Hey, I’m glad, glad to get into excited to get a new the Mt Carmel Church message for this week, a new sermon series that we’re starting called Holy Spirit, the agent of truth and I just want us to pray to kick things off. Father, I just praise you that you are good. We need to, we look to you. Holy Spirit, we welcome you got, I pray that you bring the word alive to us that it not be things that I say God would be the things that you say that people remember that you will speak into our hearts and reveal truth, open up truth to us today, God, that we will see you from a different perspective. We pray all this in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen. Hey, when you came in, you got to worship Guide and inside that worship guide is a little piece of paper, your sermon notes.

You can get those out if you’d like to follow along, got some sermon notes available for you or you can open up your phone if you have the you version Bible App on your phone. Then I have sermon notes available for you on there as well. If you’re more of a techie person. So if you’ll get those out and hopefully you brought your bibles, you’ve got to have your Bible. This is Bible class, so bring Your Bible. If Your Bible is your phone or your iPad, whatever it may be, at least you got your Bible. Let’s open them up today to John Chapter 15 John 15 we’re just happy about the Bible. That’s only reason we shout and Holler, Holler by. I’m from southern Illinois. I’ve had, I got to use Holla, Holy Spirit, the agent of train, agent of truth. Sorry, agent of truth. So what is truth?

Is there such a thing as absolute truth? You know when our society today, people talk a lot about truth and they’re like, what is true to use? Not necessarily truth to me and there is no absolute truth. That’s just all general. It’s all vague and everybody has their own perspective on life and that’s really the push, the push of culture is that there is no defined absolute truth. And if you’re really insulting to say that there is truth and it’s just truth to you and you’re closed minded and all of those things, but how many no’s there is absolutely. Where we all agree on an APP, there is an absolute truth as far as this world is concerned as far as our existence concerned, whether we believe, whether you believe that you came from monkeys or whether you believe you were created by God, there is a truth, there’s a truth and the truth will be known, which it is.

If you believe you evolved from, from, uh, you know, some type of cell and or explosion or whatever, or you believe God created you, there is absolute truth in the world. We just may not all agree on it. And these are the things that we want to talk about. What is, what is truth look like? And then the holy spirit part who, who is the Holy Spirit, who, what does he, I, you know, I, I know I’ve heard about God the father and I’ve heard about Jesus, but what about the Holy Spirit? Is He, what’s his role? Is He really important to me? Is that just for certain churches or or this one of those Holy Spirit churches or I just want to set you at ease and maybe calm any, the holy spirit is not denominational. The Holy Spirit is just Bible. The Holy Spirit is for all believers, all followers of Jesus.

So it’s not something intimidated, not any things you’d be nervous about. Holy Spirit is someone you should love and appreciate. Holy Spirit is, is something that wants to bring truth into our lives and and when we have truths. So one of the things that we’ll talk about today is this perspective of truth. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this or not where you thought you knew the truth about something and then something happened to give you some more information and all of a sudden what you thought was true is no longer true. Let me give you a prime example. One day is not too long ago, we were handing out some gifts and some stuff to the students on the campus at Wabash Valley College. They were taking their finals. So we decided to go up one day and hand out some, some iced coffee Frappuccino, you know, some Starbucks, a little bottles and had a little gift bad, had some candy in it, some information just about the church.

So we were handing it out to students as they walked by and just kind of greeting them, being friendly and all of that stuff. And so we had a table there and as students would walk by we say, hey, how’s it going? You like something to drink, want something to eat? Our finals going, just small talk, you know what it was or you were going to hell. We didn’t do any of that. You know, we’re just talking to them. And so we’d catch and we talk different people and Kevin Gammon, our Mt Carmel Church Campus Pastor and I were, were talking and one of the baseball players, we’re talking right there at region and this girl comes walking by and she, she’s not looking at us. And so we go through our same spiel, say, hey, how you doing? You want something to drink? She just keeps walking or heads down.

Don’t even look as UK, our finals going, you’re just keeps walking right on past us. And we were like, we have same thing where like, wow. So the three of us looked at each other and we use like, man, something must be going majorly wrong. She must’ve just flunked a final or something. Or maybe, you know, our minds are going to maybe something tragic happened in her family. Maybe she’s going through a tough time. Maybe she’s got kicked out of school, I don’t know. But man, something majorly wrong with this. Girls were like, pray God, give us an opportunity to minister to this girl and help her, help us reach out to her. Whatever we can do. So we’re thinking about that. We just know that something, man, something bad’s happened. We’re sure of it. God just shows where you, pretty soon this girl walks out of the library and as she walks out she looks up at us and smiles and says, Hey, were you guys talking to me earlier? Because I had my ear buds in and I wasn’t listening to anything.

There was not a thing wrong with the girl. But we knew there was once we knew the truth, everything that we thought we knew was wrong. Everything that we were certain about was false. And this is why we need God in our life because we can be so sure that this is right and God can bring truth into our lives that totally changes us. Totally brings a different perspective. And this is why you and I need the Holy Spirit in life because is the bringer of truth. So now let’s look at John Chapter 15 this is Jesus talking. He’s talking to the disciples here. And here’s what he says in verse 26 but when the holy, sorry, when the helper comes, when the helper comes, whom I shall send to you from the father, the spirit of truth, who proceeds from the father, he will testify of me.

And you also will bear witness because you have been with me from the beginning. He says in verse 26 but when the helper comes, everybody say helper. When he says how priest talking about the Holy Spirit in the word helper, there is a Greek word, clay just means one who’s called to help and that’s why it’s defined or translates the word helper. But I give you some more information there in your notes to call alongside one who helps by consoling, encouraging, advising, interceding, comforting. The Holy Spirit’s also called the comforter. So now here’s another thing though that I felt was powerful about the Holy Spirit definition of helper. It’s a spokesperson or representative of someone else’s policy, a spokes person or representative. So the Holy Spirit, we need to know this about him. He is a spokesperson on someone else’s behalf. He’s representing someone and we’ll find out as we look at this who it is, but he calls him to help her because he represents something.

So he says the helper. He also says the spirit of truth. Very important for us to understand this about. I’m just laying a foundation for the Holy Spirit for you real quick, the spirit of truth. Why does he call him the spirit of truth? It seems like a weird name. The word truth there means conformity to a reality or actuality that is firm, solid and binding. Here’s why he called him the spirit of truth because there is an actuality, there’s a factuality that is real and binding. There is something that is set that is solid, that cannot be denied, and he is the spirit of that truth. So the here, the Holy Spirit is not spirit of a truth. He spirit of the truth. In other words, it’s actual, it’s factual, it’s firm, it’s solid. So any information we get from Holy Spirit, he’s saying it’s the truth. It’s the truth.

He doesn’t lie. It’s factual. It’s actually, it’s not. You know, up for debate amongst culture, no ease. The spirit of actual truth. The Greek word there is talking about something that cannot be debated by anyone. It is truth. It’s like, it’s like the truth that now the world is round. There was a time when that was debated by the world’s flat. You sail in that direction very far. You’ll fall right off their job. Guarantee you I weird. I know, I know it will happen. Okay, Jab, you know, whatever your name was, nick. They had not insulting my name. Jeff. Sorry. Okay. Chad will see you as my name. Let’s use my name, which that you’d Chad, you got U of o. They thought for sure it was flat until someone told them the truth and all of a sudden everybody will, it’s round. Of course it is.

It seems silly or ridiculous to think the world’s flat now. But it sure wasn’t several hundred years ago. What happened? The truth came and once the truth came, everything that’s alive. Look silly. Hang onto this. I’m dropping nuggets early so you can grasp hold of it. See, once we believe the truth and we see the truth, everything that used to be ally and we thought was the truth. It looks like how in the world did I used to believe that? How in the world did I fall for that? You know, but it just happens because we don’t know the truth. So He’s the spirit of truth of truth. And look what he says. He’ll do the spirit of truth, which proceeds from the father. He will testify of me. So what is the Holy Spirit do? Here’s a role of the Holy Spirit says he will testify of Jesus. He will testify of him that that were testify just means that he’s going to speak about him.

He will provide information and evidence about him concerning which the speaker has direct knowledge. So when someone testifies, just like in a courtroom, right? Just, just like we do in the natural, if I give a testimony in a court room, I’m speaking about something based on my personal knowledge. So when the Holy Spirit speaks, he’s gonna testify of Jesus. He’s going to testify of Jesus based on his own personal knowledge of Jesus. He knows Jesus. He knows Jesus very well. You’re like, wait a minute. So I don’t understand this holy spirit. Is that his name? No. Holy Spirit is not his name. Holy Spirit is his description. Holy Spirit is not his name. You’ll sometimes people have trouble relating with the Holy Spirit because they’re like, okay, I understand God. You know, I don’t understand this early, but I understand Godfather, okay father God, Jesus, he walked on the Earth, crucified rose man, Jesus Anders entity.

But Holy Spirit, is he like a mist or something? Is he like just a power of God? No, the Holy Spirit is a person. I didn’t say he was human. The Holy Spirit is a person. Just like the father is a person. The son is a person. The Holy Spirit is a person you’d like to. Okay, so the problem may be is this name? What? So what’s his name? I’ll tell you what his name is. Ray. The name of the Holy Spirit is names. God. That’s his name. God the father, God the son, God the Holy Spirit. He’s got, he’s not some watered down version. You know, there’s God and Jesus and in this mysterious little, you know, force going around. No, he’s a real person. He’s God just like the father and the son are. But he’s got a different role. When you’re thinking about the trinity, maybe you can think about it this way.

H Two o has a certain molecular structure, hydrogen oxygen to, you know, h two and o. So, but it comes in three different forms. You can have a solid, which is ice. You can have liquid, which was water, or you could have a gas, which is steep. But all three of those elements have the exact same molecular structure in different forms. So h two o is one in three forms. It can be in three forms, or let me think, maybe give it to you this way. So I’ll give her a scientific background. Now I’ll give you a mathematic support for the trinity. The trinity is not one plus one plus one equals three God deals and multiplication. Yeah. God is one times one times one equals one.

So there’s three ones, father, son, Holy Spirit. But one times one times one equals one. So that’s a little picture of how we look at the trinity. So when the Holy Spirit comes, he will testify of me. In other words, he’s going to speak based on his own experience, his own knowledge. And then no one knows what it cells says in verse 27 and you also will bear witness. Do you know that word? Bear witness is the same word for testify said. You also will bear witness because you’ve been with me. So we’re all spoiled. Also supposed to provide information and evidence to other people based on our own knowledge of Jesus. So we’re not only supposed to rely on God to provide evidence, but you and I are to provide evidence. That’s what how we’re supposed to bear witness. Now, let’s look now jump down to verse a few times.

I go to verse seven Chapter 16 Remember when the Bible was written, there weren’t chapters and verses. So this is all one letter from John. So I’m gonna jump down to verse seven. Jesus is still talking. He’s in the red. He says, nevertheless, I tell you the truth, Jesus is talking. I tell you the truth. What does Jesus always tell us? He says, I tell you the truth. I tell you the truth. We need to know whenever Jesus is speaking the truth or speaking to us, he’s speaking the truth. Here’s what John Eight says. Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed him, if you abide in my word, the Bible, you buy it in my word. You are my disciples. Indeed and you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free. Laying a foundation for something very important here. The truth equals Mt Carmel Church freedom. Jesus said right there in your Bible, John Chapter eight he says, you will be my disciples. You’ll abide in my word. You will know the truth and the truth will do what make you so you know the truth and the truth makes you free. The truth doesn’t make me free unless I know it.


there’s truth in this Bible, but the truth that I don’t know, we’ll not make me free. The only truth that makes me free as the truth that I know the truth that you know won’t make me free. The truth that you know won’t set me free. The only way it sets me free is when I know the truth for myself. And when I know the truth, man, it breaks me free. So if we know the truth makes us free than what is the lie. Do if the truth equals freedom. The lie is opposite of the truth. So truth equals freedom. Ally equals bondage, slavery, captivity, whatever words you want to use, because there’s only the truth or the lot, there’s, there are no white lies. There’s no partial truths. You’re either telling the truth or you’re not telling. The truth is there’s only one true answer.

Well, you know, it’s kind of vague. I kind of kind of possibly may have. I don’t. I didn’t really do it. I just didn’t tell you everything. If you didn’t tell everything, then you didn’t tell the truth, and here’s why that’s important. You may think I’m just harping on telling the truth and honesty, I’m talking about the whole truth is always important because the devil comes as an angel of light and he can speak some partial truths, but how many of you got to know that a partial truth is not the whole truth? He said to Jesus, Hey, Jesus, if you’re the son of God, jump off of this side of the temple here. Just go ahead and jump up because the Bible says he pulled up scripture. He’s quoting the scripture. He’s quoting the quoting the word of God to the word of God.

So he tells Jesus ain’t just go ahead, just jump over that because the Bible says if you, if you jump in, if you go over there, the angels will come and they’ll the provincial catch you and keep you from dashing your foot against a stone. Jesus said, Homie, what you doing? Playing with me, trying to tell the word of God to the word of God. See, he’s going to come with partial truth, but Jesus knew the whole truth. And this is why we got to know the whole truth. See, I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help me God, help her Holy Spirit. So help me if I want. The pair of Clayco is to help me in my life. I need the whole truth. So this is what he’s saying. So the truth brings freedom. What does the library, we said bondage look like in John, a little further down, Jesus is talking about the devil in verse 44 he says he was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him.

When he speaks a lie. He speaks from his own resources. For He is a liar and the father of it, he is a liar. And the father of it, when the enemy is talking, when he’s speaking to you, he is a what? He is a liar. He is a liar like liar, liar, pants on fire, liar. He’s a liar. And he’s the father of. This part’s important in your Bible. He’s the father of lies, the father of lies. So that means when I believe a thought that is not authored from heaven and I had comes from the enemy and I choose to believe that if truth makes me free, ally brings me into bondage, right? So if, if, if the, if the enemy speak something into my mind, a thought and I choose to believe that he’s the father of that. Now he I become servant to or I put myself into submission to his authority because I believed his lie.

And when I believe his lie, I put myself into bondage. If I believe what God says, it brings me freedom. If I believe what the enemy says, it brings me bondage. This is why we need to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And the Holy Spirit is the one who speaks truth. He’s the spirit of truth. So there’s certain things that you need to ask God, is that from you? Is that what you’re saying to me? You’re like, well, how do I know Chad? How do I know if it’s the truth? Here’s how we know you measure it against the word of God because Jesus said you will abide in my word and you will know the truth because you abide in my word. And then he says that truth will make you free. So now if you have a thought about who you are, who you’re supposed to be, or about a situation, and you think, well, maybe that’s it. You look around other people, they’re dealing with that. They’re dealing with this. Maybe I’m just stuck. Maybe it’s all, maybe I just have to do it. If I will look at his word, I will know. Is that the truth or the life? And then at that moment I know if it’s truth or a lie, I determine which 1:00 AM I going to believe and which 1:00 AM I believe is going to determine how I’m free.

That was a mouthful, but you get what I’m saying. This is why it’s so important to know the truth versus a lie. Other people could be living a lie and if we measure our life based on what they say, we could fall into the same trap. I said, well, that’s everybody has that. Everybody struggles with that. Every, every guy deals, struggles with pornography. Every, every. If we believe that lie, then I will pass the fi the conviction of the Holy Spirit that tells me to get rid of that and I will justify it and I will stay under the power of the live because I believe that I have no choice and that because I’m a male, everybody struggles with. That’s a lie that will keep us in bondage, but if I will know the truth, then the truth can come in and set me free from the bondage of that life.

But we’ve got to believe it. We’ve got to believe it, but we make, and I’m used pornography. You can throw anything out there. Anything that we believe, sometimes humanity or culture says, this is the norm. It’s acceptable. Everybody deals with it. Well, that doesn’t mean that I have to deal with it. Everybody struggles in that area, but it doesn’t mean you have to. Jesus may talk calling you into freedom, but you’ve got to abide in his word and know what that freedom is. You can’t take a poll on Facebook. Does anybody think I should be free from that?

Yeah, the people have spoken. I’ve got zero likes on that. I guess I’m stuck with it. You know, everybody says, you know what? I bet you know your family had that. Nope. I struggle with that too. Now up, you’re probably never going to get rid of that. You’re always going to be like you really Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah. Although you need to delete, delete, delete, delete, delete. Go abide in the word of God and let God’s word get in your heart and choose to believe the truth over the lie. Since what he’s telling him. Look what he says. Nevertheless, I tell you the truth in verse seven it is to your advantage that I go away for if I do not go away, the helper will not come to you, but if I depart, I will send him to you. Now picture yourself in this position.

You’re physically walking with Jesus, the Messiah, the son of God. You’ve seen all these miracles and then Jesus has the audacity to tell you in this subtle conversation that, hey guys, I’m getting ready to leave. I’m going to bolt out of here. I’m going back to my father. I’m, we’ll leave you. But it’s to your advantage that I go away. I’m thinking if I’m walking with Jesus, can touch him, can listen to him, feel him, see what’s going on. I’m going to think there is no better place than being with Jesus. But Jesus said, you know, it’s better that I go away because what’s going to happen when I go away? Almost send the helper. You’re gonna love to help her. It’s going to give you an advantage. Keyword. Keyword. The Holy Spirit is an advantage. So if having the Holy Spirit is an advantage without the holy spirit is a disadvantage, you’re so good.

It’s an advantage. And too many times people are afraid of the Holy Spirit. They’re not taught about Holy Spirit enough. So they leave their advantage on the table. We’re not utilizing the advantage of the Holy Spirit in her life the way we should he is. He’s come into our life to be an advantage for us. It’s like, you know, whenever you’ve got an advantage in something, you need to go ahead and use it. If you’ve got an advantage in sports, if you’ve got an advantage in work, it’s like a, like a cheater bar. You know, you know what a cheater bar is, you trying to crank something over and you’ve got this little bitty handle and you know somebody pulls out this big old pipe, puts it on top of it, and more of cheater bar. It’s an advantage. The Holy Spirit will give you an advantage to work through things that you can’t do on your own.

He’s an advantage to us. So now, now jump on down. Verse Eight says, and when he has come, he will convict the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment of sin because they did not believe in me of righteousness because I go to my father and you see me. No more of judgment because the ruler of this world is judged. I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them. Now, there’s a lot of things to say on those verses, but for time’s sake, I’m not going to talk about them right now, but this is some of the role that the Holy Spirit comes and does in those verses. Verse 13 for I want to land says however Jesus speaking again. However, when he, when he, the spirit of truth has come, we’ll talk about this more next week. When he, the spirit of truth has come, he will guide you.

Every say guides you. He will guide you into all truth. He will guide you. The word guide, there’s important word. It means to lead someone to know, to guide someone, learning, instruct them, explain them, show them the way guides us into all truth. Here’s the spirit of truth. He will guide us into all truth. When I read guide us into, it’s a little bit discouraging for me because I realized the word guide into means a process. It doesn’t say, I wish the Bible said this. The spirit of truth will come and he will put you into all truth. Spirit of truth is going to come and he’s going to place you into all truth Manna, which tells us what it said, but it says he will guide you into all truth. If he says guide you. I don’t know if you’ve ever been on a hike or a jungle safari or something like that.

A lot of people in north city going jungle safaris, but do you ever, you ever been on someplace where you needed a guide? What is the root? Where’s the guide? Is the guide in front or behind you? They’re usually in front of you. Here. She’s in front of you and the responsibility of the guide is to know where they’re going. What is your sole responsibility follow? Do you have any responsibility of knowing where you’re going? No. All you have to do is follow the guide, stay on their tail, where ever they go, you go at the speed, they tell you to go, you go. If they go faster, you go faster. If they stop and say we’re going to stay here for a little bit, you don’t have, well I’m going to trudge ahead on my own. No, you don’t know where you’re going. You need to follow the guide.

One time I went frog gigging, this illustration you can’t use everywhere in the country when frogging with friend of mine here in the Church and, and uh, Dave Scroggins. So we were, we didn’t go into the, I just had to throw that in just if somebody, you know who, so we go to some of his, his secret ponds and so I can’t tell you where they are or he’d be banished me. So we’re going to these places and, and it’s pitch black dark. There’s no lights, you know, there’s no cities, lighters, streetlights in pitch black. And we’re walking through there and I’m, I’m following Dave. I’m right behind him. And, and it gets to one point, you can’t see the ground. You can’t see the sky, you can’t see anything. And I asked him, I said, are you sure this is the right way? And he said, just follow me.

This is what the Holy Spirit saying to us. How many times you and your walk with God I’ve ever said, God, are you sure? Are you sure this is where I’m supposed to be? Are you sure this is what I’m supposed to be was supposed to be doing? Are you sure that this is the right way? I mean, I’m looking around at other people and this doesn’t look the right way to them. I’ve asked around and other people say, I probably shouldn’t be on this path, but are you sure? He says, just follow me. We’ve got a fun photo of the guy. He’s the guide into all truth. But here’s the thing, if he will guide us into all truth, that means he will also guide us out of, if you guide into that means he’ll guide you out of. So sometimes we’re in the midst of something that is factual.

I want to make sure to answer at this point. Something can be factual and not be the truth. You can be in some test situation right now and then absolutely be the facts. This is where I am. This is how I’m living. This is how I’m, how I’m existing. This what I’m doing. It can be a fact, but that isn’t the truth about what God has for your life. This is the Mt Carmel Church mindset I’m in. This is how I look at myself. I hate myself. I don’t like my life. I don’t like anything about me. That can be the facts, but that is not the truth about what God has for you. So you have to follow the guide cause he can guide me out of my junk and into the truth if I will stick with him. But most of the times we don’t want to follow. We want to. We want to be zapped into the truth. Otherwise what? I want my process to be prey. Bam. There I’m there. Isn’t that awesome? Sometimes he has to guide us out of lies.

I’m telling you this is, this is where it is our public. Sometimes we, and I’m almost speak to myself, I my biggest problem sometimes is I start believing lies. I get thoughts and I start believing those thoughts and if I’m not careful, those thoughts will become a reality and he has to guide me out of those lies and into the truth. And so the only way I’m going to know that is if I opened his word and get that. Look what the passion translation says. It says, but when the truth giving spirit comes, he will unveil the reality of every truth within you. When the truth giving spirit comes, here’s what he does. He’s going to unveil the reality of every truth in you. He gonna reveal it in you. Now, there’s two layers to this. He’s going to reveal in me the truce of the things around me.

That’s one thing. He’s going to reveal it in me. Okay? This is the truth about people. That’s the truth about things outside of you. But he’s also, this is the biggest part, I think most important part. He’s also going to reveal the reality of every truth on the inside of me that I don’t even know about myself. Here’s the value of the Holy Spirit because there’s things about us, so we don’t even know. Because if you’re a follower of Jesus who had been in Christiania Rubin just been in church long enough, we have this secret code. We have this language that’s unique to followers of Jesus. It’s called Christianese. And the problem, the reason we stay in bondage in some areas is because we’ve learned the lingo. We’ve learned what to say, but we haven’t learned what to believe. So like somebody will say, well, you need to free. Oh, forgiven. Absolutely. I forgive him. Released them in the blood of Jesus. Thank you lord there free and in your heart. The truth is you absolutely have not forgiven them, but you’ve learned what to say if someone asked you, Oh yes, absolutely. I hold no bitterness whatsoever. I don’t receive any of that in Jesus’ name. But you think about them over and over. You drive around away from them. You go on another island, Walmart, if you see them, but you’ve forgiven them.


We learned what to say, but God, the Holy Spirit wants to reveal truth in our heart. Why do we need the truth of the Holy Spirit? Because if we don’t ever deal with the real truth, then we’ll live. A lie will keep living in bondage in wonder why I’m struggling. Why? Because you won’t let the Holy Spirit tell you the truth. Why? Because you can’t handle the truth.

Sorry, Jack Nicholson, right? It’s like

the truth is going to set us free, but sometimes we don’t want to hear it. I’ve heard people get bitter about saying they’re not in bitterness. How you just need to release all bitterness. I’m not bitter at all. I’m not better at all.


I want to hear speaking for all of us. We need to know the truth. Look what it’s going to do for us. Let me jump down to verse 1415 let me finish here. He will glorify me for he will take, this is what the Holy Spirit’s going to do. He’s the agent of truth. Verse 14 he will,

Oh, let me finish that. Sorry, verse 13 and 15 he will guide you into all truth for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears, he will speak and he will tell you things to come. Verse 14 he will glorify me for he will take of what is mine and declare it to you. He will take a one of mine what is mine and declare it to you. You need to get this. If you’ve got your sermon, oh, so look at this word he will take of what his mind, Jesus is talking. He would declare it to your verse 15 all things that the father has. Hear this. Don’t read over this here, this all things. How many things? All things. Thank you for the response. All things that the father has our mind. Jesus set. I want to take a second here cause I want to walk you through this. All things that the father has. Jesus says our mind. Then the Holy Spirit takes of what is mine and declares it to you. All things that the father has. What does he have for you? Thoughts, plans, dreams, what does he have? Everything. Does he have power? What does that father have? Everything that the father has, it’s given given to Jesus. And Jesus said, everything that I have, the Holy Spirit takes it.

Look at this word take. He takes it, not like he steals it.

The word take is a Greek word, lambano. And here’s what means. It means to take possession of, to seize, to grab or take hold of. But here’s the part that I like to receive or accept an object or benefit for which the initiative rests with the giver. But the focus of attention in the transfer is upon the receiver. Everything that the father has in Jesus has the Holy Spirit takes it. The initiative is on the giver. So he takes it and declares it to you, declares it to you. So he tells us so the Holy Spirit takes everything that the father has for you. Everything that Jesus has for you. And then he tells you about it. He declares it to you. No. Just because he tells me about it doesn’t mean it changed me.

He declares it to you. That’s great. I need to hear it. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, so he, everything that God has for you, he’s going to have the Holy Spirit declare it to you. That’s good news. I need to know that. It’s good to know I need to have the holy spirit in my life because he’s going to declare to me everything that Jesus has for me. But look at the next, next part of it. He says, he’ll declare it to you. Now, let me give you John One 12 but as many as received him to them, he gave the right to become children of God to those who believe in his name. Remember, take Mr C’s, grab hold of everything that’s father has. Jesus has the Holy Spirit, takes it and declares it to you. John One 12 but as many who’s included in as many.

This is not a trick question who’s included in as many. We’re still not sure everybody’s included and you thought maybe about trying to throw a trick question on as many as received him. Now, most of the time we read this verse, we read it about getting salvation as many as received Jesus, you become born again, but it says there’s many as received. The word received is the same word as the Holy Spirit taking. See something. I’m more drop something in your lap right here and everything that the father has. Jesus has the holy sprit takes it, declares it to me, as many as take it as many eyes grab hold of it as many have received through faith to themselves. To them, he gave the right. That word right means power. Authority. Really it means privilege to become children of God. Make this connection, trying to get it all out so there’s a certain group of people who get to become what God wants them to become. It’s only a select group of people. It’s as many as receive it.

God’s not holding you back from anybody he’s saying, but as many as receive the truth you grab hold of. Remember the initiation is on the givers part. We can initiate it. God initiates it. God initiates it. It’s not me initiate. It’s not me forcing God’s hand. The initiation is on the givers part, but the, the focus of the transfer is on the responsibility of the receiver. Are you getting what I’m trying to lay down? See if we, the focus of receiving on the transfer is on the receiver. That lambano is about, that God initiates it and as many as received the truth to them, he gives the right to become, to become as a process. So now I can become based on the level of truth I receive, the level of truth that I received from God determines how much I become like God.

The level of truth that I allow to come into my heart and override lies is a direct proportion to how much I will become like the person he wants me to become. But if I will not walk away from lies, then I can become like what he wants to be become because I’m under bondage of the lie. But he wants to set us free from the lie with the truth, but we have to grab the truth. We have to limb Bono the truth. We have to say that his mind, this is how I feel, this a reality of how I feel, but if I will listen to the Holy Spirit, he will guide me out of the lie and guide me towards the truth. I will guide me into his work. He will guide me into the man I’m supposed to become. You will guide me out of my family history.

You will guide me out of my bad thoughts and bad habits. He will guide me out of addiction. He will guide me into freedom. He will guide me into freedom, but I got to listen to his voice. I got to say, you know what? Just because this is where I am right now. This is factual. This is how I feel. This is where where I am. Just because it is factual, it’s not my true roof. And so as many as received him to them, they have the authority to become, here’s what we gotta do and it’s what I’m going to pray for you and I, we have the authority to become what God wants us to become, not on her own because God gave it to us. That word authority me Lucas were playing the other day and he pulled out, he loves badges, like police badges, and he pulled out his badge and he said, dad, you wear this when I’m going to wear one. And, and he was, and when I, when I put that badge on, I was just, you know, we’re just playing. It’s just a little badge. And immediately God spoke. He said, you’re putting on authority.

The badge represents authority, represents authority. Then he took me to a movie and I don’t want to go into all that, but he’s, he’s just showing me how this person did something and it was wrong. But then when they had the badge, now they did the same act later and it was okay because they had the authority. God says, I’ll give you authority to become who I called you to be. I give you authority to become, I give you authority to come out of lies. I give you Mt Carmel Church authority to break family traditions. I give you authority to break addictions. I give you authority to come out of the bondage of thoughts. It’s limited you. I have given you a full warranty. He says, now walking out authority and embrace the truth and say, I’m coming out baby. I’m coming out of those lies and I’m walking in the truth.