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Let’s jump right into our message when I recalibrate series and it’s Eldorado Church great to be back with you this week and will be talkin about recalibrate again like we have been for several weeks. So it’s get your sermon open up your bibles to matthew, chapter 6, matthew, chapter 6, recalibrate recalibrate, about three words. Basically, the definition I gave you the the full length definition, the official one, if you will in your notes within also the word calibrate recalibrate, just deals with three things:we’re trying to focus on number 1. Eldorado Church What is the standard? What are we measuring by in every area of our life? We need to know what are standard is so what were measuring against? What’s what time marker? What’s the goal? What are we shooting for? I was wizard of ollie ball tournament. This yesterday and and I was looking over my notes and a couple of dads from the teams of all you’re really concentrating on some. What are you doing? That’s what I’m looking through my notes for tomorrow-and they said, what’s tomorrow, usher featuring a message to my soul:wow, okay. So what do you want to practice on us? So what are you talking about? I said what all it’s about Eldorado Church recalibrating and so I gave him like the 60-second reader’s digest version or cliff notes version, or whatever version of was short version of calibrating and talking about the standard and all that and one of them said if my wife would just lower the standard, she wouldn’t be disappointed so much cuz I’m a I’m, not sure you got the message yet, but you at least got some terminology in there. So, since about finding a standard, we measured by cuz we’re not measuring against our worst example in our life were measuring against jesus and what the bible says. Then it’s about the difference. What are we were finding out? How far Eldorado Church am i? So this is my locator of where am I in my life there’s a standard just what god says, but here’s what I’m actually experiencing and then number 3. We got to make the tough decision to make a change if we ever want to measure up to the standard. That’s what we got to change, where we are make some decisions and that’s the conformity step so today we’re recalibrating our minds again so matthew chapter 6, let’s see if we can find a little bit about what are examples are example, is what we’re measuring against in matthew chapter 6, I’mma start reading, verse, 9 jesus says this in this manner therefore pray our Eldorado Church father in heaven, hallowed be, your, name, your, kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Now we talked about this a little bit, but it’s important for us to see. What is our example? We find it here in these three, or at least this verse. These few words here says on earth, as it is in heaven, so are example are standard in life is on earth, just as it is in heaven. I know that sounds impossible, because we’ve been taught that heaven totally different, totally perfect earth miserable horrible survive or get to heaven. That’s what we’ve been taught too many times, but even from the beginning, if you’ll go back to the beginning of your bible genesis chapter one, we talked about this. That, from the very start from the jump, it was never god’s intention to get Eldorado Church man out of earth and in the heaven his intention was to get heaven to earth through man that was just cool. That was his agenda from the jump. It’s like, okay, you know what I’m going to make you boom I’m, going to put you down here on this earth I look I made for you and then I made you my image, my likeness and here’s. What I want you do. I want you to turn your earth, where it makes it where it looks like my heaven I’m at work with you I’m, going to partner with you and we’re going to work together and here’s one day we’re going to we’re going to begin to spread my kingdom from heaven I want you to spend on your that was his agenda. Genesis chapter, 1 and jesus shows up and teaches how to pray. Just to let us know that the agenda from genesis chapter 1 is still in play Eldorado Church in matthew chapter 6. He didn’t change anything. It’s still our father who art in heaven your kingdom come your will be done on earth, just as it is in heaven. That’s our example, but now they know the experience. That’s the difference part you said bye, earthly experience doesn’t match up with a heavenly example. Eldorado Church What, if things aren’t matching up? You say supposed to be like heaven will. My life is not like heaven at all in these areas in my life, what we got to figure out, sometimes if people, if their experience, doesn’t match up with example. Just like that guy said they’re tennessee. Is they want to change the example? In other words, if my experience is not what the standard is, then I want to bring the standard down and I want to change. My example-and this would Eldorado Church happen sometimes will will build a theology based on our experience instead of on the example. Jesus says this is what you’re supposed to experience in your life I’m experiencing this. So then we begin to water down the example and say:well, you know what not everybody can have that I’ll be on that that person doesn’t and we begin to bring our example. And match it with our experience and that’s not what god wants to do. He wants us to make decisions and choices to Eldorado Church bring rx our experience up to his example. Then we talked about that a little bit.

So can we have on earth as it is in heaven? I know it sounds a little Eldorado Church daunting a little intimidating for someone to say I should have heaven on earth. It sounds impossible, but the problem is what god was just reminding me that we’ve had the wrong concept of heaven. We thought on earth as it is in heaven means perfection. It doesn’t mean perfection, because in the very beginning, when god put adam and eve on the earth, there was no sin, but he still told them to subdue and have dominion. Why would they have to subdue and have dominion in a Eldorado Church perfect life, and he said because he create a free free, will society of free will world where people had to make choices. So in my life, just because there’s a position resistance to the plan of god to the purpose of god in my life doesn’t mean it’s not on earth as it is in heaven. It just means I need to continue to Eldorado Church subdue and have dominion over. Those areas of my life I can have on earth as it is in heaven in the process of spreading the kingdom of heaven into my earthly experience, it’s going to be a process for neighbors, say it’s a process, but the process on earth as it is in heaven is not bamo zeppe’s alley, whatever it’s not immediate, it’s a process for working through ups. So our experience part we want to make sure and understand. Recalibrating are mine, check this out,. Bring your mind is about changing our dominant reality, because the kingdom of god is a present tense reality. It’s in the invisible realm, the kingdom of god and then there’s the kingdom of the world. So we’ve got these two kingdoms going against each other. This conflict of reality and we’ve got to decide which reality is going to be. Our dominant reality am I going to live like this earthly world is the most dominant reality or am I going to live like the kingdom of god is the most dominant reality. That’s our challenge right because we see smell and taste touch the kingdom of the world all around and we don’t Eldorado Church see the kingdom of god. We see the effects of the kingdom of god, so we got to figure out how do I make the kingdom of god my biggest reality so that live towards that reality and realize what I’m experiencing is temporary? It’s a challenge, I get it, but it’s alright! It’s it’s! What god has given us as our measuring stick ever so example. So, recalibrating your mind is about changing our dominant reality until the example of heaven subdues. Our experience in that Eldorado Church area. Let’s experience for me looking for me parts about what do I exchange the first star example. Then we got my experience now. It’s exchanging conformity step. If we’re going to recalibrate our mind, we have to be willing and determine really to change. Something looking for mini step is about changing or another word. The bible uses his repentance. We have to repent if we’re going to experience change in our life. The word repent is very important. The word repent does not mean I’m, sorry, god, oh I’m, so sorry, god, I’m, sorry, I’ll. Never do it again. I’m sorry, I’m sorry be repaired is not coming and praying with her. It’s an alter. Someone just trying it’s out! Sorry, I’m! Sorry, if that’s not repentance, repentance uci, giving your notes to the word. Repent is a greek Eldorado Church word methanol, which literally means to change the way you think we hit pants like penthouse where’s, the penthouse. It’s on the top floor right, so repent means to come back to a higher way of thinking, change. The way you think the word mention hell and loans definition of to think differently to change one’s way of life. As a result of complete change of thought or attitude, we will not change the way we behave until we change the way. We think once we change the way Eldorado Church we think we will go starts will start to change our beliefs and once we change our beliefs, our beliefs will determine our behavior. Some people are trying to change their behavior by stopping the behavior. That’s not how it works. I, stop I change my behavior by changing the way, I think which develops a new belief in me, which, off of biggest to give birth to a new behavior in me. So if I want to change what I’m doing, don’t just stop what you’re doing alone, you Eldorado Church got to begin to change what you think, how you look at something. So this is about making the exchange. John 3:3 says that this way, jesus answered and said to him most assuredly I say to you. Unless one is born again, he can’t see the kingdom of god here’s about making a change of the conformity step unless we’re born again, we can’t even see the kingdom of god. We can’t even see how it works. We can’t even see how it operates, never been around people that have no Eldorado Church bearing forgot. You have been around people that just have no no gauge for god, no, no experience, about. No knowledge about god and they do ungodly things will guess what that’s what I did when I had no knowledge about god, so you can’t even see it. You can’t even see for giving someone that abuses you. You can’t Eldorado Church even see that, because you know you’re born again. God begins to open your eyes to begin to see a new way of living, but the problem is too many times we stopped at the sea, two more versus down in and john 3 chapter verse 5. It says that unless you’re born of water and of spirit and spirit, you will not be able to enter the kingdom of god.

There’s one thing to see the kingdom of god and it’s a whole nother Eldorado Church thing to experience. The kingdom of god enter it to begin to walk into some people, recalibrate remind repent change enough to get forgiveness of sins and they stop they. They they repent enough to get forgiven and then they stop. They don’t enter into the kingdom way of living repentance as far as getting born again is just to get you to place of entering the kingdom of god. It’s not the end. It’s the beginning got. We got to recalibrate your thinking when I asked jesus to Eldorado Church come into my life and I get forgiveness of sin that is the beginning of entering a new kingdom. A new way of life. Remember moses in the old testament make you not heard this story, but there’s a guy named moses, the ten commandments and all that, but moses got mad and struck the rock when god told him to speak to the rocks and so moses wasn’t able to enter into the promised land. I thought god was so harsh, but that’s not for me to judge so he takes moses up and he says moses you’re not going to be able to go into the promised land to experience it, but I will take you up and show it to you. Moses was able to see the Eldorado Church promised land, but he was never able to experience it and I believe suit too many times in our christian walk. We’re willing to compromise to only cm to the things of god instead of walking into them and experiencing them i. Don’t want you to stop short of just seeing the goodness of god i. Want you to experience the goodness of god. She got to recalibrate our mind. We got to repent according to that now, once we do this, look, let’s go over to matthew chapter 16. How do Eldorado Church we? How do we recalibrate our minds to do this? How do i? How do we get there matthew chapter 16, so the question would be how do I enter if you’re saying unless you’re born of water and spirits, you cannot enter the kingdom of god wants to enter the system of god the the process of got. How do I enter that we enter it through the gates, we’re going to enter the kingdom of god through gates. So we’re going to talk about that you’re matthew, chapter 16! Looking for let’s go with verse, 15 i! Don’t even have that no I didn’t read with me. There’s 15 says:jesus talk to peter, who do you say that I am simon peter answer and Eldorado Church said you are the christ, the son of the living god answer, verse, 17 jesus, answered and said to him blessed? Are you simon bar jonah? It wasn’t his full name like barwood, his middle name, jordan win his last name bar just means of jonah was his dad, so simon of jonah, so mike my children never mind up you get the picture or do I need to go through all five of them or do you got the illustration for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my father, who is in heaven so here were talking about making exchange and jesus enter something here and going verse, 18 and I also say to you Eldorado Church that you are peter and on this rock I will build my church and the gates of hades shall not prevail against it. Not jesus introduces something here. This very important something called the gates of hades I’ll, build my own build my church on this rock and the gates of hades will not prevail against that. We talked about a little bit last time, the gators a protective place, it’s not an aggressive place. So where is the gates of hades? Is it a place down in the center of the earth that we need to go and we need to bombard those gates and come back not smelling like sulfur? You know, that’s, that’s not what we’re talking Eldorado Church about the application hear the spiritual application, where the gates of hades I gain as a place of access or transition, so the gates of hades. What I’m going to submit to us through this is the gates of hades is in our minds. The access points for that for the kingdom of darkness is in our minds. The access points for the kingdom of heaven is in our Minds:i’m, not talking about being born again and and from your heart. Salvation comes I’m, not talking about that I’m. Eldorado Church Talking about accessing the kingdom of heaven’s ways. The gate to that is in our minds. I want to talk about how that works, so the gates of haiti’s. The access points of health is in her mind, but knows when it says the gates of hades will not prevail against the church. They will not overpower or they will not defeat. It now. Look what happens. Here’s an example and this story I’m going to show you an example of what happens when we open the gates to the wrong kingdom. Eldorado Church Look at the peter example. Again, 15 jesus said:who do you say that I am peter said you’re the christ, the son of the living god jesus is answering verse 17 blessed? Are you simon bar jonah for flesh and blood people? Mankind worldly things has not revealed that to you, but my father, who is in heaven? So where did peter get that answer? You are the christ, the son of the living god. Where did he get that he had a thought? He had a thought and then he spoke that fart Eldorado Church when he spoke that thought he empowered that thought. Jesus asked a question:he had a thought. He spoke that fart and when he spoke at the empowered it in his life so much so that jesus turns to him and says blessed, are you what was he blessed by jesus’s words know he was blessed by the thought he was blessed by Eldorado Church what he said.

He didn’t say it wasn’t. The peter wasn’t blessed until jesus said you’re blessed. It was the thought that came from heaven that brought blessing on him. Jesus Eldorado Church recognize his I will wait a minute. That sounds like my daddy talking. That sounds like the father. That sounds like heaven. However, you want to say it blessed. Are you simon, cuz I know you didn’t get an answer from this world? You got that answer from heaven. That’s a heaven answer right there, a good job peter will go to church on that kind of stuff. It’s a good job. Jesus noticed that jesus recognized immediately I thought that came from heaven. You ready verse, 22 Eldorado Church peter took him aside. This is after jesus told him that he was going to be crucified, killed and raised on third day and peter took him aside, began to rebuke him. He knows when you anytime, you rebuke jesus, it’s not going to end well for you, that’s not a good strategy. You know of your prayer time would you can Eldorado Church jesus is not how you want to start at dear heavenly father, I rebuke, you that’s not how you start out and rebuke sam saying far be it from you lord. This shall not happen to you tonight. Peters defense, descendants, good intentions, it’s a no jesus you’re, not going to be crucified huh for being from you, i, don’t want you to die and that’s an admirable thing to not much jesus to die. I know it’s not like. You said something:evil I thought what the is jesus Eldorado Church response, but he jesus turned and said to peter the same guy. He just said blessed. Are you simon bar jonah will build a church on you. You receive that from my father in heaven, told you that stuff, that’s awesome, but he turned and said to peter get behind me satan how he knows. That’s a drastic contrast in 30 seconds blessed:i am father in heaven church building on me. It’s awesome, get behind me! Satan! You thought you had a roller coaster:ride in your spiritual, walk, manage drastic from father in heaven revelation to get behind me satan. But what happened jesus said:who am i, who am I peter, had a thought. The engage Eldorado Church that phone and power that fart release that with words jesus recognizes from heaven and said you’re blessed because of that jesus said something else about him going to die, be raised on the third day. Peter had another thought. How many notes are:we’ve all had other thoughts. We have those blessed thoughts and we have those get thee behind me satan thoughts. We got them so now. I’m peter not only had that thought, but he empowered it when he said far be it from you Eldorado Church jesus. This will not happen to you. He empowered that farts and notice how quickly jesus recognize the difference from a word from heaven and a word from satan immediately. He recognize the difference and he didn’t he said, get thee behind me. Satan. Look what he said he’s not talking to peter he’s talking to satan. Eldorado Church Why is he the same because he knew where the thought came from? Why did he blessing? He didn’t bless him because he’s peter, because he recognized for the thought came from. He said that didn’t come from flesh and blood that came from heaven, so I know you’re blessed because where it came, from. Not because of who he was but because where it came from this is why it’s not personal it’s whichever one we engage. Is the fruit we’re going to get in our life. You didn’t Eldorado Church rebuking cuz, he was mad and he rebuked him because he engaged in a thought that came from heaven. He got blessed and he got rebuke. What was the difference which thought he engaged and where it came from see how that works? We do the same thing. He said get thee behind me. Get behind me! Satan! You are an offense to me. I looked over the fence, you are an offense to me that, where the fence there is a greek word scandal on, we get our word scandal from it. It’s scandalous Eldorado Church the scandalous word. What the word means trap:stick the stick or trigger of a trap. It’s like you, set a trap and you put a stick. There and you try and disguise it writing. You know poor little innocent animal comes walking in there to nibble on your baby boom. You pull the trap stick. Trap goes down, it’s stuck Eldorado Church right, it’s captured when he said those words that you’re saying they are an offense to me. He was saying your words. That fought is a trap. It’s a trap for me, I realize that comes from the enemy and that fault that you engaged in I’m not going to engage in it, because, if I engaging it’s a trap for me to not do what my father brought me on this earth to do it’s a trap to rob me of the will of god. The enemy is going to try and put trap thoughts in our mind and the Eldorado Church purpose of those trap. Thoughts are to rob us of the plan of god, for our life would be ready because the trap by definition, looks good. If you’re going to set a good trap, you don’t set up a neon, sign and say:trap. You don’t expose it where everybody can see it, you can seal it. You covered up, for it looks normal you make it look appealing you even put out bait you put out bait with something that will entice something james we send when we are drawn away by our own Eldorado Church desires and enticed here’s. What the trap is. The trap is the enemy to put a thought in our mine, and it will sound normal. It sounds like something anybody else would say, but you got to be careful because our example, our standard, is not what the world says.

It’s what god says it sounded innocent for peter to say code she’s, a cross. I! Don’t want that to happen. How does that sound like something of the devil? It doesn’t sound like of the devil. Eldorado Church It sounds like something normal come on:we’re going to miss the trap of the enemy, because we get so engrossed in normal that we stop talking like the kingdom. We got to listen for words that sound like heaven and stop listing for words that sound like everybody else, just cuz it sounds like everybody else. Everybody else says it, everybody else. Doesn’t it doesn’t mean it’s not a trap? What is a trap? Do if you go for the trap, you go for the bank once you’re in the trap. It brings bondage to you. It limits you it hold. You back. Jesus would not have been free to do what god wanted him to do if he would have engaged or Eldorado Church accepted the trap. So the trap is that I’m going to give you freedom reset. This way you can have freedom to say whatever you want, but not everything you say will bring you freedom, peter was free to say jesus far, be it from you. You’re not going to be crucified, he’s free to say it, but that thought and those words didn’t bring him freedom. It was going to bring bondage to him and it was bringing bondage to the purposes of god. So it’s a trap at the bank, but the Eldorado Church enemies going to entice you with something you want something you like he’s going to put it out. There he’s going to disguise it. So we’ve got to be careful of trap thoughts. He’s going to give you chop fault about your spouse. Give you trap thoughts about your job. Be, careful example. Illustration. Last weekend, Eldorado Church we’re going we’re going up to a marriage conference will speak on marriage for 3 days straight. It’s going to be wonderful. That’s all I spoke thursday night at a christian, school, fundraisers, fundraiser and i. Don’t know if I overdid it or what but friday morning we get to drive up there. So I can six and a half hour drive and somebody calls and so I I go to answer the phone on it. How much was gone like gone gone as we’re getting ready, we’re speaking. Night friday Eldorado Church nights first session i, look over dawn she’s, like i, felt her face rising immediately. How far is my thought? I just thought. You know what I’m a joke for there and I’m just going to say:hey you’re, going to have to take it. I don’t have a voice. It’s on you! Now! If you know dog’s personality, that would not have been a great thing to say at that moment. So as I’m thinking I have that thought and I’m getting ready to say it and I felt god. Just arrest me in that moment:i, don’t miss me like I made, it sounds too dramatic, I felt him say whoa. You said:if you embrace that fart and speak it, you can’t believe me for Eldorado Church healing and engage that fart at the same time. I just want to joke about. He said which one do you want looking at her like? She has to be funny, but it was a great lesson for me:james tells us a double-minded person is unstable in their ways and they will not receive from god i, couldn’t joke and engage that thought and embrace it and believe forgot to be my healer. At the same time, so I had to say no in jesus name, I refused you, but it didn’t come out that clear, so I Eldorado Church begin to engage for god to heal and by that night I was able to speak, wasn’t normal yet, but I was able to speak and so that the trap is sometimes their stuff that sound normal. His sounded harmless I made it whatever it’s just. You know what you know. Just a thought:it’s just sometimes I thought if they’re not from heaven, be careful, it’s a trap trap we’re not going to engage the kingdom of heaven if we’re talk about things that were offered from the kingdom of darkness, I can’t talk about my spouse of thought. I can’t speak of thought about her or him that’s offered from the kingdom of darkness and expect the kingdom of Eldorado Church heaven in my marriage. I can’t speak at all about my kids and you’re offered from the king of darts. What is my, what is my heavenly father say about my kids? What does my father say about my job? I can’t engage what everybody else says it about the boss. Pretty else says it about it, going to break room everybody all the other. Kids talk about that teacher. All the other kid well, i, just don’t care about that stuff! It’s no big deal which one do you want two kingdoms Eldorado Church coming in giving you information and she’s asleep immediately, could tell the difference. Peter and one moment, engage the voice of the kingdom of heaven receive the blessing the another moment and gave the voice from the kingdom of darkness and he got rebuked. We do the same thing, so we got to recalibrate or mine to agendas coming for us now. Look at what happened. How do we do this look, verse, 19 and I will give you. The keys are in the keys I’ll. Give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven. Whatever you loose on, earth will be loosed in heaven. So how do we engage the kingdom of heaven? How do we do this if this battles in our mind these thoughts and we’re trying to see which kingdom we can gauge? How do Eldorado Church we do? The bible tells us that he gives us the keys for it snapchef cheese, for something.

What do keys? Do you unlock or lock something to words that come to mind when I think about keys access and authority? If you have cheats to something you can get into something, if you have keys, you also have permission:if you have keys to a building and you’re in there after hours, you probably got permission to be enough. You’ve Eldorado Church got access. If you got keys, you can go in places that other people can’t go. You can unlock doors that were locked other people you can get in there. Other people can’t get in you go in as much as you want. You got keys, you can lock things up and prevent people from getting in there. You lock up your house if Eldorado Church they don’t have a key they’re not supposed to get in. When we recalibrate your mind, we realize that he’s giving us keys he’s giving us keys to unlock the thoughts of heaven at the lock up the thoughts that come from the kingdom of darkness. He give us those keys to loose the things of god into her life and to look up the things that come from the enemy in our life he’s giving you the chance to do both the access and the authority to do it. How do we do that? How do Eldorado Church we open up these different things with mark, 6, matthew 16, says and amplified where’s 19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven and whatever you bind, declare to be improper and unlawful. North must be what is already bound in heaven and whatever you loose declare lawful on earth must be what is already loosed in heaven. So in our minds in our thoughts, what are we buying and what are we listening? We are locking up. We are binding in our life, anything that is not allowed in heaven if it is not allowed in heaven, it’s not allowed in my life if it’s free to happen in heaven, it’s free to happen in my life, cuz Eldorado Church I’m just praying this through and working through the series. My prayer, more and more is becoming like this father and this area, my life on earth as it is in heaven, whatever is not allowed in heaven. I don’t want to allow it in my life. Is it a process? Yes, we’re spreading the kingdom of heaven in our life, we’re not expecting full coverage. Over knives I just continue to spread, subdue and have dominion every area of my life and my fault, life i, just say lord Eldorado Church on earth, as it is in heaven lord this isn’t allowed in heaven. So I don’t want it in my life, you got to use your keys. You got to lock up the things that the enemy is trying to give your thoughts. I will not engage something that I will not accept. In my mind, I’ve got accepted in my mind and then I begin to experience it in my life. I’ve got to unlock it from that standpoint. Now. How do we do this? How do we? How do we get this set in our minds? Locking you in Eldorado Church the right thoughts, locking out the wrong thoughts, colossians, 3, verse, 2 says this set your mind on things above not on the things of earth, set your mind. What kingdom are we setting our mind on? Are we setting our mind on the things of god notice what it said I’m back there talking about peter. Remember, you said peter, your your words are an offense to me. You are not mindful of the things of god you’re, mindful of the things a man. This is what I’m talking about. Eldorado Church When you set your mind on the things of god, you will be full of the things of god. Most of time. We don’t have kingdom thoughts because we’re not full of kingdom. We got to fill ourselves with the kingdom if we’re going to experience the kingdom the danger, here’s the trap just want to trap false that the enemy’s throwing out to believers he’s trying to throw out a trap. To believers that you can be a christian without reading your bible, how Eldorado Church many christians are trying to get success and their christian walk without reading the bible minnesota condemning thing? It’s realizing that listen. This is the strategy of the enemy that he wants to bring us to a place and give us thoughts that I can be successful without filling myself with the kingdom of god. If the only time I feel my life with the kingdom of god is for a sermon on sunday mornings, I will not be full of the things of god. I will be full of everything else. I will be full of been binge watching on netflix or and there’s nothing even got netflix necessarily fishes, which one do you want to be full of I can’t watch it i, don’t hear that people like, what’s just absolutely no I’m just say which one do you want to be full of I can’t be full of the things of god i, Eldorado Church never take into things of god. It’s just part of the process of thesis, set your mind on the things of god, and so we’ve got to lock it. If we got to unlock it, how do we? How do we do this? Just last last scripture that I’ll give you go to 2nd corinthians chapter 10. The scripture right here was a is a live person for me, probably top five scriptures I memorized, this one point in my life and this this verse really changed my life because I had problems with my mind. Most of you would know how that happened, but big a problem. My mind was:it was a huge problem for me, huge problem. How to renew my mind. I tried to change my Eldorado Church behavior time and time and time and time again and the only time I finally started to change.

My behavior is when I begin to realize the power of changing my thoughts, and so the scripture says. There’s some verse 3 stop starting there, that the weapons of our Eldorado Church warfare are not carnal. But mighty wasn’t going back to start for 3 is when we walk in the flesh. We do not war against the flesh. What’s a warp weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through god to the pulling down of strongholds casting down arguments. Casting death notice was talking about casting down targets. Where do arguments take place right here? Here’s the battlefield, I post this morning about pat benatar, she said love is a battlefield, well i! Believe that the mind no offense to pat but leave the mind, is a bigger battlefield. 4 us is a battlefield. This is where it takes place in kingdoms are vying Eldorado Church for 40 right here in your thoughts, which ever thought you engage in and speak out, is the one you give power in your life you’re going to have thoughts that come in your head, even no matter, we can go through this series. You can get everything awesome, you’re still going to have thoughts that come from the enemy that come into your mind. We can’t stop dog from going over here, but we can stop them from making a nest. She says cast down arguments and every high thing results of self, against the knowledge of god against the knowledge of god. Every thought how many thoughts he says, bringing every thought into captivity Eldorado Church to the obedience of christ. If I don’t have any knowledge of god, it’s going to be very difficult for me to take captive thoughts that are against the knowledge of god. I can’t take captive thoughts and gets a knowledge of god. If I have no knowledge of god. I need to know what god thinks about this situation. If I know what god thinks about this situation, then anything that I can take a captive, you. We need to know which thoughts we take captive, which ones we let them run free. The ones I let run free are the ones that come from god the ones I take captive, and that word captive means literally to take a spear and to put Eldorado Church something into a prison cell. It’s not saying I wish that thought would go away. I wish I thought would go away. Please go away. Please go away! All go! Go in the cell, go in this house going to sell that’s not what it is. It’s literally taking a spear and shoving it and saying you’re, either going in the cell or your running up on the sphere, which do you want and you put it in a place of captivity. You say you thought you will not run free in my life anymore. Depressive Eldorado Church thought you discouraging thought all these trap thoughts to try and bring you into fear, bringing into captivity trying to bind up the will of god in your life. How god wants to cause you to flirt all those you got to take him to this? Is what gods do we got to recalibrate or mine, so we can experience it. She sometimes for us to experience freedom we got to grab hold of something else. Call the law of displacement. The law of displacement says that you put something Eldorado Church in so much that it pushes out something else. Do you got a picture of kool-aid? Do you want to be pure water and you can’t dump the kool-aid out what you do you flooded with water over and over and over till the kool-aid is pushed out and all you’re left with his water too many people are trying to get rid of bad habits by just taking out the bad habits. You can’t do it. You got a flood in something bigger than your habits. You got to have something to grab onto as you Eldorado Church let go of this. You gotta have something that you walk towards as you walk away. If you just try and walk away from something, but you don’t know where you’re going, you will go back to what’s familiar. If I would say hey, what’s your plan for going to new york city and you said well, my plan is not to go to atlanta or london. What’s your plan for going to new york, not going to atlanta or london, not going to atlanta or london, is a poor plan for going to new york. That means I won’t go to those places. Therefore, I will somehow end up in that place, but we do it. We think if we just stop these bad habits, I’ll end Eldorado Church up to where god wants me to be, it won’t happen. You got to set your mind on where you’re trying to go, and you trust god that in the journey I’m going to be able to walk away from this and walk towards what god has for me, it’s recalibrating a mind of the kingdom

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