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Today will be talk to you about something very important while I was on vacation, Marion Church I was reading a book, and this book was talking about vision and what’s important about making a vision. The people understand univision’s, not just for church people topping times at the church. You word, but bishan is something you need to have as a family vision is something you need to have for your business vision is something that we all need to have for a lives personally individually. That’s all I was thinking about this and trying to process in one of the things they talked about is that any vision should be a solution to a problem, and the reason that is is because you have to provide situation to people that problem that’s out there, that they want to buy into and realize that is a real problem and I believe you have a solution that I want to partner with for that problem, so I Marion ChurchI begin to pray about it and I’m like okay. If. You wanted to simplify anything if you want to clarify anything. I, just want fresh word from your fresh direction. What you want to do, in my life and and my purpose, my vision is a person as an individual and so I can communicate and encourage others to find errors, and so I just need to ask god I said:look problem. Do you want me to partner with you to solve I just like if every vision has to have a problem? I said lord? What’s what’s my problem? Man, let me know that’s an open-ended question when you start asking what’s your problem, but I was asking all the context of what’s the problem that you want me to partner with you, this all and I mean quickly as I said lord. What is what is the problem that most people face that you want me to help cuz mine? Marion Church What I do and I know what god’s called me to do? It’s about helping people believe everybody involves people one way or another. That’s why I said lord? What is the problem that most people face that you want me to help solve and he said, here’s the problem, but I think that most things boil down to these two issues:people not knowing who they are, and they don’t know why they are i. Believe not just because it’s what god spoke to me, but I believe that you should have some sort of ownership of what god speak to you. I believe most problems in people’s lives can be pulled down to these two problems. People don’t know who they are and they don’t know why they are so we’re going to address that and not so as I had to bring the whiteboard out. Cuz I want to show you something if you’ll bring up the logo there on the screen. Begin. To talk to me about this and then begin to show me something because I said what the heck is, this some major change in our our vision or directional who and why-and he said, no I’m, just simplifying for you and I want you to know the who in the. Why is what I want you to help solve? Marion Church So sorry I begin to look at this and he he had me draw this out and and when I look at this with witches are our logo here, and so we got the cross it again. It doesn’t look quite like that’s a little more graphic for people that are lot better artist than me, but this is, you know, a rough sketch of what it looks like and why looks like-and he said now:listen! Here’s! How I want you to look at it right here. This is where you get your who they answer to who you are it’s in your vertical relationship with god your who deals with your identity, who you are as an individual. Your identity in life who you really are, can only be found in your vertical relationship with god. This is where you want to find out. Don’t why why you are why you live? That’s going to be a part of our horizontal relationship and how you were concerned with other people so who we are is only found in got too many times, so we try to figure out who we are based on what we do. Marion Church People are looking for identity and why they are they get these confused in there. Looking for why I live to tell me who I am i, don’t know who I am because I don’t like what I do you see how it works? The only way you going to know who you are this morning is through your relationship with jesus christ. Should we talk about these 4 things all the time we want you to discover, jesus, freedom, purpose and fulfillment? Well, I mean jesus, and freedom is only going to be found in our vertical relationship with god we’re going to find jesus and freedom in are vertical relationship with god that’s found in who is that deals with her identity? Jesus gives her identity. We find our true identity when we get free from jump, it’s, clogging up who we really are sometimes when, when we get lost in sin and we start living a simple life a lot of times, the problem is man, you just don’t know who you are? That’s not who you are. That’s not your best, you, but once we know who we are when we walk away from sin, because we know sin doesn’t have what we want, but that’s something important and then the wise. What we talked about the other parts deals with our purpose and living a life of fulfillment, so I’m putting these on the board and we’re going to reference this today, because and throughout this series, Marion Church because I want you to know who we are and why we are far is essential to us finding fulfillment in life we wanted when we talked about who and what we remember, we’re talkin, spiritual identity here and spiritual purpose, and those are going to go together with our natural, but I want to have people help, help him answer these two questions and see how it works for them.

We’ve all had times in our lives when we struggled with our identity. Marion Church In our purpose me how many of you have ever struggled with your identity and purpose, it’s something:we’ve had a different times in our life and we got to realize it. When that happens, we’ve got to go to god to get our answering that’s what he’s directing is to as human beings many times when we don’t know who we are or why we things will overpower us and start to control us that should not be controlling us. What time zone we don’t know who we are or why we are issues and things that we should be overcoming old somewhere, not overcoming and that’s what god wants us to break free from thoughts of worry or anxiety can overpower a person gain control over us temptations to send temptation to see him to get overpower us because we don’t know who we are. If we understand that, then that’s going to help us bring bring strengthen door locks times when we lost our temper and said things we shouldn’t have said, because in that moment, when I talk about knowing who you are not talk about, knowing your name is chad but there’s times in situations, I can know who I am in some situations and I get another situation. Marion Church Also I totally forget who I am sure:that’s not who you are you’re bigger than that you’re better than that. Why are you letting that fart control you? Why are you letting your mouth control? You? That’s not who you are so you can know who you are in one situation and totally forget it in another and something jump up and slap you and you don’t even know what happened you like. Where did that come from you forgot who you were forgot, who you were so these are things that we want to work with. We want to find out how this, how god wants to tighten this up times we getting hurt or wounded, and we forget who we are and offense can jump up and try to try to control us and overpower us, we’re going to dress that fears and insecurities and addictions all these things that we’re going to address in this time today. So but thankfully, when we was identity and purpose, the bible has a lot to say about identity and purpose. So you got one right there in front of you in acts chapter 19, one of my favorite stories in the bible turn of a different story. That’s one of my favorite. This story, along with several others, i, don’t like to be too overly dramatic, but this story truly changed my perspective in my life in many ways, I’ll talk to you about that and what it means. But let’s look at this story. Marion Church Cuz that talks about something pretty awesome here and acts 19, don’t start reading a verse. 11 now god worked unusual, miracles, happy birthday, unusual, unusual miracles by the hands of pop, so that even handkerchiefs and aprons were brought from his body to the sick and the diseases left them in the evil. Spirits went out of this. Some of the itinerant jewish exorcist took it upon themselves to call the name of the lord jesus over those who had evil spirits, saying we exercise you by the jesus whom paul preaches. Also there were seven sons of sceva jewish, chief priests who did so unable spirit answered and said jesus I know and paul I know. But who are you when the man who made evil spirit was leaked on them, overpowered them and prevailed against them so that they flat out of that house naked and wounded? This became known both to all jews and greeks bone deposition fear fell on them all, and the name of the lord jesus was magnified. How many knows it to streakers brought magnification to the glory of god? That’s not something! You hear everyday, but that’s in your bible. Now, don’t start streaking to magnify god. Marion Church That’s not what I’m talking about pastor chad said:i hear you so now:listen! Here’s! What I want to get out of the store, a lot of things here, but I’m going to go back to the first and and verse 13 and start talking about some of it says that some of the itinerant jewish exorcist took it upon themselves. How many times have we ever taken something upon ourselves that was more than we can handle? Has anybody ever bit off more than they can chew, as a team ever taken, something upon themselves, a project and assignments, a situation, a relationship that wasn’t necessarily initiated by god? But you just took it upon yourself, usually when we do that we end up working off of our own resources:our own strength, our own abilities, and we wonder why we’re struggling in that situation because we took it upon ourselves. I want to talk about that. I want to encourage us to make sure that we don’t get caught taking things upon ourselves, Marion Church but we’re only doing what god inspires us to do see. Sometimes, when you do it that way, we will get caught, and maybe you had this situation where you get caught complaining and wondering. Why is god not helping me in this situation? How come god’s not pulling me through the situation when we didn’t even take the time to ask god if he wanted us to do it in the first place, complaining god? Why aren’t you helping me, but you didn’t ask god if he wants you to take that job god? Marion Church Why am i? So you got to count me. This job is stressing me out. It’s causing my stress in my family’s i. Wait. You didn’t ask me whether you, whether you, whether i, wanted you to take that job for me whether you wanted me whether I wanted you to buy that car.

You asked me what I wanted you to buy that house that will send you want me to come in and you took it upon yourself and now you’re dealing with things that god didn’t put on you I know it’s a little tough to hear, but we all need to hear it once in a while. Marion Church We take things upon ourselves and we wonder why were weighted down the stress and tears you’re taking some I didn’t even ask you to take, so we don’t want to be like if we don’t want to take things upon ourselves because it begins to wait us down see what I want to ask you. Are you partnering with god, to accomplish what he inspired you to do or you asking god to help you fix what you took it upon yourself? How did are you partying with god for his agenda, or you asking him to help your agenda I’m preaching to myself just as much as you so we’re all in it together am I waking up every day and say this is what I’m going to do and god I’m asking you to bless it or am I waking up everyday and I’m staying. I’ll only do what you want me to do. Marion Church Big difference, big difference, because if we keep taking things on ourselves will start to get some stresses, and some cares that are nars will start taking things that people are just dumping on us. The we didn’t ask to take ourselves, they just dumped him on his. How many of you have ever felt like you cared more about a situation than the people that are directly involved. You took your care upon yourself. All up in their business cuz. You want to hell, be careful I’m, not saying you don’t offer to help people I’m, not just saying you don’t get involved with people sites I wholeheartedly believe in it. I live my life under that, but you got to be careful. You start taking things upon yourself that god didn’t ask you to take matthew jesus was talked about this and he said this statement to them. Marion Church He says, come to me all you who labor and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me. We need to learn from jesus. We need to learn from him. He says for i, am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls, for my yoke is easy and my burden is only wants to sign up for an easy yoke and I like bird I’m. Not saying we won’t ever have troubles I’m just saying will make sure and be partnering with the one who can give us the strength to do what he asks to do he’s obligated to help me do what he asked me to do, but the things that I do myself, that I take upon myself I’m going to have to carry myself some of the problems. Some of the stresses and anxieties in our life are self-inflicted because we’re taking the things upon ourselves that god never asked us to take. Marion Church Not worrying and stressing over things that we can’t change. We can’t do anything about we’re caring about it more than other people I’m, just giving you freedom right now in jesus name just receive it just receive it. He said:don’t take these things upon ourselves. I believe this. What the scripture says in 1st peter 5:6 says, therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of god that he may exalt you in due time can I see some about this real quick under the mighty hand of god I was reading this scripture always toilet. You know get under the mighty hand of god slide under it and got show me something there. I like how the same scripture god can preach it multiple ways, but I was talking about the hand here and get on the head to go to you to know I want you to do it this way. Marion Church That’s what you talk about. It said what, if you get under my hand, you ever try and carry something with somebody else and if you get under their hand and carry guess what their hand is between you and the item, you’re trying to carry and they’re holding a lot of the wait for you, she said:i want you to get your hand under my hand and I’ll help you carry whatever I put in your lap. Get your hand under mine. I’ll carry this for you. You know. If my dad was a little kid, my dad was carrying something and I put my hand under his teeth. I could walk down like I was carrying it myself go to make cherry this thing, I wasn’t trying to lick it. He had it himself. He was carrying all the way in himself, but i. Look like I was carrying cuz I had my hand under his that’s the way. God wants you to operate. Forget your hand under his. Marion Church You looked at me like wow. They just breezing through this life. How come they look like? They got no problem, cuz I’m under the hand of god and he’s carrying me through this situation, he’s carrying me through my problems. Turning me through my stress and anxiety I’m still dealing with junkies but I just walking through like it’s easy I’m, not straining I’m, not sweating, my daddy! Is he that’s why god that’s a yoke is easy and my burden, it’s like he wants you to get under the hand of god, because look what else happens? Exalt you in due time casting all your care upon him for he cares for you. Please tell me some of the things that were carrying. We need to be casting some things were carrying. We need to be casting so what’s waiting you down today that you need to throw over on to god what are some things that you’re caring that you need to be cassie, one of you take it upon yourself, but you need to be casting how many, what if scenarios are running through your head about things that might never happen, haven’t happened yet, but you keep rehearsing them over and over what? If there’s, what? If that’s, Marion Church why I’m afraid? This I’m afraid that how many times do things way to snap pizzas take those cars and cash them.

How many things are waiting us down, but we need to get rid of put your neighbor and say chuck it. You just need a map. You need to check those cares. Some things were turning around. So shut, those things why you worried about that? Marion Church What, if scenarios? That might never happen, what what if I lose my job? What, if you don’t? What do fish have? What if it never happens? Well, what if it doesn’t fit, doesn’t worrying about what? If stop worrying about what ifs and put your faith in the one that can provide you, no matter what happens. Thank you. Geez I’m, preaching to myself here using couraging me i, hear you lord I hear you so just say:chuck could chuck could chuck it buddy. So now, let’s look at some of these itinerant. That’s just word. That means they travel, so they traveled around as extra since they were traveling exorcist. This was their occupation. They went around and so again there’s a place. Marion Church You called itinerant ministers. These are people, don’t necessarily have their own church. A travel around and speakers place right in ministry, it’s very important, but these right candidate, exorcist so, they would travel around because demons were plenty. So they thought I’ve got a good career path here, I’ll go hunt. Evidently exorcism has a great retirement plan, so there was such a thing as itinerant exorcist, that’s what they come around and, and it said they took it upon themselves-to call the name lord jesus over those who had evil spirits and notice what they said they. So they come into the house and come to the house was demoniac this person, that’s demon possessed and they they said here we are were in town. Anybody that has demons were here, will come to your house and we’ll exercise them. So they go into this house and knows what they say. They say we exercise or we solemnly commands you that’s what that word means we command you. Marion Church We adore you by the jesus whom paul preaches. Network preachers just means to publicly talk about something. So in essence, they said we we command you and the name of that jesus the paul’s been talking about. That was what they said. We command you and jesus and paul preaches you got if you got what they said, so that was there. That was their role, that’s how they went about that. Was there the phraseology and I look what the evil spirit says that there were seven sons of skibo jewish priest who did so they’re, not scriptures estelle. You tell us that weren’t, these weren’t 7 guys at this time most scholars believe there’s only two of them they’re, all 7 of them actually did it’s a family business exorcism was a family business for the sons of sceva labosco’s believe there were just two of them in this situation, so that and so then, now that verse, 15 and the evil spirit answered and said, I love what he said:jesus I know, I’m paul I know now that’s important! That’s why we got to stay the bible that word knows same in the english. Language was two different greek words when it said jesus I know I give it to you there in your notes. It’s a greek word conoscope, which means I know very well. Like personal experience, it’s like oh i, know. Jesus I am well i, Marion Church have a personal knowledge of jesus. There’s, no doubt in my mind when you say jesus I got that I know that cat jesus I know paul I know that we know there is a different week work and this greek word means like to be acquainted with like. If someone comes up to you and say:hey, do you know steve and you say well, I know I love him. We say that all the time. What’s that mean I’ve heard of him, I know someone about him. I just don’t know him personally. Well, that’s what this evil spirit was saying about. Paul I’ve heard about paul i, don’t know paul personally, but I don’t love him. In other words, paul was starting to build a reputation that evil spirits were starting to hear paul’s do with this paul guy. What does paul, who sings paul of paul i, know of him, but they said something else who says who are you? Marion Church Did you see? The scripture really help me one time will not when I first start studying the scripture jesus being mentioned, that’s a given, nobody knows jesus, but once they said they knew of paul, they gave chad everett a lot of encouragement. They gave me encouragement, but they can know paul. Then they can no chat. It gave me confidence that there is a reputation that is built in the spiritual, realm I know of paul I’ve heard of him. I, don’t know you, but I haven’t heard of paul, so gave me encouragement to know that there’s a difference that I can learn to grow in the things of god and I can develop a reputation that they didn’t know paul because of paul smith. They knew paul because paul’s ability to understand and use the name of jesus it was about paul. Is that paul knows jesus? So so he said we know. But who are you so not? Let me talk about this. Who are you you want to say wasn’t asking? Is that are you one of the boys we said who are you? Marion Church We wasn’t asking that who are you what’s your identity? Who who are you to see what was happening? What was the problem? They were trying to do something that they did either seen. Paul do or they’d heard paul preach about, but they did not know for themselves. They were using words, they had heard paul use, but they did not know or have the revelation behind those words.

Just one thing for you to hear something, and it’s another thing for you to know something. If you don’t know it personally, it will not benefit you. Personally, you can hear a word. You can hear a message. You can see someone else operating in their authority and you can think that sounds cool I’ll do that. But if you don’t know, if you don’t know who you are, then those words will be meaningless. Marion Church That’s why it’s important for us to understand the kingdom of god. It’s not about the magic use of certain words. It’s about the meaning and it’s about the revelation. It’s about knowing in yourself I know what I believe he says. Who are you? Who are you? Do you really know what you believe or you just been following? Other people should, because they give no answer, there’s no record of their answer. He says who are you and there’s no record of the answers? So evidently they didn’t have an answer to his question. So here’s what I want to throw out identity brings authority. Let me tell you a story to illustrate this. Marion Church We were on vacation. Identity brings authority on vacation. They want to go shopping, shocker, so sweet I want to go to the scrap a big outside mall, more stores, the better. So anyway, we go to this place. Parking is horrendous. You can’t find a parking spot. It’s really difficult to eat by me, find a spot, and now it’s walk everywhere. That’s so weird walking all this place in an alley and one of her friends decide they want to get their ears pierced again, so I will start walking and it’s all the way on the other side from where we parked to get her ears pierced both under 18. So I have to go. I didn’t know this I’m not up on ear pierce stuff, but so so I have to go to give permission. I thought we’ll just go. Get your ears pierced know dad you got to come, you got to sign, so we can go and we walk all the way up there we get there and my friends are there with us and and there in front they’re going first and I just happened over here. Ask my friend for your id cuz i, Marion Church just stuck my cash in my cards in my pocket I’m, going to turn my wallet around so I realized. At that moment, I didn’t have my id, so I had to walk all the way back. I love, my kids, all the way back to the van turn around walk all the way back and bring my id, because she did not believe without my id. She did not believe I had the authority to give her permission. She did not recognize my authority until I could prove my identification and I since she was saying who are you I’m her dad not to me you’re, not i, need to see some id so I want you to feel this in there I gave you some notes:cuz i, wonder how many times in our lives our authority has been question simply because our identity was uncertain. I, wonder how many times so, here’s here’s what I want you to put in their uncertainty of identity, Marion Church negates legitimacy of authority over the enemy uncertainty of identity in the gates, legitimacy of our authority over the enemy within. The converse of that is also true that certainty of our identity in christ confirms legitimacy of authority over the enemy. How many times in our life has our authority been question because her identity was not certain people say what you don’t know doesn’t hurt. You I totally disagree with that. Hosea 4:6 says my people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge. What I don’t know about the kingdom of god absolutely can limit me because I don’t know everything that jesus died to give me and if I don’t know that it’s mine I will leave it on the table. I will accept something that I don’t have to accept. I’ll, not go after something that I have a right to go after. If you don’t know the rights that you have, the privileges has a son or daughter of god. You need to know your contract, you need to know it, and if you know it, then you have a right to go and demand that all those benefits comes to you as a son or daughter, galatians 3:26, for you are all sons of god through faith in jesus christ. Marion Church We have certain benefits and privileges, our sons and daughters, and we want to we want to jump into that and we want to embrace all of them. So now, let’s look at what happened. So what’s the value said really matter if I know who I am in christ? Here’s what happened to me I can say a lot on this topic, but it is for time sake, I’m, just going to dress a little bit, there’s a value in knowing who you are in christ, because I came out of the theology and out of the teaching instead of god want you to have it, you have it. If he doesn’t want you to have it, you won’t have it so. I really was totally and completely out of control and out of responsibility. All I had to do was exist and if god wanted me to have it, I would have it. If you didn’t want me, have it i, wouldn’t have it pretty easy life, but that’s what we’re taught. That’s, not what my bible teaches. It’s, not what your teacher don’t teach me about salvation. Marion Church He teach me if I want to get save I have to do something. I have to believe and confess with my mouth. So I have to do that. So there is some bleeding after lease, my fate to receive all the benefits of god has for me, and it’s not just and forgiveness of sin, but every area of my life I got to exercise.

The authorities said behold:i give you authority over the enemy. Marion Church I give you authority of hitting me with that. We got to exercise authority. So now here’s what happens here in verse, 15. He says who are you and let’s they didn’t give an answer. So we’re 16 have been a man and whom evil spirit was leap. Zone in that work, late means just to jump on it. He got the jump on them, got the jump on overpowered that means to control them, have dominion over them and prevail. He was strong enough prevailed against them so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded, naked and wounded. They said in verse, 13 in essence, I’m or I’m, going to rough translate this. They said so that we can apply to our lives. We want freedom, that’s what they said. We want freedom, we want freedom from bondage and the evil spirit said. Who are you? How many of us I’ve wanted freedom in our life from something that’s holding us back and the evil spirit has said back to us? Who are you to want freedom? Who are you want freedom from that addiction? Marion Church Who are you to want freedom from that offense? Who are you to want freedom from those fears and insecurities who do you think you are asking for god to give you free to who, do, you, think, you are, to think you can get past? All of that, you realize that your mama, your grandmama, your great-grandma, everybody had this issue. Who do you think you are wanting freedom? How many times have we wanted freedom from something and anime streaming in our ear, saying jew? We need to know who we are so that we have an answer, so we can declare back to him. This is who I am i, am a son or a daughter of jesus christ and whom the son has set free is free. Indeed, I’ve got to answer. I’ve got to have an answer response, because the evil spirit will question your identity. He will ask for a proof of id I want to get my ears. Pierced I won’t get free from anxiety. Who are you? Oh yeah, you’re right, everybody struggles with that nevermind I want to get free from this pornography addiction. Well, who are you who do you think you are oh yeah you’re right all guys have that problem. I want to get control of this temporary. Marion Church It’s got control of me. Who are you to control that your dad had the same problem? You’ve always had a bad temper. You even say it all. The time I’ve got a horrible temper. Who do you think you are to get free from that you’re right nevermind? Who are you? Who are you? Who are you I’m? Just a worry-wart i, just worry I’m, afraid of everything. I I want free from this, but I don’t know who are you to want to change your life to break movie? One time i, don’t think the name of it on top of my head. Marion Church It was a really great movie, something night night night, tails night, the knight’s tale, that’s it but I used to I was close. Thank you, the knight’s tale, and this little boy asked his dad. He said. Is it really true that you can change your stars I’m telling you through the power of god? You can change your life. You just got to know who you are. You got to know who you are because that evil spirits going to keep whispering to you? Who do you think you are to get free from this stuff? Who do you think you are to change your life I’ll? Tell you who I am i, didn’t do it on my own I didn’t purchase my own freedom jesus purchase my freedom for me, I’m, just one who chose to agree with it and what’s because if we don’t know who we are, these things will continue to control us. Marion Church You’ll want to break free you’ll want to break that addiction. You want to break that habit, but it will keep overpowering us. If we don’t know who we are, we got to know who we are. It will always control us without this answer. I know who I am in christ, but once we know everything changes to be like david. The story of goliath david comes up to the battleground. Maybe you know the story. I just want to answer this quickly as part of the story where david comes up to the ground and goliath yapping in the background he’s saying who are you due to all the soldiers who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Are you there all intimidated because I don’t know who they are girl hiding because they don’t know who they are so forgot? Who he was? They all forgot who they were goliath I know who I am? Who are you so david comes up and he hears this and he says:what’s going to be done for the guy? Who kills this guy? Because you said that’s what he said. Marion Church Who is this uncircumcised philistine? Who defies the army of the living god? Who is he notice? What you saying david was saying I know who I am? Who is he? He said just wait if I killed the lion and I killed a bear and I’ll kill this guy, whatever his name is noticing most powerful principle right here you got to catch this. He didn’t need to know all the details about goliath. All he needed to know was all the details about his living. God too many times were spending more time getting to know our problems. Marion Church Then we are our problem. Solver. If we’ll spend all of our time does understanding and knowing the solution, then we will say who was that david didn’t even know who it was I know I will be victorious.

Why? Marion Church Because I know who I am romans 8 says it this way, if god be for you who can be against you, so here’s what you got right now, if you know who’s for you, then who’s against. You is irrelevant, don’t matter don’t matter. If we know the for the against is irrelevant, he did not care. If his name was goliath george jerome, he didn’t care what his name was. He didn’t even care. How much is stupid, shield weigh i, don’t care all I know is that I serve a living. God and I’ve got a covenant. Marion Church This guy’s uncircumcised. He don’t have a covenant with god, my covenant and if I know my cuz I know who I am. Then you plug in you fill in the blank who’s against me and it will not be victorious over my life glide, okay check, who else you got without. I know my hands is under his hands and whatever he brings across my path between the two of us were going to be able to work it out. So I’m asking you this question this morning. Who are you? Who are you, people walking away from god because they forgot who they are? That’s not who you are going out doing these days. Who, you are, if you find out who you really are those things will lose control over you, Marion Church because this listen to control. Hear me hear me:the control is a lie. What’s the best part of the control is a big fat line and all I got to do to get free is know the truth once I know the truth, banff the last broken the powers broken I’m, not under his control anymore. I, just don’t believe the lie know who you are know the freedom that jesus died to give you what’s controlling you. What’s some things that you’re carrying right now that you need to cast I want you to do some checking today, chuck some worries. Chuck. Some anxieties took some fears, chuck some. What, if scenarios that are wearing you out, get rid of that junk? Marion Church Chuckit know I’m past that and I’m only going to carry some of you done a lot of taking upon yourself, but just take it upon myself to, but that taylor swift annoying of shake it off come on you just get rid of it, get rid of a shake it all

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