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Hey when I was asking the lord about you know where we were going to go I coming out of 16 into 17 and I really was getting the sense that it wasn’t like going to be a siri show a lot of times. You speak to me in series and things big topics and wants to pacsun together and there’s I spend some time asking about some things that you really took me to a scripture scripture. That I was in very familiar with something we talked about before, and people talked about a lot of far as being church in one. That’s. Why I realize that he wasn’t really giving me a serious as much as he was speaking a word to me that he wanted me to dig into and release and so I’m I’m doing that, and we will see where it goes. We’re going to go with it these next two weeks and we’re going to start even the next part of january 2017 as we launch into this, and it get out of its one that I don’t anticipate that we will packaged up and put in a case because I don’t feel it’s. That kind of word I think it’s some things that I’m hoping god will speak to you on personally and help us in different areas of our, lives, i, hope it’s something that will apply to you and that we can take forward and and learn from what god is saying it and I don’t know already been speaking to me. It’s already been challenging me with it, and so I got this picture up, and these two lovely young, ladies Grayville Church to each other. In the reason we got that in there is because one of the things were going to talk about today is it’s what we say and the words that came out this morning already so powerful. What god speaking in agreement in-and let me know, is that what we say matters you know some people don’t buy into that, and some people actually teach against it and that they see you shouldn’t, be teaching about what you say matters, but it’s something that has really impacted my life and change. My life and I try to to a pass along to not only the church but also to my family. That’s what we say matters, and so we would see these girls Grayville Church to each other here in and see if there’s a little bit of a joker I’m a little bit relax. Grayville Church in my language should my my annunciation and i, Grayville Church i, don’t say things exactly exactly properly properly enunciation and and my kids like to point that out to me at different times and different things that I saved, but there’s one of them other phrases that I was thinking about this in the question that I’m going to ask you throughout the message that I felt like god was asking is what do you say or what do you say and when i, when I talk normal, my normal I would just say what you say like what you say what you say about that? What you say about that? What you is what she was like one word, what you say is so I know it’s like what do you say or what you say about that you think about that. That’s just to get how I talk, so that’s the subtitle of overtime. Today is what you say what you say if that annoys you, if I’m a grammar standpoint, I’m, sorry but i, but i, think it’s important, but we’re Grayville Church about it. So here, if you got your bibles i, want you to open them up to matthew chapter 16, yeah, matthew, 16, verse, 13, holy, spirit, i, just pray that you speak to our hearts:everything that’s on the heart of the father and nothing less and nothing more. We receive it. Thank you, lord matthew, 16:13, I will read through these verses. Then I’m going to come back and and highlight a couple. So since when jesus came into the region of caesarea phillipi, he asked his disciples sing. Who do men say that i, the son of man am hold, that thought was 14, so they said some say:john the baptist, some elijah and others jeremiah, one of the prophets, reverse 15th and he said to them. But but but who do you say that I am what you say what you say what he said to the disciples there in the greek, what you say:we’re 16, simon peter answered and said:you’re, the christ, the son of the living god and jesus, answered and said to him:buster you simon bar jonah, for flesh and blood. It’s not reveal this to you, but my father, who is in heaven and i, also say to you that you are peter and on this rock I will build my church. I will build my church I want you to not think about a building, but I want you to think about a person on this rock I will build my church, but your neighbor said you’re the church I’m going to build my church and knows what it says about you. This is what it says about you that god is building it’s what it says about. You notice how I just what it says about you that that he says he’s going to build you and the gates of hades shall not prevail against it. If the church is you I want you to know that the gates of hell will not prevail against you. The gates of hell will not prevail against you. You are the church. You are the bride of christ and god is building you up in such a way that the the actual gates of hell cannot prevent you from moving forward into everything. God has for you. They can’t stop.

You I gave is just a barrier. I gave you something just hold you back, trying to keep you contained in an area and see the same building you up in such a way that there isn’t a game and all of hell that can hold you back a little bit. We’re just warming up, but I’m telling you god is speaking something into your heart that he’s building you but beach. Be sure of this fact. Is it’s not an instantaneous? Think it’s a building. It’s a process, everybody loves processes, say amen said nobody ever. Why we don’t like processes, we don’t like to go through things and build and we want instantaneous pour water on it bam it’s there, but he says I’m building you up, but if you will understand this process, if I will understand this process, he’s building me up for some specific Dates:i’m, looking who’s ready, there’s some gates, I’m ready for right now and there’s some gates he’s got to build me for there’s some gates. That he’s got to work on me a little bit, because when I come to that gate he said you won’t be able to get through that gate. You got got a build. You I got to build your capacity. I got to build your character. I got to build your stamina. I got to build your endurance because you’re going to run into something, that’s going to try and come, find you and, if you’re not stacked for it, you’re not going to break through it he’s got a build-up. Process of building Grayville Church involves resistance and paint. It involves conflict. It involves the enemy trying to do something. The whole time that he’s putting resistance on you understand something. When we go against resistance, you are building muscle every time he tries to hold you back. If you will keep moving force, keep working against that resistance. You get stronger every day, i, don’t know! If it’s, how you do it or not, but I’m just saying that’s, that’s what we don’t understand, he’s building and he’s building his building you it’s a process, he’s process because there’s some gates how many silver come up in front straight up against the gate. I knew you wasn’t ready for that. Yet I didn’t miss! Really, no I wasn’t ready for it, but when I knew I didn’t get through it, then I knew i, wasn’t ready. Force! You know what you doing those times. You go back to the drawing board and you build some more. You don’t throw in the towel. Say:forget it! You go back to building all right, lord I’m, just going to dig back in or out so he’s building you! That’s not my message:i just warming up right there! So he’s building you because here’s what he’s building no getting hell’s going to be able to stop you so I can book containing first 19th and I will give you the church I’m going to give you the bride. Give you the keys of the kingdom, of what heaven imma, give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven, because the keys that I’m going to give you are not of this earth they’re not of this world. These keys are going to work to the keys to the kingdom of heaven, but they will work in this earth to release what is in heaven because jesus said:do we pray this way? Your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it as it is in heaven, so I’m going to give you the keys so that you can unlock on earth what I promised you in heaven I’m going to build you up for it, so that when you come up to a gaithers, try and continue trying to restrain your trying to hold you back I’m going to give you the keys to that gate, on how you’re going to break through that process, and Grayville Church I don’t have the key for everything. Yet I got to work through that. So he’s building me he’s going to give me the keys, so whatever I bind on earth will be bound. Whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. They said, then he commanded disciples that he should tell no one that he was jesus to christ. So blood process, lot of things going on. Let’s go back to bruce 13 he’s building something he’s building something she I believe he’s building. You I believe it’s building me I believe he’s building the church for what we’re getting ready to face. I, believe everything that you were getting ready to face in your life. God built you for it before you got there. I, don’t believe, there’s anything just your facing right at this moment, god didn’t prepare you for that you’re built for you may not know how to do it. Yet you may not know how you’re going to get through it, but god never brings me to a place in my life to go school man I’m sorry I should have saw that coming is a man I’m, sorry i, didn’t prep I didn’t prepare you for that chair! That’s my bad! That’s my bad! He’s built me for this moment in this moment that I think I’m, incapable in the moment that I think I can’t in the moment I think I’m inadequate in the moment that I think that I don’t have what it takes in that moment, I’ve got to know I’m built for this moment, even if I don’t know how these prepared you for this, so the party starts here in verse, 13 cuz, he’s building me there’s some things he’s got to work on him me, and this is what he says to the disciples, because before he says, he’s going to build this church, he gives some things that I think I just asked him. If okie question just out of nowhere seemingly cuz, he was Grayville Church about the lobes of the pharisees and sadducees.

How do you say? December 13th, who do men say that i, the son of man amp, who do men say that I am men. Men say now, he’s not discriminate against women. It wasn’t you think. So, who does the word men me? The word man just means. Other people means the world means other people’s opinions. Who do people? Who does the world say that i, the son of man amp, who do people say it when I read that I’m like okay, so I’m going to meditate jesus? Why does he care what people say about him? This is jesus having a problem with what people say about him, because there’s two things Grayville Church that we struggle with with other people what other people say about his two things. Grayville Church we’re looking for to get from people that we don’t need to get from people number one is approval, should be careful this. What jesus would say, I thought man is jesus. Ask him what the proof of proof of other people cuz Grayville Church will look for the approval. The word approval just means acceptance. It means that that a favorable opinion just got out of the election. They have the head that you have the approval rating and too many times in our social media craze world everything’s about approval likes favorites retweets shares views. What is it speak to? It speaks to approval. You know how it is. You feel good about a picture. You really like that picture picture. So you post that picture. You thought it was great and you get free likes. You are so excited about that picture and three people liked it. What happened to your feelings about that picture? All the sudden? Now you don’t like that picture as much that’s what can happen again. The approval you got. Speak, something to you or you just say something. You put a picture out there and nobody favorites it. Nobody right! Nobody all! The sudden. All this nobody is viewing. Your video I put this video out. There I put a lot of time to put on an effort into it. I love it I really felt like this was going to be awesome. So. What are you do you keep checking back how many people viewed it? How many people like that? Oh there’s, some like there’s some chairs, look at that! That’s bad and evil in the bad self. I think it’s funny, but it’s a problem is when we be groped to depend on that, because I was prepared for this. I was just kind of Grayville Church out loud and I was just kind of preaching to myself and would just drop this thoughts into my heart. Is that just came out of my mouth? What I was speaking instead of people’s approval is the air in your lungs than you will suffocate in its absence. It was one of those things that you know when it happens. When you step back and you go wow that was good cuz. You know what you I’m, not taking credit for that. That’s smart of people’s approval as the air in your lungs, and you will suffocate in this-is when jesus said. Who do men say that I am? Who do people say that I am i, don’t think he was looking for approval, but I think you sending a message to us. That’s not live for people’s approval, because the second thing we can try to get noticed a question who do people who do men say that i, the son of man and the other thing we can look for it, people he is greater than approval its identity. People say the night and am no that’s. What jesus asked who they say, I am who I am speaks more to identity that do you like me. It’s not just. Do you like me, but will you please define me? Can you define who I am Grayville Church we’re looking for people to define who we are instead of looking to jesus to define? Who we are? He says he don’t look at people for identity, so i, don’t think it’s bad. You don’t think it’s even sacrilegious to think that jesus might have had to deal with the thought of who he was. Let me prove it to hebrews chapter 4, verse 15 says that we do not have a high priest who does not sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted like we are yet without sin so was jesus tempted. Did he ever have a thought? Did he ever have the thought that was planted into his head? That you’re? Not who you say you are i, can think of two instances specifically where he had to deal with that one was with satan. Satan comes to tempt him what he was. Remember you, 40 days after passing your tongue that are fasting time with no food, most hilarious script versus the scripture is, it says, jesus fasted for 40 days and then afterward he was hungry I do that food for 4 hours and I’m hungry. So he says after what he told me. So satan comes with two of them. The first two he says the same question. If you are the son of god, he was beginning to question who he was. He was trying to plant the thought in jesus mind that he was not who he said he was so he was coming at his identity is coming at that and I called that. The internal struggle with who you are satan will come in your mind. If you will bombard your thoughts to get you to question who you are in god, who you are, who god made you to be? That’s the internal, but not only that, but jesus is identity on an external level. Give me another example of john the baptist john the baptist, as he was saying.

Who do they say this i, the son of man, amp i, want to make it something that we can relate to because I believe people in our society struggle with approval and identity as much as anything else, I think they struggle with john the baptist john, the baptist. We don’t know the exact relationship. We just know:they’re related mary and elizabeth. We’re laying the king james version says they’re cousins, but the actual were there doesn’t necessarily just mean actual cousin, so they grew up together. Matthew chapter 11, just a few chapters earlier on your bible johnson prison johnson prison. How many send prison he sent two disciples to jesus and you know what he asked them to ask jesus. He goes to jason. What, you asked jesus. Are you becoming one? Or should we look for? Another? Did jesus ever have to deal with thoughts about is identities the question. So whenever you struggle with your identity, I want you to talk to someone who can relate to you that he can help. You know who you are because you have asked you have internal struggles with the enemy speaking, but you’re also going to have external challenges and opposition were other people won’t speak into your life. The way they are two other people won’t know who you are other people won’t say what you wanted to say. Other people won’t agree with what god wants to agree with you. Other people you’re going to have the internal deal behold the lamb of god, who takes away the world about jesus, he’s the one who said jesus, I’m not worthy to baptize you, you need to be baptized at me. This is the same guy who just five chapters later exciting? Are you the one or should we look for another I’m, not sure? What’s going on there? Probably this book to me:jesus didn’t get all mad and start throwing things and get mad at john. The baptist he just told him to stop to tell john is out of order, but the blind see the deaf hear the lame walk lepers are cleansed poor. Have the gospel preached to them? Don’t scream so just follow along. He said he said:john bless. This is the scripture always seemed kind of out of context. He’s telling what happened then he says and blessed is he was not offended at me. Do you know what the problem was? I think john Grayville Church. His perspective was skewed by the frustration of his own position. See john was speaking from prison and john was not necessarily excited about his current Grayville Church. His current condition, as so he begin to speak from that place of frustration and do the from the place of revelation. When we get frustrated about our current Grayville Church. If we’re not careful, we’ll speak from our frustration instead of from a revelation, did he know that he was the lamb of god who took away the sins of the world? Absolutely he knew it in his heart, but he was frustrated with what jesus wasn’t doing with what god wasn’t doing. I, don’t know what he was frustrated with, but he began to question what he knew and he began to speak from frustration and stead of revelation. This is why, when people in this Grayville Church, this white jesus just said, listen I want you to just love on him, because the reason jesus didn’t get upset about it. Just a few verses. After this he said:hey man born among women. There’s none greater than john the baptist. Does the jesus care about what people say? Did he care about? Did he have an identity crisis? I, don’t think so. I, don’t think. So, even though we had to face it externally and internally give you this thought, here’s what I think was going on. I think this was more about the disciples and less about jesus, because Grayville Church people we can have great. Let me ask you this real quick, how many tide great clarity about god in one moment of their life and had a little fuzziness about in the next part of your life. How many of you known somebody that was serving god wholeheartedly in one moment and then not so much in the next see we all have Grayville Churchs like john the baptist, for we have to realize that the frustration the prison of our frustrations can create Grayville Churchs where we don’t follow through with what we know. Grayville Church we don’t speak from what we know. We speak from what we feel lord help us help us. We know who we are in christ. This i, don’t believe this question. It’s about. Jesus, I think he’s got the disciples. That means it’s about me. It’s about you for application. So what did she say? Who do people say that i, the son of man at let’s go on the next part, I believe it’s about kim i. Believe it’s more about us look what they said was 14. Well so they said some say:john the baptist, some elijah others jeremiah or one of the prophets some say:john, the baptist, some elijah, some jeremiah, some some some some say some say:cuz I thought about this:the fact that they knew what some said meant they had heard what subset. So what’s the value of this question? I just want to throw this out to you when jesus said who do men say that I am I think he may have been quizzing them to see who they were listening to I’m just saying. Maybe he was asking what do they say because I want to know who you’re listening to I want to know who’s influence in your life. I want to know who’s speaking into your life. I want to know who’s. Speaking into your belief system, I want to know who you got your ears on I want to know who is speaking into your heart.

We’ve got to watch outside influences. Who speak thing in your life. Some say they say they say our world has a lot to say, but the main thing is:what does he say? It’s not about what they say:it’s not about some sex. He said some say it’s fine and they said he’s fine. All of that he wants to know who’s influence. It’s like i, just answered this. We need to be careful what kind of influence as we speak in your life that are outside the word of god hears. What are cultures coming to like they coming to like it’s a new thing. This is not a new thing, so let me just take that phrase back it’s happening for centuries and centuries. The enemies job is to take the word of god out of your heart, so that we won’t know what he say and we’ll start living by what they say will start living by some say. Well, some say god does this come say god. Does that some say this is okay, some say that’s. Okay, some say this in our society. This is only allowed. Some say that this is what some say. What do you say? What does god say? So this is what he speaking to us 15. He dropped the bomb on them. Who say that I am? Who do you say you, you I’m, not asking you what they say, I’m asking you what you Say:i’m, not asking you what everybody else Says:i’m asking you what you say:what do he said? What do men say that I am and who do you say that I am so let me rephrase that question. He could freeze the question this way, who am I to others and who am I to you. That’s what I believe god’s asking who am I to others and who am I to you. Some say you’re this, but who do you say who am I to others and who am I to you who am I to the world? But above that who am I to you? Here’s what I think I was asking. Are you allowing what god is to others to determine what he is to you? Are we looking to others, opinion of who god is to determine what he can be for me? Here’s what I’m saying some say god! Is this I’m asking you? What do you say he is to you example:a person can be a father and not be a father to you. A person can be a son and not be a son to you. A person can be a mother and not be a mother to you. A person could be a dog so on and so forth. So person can be something and not be that to you. A person can be the savior and not be the savior to you how a person can be the healer and I’ll be the healer to you. A person can be the deliverer or the redeemer, so on and so forth to someone and not be at to you he’s asking what is your personal belief? What is your personal application? Who do you say? I am not what they say, but who am I to you I believe. The question that he’s asking is a my allowing the boundaries of what god can be two others to define what he can be to me cuz. If someone some say it’s will. Isn’t that he doesn’t do that. Do I allow what they say what he is to them to determine what he will be to me or do I print out of that say he may not be there. That’s okay, but my bible says my bible says that he can be that so who do I say some may say that he can’t somebody say chad, it won’t happen for you. Some may say he can’t do that for you. Some may say you can’t get past that some may say that you’ll never get through that. Some might say it’s too late. Some may say whatever some could say whatever. But the question is, what do you say and my Grayville Church in my life does not going to measure my relationship with him based on what some say he’s going to base it on what I say? What do I say? Who do I say he is to me what is a tamika’s notice, what it says who do they say that I am? Are you listening to others to determine the limit that he can be for you? How do we say? Who do we say I think again, I’ll say this I think what we speak matters. Let me give you a quick illustration. Lucas and I were having a conversation the other day. We always had some interesting conversations disc into the age where you just turned 3, so I believe I’m going to have all kinds of material for my interactions with this young man, but he’s got to the place where he likes to really own his own opinion. Amazing. When this happens in the child’s life young states, where you can say, he’s save this and they say it’s and you say, do this:they do it that’s on, but then they start thinking. I, don’t know. If I’m going to say that, can you talk in the other day and said he wasn’t feeling good? He wasn’t feeling good so I’m trying to teach him about prayer in about healing about trusting god and what you say speaking I think it matters I think the bible’s shows us that it matters. So I was like what you Say:i’m going to tell that sickness to go in the name of jesus I said you can tell sickness to go in jesus, name fastest response, so I said sickness stay in jesus name, let’s try to get no! No! No, you got a sickness called no sickness.

Go arguing with a three year old I’m, starting to get a little worried. I’m like I’m, nervous i. Don’t want this confession in my house. You Know:i’m going to get out of here. I’m still is coming up and I need sweet starts going around saying:i like sick, nothing. No, we don’t I should listen. Lucas sickness is bad. We don’t want it or not. Yes, i, like sickness sickness, thing this time, I’m like what’s going on and I felt, this I felt like god said:i was thinking, he’s not saying what he supposed to be saying, he’s saying the wrong thing and I really felt like I said now. You know how I feel, let’s concentrate on the kids for what you say what jesus would say? Who do you say what you say and your moments what you say? What are you saying that I am what do you? What do you say because I think there’s something important about what you say:i believe what you say the most is what you believe the most the bible says for out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth. So what you believe the most of what you’re going to speak, the most and second corinthians I think it’s chapter 4:13 your sermon notes. It says that we believe. Therefore, we speak. Are you ready for this this? This is what’s important, what you say, because romans chapter 10 verse, 14 sunscreen. This is how how then shall they call him him whom they have not believed and how that how will they believe in him? Do they not hurt and how will they hear unless somebody say back it up, how’s it going to call him, you haven’t believe how they going to believe unless they hear what you say. What you say is important, because if they say you can’t if they say he can’t there’s a group of people who hear that you know you hear something about people Grayville Church and if you don’t know any better I start to say no, no better, but I’m working on my grandpa’s. If you don’t know any better, if you don’t know them yourself, you have tennessee to believe that because she don’t have alternative information. As someone come up and say you know what this is true about. So-and-so. You got you don’t say, I do say and if you’re not careful, you can buy into that and believe that, if you don’t have it so there’s a certain group of people when people say god doesn’t do this, there’s a certain group of people that will grab it. Take that because they’ve said something they start to believe that. But if you will say what god is to you, who did you say that he is? Who do you think, there’s some people that will never be able to believe what he can be unless I hear what he’s been to you? What do I need to say who used to me because there’s somebody over here do what I say:he’s a restore of relationships. Who’s heard somebody say that it’s too late for them, so they believed it was too late, but they hear you say and I say:did you just say that he could restore my relationship? Yes, he is the restoring relationships. This is what he did in my life. What because you say now they can believe because they heard there’s people that need it heard. You say, because they will believe unless you say how’s it going to believe unless they hear how somebody going to know that he can heal them of their Grayville Church. Unless you say what he’s done about yours, I say that he’s a job finder. They found me a job in the midst of a bad economy. You found me a job when I got lip. Did you say, I forgot? What did you say that he’s a job finder, because everybody has been saying everybody? You know how everybody talks, they say they say they say:there’s no jobs. You found me a job, they told me they wouldn’t have a job, but she found me a job he’s a job for about it. You say:he’s a job provider. Faith can start to build inside of them that if you did it for you, if you can do it for them, what you say makes a difference in what some people will believe. Some people will never know that she is something until they hear. Somebody say that he’s that people say that I am some say just john the baptist, a prophet jeremiah, that’s good. You say how do you say? Who do you think? Who do you say? How do you say? Grayville Church we need to say what we believe instead of say what we feel. Grayville Church we need to speak from revelation instead of frustration. Grayville Church I hear god telling me in the midst of a frustrating. This happened just the other day that I was in the midst of discouraging frustrating moments. How do you say I need you to say something right now, chubby going to say what I felt, who I am say, who I am jesus? No, no! No! No don’t speak from what you feel speak from what you know, no spectrum. What you see don’t speak for what you hear speak for the you know. Something I want you to tell me what you know say something, although there’s nobody around to hear it. You are Grayville Church you need to hear yourself say what you know instead of what you feel. Grayville Church your belief is going to be stirred up by what you say what you say:i got to say what it is to me and if I say what it is to me to remind my soul, wait a minute. He is my provider, wait a minute he is my deliverer is my savior whatever it may be that you need.

You got to remind yourself say something say something because there’s people around you I need to hear your story. I need to hear what you got to say because they’re sitting there, because someone has said to them, it can’t happen someone that said it can’t be done and they believed it I believe I believe it’s not possible for them. They believe their too bad believe they’ve been to that they’ve done too much. They they sent too much they’ve been gone too far, they’ve heard it said now, you’ve done it, but they will hear your story. What you say what you say, what you say with me:i just want you to ask the holy spirit to apply this to your heart. Maybe you’ve been speaking out of frustration instead of out of revelation. Maybe you’ve been saying how you feel, instead of what you believe, maybe you’ve been saying what others have been saying? Well, you know what everybody says:rob leave if you’re listening to this online or listening to my cd or right here in the service, I believe god speaking to you and he’s asking you something very easy he’s just saying what you say:i know the world says this so I know how do everybody else says? I know they say, but what you say what you say about the end of your story. What you’re saying about where you’re going to go from here? Are you done? Are you going to give up or you going to quit what you said cuz you have something to say about your Grayville Church:i need you to say something. It wasn’t just to be:talkin Grayville Church’s, not the key man. Some people get confused and think it’s just about words, and no it’s about stirring in your heart what you believe in what you know and releasing it over your Grayville Church. What you say somebody around you needs to know who he is. Who do you say that i, the son of man am who, is, he, to you, maybe you’ve been limiting through god can be because of what others say about him who he is to others has determined who he is to you. Man, let’s broaden our horizons he’s been to me in the past, should not limit to me who he can be to me in the future. Who have allowed him to be up to this point in my life should not be a barrier for who I can allow him to be in the future. I want him to show me the greatness of who he is that he can do a feeding abundantly above all that i, ask or think fallout pray that all these people right now I’m pregnant over my life to god, you begin to say what you say and not what others say:shut up. Leave your building people right now, your building them in such a way that no gate and hell will be able to contain them or restrain them from doing what you called them and created them to do so. I pray, lord, keep building us keep building us keep building. I, know it’s a process, but we say that you are the master builder, the holy spirit do what only you can do bring this word alive in our hearts so that it changes us i, don’t want persuasive words of man’s wisdom I want something! That’s going to change our hearts, be a demonstration of the holy spirit and power the from this moment forward. We watch what we say. Do we say who you are? We say what we believe. We speak from revelation and not frustration. Don’t take anyone else’s word for it. We hear from you so that I just pray over you should have bitchell, but you’re. Changing their hearts are pouring into their life. That I receive I receive everything you have for me. Build your church. Build homes, build marriages, build relationships, bill jobs, do finances, build health! Thank you, lord, for what you’re doing in our life we receive it in jesus name. What some no others may not know

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