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It’s great to be with you today we’re going to jump right into the message we are on the series called who am I and why am I here who am i? Why am I here so get your sermon notes out also on you. If you got the youversion bible, Marion, Church you can get sermon notes on there, go to events and go down there and you’ll see the crossroads. Bible church is live and ready. We’re just working towards this continue to develop a technology, and so you can check those out or you can get the paper ones out and follow those along as well cuz. We believe note-takers, our world changers. So it’s not something you want to have in just a moment. Tell me the events is on there, someone else there. Marion, Church Okay, just checking making sure he will question and get your bibles out sure. Whatever used to open up the bible, that’s open up to acts chapter 19, action 19 was our best effort, but and I would change things up a little bit acts chapter 19. Are you ready for the word today? I’m I’m, loving what god is doing? What he’s talking about here in this and we’re talking about two things that I believe people struggle with at one point other more than anything else? That’s who they are deals with their identity and why they are which deals with their purpose, and this is what we’re we’re addressing. This is what we’re focusing on this serious, cuz i. Believe that’s a lot of times. Marion, Church We can both things down to these two points are spiritual identity in our spiritual purpose and that it’s very important. So we we talked about this and god was speaking to me about this over vacation and-and we were talking about-you know, vision and direction, and you just relining me and kind of taking me through this process of reminding me who I am and reminding me why I am and so I said, listen to it. I want you remember, this is what I’ve asked you to do, and so we talked about the bishop of the church, and you know we talked about discovering jesus, freedom purpose and fulfillment, but if you want me to pull it down to brass tacks, if you would someone would come up to, you said:hey what it? What are you about down there across roads? What are you guys about? What are you trying to do? It’s two words you can give them. You can give them who and why about who and why? What do you mean who and why we’re all about helping you find out? Who you are in christ and why you were born? We want, you know you’re, who you’re, who you are. We want to know your identity and we want. You know your purpose, so we have it here on our logo. Marion, Church Here you see it’s about the cross, cuz! That’s where everything starts everything started with the cross. If it wasn’t for the cross, none of us would have any hope for tomorrow, but because, when jesus died on the cross, we can know who we are vertically I’m. Only going to get my identity through my relationship with god who I am, is a vertical relationship. People can only confirm or agree with horizontally, but they cannot give me my identity. That’s only going to be found in cheese’s. Also, freedom is found in him and christ harvey. Why why we are here? Our purpose and fulfillment is found in a horizontal relationship. He’s got us on this earth to do something, and let me just remind you what god has you on the on the earth to do? It does involve helping people. Your purpose is not promoting you. Your purpose is helping people. That’s why you’re here, so your giftings. Our talents is not to help you climb the corporate ladder, your gifts in your talents, to help people around you in some form or fashion, and if so, that’s what we want to encourage people to find and-and so is it important important for us to find our spiritual I didn’t want to see spirits? Why do you sound like a secret identity, clark kent in superman? You know something about that. Marion, Church There are some correlations there because which one was his true identity. Was it clark, kent or was a superman two humans? Clark kent’s was something familiar in something comfortable, something that could deal with superman with something extraordinary, but superman was his real identity and I believe he said. Listen to act like clark kent is your real identity, but I want you to understand that superman is your real identity because he wants you to operate and experience your full potential, not watering yourself down. So everyone else is comfortable with you you’re a whole lot more like superman, then you are clark kent. We just got to take her glasses off and take her shirt off. You know, I’m talking about I’ll tell him that we’re not super in ourselves were super in him, so we’re just excited about what god wants to show us through this and knowing what our identity is in and kiss when we don’t know when we don’t know what I did. It is I feel like it’s important for us to remember that we can get overpowered and controlled by things, overpowered and controlled by thoughts of inadequacy, overpowered and controlled by thoughts of worrying and stress and anxiety and overpowered and controlled by thoughts of discouragement and depression, overpowered and controlled by all kinds of thoughts that are there holding his captive addictions and pain, things that are just controlling us when we don’t know who we are. Marion, Church These things can overpower us true, saying what if I know who I am I won’t have any problems not knowing who you are doesn’t mean you won’t have to fight just knowing who you are tells you.

You have a right to fight and it tells you who your your fight with and who’s fighting for you all. Marion, Church Those things are important. It doesn’t mean we’re not going to have problems in life. It just means that when problems come we’re ready to address them, nobody had to teach me that I was going to have trials in life, but I absolutely had to be taught about my authority. In my identity in christ I know, I got trials are imessages not that you’re not going to have any spiritual and know who you are. You won’t have any problems spend the day with me, and you know:i got plenty of trials, no bad to teach me about trials and to teach me who I am teach me about. My identity. Teach me what jesus died to give me. Marion, Church That’s what it’s about, so you got. Your bibles were going to see about this going over there to acts chapter 19 I’m, just going to read through this story and highlight a couple things because we talked about it in detail last week, but I want to address a couple things we didn’t bring out and go on to the point. I want to focus on today. Cuz. We want you to know who you are and in verse, 11. The story starts and says now got more than usual miracles by the hands of paul, so that even handkerchiefs and aprons were brought from his body to the sick of the disease, has left them and the evil spirits went out of them. Then some of the itinerant jewish exorcist took it upon themselves to call the name of the lord jesus over those who had evil spirits. When we exercise you buy the jesus whom paul preaches. Marion, Church Also, there were seven sons of sceva jewish, cheap priest who did so the evil spirit answered and said jesus on paul I know. But who are you then the man in whom the evil spirit was leaked on them, overpowered them and prevailed against them so that they flat out of that house naked and wounded in this became known both to all jews and greeks dwelling, an emphasis and fear fell on them off, and the name of the lord jesus was magnified. How I want us to look at what’s happening in this scenario? To give you the details of the situation? It’s this is an exorcism taking place I’m, not talking about movie and hollywood hyped up step stuff. This is where I demonically, oppressed individual is trying to get. Freedom of these people came in the bible says that we are to cast out demons. Marion, Church I want you to know that demons are real and that jesus gave you real power over them, not to be afraid or intimidated by demons. They’ve already been defeated, they’re just hoping you don’t know it. The power in demonic, demonic activity. Is there counting on my ignorance? My ignorance gives him before too, but once I know what jesus died to give me their power restored it and they have to go truth. Sets us free. So this is what’s happening. This person needs to get delivered from demonic activity, so these sons of sceva, they come to the cast out. This demon. That’s what’s happening and that’s what they come up to him and they use the words that they’d heard paul you. So they say we. We commend you by the name of jesus whom paul preaches they were. There were using the words I paid heard, paul use, but they didn’t know the revelation that gave power to the words paul’s words of the bible talks about the word word so so the word words is two different meanings. What is logos in the word? Logos just means information, the other one is raymond, which means alive or something you know. Marion, Church So if you write this in your notes there it’s important for us to realize that information must become revelation before it will be alive in us and through us to help other people. I can give you information as long as it’s just dry information. There’s no power in it. Don’t want you to know it for yourself. It comes alive in you and now it can come out through you and give power to somebody else. Just what happens with him? They were just giving information other see. What does the manual say? It says here that paul said cuz tim wrote it down on his hand when he heard paul doing this and jen paul said come out in jesus name, that’s what he said. So we come to this thing. We say come out in a sweat a little bit, so I can’t read it exactly come out in jesus name. Marion, Church That’s right! That’s what he said! That’s information information this bible can either be information or revelation. If it’s just information, you’ll read and go that’s nice, but when it’s revelation it will change your life. You will read it. The bible says in hebrews that this word is alive and powerful, but how come it’s alive and powerful to summon dead to others, because the holy spirit has two quick it on the inside of it, and you have to know it for yourself what has to happen. So this is what’s taking place here and how we have to know who we are, and you know the truth of god’s word, because we can want freedom and we can even have a right to experience freedom. But if we don’t know for ourselves what jesus died to give us, then we’re not going to experience everything. That’s been made available to us. Marion, Church We say that again. If we don’t know what jesus died to provide for us, we will never experience everything that is available to us. Are you tracking, yet everything that jesus died to provide for you? We must know it for ourselves before it’ll be available to us.

Aren’t we want experience that in our life and that’s what jesus give, because this we’ve seen this in our life. Marion, Church We seem different areas. Let me give me an example. I just want to say this about what’s happening in society right now. We need to make sure and openly come out and condemn all forms of racism what’s happening in our country. Right now is demonic. White marches are demonic, white supremist marches, it is not of god, do not attach the name of god to anything that is racist. It is not what’s happening. God is not the author of division, so you see that sometimes the enemy will hold us in captivity because of ignorance,. Give me example:if you remember, will you won’t remember, remember stories, history about it, emancipation proclamation. Do you know that the emancipation proclamation was signed, liberating everyone from slavery? Marion, Church Legally, everyone was free of slavery, but there were still thousands of slaves in the south. Didn’t know have been approved. Have social media, hey blinkin, didn’t tweet out your own free, they didn’t know what happened some of their slave owners. Just didn’t. Tell him didn’t tell him they were free, so they kept on being slaves, even though legally they were free until somebody had to come along and let them know they had a right to freedom before they could experience it. The same way in your in my life, the enemy will hold us captive and try and prevent us from knowing what jesus died to set us free from and all it takes. Is someone realizing wait? Marion, Church A minute I’ve been set free from that you don’t have any legal right to hold me slavery, anymore and right. At that moment, you can enforce your freedom. That’s what we need to know, since this is what happening here in the scripture he said, they’re held captive by something just because they don’t know so they they demand freedom, but just because you demand free to don’t expect the devil not to resist. Hey baby wanted free from an area of your life and you ran into hiccups along the way you wanted to break that addiction, but it didn’t come away. The first time you said get off of me in jesus name. You want to break that pornography, Marion, Church have it but the first time you said I’ll, never look at it again. You have found yourself looking again the first time you wanted to stop cussing the first time you wanted to break an addiction. The first time you wanted to stop, throwing your temper tantrum whatever it may be. The first time you said it, it doesn’t mean there wasn’t resistance to your declaration of freedom. I am not going to be afraid anymore. I am no longer a slave, to fear, guess what that fear is going to come, knocking on your door again I’m not going to worry about this anymore guess what worry thoughts are going to bombard your mind. First time you said to look what the devil said:jesus I know paul I know, but who are you jesus I know? We said this means. I know him. Personally, paul I know means I’m acquainted with him. I’ve heard about him I’m getting to know him. Paul had developed a reputation, paul uson, verse, 12. That demons were being cast out through paul’s ministry, so this evil spirits that jesus I know him very well. We all know demon in hell knows jesus. There is no problem. Marion, Church No, we know jesus and I’m getting to hear a lot about this fall character. I, don’t know you i, don’t know you just what I want you know about who you are. This is vitally important than walking and everything that jesus died. To give us paul was a human being jesus being the son of god everyday. Knowing him was nothing special, but when the new paul is a human being, but the sons of sceva were human beings and they did not know them. How is it they knew paul and they did not know the sons of skiva chris. Marion, Church What you got understand. Demons will recognize the identity of those who oppose their agenda. Don’t recognize the identity of those who are a threat to their agenda. If you don’t bump into demonic resistance every once in awhile, you need to be careful and ask yourself:am I walking the same direction? They will recognize the identity of those who oppose their agenda if I’m just trying to cruise through life, no I want to ruffle any feathers. I don’t want to cause any waves. Don’t want the devil. To know about me, I just want to cruise i. Don’t want anymore problems, we don’t know who we are don’t be afraid of. Someone is already defeated. She said we got to know his agenda. We got to know what’s happening now this and it’s not about chasing demons and being a devil chaser. It’s not about being even minded. Marion, Church When we aggressively support when our agenda is god’s agenda, we become a direct threat to the enemy’s agenda. All we have to do is promote god’s agenda and we will be a threat to their agenda. What’s god’s agenda, you say that’s a great question:john 10:10 tells us jesus, at, this way. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. That’s his agenda. Windows thievery, going on when there’s killing going on. There’s destruction going on there’s the agenda of the enemy jesus said:here’s my agenda I come that you might have life and life more abundantly. So what are we supposed to do we’re supposed to have a god to bring life into situations everywhere? We go. Here’s the other gender jesus said in 1st john said about jesus and 1st john i. Think it’s 3/8 it’s. Marion, Church For this reason, the son of god was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil.

That’s his agenda! Marion, Church Guess what jesus destroy the works of the gym and now you’re in my agenda has to be enforced. What jesus already purchased that’s our agenda is to enforce whatever he did. Would it would he already did so. This is what’s happening here. They said jesus I know paul I know, but who are you I want? You know that the enemy hopes that you don’t ever figure out who you are i, hope she don’t figure it out. Put this in your blank stare, the enemy steals authority in areas of our life for identity is unknown or not enforced. The enemy steals authority in the areas of our life, where I I didn’t our identity is unknown or not enforced. Didn’t he doesn’t have any authority on his own. He just wants to use hours when it is vacated. That’s what he wants to do. You guys ever heard about squatters rights. It’s not very popular nowadays, but there’s time in history, where squatter’s rights was very important, that if, if property or land was vacated, people would actually move in and just start building something and squat on it and they would say it’s their property because nobody else was there. Nobody else was there so I’m just going to take possession of it. Marion, Church Nobody else was using it., so I’m going to use it, and then we got the same. Possession is nine-tenths of the law. That’s people say hey. This is been vacated, so I’m going to come in and I’m going to take possession of it. Remember the story of the parable about the the person that was dealing with demonic oppression. That demon was passed out when do the dry places and came back and found it empty, swept and clean and move back in the latter state of that person was worse than the first squatter’s rights is worth it. If we don’t use our authority, the enemy will come in and say:if that’s not going to use it and I’ll take it, he does not have legitimate authority. We’ve got a costume out, so we don’t want to give the enemy squatter’s rights. So let’s look at how we know who we are. Here’s, what I put together I believe there’s for identity test only going to do one today, so relax I was going to go out for them today. That’s why they’re on the notes, but then I was, preparing this and going through it and and I just want you to grass these and I want you to get him very clearly. So I want to I want to take my time and go through it, Marion, Church because I don’t want to overwhelm you with a bunch of information. I want you to get revelation I wanted to deposit in your heart. So there’s four identity test. I believe we all need the past in order for us to know who we are in christ, the first one. If you go over to the book of matthew turn to matthew chapter 3, the first one is lordship lordship. This identity test is about submission. You can write that in your blank there, if you’re taking notes it’s about submission-and this is the one we’re going to focus on today. Knowing who you are. This is the first test we need to pass and knowing who we are. We need to pass the lord ship test. This is the tony danza who’s the boss test come on somebody, you don’t know about who’s, the boss who’s, the boss. If we don’t pass this test, we will never really know who we are in christ. As long as we are running, the show we will not know who we are. We have to pass the lordship test about submission, am I willing to submit here’s. What I’m talking about it’s very easy for people to ask anybody. You said hey:do you want to go to heaven? Everybody wants to go to heaven:everybody wants to make jesus their savior. Save me. Please give me a ticket to go to eva, but then, when we have to ask him to be the lord of, our lives say the lord. Are you talking about about 90 minutes on sunday I can do that no lord of your life 24/7 365 every area, I kind of like to do my own thing, there’s a big difference in jesus being savior and him being lord. If we’re going to know who we are, we got to make him a lord. We got to pass emission test. What would happen to your matthew chapter, 3 I’m, going to look just start reading in verse. 16 it’s about jesus goes to john the baptist. He said john you got to baptize me and john pushed back a little bit and said:dude you need to be baptizing. Me know. You know me know. You know, you know me back and forth was a little annoying, Marion, Church but finally jesus convinced him to baptize weber 16th and when he had been baptized, jesus came up immediately from the water and behold. The heavens were opened to him and he saw the spirit of god descending like a dove and a lighting upon him and suddenly a voice, came from heaven saying this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. Jesus was robert water baptized, the power of the holy spirit comes upon a pain in the voice of the father of firms, his identity. This is jesus cheering from the father. This is my beloved son hyphenate. That word with me. This is my beloved son he’s telling him son beloved I love you boy, I’m, proud of you. This is a declaration from the father of firming his identity. To all who would listen? You are my son I’m, proud of you beloved son. Marion, Church We need to hear that from the father. You realize some people struggle with who they are because they don’t believe that that’s how god feels about them.

What run into people I run into situations. Marion, Church My own life when god, has to remind me chad you’re, my beloved son and I’m pleased with you. It sounds like you Know:i’m not worthy I’m, not worthy to be loved, I’m, just a worthless sinner. If I kid I told my it’s my kids every day with their sons or daughters and i, say I really loves you. They will know that I’m not worthy to be loved, I know, but I love. You know, I’m, not with you after a while that would start to get a little discouraging I want them to receive my love because I want them to know who they are want to know the identity, and this is what jesus had to do. If he had to receive his love you and i. We have to receive this fact. You need to go no further before you get this in your heart. Once you are born again, you got to receive sonship and daughter ships, but even before you get saved, you need to understand this. But while we were still sinners, christ died for us. He loves us. He loves us. He loves us. It’s not cheesy. He loves me loves me, he’s crazy about me. My darkest, days, the days I feel most discourage. I got to remember, he loves me, he loves me. He loves me. He loves me. I! Want you to tell yourself that jesus loves make my father in heaven may be your everything fathered in the firm, you as much, maybe earthly father didn’t give you the love that you need it, but I want. Marion, Church You know you’re having a today bob’s shoe man, he loves you and only from that place of affirmation. Can you know who you are look, what happened notice in the story? Then it goes right into chapter 4 there, no chapters back, then they were just riding. So he says it. He said you, my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased, then versus the chapter 4 goes right into jesus was led up to the spirit in the wilderness to be tempted by the devil notice, something that god didn’t wait to see how he did to the temptation to tell him he loved me. He was pleased with him. You didn’t save it for the end of chapter 4 to see if jesus successfully made it through the temptation. He told him up front you’re, my beloved son and I’m well pleased with you. Why did he do that? Because this is the foundation of how jesus needed to address his confrontation with the enemy I’m, going to address it from the foundation that I am loved and accepted by my father? He said:i want you to address the enemy from a place of affirmation, not that for a place of affirmation, I’m not trying to overcome the enemy. Marion, Church Still, the lord will be proud of me, I’m, going to overcome the enemy because of all this proud of me, I’m, not waiting for him to if I get through this struggle, my life, if i, can just get through this trial. If I can just get past this hump and then the lord will really be pleased with me. No, no! No, no he’s pleased with you. People said well, because legalism wants to bring it back to us earning the love of god. We can’t be pleased with me, because I’m not doing right the difference in him being pleased with what you’re doing and being placed with you I boil it down. To always what I do brings his pleasure to me. Then I’m learning the affections of Marion, Church a father whose unconditionally said I love. You he’s not going to be pleased with what I’m doing, because he knows what I’m doing is not going to be spring success into my life, but he will never change his love for me. Never change, never change it he’s always finger. You are my beloved son, now come on, come on, walk away from that walk away from them. So now this is his purpose. That’s what he is working for in the enemy does god just said you are my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. He comes into contact with the enemy. Here’s the here’s, the lordship test. We have fasted 40 days. We lost the rest of the congregation right there, fasted 40 days and 40 nights after what he would do after work. He was hungry no kidding. We could talk about fasting for 40 hours, so we can talk about fasting. Marion, Church Let’s just move on. Okay, first three came to him. He said notice, god’s, not the temperature. The temperature came to him. He said if you are the son of god. He just told me that I was just bluffing son who am i. Please if you are the son of god command, that these stones become britney spears. The first test, the first lordship test underneath this and it is, will you provide for yourself? Will you provide for yourself if we’re going to pass the lordship test? We got a pass this first. Whenever one will we choose to provide for ourselves if I’m lacking in any area of my life when push comes to shove, will I try and make it happen for myself or will I trust god to be my provider? Will you provide for yourself? Will you take things into your own hands and will you, when you go to yourself Marion, Church but listen when we choose to depend on our self remember the trick of the enemy is? Is he not limited to our resources? So if he can give me the believe, the chat, you pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, and can you provide for your family you’re, the provider that I need to go to work and I need to be diligent and I need to do? All of that? But I want my family to know.

I am not jehovah-jireh. My father is jehovah. Jireh I will submit to his provision and believe in his provision, see if I’m going to be submitted to him and find out who I am I have to yield all rights of provision over to him, you said:was that mean about submission, because when god tells you to walk away from a paycheck are walking to a different thing or say no to this, and it’s a financial and he’s my provider? Marion, Church Oh i, know we’ll get real up in here, but we got to pass this first hit. Someone know who I am and him I got to know who’s running the show who’s the boss she teaches take out the boss in other areas of our life, but he is, he is the boss of my checkbook. Is he a boss in my bank account to see if boss of my decisions over employment amen, shut down a little bit right up in here, but I ain’t scared provide for yourself when we pass this test, we can’t provide for us because we don’t want to be limited to our resources and my god shall supply all my needs. According to his riches in glory by christ jesus, when I pass, this test, I may have to say I can’t do it, but it’s beyond my ability, but god said thank you thank you. I wanted you to say you can’t do it because now I got my resources and I can provide for it. Marion, Church We got to pass this test. We want him to provide in every area of my life. Jesus was recognizing to the devil, have noticed something he didn’t say. I just want answered this. He said if you are the son of god noticed jesus, didn’t say anything back about whether he was the son of god or not look at his response and he replied. He answered back. It is written. Man shall not live by bread alone, but every word that proceeds out of the mouth of god. Marion, Church He never addressed the question if he was the son of god. Why? Because he already knew he was a son of god. He already knew he was the son of god answer the question he said:listen to yeah I can make that stone turn into bread, and this this bread will fill my stomach right now, but after a while I’m going to need something else, that’s why I don’t depend on myself, for my provision. I depend on every word that comes from the mouth of god I’m, not looking for temporary fixes up in here I’m, depending on my father, because I know, there’s no need in my life, but he won’t provide for sure. I can eat some bread, but by supper time, I’ll be hungry again you and eat for 40 days. Little piece of bread is not going to satisfy you, brigitte deval dissolves into sugar. Marion, Church You didn’t bring you some meat, something up in it wicca. Second one, the second test. So then the devil took him up into the holy city and set him on the pinnacle of the temple. He said to him:if you are the son of god, throw yourself down for it is written. He shall give his angels charge over you and in their hands. They shall bear you up unless you dash your foot against the stone and jesus said him his rent again, you shall not tempt or test the lord. Your god hears the second test. We got a password, protect yourself, you’ll, try provide yourself, you don’t try to protect yourself just what this Means:i’m, not going to jump into situations and then ask god to take care of it. For me, you don’t test god by just stay here, I’m going to jump in I’m going to make this decision without asking god without trusting him with not seeing if it’s okay, I’m, just going to jump in and I will expect him to bail me out I’m not going to use see what the devil did. Marion, Church He use scripture to try and manipulate god. Has anybody ever try to do that to you, you scripture, to try to manipulate the situation, to china, justify the tri-polar bible verses to say:oh, that’s why it’s okay they’re doing what they’re doing to take him out of context, use them in their favor this they listen. You got to get rid of that. If you’re going to pass the lordship test, you got a not try and protect yourself. This is about making sure your trust in god and and letting him be. The lord over every area of your life, psalms 91:2, says I will say of the lord. He is my refuge and my fortress, my god in him I will trust 50 the lord. Marion, Church That’s like me, using scripture to try and justify me still being the lord of my life. I! Don’t want to do that! I got to pass that. Let me give you some examples. Maybe it’s like me saying by his stripes I’m healed, but he’s not the lord over my diet and exercise plan. How do I was going to hit some rocks this morning, but it’s okay. If we’re going to pass the lordship test, we got a dress who’s sitting in the driver’s seat and when you start talking about getting ourselves out of the driver seat, we get nervous because we like to control i, want to control my life and my decisions and if I’m in control, then I feel safe. Marion, Church So off I’m saying my life is safer if I’m in control more than of god’s in control, how crazy is that? But that’s what we think if I’m controlling remote control? That’s not why? Because I got to be in control when I’m, not in control, i, get afraid and when I get afraid, I get uncertain about what’s going to happen, so I need to know and god is challenging your and mine control this morning.

You know who you are number one. You got past the lordship test, the next test, please! Marion, Church No, because if you don’t pass this one, you won’t go past the rest of it. This is more important, so it’s the third one, the third third part of this again the devil took him up on exceeding high mountain. It showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory, and he said him all these things. I will give you if you will fall down and worship me that he said to him away with you satan, for it is written. You shall worship the lord, your god and him only you shall serve than the devil left him and behold, angels, came and ministered him pierce. The last part of the lordship test. Number 3. Marion, Church Will you promote yourself number one? Will you provide for yourself number to you, protect yourself number 3. Will you promote yourself this the enemy offered him all the kingdoms of the earth. If you just bow, down and worship me, this is the same thing that god promised jesus all the kingdoms of the earth satan just offered him a shortcut. He said, I’ll give you all of these things. It just took the shortcut and that’s what I meant I’m encouraging you pass the lordship test. Don’t take the shortcut, don’t take. The counterfeit is way too hot. How do you say it’s too hard? What you think the enemy’s price is way cheaper, keep in mind. So is his reward, because jesus could have taken a shortcut. I said:okay, all these kingdoms of the world and I don’t have to die on the cross I’m in. But what did jesus say if you going to be my disciples let each one take up his deny himself take up his cross and follow me. You’ll know who you are? We got past this emission test? Marion, Church Number 3 we got to not promote ourselves. Just would have sang I’m not going to take the shortcut. Are you getting tired of waiting on god so you’re trying to make something happen yourself, I’m a go to midland right here, I’m, tired of waiting on that godly person, so I’m going to take the next best Thing:i’m, tired of waiting on god’s best for the situation. I got to do something. So we we jump in. We promote ourselves, I’m tired of waiting on god. To do some don’t promote yourself. This is what happened. Don’t take the shortcut. I, don’t take the counterfeit, don’t take the counterfeit offer of the enemy, because I I want people to know who they are this morning, but we got to pass. The lord comes with a story.. A story is going to be about nobody else, but me was on vacation got to speak to me about who I am talk to me about places where I’d forgotten, who I was. It was a broad brush-stroke. It’s not like i, didn’t know who I was in every area of my life, but he just speaking about some areas and forgetting who I was, and so that was affecting. Why I was so I was I was being overpowered when I will help you this moment, you listen to me. Those are nice, I didn’t know who I was I forgot, who I was the enemy was coming in and overpower me and controlling my thoughts in those areas? Marion, Church So I was getting overwhelmed with things that I thought were outside of my control. I was getting overwhelmed by the thoughts of multi-site. What campus is minikit homework help assist. How about building a new building out here about me to me? I was being overwhelmed with all of it, and I came back from from the gym on vacation went back to the the condo in the end, god was speaking to me that I had to address my family and I are cold and maybe hold family meeting. Hope. Wasn’t there she’s off to college, but everybody else, I called him together. Lucas included that I don’t come around me. So this is how I got to apologize. Marion, Church Sorry to each and everyone of you, I’ve been taking out my frustrations on my family and I forgot, who I was I’m, sorry for not being the father, not being the husband that god’s called me to be I’m. Sorry I speak in to cry and cry so much so lucas was like what is going on. What’s up with that he’s, asking. Why is dad crying I’m, just not one of those skill tiers, trickling. I’m, like snot coming out I looked at my wife and I said:i can’t do it can’t my smart enough I’m, not strong enough I can’t do it. It’s too big. It’s too big, maybe god’s got the wrong guy about to go to church sunday guest speaker speaking in he’s talking about I can do all things through christ who strengthens me comes down I’m sitting right here and he comes down to me and he says and you you need to stop saying, I can’t and start saying. I can don’t think that didn’t get my attention. So what do I do, she’s talking about david and goliath the story and how he killed the lion in the bear becomes down again. He comes over and he says and you you killed your lying and you killed your bear. Don’t even flinch at your giant. Marion, Church How do I tell you that, because there’s more than me that struggle with who they are there’s more than me that are trying to break through in an area of their life in the devil says who do you, think you are, you think you are to get freedom all that god put in your heart to you. Who did you date? You I tell you who I am I’m a son of god, so I can I came back in i.

Came back into a condo and I went out on the beach tonight. I said:god i, remember who I am and I sign up today and I said whatever you put in my heart to do I’m going to go for it. I know it’s going to be bigger than me. Marion, Church I know, I can’t do it on my own, but I know who I am and I know who’s with me. So I’m here to speak to somebody who’s, the devil’s been talkin to your ear. Asking. You who do you think you are and you need to remember. You are a son or a daughter of the most high god you’re, no longer a slave to fear, because I am a child of god you’re not going to do it on your own and you’re, saying I can’t I can’t I can’t stop saying I can’t and start saying:i can I can’t come through this mantle challenge? If I can overcome this, we can overcome this child. But I knew on that day that I broke down on the specifics of how but I know that I’m going to trust him with what I don’t know. So, if you would I’m going to pray over you this morning, if you just bow your heads with me, I want to see god break chains off of your life and, Marion, Church right now it starts with the lordship test. Will you make him the lord of your life, we’re talking about that we’ll deal with that in just a second I’m talking about his fee, the lord. Are you still providing for yourself? Are you still protecting yourself? Are you still the one that’s promoting yourself mitchum the lord submit to him. I got to know who I am by passing the lordship test. Make you sing a chat. I can’t do it. It’s too big. It’s too hard. The deck stacked against me. I! Want you to know that you can do all things through christ who strengthens you, father, I pray for change to be broken right now by the power of the holy spirit come on you and your self submission is surrender to stick your hands out in front of you, I just, surrender, right now to god sticking out of surrender, Marion, Church my situation, lord I’m, going to stop saying I can’t saying I can I want. You know god, believes in you this morning. He would never put the desire in your heart if you’re not capable of doing it with him disqualifying yourself like moses and start agreeing with him when he says you are my beloved son or my beloved daughter in you. I am well pleased. Thank you, jesus father pre, right now to the power of the holy spirit that identity is found in you, love is released. Marion, Church The people embrace, who you created them to be the power of the presence of god. Let people know who they are today come on. Make him the lord of your situation. Trust him trust him with the details when enemy says, if you are or who are you, let me remind you that if there’s any voice or thought that comes to you, that contradicts the voice of the father, you need to render it invalid and insignificant in your life baby voice. That contradicts the words of the father over you. Marion, Church You need to render them invalid and insignificant. I will not listen to a lie. That tells me something that contradicts what my father says about me as we stop believing lies. Freedom comes into our life

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