prayer service to start off the meeting, and not only that but john adams wrote to his wife and some letters. It said they not only untrue harper service, but they study for chapters of the bible that morning and psalm 35 so spoke to them that they believe that they could overcome the british in their conflict because of what they studied in psalm 35. The word of god was powerful. God was a part of our nation in the very beginning they were looking to him. Let me give you a slide. Your bring up this light here. You are here’s a picture of what a man look like in that first congressional meeting as they prayed look at their knees, praying imagine this happening in congress for 2 hours praying for god to give directions to our country.

Let’s look at some other guys. We can talk about that Morganfield Church tomorrow and bring up the slide this. Maybe you recognize this guy right here. This is president john, quincy adams, the sixth president of the united states, and he was a member of his political party allegiance here’s. What was he was a member of the federalist party the democratic-republican party. Yes, that was all one party, the national republican party, and then he was later remember the anti-masonic party and the whig party cuz. He was all over the board john quincy adams, but here’s what he said with regard to the history contained in the bible. It is not so much praise worthy to be acquainted with it with the bible, as it is shameful to be ignorant of it is that it’s no congratulatory deal because you’re knowledgeable the bible, it’s shameful to be ignorant of the bible. This is a president talking. He goes on to say, notebook in the world deserves to be so unceasingly study and so profoundly meditate upon, as the bible’s I have myself for many years made it to practice to read through the bible once every year he was on our bible reading program like we are here. Crossroads I have always endeavor to read it with the same spirit, which I never recommend to you. That is with the intention and desire. Then it may contribute to my advance in wisdom and birch. If john quincy adams didn’t want to read the bible, just as the devotional checkmark to save their i. Read that chapter he said:i want to read the bible so that I can gain wisdom and virtue about everything I need in my life. This is a president talkin. Let me get another present and maybe recognize this guy bring this up. Teddy roosevelt, theodore 26, president knighted states remember the republican party and the progressive party. Here’s want teddy roosevelt said the teachings of the bible are so interwoven and entwined with our civic and social life that it would be impossible for us to figure out what life would be if these teachings were removed. No, it’s not that hard for us to realize how our life would be if those teachings were removed because we’re living in some of it today. But this is a president who said it would be impossible for us to figure what life would be like if we remove the teachings of the bible out of our civic and our social life, you didn’t say church about civic life. This is how important god in the bible was, just even in the night early nineteen-hundreds. Here’s another one bring up this guy, maybe recognize him. Oftr, franklin, deleanor, roosevelt, 32nd, president united states, member of the democratic party and here’s. What franklin delano roosevelt said in the form of days of the republic, the directing influence the bible exercised upon the fathers of the nation is conspicuously evident. We cannot read the history of our rise and development as a nation without reckoning with the place the bible has occupied in shaping the advances of the republic. You see the influence of the bible had on even our presidents. Even earlier now we’re getting into presidents that some of you may remember we’re getting to places where this is how important the bible was. Morganfield Church Eve I’ll go back a little further. This guy andrew jackson baby recognize him he’s on the 20 spot. $20 bill. Do you sear and rude right there and he’s got the wild hare seventh president of united states, give andy a comb or Morganfield Church do Morganfield Church with him:andrew jackson remember, the democratic republican party and the democratic party. Andrew jackson was one of our least religious of all of our founding fathers, one of our beliefs, religious and here’s. What he said he said the bible is the rock on which our republic wrist that’s coming from one of our least religious presidents. Again, recording presidents were not quoting preachers here:here’s another one! There 12th president zachary taylor, remember the whig party years was zachary. Taylor said the bible is the best of books. I wish it were in the hands of everyone. Morganfield Church It is indispensable to the safety and permanence of our institutions. He goes on to say, especially, should the bible be placed in the hands of the young fit is the best school book in the world he says I would that all of our people were brought up under the influence of that holy book. Zachary taylor, president of the united states, are the biblical principles important to the founding of our nation. Did they did the influence of godly influence of the bible matter to some of the most influential civic leaders in our nation, we’re seeing it from here from our presidents? Let me give you another one here, this guy here, you might recognize him will be in ben franklin, ben franklin. You may not realize this was also one of our lease religious leaders, there’s like 250 founding fathers, and he was probably one of the one of the five least religious I’m. Just really reason:i say that not to insult him I’m, just to show you a comparison of how much god was a part of the culture how the bible is a part of the culture. If you hear he’s one of our least religious and you hear what he’s getting ready to say, you’re going to say wow, if he’s one of the leaves, what were the most like just what benjamin franklin said, this is going back to a 250 years or two I’m, sorry 1754, because let me say this before it gets his clothes. He was one of the first guys to call for the united states of america, where 13 separate colonies right, and he was one of the first to call for united states of america.

You want us to come together. 22 years 1754, he starts saying:hey, let’s be united states of america. 22 years later he signs the declaration of independence. His dream is starting to come to pass. He says all right, we’re breaking free 7 years after that I believe it said no I’m. Sorry, yes, 7 years after that, he was one of only three guys who signed the treaty of paris that ended. The american revolution was dream, is getting closer and then four years after that. Sitting, if you bring up the next picture of furious sitting at the constitutional convention 33 years after he had the dream of us being united states sitting there in that room, realizing his dream is coming to pass. You say me, 1 years old, you think it’s not that big a deal it’s not now, but back then it was huge because the average lifespan was 35. I, said 35. So if you’re a senior in high school back, then midlife crisis happening right. Now, it’s downhill from there once you hit 18 room, you’re going down and he’s 81. So you lived a great life along life, but here’s what’s happening. They begin to argue they’re, going to form the united states. Well, everybody has their own plan. They came with the new york plan, the new jersey plan and the virginia plan the connecticut plan. Everybody has their own plant and no state one of the bugs off of their plant and actually compromise and agree with anybody else. So there fussing and fighting 5 weeks into it, they’re ready to leave some of them already packing up and leaving alexander hamilton he’s gone, he’s heading back to the house:it’s like those kids that get mad, take for ball and go home. What’s what was happening here and then benjamin franklin sees this. Chaos sees his 33-year dream falling apart at the seams and he gets up in. The midst of convention begins to speak to george washington who’s, the president of the convention, at here’s, what benjamin franklin one of the least religious founding fathers? Here’s what ben had to say to begin to say here in this situation of this assembly, groping as it were in the dark to find political truth and scares able to distinguish it when presented to us. How has it happens that we have not hit her to 1 start of humbly applying to the father of lights to illuminate our understanding in the beginning of the contest with great britain, when we were sensible of danger, we had daily prayer in this room for divine protection. Our prayers were heard and they were graciously answered. All of us engaged in the struggle must have observed frequent instances of superintending providence in our favor. Now that’s a little bit of old english way of saying all of us know examples that we saw the hand of god move miraculously during this conflict pieces that have we now forgotten this powerful friend or do we imagine we no longer need his assistance. I have lived for a long time in the longer I live the more convincing proofs I see of this truth that god governs the affairs of men. If a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid? We have been assured in the sacred writings, the bible, but except the lord build the house. They labor in vain that build. It. I firmly believe this and I also believe without his concurring hey. We shall succeed in this political building, no better than the builders of babel, and we shall become a reproach and a byword down to future ages are there for beg, leave to move the hints for prayers, employing the assistance of heaven and its blessing on our deliberation be held in the assembly every morning before we proceed to business. Thank you, ben franklin! Morganfield Church Don’t want you to see Morganfield Church Morganfield Church that we won’t know unless we dig it out that she has one of the least religious founding fathers, but in this this is prayer of this statement. This speech right here that I gave you just in those verses right. There were 14 bible references 14, he didn’t quote chapter and verse, but he stated he reference 14 different scriptures in the bible. So here’s what happened. They had gotten soul, concentrating on their differences. They forgot to look to god and they weren’t praying and he said, listen I will going to start after been made the speech you know when the elder statesman speaks up, everybody kind of so they dismissed for 3 days. You know they did for 3 days. They went to church, we went to church and this guy right here, reverend william rogers was preaching and they begin to hear sermons from him from the gospel and how god called them to united and he prayed a special prayer over the convention. Prayer was posted in the newspaper the front page of the newspaper 3/4 of the page, his prayer to pray this over the convention. So after this prayer they went back to reconvene and says that the atmosphere of the convention totally changed after that 3 days or Morganfield Church about 3 days, so Morganfield Church changed. They went from 5 weeks of bickering to 10 weeks later they approve the document that we have governed by for the last 230 years. Northern nation northern lakes around the world, has had a one government document, one document that has lasted that long, we’re the only one, the history of the world and they come up with it after prayer. After lifting to listen to messages now that they weren’t perfect, this document wasn’t perfect. They still had work to do. There are still issues that they didn’t address. It was still division. The most of the northern states wanted to abolish slavery in the southern states said we will not sign this document unless we can keep slavery, so there was division.

Still women still couldn’t vote. There were still problems in our country, but they got better. They were better than it wasn’t england there were better than they were before. They were better than any other country in the free world. They were better. Were they perfect for they good? No, they still had work to do, but they got better here’s. What I’m asking our country can we just keep getting better? How can we get better? The only way we can get better if we recognize our faults, recognize our problems in our issues and we start start to work together on the things we can agree on and stop fighting over the things that we, you said why there’s bible differences i, get it i, get a standing for what you believe in what I’m saying. I’ve got to look to love people and more than I’m, going to let those things to buy me for I’m not going to embrace and we’ll talk about that more in just a moment. I’ll, let you understand what I’m talking about so that they begin to get better. We got to get better. We need to get better at being indivisible. Here’s the word member one nation under god. Listen again, one nation under god, indivisible, indivisible, indivisible under god indivisible. We can’t be indivisible for not under god under god, under his principles, under his leadership under his guy in church, with the n word, indivisible mean so you’re ready. We pledge allegiance to this. Here’s what individual mean impossible to divide or separate impossible want to go back on your pledge of allegiance, yet impossible to be divisible and possible to divide impossible to separate. So how do we do that under god? What is under god mean god is love. When we stay under god, when we stay under love, we will be indivisible. We need to focus on the love of god and releasing the love of god. Look. What I said last week in romans chapter 8 says who shall separate us from the love of christ who shall separate you from the love of christ. It goes on the seychelle, tribulation distress, persecution, fam and making his peril or sword verse 38 jumps down stairs for I am persuaded that neither death nor life nor angels nor principalities nor powers nor things present nor things to come, high-def created, think she’ll be able to separate us from the love of god, which is in christ jesus. Our lord. It’s one thing to understand that I’m not going to be separated from god’s love for me, but it’s another thing for me to understand that I’m persuaded that nothing will separate me from the love that I’m supposed to release other people. Morganfield Church We disagree yes, but we disagree, but we do not separate from love who will separate do you know how many of you have made a list of things that will separate you from the love of god? If they do this I’m out one more time and that’s it I cut him off. I tell you there’s a list of things right here. If anybody says this bam, they’re out, you say this to me. You say that to me or you do this:you do that I’m out. Have you made a list of things to give yourself a way out of god’s love? I know it’s going to be a little tough right now, but you said, sit there and pretend like it’s for somebody else. So you just if I know that that I’ve got this in my head. Nothing will separate me from the love of god, doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it will be best friends. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have to put boundary sometimes in our life, because you’re going to abuse my relationship, it doesn’t mean any of that I just stay in my heart, i, don’t let anything separate me from the love of god.. Is it hard to know the difference? It is a time she’s like well i, know I’m supposed to love them, but I’m so mad at them right now. They see it so differently. For me, I just can’t accept the way they view things. It is so wrong. It is so I understand, but there’s sometimes god looks at me and says check your so wrong, cricket’s all of the congregation. Why? Because god still loves me when I’m so wrong, I’m, so wrong, I’m, looking at things so wrong, I’ve got the wrong perspective about the wrong angle, Morganfield Church I’m looking at it from the from the wrong position and have got the wrong feelings towards it and I’m, not even thinking correctly. In the midst of all that said, I love you you’re off. You’re out there but I love, you I love you. How does he do that? How does he do that? How does he? How does he work through that? We’ve got to learn to guard our unity. We got to see where so easily divisible in our lives. Today, it’s too easy to divide. We unite around agreement and we divide around disagreement. Simple disagreement has been, has been classified as hate. If we disagree and I would say, that’s not hate to disagree. It’s not hate to have a different view point, but we can just rally around people that we agree and we got to give ourselves some culture and get around people that, maybe you would disagree with. So we can get some perspective to at least see where they’re coming from some people will not open up their lives to build to hear from somebody that totally opposes their position, because they’re afraid that the position might be wrong. I’m, going to speak some deep truths here, I want you to grasp. It see we’re not going to get unity in our nation unless people are willing to have conversations from a different perspective, we’re not going to get unity in our country with his racial barriers, whether it’s a religious bears, whatever the berry, maybe political, bears we’re not going to get it unless I’m comfortable in my beliefs enough to welcome your voice into my life and speak to me, I’m, not intimidated by pure view.

I want to hear because I love you I may not agree with your viewpoint. I may not agree with what how you stand on Morganfield Church but I love. You I may not agree with you on your position of of same-sex marriage,, but I love you and I want I want to hear from you, because god wants to hear from you. God wants to hear from me and my simple stay just as much as he wants to hear from me and my blessed perfect steak, which I’m never in, but if he wants to hear from you at all kinds of eric, so we can’t say where god doesn’t want to hear he wants to hear the voice of person. That’s looking for truth and we’ve got a bill to give it to him we’re too easily divisible. Here’s one thing that I think is important:i got time to go, see sometimes were too attached to our opinions. We get our identity from our opinions. I talked to stu the staff not too long ago and i. Think it’s a great leadership points. You need to leave yourself a gap between who you are and your opinion I called it. The severing the reason I said severing gap is because if your opinion gets cut, it doesn’t cut you. Your opinion should be able to get cut. You throw out an idea and work, hey here’s an idea. Why I think we ought to do this. If that opinion gets cut and you get devastated, then you didn’t have a big enough severing gap. Morganfield Church You got to have a gap between yourself and your ideas. So there’s someone tramples all over your idea. They didn’t trample on you. You put your idea out there and you say hey:this is my opinion on things at someone comes out and blast your opinion on facebook and your whole world is destroyed. You didn’t have me a big enough gap. You got to be comfortable comforter up in who you are, but you can throw an opinion. This is where I believe this is. This is how I think on the situation for this, who I think we ought to do in our business and here’s what I think it’s someone come off? No i! Don’t think that’s good at all because of this, this disc that won’t work. We don’t need to do that right now. That’s a bad idea. Trust me because I didn’t have a gap. Same thing, I got to have a gap in my beliefs that when someone comes against me and says, listen, i, don’t believe you you let things run around the track and they insult me an insult my views. They don’t insult me if you don’t agree with my opinion. I’ve got a gap between because what help me get this across, because sometimes we won’t embrace someone who’s different from us. If they disagree with us, if we take it personal, you can’t take it personal. You got to do so. You know what you believe in that that’s:okay, that’s! Okay! I love! You! Let’s talk! Let’s talk about some things that we can unite on. Let’s talk about Morganfield Church, let me get to know you as a person and then I understand why you have that viewpoint. Instead of just judging the viewpoint on the surface level and not understanding the person who’s behind the viewpoint, are you guys stopping for god’s given us today? We shall we shut it off and if you point your for this okay I’m outside who’s, the person back that we might want to get to know that it doesn’t mean that you change yours, be secure enough in your viewpoint that you can have a conversation without being afraid that they’re going to be right that you’re going to be wrong. Ephesians chapter 4 you’re so excited about that one for my clothes here for the first one I believe in what god is going to do in our church, I believe what god is going to do in your life person I believe in what god wants to do in our nation, but we’ve got to work his principles. Here’s ephesians 4, verse ones, are there for the prisoner of the lord. This is paul writing to a church, beseech you to walk worthy of the calling with what you were called with all here’s, how you supposed to walk with all loneliness and gentleness with long suffering, bearing with one another in love bearing with one another love. Look at your sermon notes see what that means for you, bearing with one another means to be patient with some of you checked out like there to be patient with you in the sense of injuring possible difficulty bearing with one another in love, enduring difficulty, enduring differences to be able to accept or receive bearing with one another in love. How can we do it possible difficulty with some person only way we can do this when we love them only way. We can do it when we love. Morganfield Church How can we be patient with someone who has a different viewpoint than us? How can you be patient with your spouse when you’re acting all cray cray? How can you be patient with your kids when they’ve lost a marvel or to how can? How can you do it when someone is totally off-base in there acting out of like? How can you be patient with them? You can bear up with them in love, I love! You baby ain’t! You happy with you right now, but I love. You i, want you you acting silly, but I love! You, you better have in love and I just burst:3 endeavoring, msa, endeavoring endeavoring, it’s a cool word! Guess what that word and every gets I just want to say this greek word for you:it spewed dead, so i, just like the way that word was for dad.

So I want you to remember the food ads all this morning because he was what it means. It means speed. It comes from a root word that means fast quickly. We goes on to me:make prompt effort hurry to do with intense effort hurry to do some spoon edzo hurry quickly, speed hurry to do Morganfield Church with intense effort. Now what do you supposed to hurry to effort? What do you supposed to school. So? What are you going to school. So this week? Here’s what you’re going to school dad’s? Oh, that’s! So to keep the unity of the spirit to keep the unity of the spirit that word, unity means oneness of the spirit. Another couple applications here and I just want to briefly expound on one thing is to keep the unity with the spirit of god. I want to stay in unity with him. I want to do whatever I can to make sure I’m putting effort into staying in unity with god spirit for my life and I’m going to do that. With that says, the bond of peace that bond ties things together. Peace means to be free from anxiety or inner turmoil right. So here’s what it looks like for you and me I’ve got to make sure that I am deborah. I put a lot of effort and i. Do it quickly to stay in a place of free from inner tire, inner turmoil or anxiety, because I want to stay in unity and in one that’s with what god thinks about my situations. So here’s what I’m saying the moment I start to feel anxiety and inner turmoil. I need to check to see if I’m in you am I in unity with the spirit of god, because when I’m in the union of the spirit of god, there should be peace and i, don’t have any peace right now the bible says that the be anxious for nothing philippians 4. You got that down. Look it up later flipping for be anxious for nothing, but in everything with prayer and supplication. Let your requests be made known to god and the peace of god that passes. All understanding will guard your hearts and your minds. You got so quickly the other. What application? How do I have time to go on that., it’ll, here’s, the other application. You need to see foods ad spoof dad’s, oh to stay in unity with people quickly, don’t wait and have a competition to see who can freeze out the other one. The longest swallow that pride stop the silent treatment come on. You got to hear. Well, we’ll be fine as soon as I apologize. You didn’t speed heads o you’re, waiting on them to rectify, instead of you being screwed as well. I’m quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, I’m going to guard unity I’m going to guard unit in a relationship if I said Morganfield Church wrong by the sense that we’re on the same page. So quickly, I want to have some peace I want to have that unity between us when I walk into the house. I, don’t want to be that my wife and I just walked by each other and don’t talk to each other, ignore each other and we know Morganfield Church’s wrong. But this is Morganfield Church that may happen in our life that you might you know Morganfield Church’s wrong, but you’re just holding out who’s going to say Morganfield Church. First bledsoe, is it I say you know what I quickly quickly I’m going to guard the unity quickly quickly quickly quickly make unification there quickly 1.8 differences. Some people don’t want things to get better. Some people don’t want us to unite, because they’re very existence is dependent on there being diversity and chaos. Their financial gain is there being animosity there financial benefit is that we have division. We can’t allow that to be the voice of the church. The church has to Morganfield Church  If the church so far going to argue and fuss between denominations. How is the world ever going to unite? How is the world ever going to come together when we saw? Oh, you believe that, will you go over there I’ll go over here and we won’t talk. We can disagree. So you know what this is way. I see it i, don’t see it like that. This is what I see you in the bible. This is what I believe. Show me, but I love you. What is Morganfield Church christian on on the christian angle or whether it’s in political or civic culture? We’ve got to learn to just do that so quickly. So let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go on our unity with the spirit. Morganfield Church Let’s go on our unity one. You can be your parents and can be older parents. Garnet I want to pray. Times gone hold the clock back for another 20 minutes. I want to pray. Scudetto I want you to ask the holy spirit right now. What’s scenario:what situation your life do you need to screw dad’s o, but you need to quickly quickly with efforts. May commence, maybe some relationship in your life. Maybe someone on facebook. Maybe it’s the person, that’s in your bed at night, maybe 20 for kids. Morganfield Church Maybe you need to mind your gap, but you get so defensive about your opinions. In your view, it’s not received mind. Your gap make a bigger gap between you and your opinions, you’re not getting rejected. Just cuz your opinion is not accepted, but that’s what the enemy wants you to think holy spirit. We just open our hearts to you now in the name of jesus, we ask you father to show us how’s it going. Our hearts show us how to be indivisible, show us how to be indivisible from you from your spirit from your viewpoint god. We want to guard that we don’t want to be separated over petty issues.

We we don’t need separate over racial issues and over over different viewpoints on belief systems and things that got help us unites under your car and be confident enough to have conversations cuz, i, pray. The church will be the voice to the world. Did the bond of your peace will lead us? I pray, holy spirit for your peace to come. The bible says that jesus gave us a piece not as the world gives, but a different kind of peace, and that’s what I’m praying that you’ll receive even right now the peace of god come come, come into the life lord just release your peace release, your peace, the bond, the bond of peace holding tightly holding it Morganfield Church together. God we’re here to be more like you and ask you to forgive us where we’ve been divisive. Forgive us, forgive all of us for the things that we don’t even know. We’ve been divisive on because we didn’t trust. You just keep praying right for you are asking the lord to give you wisdom, showing you you’re, going to have to put some effort into a spoon dad. So is quickly with effort. You got to make things right quickly. Apologize quickly, ask for forgiveness, quickly, Morganfield Church

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