Carmi Church | Game Changer

Magistrate to be with you this morning welcome to crossroads. My name is chad, for those of Carmi Church you don’t know me and what a privilege it is to be in the house of god today, crossroads awesome place to call home we’re thankful for all the people to hear overflow room. We just want to say thank you to you being here as well. 2nd service will be welcome there. An online family that are joining us was just a great privilege. Today is a huge day for a number of reasons:number 1, as its pentecost sunday. For those of you don’t know it’s pentecost sunday like what is Carmi Church the significance of that through bible. It’s not for denomination pentecostal. Sunday is not something that is certain denomination celebrates it something believer celebrate, because what happened on pentecost, sunday to significant things happened in your bible, never won. The ten commandments was given to moses on pentecost, and then the holy spirit was released into the earth in acts chapter 2, on the day of pentecost, to work. We’re celebrating that today and we’re going to be talking about it. A couple different ways today, where areshe’s called game, changer and I hope you’re ready cuz. It’s only been a game changer, Carmi Church but today is going to be a game-changer for us and so I want to take a second before we do anything else and I just want to welcome my friend, the holy spirit, to come and just speak to us holy spirit, I love, you and I need you everyday all day. So today, I just honor, you and i. Thank you for the voice of heaven, but you give to us, and you declare to us the things that you hear from the father and the son. So we welcome you in this place to manifest yourself to make yourself known that the word will be alive in every person’s heart. We’re thankful for your presence and we give the glory all to the name of jesus amen hard. Carmi Church If you got your bibles and your we don’t know sermon notes today, I don’t have any on you version bible. That was intentional this week last week it was accidental. This week was intentional because I didn’t want you to have the notes ahead of time of what I’m going to tell you, some of you, cheating and looking ahead. I just want to drop stuff off a little at a time so get your bibles outlets, open them up to isaiah chapter 49, isaiah, 49 game changer, game changer. We talked about this and I gave you the definition. What a game-changer was. It say a new events idea or action that ships are completely changes. The entire course Carmi Church of an existing situation changes a way of thinking or doing something. It’s something new. You bring something new to the table if you’re going to be a game-changer going to have to offer something new. First week we talked about one more round. We said that your tummy I didn’t hear no bell I didn’t hear no bell i, don’t know what your tommy is today, but I want you to be able to say, I didn’t, hear no bell, yet I’m, still fighting I’m, still standing I’m still agreeing i, don’t know what are tommy’s are. These are all different, but we still have to stay in my heart. I didn’t hear no bell as long as I’m alive I’m going to Carmi Church keep coming more, keep bringing the words I keep getting up and we’ll get off on that I start preaching rocky. You know just comes out there if I don’t know what it is. So let it be to your word. We talked about the kind of game changers there are. They need to be there game-changer to you from the outside of you coming to your game, changer through you something on the inside that comes out. There affects people around you, and so he said to me today in order to say let, it be to me. According to your word, we said we’re going to have to make some game-changing choices. Let’s make some tough choices to be game-changers, Carmi Church and sometimes in order for a game change to happen through us. We have to make some tough choices. Let’s make some tough calls. Sometimes it’s it’s easy to talk about being a game-changer on the front end when we’re excited about it and that sometimes it’s great to talk about being a game-changer in the end when you’re retelling, the story after the fact, but I want to talk to any game. Changers, that’s in the middle of a situation, it’s making the choice in the middle when it’s hard! That’s when you become a game-changer when you don’t know how it’s going to turn out when you’re still saying something that you don’t know. If it’s going to work, that’s a game-changer choice sexy to talk about it when it’s all said and done, but I’m talking about saying it when it’s hard, when nobody else wants to say it when nobody else wants to talk about. That’s when you become a game-changer come down and speaking the message, but sometimes sometimes I found in my life did a game-changer when I become a game changers when i, do it when it’s hard when it hurts when everything about you screams quit throwing the towel. When you make decisions in those moments, I found it on that talked about the other day. There’s times throughout our marriage name, Carmi Church changing moments, the game-changing moments when you’re aggravated and frustrated, and you everything about you is telling you you’re right, they’re, wrong, you’re, right, they’re, wrong, you’re, it’s a great song in your head. You just love it, but in that moment god speaks to you and says:what are you going to do to change the situation? What about what I’m going to do? No! No! No! What are you going to do those decisions in that moment changes the game.

It’ll be a game-changer. You got to have the Carmi Church guts and the courage to do it when it’s hard. When nobody’s applauding you, nobody said when you hear the song I don’t need to change. Everybody else needs to change, but you say I’m going to change today. That’s when you make a difference. Isaac was a game-changer for abraham. We know the story now we’re all thankful for what abraham did but who’s going to be a game-changer in, this moment. We love it now we’re seated abraham thankful for father abraham. Had many sons Carmi Church were thankful for that, but who’s going to be the game changer that does this. Who raises a knife to their son? Why? Because god asked them to I want to be a game-changer, unless you ask me to do that, unless you ask me to do something that doesn’t make sense, unless you ask me to do something, that’s hard. I’m out for that david was a game-changer. We love the people that aren’t even born again people that don’t go to church love, the story of david and goliath in all the world. Bring that moment when goliathus standing there blaring his voice, saying I defy the armies of israel come out of somebody come out and fight me, Carmi Church 9, foot, tall, warrior, strong, unbelievably strong and everyone else’s afraid and hiding in that moment, david had to make a Choice:i’m going to go out and tackle. This thing, that’s in front of me, that’s bigger than me! That’s stronger than me, but god is with me and if god is with me, then who can be against me moments? A game-changing moment is not talking about the parade at the end. It’s about the tough choices that lead to the victory and brings the parade of the ends raising from the dead was a game-changer for jesus, but how many is willing to do this in order to get that be a game-changer is not easy, Carmi Church but it’s rewarding every one of these stories. All three of these individuals are some of the most heralded people in your bible and they went through some of the most difficult choices of anybody in the bible trying to talk about being a game-changer today and through this whole series, I want to make sure we understand the power of what we’re doing and what we’re talking about being a game-changer mean springs, bringing something new, something different than maybe nobody else has done before the bible says this and he’s isaiah 43. It’s maybe part of losses. Do not remember the things the former things nor consider Carmi Church the things of old behold. I do a new thing. It shall spring forth. So you not know it. I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.. And I’ve been pastoring a bunch of game changers for over 12 years. This church has been a game changer. Where do you come from what you been up in this church over 26 years, I’ve been preaching this church over 20 years and pastoring it over 12, so I’ve been around awhile. Some of you have been here longer than me and I’m. So grateful and honored to still be attending church with people who’ve been here for 34 years, because they’ve seen a lot of changes. They had to walk Carmi Church through a lot of changes that had to accept and embrace a lot of changes and for some people, that’s difficult. I would dare to say. Maybe for all of us it’s difficult to a certain extent. A bunch of game. Changers in this church has become a game-changer in this area. I looked at the study buy a bar in a group that Carmi Church studied in research, 320,000, protestant, churches, 3 and 20000 of them 60% or less than a hundred people. 88% of the church is 320000 or less than 200 people, 95% of churches are less than 350 people better than or greater than 3 is better than 350. It’s not about saying that any church is better than others on this basis of their size. What it’s saying is only 5% ever get larger than 350 people. Last sunday we have 996 people, i, don’t know where, for if you were that caused us to be alone, I’m still a little upset just kidding so you’re you’re, already changing the game and you’re doing it in the town of 1100 people know somebody would say wow so you’re just breaking up and be like you doing a miracle in your life and healing your body, and you come to say, god I just want to give Carmi Church price for what god has done. If it was at all you just want to draw attention. No I want to give credit to god who’s, doing a miracle in our missed every single week. Every week it is god. You can explain it. You can explain any other way, so we’ve been pestering game changers and we were thrilled for that because of that, because of you being game-changers, you’ve been willing to change and adapt through this time and we’ve been able to see tremendous growth, but we’ve only just begun. Vale just begun see my assignments as a pastor. The bible talks about a pastor and a shepherd a lot and there’s simon of a pastor of shepherd. Sometimes in some places the pastor gets too much credit scene. The shepherd is only performing a function. The shepherd is a manager, but the sheep are the resource. The shepherd has no value without she, you got to go, sell a lot of war with a shepherd. The sheep are the resource. You are the resource. My job, my assignment, is to god of shepherds. Job is to make sure they’re fed and protected and moved in the right direction at the right time. The shepherd’s job is to know when it’s time to move from this pastor to another pasture, so I don’t see nothing wrong with this aggressive still good, though I know what’s coming, we need to move to another, so my job, my assignment, has been to know where god wants us to go and guide and direct to the best of our abilities from season to season.

So we tried to do that. Call credit to the holy spirit take key to yourselves into all the flock among which the holy spirit has made you overseers to shepherd the church of god, which he purchased with his own blood turn our vision to grow over the years. His kind of evolved at one point was like Carmi Church let’s just building massive big building right here in north city, ten thousand saints and then god begin to speak to our hearts and say:maybe that’s not the best strategy, then maybe we need to start thinking regionally and multiple locations instead of everybody driving into north city for a day and driving back out how much greater impact would we have in the region if we came into a community and affected it every day of the week? So then are bitching begin to Carmi Church change. So you got to think about multi-site in january 26th I said last week, god spoke to me in about a campus in mount carmel november 17th 2014 this. Why you need to write down what god tells you stuff cuz? Sometimes it comes back to be pretty powerful. I was praying and I believe god spoke to me that there was no, that we were no longer one church with three services, but we are one church in 3 location. Send this 21 days of prayer. I’ve got a lot to say and I’ve got to I’ve got to get through. It is this 21 2018 started me:go back in september of sixteen during the feast of tabernacles i, like to regard all three of the feast, the feast of the passover pentecost and tabernacles. There’s three feasts in the bible that talks about I love to teach one that would like I bring Carmi Church a special offering every one of those three piece above my ties, and so I like to set aside time during those fees. So it’s the september of 16th we had set aside 21 days, not a regular 21 days of prayer and fasting I was just seeking god and we felt the colonies exact to pass. We were doing it and felt like god was speaking to us about the spring of 2018, and it was more than a year away. So I knew that this year was going to be different soon, as I get ready to start. Carmi Church The prayer and fasting of january god spoke to my heart. I want you to go all in that’s why I said okay got to go in what it would would. What does that mean because I want you to go the whole 21 days with no food and just water? No, don’t say that to brag on me, I really:don’t I want to give up going to give context to what was going on so I said:i negotiated down to 14 days, i, never I never gone longer than 10, so I said. I’ll, give you four more, but I can’t help with her up and die so I get today 14 and I’m ready to get out and not call one of our overseers friend of mine, hl, hussmann and I said:hey I want you to pray Carmi Church for me, I feel like god asking me to go, 7 more and i. Don’t think I can do it and he said man you need to eat, just go ahead and whatever just eat pizza but I’ll pray just go ahead. He don’t really kind of nation. He text me back just in a maybe an hour or so might he text me back. He said I want to tell you to eat, but here’s what I feel like god is telling you. You said the first 14 days, there’s been a certain percentage of you dying to yourself to your flesh, but he Carmi Church said the next seven days are going to set the stage for the next 7 to 10 years of your ministry. 7 days 10 years I still got them all in through god’s grace. He help me it’s not about me it’s about him, but what I want to tell you was on day 17, so I’m telling you it wouldn’t have happened if I would have give up on day 14, but they 17 I’m, praying right over here before we prayed during a friend passing I’m kneeling here before before the day start for got in today. Early in the morning and god speaks to me, he speaks to me and I’m like what. What are you saying so I want to give you context for something here. Cuz he drop something in my heart. I want to go back. If you will 6 years ago, 6 years ago to next sunday, may 27th, 2012, freedom, rock sunday, it was also pentecost Carmi Church sunday. All these coincidences, jim boyd, we’re getting trapped in the house, comes up during the service and he gave her word and I’m going to read you the transcript of that word. So you can go back with me as pam and I were greeting this morning, when I greet I always stay in constant prayer, and the lord spoke to me and he said, go get a rock I said what he said:go get a rock, so I went out the door and I got a rock when I picked this rock up, and it is exactly Carmi Church this. Rock I’ve got a written on here:52712 jim boyd, it’s been in my office for 6 years when I pick. This rock up a scripture came to my mind in the book of revelation chapter 2. It says, i, give you a white rock I wasn’t really looking for a particular rock. This is the one I picked up. It’s a white rock in that scripture that says, I have written a new name within this rock that only you can see. I said okay god. What are you saying? Pastor chad I give you this white rock, because within that white rock is a new name for this church.

There’s a new name written on the door of crossroads. As, well pleased I stand humble Carmi Church before him and he has written a new name within my heart. Jim was saying, and every member of this church he is writing a new name within you, but also goes farther in that scripture and says that I shall begin to show you the hidden manna, the hidden things of god i, see an outpouring coming to this church and a manifestation in such a way that no man shall be able to claim anything. But all the glory will be given back to god’s within that rock is a new name. A new Carmi Church name written over this church be humbled, be humbled in my sights, and the lord I shall bless all your ways:saith the lord. Oh yes, my power in my spirit, will rest upon this place, so it will become more than just a beacon. I will become more than just a light on the top of the hill, but it shall go farther and farther and farther, and this church will begin to say into the north and under the south and under the east. As far as the west ob bless, my children for I shall Carmi Church raise up to you a height that you have never dream possible, but you must be humble, and trust me says the lord remember, the rock on which you stand is unbreakable and unmovable. An unshakable says the lord. Oh yes, my children remember the rock and the name written within saith, the lord laughter that word i, got, that, rock and I started praying immediately on my copay. We got a new name, we supposed to be the, rock church or we supposed to be stone, church i, kept, praying and I got nothing so i. Finally, just let it go different people and make suggestions once in a while and I would think about it from time to time, Carmi Church but I just kind of left it on the shelf, but on the 17th day, as I was praying I wouldn’t praying about the name of the church. I wasn’t praying about that adjust fasting for 17 days, I’m seeking god for a church, and he spoke to me and he said the roads, church and I just got back home because people have nickname, but they called us the roads a lot of times over the years and I thought. Maybe that was just what was coming to my head was the roads church but as I felt Carmi Church emphasizing that more I’m like what are you saying, I forgot, I’m, going to need something a little bigger than just a thought, I’m going to need some scripture I want your word on it. If this is something you’re telling me to do, this is a big deal to me. So I want scripture on it. He gave me isaiah 49. He doesn’t mind telling us when we ask so isaiah 49 for time sake. I’m only going to read it in the message:translation, because this is the one that he started to speak to me out of its good in the new king james as well or whatever version you like I’m, going to start reading it in verse, 8 and in this scripture. He Carmi Church gave me a vision for the church, the vision, the direction for the next season for where we’re supposed to go. What we’re supposed to do? What we’re supposed to be about verse that says god says when the time’s right I answer you when victories, do I help you in the word given by jim, he was told to pick up a white rock or a white stone and prophesied that there’s a new name written over crossroads bible church. So that word was given may 27th 2012. Speaks to me about mount carmel in january, 26th 2013, and so when the time’s right fly, a new name and wine now been praying for 6 years. How come now you’re telling me something Carmi Church fly? The first location is mount carmel we didn’t plan for it to be mount carmel, we plan for it to be mount. Vernon indiana or marion. Why is it mount carmel? If you look up wabash county in wikipedia? Here’s what it says:wabash remember the white rock, the name wabash is the english spelling of the french name for river hibachi french, traders name the river after the miami illinois word for the river wabbaseka. If that’s not pronunciation, I’m, sorry Carmi Church I’m just running through it, but here’s the meaning, it means shine:swiped, pure white or water, over white stones. What are over white stones, the white rock was even significance and the timing and the location is significant to god. We were at church in one location in north city, but for the next season he’s giving us a new name to be one church in multiple location. The time is ripe dates as I form you and use you to reconnect the people with me to put the land in order to resettle families in the ruined properties, to put the land in order to reset settled families in room properties. Over 17 years ago, jim sit Carmi Church down don and I back in the fellowship hall, when we still have the folding curtains. Some of you don’t know what I’m talking about or cafe. We just have folding curtains and he said us down and he said he gave us isaiah 58:12 and he said the lord has called you to build the old waste places. You shall raise up the foundations of many generations. You shall be called repairers of the breach, the restore of streets or roads to dwell in and I know this prophecies talking about jesus, but he’s talking about prophetic people he’s talking about the church as well restore the ruined properties. The poorest counties in illinois are right here in southern illinois all around us.

We live in the most poor area of illinois verse, 9 I Carmi Church tell prisoners who’s the bitch and he gave I tell prisoners come on out you’re free q, the word of the lord in this and those huddled in fear. It’s alright, it’s safe now, they’ll be food, stands along all the roads, picnics on the hills ruto prisoners for freedom ministries through the demonstration, the holy spirit through the preaching of the word, we’re going to tell prisoners come on out, you’re free those that are huddled in fear. It’s alright it’s safe. Now this is the message god wants to give to the world, for those are in bondage, come out. You’re free in jesus name, he’s wanting to deliver the Carmi Church message to the world for those that are huddled in fear:it’s okay, it’s safe! It’s safe in jesus, three food stands along all the roads. Next sunday this word came on freedom, rock sunday. Next sunday we will have food stand set-up all day at freedom, rock and god said every one of the roads locations will be a food stand to feed people in this region. The new king james version of the verse says they will feed along all the roads. The roads, north city, the roads, mount carmel, the roads, mount vernon. They will feed at every one of those roads. It will be a feeding place for people with the word of god in the presence of god people will be fed through our food pantry ministries. They will be fed, not only spiritually, but naturally, god has called us. I wrote down, Carmi Church november 26th, 2013 I was walking in prayer and god said feed my people. This is a directed that god’s, given us, not just spiritually but also physically. What’s 10 / x, nobody hires what it says:nobody hungry nobody thirsty shade from the sun shelter from the win for the compassionate one will guide them, take them Carmi Church to the best springs, here’s our hearts, nobody hungry and nobody thirsty. Nobody burning in the sun providing shade under the shelter of the wings of the most high people will advise the shade of the presence of god bringing shelter to people. He takes them to the best springs isaiah 35 says this:the parched ground shall become a pool and the thirsty land springs of water in the habitation of jackals, who are the word I’m looking for, is not carnivores but they’re yeah. They just scavenger scavenger, where each lay they they eat on dead things they consumed. I. Think there should be grass and reeds and russia versus a highway, shall be there and a road and it shall be called the highway of holiness each one of the roads will be a spring of water for a dry and parched area, not Carmi Church better than any other churches that are already there. In addition to churches that are already there. It’s not about saying we are going to be. The answer to these communities know we’re going to be an additional answer to these communities. Verse 11 I’ll, make all my mountains into roads turn them into a super highway. Spoke. To me about this verse. All of these mountains represent the mountains of influence in society. I did a series in 2014 on the circles of influence and here’s. What I believe god spoke to my heart. He says I will make all of the mountains. I will give you roads of access into all the mountains of influence in society and all of those mount. Those access of influence will come from each and every one of you in the area of government, education, business economy, family, arts and entertainment. You will be infiltrating these areas and providing the influence of the kingdom into those places he saw make all my mountains in the rose I’ll make him a super highway. In other words, I want to make fast access. God’s desire is to grow his kingdom jesus is coming back, so Carmi Church we have a job to do. In the meantime, we can’t be waiting around and just hoping our nice little cute church group. There’s a world that’s going to hell and don’ts asking. Is anyone willing to be a game-changer or you just want to keep the status quo? You just want to do the same thing over and over who’s willing Carmi Church to step out I’ll be part of something different to reach more people for jesus in april, 8th, dr. Burrell. He came and spoke to your. He gave me a word. He said remain humble and upright. You will have a place with those in high office in your state. First and the national offices will come later dogs going to open up highways for you to have access into circles of influence in society. I prophesy that over you, isaiah verse. 12 of this verse in the new king james has shirley. These shall come from afar, look those from the north and the west, and these from the land of synonym. Remember ninja gyms word. He said:he’ll go farther and farther in this church, will begin to say into the north and the south in the east and the west here in verse, 12. It says they shall come from afar, look those from the north and the west and look both from the land of sinem I’m like, but i, don’t get anything out of that land of sinim. Where can I read Carmi Church in the message? Translation-and it says, look these coming from far countries and nose out of the north the streaming in from the west and those from all the way down the nile. What is southern illinois called little egypt at the joining of the mississippi and ohio rivers be called the american nile. That’s why Carmi Church they named the town at the bottom cairo for cairo. However, you want to pronounce it. We live in little, egypt and god said the people will come all the way down the nile confirmation over and over.

He sent you. This is the mission in the vision for this body to reach all the way down. The nile, verse 13 says:heavens raise the roof. Earth wake the dead Carmi Church mountain send up cheers. God has comfort in his people, and he has tenderly nurses beating up beating down people all of heaven rejoices over one person giving their life to jesus. That’s talking about an entire region. He says:let’s raise the roof, let’s raise the roof of our expectation. Let’s raise the ceiling on what we believe god can do through you. What can god do to you and your community? What can god do through you in this church? What can god do through you it’s time to raise the roof, raise the expectations, so the roads church their new name. If we’re going to be implementing the beauty of this name, I believe what god is telling me they were going to keep some of who we’ve always been I’m, going to reach forward to experience something we’ve never been before. The Carmi Church roads are something we’ve always been, but it’s never been displayed or talked about like this. We knew a name. Change was going to be difficult when we going to different communities run into complications. Crossroads is a pretty common name, we’re already running into it with crossroads in evansville, when we go to mount vernon they’ve opened up a westside location. Now, so when we going to mount vernon, go to the parade or something I told crossroads, you meant evansville newburgh, north city. We never got an issue. Mount vernon indiana, a church. There is already called crossroads, so I knew there was something unique and relevant. God was going to do and changing the name. So here’s the logo and what we’ve prayed for believe god is showing us. You’ll see the roads in the middle still showing a crossroads. A people’s lives were keeping our heritage of what we’ve been and honoring it and saying now the baton is passing we’re going into a new season. It’s not to say anything wrong with our previous season is saying. God is saying there was it whenever god did a name change in the bible abram and sarai change the name. What did he add to their name? He added an h. What you feel study that out in the hebrew represents the wind in the breath of god, which represents the holy spirit. Carmi Church This is pentecost sunday, there’s a new name for crossroads he’s breathing a new fresh breath into our hearts vision, statements that we’re going to build by connecting people with jesus from all roads of life. We’ve been on lot of roads. Now you see this, you listen to this and you made me think we’re not talking about there’s many roads to god. There’s only one road, but what god is asking us to do is to connect people that are on all the different roads of life and get them on the one road of jesus and I’ve got scripture ford in luke 14. It says in the master said, to the servant:go out into the highways or the roads and hedges and compel them to come in that my house may be filled all the roads of life go out wherever they are, whatever roll their living on we’re not just going Carmi Church after people. That’s already on a church road to give them a better church. Road I want people, that’s on the road, that’s not even close to church to be connected to jesus. What jesus does in their life I don’t know, but I want to connect them to him and watch what he can do once they get connected. It’s not get on our road and act like us, and then you can be a part of no I’m saying i, hear god, saying, go and compel them to come in to the wedding that my house could be filled. So the mission how we going to work to this vision three things I wanted to find a way and I’ve told you that I want to win. I love to win. Carmi Church I expect to win, don’t always win, but I expect it. Some will give you three winds:how you going to know if you’re winning at this church, three ways we’re going to connect people we’re going to develop leaders and we’re going to impact culture, trying to figure out how we’re going to do this, we’ll figure out how we can better do these three things:how we can better connect people better, develop leaders and better impact, our culture so everything’s on the table where we’re willing to change some things where we evaluating and looking at what we doing our services we’ve already changed something some of you, but Carmi Church had a little trouble with that way. To me why we taking off ring at the end whether there’s a reason we’re taking off for him, because we’re giving up jenny for people to get born again, and we get born again rest of them to fill out that car and they’re going to put that card in the offering as it comes by at the end, and we get a chance to connect with him, get their information. I talk to an individual last week. They got born again and gave his life to jesus after Carmi Church church, because we’re wanting to get them connected to jesus, then we want to develop leaders. We don’t want you to be in a tender. We don’t want you to just come to church and send him if your desire is, can I see this for a moment if your desire is just to come, because you think chad will give you a good sermon, Carmi Church you are living well below what god wants to do in your life, well below what god wants to do in your life? It’s not about the quality of my sermon, some, people want.

It want to come to a church where they just attend, hear a good sermon and I’ll be back next week. That’s not what I want to build. I want to Carmi Church build something that raises up leaders that impact their culture of their world that impact society around them. That goes to work, goes to their school and lives out. Jesus everyday! That’s involved in the community with making a difference that community says. If that body of believers were here, we would be Carmi Church hurting because they know that god is there evaluating reevaluating on wednesday nights. Couple years ago we took the summer and we went from three services to two services. Someone do something different over the summer for wednesday night as we pray and do what god wants us to do to help develop leaders we’re Carmi Church going to the first wednesday for the adults and we’re going to pour into our youth. The next generation june 1st will have service all together. Now we could you come out because I’m going to focus on these services to be power and demonstration of the holy spirit to go beyond what we’ve done up to this point on wednesday night to want to change, the format will change what we’re experiencing and then the second third and fourth, the youth will still meet the junior high school in children’s ministry. Will not me on those other other wednesday nights they will be, will have children’s ministry on that first wednesday, but not on the other three we’re changing. Were we reevaluate, there’s only so many resources, that’s making things go and some of those resources being people are drained of carrying the load, cuz others won’t serve in children or just reevaluated she’s part of the job in figuring out. Are you willing to change as you look Carmi Church at, isn’t producing fruit? If it’s not producing the fruit that you want, you trim the tree. Will you catch him that tree? That’s my favorite drink if it’s not producing fruit, jesus said to the fig tree or else what we’re doing. We can’t hold onto things as sacred cows and save those things are precious no thing as precious people are precious. People are precious know formulas, no strategies. The message will never change, but the method will we’re living in a youtube. Carmi Church World online people are watching church on their phone, we’re wanting to change and be involved with it. So now it’s going to be a game-changing church. So now we’re praying for god to not only do something somewhere else, but we’re bleeding the we are reached capacity here and we’re believing god for a miracle in building a new building, so want to give you a picture of what we’re believing god for hearing our facility. This raised entryway that you see there. This Carmi Church is right outside the door. The carport is now then drive until the building to the left is going to be, as we believe in god for would be, would be right out here in the parking lot on the south end new auditorium to bring the next picture up will have a new entryway. This area here will not be sanctuary auditorium Carmi Church we’re going to revamp it. It will be entry for the children’s ministry, you’ll be a gathering place for children’s ministry of remodeling. This entire area will have cafe and bookstore inside of there room for growth track new auditorium, with with the seating for a from 800 to 1000 people. This is what we’re throwing out. I said:god I’ll get the drawing you pay for it. We don’t have the money and if you don’t know what else is crossroads and what we do, we don’t go Carmi Church out and we don’t borrow millions of dollars, we’re just going to believe god. If this is what god wants us to do, then he’ll pay for it. If it’s not what he wants us to do that I’m open to change, as you well know, I’m believing god, but this church is called to be a game-changer i. Believe it I believe god is ask the church to stretch beyond anything. We ever thought possible to sake of our comfort. I’d, be nice and comfortable to just pastor this church. Here in Carmi Church north city, some people said:hey, don’t don’t screw, you got a good thing going. You just need to relax. I, don’t have a good thing going. We got a miracle going, but in addition to that, god has said:will you be a game-changer for me? You must reach god’s. Heart is for more people than mine. I! Don’t love that many people, I’m just honest, would like to do but I love him. If you ask me, if I would go only i, said., I’m kind of busy 5 kitchen stuff going on here, they said I know, but I have a dream and I believe you talking about our church can help me fulfill my dream. So my challenge to us today, it’s not too just embracing new name to me. The name is the least significant thing about what I’m giving you today show me. The most significant thing is a vision and a heart Carmi Church for you to go all in. If you’ve been here 34 years, will you keep going with me? I’ve got I’ve got some street cred I’m going with my heart, but I want to leave this church not into satisfactory, sustaining where we are, but I want to lead us into a place that all of us, safe, no man will get glories. Only god could do what he did to this little church in norris, city illinois only god, only, god only god come on. We love you too. I want us to do something. I thought about Carmi Church I’d like to go through a name. Some wonderful wonderful people should have been here for a long time. Like I said it’s been 26 years for me, she’s a lot of changes, I seen faces, come and go, and that’s okay, but I’ve seen some people stay through changes, and it’s a big deal to me.

So for some of you that’s new to this church, maybe it’s your first sunday welcome to the church. To my wife. Thank you, my kids. Thank Carmi Church you for giving so much represent them. Stuff like this. It says I want to go further. I cannot go without them. I will not go without them, so you got to be ready. My job is to develop leaders, so my accessibility may not be the same forever, but my heart is ii, but I’ve got to develop the gifts that god has given Carmi Church me or their waste. It’s a chat I’m not going to bring you great leaders for you to waste them. Just listening to you talk we got kevin. Is going to the campus pastor mount carmel I’m, going to put a campus pastor over north city, because I don’t want one place to say they have me in the other. Place gets whatever, then all over see all of it helped develop leaders and grow it, but I couldn’t do it without my family and I want to think that I couldn’t do that without Carmi Church my other family. You guys have supported us for over 12 years, some of you over 20 years and I’m very grateful

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