Galatia, Church | Take Nothing for Greater

We’ve been on our core strength series talk about the core values that we have and building on the the value system that god’s given us. What we value determines what we do things that we value determines our actions, so we we realize that the number one force that shapes our culture is our values, so we’re preaching on values Galatia, Church preaching on things that they god would have us to value. So you got your bibles sherman oaks, get those out open up your bibles to luke chapter 17, verse, 17castle, looking fantastic today, core values we’ve been talking about them, I’m, going to run through some of them quickly. Just to give you some background and where we’ve been number one, the first one we talked about as we want to be with him. His presence means everything that we talked about. We do live together, relationships make us stronger. Then we pulled on the leash because we have big face and we take big risks because we serve a big god, so don’t be afraid to pull on the leash with your life. Then we live generously. We give we live to give freely. We received freely, we give so that’s a core value. We want to be a part of a generous house, not a stingy house, in every area of our lives. Then we bring our a-game. We talked about last week. Excellence reflects god totally been bringing your a-game to the workplace, hopefully that your boss is this week. We’re just overwhelmed with the the thing with the actions and how you’re working this week brought your a game. We want to impress them and and show them what it’s like to be a believer this week, core value we’re going to zero in on his we take nothing for granted. Appreciation is the fuel for the future. We take nothing for granted now when we say that we take nothing for granted. Is anyone ever felt like they’ve been taken for granted? Have you ever taken taking something for granted I believe we can say on both points that all of us have experienced, that we be there taking something for granted, or we felt like somebody’s taking us for granted. So when we say we take nothing for granted, we realize it’s a goal that we’re shooting for the core value that we will become people that live with appreciation, because we believe, if we appreciates where we are and where we’ve been, then it will be fuel for us to go forward in the future. To worry about that. If you got your bibles open, luke, chapter 17, sorry, dean, ambrose, 11, it says antenna now it happened. That’s what it says. Now it happened as he went to jerusalem that he passed through the midst of samaria and galilee jesus, going right through the midst of sumerian galaxy. This is like, if you would say, hey. We went through the midst of north dakota and south dakota sumerian galilee Galatia, Church right. There connected each other on top of each other, so he’s walking right in that region where they kind of connect, then is he entered a certain village. There met him, 10 men who Galatia, Church lepers who still too far off and they lifted up their voices and said jesus master have mercy on us so when he saw them he said to them. Go. Show yourself to the priest, and so it was that as they went, they Galatia, Church cleansed and one of them when he saw that he was healed, returned and with a loud voice, glorify god and fell down on his face at his feet. Giving him thanks-and he was a samaritan, so jesus ansGalatia, Churchd and said whether or not 10 cleansed. But where are the nine? Galatia, Church there not any found to return to give glory to god, except this foreigner, he said to him arise, go your way. Your faith has made you well i, want to jump back here and see it at the beginning of the story. Give you some context and what’s going on as he’s walking through submarine galley in verse, 1200 into a certain village of them say the name of the village, because that part’s not important. Evidently, but it says he came across 10 men. It says these 10 men specifically Galatia, Church lepers, who stood afar off, there’s a lot of parallels between leprosy and sin when it says that these men Galatia, Church lepers and they stood a far-off there’s, some relevance to that. Some parallels to send that I want. You understand, there’s some things that we understand about leprosy. Leprosy made you unclean, you had to even say that you are unclean, if you’re walking by people that say unclean unclean, so that he would stay away from you cuz. It was very contagious at the time, and so sinh also makes us unclean in our relationship with god. Send separate may cause us to be unclean with god there’s another thing that leprosy does leprosy will numb the skin. It would damage the nerve endings and begin to numb the skin, for you wouldn’t even feel anything simple, no, more ability to be sensitive to the voice of god symbol numbers to the point that we will no longer be convicted of thing. Some people may say this once was there, but I just doesn’t convicted makes. Is it that it doesn’t konvictt you or is it that you’re just numb? Sometimes we can get in such a habit of living, a certain way that our skin becomes numb or a sin cause us to be numb to the voice of god. So it’s another thing that leprosy does leprosy. Also untreated will lead you to death, it will cause deaths in untreated. In our lives, eventually will lead to death. We will make choices in our life that will lead to death or destruction.

The bible says the wages of sin is death, so just like leprosy will leave the deaths in also will lead to death. Lastly, the thing that that’s over talk about here in this verse is it leprosy also likes to isolate you. It says these men stood a far-off leprosy, separate them. If you had leprosy, you had to do outside of the city, you had to be an outcast you on the outside. Looking in so this is the condition of these men. They Galatia, Church outsiders to send, will try and separate us and symbol, try and get us a far off from our relationship with god. Just like leprosy tries to separate and get you a far-off sin. Will try and separate you from your relationship with god we’re living in sin? We will feel the far I feel, try and separate you how about adam and eve. Remember adam and eve the after they send. What did they do? They hid from god. That’s what sin does god didn’t hide from them when they say they sent basic it from god when they sent and that’s what happened. These people are standing far I’ll see you see that they’re standing for all. So what happens if you feel like, if you find yourself standing and far off from god? What do you do? What’s? What’s the next step, if you’re a far-off from got to do what they did your here this morning, you’re listening this you say, I just feel too far off from god. Then you need to do what they did in verse, 13 and says they lifted up their voices. It’s a jesus master have mercy on us see if you feel too far off from god, you need to cry out to god just need to cry:i, don’t hide from him cry out to him. Lift up your voice, while I just feel so far from god will just cry out to jesus jesus I’m not worthy to speak. The name you’re never going to be worthy to speak, the name they stood up for off because they Galatia, Churchn’t deserving to get close enough, but they cried out to him lift up your voice if you feel sometimes enemy tries to get us to feel like we’re far from god. He never felt like that. I, don’t know about all that all the time I just don’t feel close to god, sometimes I just don’t feel, but I’ve learned something my feelings. Don’t always tell the truth. What I’ve learned to do and I’m learning to do it’s a constant reminder that when I feel like god’s, not with me at jesus jesus, thank you that you’re with me I cry out I’ll be going to say what I believe I’m going to speak it out to him trust him. So if you feel for up from god just start crying out to jesus cry out to him, he’ll. This is what happens, to lift it up their boys and look what the significance of what they said. They’re lepers, but that is specific message. They said master have mercy on us. Master have mercy on master. The recognize jesus is not just a normal man. Should I begin to release faith that begin to say, master have mercy on us. So now they begin to release faith, that this was not just a normal guy and not only was he not just a normal guy? He was something that could do something about. My situation see a lot of times, I just cry out for all the money, so this cry would be something I want you to help me manage or maintain my condition, but when they cry out to jesus the master, it’s crying out to somebody who could change their condition see. This is what they’re doing or saying I don’t want to live like that I’m, not looking for money to stay where I am I’m. Looking for a solution to get out from where I am so, we cry out to jesus it’s not to manage my situation. It’s to restore my situation, come on somebody this. What they’re crying out for jesus have mercy on me. So then look what happens after you cry out to god look verse 14th, so when he saw them, he said to them and encouraging that you cry out to jesus he’ll, see you when he saw them when he saw them. When you cry out to jesus, you will get his attention he’s paying attention to you. He will put his eyes on you. The bible says in psalm 34 that the the eyes of the lord on the righteous and his ears are open to their cry. When you cry out to jesus, turns to you, and he will see your family good to know that he sees the condition that you’re in the saw them as leopard species your condition. He sees your situation, nothing gets past him. He knows exactly. What’s going on, it’s good to know that jesus sees your conditions that you saw there’s and he sees yours. You like i, have nobody knows:what’s going on, jesus does cry out to him, he sees he saw them, but he didn’t just see them and he doesn’t just see you. He doesn’t just see me as he saw them and he said to them. Here’s what I love about jesus. He doesn’t just seem in my condition and make note of my condition, but he gives me some direction on how to get out of my condition. He told me where I am and he saw them where they Galatia, Church, and he said, I see you, but now I don’t want you to stay there, I’m going to give you some direction to get out of there. So he begin to give them words and his words begin to be their solution. If they would take him at his word, they would have a solution to get out of their situation may be going to release words to speak, to directions.

To is worth if we will take jesus’s words in our life and begin to apply, and they will be the solution for our situation. I, don’t know what you’re hearing today, I don’t know. What’s been smoking in your ears, weather condition, but he said something he said something you got a situation going on your life I want. You know that jesus has something to say about that situation. The devil may be coming at you on all points pressure from everywhere, but I’m telling you jesus. Only sees but he’s got something to say so we need to find out what is he have to say about my situation. He doesn’t just see me, but he says something about. What’s going on in my life, he wants to say something to you. He’s got something to say:the devil thinks he’s got. The last word with jesus got to work for him. Here’s the word he gave them. Here’s what he said, leopards primary keep in contact. Let prescribed have mercy on us, so we don’t show yourself to the priest. Imagine you’re the lepre jesus says to you:go show yourself to the priest. Now we got understand. Why did he say that? Maybe you know this? Maybe you don’t know this, but the priest was the only one who could write the permission slip there allow a leopard that if they Galatia, Church your plans to come back into society, the only way you got entrance back into your normal life. The only way you got restored back into normal, safe to get accepted again was with the priest, would write and examine you and say yes, I pronounce you cleanse so he said, go show yourself to the priest. Now these people knew what that meant and they’re looking at themselves and if I’m stand there and I say jesus have a show me to go. Show yourself to the priest and I look at my skin in my body parts that are rotting off. How many knows I’m going to be a little bit disappointed with the word that he gave me I’m going to say jesus coming again supposed to say be healed in my name. That’s what you’re supposed to say, but you said, go, show yourself for the priest with your jesus. He saw them. He saw them healed before they saw themselves healed. The reason he said go show yourself to the priest. He was saying in that direction. I already see the end from the beginning, so go show yourself to the priest, cuz you’re healed. He would not send them to the priest unless he already knew what was going to happen when they got to the free. So when god gives you a word when he gives you a direction of question, is this world going to be enough, kill them and then send them to the priest? Pizza dough show yourself to the free. So we can understand that the word of god has to take presidents before the evidence shows up in our life. Are we going to believe him at his word or work? We going to be need to see you little more action. This is something to think about said. The word that they Galatia, Church healed came to them before the evidence. His word said they Galatia, Church healed, but their eyes said they Galatia, Churchn’t. This is why we walk by faith and not by he said, go show yourself to the priest. I look down. Why would I do that? I’m the same? Why would I do that? Nothing’s changed? You just received a word from jesus but nothing’s difference. Sometimes we got to learn that the word itself has the power to bring itself to pass. Then we got to act on we got to move. One of his words Galatia, Church that faith is the substance of things hope for the evidence of things not seen. You may not see anything different, but if jesus has something to say about it, then we got to act on what it could look. What happens next verse next part that first go show yourself to the priest, and so it was that as they went, they Galatia, Church cleansed, and so it was means it came to pass through it came about, so it was that as they went, they Galatia, Church cleansed as they went that I say:where does the word that just means to move away from something away from somewhere to make a move to move on something so as they moved, they Galatia, Church cleanse that word cleanse just means to purify. It means to heal. It means to remove contamination, make it acceptable again, so they didn’t say it doesn’t say that after they Galatia, Church cleanse, they win. It says that as they went, they Galatia, Church cleansed as they moved. They Galatia, Church heels, it didn’t say they Galatia, Church healed and then we move as they went. Are you tracking with me as they went? They Galatia, Church cleansed so now we don’t understand god’s, given us the direction. Can we obey jesus’s words? If he tells us something, and nothing is changed, can we obey? Can we go? He said, go show yourself to the priest and they said okay, we’re going to go and as they went, they begin clamp. Some things. I’ll submit this to you. Some things. Only change as we go. Some things will only change as we move too many times Galatia, Church waiting on it to happen, and then we’ll move I believe god stretching us and wanting us to grow into a place that we move by what he says. Not by what we see and we will go with what he says. Even if we don’t see anything any difference, some things we won’t see until we go as we go, we got to make a move. Will we move on his word? Or will we wait for proof? What, if I didn’t go? What, if you said, go, show yourself to the priest.

They look down there. So this is crazy. Why would I show myself to priests I’m the same? Don’t act like you’re, some spiritual that you wouldn’t say the same thing. We want god to prove us, 17 ways before we believe what he saying. What show me one, more, time, lord, one more time will I get him. We got five fleeces. We want to throw out lord. If that’s really you cuz. This is something else to happen. Jimmy thinks because sometimes we get a little bit for we’re, not weird. It’s not going the way we want it to be in and we weave don’t see anything changing and and what, if they wouldn’t have, went what if they would have obeyed the word of the lord, because it didn’t make sense, it’s happened in the bible. You remember a guy by the name of naman name, an was a leper use, a commander of the syrian army for the kingdom, and they heard that there was a prophet in his real name elijah, and so they sent name and said:hey come to israel and you can get healed of leprosy for shows up. He likes his door and he likes. It. Doesn’t even have the decency to come out. He sends his messenger. How do you send this messenger out and he tells the the commander of the army says:listen, don’t dip seven times in the jordan and you’ll be cleansed name and looks at the messenger with the stain he says this is your direction. This is your direction, for my healing. Go. Show yourself to the preschool dip in the jordan of what in the world kind of direction. Is that why would I go? Do that I got better rivers in my country? Why would I dip in the muddy jordan river seven times you ridiculous I wanted to buy one deal. I should have come out and wave his hands over me and do some really nice cool thing to be healed? Does anybody ever put any parameters on how they want god to work in their life? Nobody here, but I’m telling you somewhere. Sometimes we say god I wanted to look like this I want my healing to come about like this I want my marriage to be restored like this I want my job to look like this. Sometimes we got to learn to trust god. He went and finally his service to talk to you in to go in a dippin seven times and he was healed, but look at verse 15, but was it as they went, they Galatia, Church cleansed verse, 15 i, think this school says I’m one of them when he saw that he was healed, one of them when he saw that he was healed. The word song means to have a knowledge of. Do you perceive something you you have fullness of understanding some the word healed. Here’s what the word field means to cure to cause something to change to an earlier corrector appropriate state when he saw that he was here, he saw that he was renewed madewell again when he saw that he was brought back from a bad states when he thought when he saw that he was really bad lives to give it another chance when he saw that he got to restart when he saw that he was resurrected when he saw that things have changed when he saw what god did something that god did. Something is life when he starts when he saw this miraculous thing took place. What happened in his life some things we will only see I said as we go, we’ll see it will understand, it will will see it, grass, but it says when he saw remember in the early birth of jesus, saw them. But now it’s saying what he saw realize and remember:this jesus will see things before we see things. So what happens? What happens when we finally see what jesus all along it says when he saw jesus it already seen it he sending so go, show yourself, but what happens when we finally see what jesus all along? What happens when we see in ourselves what jesus sees in us? What happens when we see in others what jesus season them? What will change about our perspective when we see ourselves as jesus sees us? It says when he saw that he was restored when he saw some things, we will only see as we go and my question to you this morning about appreciation is as we go and as we’re changed as we are healed as god does things for us? Will we even see the progress we’re making? Sometimes we don’t see what god has done in our lives and we’re not appreciative. Sometimes we don’t see what god has done for us. We don’t see what he’s helped us with. We don’t see how he’s helped us along the way and brought things across your path. So we begin to take for granted things god’s done for us and we don’t give him credit for it. We take credit for it. Well, I did that myself whole really see as keysoft as he saw what he couldn’t do for himself. Something happened because we don’t arrive overnight. We got to realize we’re progressing, we’re going through what god’s doing this and some things we’re not going to see until we get along a little bit further, sometimes they’re going to come to us a little bit later, so we got to see it. So what happens when we see what jesus has done for us? How do we respond since when he saw that he was healed? This would happen. Look in the next part of this verse. How do we respond? How do we take nothing for granted? How do we get fuel for the future through our preciation three ways to show appreciation three ways to show appreciation? Number one:here’s what he said that verse when he saw that he was here.

The first thing you did to see return. What’s your name is a return, return, return, return, return means to go back. Sometimes, when you are going to show appreciation, you got to go back, you got to take it back. Do do do do do take it back anytime, you can work a rocky movie into a sermon. It’s a hit I’m telling you you got to take it back. You got to go back to forget the things that Galatia, Church before and press forward, there’s all kinds of contact for that, but I’m going to tell you to show appreciation. The first thing he did when he was when he saw what jesus did for him to return and I said god. Why did he returned it’s because he needed to go back to where he was so? He can recognize how far he came. Sometimes we don’t go back to where we Galatia, Church and recognize it 20 years ago to mess. My life was in I need to go back, it doesn’t mean I live in my past, but I make conjugal visits once in awhile. Just to encourage me on what god has done in my life I’m not going to live there, but I got to go back and say was that who I am man that dude was jacked up? Thank you, jesus, for where you brought me in my life. You got to return. Sometimes we got to go back. The reason we go back, it’s not so we can rehearse mistakes is so we can appreciate. We need to smell the roses a little bit long way. We need appreciate the journey. I don’t want us to take for granted what god has done in this house. I don’t wants to take for granted. What god has done in your life I want us to appreciate what he’s doing. Sometimes we get so caught up in the moment. We don’t look back enough to see where he brought us from to say to thank you jesus I’m, not where I want to be but I’m sure not where I was. Thank you lord I appreciate what you’ve done has I went houston some great things. In my life we got to go back. We got to return this fuel for a future. We got to go back and visit. Some of these past victories. You got to go back, david went back, he’s getting ready to face. Goliath, give me the face. What was fuel for his future? He goes to the song. He says he, the same guy, who deliver the lion and deliver the bear into my head is going to deliver this big ugly goliath into my i. Don’t know what your lying and bear moments are, but sometimes you need to return back to them and said:wait a minute. You brought me through there he’s going to bring me through today. He brought that across them in my purse and I still came out victorious. Thank you, lord. What you did for me before you’ll. Do it again. We got to have some time. We got to return it. Don’t let those lions and bears encourage you and your life. Let yourself be encouraged by what it’s not ever going to stop. Probably no it’s not about us swimming pool. We didn’t do it on herself. You know your situation and you know there’s no way you got through it on your own, but jesus was there with you all along, so you got to return. The first thing you did was returned. We got to go back, we got to go back. Sometimes we we get in the midst of things. We don’t appreciate what god’s done for us. We don’t. We don’t appreciate what he’s, how he’s handled our life and and and sometimes we get a little bit greedy about tomorrow. Tomorrow, we forget about yesterday. We don’t appreciate some of us. Sometimes we get to the treating jesus like janet jackson. What have you done for me lately? Sometimes that’s why we do a relationship is gone. What blesses your socks off over and over brings you through over and over it’s what I’m with the israelites. They wrote that song for jen and I believe they did, because they Galatia, Church constantly. We want something to eat. We want here’s man-a-fre, all you want, we want meet, we want meat, we want water. What have you done for me? Lately I got so sometimes you’re. The same way. Chad returns return. Next thing did with a loud voice, glorify god that somebody might get a little nervous about seeing loud voice in the bible, but that word loudest word mean mega mega. That means large quantity, big, big, great, excessive where’s, the next value point, the key to showing appreciation. We got to say something we got to say something we got to say it loud and proud, not proud in ourselves, proud, I’m, just talkin, proud thankful. If you here’s a good point, if you to appreciate people, if you think good, you need to say good how many times have you taking someone for granted because you didn’t say something:are my clothes clean again? Thank you. How did they magically get from the hamper into my closet? Thank you. Some of your kids. If you go up to your pastor, just say:hey mom and dad I just want to tell you thank you for being awesome parents. They will fall out on the floor. Pull up. We got to say something. If you appreciate your kids doing a good job, you need to say something. You appreciate co-workers and team members in the body in the family of god.. You need to say something:appreciation is about with a loud voice. Excessively declaring and saying, hey, I appreciate you. We want to show good appreciation. We got say something with a loud voice that glorify.

You got to stay with the loud boy. Shirt looks the next thing that they did after they, after they did. That says they return with the cowboys score. If I got and 16th and fell down on his face at his feet, giving him thanks and he was a samaritan he threw in the end he was a samaritan because he’s talking to jews, who despise samaritan start the samaritans, where the dogs and looks low life society, but jesus was make it a point to. Let them know that the samaritan was the only one of the 10 who came back to give him thanks. So what does give him thanks mean showing appreciation? Here’s! What it means part of appreciation is giving credit where credit is due. That worship is only reserved for one. Now there is credit where credit’s do with other people. We need to learn to walk in appreciation. Take nothing for granted. We appreciate people, but he says:will you appreciate me and your life? Will you not take me for granted? Will you come and fall down and worship me? Will you give thanks to god, for the key for us to walking in this core value? Is that we give god credit for everything that happens in our lives that we worship him? For that we don’t just use the phrase. Galatia, Church We pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. We’re thankful that god even gives us boots we’re thankful for what god is doing. Our lives show appreciation that core value of that is learning that we need to go back. When everything is said and done, we need to go back full down on our face and worship, jesus and say lost without you. I would have nothing. You are my provider, you are the king of my life. You are the one that’s worthy of worship, I’m telling you, your kids are watching that your parents are watching. That’s your family members are watching that your spouse credit to do you give credit to the only one that’s worthy. We take nothing for granted or appreciation is fuel for the future because we realize this is what he’s telling us so jesus answering verse, 17 and said:hey brother., tim cleansed. You know that tells us all. 10 of them got cleansed all 10 of them, so jesus did something for all of them, but he says, but where are the nine, where they’re not any found to return to give glory to god, except this foreigner? Here’s something I think should be a bedrock of our life is a we don’t take for granted. What god has done in our hearts? He Says:i’m touching people every single day. All the time and very few are coming back in and worshiping me for it. They’ve got a good job. They got a nice home nice car that got nice family and they don’t ever come back to me and thank me for what I’ve done in their life. They have breath in our lungs I have a healthy body to able to walk around in and they’re, not even acknowledging my existence, he saying who is going to worship me who’s, going to look to me and say:lord i, take nothing for granted. The reason that I’m alive today is because you give me breasts they’re the reason that I have a family. The reason I have a job is because of you so I’m going to worship you with everything that I have. This is what it means to be appreciative that we’re going to give him thanks to some where’s, the other night, with the other nine are enjoying what jesus did for them, but they’re taking it for granted they’re enjoying the benefits of what god has provided for them, Galatia, Church but they’re not willing to return and give him thanks for it. We’re not going to be like that. We’re going to go back and always give thanks for what jesus has done is our life depreciation will do for you and your life. Where is 19th and he said, I’ll rise go your way. Your faith has made you. Well, some translation say hole, that’s the greek word sozo you’re free to do what I ask you to do and to return and come back in a knowledge me and give appreciation has made you whole that word hole needs to be rescued, set free, nothing missing, to put everything back together. That means whatever was missing in your life, the one who came back and showed appreciation, I’m telling you how I’m bringing holness into your life, the other one’s, got cleanse from leprosy, but the rest of their life still have problems, but this one you came back to honor god. He said because you let me into your life and allowed me a place of honor and appreciation now I’m going to give you the rest of me and all the other areas of your life I’m, not just interested in your skin, being clean, I’m interested in your whole life being whole there’s people that are satisfied with jesus touching one area of their life, but I’m telling you to get all up in your business and be part of every area of your life. Galatia, Church He wants to make you whole. He done just want to make you cleanse and I don’t want to just get you born again born again is awesome, but he was just more than that. I want to make you whole. We need to show appreciation to be able to experience that. So this is what god’s talking to us about in this since I’m, going to ask you some questions today and see if any of these apply to you, do you feel how far off from god today, if you do I encourage you to cry out to him cry out to him in whatever area far off from god means I unsave, that’s not what it has to meet.

Sometimes you can be a christian and feel of far off from god. You feel, like your prayers are banging against that ceiling and not getting any higher. When you do that, you just need to keep crying out to jesus and know that he sees and hears you. So if you feel far off from god today, I want you to cry out to him. Do you wonder if god sees what’s going on your life? Some even not sure that god knows what’s going on what’s happening. Are you here? Are you? Are you with me? Do you realize what I’m going through to you realize the struggles that I’m facing I want you to know today that he sees them and he doesn’t just see them, but he wants to give you a direction to give you a solution to get out of your situation, not out of it as far as not have to walk through something there’s things we may have to walk through and I live, but he’s going to give me the guy he’s. Give me the map on how I’m going to walk through this adversity, walk through this struggle and make it out on the other side better than I was when I came in I got to get his direction I got to get his word next thing, I asked you do you know that’s what he has to say to you, but you just need to make a move. There’s some people that you’ve got direction from god, but you just need to make a move. Has god spoken some things into your life? Maybe you’ve got his word on the situation with myself. Sometimes I use some of these terms that I want to make sure be very clear what it means. I realize the power of teaching and making sure people comprehend and not just entertaining with nice words. If I say you need to get the word on that some people, like i, have no idea what you’re talking about here’s. Galatia, Church What I’m talking about you need to find in the scriptures verses that speak to your situation, so that you see what god says. If you’re having trouble with the decisions and wisdom, then you need to turn to the book of james and you go to the book of james and you find a scripture and you look look down here in verse, 5 and it says if anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask of god who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him so i. Take that picture and I begin to pray that scripture and I say lord I need wisdom and james. 1:5 says:if I ask for your wisdom, you will give it to me. You won’t hold it back, so that’s what I’m telling you find scriptures that apply to your situation with help emotional whatever it. Maybe you find scriptures that speak to that and then you grab hold of those words as a promise, and you say god. This is my direction for my life. Do you have this direction today? The name a tradition to that has god done some things for you, as you went that you taken for granite i, think we all can apply in this situation. That god has done something for us as we’ve gone about our life, our journey and we taking him for granted we’re taking it for granite. We’ve, we’ve grown into entitlement mold that we expect that maybe we take in the presence of god for granted there’s. Sometimes people will take a church service for granted. Don’t take a word for granted until they all the sudden, they can’t get it anymore. Galatia, Church No, like oh wow, that was actually pretty good. What happened? There’s a man by the name of samson, maybe you’ve heard of him a nice long flowing hair is the antithesis of me and samson had great strength that came from god and all god asked. Is it true appreciate where it came from and you honor me with your life samson took it for granted. Everything god said:do he didn’t do everything god said? Don’t do he did he took for granted the strength that god had given him? He didn’t appreciate it and one day actor delilah shaved off his hair, getting a haircut most like mine. Do you woke up from a sleep in the bible says that he he went to shake himself as before, but says he didn’t even know that the spirit of god had left him. I want to give out a very loving kind warning. Do not take the presence of god for granted in your life too many church, kids take the presence of god for granted church in a fake check. That’s good enough! It’s not too many church adults. Take church attendance check, don’t take his presence in your life for granted because as we go through them and we live our life, if we’re not careful, the presence of god Galatia, Church can be gone and we don’t even know it. Leslie me ask you this:are you one of the nine or you one of the one I wants to pray? If you would just buy your heads with me, are you one of the nine that’s taking things for granted? Maybe you’ve taken a spouse for granted and all the sudden they’re? Not there anymore? Maybe you took your parents for granted and then you moved out and you Galatia, Church like wow. Maybe you took someone else for great i, don’t know what it is, but maybe you’ve taken god for granted. What he’s done for you and the holy spirit is speaking. I asked you to come. Holy spirit touch our hearts that we take nothing for granted that are appreciation for each other appreciation for what you’re doing in our life will be fuel from where we’re going.

I want you to pray right now, just ask god to show you show me what I’m taking for granted, maybe I’ll, take and worship for granted. Maybe I’ve taken my job for granted. It could be a number of things. Can I give you an opportunity right now in the presence of god, to ask him to forgive you ask him to forgive you because the last part of giving thanks involves humility. Galatia, Church He fell down on his face and he gave thanks. Would you give god some things right now give him thanks that you’re, not where you used to be give him thanks for where he’s brought you from yes, you got something some hurdles. You still got to get over book back for just a moment and look at all the hurdles you overcome up to this point. Look back at your lying and your bear return for just a moment for a visit to say yes jesus, because of you, because of you and then begin to declare with a loud voice, I’m going to glorify god in my life I’m going to go if I got for my job. For my home from my car for my family, for my friends whatever it is, you have thank you for it. Father I pray that we will be appreciative this morning, I pray god. We will take nothing for granted that you’ve done for us I pray that we will honor the one who’s done, everything for us. We will give you credits for what we cannot take credit for for ourselves without you is it possible for us to be where we are? We are grateful for where you brought us as a body of believers Galatia, Church grateful for you brought this church we’re grateful for Galatia, Church what you’ve done in the past and we pray lord that that appreciation will be fuel for our future. We’re grateful for our homes in our jobs. All of these things just receive that right. Where you are appreciate him spend some of god for granted, don’t take his presence. This is just that. No

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