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I want you to get your bible if you have your bible on your mobile device. Fairfield, Church What I’m going to share with you today is something the lord gave me for you. February february, 7th and I have held this word for you. The other day I was going to share some of it with my wife and the holy spirit hold it keep it all of our married life every sunday morning. She has prepared for me beside the coffee pot. Some people go to prayer first in the morning. Some of us go to the coffee pot, but see me and jesus are so close. I can go, have coffee with it, but every morning she has a note beside the coffee pot. Fairfield, Church Today we weren’t at home wow and she texted me my note. It is my sermon text for today and she had no idea. First know that the lord loves you I am here as your servant. I am here as family I checked out white county a little bit and found out that I have a distant cousin that was sheriff in white county orlando burrell in the 1800’s seriously. Isn’t that right and he represented white county and in congress yeah, so I feel like I’m home i. Fairfield, Church Want you to say this with me:you can’t lose. Oh, that was pitiful, say it again. You can’t lose with the stuff. I use say it again:you can’t lose with the stuff. I use, that’s pretty cool everybody looking for cure to something you already have it say:i already have it I want you to go to luke chapter 10, verse, 19 says this.

Fairfield, Church The very last part of the verse and I want you to say it with me and nothing by any means shall harm you or hurt you you’re, going to find what we’re going to talk about from luke chapter 10 you’re going to find it and matthew chapter 10 you’ll find it in mark chapter 6 briefly. Let me share with you a little bit about what’s going on and I saw it operating here today and I’m going my goodness. Fairfield, Church This is what the lord said. Luke chapter 9 jesus calls his 12 that he personally chose and he said, look I want you to go out and I want you to heal the sick. I want you to cast out the leper cast out demons. I want you to heal this and i. Want you to tell them the kingdom of god, has come, then true that the entire chapter he begins to instruct them and tell them things to do. He has already given them power. Whatever you have need of it’s yours, luke chapter 10, he calls up the 70 or 72 in the original greek. There is a word that means 70, but there is a word translators left out. That’s right beside that. That is translated the number to that’s. Fairfield, Church Why? Sometimes you having some places, the numbers 70 and the number 72 and other places, but god didn’t mess up when he sent the message. The 72 were not preachers, everybody say they were not preachers. They weren’t ordained by anybody. Jesus just kicked them. Fairfield, Church Everybody look this way. He sent me here to tell you he’s picked. You turn to somebody and say:he’s picked you and he said to them. He said I want you to go and he said I want you to tell people that the kingdom of god’s arrived and I want you to i, want you to cast out devils. Well, they go when they do that, and they come back and they’re jumping up and down it’s happening. What happened? You can’t lose with the stuff I use they’re, so excited. Jesus said what happened with the stuff. Fairfield, Church I use say that everywhere, I go, people are getting better, jesus said to them. He said:whoa, wait a minute slow down just a second, he said:i want to tell you something:it’s okay, that you’re shouting, because the devils are subject to you. Don’t ever have to do something for you and go I’m, really glad you did that jeep did you know a lot of times? God does things for us and we never tell anybody. Those of you that came up for prayer today when god does something for you come back up here until folks, hey when you laid hands on me, the lord touching it there’s nothing wrong with. Thank you coming down the lord made me who the lord touch me. The lord made me well, the word you spoke today:16 you’re, right on the money right on jesus said it’s! Okay! If you do that and when you hear about people getting healed because you prayed for them rejoice over it, don’t put on this. Well, you know I’m, just a humble servant to jesus, just whatever he wants to do with me. That’s why I wanted to praise his holy name? What you’re going to do is you are going to be like you were when you got saved the bible says if you say with your mouth, that jesus is lord and believe in your heart and then you need to go. Tell somebody hit I’m born again. I! Don’t act like that anymore! Fairfield, Church I! Don’t go to those places anymore! Cuz, I’m born again I’m a new creature. Tell somebody but watch this jesus said in verse, 10. He said when you go out, don’t take anything with you, don’t take anything with you, don’t take any money, don’t take any extra clothes watch, he says and wherever you go they’re going to take care of you, he said and nothing by any means will hurt. You don’t be afraid to send your children to school nothing by any means will hurt them. How do you know because you pray for angelic encampment around your children? Are you hearing me? Nothing is going to hurt you, but that that sounds good in english, but in the nothing by any means will hurt.

You does not mean physical. Fairfield, Church The things that hurt us most is what people say about us and jesus is saying nothing. Anybody says is going to hurt your influence. You just keep living right. You keep doing right and I’m going to take care of you, cheap I’m, a preacher’s kid did. Fairfield, Church You know. Preacher’s kids are supposed to be the baddest I’m. The meanest I have 3 children that are all involved in the ministry, but I don’t preachers supposed to be. What other people say about you affect what you do they’re going to end? Don’t try to defend yourself. You just do what the lord says when he says go over there until the man of god such and such and such don’t wonder what somebody else is going to I’m sure you do what he says. Fairfield, Church In spite of what people say now watch luke 9. He says it to the disciples luke 10. He says it to regular people and he tells them don’t take anything with you in luke chapter 22 go there real, quick and luke chapter 22, beginning with their first 35 through 38 they’re, about to take jesus to the cross they’re about to arrest. Jesus, everybody listen to me and he turns to his disciples, and he says remember last time when I sent you out did you have need of anything and they said not a thing. Everybody look this way. God is going to take care of you when you have nothing. Fairfield, Church If he says go you go if he says give there may be things in this body. The lord says you know all that money you’ve got saved up for the future. I want you to give it here. I’m doing somebody last I thought they all went home if he said give it all, don’t answer out loud cuz i, don’t want you to drop dead at shelter 5, but if he said give it all, would you but didn’t luke 22? He turns that he asked his followers. Did you ever need anything? They said no watch this. He told him, he said, don’t take a pocketbook, don’t take a bag of clothes, don’t take a weapon, don’t take anything but in luke 22. He turns around. He says this time. Everybody say this time. Fairfield, Church You carry everything with you, you can get a hold of you take if you have one sword, get to the lord sent me here to tell you there are things he’s going to send you to do as individuals and as a church that he’s going to tell you? Don’t you take it, but then there are other times he’s going to say:i want you to pack up everything and take it. Do you know? Why do you want to know why he changed it? I asked him that’s.

Why did you change it? Fairfield, Church He said because they were taking their seed with them before I was investing in them and luke 22. They were investing in me. Does that help anybody see here’s the deal you can’t lose with the stuff I use, whether you have something to give or not whether you have something to take her to you can’t lose with the stuff I you, oh, my lord for of luke turns to his followers and he says here’s what I want you to do. I want you to go to jerusalem and i. Want you to stay there until you’re in dude, with power from on hot? Don’t you go anywhere until you get that acts chapter, one clue keeps writing jesus go to jerusalem and stay there. Sometimes before you go out to heal the sick and trims the leper and cast out the dead have you been by yourself, so he can so into you, but in acts chapter 2 they get full and acts chapter 3, peter and john are going to the temple at the. Hour of prayer and all of a sudden, they find the lame man and it’s time to unpack my hand and get up and walk with me. Luke chapter ain’t. Fairfield, Church No, nothing by any means. You’re hurt me, but what was supposed to have excited the town made the town mad, but jesus took care of them. Cuz at the end of blue have acts chapter 4. They have prayed until the whole place. They were at who shakin chapter 5, always tell god the truth, always tell god the truth. Don’t ever pretend if god didn’t say it shut up. If god said given, and you don’t you’ll lose it you’re, getting ready to do some big things around here, something’s about to happen around here, you need to get ready to invest. Are you listening to me chapter 6 god moves and the church raises up seven men that are full of the holy ghost head. Fairfield, Church Do you know what their job is to take care of widows? Anybody takes care of widows needs to be full of the holy ghost hahahaha acts chapter 7 stephen is put on trial. Fairfield, Church Do you know why? Because he is healing, the sick dogs loose and sons peter and john to a city outside in the place called samaria and they got hands on the folks that got full of the holy ghost and the preacher. Their name philip his sent down to the desert and god gives him a plane. Air right after he, ministers to one man and acts chapter 9, the apostle paul gets saved and converted the next chapter. 10 peter goes into the house of cornelius and preachers the holy ghost to them and report to the church with the holy ghost. Here’s what I’m trying to tell you he is saying you don’t do what I’m told you to do and stop standing around waiting for something to happen, real quick. How does this apply to me? Number one write this down when the lord tells you to go, stop telling him the reasons you can’t I can go.

You know, I got hepatitis. Fairfield, Church I have no idea what that is. You know when I can go when I was when I was a child. My daddy used to cuss at me and and beat me up your fence. You ought to be over. Then I spend a lot of my time professionally. Counseling. With voting somebody hurt me, you never tell your wife that she tells you to do something. You can’t tell me what to do. Fairfield, Church She is just tells you to do something. I can’t do that cuz, my daddy was mean to me when he tells you to do something. Do it right then? Secondly, he wants you to know that what you do will make god rejoice. The bible says in luke, chapter 10 when they came back to join i, am so glad you’ve done this in their life android. You have done it a month and people that nobody else would have used. Well, I’ve never been to bible school grade. We don’t have to get out of all of that junk out of you. Thirdly, when god tells you to do something remember he may change as you’re doing it your methodology. Is this helping anybody stop trying to get to your kids. The way you used to get to them stop preaching to them just be daddy big mama. If I talked to my mom and daddy the way some kids talk to their parents today, I’d be eating lunch with jesus. Fairfield, Church Today, do you know what my parents did when I was a little boy? Every day my momma, your mom, ever yell for you in the neighborhood ohmygod almost had to do three years of therapy to get over that and I run to the house, and my three sisters and I gather around the table and mom and have the bible open I learned to read the bible before I went to school. I saw both of my sisters, older sister, my older sister and my young sister receive the baptism of the holy ghost at home. The lord called me to preach when I was 11 I preach. My first sermon on my 12th birthday. I’ve been freaking 51 years, I’m still 27 haha yes morning, whatever teenager in the house, or would you just stand up? I got to stop right there. I’m not finished. Is that okay stand up wherever you are? Your teenager stand up everywhere in the house. I, don’t care stand up every teenager I want you to step out from where you’re standing and come right here hurry hurry. Please don’t sit down. Fairfield, Church Please come please! Please thanks me. Thanks me, you’re not going to have to face the audience face me say this with me:you can’t lose with the stuff I use. You are one of the reasons the lord sent me. You said when you go to crossroads free for the teenagers. He said this to me on february 7th I knew jesus wasn’t coming before the 25th cuz. He said to pray for you, I’m, very serious, you’re, one of the groups that he is saying, I’m sending you. You may not be able to tell today, but I used to be a teenager where I went to school in toronto. One of my teachers beat me up because I was a christian, a gang in the school held me on the floor and let cigarettes and rub them in my face. Trying to make me use. Profanity I know what it’s like to want. People to like you I know what it’s like to want to be cool, and let me tell you i:don’t care how old your parents yet I don’t care how old your grandparents get. They still want to be cool. Fairfield, Church Don’t you ever forget that? Sometimes we don’t do it real good, but you need to let your mom and your dad and your grandparents be the prophets in your life. I have three children all are in the ministry. It’s great to hear them and see them text me and say:dad you’re, my profit I know god speaks to you, my baby girl, texted me before I came up here. She said if they would know that. Not only are you my dad, but you’re the man of god god wants to do great things for you. He wants you to be blessed. He wants you to be prosperous. He wants you to have all of the friends that you want to have. He wants you to have that good-looking guy, that you have been hired for a while, but he want, but he wants him to be saved. My daughter waited until she was 27, but she has a man of god. Sir god has his hand on you. He sent me here from atlanta to tell you. He has his hand on you he’s talking to you today. He sent me all the way up here to tell you this. This is your day. The 25th of february is your day

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