McLeansboro Church | It is Finished Pt 3

I just want to take a moment. My name is chris and I want to take a moment McLeansboro Church and I just want to raise the roof. Two things I want to celebrate this morning. The first one is I want to celebrate and honor our senior pastor I want to celebrate our dream team, come on, give it up or dream team this morning. Also he won’t get right into work today, but is really on the water turned into wine. This is powerful. A covenant. Pastor was driving back from iowa to get stopped for speeding and not in minnesota. They all still smells alcohol on the pastor’s McLeansboro Church breath and then sees an empty wine bottle on the floor of the car. Is it going south quick? He said, sir, have you been drinking I know the response to this. Ask the officer. Just water replies the pastor. Having none of this the oster slowly and deliberately ask again, then why do I smell wine without so much of us as a blink-of-an-eye? The pastor looks down at the bottle and explains good again. That’s our god he’s done it again. Yeah I told, you was a fairytale moment McLeansboro Church have you ever bibles this morning at electronic devices. You’re watching my line this morning fall along with us for electronic device or bible your ipad. Whatever you used to use your bible youversion we’re going to talk this morning about reason, our expectation and if you have your bible term with me, the book of McLeansboro Church acts chapter 3, yes, acts, chapter 3 will get right in three people in the first service, I think give the heart to the lord and we’re just expecting more people not only to have fresh starts, but people be baptized. We’re expecting the power baptism to go viral here in this place:hey man, so we’re going to start with x chapter 3 I’m, going to start right there in the first verse at the great place to start the next chapter, 3 assessment now peter amazon web, together McLeansboro Church to the temple at the hour of prayer, the ninth hour, which was 3 and I started. Man laying from his mother’s womb, was carried daily at the gate of the temple, which is called beautiful. Forget this in mind where the lame man at the beautiful gate, I’m lame man at the beautiful gate. It was carrie there in the scripture in the bible says that he was a man brothers mother’s womb. He had this condition this disability and he was carried there. I want to get a hold of this McLeansboro Church something in my life. This is something I have to grass in my life as well. It says he asked for alms from those who enter the temple, st, peter and john about to go into the temple fixing his eyes on him with john and peter. He said:look at us, so peter, john, flame man or saying hey. Look at us just like everybody’s looking at me right now, real intently, anticipating, what’s going to happen! Something powerful happens here. It says so he gave them his first attention or his attention expecting theme from man. I hope you came here this morning expecting to receive something. I need god wants to raise our expectations McLeansboro Church this morning. It was a beginning to think about this. This thought has been pondering all week. I’m just thought about about nfc. It is finished, I missed your call.. I was running into it experience because the reality of what happened when jesus said it is finished and the places where you mail a sometimes there’s some disappointment and does some discouragements that keep you from the reality of what jesus said that we can have jesus said it was spin, it is finished, McLeansboro Church so he said it’s finished been how do I get to the place that reality, because reality means something that really exist. I can tell you this morning that jesus did say it is finished and he did go to the cross and he said it is finished. That’s the reality. How do I get myself in my face to the place about reality? The same as this man dead here, a powerful word called expectation or embrace the reality of what god says we can have, because he said it was finished. McLeansboro Church Well, I’m glad you asked the definition of expecting cuz I want to give it to you this morning. The word expecting expectation simply means a strong belief that something might I strongly believe that something will happen to somebody today that we, you believe for a strong belief that something that you expectation to be expired. You know like sometimes you might you might. How do you say,, but they’re great. We, have to believe strongly in our life. I just want to give McLeansboro Church somebody some encouragement and ignore some people today to encourage. Are you allowed your expectation to expire and believe the reality that jesus said it is finished, but it is, and sometimes that’s what he was expecting. Sometimes you may be expecting the wrong something different and god shows up and your whole life begins to beat that’s what happened to me in my life that look like testimony. My father became ill with a with a cancer and I became ill and 10 months McLeansboro Church later he passed away, and you know I prayed I was living in the world and I was living in sin. I’m doing all these things and I just I just was like man I want to see my dad. He sometimes sometimes the reality of what something is when I came and I walked and walked. General baptist church was not going to McLeansboro Church heal my dad, but he was going to heal me from the inside out. I was the moment my life when I raise the expectation. I was expecting something else, but not begin to radicalize my heart and transform me into a new person. McLeansboro Church

He gave me 2nd corinthians 5:17 how’s, the new creature. From that day. McLeansboro Church From that day, how do we get from a reality? He said it is finished everything everything that we have everything that he has given us talking about water and fire right, but that whole scripture is hinging on one thing:luke chapter 3, + 7y, all the people wear on their tiptoe in expectation they were on their McLeansboro Church tiptoes and they were expecting any participating. The fire of the holy spirit to be poured out. Probably that’s the way we should be in our life I believe we were getting that way. We were geared to know and to embrace and have the reality of what god says that we can have when he said it is finished. I, don’t McLeansboro Church know what you need this morning, i, don’t know what you’re struggling, but that depression is not yours all these things. What I know today, it’s because this past the scripture right here. Here’s why we know in colossians chapter 2, verse, 14. It says having wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against us against you against me, which was contrary to us and having, and he being jesus has taken it out of the way happy mail it to the cross. He nailed McLeansboro Church you to preston to the cross. He knows your struggles to he wants to give it away. I have high expectations, quick button. You want to make some people mad, you just defacing defriended on facebook world, war, 3 man, I’m, telling you chemical tax right now, I said a couple minutes ago. They were the people that you didn’t eat your life anyways, but sometimes we lay in that condition like the lame man we lay in that condition. How long will you last night condition there’s one time in the bible in john chapter 3? What there was this man that was for for 38 years? He had this infirmity in his body and he was laying by the pool McLeansboro Church of hailey, like you said that you’re laying by the pool today and got speaking and they’re just like he’s laying by the pool jesus shows up and cheese. But you know what sometimes people don’t want to get well because they like the pity and they like the drama, but they go through in that same condition. I’m talking to myself this morning, because sometimes I like the water in my pity and I like for everybody, to feel sorry for me know we don’t have time for everybody to McLeansboro Church feel sorry for us, because we got to embrace the fact that jesus nailed to the cross and we got to go way here and prince and the new life wgn to say that the reality of what I did on the cross. The expectation is the beginning of that. That’s where your new life begins begins with expectation, because how do you that jesus would say it was there’s a big gap between sometimes between what we know and what we do. I thought that I’ve done away with him everyday because he McLeansboro Church hurts so bad. We just messed him up. He doesn’t care, he doesn’t care about what we are you don’t care about where we band leader bible, that’s why we’re raising up new camp will be change and I’ll grab ahold the reality of what jesus said what he said. It was finished, stay, with me. If I was going to give this a subtitle, I would say you got this. Look at your neighbor, so you got this. You got this girl. He said he disarmed the principalities and powers of darkness. McLeansboro Church He made a public spectacle, spectacle of them triumphing over them. Anime vietnamese, pulling everything out of his belt and got just shows up with price. He nailed to the cross and that’s it. He disarmed him that easy. Now we got to get that jesus ain’t going to do everything for us there’s some things required that we have to do embrace the reality of what jesus said is finished right here. The first one is you got to have you got to have a desire? You got McLeansboro Church to have the man here. He still gets ahold of me. You know what I’m talking about you got to have a desire you got to want to you got to want to and your vision your purpose in your life. You have to have a desire to go to the place of reality and get what those things are in your life. It all hinges on the cross at the beginning, point there’s no way to the father, except through the son. He said you got to have the desire psalm, 37, chapter 37, verse, 4. It says McLeansboro Church delight yourself in god, in the lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. He didn’t say desire i, like what he said. I have many desires. That I would like to see the field, but god says the first thing you got to do. Is you have to like you want youtube time with him? You have to enjoy him, there’s no way to get your desires fulfilled unless you did like yourself and god that’s first, because many times we want the desires. How many just like me, you just have to raise your hand, but you just admit that you want the desires of your heart to beat the field, but sometimes we want things, but we want. We don’t want McLeansboro Church to do what it takes to get them. You have to delight yourself in god enjoy him who he is what he did for you on the cross, what he did when he said that he really did that moment enjoy that moment with him that I’m, the lighting and everything that he said that I can have, and it does not mine and now my McLeansboro Church desires are fulfilled-that easy, absolutely that easy.

These are practical wife, philippians chapter 3, verse, 12. It says not that I have already attained I’m glad you got to ask McLeansboro Church that question too, but but what happens if we having to paint it yet? Well, that’s what paul said he said:i haven’t been this Thing:i’m not perfected, but he said. Paul was saying that there’s some impurities in my life or there’s some imperfections in my life, but I still want to grow. There’s some imperfections in McLeansboro Church my life. I still want to grow. My anger issues but I have to go back to the cross. I have to go and break the reality of who jesus said. I was and who Says:i’m not and I have to erase it reality to know that my anger issues and my boarding mindset is no longer if I can go because paul said I press on he said:i press on I have attained it. Yet I just want to curse the people. You wait until you get a hold of it. First, no god says you press for it, then we’ll see McLeansboro Church what happens next. That’s what happen when a woman, the blood issue she had for 12 years, earning everything bankrupt. But one day there was a man named jesus christ, walking down the street in a little old town, and she decided that you don’t want the right. No people to keep me back from pressing into what I need to get my life to bring healing what the power of that is. Isn’t she touched jesus garment and he actually turned around when grace lays eyes on you, you better get ready for your life to be changed. You better get ready for your circumstance to be changed enough and you press to the junk and you press through McLeansboro Church the crowd and you press to the people that never said you would ever able to attain it when you press, do all that stuff surround, be ready for your life. To change. Don’t be surprised like what what happened is depressed. You got to keep pressing. You got to keep pressing your life. Paul said I’m pressing on the mail. A hold of what’s got a hold of me. I can assure you that jesus said it is finished in a hold of you now he’s waiting for you to press on, so you can lay hold of him next one next one. He says:here’s what he says:here’s how he doesn’t. He said brother I do not count myself to have apprehended this whole thing or McLeansboro Church sees this whole thing, but he says one thing, I do know, don’t forget those things which are behind me I’m, going to reach to those things which are ahead of me. Sometimes we have to let go of some things. I know that your knuckles are white. Mine are too there’s some things. I don’t want to let go of my life, but I know that if I want to go to the next level, I have to let some things go in my life, I feel back. Everybody I feel fat. Man like this. We were not that happen. McLeansboro Church I’ve heard testimony for that. That’s a radical transformation that people not willing to forget things but left behind and embrace the fact. The reality that jesus said it’s finished. It’s tight. We got to forget some things. The word forget simply means to lose out of mind. Let her run around the track. There’s probably some people right now coming to your mind, the next one is you got you out of you have to you have to want to, or you can do you can do the first one McLeansboro Church is you want? You have to have a desire to want to the second one? Is you got to have a desire to can-do mentality, yep, have confidence I’ll, be there some people today, that’s probably struggling with lack of confidence. I said in the first ever say it again:i just sit back there. The first service main office, just i, was running around just follow me. I, don’t want to be seen. I want people to see you that’s what I want. He says. Have confidence in me and I just want you to follow me. Cuz, here’s what he says in philippians, 4:13 I know that most people-we probably had this on a plaque at our house and all these things, and we know it by heart and everything, but how much flight to our lives? How many times do we report back to it? We walk by every single day. He says McLeansboro Church I can do all things which he has called me to do through him. Who strengthens me and empowers me. I am self sufficient in christ’s sufficiency, not in myself, but in christ efficiency, I’m, self-sufficient, I’m, ready for anything I’m ready for anything and equal to anything through him who infuses me with inner McLeansboro Church strength, my arm and my parents, but my inner man rise us up whenever I have a little bit spectation with a confident peace. The third thing is, you got to have a plan. How do you do a yacht have a plan you want to go to have a desire. Some people don’t desire, they don’t want to. They want to change, but they don’t want to desire. They don’t want to do what it takes to get it they won’t break through, but they don’t want to do what it takes to get it the next one. Is you McLeansboro Church got to have a can-do mentality? The third thing is you got to have a plan, nothing just a good plan right here in hebrews, chapter 12, verse, one. It says. McLeansboro Church Therefore, we also, since we are surrounded surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses. He says:let us lay aside every weight, it didn’t say that god was going to come by and take away your weight, some people in here and myself, sometimes I’m, just waiting for god god.

We just please take this McLeansboro Church way and god saying:would you just lay it to the side? It’s all right now to the cross you’re living in the person you’re living in this moment, you’re living all stressed and worried. It’s all right now to the cross, and you don’t know what to do in this next phase of your life. You don’t know what to do with this decision that it’s already nailed to the cross. You got to lay the way to the side. The word wait actually means a bulk or mass or something prominent. That will McLeansboro Church cause a bulging sense. If there’s something weighing you down, that’s that’s that’s heavy on your life right now. The god is just a late to the side late to the side and the stand which easily ensnares you the sand with easily ensnares you get tangled up and send we get tangled up in missing the mark we get tangled up in and all adults in all these hide go to the cross go to the place where it’s all mail to get healing for your life healing for your marriage. Stop sometime! McLeansboro Church This is struggle. Sometimes it’s not easy. Easy, to throw his way to wait, don’t decide not easy let it go! When jesus comes in your life, you want to get rid of those things. You don’t want to get rid of those that you want to lay those things are, so you want to see that weight gone. You won’t be the same people. Your influence will begin to change. That’s why it’s important you get involved to connect group! That’s why it’s very important you get involved in that group, McLeansboro Church everybody weather, so we can help each other because sometimes it takes to get around the right people to take you to where god is wanting you to go all my friends here this morning, but no we grow from that paul said you know, I got some imperfections in my life, but I desire to grow I want to go. I can do this with man it’s impossible, but with god. All things are possible, not a few things. Everything that you’re facing today is possible with god everything everything. Let me give you the results today, acts chapter 3, verse, 6, it says then peter said remember what he said:the man he said he gave his attention. McLeansboro Church He gave a high expectation and they looked, and he said silver and gold I don’t have any, but he said what I get what i, what I do have I give to you in the name of jesus christ of nazareth rise up and walk, and he took him by the right hand and lifted him up and immediately his feet and his ankle bones were strengthened immediately. There was string to come to his wife immediately because he had I believe it is start with his attention and his expectation to believe. McLeansboro Church Maybe he did. His expectation was in the right place. Maybe he was bullied for money immediately. He was changed. 4747 handy, lift him up. That’s what brothers and sisters do that’s what people in the body of christ we lift up, others that need to be strengthened other than others that need help in their life. The bible says that I mean he was praising god and I believe today, watching my line right, here., a, torn I believe today, if god, your condition that you would praise him to that thing. That you’re struggling with that anger issue had a guy come up to me. The last service he said, chris I have a terrible anger issue. McLeansboro Church Would you want to meet sometime? So we can talk about anger, I’ve, never told anybody, I haven’t I haven’t been talked i. Don’t have anybody to talk to you, but when you said anger, that’s what I deal with and he said I need help I said, will I still struggle with with it I still struggle, I still battle, but I know McLeansboro Church and I told him. I said you have to go to the reality that it’s already nailed to the cross. It’s not yours. To take that anger is not yours.

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