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Let’s, let’s just dive right into re-calibrate message this our last one we’re finishing up the series today. I think this is part h we’re going to talk about. Recalibrating are mine. So let’s get your bibles your sermon notes. Whatever used open up the bible open up to galatians chapter 6, galatians, chapter 5 I mean McLeansboro Church 5 yo-yo, four, five, six one of those chapters, galatians chapter 5 recalibrate. We can talk about recalibrating, different areas and remember recalibrates about three words. It’s about the standard. What are we measuring by if you’re going to be successful at something I find out? What’s the standard that you’re measuring by what what’s the standard for a good employee, good boss, good husband, good wife, good, whatever? What are standard? What am I trying to hit number McLeansboro Church to? What’s the difference? What’s the difference in how far am I off so just what I am here’s the standard? What’s the difference, and then the third step is the conformity step. The conformity step is what am I going to do about the difference it’s like when you got your end of the quarter grades and you found out you got to see and if the standard is an a for you and your life, then you got a gap between a and see what am I going to do to bridge that gap to bring my grade up to the standard, and you got some changes you got to make. You got to apply some things in your life. So when we’re talking about this, it’s very McLeansboro Church important for us to know what are standard is our standard is the word of god. Our standard is the bible jesus. Is our standard he’s the one we’re measuring, but we’re not measuring against the worst person we know. Sometimes we measure our standard against the the average don’t measure the standard against average you’re, not average you’re better than average, so we can put a metro standard against god i. Well, you said I’m supposed to be like god we’re supposed to use him as our goal, and then we talked about that. Then our different stuff. Again, how far am I’m off once I realize I’m not meeting the standard? Here’s, what we McLeansboro Church don’t do once I figure out that my experience doesn’t match the heavenly example. We do not change the heavenly example to match my experience. In other words, i, don’t bring the standard down;i, don’t create a new theology that matches my experience. My experience needs to go up to the standard of heaven. Sweet food talked about that only into this today. What am I going to exchange when we’re talking about recalibrating or mine? The standard is about what am I McLeansboro Church supposed to think. Like what’s my example, my example is heaven my example of thoughts of heaven. Matthew says this jesus said to pray. This way with your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. So our standard is we’re supposed to think like heaven. What are standard are saturday’s not supposed to be sure that we’re supposed to think like heaven when people say hello, don’t be so heavenly minded you have no earthly good. I, don’t agree with that statement. I think too many times were not as earthly good as we could be because our minds not as much on heaven as it should be, but when I talk about being on McLeansboro Church heaven, I’m not talking about a place when I get out of here, I’m talking about a system that god has put in here. Okay, that’s more than we got. We can’t go over there. We got to stay so now, stay focus! So then, after that we talked about her standing in the difference with my experience was as what I’m doing in my life, so the conformity we were talking about the conforming step. You got galatians chapter 5, verse, 7 we’re going to talk about what do I exchange. McLeansboro Church What do I exchange if I’m going to change anything in my life, I’ve got to make a change from where I am to change, where I want to be changed. What I’m, believing for change? What I should be believing change? What I’m saying what I should be saying change, what I’m doing what I should be? There has to be a change if you will fail to change something you’re destined to repeat something:we got it. We got to change some of your life, so will I make an exchange, will I make an excuse, will I make an excuse for my situation? Will I make excuse for my grade and some other teacher doesn’t like me well that the people at work, my McLeansboro Church boss, has it out for me, nobody likes me. Nobody appreciates their fault if they’re far to say I’m, if it’s not me, it’s not me it’s them. If we will continue to buy into that thinking, we will always blame others for our situation and we will never change what we blame. We have to take ownership for it. We got realize that I’m, the one that needs to change my thinking do people maybe have it out for me. Maybe do people maybe not want to change, treat you for the maybe, but you still have power in your self to make the decisions to change your life. So we got to make an exchange to look at look at galatians McLeansboro Church chapter 5, I’m start reading verse 7 soon, as I get there I’m about to blow up in the wrong place. Galatians 5! Where are you there? We are at 7. It says you ran well who hindered you from obeying the truth. This persuasion does not come from him, who calls you a little leaven leavens the whole lump little leaven McLeansboro Church leavens the whole lump we’re going to talk about 11.

Today we’re going to talk about recalibrating the mind, but look what it says. Number 7 you ran well now it says you ran well when talking about you a great track star, what y’all got you is really McLeansboro Church fast. The word ran means to make progress to to advance, to move forward to make decisions. It’s it talks about how you your behavior contact to make progress in one’s behavior conduct. She says you ran well another word. You were making progress in life, your behavior, your kind that you were making good decisions, McLeansboro Church you’re, making good choices. You were moving forward. You were advancing. You made some mistakes once in awhile. Maybe you took one step back, but you took two steps forward. You were making progress. How many knows it’s about making progress and not about perfection? We’re not trying to be perfect in this life. We’re trying to make progress in this life don’t be discouraged when you’re not perfect, just make sure you’re making progress am I better today than I was yesterday. If your answer is no now, your new goal is to be better tomorrow than you are today. It’s not to wallow in a while I’m I’m, worse than I was yesterday McLeansboro Church so I Guess:i’m a failure. You’re, not a failure, keep going, keep making progress. You don’t fail until you quit till you give up till you stop moving, but he’s telling us he said you ran well, you were making progress. Everything was going forward, but look what happened. He says who can dirt you that word McLeansboro Church hindered means to cut into or the cutoff to impede. Once course they talked about it. A illustrated this by someone with enemy sometimes would cut up or chop up a road and make it difficult for an army to move its weapons and move everything. They would literally chop up the road put obstacles in the way. This was McLeansboro Church the strategy. He said you were running while you’re, making good progress, but who cut up your road, who hindered your travel. Another definition of it that they gave was to cause an offense to someone to irritate or to trouble, you’re, making progress and something cut you off and it irritated. You were troubled you how many when you’re driving you know where I’m going you’re cruising along. Everything is going good and you see that car getting ready to pull out and you McLeansboro Church say to them:don’t you do it? Don’t you don’t you you did it, she did it. He did it. They pulled out. I can’t believe so they pull out and they pull out with not a care in the world about what they’re doing for the day just like, and you come true screeching up right behind them and I know most of you in that moment you start praying for him and bless them and say:god bless, you I hope they have a great day, lord i. Just thank you for this person. I know you guys do that, McLeansboro Church but some people out there they get irritated. Take it out. You take them in those moments when someone cuts them off when they’re trying to make progress, and now you go from 50 miles an hour to 20 miles an hour. You, like one of my progress, has been hindered. The cut you off. It brings irritation to you. What does same thing can happen here. He said you were making great progress, but something kindered you, the word offense is the word use how many know some of the best McLeansboro Church strategies that the enemy uses, sometimes when we’re making progress in our live, is to cut us off with an offense. We can be cruising along in life. On our journey, just loving god serving god everything’s going great, and then that happens. What’s your that something happens and an offense cut you off, it could be a McLeansboro Church very real thing to you. It could be something someone done did to you. It could be something that happened to you and it cuts you off and all the sudden you were making great progress and banff you put in a fence in your way to try and stop your progress. How many oz in a fence is not about the thing that happened as much. It is a strategy of the enemy to stop you and I from moving forward you’re. The reason the enemy likes, to bring disappointment and discouragement across starpath his because he wants to keep us from moving forward, because you know we can’t stop a fences from coming enemies going to try and cut you off. You McLeansboro Church couldn’t stop that person from pulling out front of you. You know you want to if you could song edging out there and you’re like no? No, no! No thank you couldn’t stop them from doing it, so you can control them, but you could control. You can control your reaction to what they did. Broncos say what you could do. McLeansboro Church Hopefully all of you will just let you meditate on that for a moment, you can’t control them, but you can control you. You can’t control what happens to you. The bible says it’s impossible. That offenses will not come. So let me encourage you through something that may not sound. Very encouraging. Offenses are going to McLeansboro Church try and cut you off all the time you just got to not let them stop your progress. Maybe slows you down, I get it, but don’t let it stop. You I’m still going where I want to go, but he says you were making great progress but who hindered you from obeying the truth that weird obeying their means to convince or persuade someone to believe something at the act on the basis of what they believe. What we believe determines our behavior really happen. What you believe is how McLeansboro Church you behave so when we want to change our behavior, we got to change how we think.

So we can change what we believe and, if I change, what I believe I’ll change out, how I behave this way. You saying you were making great progress, but something happened to prevent you from obeying the truth. Something happened to change your belief in the see what he’s talking about the McLeansboro Church only way I found this. The only way to cut us off from obeying the truth is to cut us off with a lie. The strategy with, the enemy-will do to prevent us from believing the truth. He will try and get us to believe a lie, knows. You can’t believe the opposites of the same thing to both be true. You can’t believe both McLeansboro Church of them if their total opposites, you can’t believe what weather both true. They can’t both be troops. So what happens to prevent us from believing the truth about what god says about us? The enemy wants you to believe a lie about what got this. This is what happened to adam and eve. It happens to us all the time he cuts us off and he presents a lie in our thoughts. Ally comes to you and your mind. It’s a thought happened to me this week happens to me all the time. I don’t know about you, but you know or battlefield, is in her mind if we can win the battle of our thought life we’re going to make great progress in our life, McLeansboro Church so the enemies going to plant thoughts and he started who started, whispering and here’s the problem. The lie may very well be factual who’s. The best way he gets us to buy into allies. He presented that’s facts just because the light is factual doesn’t mean it’s the truth. He says who hindered you from obeying the truth, and you will hear me from buying the truth. He presented the fact and we look at it. We go yep yep, that’s that’s the way it is. It is what it is. That’s McLeansboro Church so we buy it based on the facts and we buy the fact that we stay here and it blocks us and hinders us from obeying the truth that will pull us out of the fact I’m not saying it’s not a fact, I’m just saying, there’s a truth that will pull me through my current fax, but if i, don’t believe the truth than that fact. My progress I will not get any better, but I’ve got to believe the truth. That is bigger than my fact. What facts in your life need to be trumped by the truth McLeansboro Church need to be have something superior come into your life I just what he said. Something hindered you from obeying the truth al I cut you off in traffic a lot I cut you off in your life journey I was doing fine, but I started believing that about myself. I started believing less about myself. I start believing what they said about myself and once I start believing what they said. Instead of what he said. All the sudden. My progress begin a complete stop, but at some point McLeansboro Church we got to recalibrate our mind, for we believe what god says about what people say. We got believe what god says her own thoughts say he made president of fact, you you look at the okay I recognize, that’s the fax but I believe the truth and I will know the truth and the truth will make me free what he’s telling us McLeansboro Church what what else happened. He says now this song who hindered you from moving the truth, verse 8, this persuasion, persuasion, persuasion, persuasion, persuasion does not come from him. Who calls you. The word persuasion means an influence that has won you over. Where does influence come in our mind? She says you are making great progress in your christian life. You were making great progress and serving god, but something happened and all the sudden it stopped your McLeansboro Church progress. This influence in your life that has changed you that you bought into that is made you to change your behavior. This persuasion does not come from him. Who calls you that word calls. There is a word used for to direct or address by proper name. You know that speaks to me is that when we bought into ally and we’re not doing what god says to do. Says says it was over there, then we’re not doing what god says to do, but better than that we’re not becoming. Who god says that we are when we’re not doing that. We bought a lot. Then, when we realized that situation, then we got to see that god has wants to direct us and say:hey, there’s a lot that you bought in here somewhere. You believe the wrong thing, and he tells us hear that this when he calls you by proper name, he McLeansboro Church starts to say chad like say, I bought into that and I start thinking. This way, I start acting this way, he said, he’s a chat, this persuasion, this thing that has influence your mind, which is there for influencing your behavior. That does not come from him, who calls you by your name? In other words, I know, you god knows you better than anybody else, and he says that’s not who you are that’s not who I created you to be. This is what we’ve got to learn for us to come out McLeansboro Church of wrong. Behavior is not to point out wrong behavior to come out of wrong. Behavior is to recognize right identity and when we will recognize who he’s called us to be, we will come out of who we were and become who he created us to be. He calls you by name because you personally god doesn’t say what you stop doing, McLeansboro Church that thing:turbo you’re worthless, that’s not what he says. He starts calling you by name, and he pulls you out of that.

I wish I could say. I did this successfully all the time, but there’s times when I’ll buy ally I thought to come to me and I’ll buy the lie. Usually it’s some pity party how I mistreated and appreciated McLeansboro Church I’m boiling it down to probably that’s what it comes down to and so then I buy into that lie because it sounds really good. Yeah yeah, that’s true yeah. Nobody appreciates me i, get into I start with your little cheer session is like old pep session for some meat crowds going wild inside my head, I’ll come back soon. This happens and once I buy that lie and I start engaging those thoughts. All of a sudden I start closing in on myself, and you know what god will let you believe that lie and he will say, I’ll be like I’ll, be miserable feeling these ever felt away, and you knew that wasn’t the way you were supposed to feel, but you would feel so comfortable in the moment you just didn’t want to get out of it. I know I’m not supposed to have these thoughts on noah supposed to not supposed to think this way. I’m not I know that I know that’s what I’m supposed to do, but this just feels all comfy and cozy. So you embrace it, you love it you McLeansboro Church kiss at you call it george, you just forget all cozy in it, so you don’t understand that reference just left the old people laugh. So now we embrace this and god. Will. Let me do it country sometimes like this is a joke. You can stay this way as long as you want, but it’s not who you are. You say you feel these things like this, like said how’s, this feel terrible. You want to stay this way. No, but it feels this way. Cuz I know the truth. You only embrace the truth, McLeansboro Church then feel like the truth, and that moment, conformity I can stay in the reality of where I feel or I can move into the reality of what he says and moving into the reality of what he says means you go against your feelings and you moved by faith. It’s a leap of faith. It’s a step of I believe what god says more than how I feel we’ve got to move in that and it’s what he says to us. He said:listen, you were making great progress, but there’s something kindred you. This persuasion doesn’t come from the one who calls you by name. He knows who you are, but looking first nine, he says a little leaven leavens the whole lump a lot of alliteration right there, a little leaven leavens the whole lump a lot of else. What is 11 do I’m, not a baker I’m going to pretend to but 11 talks about jesus McLeansboro Church that causes dough to rise. Cuz, it’s arrived at least it’s a little leaven gets in their causes. The whole thing to rise up so now, 11 notice. What says this persuasion? Where does persuasion come from, comes in my thoughts? This persuasion? Does it come from who calls you a little leaven leavens the whole lump. So what is leven leven in our life speaks of influences on her mind, influences on our thought. Someone talk about three influences 311 s that we deal with every day and we either agree with one of these three elevenths one is the leaven of herod was tuesday 11 affair season. 3 is 11 of the kingdom. Let’s go to mark McLeansboro Church chapter 8, mark chapter 8, the influences on our lives rise to the surface, I’m going to start reading and verse, 14 or 13 says he left them and getting into the boat again departed to the other side. Now the disciples had forgotten. This was right after they fed 4000 people with just a few low unfair. So it’s another miracle, not the 5000. This was the fourth, as this is second time, and so he fed them with. That is a miracle is awesome. They saw the red x in the first 13. He left them again getting in the boat. Departure is now the disciples had forgotten to take bread and they did not have more than one loaf with them in the McLeansboro Church boat, then jesus I love. Sometimes when jesus says things, then in the moment it seems like it’s totally out of context and makes no sense and he’s really making a point. Then jesus charged them saying just imagine this out of nowhere. You just been talking about. We forgot the bread. We only got one load. There were hungry that you got ready, I was just got one.. Beware of the leaven of the pharisees and the leaven of herod, random, totally random I can imagine there talk to monks themselves to say what’s up with 11, it’s so here’s what they came up with. They came up and verse 16. They said it’s because we have no bread. McLeansboro Church Jesus he’s a little upset he’s hungry you’re, not you when you’re hungry can all cranky give him a snickers. So that’s what he said. So beware, beware of the leaven of herod and 11 of the pharisees. Was he talking about the song about influences on the mind? So it’s breaking down? What’s the leaven of herod, he specifically pointed out to things so jesus doesn’t just say things random. The leaven of herod represents the worldly mindset or the atheistic mindset. The leaven of herod is entirely out of god. This is thinking that remove god from the picture any whatsoever he said, be careful watch out for the leaven of herod. McLeansboro Church This is an atheistic influence in the world and society and culture. This is self-made people that they do things based on their own efforts, their own energy, their own accomplishments, throne determination their own discipline. This is a mindset that says we do for ourselves we’re the ones that do if we pull ourselves up by your own bootstraps.

This is the heritage 11 that gets into our mind that we don’t need god. We just need me. Some me, be careful of the leaven of herod, be careful for mindset and McLeansboro Church thoughts that take you away from a dependency on god when we start to agree with thoughts that say:i don’t need god. The leaven of the pharisees is rising in my parrot is rising in my life watch out for that loving second one leaven of the pharisees. This is the religious system. You would think they were complete opposites, but he said watch out for both of them watch out for an atheistic mindset and watch out for a religious mindset. You would think those are diametrically opposed to one another, but he puts them in the same sentence. Watch out for the religious system, here’s the mindset or the leaven of the pharisees McLeansboro Church 11 of the pharisee and braces got in theory, but not in practice or experience. The leaven of the pharisees has a focus on the knowledge about god, but doesn’t want any experience or encounter with god’s. They have god in form, but not in power. The religious levin makes it about. Our goodness is what makes our relationship with god good. The leaven of the pharisees is that how good I am determines how good we are. The leaven of the pharisees starts to speak to things McLeansboro Church in our life when I’m doing bad or I’m feeling bad. Therefore, I can’t come to god he’s mad at me. Doesn’t want to talk to me because I didn’t read my bible everyday or maybe I did something bad or maybe I’ve been fighting with my spouse or or maybe I’ve done. This maybe I’ll make this big mistake. Maybe I made this bad choice and because of that, I can’t go to i, can’t go to church and worship. God I can’t raise my hand this week. I’ve been bad this week it’s been a McLeansboro Church bad week, I’ve lost my temper. I blew it I can’t do it enough. I don’t deserve it. I, don’t I haven’t earned it I don’t deserve to worship. That’s, the leaven of the pharisees. That means that it’s about our goodness and still about his goodness, because the kingdom level that will talk about a moment means it’s not about what we do it’s about. What he did and the leaven of the pharisees wants us to continue to earn our relationship with god. It was the earn a right standing with god. Then we’ve got to be good little boys and girls, and then god will want to talk to us. What’s 11 of the pharisee says, watch out for that watch out McLeansboro Church, be careful when you have thoughts about that. You have to deserve your relationship with god you’ll never deserve it. You never deserve you, never earn it. You’ll, never be good enough to worship. I can worship, it’s never going to happen. So are you saying I can just send whoever I want. You can we’ll see how that works out for you he’ll. Let us do it, but his ways are better. The truth is better than the lie to watch out for both watch out for both levin’s, but look in the next one. Kingdom love and matthew 13:33. There’s the kingdom of embrace says another pair of these folks just spoke to them said the kingdom of heaven McLeansboro Church is like leaven, which a woman took in hit three measures of meal till it was all 11. There’s 11 of heaven 11 of the system of heaven romans 14:17 says that this way for the kingdom of god is not eating and drinking, but righteousness peace and joy in the holy spirit. Here’s the kingdom, loving, righteousness righteousness. The kingdom of heaven is my righteousness is not based on chad everett. My righteousness is based on the shed blood of jesus christ and my faith and love dedicated to him as righteousness becomes my righteousness. My righteousness is as filthy rags just what happens you by ally I’m, not good I need to pull away from god or better, yet save the sometimes the liars gods pulled away from me. When you’re not good, we need to run to god, not away from god. Religious McLeansboro Church mindset continues to move out or not and I’m, not just talking about you I’m talking about me there’s times when I know I’m not doing or thinking what I should think and i. Just don’t feel like I have a great experience with god. We’ve got to break out of that and realized. It is his goodness that determines my righteousness, righteousness peace. Now, the kingdom of heaven peace is what he’s wanting to rise up in me. Please surpasses all understanding piece that McLeansboro Church goes beyond what I can understand and then joy righteousness, peace, joy, joy of the lord is my strength. Joy of the lord is unspeakable and full of glory. That’s the kind of leaven that he wants rising up. Inside of you, your righteousness is not of you. He wants you to be filled with peace and he wants you to have the joy of the lord. That’s his 11. So are you in a situation? You don’t feel peace. You need to let the kingdom 11 come to the surface. How. Does this happen? Here’s the fun part! If you have leaven or yeast in some dough, and it’s not rising, you can set it close to a source of heat and the heat will activate the yeast in positive rights. Heat activates, yeast, activate slevin makes it rise to the surface. This is good news and bad news. It’s really all McLeansboro Church good news, but I want to show you something that happens. These 1163 herod pharisees and kingdom they’re all alive today and they affect how we think and live, but the fire of difficulty, heat or agitation in r5 causes.

Whatever is dominant to rise to the surface, remember who hindered you, somebody cuts, you off, add jatate it irritated you when the heat is on in our life, when it’s on the street for us inside your heads, stilettos go whenever they heat is on in our life. Whatever 11 is the most dominant comes to the surface. Just when you thought McLeansboro Church I’ve got my temper down I’m I’m good. Don’t have you promise that anymore? Let’s put the heat to it. Put the heater I’m patient is a day as long I’m, just as patient is convicted. Put some heat on it see what happens or what rides where I come from. It was 11. What’s a good part, god never allows it to rise to the surface, to rub her nose in it. He never allows it to rise to the surface, to condemn you and kick you in the gut, he allows it to rise to the surface so that we know it’s there and that we will recalibrate our mind and realize that all I’ve got to get that out of my life. It’s just like when they’re purifying metal, extreme heat to that metal till all the impurities come to the surface, they call it dross and they take it away and what’s left is more pure than what McLeansboro Church was there before the heat, but sometimes we don’t want to walk through the heat. We don’t want to go through those, but god sometimes will bring heat into our life. 1st peter says it this way he says:number 7 that the genuineness of your faith being much more precious than gold. That perishes, though it is tested by it, was tested by fire, may be found the praise honor and glory. The revelation of jesus christ, the genuineness of your faith, you know, sometimes the genuineness of my walk with god-is never going to be proven until the heat reviews-impurities i, don’t like it. Sometimes your situation like okay I’m dealing with this frustration. You know that person pulls out in front of you. The heat just went up in the car something’s going to come to the surface, depending on your McLeansboro Church mood that day, maybe may determine what comes out, and this is what he say when the heat’s on when the pressure’s on when things aren’t going. Your way when things aren’t have everybody’s wonderful, when things are all wonderful, everybody says all the right things when they things are going good, we’re all happy. We’re excited. God bless you all it’s a great day, it’s awesome, but when the hits on the weekend in the pressure cooker of life, that’s when the loving starts to come up, and we want the kingdom level to rise to the surface and pressure situations when they heat is off. We would have know that what god has put in our thoughts are lining up with what god says. Just because you have a thought doesn’t mean, that’s who you are just means. You need to categorize all the way McLeansboro Church with that came to the surface. Okay, let me look at that. Does that line up with him who calls me if it doesn’t line up with him? Who calls me I’m going to take that thought captive and bring it in obedience to the one? Who knows me by name to one who knows me and says chad? This is who you are. This is who I’ve told you to be. This is what I say about you:stop believing the lot and get back on the road to progress. What’s the unless we change our thinking, we’re not going to experience that transformation, romans 12:2, familiar portion of scripture for some, you may have never read it before but says, do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed be transformed by renewing your what renewing your what one more time by see what how we going to transfer my life by McLeansboro Church renewing the way we think we got to change the way we think and when we change the way we think now will be going to change the way we believe we change the way. We believe we change the way we behave so now whenever they heat’s on an 11 comes up I’ve got to see, is there any levin in my life that says i, don’t need. I can do it on my own that 11th will levin the whole left because remember sometimes we just put it in categories.. You can have those areas in my life, McLeansboro Church but I just want to run the show in this area. Awesome it to god and all these other areas. I just want to have my little area where I run the show a little leaven leavens the whole lump. You can’t have little tiny gourds for your the boss or you’ll want to be the boss everywhere. That’s what happens you can’t? You can’t have categories where I totally submit to god, except for these couple areas. This is really no big deal. They don’t matter a little leaven me being the boss starts to spread in the other areas, and this is what he saying. Are there areas in my life, where I’m not releasing the leaven of the kingdom relation to let the leaven of herod or the pharisees, but if notice of the other areas where I’m transform look at, let me see let me just in with this sparks. McLeansboro Church The recalibrating reminds what is the standard form I thinking? Thank you lord. What is my experience? What am I exchanging to ask you today. Are you willing exchange of thoughts, a mindset about yourself? That’s a lie for the truth, are you willing to exchange a fact present reality for a promise of a future? True McLeansboro Church that you have to believe by thing. Can you do it? Can you say god i, don’t feel that right now, this is how I feel this is how I feel about me.

This is how I feel about the situation. He says. I know i, get it. That’s. Okay, I understand you feel that way, but this is the truth. Will you exchange how you feel for what McLeansboro Church he says? Is there a lie that you bought in your life? I want you to examine. It was her lie about me. Is her lie about my husband about my wife, about my kids about my job, about whatever it may be, what like I have I bought into hook, line & sinker and because I believe it wholeheartedly? It’s stop my progress McLeansboro Church and my relationship with god

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