Harrisburg Church | The Millers Story

Not sean miller tommy miller in this is our story of my life. Harrisburg Church I start out taking medication. The doctor gave me things can creep up on you and start out. Small and insignificant and overtime can escalate into things that you never thought. You would see yourself doing pretty well lost everything. I loves everything. I’ve worked for, got to where I couldn’t keep a job lost.

My wife lost time with my kids, pretty well, took me to the bottom and I got to where I hated, god hated. Call me who I know I love but I stillblame her for a lot. I blame everybody, but myself I tried to quit drugs many many times, and it would work for a week. Maybe a few days and I would lose my keys. Every time I got home. Harrisburg Church I was trying to find a control, the anger, the rage i, would feel inside. It was exhausting, very exhausting me praying to god and the sermons I would hear at church.

Harrisburg Church They didn’t give me hope and I can’t say when it happened or how it happened, but it was just like I was done with all that. Just like flipping a switch is like I was ready to give it up and it just all went away just instantly when it was done. It was done. I haven’t, turned back jokes, not once since I quit, but this was a very very hard time in my life. You know we have been married for 13 years. We ended up this addiction ruined our marriage. We divorced in 2012 i.

You know why I continue to pray for him for years and years. The boys and I would pray everyday and then circumstances in sean’s life begin to change. It looked really bad, it looked very bad. He he became homeless. He or he lost his mother back in 2016 in 2016. He really went on a down spiral hate he got out of there and then slowly it was like, like he said. You know something clicked with him and this time there was something different for him. It was amazing to watch him.

Harrisburg Church He started to regain confidence. He started to regain his life back, he went and he got a job. He didn’t have a vehicle and he would walk walk to places to get groceries walk to wherever he had to go. My prayers are being answered, and you know the scripture that I that I lean on is 2nd timothy 2:13. When we are faithless, he remains faithful. He cannot deny himself, and so when I was mad at god he was faithful when I was hurt and angry. He was faithful when I didn’t want to pray for sean. He was faithful during all those times. He was there and was faithful to his word. So I encourage anyone that is going through any type of situation like this with addiction, marriage problems. Anyway, just there is hope he became the dad that he always should have been he’s become husband, although we’re not married at the moment, but we will be, we will be again someday and I just want to encourage everyone not to give up hope

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