Good morning. Welcome to the roads church. My name is Chris, all of you and the Norris City Church auditorium and all of you watching online. And I do want to give a big shout out to Deborah, um, which is in the hospital. She is battling leukemia right now and we just want to say keep battling, keep fighting. We’re praying for you and we love you very much. So, uh, again, my name is Chris and we are just honored. It’s a privilege and honor to be here with you today. And Pastor Chad and his family are out of town this weekend and I think it’s a great thing that, that it’s so healthy for leaders and pastors to sometimes get away and, and just get refreshed to get poured back into and allow God to give fresh vision and fresh direction and things like that. So we just want to honor that and give value to that as well.

And uh, if this is your first time here, we want to welcome you. Sorry. So sorry that you came to hear me, but pastor Chad will be back, I guarantee you. And I’m uh, but anyways, uh, so I just want to start today. I, I just, I love to laugh. I think that laughter is great medicine and I think that it is great for the heart. It’s great for the soul. Um, so I just wanted to share something with you this morning. A couple things. If you like to laugh, if you don’t like to laugh, just go ahead and put your fingers right there in your ear real quick. Uh, says here that [inaudible] this a couple of jokes I found. It says, the preacher said to his congregation, my phone’s acting up. A preacher said to his congregation, I want everyone to stand up. Who wants to go to heaven?

Everyone stood up except for one old man in the front. So he said, I said, I want everyone to stand up. Who wants to go to heaven? The old men in the front row remained seated. Finally, the preacher said again, brother Williams is arraigned. Brother Williams is on the front row. No. Okay. I said, everyone who wants to go to heaven stand up. And the old man said, oh, I’m so sorry. I thought you were getting a group together to go. Now there was a new pastor that had just arrived in town and as he as end was the only into his third week of serving a church when he received a call from the funeral director asking him if he could hold a graveside service at a small country cemetery because the deceased had no friends or family. The family director knew, knew it would just be the pastor and the funeral director because of another funeral scheduled for the same day.

The funeral director told the pastor they would have to meet at the grave site. He shared the driving directions so long. The pastor got started to the cemetery early enough, which was a ways out of town. The password got lost along the way. He stopped for directions, got straightened out, ride at the burial site. He was about 30 minutes late. Obviously this was in the days before cell phones because he was late. He noticed at the funeral director and the hearse had already left. He saw the grave digger sitting under a tree eating lunch. He spotted the newly dug grave and made his way over. He saw the volt which was in place. He opened the book of worship and began the offering of prayers and scriptures, scripture readings. He briefly priest about the love of God and about 15 minutes after about 15 minutes, he finished with a final silent prayer by the tree. He seen the people, the men, and they waved. He left and they wave back. Then he heard one of them say, I’ve been digging septic tanks for 30 years. That’s a first time I’ve ever saw Lee in one prayer, priests for them.

You had your bibles this morning. Turn with me to the book of Nia Maya, chapter eight. Woo. Yeah. People that are just crazy about God’s word and excited about what he wants to share and we’re going to read. We’re going to jump right into Nehemiah chapter eight the title of my message today is called making joy stick making joystick. How many knows that joy is a part of the Christian life? How many would agree that it is a part of should be a part of our Christian belief. In our Christian values. How many would believe today or agree that God cares about how much joy you have in your life? He really does. He cares about the joy that he ha you have in your life. So the Bible says in Nehemiah Chapter Eight, and we’re going to start in verse eight this morning. It says, so they read distinctly from the book in the Law of God, you get my place here.

They read books, they read distinctly in the book from the book in the Law of God, and they gave the sense and help them to understand the reading. Basically what we have here is Nehemiah. If you know anything about Nehemiah, Nehemiah, the situation was concerning Nehemiah building a wall around the city to keep the wall, to keep the city protected. All right? The people had been in a place of exile for a certain amount of years and now these people are coming back and they’re going to build this wall around this city where the wall is been completed. Listen, I believe that this was probably one of the greatest, uh, greatest revivals that would happen in the, in the time of the Bible. Because after the book of the book and Burt, yeah, Chapter Seven, we would see that there was a place of repentance.

There was a place of, of consecration to the Lord and all these things. But before that time, before that, they, they had read, they would read the book of the law and they would stand, and I’m just trying to get this picture here. It’s almost like a church service. And all these people had been brought from a place of captivity, from a place of exile. Now they’d been set free. God has a redemptive plan for his people. God is continuing to bring a redemptive plan to your life and my life. Okay. So what he does is, is they, they’re standing there and their, and Nehemiah, he’s just been appointed to make this wall in the, and he’s the governor and they’re getting ready to preach this big message and they’re going to get out the scroll and they’re going to read the book of the law.

And they begin to read the book of the law and here’s all the priests. They’re actually there and they’re actually helping the people understand it. We have the Norris City Church people all the way from children all the way up to grownups. People that probably never even heard the law before are standing there in the midst and listen to this. They can imagine this church service listening to the law from morning until night that they were reading the law and people begin to weep. They began to weep over the law. So here’s what it says, that that as they were teaching the law, the Bible says here in verse nine verse nine it says, a Nehemiah who was the governor, as are the priest, the scribe and the Levites who taught the people said to all the people this day is holy to the Lord your God. Do not mourn, do not weep.

The Bible says that for all the people begin to weep, they wet. When they heard the words of the law, they heard the words of law. They begin to weep. Why did they begin to weep? I believe that because they, because they begin to hear the standards of God, they begin to hear the law of God because the law of God was they, some of them had never heard of before. They begin to weep over the word of God. I believe that if there’s something that we need to weep over and more, no or that it’s the word of God because the word of God is nurse material life, but they tell him on this time, don’t weep. Don’t more because this is a time of celebration. This is a time of celebration. So they tell him that this day is holy. It’s to the Lord. They begin to weep, and verse 10 he makes a powerful statement. He said to them, go your way. Eat the fat. Drink the sweet. Now I want to tell you today that that is a mandate from God right there.

I mean you did. You see it. He said, eat the sweet drink the sweet. Eat the fat. He said, the no bake cookies, the German chocolate cake. I’m just throwing out a few things that I like. Banana pudding, all these things. He says, eat it. Take it. This is a day of celebration. All right? But he didn’t say that, hey, he wasn’t mean in that. And he says, and send the portions to those from whom nothing is prepared for this day is holy to the Lord. And then he goes on and he says, do not sorrow. Look at your neighbor. Tell him don’t sorrow for the joy of the Lord is your strength. Or maybe I should say the joy of your finances, the joy of your marriage, the joy of your faith, the joy of your job, the joy of the Lord is your strength.

And See, I believe that today. That’s the problem. I believe that what we’ve done is have you ever like been in a place of your life where you’ve actually lost something or maybe misplaced something for something of great value? How many has ever lost your keys? Hey, yeah, you ever lost your phone or misplaced your phone or maybe misplaced your wallet or something? Something of great value. Something that you valued a lot that you use, misplaced it. It was gone. It was gone for a certain season. How many has ever lost something, but then you actually found it where you left it. How many’s ever blamed the rest of your family? Let’s just get the back. You, you blame your whole family because you thought that they took your keys and the reality of it was, is the keys were in the same place where you left them like not too long ago I was looking for something and I, and I, I was trying to find it and I misplaced it and my wife was like, I’m mad.

I went through every person in my house. It’s hard with my wife, with my kids. I said, it’s gotta be here, it’s gotta be here. Who moved my, who moved to, who moved, who moved it, come to find out. It was in the same place where I left it at. But you know, sometimes you just, you look there but you just don’t see it for some reason. So I’m walking out of the house and my wife’s like, did you find what you’re looking for? Where did you find it? And I’m like, I plead the fifth. I plead the fifth. I will say anything that just seems to happen in my life a lot. Sometimes it’s amazing sometimes how sometimes we can lose something so precious in our life. The Bible teaches us in first or it’s in Galatians chapter five that the fruit of the spirit is love and joy and peace, love, joy, and I just want to focus on there’s many, many fruits there that God wants us to have, but I believe that if we lose our joy, we lose our strength because our strength to survive is no longer a test.

He, I believe that and this is what I believe I believe and guys got up as minister to my heart, that that my joy, the joy that I have in my life is not based and validated by my feelings or my emotions. I know that Webster’s dictionary defines joy as being an emotion or feeling in my dictionary is not an emotion or feeling in my dictionary that it is an attitude because an attitude is a place of position. You see what I’m saying? It’s a stance. It’s a viewpoint. It’s a point of view. You don’t, you don’t view something. You’ve used something of great value in your life, not just on a feeling, because sometimes we will look because here’s what we do. We, we, and I know and I do the same thing. I’m looking for happiness, something external to bring, to bring an internal validation.

I’m looking for something external to bring happiness to my life. Sometimes listeners, there’s people, that’s why there’s people that are addicted to drugs, alcohol, and all kinds of other sand and pornography and all these things. You know why? Because they’re looking for something else. Something to make them happy and satisfy an internal result. You see what I’m saying? And I was an, all the years that I’ve been in law enforcement, I have seen an incredible math. Probably nothing like maybe what you’ve seen, but I’ve seen people listen. People don’t call you. They don’t call law enforcement. They don’t call nine one one when they’re having a good day, they don’t say nine one one what’s your emergency? They don’t say,

yeah, yeah. I just want to let you know that, hey, I’m getting along with my wife and my kids are doing well. My finances are where everything’s going great

and then happen. People call you because we’re having a bad day. In the last few weeks I was able to, God clearly remove the scales from my eyes and show me something in his word again to clarify what he saying about the joy of his at the joy in him. I was sitting across the table from a couple of individuals and I won’t disclose your identity because it’s not relevant, but I was standing across the table and I was sharing with him about what was their situation and what they were there for and all these things, and then at the end of the conversation I always like to ask, hey, off the record, I just want to ask you how you’re doing. Like I want to ask you like what is your, what is your vision for your life? What is your direction? What do you, what do you see yourself in 10 years?

I know you’re here, you’re incarcerated, but what do you see yourself and I, and I’m just sitting there and this one, this one boy, he, he’s a man, but he was homeless and he didn’t have a place to live and he’d been running. And then he had warrants for his arrest and he was sitting there and he’d say, Chris, he said, look at me man. Look at my arms, look at these things. And he had all these track marks where he’d been shooting and he said, I’m an addict, man. I’m an attic. I didn’t see him as an attic. He seen himself as that because he used things to define who he wasn’t and who God did not design him to be. Sometimes we will grasp for other things to defined the joy in our life. That boy was looking for things to bring strength to be able to overcome his addiction.

But in he was, he didn’t understand that. That when in the Bible says here that the joy of the Lord is your strength. That’s what I tell him because it didn’t come to me then. But now I know that that’s exactly what he was missing in his life. The Joy of knowing God in his life. The joy you see, fruit doesn’t develop overnight. The fruit of the spirit is love. Joy. Fruit doesn’t develop overnight. It’s something that we have to, we have to put into, we have to exercise. You can’t buy a gym membership and never go through the threshold of the door and expect results. Come on. I wish we could. I wish we could. I wish the I could. I wished it. I wish that it would be one of those deals where I could just, I’ve received Jesus in my life. I have these things dwelling in me, but now I have to develop that Norris City Church joy. I have joy in my life. You see sometimes Christians, man, we are in that, oh, most UN joyful people in the world. I’m just being honest like we, we sometimes and we need to be the ones that are the most joyful to tell the people about who he is in our life.

Like we can be so enjoyable sometimes and the Bible teaches us that the joy is our strength. Strength to do what? Strength to endure. Strength to overcome. Strength to go through. What? I don’t know what you’re going through. I don’t know what it is, but to give you strength, that’s what God wants to do. He just saying, I want you to have joy. I think that there’s one obstacle, probably many obstacles that are way, but one that God showed me in my life is I don’t think that sometimes it’s a physical obstacle in our life. I think it’s sometimes a feeling or an emotional obstacle. Pastor had been talking about the truth and and it was a powerful series on the Holy Spirit and the agent of truth. He brings truth to our life, but I think it’s a feeling. I think it’s sometimes an emotional, an emotional thing, but here’s what I think James tells us in the book. The first chapter it says to count it all joy.

He says, count it all joy. The word count actually means to consider something I’m considering count of all joy. How much joy, all joy count all joy. Whenever you fall into various trials, the word fall in Greek actually means surrounded. So in other words, you’re in a situation and you’re looking and you’re surrounded. See, they haven’t overtaken you. They’ve only surrounded you. This is how I fight my battles. It may look like I’m surrounded, but I’m surrounded by him. It may look like everything hells coming in on me. It may look like my marriage is falling apart. It may look like my finance. It may look like it because I got a bad report. It may look like it, but the joy of the gospel of Jesus Christ is much greater than what we are facing. When the enemy tries to remind us of our past, we remind him our use future.


That’s what the enemy wants to do. He wants to, he wants us to indulge in the trials whenever we need to indulge into the joy that it takes to endure the trial. It’s the joy of the Lord that gives us strength. Daniel is the joy of the Lord that gives you strength. It’s his joy that we know that we can’t manufacture something like God can obviously, but we can’t manufacture joy in our life. It has to be manufactured from him. Once we understand that he’s the manufacturer of joy, then we placed join our life. No matter what I’m surrounded with, no matter what I’m facing, no matter what trial was around me, then I know that I’m standing in the middle of strength. If I counted all joy in my life, I don’t want to fall into these things, but he says, knowing that the testing of your faith produces something. There’s a production process that happens whenever you go through trials. Listen, a trial will either grind you, it’ll grind your joy or an also grow your jewelry.


Two things that are trial will do. It’ll crush you. It’ll grind you. It’ll make just your whole life because sometimes and sometimes that’s what we need in our life to be crust sometimes to a place to where the only thing that we are dependent on is no more on ourselves or what we can get external. But what we can get from the internal process of God.

That’s the process of joy because trials, they try to grind us and they will grind us. Our marriage. I can tell you right now that that sometimes in our marriages, the joy of just your spouse sometimes listen, I know there’s times that I just walk in the door and I know and you you, you know you’re coming home and you’re like, yeah, this has been the best day and you walk in the house and you can just feel the friction and it’s not like a bad friction but you know like, like my wife is home all the time so I understand the friction that the kids may cause a little bit. Maybe I don’t understand. She says, I don’t, but anyways, but you understand that there’s, there can be friction there and sometimes you just want to walk. When I do, I don’t even say a word, I guess walk right on because I don’t want somebody else’s steal my joy, but sometimes we have to be joyful in all circumstances, no matter if somebody else was on joyful, if our spouses on joyful, that doesn’t give us a right to be joyful because our joy may be able to produce or develop something else in their life that they might have misplaced.

You ever been around somebody that’s just, I mean, I call them joy suckers. They just, you know, I’m just telling you some people can just suck the joy right out of things. Like you’re all joyful and gripe and they just suck it right out. That’s why we gotta be careful with the environments that we put ourselves into as well. Because if you put yourself in an unhealthy environment and an unhappy environment, if you put yourself, if you’re surrounded by people that are still trying to find their joy, don’t expect to try to find your own joy in a place that somebody else is trying to discover their own. We can’t go sit at a bar somewhere and expect that people are just, they’re just living life and they’re just thinking, man, I’m ready to, I’m going to find that perfect one right here. I’m unbelieving.

I’ve been sitting here for 10 years at the Barstow in the same place and I’m expecting that one to come. We can’t expect the set right next and find that same one for our life to bring that joy and happiness. It’s not going to happen. That’s why he says that the joy, the Lord is your strength. It’s my strength. It’s how I get my internal strength. It’s how I go through the process of trials. It’s how when things are being w when pain, when there’s friction everywhere around me, when everybody else went. Bankruptcy happens when everything else falls in, falls apart, bad reports, all these things. I’m still standing in the middle of joy. I’m counting the all joy, not for my situation. I’m counting all joy for where I’m going because I know that the testing of my faith produces something. There’s a production process that begins to start. God’s producing them. Me Patients thereby likes that nice word. Patients.

Sometimes God might be trying to show us something through the process. You see, Paul, actually, before we get to Paul, John Chapter 15 is probably one of my greatest, favorite passage of scripture because it’s helped me grow as a person, as an individual. So much. When Jesus talks about he’s divine and we’re the branch and we can’t do anything apart from him, we can’t do anything. We can’t speak. We don’t know how to make a marriage work. We don’t know how to make kids’ mind. We don’t know how to do anything. I’m just telling you, John 15 he’s the vine. We’re the branch. You can’t do anything apart from me. If you try to look for external resources to bring an internal validation of happiness, it’s never going to happen. You’re never going to be happy. You’re always going to be searching, but he says, abide in me.

Jesus gives us very clear that if you want happy joy in your life to a dimension that God wants to give it, then you have to bite in him. That’s the first thing. Abide in him and he says, I will abide in you. He gives us a choice. He gives us a choice. The choice is ours. The choices hours. You know Pepsi used to have this thing that said it’s Pepsi. The choice of a new generation. This is the joy choice choice of a new generation. He said, abide in me and I in you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself. We want to bear fruit. Joy is a fruit, right? We all know that joy is a fruit. Did you know that we will actually know people by their fruit, the fruit that they bear, the fruit that they display, the fruit that they just show in their behavior and all these things. We will know it, but we won’t know it if our fruit is sour itself. If we have unripened fruit ourselves, we will never be able to see it because we’re in the same category.

That’s what happens. He says, we cannot bear fruit of itself unless we abide in the vine and neither can you unless you abide in me and he goes on verse five he says, on the vine, you’re the branches. He who abides in me and I in him bears much fruit. How much fruit? Much, much fruit for without me you can do nothing. These things I have spoken to you. Why did he speak to me about biding in him? Why did he tell me that I cannot do anything without him? Because he wants to firm it up by saying these words, these things I have spoken to you to who? To you and me that my joy, whose joy, his joy. When we understand it’s his joy burst and then our joy, then we’ll be able to reproduce what he’s given us. He says, I have spoken to you that my joy may remain in you.

Where does he want his joy to remain in us? He wants his joy to remain in me that way. When it remains in me, then that means that no matter what comes against me is not going to be able to get in me, to be able to remove what God has placed inside of me, and he says that the joy remain in you and that your joy may be full. That’s what God wants. His redemptive plan is for us to be full of joy. The word full action means to be filled out. He wants us to be filled out. That’s what he wants. He said so that your Norris City Church joy may be full. There’s a transfer. He transfers his joy. We receive his joy into our life and then he transfers it into the fullness and makes our lives complete, but then there’s also that process where we have to work.

We have to, we have to. We have to keep our joy alive in our lives. We have to keep, we have to keep nourishing it. We have to keep. That’s why he says, abide in me. Keep abiding to me. The first thing he says, the first thing point I want to give you is I think that this is a key element to each one of us having a fruitful life of joy and not just an event type of joy, a circumstantial type type of joy. See what we’ve done in culture. Think about this. You have everybody who, how many of you like to play games? Like, like I’m talking about like baseball, softball, whatever. How many knows that typically there’s always a loser, right? I mean that’s just part of the game. That’s the reason you don’t like to play right there. That’s why I do a lot of forfeit and that way I don’t have to worry about it. You know what I’m saying? So anyways, you got this, this game and the reality of it is, is somebody going to lose? Guess what happens? Everybody’s all prepared.

We’re pumped, we’re ready, we’re excited. We have worked so hard for this national championship. And guess what? Somebody we got beat by a buzzer beater

and guess what happens? They’re all joyful. And then the very next moment in event one event changed their motive of their joy. One event in our life changes it just like that. How do we keep consistency in our life? The first thing is we have to have complacency or not complete state contentment. We’ve got to be content in God because I believe, here’s what Paul the Apostle Paul says, I’ve been beaten with rods three times. I’ve been shipwrecked. My life has been turned upside down. Probably know no other person in the Bible went through more stuff than other than Jesus Christ than Paul. So I think that if Paul said that he learned some things, then I believe that we need to be attended to. What Paul says, he said, I know what it is to be in want. I know what it is to have roast beef and I know what it is to have no.

He says, I am content. Here’s what he says. I’m content. There’s contentment. See, oddly Paul had it. He had a degree, man. He went to school. He said, I have learned the secret. There was a, there’s a secret. There’s a little secret that God wants to share with us. A secret about learning the process of joy and the secret that he learned. He said, I went to school like his pupil. I went to school and the secret of what I’ve learned is that I can do all things through my wife who gives me no. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. That’s the truth that he learned. He said, I have learned, learned the key word in there is learned. I have understood. You see you got sometimes you’ve got to go through some stuff before you can help somebody else learn.

Learn what they might be going through. How you see. I’ve learned a secret. There’s a secret to it. The secret is is being content in my relationship with him and then once I’m in my relationship with him, I can get strength in my life no matter what place on man. Paul went through all kinds of seasons. He went to the two seasons, the ups and the downs. I know what it is to have much. I know where it has is to have none. It’s easy to be joyful and be happy. Let’s just say it right now. It’s easy to be happy when everything’s going to it. It’s easy. It’s easy to rejoice and have cheerfulness in our life, but it’s not very easy whenever everything is just falling apart in our life. Paul said, I know what it is. I’ve been there, but I’ve learned because I can do all things through Christ, through who? Through Christ, through. It’s a process. Through Christ. Everything has to channel through him. You can’t go around him to get some kind of joy that’s going to last and stick in your life. If you want to make it stick, it’s going to have to go through him.

We want it. We live in a microwave, popular, just a culture where we want to just instantly dislike that, but through Christ strength may not come into our actually through, through, through, through, through, through, through, through. We’re there. It takes out a biting part. It takes that, that part where we’re just, we may be in the grind, we may be, there may be trials around us, but we’re just Bam, Bam, Bam through, through, through, through, through Christ, through him. That’s the part of a body and remaining not being pulled away, taken up residence. A say in no devil, not on my watch. It’s not going to happen. It’s not going to happen today.


The second thing is, is consistency. I believe that we have to have consistency in our lives. Consistency. We have to be consistent. We can’t just, we have to, it has to be the same thing over and over. We can’t do it like one week and say, well, we’ll just, we’ll, I’ll get back to it. No, it has to be consistent, so I didn’t, I didn’t find there was, there was things when I, when I first saw my wife, if I was asking a question, when was the first time that you loved your spouse? That would be a difficult question to answer

because it’s consistency. I don’t know when the first time I loved her, but I know that it’s just been a consistent, consistent process. I’ve just loved her consistently, consistently, consistently. I’ve loved Jesus consistently, consistently, no matter if it doesn’t look, look good, no matter if it doesn’t look right, I’d love to and consistently I’ve just been very consistent, very faithful. I’ve been in the secret place every morning I’ve been reading my Bible. I’ve been putting on worship music. I’ve been on the Dream Team. I’ve been serving. I’ve been in connect groups. I’ve been doing, I’ve been doing it. Not these happening. I’ve keep doing it. I’m keeping consistency in my life. God is a consistent on. He’s a consistent all the way from the first cadet genesis all the way to revelation. He is consistent.

The second, the last thing is commitment. Once you have contentment in your life, consistency in your life, commitment, you’ve got to commit to it. You’ve got to keep committing. There’s times whenever you don’t want to commit. There’s a lot of times where I don’t want to commit. I’m just being real and being honest. There’s a lot of times when things are not going well. Even at my home, my house where just there’s a lot of friction. There’s a lot of things happen, a lot. Things going in the workplace. I got to keep committing. I’m committing to my relationship. I’m not committing to a relationship with my wife based on certain situations. I’m committing because I love her. I’m committing to Jesus, not for what he’s done for me but because of who he is because I know that if I know who he is and I know that he’s faithful, he’s faithful.

Commitment, commitment. You don’t get the gym membership, you don’t get the results until you commit. I’m committing to three days a week. I’m committed to five days a week. When you want to work a muscle with Z. I think joy is like working a muscle part. I love to to think about, one of the things I like to do is I like to research how to work out. That’s just, I know I’m, I’m crazy. I know him, but I like to know like different parts. And one of the things I’m studying right now is how when you break down the muscle fibers of a specific muscle is whenever the muscle is going to grow. So I go into the GM thinking I’m going to work my joy until my joy breaks. And then that’s what I want to get the most growth. I’m going to work my biceps until they’re crushed and that’s when I’m going to get the most growth. That’s when growth happens. Trials can grow your joy. They might grind you, you might be grind ground a little bit, but it’s only for season and it’s only for his benefit that you’ll depend on here.


Jesus says one last Norris City Church verse that I don’t have it pulled up here, but I’m going to paraphrase it. He says that for the joy that was set before him, Jesus endured the cross for the joy that was set before him. Jesus, when he went to the cross, he said, joy before him. You know what the joy of the Lord was. You know what the joy he had was that you were his prize possession.

that the joy that was set forth, he kept the joy in front of him. It wasn’t lost somewhere back here, wasn’t misplaced somewhere. He kept the joy in front of him. That’s why he endured the cross. He despised the shame of the cross and he kept the joy in front of him.

thanks so much for watching with us. We love our online family and we invite you to connect with us. We have a few different ways you can do that on our as well as on social media. You can text to give by texting the amount, space roads to four, five, seven, seven, seven and we’d love to pray for any needs you might have. So send us a message and let us know how we can partner with you in bringing the light and love of Jesus to your worlds.