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Play today we have a privilege different of mine. Again I spoke to the marriage conference yesterday in and I told them yesterday, but somebody that weren’t there I’m at brian and jesse and 2009 out in seattle washington found out. They were living in pastoring at owensboro, kentucky and just become great friends over that time. Grateful for them and what they do. They brian serves as one of their overseers of our church and it’s some of the outside ministers that bring accountability to me and help keep me in line that speak into my life if I’m doing anything that they don’t think is right and they have a right to say so and shoot straight. If my marriage is in trouble or I’m, not showing right attention to my wife, I mean they serve as a valuable place here for our church in our church body over seeing what we’re doing so, I’m thankful for him in that capacity and just as friendship. So would you do me the privilege of giving him a warm welcome this morning, come on welcome pastor, brian, gibsonjust, sir, come on. Let’s give jesus a big hand clap this morning. Can we do that he’s worthy of all the glory, all the honor and all the praise? We love you lord jesus, it’s an honor to be in your house, father, i, pray. Now that you will begin to move, you will begin to speak, you would save, heal and deliver i. Thank you for this church. I think you for crossroads i, think you for their heart for their spirit and for their prophetic purpose in the region. Lord. We thank you for their pastors and their leaders. We pray that you would bless them that you would grow. This house I believe that this is only the first fruit and the best is yet to come come on. Let’s give it one more hand, clap in the house this morning. It’s an honor to be here with you going to turn your neighbor telling this that you’re lucky you got to sit by me today. Just tell him that huh they’re lucky they got to hang out with you. You could look at other neighbor and tell him you look like you’ve lost 20 lb. Tell him that uh alright. Come back next week, you tell me I’m, thinner, I’m, coming back next week, I’m I’m resigning, my church and I’ll be back alright, that’s it! We really say that the end of january cuz we’ve been fasting, a good to see it’s an honor to be here. I love this church, I love your pastors i. Remember. We were sitting out in seattle back in 09 and jesse and I were sitting up front and I’m like jesse. Look at these people behind us. I’m, like these people are like from the land of giants nephilim or Grayville Church from the book of genesis I might look at them I’m genetic garbage compared to these people. You know, and we were having this discussion. We turned around and I’m 45 minutes and I’m like I’m 45 minutes from evansville, and it’s funny that you could go to the other side of the country and you can meet somebody that your next-door neighbor that you need to learn and such is the providence of god. Somebody say man and I’ll. Tell you I love your pastor:i love, his wife, I love their family and it’s an honor to to be a friend to him and he’s a friend to me. While he spoken into my life-and he helps me just like I help him not to i-have a group of men that I’m accountable to for my actions for my behavior before the way I’m taking care of my family. Every area of my life and I’ll pastor chad is one of those guys and I’m telling you he’s one of the most pure hearted men that I know in the nation and it’s an honor to have him lead in crossroads church. Somebody ought to give your pastor I’ll big hand, clap I love you man, it’s an honor to be here and I’ll. Tell you I’m already, minister, to in the worship the worship team was incredible and of the presence of god was here, and it was good enough when they were done. We could have said a man and just went on to the chinese buffet down the road right, but we’re here and I’m here so i, better i, better teach! This morning it was an honor Grayville Church about marriage. Yesterday, jesse and I hadn’t had a blast and she sends her love. She went home to preach at our church and to take care of business and I loved the church of the lord jesus christ I’m, really I’m a church man I’m a church guy loved the church. There’s nothing else like the church and I saw what what I thought I’ve seen a lot of miracles throughout the years I’ve seen a lot of healing I’ve, seen divine words prophecies come to pass words of wisdom, words of knowledge, of demons cast out of people, I’ve seen blind eyes, open, deaf ears here again, I’ve seen all that, but I’ll tell you:i felt like I sold, one of the greatest answers to prayer and one of the greatest miracles and I’ve ever seen, shear and our church and the church that I passed her it’s been going for about 12 years now, my wife and i. We went to a town where we didn’t know anybody. We had nothing but a bible and we planted a church. We started preaching in a pizza shop. That was also a heavy metal venue, and then we were ministering, the kids that were coming to that place and they were getting saved and they were getting filled with the spirit. Their lives are getting changed and then we upgraded from a heavy metal video.

We started preaching in a bar, so my ministry started very classy. It was a classy place. You know it’s where the mayor came and everything like that. Just kidding, but there was a lady hurt. Her daughter were minister too, and she started coming to our church and whenever I would do water baptism, I would baptize people and they would come up out of our baptism, which was up old cow trough on the farm. It was a beer trough and I was in the fraternity. Allison not was my baptistry and i. Would pull people up out of the baptism and linda was always standing there and she would give him a towel whenever they got out of the baptistery. She did it every time, I baptize. She was there helping me with the towel handed to the people whenever they came out of the baptistery, and one day my wife asked her linda. Tell me:why do you always serve in this ministry? Why do you always help in the baptistry and she said jesse, you know my daughter’s, but you don’t really know my son. She said I have had a son that I’ve been praying for back. Then it was 20 years. I’ve been praying for him to be born again for 20 years, not believe as I come, but my faith action is whenever I have those people that child whenever they come up out of their baptistry, then one day in the future, my boys going to get up out of that water and I’m going to hand him the towel, be the first person there and just a few months ago, I’m telling you we had a water baptism were a ton of people got water baptized and all the saints were there and it’s my favorite days are baptism days. I, don’t know about you but I like to see people get born again and their lives turned around. That’s what we’re about a man and linda linda was there standing by me in the water baptistry and I’ll tell you so. Buddy came up out of the water and linda held that towel, and it was her son that it come after 30 years of believe in god got water. Baptized gave his life to christ and linda got to put that towel on that boy, and he was all electric that day I mean faith went through the roof. She shared her testimony and I’m telling you people that have been believing for people for ever I’m telling you can get your miracle, your son and your daughter can be born again. Your children can be taught of the lord they’re going to live and not die and declare the works of the lord. Somebody give god a hand claps to believe. God can do that for you. He did it for linda he’ll. Do it, for you he’s no respecter of mankind. You know I was out preaching whenever her son got saved and I had a I had a guy that leads worship for me and he was doing his first altar call the first altar boys ever done. We got about half when the salvation message and some guy ran down the altar and stood right here just looking at maybe even called him or anything like that. This guy was looking at him. He’s like I’m all right. When does sun come on god’s power? It moves, it helps it saves it delivered see. The house of god is a source of blessing, was a source of blessing to linda’s hat life. Linda was the source of blessing of the house of god in the house of god in return was a source of blessing to her. You know whenever god is trying to teach us Grayville Church he establishes principles, often in the book of beginnings you’ll find Grayville Church very early in scripture. God lays the foundation for that’s what genesis is about it’s a book of foundations and then these teachings of these understanding. They come up again and again and again they come up throughout the rest of the tour. They come up to the profits. They come up to the psalms in the wisdom, literature they come up in the new testament and got builds on that. Foundation I want you to open up your bibles this morning to genesis chapter 28, genesis, chapter 28 and we’re going to start reading in one, moment, in, verse, 10 and I’m, going to show you where jacob encounter the house of god, where jacob encountered the game. What happened before we start reading, let me tell you a little bit about jacob. If you were to meet a jacob, you wouldn’t meet a guy in one of your small group systems. He wouldn’t be there. You wouldn’t be hanging out in sunday school. You probably would meet jacob at the christian coffeehouse. Do you make met jacob? You might meet him at a pool hall or friday night setting up a hustle. You might meet him working an internet scam out of nigeria trying to get somebody to send $1,000, so they can get a million dollars in the future. How many? We have ever gotten that email, you know what I’m Grayville Church about. You might have met jacob working, a senior citizen on the phone working, some kind of scam. You know the name. Jacob means there’s enough. Let me apologize in advance if you have a child by the name of jacob, for explaining what the name means:biblically, okay, the name jacob in the hebrew meant con man or supplanter everybody say conman. When you read about jacob, you find somebody who’s slick. Now, he’s working an angle, never met somebody that I met people in the church, I’m telling the world of potential. What they could do is is unimaginable they’re gifted they could sell ice to an eskimo, but they’re still just Grayville Church about them.

It’s like i, just don’t trust that guy that’s jacob and jacob lived out of his ability to get what he wanted, and his brother out of his birthright. He stole his brother’s blessing that kind of lifestyle you’ll get away with it so long, but how many know there’s always a day? The things you’ve done will come back to roost in the future whatsoever, a man sews also. Will he rape, somebody say amanda that jacob pushed his brother too far and his brother wants to kill him jacob, please for his life. That brings us to genesis chapter 28, verse, 10, and it reads like this. It says this. It’s just know:jacob went out from her shiba and went toward her, and so I came to a certain place and stay there all night because the sun had set, and he took one of the stones of that place and put it at his head and heel down in that place to sleep. Then he dreamed and behold a ladder was set up on the earth and its top reach to heaven, and there are the angels of god were ascending and descending on it and behold the lord stood above it and said:i am the lord god of abraham, your father and the god of isaac. The land on which you lie. I will give to you and your descendants. Also, your descendants shall be as the dust of the earth usual spread abroad to the west and the east to the north and the south, and in you, and in your seeing all the families of the earth shall be blessed but hole with you and will keep you wherever you go and will bring you back to this land. Probably not leave you until I’m done that I have spoken to you then jacob the wolf from his place and said. Surely the lord is in this place and I did not know it. He was afraid and said. How awesome is this place? This is none other than the house of god, everybody say house of god, and this is the gate of heaven. Everybody say the gate of heaven ben-jacob rose early in the morning and took the stone and he had put it at his head, set it up as a pillar and poured oil on top of it, and he called the name of that place bethel. But the name of the city of ben loves previously, then jacob made about seeing if god will be with me and keep me in this way that I’m going give me bread to eat and clothing to put on so that I come back to my father’s house in peace in the lord shall be my god when this stone, which I’m set as a pillar shelby god’s house and of all that you give me i, will surely guild attempt to hear so. The con man is on the road he gets out there at night and it gets tired on the sun goes down and. If you’re traveling through the wilderness there around israel in that region out in the in the east, there’s a whole lot of places. You could get yourself in trouble at night, so jacob knows he has to be head down now. Jacob is exhausted as options he’s running for his life, because, finally, what he’s so nasty start any lays down. You know:god has a way of getting us in a position where we can really connect with him and he’s a guy. That knows how to get you somewhere, where you’re going to become desperate, to seek his presence and to find this place at the end of need. Help from him is anybody ever been there where it’s like man, I have nowhere else to turn to god and jacob lays down out there and i? Don’t even know that did he knew what he needed, but he knew we needed Grayville Church and he took a stone and he put it up as a pillow. He didn’t have enough money to go stay at a nice hotel. He was staying at one of the cheap motels on the side of the rope. He has a rock for a pillow. He lays his head down on it any dreams, a dream and in the dream he sees a ladder. It’s going to heaven the latter’s going to heaven and there’s angels going up and down on the ladder and at the top of the ladder jacob’s he’s got himself. God gives him a word since I’m, the god of your grandfather, abraham I’m, the god of your father, isaac and I’m, going to be your god now I’m going to bless. You in the place, where you’re laying that’s going to become a land that I’ll give it to you and your descendants they’ll spread route, the earth and through you all, the nations of the earth will be blessed and jacob woke up and he realized how awesome the place that he was laying in was. It was a place we reconnected with god god invaded his life. They said how awesome is this place called somebody say how awesome man, the house of god, is an awesome place. It’s a place of connection in a place of power and a place where god comes into our lives and does Grayville Church super naturally, on the only inside of us, jacob set up that pillow that rock as a monument poured oil out on it consecrated. It said god of everything you give me I’ll, surely give attempt to you. That’s an old testament picture of the house of god for the gate of heaven. Now we’re here as new testament people. Let me tell you where the house of god and the gate of heaven is today the house of god in the gate of heaven. Today, you can find it written about matthew chapter 16, verse, 18 jesus said these words he said I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

The church of the lord jesus christ is the house of god is the gate of heaven. It’s the place. We connect to him super. Naturally any changes, every area of our life, a lot of people, don’t say things like this i, don’t know what god is doing on the earth today. Just want to find god’s will I want to know what god’s doing I can tell you what god’s doing today in north city illinois I can tell you what god’s doing today in owensboro. Kentucky I can tell you what god’s doing today in the ukraine I could tell you what god’s doing today in burma in africa and asia in japan all over the world. He has one goalie said:i will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Come on somebody clap your hands if you believe it come to church. You know how I was I was pondering the church that I passed her and I was in that broken down. Bar I was telling you about in the bar that I started my church and it had more character than you would care for I’ll just telling you that character and times whenever the worship band that would come and practice at 9 and they would hit a certain key on the keyboard. Bats would come down out of the attic and they would swirl in the sanctuary it’s hard on, first-time guess. Whenever bats are swirling in the saints were they don’t come back next week we had, we had bats and then sometimes worse. It would start people start praising god moving in the sanctuary and one day, my father, he he sent one place in the room he got. You started coming to my church at the end of his life. Born again about 7 years before he passed away and it great to know when your loved ones are just in your past, but they’re. Also in your future, a man and he was, he was sitting in the normally in a seat. Now, all the sudden we’re up there and I hear Grayville Church loud:hit, the floor nothingman, the power gods in the room, so thick people just falling out the seats right now you know, but that wasn’t what it was:a giant brick and falling out of the ceiling, and it fell right in the middle of our love team and they gave mints out at the door because nobody wants to shake your hand whenever your breath stinks. Somebody say amen to that, and so they they had a bucket of minutes and one more than they came in to get the meds ready and not sure it was right down from a big granary, and so we can just have rats down there. We had corn fed rats man, these are at super serious and they walk into the church, and this rat is said, he’s gotten into the minutes and he’s eating them an inch and they look at it and he’s like welcome to river city, church I hope you enjoyed the time. We had a little bitty budget back then, and so I bought a little bitty banner and we put it up over over the door of the church where the banner up there and I was driving downtown one day. To go to work in the city came up in front of my little bitty church banner. That said river city church and they hung this massive banner. On a light pole that said, discover downtown and the city’s banner blocked out my banner and when I saw it I was I was angry. I was mad. You know, I didn’t pray about it, I didn’t come faster than commanded to be moved, I was just ticked off and I thought I spent all the money we got. I wish that banner was gone. I pull around to the back of the church park. My truck went walking into the church building all the sudden I heard a big crash out in front of the church, building a couple of guys that were there painting in the church they came running to the back and they said:pastor you’re, never going to believe what just happened out front. I said what happened, they said some dude in a u-haul truck came barreling around the corner, ran up on the sidewalk out in front of the church. Get that black pole with that discovered, downtown batter on it and knocked it down flat. It wasn’t 60 seconds later. What I wanted move was moved out of my life. How many times every time come on somebody i, don’t i, don’t run it out front I’ll stand over that that light pole with that banner land on it and got spoke to me. He said I’ll move heaven and earth for river city church. Here’s, what I believe I believe god will move heaven and earth for gospel, preaching bible teaching, spirit-filled churches he’s going to build his church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. He’s going to build crossroads church to another level in jesus, mighty name. Why do I care so much about the church? Will the church change my life I walked into a church in 1998. I came into the messing about it came into an alcoholic, came into the lost young kid that was killing himself partying. The grace of god jesus came and met me in the house of god washed me and changed me and i. Just looked up from that like a year later and I was like how awesome is this place? Was it done in my life whenever we come together, we’re not just coming together for summer religious duty we’re coming together, cuz there’s people that need a real connection with god they’re hurting and I need to help of a loving savior.

You know, I want you to see what the church is. Bethel is out of this text. First thing, I see that bethel is or the church is literally the house of god is. Is the house of god is a place of the presence of god, everybody say the presence of god, but I could sense the presence of god in worship. Today in here we were worshiping the lord lift our hands and the musicians in the psalmist of the singers were singing, and you guys were up your ministry and brand of people knocking just sense. The presence of god i, don’t know about you, but I would love to be in god’s presence. Man, god’s presence, is all the difference in the world and I’ll tell you how I get to travel around the world around the nation I’m in a lot of different kinds of churches and there’s Grayville Church different about spirit-filled churches in the worship band in the world and in the prayer and I’m in a lot of churches and that they have to say music and they have the same lights and they have the same media, but there’s Grayville Church missing in the air. How many don’t know what I’m talkin about the presents in the power of god? What creates that? It’s a spirit-filled, the ology that creates that have a spiritual theology in the church that I pastor some people come to my church and I’ll, say:pastor. We love the music and we love the teaching. We love the environment, but we don’t know about your spirit. We, don’t know about laying hands on the sick and prophesying is having a prayer, language and things like that and always tell them all the time. You don’t understand what you like about the preaching. What you like about the worship, what you like about the word! Isn’t there by itself the thing that you don’t know that you like is that which produces the thing that you know you like that difference in the air comes from the power and the presence of the living  creators church to live void of his presence. First time, I really can remember coming in contact with the presence of god I told you a little bit about my testimony older brother. He got born again. He been a wild man and we party together for years we were kind of running mates and he started going to a spirit-filled church got saved, gave his life to jesus and he just started changing radically overnight. He wouldn’t do the things with me that he used to do now. Did everything I could to getting back with me, I mean that your friends aren’t always for you and your family isn’t always for your new faith experience. Somebody say amen to that:i go over to his house at night and I’ll bring a fifth of whiskey and an 8-ball of cocaine and I try to get high with me and get it try to get him to get drunk with me and then, when that one work I make fun of his charismatic preacher, I would dance around and I would say, can I get a witness and all kinds of things like that and the irony of god is that god took me what I made fallout 3 made me:do it now for a living for about 15 years, so be careful? You make fun of somebody saying men just might end up doing it, but he wouldn’t he wouldn’t do the things. I wanted him to do anymore and I’ve been out partying running hard for days and it hadn’t slept. And finally, my brothers, they came and got me one time and they put me in the back of my dad’s car and they said man you’re going to kill yourself. You got it you got to. You got to call now what you’re going to do if you’re going to go with us to texas and dad to texas, where we’re selling cattle out there and you’re just going to chill and we’re going to watch you for a little bit. I said I’m not going. They said we’re going to break your arm and I said:okay, I’m going so I got in the back and I woke up in amarillo texas and my brother said calling go, get clean up in this hotel I’m going to take you to meet a preacher. He said whenever you get an iron, you meet this preacher. He’s a great man of god you’ll, probably be able to look in your eyes and look in your heart and know what you’ve done right and wrong. And now I’m scared to death was messing with me. Love messing with me and so I go in this house that was Grayville Church to this preacher. He wanting it all what I expected. As matter fact, he was nice to me. He was stressful to me. He didn’t point out any of my problems. You just love me and listen to me. You know a lot of the world of scared to death that we’re going to judge them. The moment they show out show up, god didn’t send jesus into the world to judge the world come on somebody. He sent them to redeem the world and to save the world, and this guy was being nice to me. I’m sitting on his couch-and you know, todd told me this guy, don’t know what I’m thinking and Grayville Church and then you turn around and grab this thing off of hearth and it looked kind of like a genie bottle. He had it in india from preaching in indiana pulled the top off of it. He said you see the top of this bryant says this was like Grayville Church that you would snort cocaine out:of. And I’m, like my god, he knows you know. I won’t tell her to look in his eyes after that, and but he’s Grayville Church to me after that and all the sudden this presents came on me in the couch.

It was like grace, nobody praying for me. Nobody came over me. Piece came over me. Troy came over me, like a substance, came over me how many know what I’m Grayville Church about man you start to feel it when you talk about. You know when he talked about the presence of god off in the presence of god will manifest itself was settling on a crown and I walked out of the room that night I sat down in my brother’s car. He looked over at me said. What do you think and I said man there’s Grayville Church in that house i, don’t know what it is, but I just think it might be. God. Started, Grayville Church in my life that night I didn’t get to save it and get delivered. I didn’t get changed that night, but it was a beginning what the presence of god can do in somebody’s life as he can start a beginning of a whole new chapter and our church miniature place of the presence of god. Second thing:it is it’s a place of the word of god, everybody say the word of god’s man. Jacob. Has this dream? He looks up at the top of this ladder and god standing at the ladder. God gives him a word about his life, since I am the god that let your father and your grandfather and I’m going to take you I’m, going to give you the land that you’re on and I’m going to make you a great nation, you’re going to spread out and got more to do incredible things through your life. God speaks this word to him. You know whenever we come to the house of god. This is where the bread of life is broken. This is where the word of god comes to us and it’s a place that lifts are faith. It’s a place that encourages us at the place that takes us to the next level. In faith life we go from faith to faith in here, every sunday the house of god is the primary placed. The word of god is preached to you preach, with we get a lot by reading the word of god I love the privilege to read the word of god, but there’s Grayville Church about a preacher or a teacher, breaking the bread of life that anointed by god in the grace of god on them. To do that that that it feeds you supernaturally, how many? You would agree with me that we need the word of god in our life big time and when we come to the house, but I’m telling you have one of the finest bible teachers in the nation right here in your pulpit every sunday morning, I’ll bring people into preach at my church. They come from all over the world and I have some guys that have preached in the biggest churches in the world and leave some of the larger churches in the world and I’m telling you your pastors every bit of fine of a minister of the gospel of jesus christ as any of those guys around the world, not appreciating she’s breaking the bread of life, he’s bringing the word of god to you every sunday. He carries that. He thinks about it. It’s a part of his life. Listen, we need the word. The word is:what washes are like you? Don’t my life drastically changed when I came into the church, not a buddy I used to live with at a fraternity house out in colorado couple years after I got saved, I got married in the guy. He comes to my wedding and he was in my wedding party and he’s there in the wedding party and he says:brian, listen, I’ve, never seen a guy’s life change as much as your life. I’ve never seen anything like it. Miss got born again at the wedding, but he was asking me:how did you get your life change and I said it’s simple I just walk to the back doors of my church. Every time the doors were open. Sunday morning wednesday night too small groups in men’s, ministry and I just kept coming back and getting the word of god, listen to word of god comes and it washes our mind. We got to change the way we think somebody say amen to that man there’s some things you can fast, but you can’t fast amount, you can cash, but you can’t cash them out. The only way you’re going to change some things in your life is, you have to renew your mind with the word of the living god when I get my mind renewed. My life changes. God spoke to jacob and he said here’s what’s going to happen, you’re going to literally you’re, going to literally have a new life in this is the word I have for you not thankful for the house of god. The house of god is where I got my call and where I got my life mission, aware not just on how I should live came to my life, but a word on what I should do came to my life. I was sitting on the front row of a service like this, and there was a prophetic guy that the minister’s down in texas that he actually used to be john. Osteen’s, youth, minister, joel’s, father became and I’ll pick him up at the airport one morning, and he I was my job to pick him up at the airport and bring it down. I was hosting as a speaker not sit down in the car. He said down in the car. He looked over at me and he said you got up early this morning, which walmart and you bought armor all, not like you’re, pretty good at it now and I started looking for tickets and and stuff I bought to see if he was pulling a condom because I don’t trust anybody, nobody gets brian I’m telling you I was checking it out and there was nothing down there.

I look back over me laugh out loud. He said profit and I’m, like my god i, can’t look at this guy I’m getting to the hotel, get him out of my car there’s no telling what he knows that I’ve done now. You know I was thinking like that. Now dropped him off and I was sitting in a service that night-and this is an unwise prater way to pray but I didn’t know any better back then i, prayed and I said this already felt like I’m supposed to be a preacher and I said god. Do you want me to be a preacher? Have this man stop preaching now come down here and tell me that’s what I’m supposed to do? Not pray that and all the sudden he looked up close is bible walk down from the pulpit pointed at many said:i like you preacher, the call of god is on your life. Then he started the prophesied to me for about 6 minutes. That was a 1998 I stand here. Some almost 17 18 whatever. However, many years later, god’s fulfilled every word that that man of god spoken to my life. How did I get that encounter? I came to bethel I came to the church of the lord jesus christ and if you’ll hang out-and it might not come that way to you but I’m going to tell you-the word of god will come and they will direct your life. Let’s give god I hand clap for his direction by his word in our life, a man it’s a place to the word of god, but the other thing bethel is I believe that bethel is a place of generational connection. It’s a place of generational connection with we connect with generations for the house of god. God spoke to jacob and he said that she said:listen, jacob, your ear on the god of your grandfather, I’m, the god of your father and I’m, going to be your guy. And I’m, telling you. Whenever we raise our kids in the house of god, we raise our kids in bethel. Our kids are different than the world’s kids there’s some mark on our children’s life than other children. They don’t have it on their life. The bible says that the angel, the lord, comes to those who will come to the altar of god in christ and sorry about the abominations of our generation. Whenever we become righteous people, I believe the angel of the lord comes in heat marks, us and I believe your children are marked. That doesn’t mean they’re not going to have to receive jesus themselves and they’re not going to have to come to face by themselves. Nobody rides into heaven on the coattails of somebody else. Somebody say amen to that, but I am saying this I believe that the cards are stacked in our children’s favor to be righteous men and women of god. The cards were stacked on jacobs life and when they’re in this atmosphere, stuff is going into their heart, even the kids that are causing trouble in the kids ministry right, now. No, that’s not your children. Look at your neighbor and say it’s not your kids or grandkids just tell him that, but but some of them are racing some kane somewhere in the church right now, I guarantee you but here’s the deal, even though their calls in trouble right now. Dog is marking their lives and I’m thankful out of christian mom, and she took me to bethel. She took me to the house of god that was taken in there every day it was open, sunday, wednesday night, you name it. I went through our build against it as a teenager, but Grayville Church happened in me and I couldn’t do the things my friends could do and feel good about it. I did them, but I didn’t feel good about it,. You know what I’m Grayville Church about now. Everybody else to do it. It’s like their hearts, were dead about what we were doing, but on the inside I’m like I’m, so going to hell for this, and there was a different thing on my life and I want that on my children’s life, I believe that’s on my sons and on my daughter’s life and I want them to be church. People committed to bethel i, look at them all the time and I don’t care what god calls you to do. You might be a businessman, you might be a preacher, you might be a school teacher, he might be a stay-at-home mom, but no matter where god takes you. Your responsibility is to build the church key for the church, pray for the church fast for the church and make sure the church grows in america come on. Our kids are different than the world’s kids. Somebody say amen to that I am I was Grayville Church to my little girl, it’s funny what they pick up when you bring them to church, have a 10 year old daughter and her 10th birthday was coming up. Not too long ago and we were driving in the car and she says hey dad I know what I want for my birthday at all that that shocks me that you would know what you want for your birthday. You know so I’m like what what do you want for your birthday and she said that I want to go to disney world. For my birthday and I’m, like for your birthday, you get at all, maybe get a cake, maybe have a friend over. We don’t go to disney world every year for her birthday you got to have an expectation. She looks back up at me. She says dad I’m, going to pray to jesus. You might not take me to seaworld for my birthday, but jesus is going to take me to disney world for my birthday, and so she starts to pray in the back and her daddy was a preacher she can put on the dog and pony show she’s praying like kenneth copeland in the backseat.

Are you know she’s claiming my face? She spoke to mark, 11, 23 and 24 and she’s believing she receives right now about faith. She takes it out on my god, brother how’s, it going to tell her to god’s, not answering her prayer. You know she was spiritually, manipulating me, but it worked and I’m telling you 30 seconds later. My phone rings I’ll pick it up. It’s a number from orlando florida I answered it’s a preacher friend of mine down there. He said brian I’m, going out of town I want I want to see. If you come down here and preach for me, I said:what’s the date and he said it’s may 29th. Do you know when his birthday is it’s may, 30th I turned around i, said you’ll, never believe this I told her. She looked up. Grand ear-to-ear and she said god loves me come out somebody our kids are learning how to live out the face line in bethel in the house of god. Tell me you’re, saying man, disney world doesn’t matter and I know that, but today it could be disney world. Tomorrow we could be a nation, come on somebody and believe step-by-step bit-by-bit little by little god expands their heart. It’s a place of generational blessing. Next thing the house of god is it to place of consecration somebody say consecration many e put a stone there to commemorate. What got it done. This life pours oil on it. Doesn’t he show him that it’s a holy places of sacred place? Don’t ever start to do the church of the lord jesus christ is common as just another building. It’s just another church I watch too many people make this mistake and I’m telling you in in circles like ours. This is a spirit-filled church and circles like protestant churches. Sometimes we don’t have the reference for the house of god. That I believe we should have any more people been offended. People been mad, people get used to just run it off and saying whatever doing whatever they want to do to the house of god man. The house of god in the church of the lord jesus christ is the bride of christ i. Don’t ever want to speak evil of jesus’s bride. I can disagree. I can have a different opinion, but I never want to be divisive. Why it’s a holy place of her people say things like this. You know I love, jesus, it’s the church, I have a problem with not would never say that out loud I know the church has it’s it’s bad side. I know the church has its idiosyncrasies. I know the church has its problems, because there are people here now me know. If it had to be a perfect church, neither one of us could come on sunday morning. Grayville Church Somebody say amanda, but seeing it through the right light and seen it as Grayville Church consecrated see it as Grayville Church holy, see it as Grayville Church sacred. To put you in a position, put you in the position to get god’s best outfits. It’s supernatural act like that. The last thing I’ll say and I’ll hurry through this is the church is a place of honor everybody stay on men of honor is. Is he said this is that god’s moving in my life, god is doing Grayville Church. Jacob says this says:he’s going to close me, he’s going to feed me he’s going to take me back to my father’s house safely, because he’s doing all this for me, I’m, going to break off a tenth of everything, I get and I’m going to give it to god shut up I’m going to type jacob made a vow total jacobsville I made it a jacob’s velma wax made of jacob smell all of my children. We made a jacob’s well, then at least attempt of everything we get. It goes to the house of the living god swear the people god so helped us so blessed us so moved on our lives that we want to honor him back for everything that he’s done. Help me over thankful for what god has done in your life. Let’s give me my hand clap this morning. Man he’s the god of all grace he’s the god of mercy I got you saved in the house of god I got delivered in the house. We got I got filled with the spirit in the house of god I found my wife in the house of god I found my purpose in the in the house of god. God gave me children and blessed my life and multiplied me and i. Think all of that was connected to god’s house and I’m telling you bethel be a place of the power of god. If you allow it and you’ll see it in jesus mighty name, would you stand up on your feet with me today? I want to pray for you, I want to pray for you I want to pray that god bless. You and I want to pray that you would begin to see the church through the appropriate. Like you know, people get they get hurt and they get disenfranchise was stuff in life, but not matter. If it’s, if it’s not a church and be the club would be with whoever else you hang out with or somebody at work. Life has a way of throwing things at you like that, but I want to pray that you would get a fresh connection, a fresh love for the church. One of the early church fathers he said this, he said no man call donna’s father unless he’s willing to call the church, his mother and I just believe that I believe there’s a power here with us. Corporately, together, stay aquaseal were called out where symbol together by god men were not here by accident. You are not here by accident.

You were here by the hand of god. Would you close your eyes with me for one moment and I just want to pray, a prayer for people that are weary and they need a fresh look at what the house of god is in their life and a fresh connection in a fresh, fresh touch with what the house of god is in the midst of their life. They will see it as a bath or not, is an obligation, but it’s Grayville Church that that god’s really poured out in the midst of their life to be a source of help for them. Then I want to I want to pray for you, it’s not that you were going to leave or you were going to do Grayville Church. Weird and you’re gonna flake out on. It’s. Just there’s been a weariness attached to it. Nobody that god’s going to help you come through that,, let’s close our eyes for one second. I want people just to lift a hand to heaven and I want to pray for your father operate a blessing now in the name of jesus christ of nazareth i. Think you for a love for your house. What we declare that we love your house better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere. Not thank you now that the reality of the love of the house of god and the church of god. The help of having the ekklesia. Let it come to us not pray that it will be a place of the presents for them in a place called the word for them in a place where the generations are united, it would be a place of honor in a place of consecration father I pray that are fresh winwood, come to them that you would help and you would lift them super. Grayville Church Naturally, in jesus mighty

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