Galatia, Church | Free Of Charge

Are you ready for the word today, females ready for the word today to get into what god speak to us today this week and next week, we’re going to be talking about free of charge paid in full free of charge paid in full? We sing about the blood of jesus today had a word about the blood of jesus today, I want you to know that there is power in the blood and that blood is paid the price for our sins. We are free of charge, it’s been paid in full because of what jesus did on the cross. So we will look at that today. So get your sermon notes out and get your bibles house you can follow along with us, your ipod pads droids, where we used to look at the bible open them up to luke chapter 7, luke, chapter, 7 free of charge paid in full I’m, going to start reading, luke chapter 7, verse, 36, you’re, ready. It says, then one of the pharisees ask him to eat with him and he went to the pharisees house and sit down to eat. I want to talk to you in verse. 36 about the importance of an invitation, an invitation, you see that the pharisee of pharisees as a religious leader. This is like a a church leader, maybe for back, then you might go to make that that connection affair. She was a religious leader. There’s a reason these for the top people of the religious law, the leaders of the religious lol. They Galatia, Church the law, which was the tour of the first five books of the bible. They Galatia, Church him all better than anyone else they Galatia, Church. They Galatia, Church very influential in the church and in the synagogues, and so this one pharisee invited jesus over to his house and i, want you to see the importance of this invitation invitation when he was asked to come into his house or something about inviting jesus into your situation, inviting him into your house. This invitation that this percy put out jesus, wants to come into people’s lives, wants to come into your situation, wants to come in to your life and make a difference, but he needs to be invited, he’s not going to force himself on your situation jesus. Sometimes it’s just waiting for you to invite me like a man I’m going through all these troubles. I got all these dresses. I got what am I going to do. The whole time. Invite me over to help me come over cuz when I come into your house. I begin to make things different. So sometimes all we need to do is invite him and keep the word of god. God knows what I’m doing he know to be coming in here. He will come in if you invite him so the pharisee invites jesus over it’s important to have an invitation, but sometimes when jesus goes over to the pharisees house, you know doing it going into somebody’s house. It’s it’s jesus doesn’t because he wants to make an impact on the house and-and sometimes he goes to places that not everybody approves up. Sometimes he hangs out with some people that not everybody approves up the story of zacchaeus zacchaeus was, the guy who climb up in the tree that because he couldn’t see, jesus and and so jesus comes by and he says he’s at kia’s come down because today I want to go to your house I’m, going to go to your house. That’s what goes over to zacchaeus is house in the bible. Does it talk a lot about what was said at zacchaeus is house but says that he went over there, but why I know that something happens when you invite jesus into your house into your life and your situation, something changes because something changed in zakia’s. He was invited over time when he came into zacchaeus house. We don’t know what was said, but we know what the results Galatia, Church. Cuz that kia said this. He said:listen what’s going on here, but if, if I have taken anything from anybody, unrighteously or 5 stolen anything from anybody, I’m going to give back to them four times what I took from him. Cuz he’s a tax collector and he used to take used to collect taxes and he would add a personal percentage on. So he was getting rich off of people and he said you would ever have taken from you. I will pay them back for time, so something happen where’s. That key is changed because he got invite jesus was invited into his home, so you went into his house and I thought this about zacchaeus I’m going to his house I’m, leaving something it true that the jesus wants you to know. When you invite him into your house and your situation and your everyday life, it’s not just about church services, god doesn’t want you just invite him into your church life. He wants you to invite him into your whole life. He doesn’t want to be in your sunday life only he wants to be in your your monday through saturday life, and he wanted to go anyone to hang out with us, but she said:i want to be a part of your everyday life, not just one day a week, so you came into his life and and had that romantic impact, and so the invitation is important. Just was invited over to his house, but I want you to. The second part of the invitation is important, but the invitation is bigger than just the individual cuz that kills. You went to that kisses house, but it wasn’t just for that kia’s and here’s another story of another guy who invited jesus over his house, the guy by the name of matthew. The bible calls him levi. This is one of the 12 disciples with the bible tells us that leave I invited jesus over to his house, invite him over to his house.

In the bible talks about who was hanging out at matthew’s house. He said that there Galatia, Church many tax collectors and sinners also the set together with jesus and disciples, for there Galatia, Church many and they followed him and when the scribes and pharisees saw him eating with the tax collectors and sinners, they said to his disciples. How is it he eats and drinks with tax collectors and sinners? When jesus heard you said to him those for a while I have no need of a physician, but those who are sick I did not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance notice. The power of the invitation-it’s not just about the individual, but she’s just wanted to go to matthew’s house because he Galatia, Church who else hung out with matthew and here’s what happened when you invite jesus into your house. He wants to come into your life because he’s not just wanting to touch you but he’s wanting to touch your circle of influence. He knows, there’s a bunch of people that you hang out with that. Other people don’t hang out with. How do you set the fuel? Invite me into your house I’m going to not only change you but I want to spill over and touch all the people that you’re associated with it. Wasn’t just after one tax, collector and $0.01. He was after all of them, because I didn’t come just for the righteous I come for the sinner I come for those that are far from god and that’s what this invitation is about. This pharisee invited jesus over to his house, but geez never just worried about the righteous he also wants to. Let him know that he’s focused on those that are far from god as well. He come to seek and to save that which was lost so so. Here’s the example of jesus goes to matthew zacchaeus, was house and matthews house. Why? Because he want to go for they are so here’s one of the things that we need to recognize. If we’re going to be followers of jesus, why we need to invite jesus into your life in every situation, because in your everyday life, in your everyday situation, there’s going to be people around you that god’s wanting you to impact when jesus? What does that kisses house and matthew’s house? They didn’t affect him, they didn’t influence him, but he influence them. He hung out with the tax collectors and sinners and the religious people like what are you doing hanging out with all those sinners reason he’s hanging out with sinners, because he was the change agent. So here’s one thing:you need understand:a relationship, whether it’s romantic relationship or whether it’s just a friend relationship. You are one of two people you’re, either the influence or or the influence e eiffel tower or the influence of your one of the other. So if you’re in a relationship and romantic relationship with somebody, that’s not a follower of jesus and you are a follower of jesus in that relationship, you’re going to either influence them or they’re going to end. If it’s been 2 years and they’re no closer to jesus than they Galatia, Church when you started, guess who’s being changed, you aren’t you don’t even know it you’re, one of the other. If you’re not changing them, then you’re being changed, it should be an influence in your relationship. This is why jesus had no problem hanging out with people that Galatia, Church sinners, because he Galatia, Church that he was going to have an impact on their life, and this is what we need to do. We need to invite people into our life because we’re going to influence them. We need to make sure we’re able to do that be strong enough, so he did that was zacchaeus in matthew. But what happens when you invite jesus into your situation, it’s bigger than the individual, but it also makes an impact. The invitation leads to an impact when you invite jesus said he makes a difference. What revelation 3 says behold I stand at the door and knock if anyone hears my voice and opens the door. I will come into him and dine hit with him and he would make spears what jesus is doing everyday of your life. Hello, hello! Will you let me in when you let me into your situation? Will you let me in your life he wants to come in because he knows when he comes in he’s going to make a difference on the inside east. Knocking he’s knocking always waiting is for someone to open the door so come on in come on in come into my financial situation, you’re stressed out what am I going to do about this job. What I’m going to do about that relationship situation? I, don’t know what to do. Jesus said:hey, while you’re staying up all night losing sleep. Won’t you invite me in don’t you pray and ask me to help you? Why don’t you invite me to give you some wisdom want you invite me to give you my perspective? Go to see it through my eyes, that’s the power of impact when we invite him in so this is what’s happening here comes in. Let’s go back to our store here in luke chapter 7, when the pharisees ask him to eat with him, look verse, 37 and behold a woman in the city who was a sinner. That’s all she’s known by what she Galatia, Church that jesus sat at the table in the pharisees house brought an alabaster flask of fragrant oil. Now we song verse 36. This is a party. The pharisees are having a party there. They brought the 1st he’s hanging out with all these friends. You know that he invited jesus over to his house. So you, you know who’s hanging out at a pharisee party, that’s pharisees circle of influence.

This is just church people you’ll, just a bunch of church people getting together their won the debate about the law. They want to talk about scripture. There just wanted to bathe jesus and talk about that. So that’s all! That’s there. Anybody spurs 37. We got a party crasher. We got an uninvited guest she’s, not invited to religious party she’s, not on the guest list, a religious party, she crashes, the party she comes in cuz. The bible says here that she’s just a sinner i, don’t see what type of center some people would assume that she was a prostitute. She could have been a prostitute, but it doesn’t specifically say:she’s a prostitute. All the word center there means of somebody who habitually is sitting there living a life stylist in there just doing whatever it is. So this is what she was known for. She was. She was a sinner in the eyes of the religious people, but she so she comes in she crashes. The party mind you make sure we understand that she would not be going to this house unless jesus was there. It’s just that when she Galatia, Church that jesus said at the table, she came what she Galatia, Church that she’s associative I begin to meditate. All I was thinking about that when she Galatia, Church that jesus said that the table when she knows she’s so I’m like okay she’s, not going to go to that house unless jesus is there jesus is eating their jesus hang out there. If jesus is going to be there, I want to go so then I had to start a pharisees house or religious leaders house a house for religious leader. Let’s make the comparison that maybe the house religious leaders house could also be the church, the church. So now this woman would have stayed away from the pharisees house. Unless jesus was there, then this thought came to my mind how many people, it’s far from god or staying away from the church, because jesus is not sitting at the table. How many peoples not done in the doors of a church, because jesus is not sitting there? It’s just a social gathering, a bunch of leaders than one of the debate over theology and not really want to love people into the goodness of god, how many people staying away from church because they have a perceived notion that they’re not invited. They have an idea that they’re not welcome because they’re, not in that circle how many people staying away from church, because somehow the church has put on an air but you’re not good enough to come here. I’m, just thinking I’m, just thinking of the top of my hip. So she said she shows up, she shows up, and then she she crashes this party and she goes in there and and look what she does 437. She brought an alabaster flask of fragrant oil. So she comes into this this church service. If you will this meeting of religious people, amy knows when she shows up, everybody Galatia, Church that she showed up right. It’s one of those moments where you know you’re everybody’s they’re, having a good time and and also in this lady just walked in, and you know who the lady. This is a sinner. She walks in carrying an alabaster flask of fragrant oil. You know their questions public. What she doing with you, what you do with that, so she stood at jesus feet. She stood at, his feet behind him. Now you got to get this picture. Cuz I used to think you Galatia, Church there sitting eating. How does she stand at his feet? Is like she under the table, but she’s behind him. She under the chair, but i, got to do some studying understood that in eastern culture they didn’t sit down to eat like we do at the time of this, and you may be in the back, but but thank you that used to lay down and eat so they will ever get. They would be on like a couch or something and they went, they would lay down like this and they would eat in front of him, so their feet Galatia, Church behind them or they might lay at least on their side like this show the seating. So she came and she stood at his feet behind. If you got the picture now, so she comes up behind them and they’re they’re eating in front. She comes up behind because she’s not worthy to be at the front. So she comes to the speech she stands in there behind and-and she came in during this alabaster flask of oil-and how much was that about? You just wanted me to make sure and see that she came to this church service, this gathering of religious people. She came prepared to worship. She came on a mission. She brought her own wall. She brought her own oil to the church service. She didn’t come wondering if worship was going to happen. She didn’t come to see. If they Galatia, Church going to worship. She came prepared to worship. So. You need to come ready to worship me. She stood at his. She went there for the pharisees. She want that for anybody else. Could she came to one place for one person so I’m just asking you who are you coming to church to see you coming for? Are you coming for people? Are you coming to stand at his feet? Have you brought your own oil, or are you waiting to see if they got their off? You bring your own on and you worship god from your heart. She going to come prepared,. So let’s wait and see which songs that they sing. This woman didn’t come like that. She came bearing her all she said:i, don’t know what they’re going to do that came right to worship.

I got my all worship song to happen. Even it’s just me and jesus. That’s what he’s telling us what you can’t come I said:well, it’s kind of dead will then bring your own people, bring you down to bring them up when you come in and worship jesus and then get me. What does your collected in the corporate setting or whether it’s your home, you like well i, just can’t worship at home, I’ll bring your own with you everywhere you go to represent the holy spirit. She had her already. She had it ready to worship, so she can prepare to worship and look what her worship consisted of the swing I’ll, be your worship, but this was hers or break down what she did verse 38, so she stood in his feet behind him and she started weeping. She still started weeping knowing your weeping. This is a sign of brokenness, you worshiping jesus. If you would give your life to jesus, you got to recognize one thing:you got to recognize his lord and you’re. Not you want the biggest hurdles to some people serving jesus, as they won’t kick themselves out of the driver seat. It was my biggest hurdle for a long time. I wouldn’t make him lord I want to go to heaven every wants to go to heaven. Jesus lord of your life I can make all the decisions weeping, the sign of brokenness, that she was saying to him. You are lord, I am not who she was willing to be broken. The bible says that this way in psalm 51, the sacrifices of god are a broken spirit a broken and a contrite heart. These, oh god, you will not despise, tell me. If you come to jesus, we think he will not push you away. You coming here broken and contrite before him. He will not say sorry. He is going to welcome you. So you saying there was a broken that she was weeping she was. She was filled with passion for that she was your cuz. We cry usually for one or two things:either cuz we’re sad or happy whether to use it was sad or happy, we cry and it could be either one I believe it was built in this situation. I believe it was both I believe she could have been sad for time that was wasted, but I believe she was happy and grateful for hope that have been restored. I think she could have been sad that man I wasted a lot of time in my simple life, but I’m weeping with gratitude, because now I have a hope, for tomorrow, there’s times that I’m weeping for both there’s times that I’m sad got up disappointed you, man, I screwed, that up I’ve wasted time, I’ve wasted, but then I’m thankful, because god’s not going to cause me to live in that he wants to give me future and a hope. He wants me to move forward so I believe that’s what was happening in her weeping. Then look what happens after that. She was sleeping and she began to wash his feet with her tears. What’s his feet with her tears and I’m like what is this washing his feet? Remember she’s, standing behind him and in this culture this is eastern culture and that there’s no pavement and these are dirt roads and then wear sandals. That’s a bad combination for clean feet show picture of summertime dirty feet, sweaty nasty in reference emanations coming from that area. That’s bad smell for those of you to know that, assuming it’s the weep over these feet and she begins to wash his dirty feet with her tears water from her body coming out washing his dirty feet. Are you trying to say that-and this is what he told me he said was she was washing his dirty feet with her tears, because the water of his words had washed her dirty heart, I believe somewhere, she heard the words of jesus. She heard the teachings of jesus and when she heard those words, the washing of water by the word ephesians chapter 5, verse 26 says he might sanctify cleanser with the washing of water by the public somewhere. She heard the word of jesus and it gave her hope to a center that everyone else has rejected her. Everyone else said this is all you’re ever be at somewhere. Those words of jesus came into her son watched her dirty heart, so she was willing to watch his dirty feet with her tears because she was grateful for what he had done in our life. She was worshipping him, so it took such a powerful expression of worship in look what else you got this woman she’s, giving it all she’s got again. Maybe this isn’t your worship experience, but I just want you to understand the passion and she began to wash your feet with his feet with her tears and wipe them with the hair of her head. So now you got this this dirt and cure combination going on stinky feet and you got that whole thing going on and then she forgets to take her hair and wipe that her nice, clean hair. You know it cuz. You know that they had really long hair, and so she could wipe his feet. I’m not talking like 80s, big hair I’m. Not talking about like that cuz, you know you. Can you couldn’t wipe 80s, big hair? You can wipe jesus feet with that cuz. The aquanet would have went crazy all up in there. You could. So you don’t know what I like when it is, but man she had long hair and here’s two things I think about the hair number one. The fact that she took it down speaks of intimacy because, ladies didn’t take down their hair back then for anybody, it’s always supposed to be for their spouse, so she took down her hair and she begins to wipe his feet.

She was saying this is an intimate moment jesus. This is about you and me I’m, I’m being vulnerable before you, powerful expression of intimacy, with the second thing that I think, maybe maybe even better than that. Second thing, I thought about is that she’s taking her hair down in front of other people and she’s taking dirty feet and wash it. She just been the beautician the day before, and she just got she’s taking her dirty hair and she’s wiping his feet with her clean hair, undignified, undignified. She was willing to lose her dignity and worship because he had restored her dignity for lights. She was willing to lose, see, there’s a difference in an external dignity and an internal dignity, dignity that she didn’t have him. Because of that, she was willing to give up external dignity because she was willing to give away she’s willing to give away her external dignity, because jesus had given her an internal dignity that nobody could take away. Nobody could take away now they can say you’re this. They can say you’re that but she’s just had given her something that nobody can take away. So she was willing to lose her external because she had possessed her internal dignity, dignity. When you see someone worshipping god, be all that be careful, be careful, you don’t know what they come from. You don’t know what they’ve been through. You don’t know what he saved them from sometimes. Some external lack of dignity is an expression of internal dignity restored. Sometimes it’s god’s ducks up for me and I can’t help myself and I got to say thank you jesus for showing up on memphis religious party today, at all these tears and hair and white from stop about wasn’t the norm. Nobody else was doing that. She did it. Why? Because it was coming from something on the inside of you. This is why I’m saying you got to make sure when you come in and stand at his feet. You worship him and you give him your worship. Your worry about anybody else is doing well, that’s too, too wild or not wild enough you’re, not working you’re standing at his feet just Said:i’m going to give you my worship and give you my praise, cuz you’re thankful, for what he’s done for you. If you’re thankful, he brought you from your thankful that you’re saved your thinking for the blood, the blood of jesus, to change my life. Thank you, jesus. Your words have changed me from the inside out, so she was grateful for that. King david. You might be heard this story before, but david they brought the temple at the altar. The brought brought the altar the ark of the covenant. They brought it up in a minute. They brought all that going too fast in my head about the ark of the covenant, which is the presence of god. They brought it into the church again trying to use modern-day language for you and run the church, and while they Galatia, Church bringing up david just dance wildly the bible says that he shamelessly danced before the lord and his wife. What’s a little bit offended an inch and see when he got to her, she said what was all that about you shamelessly worshiping god is little undignified and david said. I will be even more undignified than this. This is not even the tip of the iceberg from her. Compared to how grateful I am for what he’s done for me, so I’m trying to because he took my shame. I can worship him shamelessly cuz i, don’t have any. If he’s taking my shirts that I’m not going to worry about being a shame because he’s already taking it. This is what david did so, that’s why she lost her dignity. I want to go on. Look what else she’s doing she begins to kiss those feet, I’m, not sure that they Galatia, Church totally clean of all germs, I’m, not sure that they Galatia, Church. You know the ad that I’m not sure that they had purex on them when she starts kissing his feet. Steers and hair cleaning, it up so I’m not sure it’s totally clean, but she begins to kiss his feet and annoying and I’m afraid. She’s fat kissing is a sign of adoration, a sign of submission, a sign of loyalty. She sang jesus i, make you the lord. You are the lord of my life. She was kissing, saying I’m, going to give you my heart. That’s the kiss is a place of honor and adoration, but she was giving me to worship i, look what the response was:luke, verse 39 now, when the pharisee, who invited us all that’s going on and i, remember what the word pharisees important word. Pharisees is a word. That means a separatist someone who separate from or detached from so he saw all this going on this pharisee and it he started tripping. Why? Because of pharisees life is about being separated from the very people, did jesus want to be attached to the pharisees Galatia, Church trying to separate from and not touch these people and jesus want to touch him. They didn’t want to touch. Lepers know that I’m playing I’m playing, don’t touch me and jesus said come here, I’m willing be cleansed. So what they didn’t want to touch. G just wanted to touch so I’m going to say it. Will the church make sure that we have the heart of jesus than what the world doesn’t want to touch? We’re willing to touch we’re willing to touch? We got to reach out and touch too far from god touch him some, but the religious response was not awesome. You know we lookin verse. 38 in the church goes wow, that’s all the time she’s leaving she’s watching feed and not too happy about it.

He invited me saw this. He spoke to himself knows he spoke to himself. He didn’t say it out loud. You know you don’t say the stuff out loud with jesus there facebook some services, this man, if you Galatia, Church a prophet, he would know who and what manner of woman this is who is touching in, for she is a sinner for jesus. He felt bad for jesus he’s like he just didn’t know. If this guy really Galatia, Church I mean come on well all, while he’s feeling bad for jesus, you should be feeling bad for himself. This is how religion or twist you up. You start feeling bad for the wrong thing. Instead of being convicted about the right thing, you start looking what other people are doing and not paying attention what you should be doing. You start judging what someone else is doing, instead of concentrating on what you come on, somebody religion will get. You focused on what other people are supposed to do. Not do all of this and all the while you’re supposed to be at his ass beat yourself worshipping him. You should have been right beside her worshiping the worshipping jesus with her, but all you’re doing is analyzing what she’s doing what she’s not doing and god said. Hey get your eyes off of other people, get your eyes on jesus. Looking unto him, the author and finisher of your face I mean shut down what other people should or shouldn’t be doing where you at simon Galatia, Churchn’t, you worshiping me when I’m, just judging how she’s worse than will you get your stuff down beside or you don’t have room to be looking at her I can provide a little bit of that. But that’s just what I’m saying he says:what manner of woman what man or woman this is for she’s a sinner. What manner of woman? What kind of woman this woman have been labeled I’ve been labeled as a sinner. She been labeled as certain type of sin or not. I want to talk to some people real quickly. That’s receive the label in your life that you’re having trouble getting rid of I want to talk to somebody who’s, some through san or some activity, something you’ve done. A label has been stuck on you and you not been able to get rid of it. Every time you try to get rid of it. Just like a sticker on the glass. You leave a label on something long enough and you try and peel it off what happens, part that sticker stays on. It never tried to do that that you tried it’s been on there so long, then, when you try and peel, you know you’re trying, really easy i, just half of it stays on there. That’s what happens with people in simple life. That label get stuck on him and they want to turn their life around. They want to make a difference. They want to change, but for some reason, whenever they try and take that label off, it sticks but I want you to know. If you will apply the blood of jesus, it is the ultimate label. Remover i, don’t know what you’ve done. I don’t know where you’ve been. What you Galatia, Church. Your history is what your reputation is, but if you will invite jesus into your life on labels, come off in the family of god, all labels going to come up so now this guy remember this is in church, though this is a religious leader in church and he was not willing to look beyond her label to church. We got to make sure that when someone comes in you don’t listen to other what other people have labeled them before you ask them if the savior, what he’s label them? Sometimes people know somebody that knows them and they tell us what year Galatia, Church there who’s there and we begin to go by the label that someone else gave us instead of the one that jesus gave them, because sometimes jesus wants to give a different label to them, and you need to speak according to his label and not according to someone else’s label. Your yeah, how you put your name tag on your shirt and-and they call you that well hertz was called center funny. Puddin-tane. Ask me Again:i’ll tell you the same center right, well, jesus didn’t see center, he saw daughter, simon saw center, jesus or daughter so, which label are you going to identify people by? We got a scarlet a on their chest. Is that what you’re going to see? Are you going to see son or daughter, good drug addict, three-time, felon felon, you see felon, or do you see, son or daughter label label? We got to welcome. We got to make sure this is what we’re opening arms up for what jesus wants to do. So she said she’s a sinner, but if a person is a sinner she’s in the right place, she’s in the presence of a savior such a great place for a sinner to be so I’m saying to us, we want to welcome anyone who’s far from god. We want to welcome them in there in the right place in a place where they can meet the savior I’m, not going to do anything for you, but jesus is going to do something for you if you’ll invite him into your life and chad cannot help you, but jesus can help you. This is the power of what this invitation will do, blackburn or something in the story, everyone else the pharisee, simon and all of his buddies. They Galatia, Church all in the same present of the same savior, but it did not impact them like it impacted her. Why is that was one reason? One word that jumped out to me the first 3439 this man, if you Galatia, Church profit with know who and what manner of woman this is who is touching him for she’s a sinner.

All of them Galatia, Church the same presence of the same savior, but only one of them was touching him I’m, not talking about touching him like high five I’m, not touching him like greek name hand shake when he walked in the door. I’m talking about woman with the issue of blood kind of touching him, but the one with the issue of blood. If I can just touch the hem of his, garment I will be healed, so jesus, surrounded by all these people, know everybody around him just people and also need stops. They won’t touch me, don’t touch me and this type of jesus, like everybody’s touching you. So what are you talking about? He’s a no-no no-no somebody touched me:cuz I go out with me. Somebody pulled something out of me. That’s what how this woman touched. Anybody else might have been touching him, like hey good, to see you jesus thanks for coming over, but she was touching him in a way that it was impacting her on the inside and I’m. Just saying, jesus wants you to touch him, not just come to church and not just be in a service, be a part of a service. This is why you can be in a service impacted and someone else. Their life is totally changed. Why? Because they touched him I’m trying this one. It’s been one of the biggest thing. If I’d be totally transfer, it’s one of the biggest battles I’ve had to face in ministry one of just have a service and have all kinds of different reactions. Some people save lives, just kind of did. There’s no one know anyone that have other people with their life is wrecked and changed I’m like lord, so which one am I supposed to go with. Don’t with me go with me to go by the reaction of people, and this is why you can be in the presence you can be in a church service, but never get the impact of, because you don’t reach out and touch him other people around you watching other people around. You greatly impact you like. What is it what’s the difference? Why? Why am I not feeling anything? Maybe you need to reach out and touch him? Maybe you need to invite him into your house, maybe invite him over cuz. Look what happens so she touched him and soul simon and said you know if you Galatia, Church what kind of woman is was touching you, you wouldn’t touch him in verse, 40 jesus ansGalatia, Churchd and said to him. Simon I have something to say to you. Is it going? He said there was a certain creditor who had two debtors, 100-500 dinar and another 50, and when they had nothing with which to repay check that part out when they had nothing which with which to repay you freely for gave them both tell me there, for which of them will love him more simon answering said i, suppose the one who he forgave more and he said to him. You have rightly judge here’s the story:here’s the parable jesus throughout their there’s, two people that owed money to a creditor, one of them old, 502, nari 10 times more than the other person who won 50 the people. The players in the story is simon. In the woman, the woman represents the person who old, 500 and simon represents the one who owned 50, because in his mind he was not near as bad as center of this woman. But the bible says in the parable says that the that the creditor, the one that they owe the money to freely forgave them both because it because they had nothing to repay whether you’re, 50, denarii, center or 500 denarii center. The debt is the same. There’s nobody in the eyes of god do without jesus. Our debt is the same. What is raised in church and went to church your whole life, or have you been a drug addict and a porn addict? And whatever else all you mount all kinds of things? You think you got the worst life possible, you’re, the worst singer in the world. It doesn’t matter which end of the spectrum. Neither one is able to pay the debt that we owe to god. Neither one I don’t care. How good of a person you are. I am not good enough to pay back my debt that I owe to jesus, but jesus paid, the price, he paid a debt. He did not know because I owe the debt that I couldn’t pay. I couldn’t pay it. I would never be good enough. I’m telling you whether you think you’re a 50 or 500 you’re the same. We all need the blood of jesus apply to our life. I forgave them both. So the message to you and I is that we are free of charge. Are dead has been paid in full by jesus? All we have to do is receive that forgiveness. All we have to do is invite him into our house, invite him into our life and he will have an impact on our situation. So I want us to pray today and i. Want you to ask yourself i, want you to put yourself in the position of the story. I want you to ask yourself, am I more like simon or more like the woman and I believe it’s going to be both it’s here, watching this some people or going to fit more with simon, and they realize did they stop bringing their own oil to the worship service? They realize that they have kind of gotten a little bit too saved. If you know what I mean and they forgotten where they came from, they forgotten what the blood did for them and they become ungrateful. They become to a place. That’s what happened to ben church for a little while there’s a temptation that the temptation is that you get so familiar and so accustomed with church that you forget the passion that you’re supposed to have for the savior.

Galatia, Church Do you forget where you brought you from you been good now, I see good, and quote you been good for so long that you forget what you Galatia, Church like without jesus and a sitter comes in freshly shaved and they’re, pulling their heart out their tears and wiping with hair, and all that and your center like i, don’t see what the big deal is. Maybe god’s want to touch your heart to remind you remind you of what he did for you, the weather, you think you’re, a 50 denarii center of 500 denarii center. He paid your debt either way you have no debt, because what jesus did somewhat you put yourself in that category and I wants to play with me. I want to pray first for the 50 denarii situation. I want to pray for fresh oil. This is for people that are followers of jesus, just for whatever reason, either intentional or unintentional. Galatia, Church You just feel like you’ve lost your oil. You feel like you’ve got to a place for your criticizing. What others are are doing, instead of being at his feet yourself and focusing on worshipping him. You kind of got out of focus for a little bit and-and you got your eyes on the wrong thing and it’s kind of brought you down because I’m telling you criticism will steal your joy. Critical of others will steal. You steal from you and rob your joy and passion for jesus I pray for that. I just pray a few. If you’re in that situation, you need your joy restored for serving jesus i. Galatia, Church Want you to take him out in a minute right now and I want you to receive i. Want you to ask him. Maybe you need to ask for forgiveness. They got taken for granted I’ve taken church for granted, I’m taking my bible for granted, I’m taking prayer for granted or whatever it is I want to listen to you. I! Want you to speak to me. I want my jewelry store. I want fresh oil in my life, fallout 3, for that now, in the name of jesus I pray that everyone listen to my voice. They will see themselves through your eyes. They will see themselves through the blood of jesus and realize that we are nothing without you, but with you, which year we can be restored to write relationship. Take your labels can be taken off and removed. People dealing with condemnation to keep dealing with your past, and you just can’t seem to get past what you’ve done. I want you to apply the blood of jesus jesus I apply the blood to my life to my label. I want that label pawn! That’s not! Who I am that’s not? Who I want to be I want to move forward. I want a fresh start with god, say:i want to make a change. Just ask him to come in invite him into your home. You should shut up I’m, not the 52 I’m, not the 52. Now recent I’m I’m the 500 I’m so far away, i, don’t know what to do. Galatia, Church I’ve done some really bad things. Bible says that he freely for games and golf frieling with your $500, whether you’re 50, your dad, is paid through jesus

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