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Hey good morning, Fairfield, Church everyone welcome to the road church or maybe first-ever outdoor service right. Welcome to everyone on the livestream as well good to have you with us, hey we’re going to go into some to worship time. We just invite you to join. What does we’re going to sing your feel free to clap your hands if you want to come up front or something you’re welcome to do that? We’re just going to praise our king this morning, so we just invite you to join with us. Are you ready to do that? Come on come on how’s, the weather when I needed you to see you this evening jesus you made a way. How is pine bush he’s as happy now you made a way almighty sosa security in your problems, jordan shoes you’re, the love! You are my future jesus. You made a fool of me from glory to glory lost boy who won the singing together lost and dead, but your love came to find. Yes, you are the way you are lewiston. How many believe this morning, that jesus is the only way this morning? He is the only way this morning show me an awesome day today, we’re going to do something right now, that’s very important to us in our church culture we’re going to light on ministry team that they’ve come forward today. Fairfield, Church What about a mess, your team to come forward this time? We just want to create an opportunity to be able to partner with you in prayer, about anything that’s going on in your life or maybe anything that you’re standing in, for we just want to be able to partner with you today, and we believe today that there’s there’s power in agreement. We also believe that there’s power in partnership when people come together and pray about any given situation, and we also believe in one more thing today, not just one more thing. We believe in a lot of things, but we believe that there is so much power and testimony. We believe that when people give their testimony in jesus, we believe that he can start people’s fight, and we believe today that he can start your faith as well. So we’re going to give an opportunity for a great friend of mine. He has the same last name as me:tim pollard he’s going to give a testimony today. I feel so privileged to be here. First off I just want to say:god doesn’t call the qualified. That’s obvious, been me being up here, god qualifies the called so I believe that, whether you were saved 8 years old, Fairfield, Church never left church as a powerful testimony, but I also believe that if you’re, like me, I was raised in church I decided that there was more to life than I thought. Then sitting inside these walls, all the time and I got away and I got into drugs and alcohol and I thought I was doing things that I enjoyed the praise god. He brought me at 11. No, they asked me today to come here to get up on stage and give a testimony and I felt like getting in judges 6, so I got on the lease or my family. How can I reach people-and he said, I’ll, be with you just like you did with getting so i, believe that anybody out here is going through whatever it is that you’re going through god is with you, don’t ever give up staying here, except the freedom on freedom, rock that jesus has provided for us a man. Fairfield, Church Thank you this morning, as I said before, we want to take this opportunity to be able to partner with you in prayer, about anything, is going your life, and we believe that there were people praying for you before you came today and I believe that god has highlighted some things that he wants particular to partner with you about, and I was going to give a few of those, and those are called the words of knowledge. It’s actually in the bible talks about a 1st corinthians chapter 12 talks about god would highlight something to someone that they know nothing about someone situation of what some I might be going through. So if any of these touch you this morning or speak to you, we want to partner with you the first one is right:side, neck pain, cirrhosis of the liver issues, with the stomach not being able to keep down pancreatitis or pancreatitis pain in the right back knee tooth abscess arthritis pain in the right elbow sleep, apnea, beatles thing speak to you this morning. We want to partner with you in prayer. What’s the sprite? Thank you this morning, but thank you that you were such an awesome god. Fairfield, Church We thank you that you are a god that gives freedom. You are the god that gives purpose you’re, the god that gives healing deliverance and victory. So father, we just partner with you and whatever it is. You want to do on this day this freedom rock sunday. We just throw all of our plans to the side and we just say yes to jesus, we say come and rec our lives come do what you can do and we will do what we can do. So we just thank you. We asked all this in jesus, mighty name and everybody said:amen, hey, come forward to get prayer this morning and let’s see what jesus could do in your life greater. No is there a side street steve, las, vegas wheel, stand when will sun rise, stop how to make you smile, lorde, spirit, lead seriously. Real monster call me and take me to made strong in the fridge actresses with the new. Fairfield, Church Take me to marcy and my face. Is the bridge spirit lead me where my trust is without. Borders call me and take me to strong that one more time keep my eyes above when rose the rise, my soul embrace, and you are father.

We just thank you today for who you are and that we can call you our own if we made that decision. Fairfield, Church If we said yes to you, jesus, then then, where yours, what got me thinking that you’re constantly pursuing us, whether we have a relationship currently with you jesus or whether we’re in that journey of making that decision? We know that your words talks about how you pursue us and how you never stop, how you pursue us and how you never stop whether you’ve known jesus for a really long time. Maybe your likes him and you used to know, but then you drifted a little bit of a relationship denise you to jesus. Today we would love to introduce today how old is love is these yet to come, for maybe one of those words of knowledge applies to you or maybe there’s something totally different, it’s going on in life by the way. Thank you that your purse boris mocha word. Fairfield, Church You were singing sing, oh, the overwhelming chase’s real name. This love when I was yours to your love. Oh, come on when I felt when I feel no way you paid it off, bouncing you all kind of coming after me. It’s an old wall. You won’t kick down lie. You always hear them coming down a long time coming, harry potter videos yeah come on give me about give it up for jesus this morning. Man he’s awesome in this place. We thank you father. How many silver felt like me that you just didn’t ever feel like it was even possible? Big dog can kick down some stuff could get through the junk in your life to find you that he would leave the 99, then he would leave his post in heaven to send his son to come. I’m just thankful this morning right here on freedom, rock lot watching online this morning. Fairfield, Church I am so thankful for the freedom that I feel right now in this place, not to mention this memorial day weekend, I’m, just so thankful for the freedom, the land of the free I’m, so thankful this morning that we have freedom and I’m so thankful this morning that jesus kicked out some stuff in my eye. You know what jesus is still kicking out. Some junk in my life, i, never thought i, don’t know if I ever get to the place where he won’t continue to kick down stuff and jump, and all these things just keep lagging in my life. What kind like that suitcase I keep dragging around? If you say let go. I’ve already kicked down that stuff. I’ve already got rid of all that junk. You don’t have to carry it around anymore. So father we just thank you. We honor you right here. We thank you that you were such an awesome god how to get father. We thank you for freedom. We thank you this morning that that you will go through some stuff that we will go through some stuff, but got. Fairfield, Church We know that that your word declares over us that that you will never abandon us. You will never forsake us or leave us alone that you’re always with us always with us and by our side. Even though we may not see it, it doesn’t look possible even when ever it looks impossible, bother. I just believe today and declare over all these people that wouldn’t looks impossible. I will believe that it is impossible, come on, say that with me, when it looks impossible, I’m going to believe that it is possible in jesus name. We thank you this morning. I hate shake hands. Hudson next i, don’t know it’s pretty sweaty out here, but shake some hands about 10 to 15. People get some high fives. That might be better, hey give it up for our worship team. This morning a man hey, my name is chris, and we just want to welcome you watching online this morning, right here on freedom, rock ground i, just have one more announcement to make that I think this is very important at any point in time during the service. If you would just take your phone, if it’s the first time that you’ve ever been to one of our services or if it’s, if you made a fresh start today at some point in time, get your phone out and text 797-9979 roads, that’s 7, 97979 roads, all right to this text that and we want to welcome you to the roads church this morning, a man so I want this time. I turn the service over to pastor chad everett. Thank you, chris! Thank you! So much how’s everybody doing today, nice and shady I just want to. Thank you all for coming out to our first time ever is our 12th freedom rock. First one we had not 2007 they’ve been asking me since then, probably if we could do a service outside and I kept saying no i, don’t know that I want to do it. A lot of things that go into it. Fairfield, Church So I just want to thank first and foremost I want to thank all of the dream. Teamers the made this possible. Can we give a big applause to all of our dream? Teamers? We couldn’t do this today without them we’re so thankful for each and every one of them all of our children’s ministry, people working over there and serving our children. We want to. Thank you all of you watching online want to welcome you to a freedom, rock sunday here at the roads. Church I want to talk to you for just a little bit today, we’ve been talking in our church if you’ve been in are any of our services. We’ve been on a subject called being a game. Fairfield, Church Changer and I want to finish this up today and talking about something that I think is important in being a game-changer one of the things.

Fairfield, Church That’s helped me in my life, in making the transition from one thing to another and growing and being a game-changer is learning on how to be let byron or motivated or making a switch from being an externally resource person to an internally resource person. When we talked about being a game-changer, I gave the definition and and I’m going to give that to you a little bit today. Fairfield, Church It just says a new event and idea or action that shifts or changes the entire course of an existing situation, changes the way of thinking or doing something talked about two types of game changers. One type is when something happens to us from the outside. Another type is when something happens in us or through us, and when I want to talk about today and I want to encourage you and being a game-changer. Is it I want you to be a person that something happens on the inside of you, that’s greater than what’s happening on the outside of you. We can’t always control what happens to us on the outside, and some things that happened to us on the outside aren’t good. It’s negative we’re not going to always have great days, we’re not always going to have time to when things going well for us, but I want us to know that we have a resource on the inside. That’s bigger than what’s happening on the outside, come on I’m going to need some outside help from some people here today we want to talk about the power of something work on the inside of us and when we tap into that resource it doesn’t always change everything on the outside, but there’s something about what it does on the inside. That makes me look at my circumstances. Difference. Fairfield, Church Does anyone else in their life, like me? Have anything in their history that they’d like to change or take back? Anybody have anything in their life that they would like to call do-over i. Think we’ve all had situations in our life or we’ve experienced something, whether it’s something that was out of our control or in our control that were like hey, is there anyway? Fairfield, Church I can push the reset button on that? Is there anyway? I can hit the delete button on that or, if you’ve got a little bit of a john you if I could white out that part of my life, all of us have things in our life that we like to change, and none of us want to be remembered or defined by our weakest moments. None of us want to have our life defined by that time in our life, or we would just as soon forget, but there’s an area of your life. What time in your life you’re, like you know what I’m not very proud of myself, I loved? What tim got up here and talked about? He talked about a time in his life, where he wasn’t what he thought. Fairfield, Church He should be. Your wasn’t doing what he feels like he should have done, but I want us to remember that our life is not an instagram post. The story of your life is not a moment in your life. Our life, the true story of our life, will never be defined by a moment, whether that’s a good moment or a bad moment. The story of your life will never be defined totally by one moment in your life. So many times we look at things and we look at people’s posts. We look at their lives. We think all everything’s going well how many you have to raise your hand because I know it’s true, but how many is ever looked at someone supposed social media post pictures, something like that and you saw there like they’re all happy. Everything was great. It was an awesome family picture, but you don’t know that that one family picture took 12:15 takes screaming at kids. Tell him to smile hurry up and smile. Look at the camera. Stop look at your sister. Let me know that you didn’t see all that in the picture, but in that one picture, like wow I see all the problems with my family I wish. My family was more like them, but you don’t know that their families got just as many issues as your family. Does your just looking at a snapshot sometimes way things look on the outside. Fairfield, Church Is it a true story what’s happening on the inside, but here’s what I want to talk about today? I want to talk about internal dependency, because externally dependent satisfaction requires a constant external supply. How many of you ever tried to fill a void in your life with something on the outside? And yet you were still not satisfied. You tried to try to get satisfaction from something happening to you and you realized that it didn’t change anything in you. You thought the new job would work. You thought the new spouse would work. You thought the new boyfriend would work. The new girlfriend would work if you thought the rays would work. You thought don’t want to have this surgery, everything you thought something on the outside would truly make everything better, but then you found out that the issues, the things that happened on the outside didn’t change. What was going on in the end I want to talk to you about a lady in the bible. I, won’t tell you a story. Fairfield, Church I don’t want to do that in this asking this question. How would your life be different if you were more dependent on what was happening on the inside of you, then you were on what was happening on the outside of you, a game-changer move by what’s happening on the inside the story that I’m going to tell you about it’s about a woman in the bible. If you’ve heard the story, maybe you’ve been around the bob we’ve heard in church by, but maybe you haven’t, they talked about a woman at the well and jesus was going to this place called samaria, and it was a hot day like today, probably a little hotter, it was, it was high noon.

Jesus have been walking, Fairfield, Church he didn’t drive up here, like you all, didn’t even hear he walked up here from 4 all the way from his walking from from from down in the south. He was going through samaria and he was going up to galilee in the north and he’s stopped at samaire at this certain village and it was hot. It was around noon and he stops and says, buy this water will need a drink, and this woman comes up from samaria as she comes up to the well and when she walks up jesus said I could could you give me a drink? I choose from sumerian out. There was a little racism that went on back, then that’s samaritans and the jews didn’t talk to each other. The jews didn’t like the samaritans that also so the samaritan woman said what what are you a man, a jewish man talking to a samaritan woman? Do you realize who I am and jesus would like? If you knew who I was, then you wouldn’t be questioning? Why I’m talking to you be asking me for a drink and i? Wouldn’t just give you a regular drink. I’ll give you living water I want to give you something to subtly going to satisfy your thirst on the outside. I want to satisfy something on the inside. She today we’re going to have food and drink here in just a little bit. Fairfield, Church We’re going to eat maybe go back to some them holidays. How many said we’re going to braid your hair black I mean separating at a family thing, and you know you ate too much. I was at a family fish fry yesterday. I should have got all I need to say, I said family, fish fry him, and you know you cook, all this fried fish and you know a little fried fish goes a long way, but you’re eat nuts and hushpuppies and jalapeno poppers and all this stuff and you haven’t even got to desert. Yet so I got so full after chocolate, cake and other stuff too so I got I got so full I mean there was no room in the end right. But how many notes when I woke up this morning, I was what I was hungry, but I was full yesterday, but I was hungry this morning. This is what I’m talking about external things will only last so long external satisfaction will only last so long. We need something on the inside. That’s going to last a little longer than a meal. Fairfield, Church We need something on the inside and this woman came to the well cuz. She was thirsty for water. She was, it was a hot day, so she comes to the comes to the web. To get something to drink and and jesus ask her. If she wants to drink. You know they go through this little dialogue in and they jumped down and jesus says. Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst, but the water that I shall give him will become in him ever say in him in him. A function of water springing up into everlasting life. The woman said, sir, give me this water that I may not thirsty or come here to draw jesus said whoever drinks, this water will thirst again. Natural things, there’s a place for natural things in our life, Fairfield, Church but I want us to remember that natural things only have a natural lifespan. Natural things will only satisfy us for a short amount of time. There’s something that’s got to go beyond the temporal this one that he said how you can drink this water, but you’re going to be thirsty again. I want to offer you something that goes beyond the temporary I want to offer you something that’s not just going to satisfy you in the moment. I want to offer you something that’s going to satisfy you for life, drinking water comes from the outside in and it will satisfy you some of you drinking water right now. Some of you wish you could drink water right now. Fairfield, Church What’s the drinking water comes from the outside in and it satisfies you, but jesus said I want to give you something to drink. If you will drink from me, I will not give you a drink from the outside. It will become in you, it will become in you. A fountain smelling me say something real, quick, there’s, a big difference in a fountain on the inside and a bottle of water on the outside of fountain is like an artesian. Well, this is something that springs up on its own because of pressure on the inside when I wish I had one more time to tell you this, but god wants to put a fountain on the inside of you, that’s built on its own pressure and it comes up no matter what’s happening on the outside of the pressure of the well that god comes in the inside of you will serve you and no matter what you’re facing mitchell fountain, it’s okay, because here’s what happened so many times liberty says he goes on. Let me give me the woody. This tell the story says:go she says, sir. Fairfield, Church Can I have this water that I might not? First, she still thinking in the natural hey. Can I can I get some of that water, so I don’t have to come to this? Well I come this weather today, so she still stinking in the natural, so jesus has to get on the spirituals. He says:okay will go, call your husband and come here and she said well see here’s the Thing:i’m not married i, don’t have a husband, he said you’re right, you don’t have a husband currently, but you’ve been married five times and the guy you’re with right now, you’re not married to she was like oh snap, the streets for real.

How did he know I’ve been married five times, Fairfield, Church I’ve never met him before i. Don’t know this guy at all. How does he know I’ve been married 5 times? How does he know the guy I’m living with right? Now is not my husband. How does he know that she sometimes god will do some things in our life will bring us to an awareness of the power of what he has bring us to an awareness of who he is so what had happened, this woman in the bible? Does it say why she been married 5 times it doesn’t say whether five guys were just horrible to her and dropped her like a bad habit? It doesn’t say that she was just a mag and nobody could stand to be married to her longer than a year. It doesn’t tell us what happened. It just tells us for some reason. She been married 5 times, so here’s the analogy that I want to bring to us. Maybe your issue. Today she was trying to fill a void with five different men trying to fill a void in her life, and none of those men could fill that board. So she was on the sea hoping that he would be able to fill the void, but so I don’t know if yours is married, 5 times or its a job 5 times or whatever it is that you’ve tried 5 different times to fill a void. Fairfield, Church I want you to know, there’s a god sized void in your life that cannot be filled by anything, but jesus can be film anything but jesus. She tried 5 times. Take you something from the outside. Will this guy he’s just a loser? He doesn’t treat me the way. I want I want to get rid of him and try another one he’s not going to work. Try another one or maybe they dumped her. Maybe she was feeling rejected. Maybe she was getting rejected over and over and over maybe you’ve been rejected over and over in different areas of your life. But I got good news. Good news of jesus is come, take a drink from me and if you’ll come take a drink for me, I’ll put a fountain on the inside of you and nothing else will be able to satisfy your needs like I do this is what he wants to do for you. Maybe you’ve tried 5 different churches. Maybe you’ve tried church 5 times 7 times 8 times what the times the number of times has a significant. The point is this:that you’ve tried to fill a void in your life and the boys still there so I just hear god inviting today is right. Show this message to say to you:hey, come and drink what rights, are. Fairfield, Church I’m, not asking the church I’m asking you to try jesus I’m, not asking you to try religion, I’m, not asking you to try something on the outside I’m asking you to try something on the inside, but you love jesus, to come, live inside of your heart and be a fountain on the inside of you that I’m not moved by what happens on the outside I moved by what happens on the inside cuz. It’s not about emotions! It’s not about feeling good! It’s not about getting hyped up, because I’m telling you there’s going to be times in our life. For you in the face tragedy, you’re going to face difficulty god, never promised us. There would not be dry days. He never promised us. There wouldn’t be hot times. He never promised us. There would be days that we wouldn’t be thursday. He said I will be in you a fountain so that when these seasons of your life come, you have a resource on the inside that you can tap into that you’re not shut down. You don’t have to fold up shop, you don’t have to quit. Fairfield, Church You don’t have to give up when it gets hot when he gets dry in your life, when you’re going through difficulties. You’ll have a resource on the inside that you can tap into the bible calls it living waters streaming up on the inside of you. This is what the life of serving jesus is about. It’s not about going into a church and doing certain things right and not doing certain things lot wrong. The real message of the gospel in the bible Says:i’m, not ashamed of the gospel of jesus christ. The true power of the gospel is not what you do externally for god. The true message of the gospel is what jesus does for you on the inside and when he comes on the inside. Everything on the outside starts to change, because your resource is on the inside I’m out on the outside. So when my days are bad I’m going through struggles, I’m going through adversity, i, don’t look for external help. I look for my internal resource! That god on the inside of me is greater than what’s on the outside of me. This is what god wants to do in your life. I would offer you a drink today, not just at freedom rock you’re going to have free drinks all day. Fairfield, Church All you can stand you’re going to have free food you’re going to get filled up on food and drinks, but I promise you, if you don’t change on the inside, your life will still be hungry and thirsty. Tomorrow this woman came and jesus offered her a drink. She said, do I what do I need to do on the outside? You know you guys say that I need to go to jerusalem to pray and worship. So what do I need to do in the outside? To change? You said? No, no! No! You don’t understand! Fairfield, Church You need to change any phone. The only thing on the outside of a relationship with jesus is truly about something on the inside and he says that those that want to worship me must worship me in spirit and in truth, it’s not about external promises to god that you may not be able to keep I was never able to be a game-changer in the kingdom of god based on what I could do for him, because I always let him down I’m, never good enough, I’m, never good enough for god.

You like, we know you’re a pretty sure it doesn’t matter. Fairfield, Church Either., I’m, never good enough for god I’m, never going to be good enough for him. I’m never going to live my life well enough, so that he can be impressed with me. It’s not about your goodness! It’s not about how you could be so that you could. You can be so you can make god happy it’s about how good he is and how good jesus is. Jesus was perfect. He never send, but he hung on the cross for you and for me. Maybe you’ve tried to find acceptance from people on the outside. Maybe maybe you look for the people’s approval to make you feel good about yourself, but what I want to get out of this story and what I want to close with today is here in verse, 39, this woman after she had this encounter with jesus. It says that she ran back into her village now mind you. This is one that has been married 5 times and she’s living with a man that she’s not married to this woman was probably not welcome in the temple. Her lifestyle was probably not one that most regular religious people would not approve up, but she goes back into the town and she has the audacity in her unholy life. To tell everybody hey come see this man who told me everything about my life. Fairfield, Church Could he be the messiah? Could he be the one that we’ve been hoping for? Here’s the shake that we believe god for. Thank you jesus. So she goes back to town and she tells everybody what jesus has done on the inside of her, and it says everybody else saw the difference in her and they started to believe in jesus because of what they saw in her, but that was enough. Some of them came flooding out to jesus. Maybe it was like this, so they didn’t have a stage they never microphone. Maybe people came and they listen to jesus and they said we want to hear more of what you have to say. Fairfield, Church I, maybe you just came for free food today, maybe you just came for the car show where, for it doesn’t matter we’re just glad you’re here we appreciate you coming, but while you’re here I want to take just a moment to offer you a game-changing situation in your life, but you make a switch from being an externally resource person to being an internal resource person, but you’ll realize that you don’t need the acceptance of other people in the outside. You realize you don’t need another job to get full satisfaction, you don’t need more money, you don’t need another spouse. You don’t need this. You don’t need that everything that you need jesus wants to do it right here on the inside of you, so that when you don’t have anybody applauding you when you don’t have anybody cheering you on when you don’t have anybody talkin good to you and telling you how awesome you are inside of you will be a fountain of fountain that never runs dry. He doesn’t promise this life with no adversity. Fairfield, Church He just promises us a resource to get us through. Every bit of adversity will ever face. I wish I could come up and tell you that my life is all rainbows and roses I never have any problems. It’s all perfect, never have any emotional challenges, I never deal with fear or intimidation. I tell you, I was backstage and I was so filled with trepidation before I came out here and i. Do this all the time, but in the last 24 hours, I just felt so much fear trying to get me I’m, just being honest, I just felt so intimidated by like what am I going to say. Why would they come to listen to me? Who am i? Do they know what I deal with in my mind? Fairfield, Church Then they do. They know what insecurities I face on a regular basis. Do they know what challenges come my way, but I don’t know what to do. I, don’t know where to turn i, don’t know how I’m going to make it do they realize how unqualified I am I mean i. Just remember this tim begin to share his word, but god doesn’t call the qualified he qualifies. The called so I want to speak to someone who says I’m, not enough who says I’m, not good enough. I’m, not religious enough I’m, not righteous enough I’m, not I’m, not I’m too worried about what other people think about me. I’ve got failed too many times that I’ve had my five-time failure. Fairfield, Church I’m just messed up over and over and over I want to talk to. Somebody like me who says:i can’t make it on my own. The moment you say, I can’t make it on my own is the day you open up the door for the one that can supply all your needs to come in your hearts. There’s a fountain for you! There’s a fountain for you there’s a fountain that wants to come on the inside of you today. If you drink you drink today and you eat today, you’ll be thirsty and hungry again. I, don’t have anything to offer you my own, the roads church. We can offer you food and drink today, but guess what you got to go home tonight. You got to go back into your life, so what I’m going to offer you today is a chance to allow the fountain to flow again in your life. You may say:chat I’m already at follower. Geez I’m already believe her. Fairfield, Church That’s fine! That’s fine! I’m! Not here to question your eternity I’m here to encourage a present, but maybe you need a fresh drink from the fountain of god. I know myself that I was a believer.

I was a christian, Fairfield, Church but I was dry as a mojave desert until I just received the freshness of the voice of god in my life-and this is what god wants to do in you, he wants to give you a fountain of hope. He wants to give you a fountain of love when you run out of love when you run out of patience when you run out of wisdom on what to do when you run out of security when you’re filled with fear, what do you need? You need a fountain of boldness. You need a fountain of courage. You need a fountain of strength. Where does it come from chad who doesn’t come from emotion then come from hype? It comes from him chores to do this in this moment. I just want us to be our hits and I’m going to invite the holy spirit to do what I cannot do just like this woman at the well. Maybe you came today and your life has issues will just like mine and you’re, Fairfield, Church like chad I need a drink. I need this fountain you’re saying chat. I need this water that you’re talking about, can I have a drink of this water, so that I will never thirst again. Here’s how simple it is I’m going to give you an opportunity to pray and ask the lord to feel you with this living water. Maybe you’ve been through some tough times, maybe you’re facing some challenges. Right now, but I know I know a man who can change everything in your life and one moment, it’ll start from the inside out you’ll sit with nothing’s going to change on the outside something’s going to change on the inside will be different forever, maybe you’re already a christian. Fairfield, Church The right now just want you to pray and i. Want you to say these words. God fill me with the fountain of got. Fill me with the fountain fill me with rivers of living water god i, give you my life i, give you my situation. Come into, my, heart, holy spirit touch every person under the sound of my voice. Let every person know your presents and feel your presence right now in jesus name, that every person know the love of god the reckless love of god the reckless, unconditional, unwavering love of god. Inside of you, god wants to do a work on the inside of you. That is bigger than what’s happening on the outside of you. It’s not hype. It’s not hyperbole! It’s not something I’m! Just trying to pump you up I’m telling you there’s a fountain that wants to come to you and it is the fountain of god. If you never asked jesus to come into your life right now, I want to pray with you I want to eat you in a prayer. Today we’re going to have an opportunity to have water, baptisms and I am so pumped about water baptism. We want to baptize people today. We want to baptize people into a new life in christ, so if you’re watching online or your right here on the grounds-and you want to ask jesus to come into your life I want you to pray this prayer with me prayed out loud. You have to scream it, but just pray it loud enough, for you can hear yourself if you’re watching online. I want you to pray right there at your phone right there to computer you’re, not asking chad to do anything for you, you’re asking for the king of kings and lord of lords jesus himself to come on the inside of you and make all things new from the inside out come on. If you want to pray that this morning, what you online right here on the ground, don’t want you to follow with me. You don’t pray it to me. Fairfield, Church You pray to god, you pray it to the one who hung on the cross for you jesus and you realize. Without him you will never be able to do it. It’s not about your goodness. It’s about his will. You pray this with me all together that you’re wanting jesus to come into your life, believe it with all of your heart, but he paid the price for your sense out of fountain is coming to you today, pray this with me together, say father in heaven, I believe in jesus paid, the price for my sin. By dying on the cross today, I asked you to come into my life. Forgive me and my sin I choose to serve you and not serve myself. I believe you rose from the dead so that I could have a new life. Show me what the fountain of got rivers of living, water i, give you my heart I give you my life. Thank you for loving me and thank you for saving me and jesus name. I pray, amen, amen, come on, it’s got a big round of applause. Thank you, jesus! Thank you jesus. He is so good. So hey. Fairfield, Church If you made jesus the lord of your life, we want to connect with you today. As matter fact, we would like for you to take your phone out and just text +797-979-879-7979 and also, if you’re here on the ground and you made jesus lord you’re like a fresh start. We have a gift right over there at the welcome center for you. So just go there and pick that up at the end of service. Today we want to connect with you. If you want to get water baptized, because we believe in your next step. We don’t want you to come to church. We don’t want you just to just a set in the pews. We want you to take your next step and we care so much about your growth, inwardly and outwardly. Fairfield, Church So we want to take an opportunity.

We’ve create an opportunity for you to be water baptized today, Fairfield, Church if you are wanting to do that today, which is an awesome thing be back at this building behind us behind the stage here at 2 p.M. We want to connect with you and help you with those next steps. We’re going to have the baptism is going to start at 3, it’s going to be awesome and powerful all right. So hey one last thing that I want to do real, quick, I know everybody standing up. How many veterans do we have here on this freedom rock sunday raise your hand if you’re a veteran here. Look at that! Fairfield, Church Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I just have a little poem that I like to read. Today. I. Think it’s very fitting for this moment it says:remember those who serve before remember those are no more remember those who serve today. Remember them all on memorial day, so we just want to take the time we’ve heard about jesus how he can give freedom. Now we just want to honor all of our veterans today on this memorial day. So one more time, let’s give it up for all of our veterans today. Thank you very much. We love you. We appreciate you all right, all right, some last-minute announcements to make real, quick, hey we’re going to be starting all the the food booths are going to be open at noon today. Alright, in about 30 minutes, don’t forget to pick up your kiddos over there catch this right here. Fairfield, Church The food booths will not open until all the kids are picked up back there. Alright, so parents don’t be skipping out going to get your food first. Alright, so kick get your kiddos come back. The food booths will be able to have her opening ceremonies right at noon. Hey if you’re watching online this morning, you still have time to get here. We’re going to be here till 5 come out and join us and have a great rest of the day on freedom, rock 2018. We love you Fairfield, Church

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