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One nation under god we’re going to be wrapping up the series today, lord willing and so i, would just encourage you to again get out piece of paper. You will need to take some notes today and follow along get your bible out your electronic device. Whatever you still open up the word, that’s open up to matthew 28, yes, matthew 28, don’t know it by heart. By now, if you’ve been coming throughout the series we’ve been launching from this scripture for a specific purpose, I will go to another scripture after this. So if you’d like to you, can open up to 2nd corinthians chapter 5 and hold your finger, there will be going to that scripture here in just a little bit 2nd corinthians chapter 5, so we’ll start out. Matthew 28 one nation under god must start reading there and verse 16. When you’re ready says, then the eleven disciples went away into galilee to the mountain with jesus at a point for them when they saw him, they worship him, but some doubted and jesus came and spoke to them. Saying all authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth. So here’s the instructions, here’s are mandates. Here’s! What we’re hearing from god is what we’re hearing from heaven for all of us noticed. This is not a commission or an assignment to the preachers or to the church leaders. These are. These are in directions to all of us and we’ve all got a part to play in. This will talk about this more as we go along today. Everybody says the 1st 19th go there for, because I have authority in heaven and earth go therefore, and make disciples of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit. Here’s how you make disciples of all the nations by teaching them to observe all things. All things always hella thinks teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and lo I am with you always I’m with you always I’m with you always I’m with you always I’m with you. How much is god with, us always? How often is he with us always she’s always with us even to the end of the age amen? So be it. So we see in the scripture says, go into all the nations going to their make disciples of all nations baptizing, father son, holy, spirit teaching them to observe all things that I command. So here’s what we were talking about in our nation right now we’re wanting to make disciples of nations and we’re talking about the nations that we give back the wii control. That’s united, states of america, as well as when you travel go to other nations. Your may be watching from other nations. Yes, when people watching from other nations online or service or whatever nation you’re living in wherever you are, we want to make disciples. We want to help, make disciples followers of jesus by doing that, and he says how we need to do. That is make sure that we teach him to desert to observe all things that I command and we talked about that being his principles. So we got to follow the principles of the kingdom of heaven, we’re working through this process of seeing you know we come out of the election season and and we come another process of division in our country and how some people were thrilled for years ago with the results and some people were devastated. Some people are thrilled for years later and some people are devastated. So we have a divisive situation, our nation. What do we do? We just pack up and go home and say:forget it? Let’s just kiss this world goodbye know, we still got matthew, 28, matthew 28, says i, want you to go and make disciples of all nations by teaching them to observe the things I come in, so you want to teach the principles of god disciple nation, based on the principles. I got this slide of a treat. I want to show you Morganfield Church because I believe this is important to promote a disciple. According to his principles of you see this tree, there’s three parts of the street that I want to point out. Justin apple tree, part of the tree that you can’t see are the roots and those roots came from a seed. So we’ll call the the bass part of this tree to see the beginning. Then you’ve got the trunk part. The part that forms the structure and what kind of holds it together and all of that comes out of the seed and then from the structure. You begin to produce fruits, which would be the result. So you have, the seed represents. The principles represents the beginning. The most important part of that tree is not the fruit. If you look at it what’s the most important part of that tree is it you would say with the apples. The most important part of that tree is the seed, because, whatever you plant the seed, whatever you start with the bass, the beginning is what determines the results that you get, so you can’t plants. If you want apples, you can’t plant a lemon seed, so the principles of what how you start with Morganfield Church is going to determine the results. Everybody wants good results. Everybody. Everybody wants good results in our country. Everybody wants all these good things, they want love and everybody wants a piece and everybody wants to show. If everybody wants all these good things, they want jenna and they want a piece of mind and they all these great things. Everybody wants another country, that’s the fruit that everybody wants. But how can you get those results only by planting the seeds, because those things were talking about our fruits of the spirit, so you’re not going to get the results of love, joy and peace in our country? If we don’t stick to the principles of the kingdom of heaven this, what I’m talking about? We got to hang on to the principles of god’s.

If we forsake the principles, of. We will not reap the fruit of god. Everybody wants the fruit of love and joy. But. We will not get love in our nation if we forsake god, because god is love. So this is why we’re going back to the basics and see what our nation has been found on. We talked about this a lot over the series and how our nation was started and some of the principles of god that were in place in the beginning, I want to bring up the declaration of independence going back little bit, july 4th 1776 important day in our history and you’ll, see on the declaration of independence, it’s hard for you to read at the top of it, but the very top of this document. It says the unanimous declaration of the thirteen united states of america. Do you know animas declaration of the thirteen united states of america. This is the birth certificate. Our national birth certificate of united states birth certificate. Again we’re talking about the principles of things that our nation was founded on. This see that was planted and here’s some of the seeds were planted. I, don’t know unanimous declaration of united states of america remember this is not a private document. This is not a church document. This is a document by the government created by the government officials that is a unanimous declaration of all 13 states. So all 13 states put their stamp of approval or better said their signature. On this document says, we believe what these things, what if what is said in this document, here’s one of the things that was said in the document and they used to you-have to memorize this. But here’s one thing that they said:we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that, among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. How many used to have to memorize this in school anymore? We don’t even talk about this anymore in our school system, but this is one of the base things that all 13 states unanimously agreed on. I, don’t want you to see what they unanimously agreed on. There’s one of the principles of our nation. You see it here in the wording that all men are created equal and that they were endowed by their creator endowed by their creator. So from the very beginning, all of our government officials agreed on this one thing that government is going to acknowledge that we see and know that there’s a divine creator from the very beginning, our government believe in a divine creator. Nowadays you won’t hear that nowadays, though, so you can’t use god, you can’t talk about god cuz, some people don’t believe in god, so we can’t say god in a public school setting or we can’t say to graduation, we can’t say it in a governmental office. We can’t talk about god, but from the beginning our nation said we believed in the divine creator, those those are some of the things that founded our nation and they will go on to say that not only a divine creator, but they also believe that we were created with certain unalienable rights and animal rights to the word. That just means that these rights that we were given we’re not given to us by government they were given to us by god. So one of the other foundation founding principles that was in our nation is that listen. We have. Certain rights have been given to us by god that came before the rights of government, so this was the first step in limiting the power of government in the declaration of independence are in our founding fathers. Okay. We’re sending a message to the government that you’re, not the biggest dog in town, we’re letting you know right from the jump that we’ve been given some inalienable rights that came before you, and so you will not be able to control all of our rights as some the founding things of our nation, certain and able rights that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So we talked about these things from from the making sure that our nation was founded on these principles. Here’s another guy that can be recognized. George washington urbino george play george, so he was george washington. First, president united states serve two terms or more terms, but he said no. This is that’s enough. We’re not going to have that kind of system. I want a limitation. Here’s one of things that george washington said about nations. When we talked about discipling nations years was george. Washington said check this out:it is the duty-yes, i, say duty of all nations to acknowledge us what he said that they need to acknowledge the providence of almighty god to obey his will to be grateful for his benefits and humble to implore protection and favor of all nations to acknowledge the providence of god as well to be grateful for his benefits to employees, protection and favor. This is the duty of all nations from our first president, again, what am I talking about here, I’m talking about the base principles that were put in place in our nation, that if we want these things to grow and first we wanted you to fire nation. We want to bring our place our nation to a better place. We need to go back to the principles that are going to produce those things we want to get these fruits, but we can’t forsake how god designed us to put them in place in the beginning. Okay, so just trying to lay that that groundwork for us to make sure we understand you talk about the pledge of allegiance right now, the pledge of allegiance start. So we can stay together, a I pledge allegiance to the flag of united states of america and to the republic for which it stands.

One nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. We talked about being indivisible last week and today, I want to mention a couple things here about liberty and justice for all, because when we talked about making a nation by the principles of god, we got to keep in mind the factor that humanity place. This is the part where we can’t depend on man to bring us everything we need, because man’s fallen we’ve got issues, we’re not perfect, so we say liberty and justice for all. This was the pledge of allegiance, but have we have liberty and justice for all throughout our history? No, we haven’t, but it doesn’t mean that liberty and justice for all is not possible. No, that’s not what it means, but just because we haven’t had liberty and justice, for all doesn’t mean we don’t keep pursuing liberty and justice for all. We just pursue it from coming from the right source and not coming from man. Let me give you example:what I’m talking about liberty and justice is not going to come from a certain political party. Liberty and justice is going to come from one person, that’s jesus, it doesn’t mean you don’t get involved in elections and all of that stuff that we talked about, but I want to make sure you understand that only one person is going to bring liberty and justice for all and here’s what it would look for. Talks about the spirit of the lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor. The sent me to heal the brokenhearted to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind to set at liberty those who are oppressed so who’s going to bring liberty or freedom to oppression, jesus who’s going to help our nation with people who are preston our nation. How are they going to find liberty they’re going to find it through jesus we’re talkin about? What’s going to help? What are we going to communicate to our nation to help people find freedom and liberty? Here’s another scripture, 2nd corinthians 3:17. Now the lord is the spirit and where the spirit of the lord is there is what liberty, liberty and justice for all house all going to get liberty and justice through the spirit of the lord. This is where we’re not limited against. If we we concentrate on man, giving us liberty and justice or any other freedoms or any other right, we’re going to be limited by what man can do, we’ve got understand that I can express liberty and justice through jesus, no matter what type of government I’m living under you can be watching this online from a government that just doesn’t allow freedom of religion. What are you going to do with that government? Does that mean that you can’t have liberty and justice l? You can have liberty and justice. We just got to go, get it from jesus. This is the message that we’re trying to convey to the world. That’s what I want to make sure I get to. Let me give me the second one:justice. Can we get justice deuteronomy 32:4 says he is the rock his work is perfect for all his ways are justice, a god of truth and without injustice, righteous and upright is he god is a god of justice? You want justice in our world, yes, that we need god in our world that goes on another scripture. I’ll, give you hear, there’s some 1036, the lord executes, righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed. Do you know anybody that suppress feels depressed anybody? Any groups of people that have that have experienced depression, who’s going to help them who’s, going to help get relief from that he says he gives justice to all who are oppressed who’s. Our answer for liberty and justice for all its god, it’s having a relationship with jesus and that’s what we’re trying to communicate. That’s what I want to get across this today, dependence on man for government bring a solutions is going to bring frustration. This is why we have so much frustration in our country because people are depending on the human, be for them to experience, Morganfield Church that god has already promised them. Stay with me in a verbal writes, mean I have a right to some things, because god’s word says so whether my government agrees with it or not, see we’re not limited by the policies of congress I’m limited by the word of god when god says:i can have Morganfield Church:i can have it. I can experience it. I can believe for it and pray for no matter who’s in a thority over me. I don’t want to be limited by the game. I will be limited by that. I’ve got certain inalienable rights that even if I’m living in a communist government I can experience. Liberty and justice now doesn’t mean I’m not going to conflict. It doesn’t mean I’m, not tribulation, all of those things but I’m just trying to make sure we understand that our answers come from the word and from jesus and not for man, because if we get lazy, if we get lazy, then we started looking well. They won’t let us they won’t. Let us who’s that we got to put our faith in god. We can go back to the in time series and we talk about what’s going to happen when things begin to change globally around the world and their become restrictions in certain areas. What if those people say? Well, we’ve got a certain person in power. We got this viewpoint. We’ve got this ideology coming from this group of people. So therefore we can’t go out sad I want you to flourish in the face of opposition. I, don’t want to run from my position. I want you to flourish in it.

This is what he’s talking about and making sure we trying to get it because he says he gives justice and liberty to all who are pressed. So people who are oppressed need to hear what kind of news good news or bad news. If you need to hear good news, so here’s what I’m going to commission you today, there’s going to be a are simon. Our assignment from heaven is for you and I to now be bearers of good news instead of barriers. About is how many times you had somebody coming I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you love it when somebody starts out a sentence like that, why can’t we be bears some good news, how many times I believe the church has chosen the position of being a bearer of bad news when I think we should be bearers of good news. We should be the biggest bearer of good news of anybody on the planet, because we have the best news, no matter what’s happening on the earth. We have good news, no matter what I see on the news. I’ve got good news. Mark chapter 16, verse, 15 says to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Gospel is a word. That means good news. So what are we supposed to be? Yes, you are and certain contacts, because the word preach just means to say to declare to talk. Everybody can talk so god’s, just telling you you and I everywhere you go I want you to speak good news. What good news what’s what’s some good news is that what kind of good news can I have? Maybe is a condom he’s up that good news? Terrorism is down, borders are secure, medicare will be there for everyone. Social security is going to be there when I need it. Health care is going to be affordable, resume song., good, news, no I’m, not talking about that kind of good news. I’m talking about a bigger good news, going all the world and preach the good news. Tell them good news. Let’s look at the good news that we have go over to 2nd corinthians hold your finger. There I’m convinced the god is asking us to change. Our nation affect our nation. By being the bearer of good news that we need to be able to talk about good news. We should have good news flowing from my mouth on a regular basis and here’s some good news that we need to have sick as you and I are going to face people everyday. That need to hear some good news. I need to hear some good news. You need to hear some good news. Cuz. We don’t get how many have this experience of when you’re watching news. They give you story after story of people helping people, people, saving people, people complimenting one another all kinds of stories on the news right. It’s not like that. It’s usually who murdered who who died? Who did this? What awful things happened? They’re trying to play all kinds of arguments and division, trying to continue to divide our nation’s history of united or nation negative, negative, negative negative? It’s just it’s the world’s way, so who’s going to tell good news just going to do. We are now whatever good. What good news to you! We got to realize that, no matter your demo, your your your political alliance, whether you’re lemoore democrat or your lean, more republican you’ve got good news today. That’s what I want to tell you! You may think, because you have a political affiliation, that it’s either only good news right now or only bad news. I want to tell you it’s good news all around the board. If you call yourself a follower of jesus, it was good news for years ago. It’s good news for years before that it’ll be good news for years from now. It’s nothing but good news. If you’re a follower of jesus I’ll tell you, we got a cigarette on that, just what it says:2nd corinthians chapter 5. Are you ready looking for 17 here’s, some good news that you can give somebody this week? Do you give it to yourself right now says there for her 17th? If anyone is in christ, he is a new creation. You sound like good news anybody. You think anybody would like to hear this kind of news. Here’s the news that we’re sitting on what everybody’s fussing about this or fussing about that or arguing about this or arguing about that arguing about walls and borders and medicare, and all these things, while they’re arguing about all this. Look at the good news, we’re sitting on that. If anyone is in christ, he is a new creation. Old things are passed away. Behold all things have become new hey. Do you really do want to walk away from your past? Do you want to walk away from who you were? Do you want to experience a new life? Do you want to be free from your sand in your past? You can be a totally new person in jesus christ amen. That’s good news, good news, we’re so ingrained in the bad news. The good news doesn’t even affect us the way it should I’m telling you. There is no better news in the world and 2nd corinthians 5:17. If anyone thinks passed away, all things become new. That’s good news! That’s good news! If you need your older pass away, that’s great news for you:you’re not going to hear better news than that. If you got a bad past and you’re trying to walk away from some. This is the best news you could hear all day, but we’ve got to make sure we’re releasing it we’re going and telling people good news. He look what else he says the first 18th now all things through god who is reconciled us there’s more good news.

He has reconciled us to himself through jesus christ and has given us the ministry of reconciliation a whole night. There god has reconciled us to himself hear some great news. Are you ready for good news? Maybe I didn’t realize this was great news, maybe if we kind of lost over this, like we all do but I want you to see good news, that’s going to make a difference in the world around us there’s Morganfield Church we have to tell people just what it says. All things have gone, who has reconciled us to himself through jesus will reconcile means means to restore proper friendly relations after Morganfield Church has happened to break it. Whenever you have reconciliation that takes three things. 3 things number one number one. Someone has to do Morganfield Church to break up the relationship. Someone has to screw it up, shuffle reconciliation to happen. There has to be first the division or there’s no reconciliation. You got it is to be reconciled to come together again. So there has to be a separation number to someone has to intentionally. Do Morganfield Church make an effort towards reconciliation, who’s. The principal reconciliation doesn’t happen on accident. Someone has to do Morganfield Church intentionally to bring reconciliation. Thirdly, the because of the efforts of the first two because of Morganfield Church was broken, and someone made an intentional effort and did Morganfield Church about it. Then. Thirdly, relationship is restored and friendly relations are back the way they were, if not better, so reconciliation needs all three of those things. So, let’s break it down for a moment, maybe you’re in a situation where you got a relationship in your life, that’s broken because somebody did Morganfield Church either you did it or somebody else did it but you’re, not on speaking terms, you’re, not talking to one another you’re, not that’s what happens in the holidays. You experience some of this other times you life used to be experiencing if you’ve got Morganfield Church number one you’re in the situation with a broken relationship then now see step 2 step 2 is somebody intentionally has to do Morganfield Church about it, to restore it. What’s the weather all I’m praying about it, I understand praying about it. We need to pray about it, but then at some point we need to do Morganfield Church about it. Some people are still praying about it because they don’t want to do anything about it. The praying that god will tell somebody else to do Morganfield Church about their praying, that god will move on them to apologize, but I just pray again. They 375 straight that you will cause them to ask forgiveness. When are we going to do Morganfield Church to bring restoration? A relationship god intentionally did Morganfield Church we did Morganfield Church to break the relationship between us and god. We did it. We send cigar, did not sit there and say you know what you better do Morganfield Church about, because we couldn’t do anything about it. So god intentionally did Morganfield Church that he didn’t have to do and he brought jesus into the world. Jesus died and he reconciled us to god through jesus, and he did point to he said. I did my part I intentionally reached out to you. He loved us before we love him right. He reconciled. He made the first movies today I’m going to reach out to you, and so you can find relationship with me and then number three we’re going to have a rest, restore relationship when we receive what god did for us, citrus. What you and I need to do if we want to bring restoration of relationships, number to we’ve, got to make sure we’re doing Morganfield Church intentionally to bridge that gap with people you make me need to cross party lines to build bridges. You may need to say Morganfield Church to someone who believes totally opposite of you politically to build that relationship back. You may need to do Morganfield Church with your spouse, parent children, loved one co-worker, whatever who’s going to be the one who intentionally does Morganfield Church to restore that relationship and who’s going to be the one who just wait around and hope that it gets better who’s, the one that’s going to be big enough to go to them and say:honey, I’m! Sorry, forgive me I’m! Sorry, that was a apologize. I really didn’t do anything wrong, but who’s going to be the one hahaha I knew what you were. Thinking did god. Do anything wrong, but who made the effort see the example. God did nothing wrong, but he’s the one who made the effort to restore the relationship. You may have done nothing wrong, but you may still be the one to make the effort to restore the relationship and that’s what he said. They saw dust himself through jesus christ and then after that, so he’s reconciled us to it to him, and then he gives us and giving us the ministry or the service or the activity of reconciliation various. What does that mean he’s? Given us the ministry of reconciliation? We can’t reconcile ourselves to god. We can’t reconcile go to people. We can’t reconcile people to god. We can’t do that. So what is it given to us? That is another word for 19 days, going to explain it. That is, the god was in christ, reconciling the world to himself, not imputing their trespasses or not counting their trespasses, not counting their sins against them, not making sure they knew and no aware of all the wrong doings, not smashing it in their face all the time. He didn’t count that against them to them and is committed to us to wear to reconciliation. Here’s what he say. He says that his god was in christ reconciling the world to himself who did god reconciled to himself through jesus the world who represents the world everybody when he says he reconciled the world to himself.

It does not say he reconciled the church to himself. It doesn’t say he reconciled believers to himself. It doesn’t say he reconciled the elect to himself. He says he reconciled the world to himself through jesus, so here’s what god and jesus is going to pay the price for all of sin of humanity. So I’m going to initiate the reconciliation I’m going to do, step, 2 I’m, going to send jesus and he’s going to pay the price for the sins of all the way everybody and all they have to do is embrace my son jesus and we will be restored step. 3 see how we work at that’s good news. That’s good news! I couldn’t do that! I couldn’t get that relationship restore, but he said I’m going to do it I’m going to do it. I’m going to reconcile the whole world to them back to me and I’m not going to impute their trespasses to them that’s kind of a fancy way of saying I’m not going to hold their sins up in front of me. In other words, you said this way:the better website. God’s intentions, we’re not distracted by other people’s actions. I didn’t hold their stress past their sins against them. I reconcile them, regardless of their actions. Here’s what he saying to us for the hard truth or truth. He said your actions won’t change. My intentions, I’m, going to do what I’m going to do, no matter what you do:that’s the, power of reconciliation. It’s when you do what you can do, no matter what they do so now when I want you to go reconcile with that person. You know they won’t receive it. Your intentions of reconciliation are not moved by what they do or what they don’t. Do. Your move by what god’s asks you to do dog came to me, regardless of what I did he said, I’m sending jesus I’m reaching out I’m reaching to check check them out. Take it take pig free give ticket I’m reaching out to you could not be swayed by my actions and so I’m asking myself how many times do i, let other people’s actions change my intentions. How many times do i? Let somebody’s lack of response change my intentions, but I want to do it until they reject me. I want to reach out to them until they take me off. I want to I want to extend an olive branch until they did it again. That’s it I’m out. Reconciliation is Morganfield Church we can control our part, but we can’t control there’s, but he said he’s given us the word of reconciliation. So here’s what I’m saying to the church to believers, if you’re a follower of jesus here’s. What he’s given to you he’s given to me he’s given us a word to give to the world, he reconciled the world to himself through jesus, and then he gives you and I are word to give to them. What’s the word he gave reconciliation, you didn’t give us the word of correction. You didn’t give us the word of condemnation. What’s the word that god gave us to give to the world reconciliation, Morganfield Church it doesn’t mean that we just say everything’s fine and there’s no sand and that’s not what I’m talking about. He gave us the word of reconciliation. He gave us the good news to tell people god’s, not mad at you and welcoming you back he’s giving them the good news that jesus has paid for all of your scent and no matter what you’re doing god’s extending his hands to you say:hey I want to be a part of your life I’m reaching out to you. That’s the good news that he’s not rejecting you he’s embracing you. If he’s already reconciled through jesus he’s done step 2. Now all you need to do is step. 3 he’s done his part. Now you do your part, that’s the word of reconciliation, so we got to go around the world and give people hope and give them the good news that god’s reconciled himself to them. How you know god loves. You he’s reconciled himself to you. Instead of going around in simsbury inn, you know, sometimes people will say we got to tell people the truth about their situation. I recognize that I acknowledge that. But I want to submit this to you, your right to speak into someone’s life. Morganfield Church Correctively does not come without trust and relationship. If you want to speak into someone’s life correctively, you don’t just shoot the truth. Adam you build relationship with him at through that relationship. You can bring correction they’re, releasing love to them. You let them know that god’s not mad at them. That god’s walking them see. God’s asking us to the long before we become asking us to be long before we believe the church has asked people too many times to become, and then they can be long. If you don’t become like us, then you can build a wall. If you believe like we believe, then you can become, then you could be long side, but I believe god, asking the church to do Morganfield Church. A little bit difference in the context of the word reconciliation is it? Will you allow people to belong build relationships before they become everything else asked them to become where you at? Will you let people below is the body of christ to be a part of the church in fayetteville relationship with people before they believe everything that they’re supposed to believe? Morganfield Church Well, i, don’t know:pastor things could get a little crazy, no, they cook, but I will submit to you that I have not become everything that I’m supposed to be come yet and I still belong to the family of god i. Don’t even believe everything that I know. God wants me to believe, but I’m still, a part of the family part 2 release this word scripture or just a page in 2nd corinthians chapter 2.

Here’s the word that we want to release to the one cuz I believe one nation under god is about this guy’s. It’s a bunch of imperfect people, call political backgrounds, all political preferences. You know this is highlighted this time of year. You know this time of season of the elections is i, believe it’s people from all walks of life, learning hello in different circumstances, learning to love and different viewpoints and we’re going to bring unification. Here’s this good news, I think we need chapter 2, bruce 14th, since now, thanks be to god, who always leads us in triumph in christ. Let me just see that part again now, thanks be to god, who always leads us in triumph in christ. Can I give you an encouraging word right now, but if you stay with christ, he will lead you into triumph, no matter what circumstance you’re facing no matter how hard how hard it is, you’re walking through no matter how lonely it may seem in this time. If you will stay in christ, he always leads to triumph he’s always going to lead you to try them look at next part and through us through us through us through us. What your neighbor said for you. What’s your other name is your second choice? Hr, you i, don’t want to talk to my neighbor, that’s okay! Look what he says and through us diffuses the fragrance of his knowledge in every place diffuses through us defuses the fragrance that word effusive. Just word. That means to make manifest to make it visible to make it show up here’s what god’s doing he says that through us through you through me through all of us girls wanting to make real make manifest the fragrance of his knowledge in every place. There’s 15, for we are to god the fragrance of christ among those who are bleeding saved or are being saved among those who are perishing, 1-0 malini to death and to the other, the roma live leading to life and who sufficient for these things. Here’s what I’m saying you guys where were these when I was when I was a kid they had a minute. Maybe they still have them? I, don’t even know you do you have these things called a scratch and sniff those that you scratch them, the other one smell like anything, but soon as you scratch them, you got strawberries and it releases a fragrance jesus through us he’s releasing a fragrance to the world. That’s what I’m asking you I’m asking myself:what fragrance fragrance do you release when you get scratched? You want to talk about two different kinds of scratching their cereal scratch. My back all that feels good and there’s also scratching. One scratching is nice and you want to whatever, but there’s, but there’s some scratching, that’s like mean vindictive and weapons, so I’m, just asking sometimes when you get scratched in a mean way. What kind of fragrance do you release jesus through us through us through us? He wants to release a fragrance into the world, the knowledge of god. So everywhere you go. He says in every place, not just in church some of you put on your nice church cologne. So you some of you i, say we all probably are guilty of that simple that when you come to church, your fragrance is nothing but we just walk in a glow in church right, we’re all anointed all soaking the presence of god 24/7 in every place. So when you’re at the workplace, when someone scratches you in here, god bless, you bless. You bless you, brother, I’m, blessed highly favored. Thank you. God bless you all this christian he’s the workplace and somebody scratching. Will you worthless what scratch so I have a question follow push with? That is what do you smell like? What do you smell like when your spouse scratches you? What do you smell like when your kids scratch? What do you smell like when the person that’s cool, scratches you or worker? It’s on your last nerve, true us releases of fragrance. What’s going to change our nation, it’s going to be people like you and I that releases a fragrance of the goodness of god new people’s not going to be moved by politics, our nation’s not going to be united over politics, going to be changed, they’re going to be changed by the love that you have when you release a fragrance everywhere, you go. That is your speaking. One word:reconciliation, reconciliation, reconciliation! Are they live in the past? Are they doing everything? Maybe not that’s fine! It doesn’t mean you compromise that mean you gray up the truth, I’m not saying any of those things. I’ve seen you keep your heart open to love people and to give them one word. Reconciliation! Well, I’ve tried that and they’ve abused it time after time after, time peter. Had this conversation with jesus. How many times should we forgive people in a day seven times he was being really radical, amy lord really I mean we can’t let people take advantage of, should we forgive people 7 times jesus in all his wisdom, said no, no peter 7, that’s that’s 70 * 7 birthday. So here’s what I want to ask you if you would just now your heads with me i, want to pray and i. Morganfield Church Want you to ask yourself what do I smell like what do I smell like outside of church? Can the world smell the fragrance of god in me I’m, not saying you have to be perfect? None of us are what I’m asking this question. Do you realize that you’re putting off an odor everywhere you go, we use a phrase. We say that your attitude stinks when we’re talking about a bad attitude, but I’m telling you you’re a bad attitude doesn’t literally smell.

It Morganfield Church doesn’t put off an odor. But what we’re saying is your attitude? People around you could smell it. They can sense if they can realize it and if you’re putting off love joy, peace I realize we all have our bad times and bad moments and I get it, but I want to press into what god is asking me to do that when I’m scratched I want people to smell god the best that I can so ask yourself before god lord do I stink a little bit where do I need to change. My fragrance I just asked you to help me when I get scratched. I, don’t want to justify my response. I want to I want people to smell you. You speak into your heart right now, I just want you begin to give that to him. We’re applying this message, we’re playing it into our hearts. Right now to say:god that threw us he wants to release and make real make manifest make visible. The kingdom of heaven is going to do a good, perfect vessels that we are he’s wanting to use us to give people the word of reconciliation. Do you have the word of reconciliation, or do you have the word of criticism? Give the word of unity. Word of division, i, don’t know what god’s dealing with you on that I’m. Just giving you the opportunity to hear his voice. Holy spirit speak to us. We want to be your vessels, we want to be your fragrance. We want to be your cologne or perfume in every place. What are good days and our bad days it shirts in our homes, in our jobs, lord, we want people to smell. You on us help us father to lay down. Morganfield Church Are divisions, pick up reconciliation you’ve given us some words to speak to the world, the word of reconciliation, the god through jesus, reconciling the world to himself. What good news good news got to pray this week in our lives that your prick, our hearts, i, pray that people scratch us and we put off a wrong older that you will speak to our hearts immediately that we will change our fragrance in that moment, the winter response that we give does it smell like you got a pretty conviction will come quickly, a loving response to see chat. Morganfield Church No, that’s not how I want you to respond. Thank you, father. Thank you. Father

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