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Oh, it’s great to be with you this morning. We are continuing our series that we’d started on mustard seed faith, smaller to greater mustard seed faith, smaller, degraded. So if you got your bibles, let’s turn over to matthew chapter 17. Matthew chapter 17. Going to get in and I hope you’ve got something to take some notes this morning. Note takers are world changers and uh, you need to get something out of this and you’re, you need to build a digest. Some of them will talk about a number of different things. We don’t do a lot of teaching today and breaking down what some things mean. So thank you. We’ll help you understand if you get a little piece of paper or something, Best Church in Norris City for families electronic device that you can take some notes. Let’s look at matthew chapter 17. This are launching scripture and I know this is the first couple of scriptures of ones that we’ve talked about previously, but they’re saying some things in order to bring out that are new and, and hopefully maybe make some better application.

Let’s look at verse and in these verses member, this is the father who brought his son to be healed, brought them to the disciples and disciples says, sorry, we couldn’t cure him, and so they brought them to Jesus and Jesus cast out the demon and it’s the Bible says that the boy was cured from that very hour, so then the disciples come back to Jesus in verse 19, and then the disciples came to Jesus privately and said, why could we not cast it out? Valid question Best Church in Norris City for families. How come it didn’t work for us? That’s basically what the disciples were saying in this context of this particular situation. It was casting out a demon, but for us it could be any other situation in our life where we’re believing and knowing that our life should be going this way or this should be happening, but we’re not seeing that result. How many’s ever been there besides me that you’ve said, okay, I know this is what God’s saying should happen, but I’m experiencing this, so it’s a valid question to ask Jesus.

Say, okay, why am I not getting results? Why is this not working? Now there’s something very important, I want to distinguish the question of why am I not getting results right now versus why am I not getting results at all? There is something called the timing of faith and I’m going to address that probably next week, but why am I getting results right now versus why am I not getting results at all? Could be two totally different answers, so don’t want to confuse those two, but let’s see what the problem was. Why could we not cast it out? Before we go any further, I want to look and what it says here says, why could we not cast it out was the problem provision. You know, if we would ask this question, maybe we would write in the answer, well, evidently Jesus didn’t give them enough power because this was a big bad demon.

Other demons that they had dealt with before was maybe smaller and this one was huge and bigger, Best Church in Norris City for families or maybe they’re just disciples and this is, you know, Jesus, the son of God. So maybe only he could do such things, but let’s see what Jesus. I begin to read about this and I thought, wait a minute, Lord it is it a problem because you hadn’t given the ability to cast out this demon and then I went back. If you’ll hold your finger there, you can go back and find this in your own Bible. Matthew chapter 10 and looking at verse one, you’re going to see something that the problem wasn’t God’s provision. It wasn’t because Jesus had an equipped them to be able to cast out this demon or to heal this. It says here and when he had called his 12 disciples, now underline that we’re disciples.

Maybe you want underline in your Bible because it’s very important. We don’t go any further or find out what a disciple is. The word disciple is the Greek word. There just means a learner. Someone who who’s learning something. It’s thought with effort applied. In other words, I’m learning something. I’m thinking something and it apply. It takes effort for me to learn. I can’t learn by absorption alone. I can’t learn because God just wants me to know it. It’s I have to apply effort. One Who follows a teaching and a Best Church in Norris City for families teacher, so now here’s this begs the question, can a person follow a teacher and not their teaching? Absolutely they can. Can someone attend a church and not necessarily apply what they hear in messages? Best Church in Norris City for families Yes, so we can follow a teacher but not their teaching and I don’t have any desire for people to follow me.

As a teacher, I want you to follow what I teach. I don’t want you to walk out of here and go, what can preach a good sermon, good server. Then it doesn’t matter if a good sermon, a sermon, a great performance of a message, but if you don’t apply it to your life, I’m not getting anything across. I’m not winning. If there’s no application, a lot of people can perform a great message, but their life doesn’t support what they preach. There’s lots of people that can set in a church and hear great services and hear great words but never applied it to their life. This is a difference in integrity, integrity of your life versus just having some knowledge of something. There’s Best Church in Norris City for families examples of this through the Bible. There’s Judas with Jesus. He followed Jesus around everyday, but he still had some issues that he didn’t work out.

There’s a guy by the name of get hays, Xy, that followed a prophet named Elijah around and, and, uh, Elijah taught him and he was, he was following him, but Elijah in a moment when he said he healed a leper in the leper, tried to give you some money and he said, no, I can’t. I’m not, I’m, I’m not supposed to take any of your money. And so he goes off, well then the servant goes and finds the guy and says, Hey, I know they, the profit wouldn’t take the money, but I’ll take it. So he was following the teacher but not the teaching. So a disciple is a learner. You and I are learners. And here’s why I’m taking the time to explain this just because I’m a believer. Just because I’m a Christian doesn’t mean everything comes to me automatically. Best Church in Norris City for families I have to learn. I don’t get everything working in my life because I’m a believer. I’ll get everything working in my life because I learned how God’s system operates.

You can have the capacity to do something and not be able to do it. There’s learning applied with effort. Let me give you this example. I am not the most automotive knowledgeable person in the world. I know a few basic things, but I don’t know. You couldn’t bring me. Wouldn’t bring your car to me to overhaul your engine. That wouldn’t be wise on your part, but if I bring someone who’s in here that is very knowledgeable about cars and bring them in, just stand them next to me. We both would have possibly hands and arms and we would both have the capacity, the ability, the physical ability. We got eyes and the physical ability to fix cars, but what separates them from me? The knowledge, Best Church in Norris City for families the knowledge. We both have the capacity, but we don’t have the knowledge. When I’m born again, I’m a disciple. Best Church in Norris City for families

I get the capacity to do all kinds of things, but I don’t have the knowledge. I won’t be able to do it. You see the difference. So let’s see what happened. He called his disciples, so he called his learners to him and he asked. He noticed what it says. He gave them power over unclean spirits to cast them out. What did they give them? He gave them power over unclean spirits to cast them out. What we talking about matthew chapter 17, what was the problem? It was a demon. That Best Church in Norris City for families needs need to be cast out. So they asked the question, why could we not cast it out? The problem wasn’t provision because Jesus had just given them in Matthew chapter 10, the power to cast them out and it says that he gave them the power you will never find anywhere in the Bible where it says he let them borrow the power you. He gave it to them in chapter 10, you won’t find in chapter 13 where he took it back,

he said, I give you the power. Now. The word power is the Greek word, which means privilege, force, capacity, competency, right? Dominion or authority. In other words, I give you not only the privilege and the force and the capacity of the competency, I give you the dominion. I give you the authority to cast out demons. Jesus did this in Matthew Chapter Ten, so in matthew chapter 17 was the problem that Jesus didn’t give them enough to deal with this demon. No, they had plenty of provision, Best Church in Norris City for families but they were learners and there was something that Jesus wanted them to learn. So this is what we’re learning back in matthew chapter 17. What was the problem if it wasn’t provision? What was the problem? He says, because of your unbelief. So now if the problem wasn’t provisioned for them, is the problem provision for us in our life. Let me give you a scripture here.

Second Peter Chapter one, verse three. As his divine power has given to us all things has given is that present tense or past tense? Past tense. So he has already to us how many things, how many things? All things. Great. I liked participation. All things that pertain to live general, right? That’s pretty general statement. Best Church in Norris City for families All things that pertain to life and godliness. Through the knowledge of him, through the what of him, the knowledge of him, the knowledge of him. It’s not just through the born again experience of him, but through the knowledge of him. So are there things God’s given me that I may not know yet? Absolutely. Are there things I’m supposed to be able to do that I don’t know how to do yet? Absolutely. I’m going to learn that through the knowledge of Him who’s called us by glory and virtue. Verse Four,

Best Church in Norris City for families by which have been given to us, exceedingly great, has been given past tense, great and precious promises that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through less through these, you may be partakers of the divine nature. If Best Church in Norris City for families you’re looking at your Bible, your Electronic Bible, whatever you’ve got God has given you precious promises, and he says through these is how we become partakers. How do I become a partaker of everything God wants me to have in my life? Through his word. It’s not through. If God wants me to have it, he’ll give it to me. It’s through the knowledge of his word that I can become a partaker. Oh, Best Church in Norris City for families I’m supposed to have that. Okay, I’ll do that. This is what God’s wanting us to do. The problem is not provision, it is application.

The problem this morning is not, God hasn’t given you enough, hasn’t given me enough. The problem is usually I haven’t learned how to use what he’s given me yet when I learned how to use what we what he’s given me. Then now we go back to matthew chapter 17, verse 20, because of your unbelief. For I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, move from here to there and it will move and nothing. How many things will be impossible for you? Nothing will be impossible for you. For me, everybody involved. So if you have faith like what? Mustard seed, then you will do this. If you have a faith like a mustard seed, this what the Bible says, Best Church in Norris City for families if you have a faith like a mustard seed, you will do this. You will say to your mountain move and it will move right there in your Bible, right? If big, if you have faith like a mustard seed, you will do what you will say to the mountain move and it will. It will move. The converse of that, so if that’s true, if I do not have faith like a mustard seed, then these two things will happen. I will either not say anything to my mountain at all or I will say move and it won’t budge.

If I do not have faith like a mustard seed than a lot of times Best Church in Norris City for families I won’t even speak to my mountain or if I do speak to it, it won’t go anywhere. So how important is mustard seed faith? It’s huge. It’s huge. Just look at

it. Mark Chapter Four. Again, I’m just pulling a couple of things out before I get to the next verse. Don’t want to go to what is mustard seed faith? We got it. Mark Chapter Four, to what shall we liken? Verse Thirty, the Kingdom of God or with what parables shall we picture it? It is like a mustard seed. Best Church in Norris City for families It is like what? A mustard seed, which when. What is the mustard seed represent? Represents the word of God. Represents Your Bible, represents what God says. The precious promises that he’s given us in is like a mustard seed or is like the word, which when it is sown in the ground, what is sown in the ground? It the word. Are you following me or be okay? I’ll make sure you’re with me. What are we? So it. Am I going too fast? Alright.

You know what’s most valuable to me? People ask me is, as a pastor, what’s the most valuable thing to me is that people get it. That’s the most fulfilling thing in my life is for someone to get it and it work in their life. I really don’t care if you like my sermons.

I really don’t care if you think I’m a great speaker. Not because that’s subjective. One personal, like one person will like it. I’ve learned to get over that, but what I care about is the word working for you. That’s all I care about. Are you taking the word and is it working in your life? Has It changed your life? Are you walking it out? That’s all that matters to me. The rest of it’s just semantics, but if you can get the word working, that’s what’s most important. So he said, we plant the word in our heart on the ground, and when you do that at smaller than all the other things is smaller Best Church in Norris City for families than all the other seeds of the earth. It’s Best Church in Norris City for families smaller than everything else. The principle again is when I first start believing God, when I first start speaking his word, it starts out small.

When you first start changing your life, how hard is it? It’s hard because you’ve got all this other noise in your life. No, I’m going to do it God’s way. When you make that decision how many no’s you’re going to have a lot of opposition to change. Alright, no, this time I’m really going to start trusting God. What’s going to happen? All Best Church in Norris City for families these other things are going to come against you, but God says, don’t be discouraged. It starts out smaller. When I first start saying, okay, God, I’m coming out of this mess. Well, when you first started saying, I’m coming out, what God says is smaller and everything that got you in it is louder because it’s been. Best Church in Norris City for families That’s what you’ve been feeding for so long, right? So now when you first say I’m coming out, it’s smaller, but look at verse 32, but when it is sown, when it is sown, when the word is sown, it grows up and becomes greater.

It becomes what? It becomes greater. That word, greater means megace, which was bigger. What becomes greater? Keep it in the context when it is sown, when the word is sown in the word grows up and becomes greater. The word literally greater in my heart, not the physical evidence of what I’m wanting to see becomes greater. The word becomes greater men, this is important distinction. You got to get this. Most of the time we’re believing God and we’re wanting our result to get greater. We’re wanting what we want to see to become greater. We want the evidence to become greater, to encourage us, and what’s supposed to encourage us is God’s word gets greater. What God said gets greater. So Best Church in Norris City for families even if the evidence is totally contrary to what God said, when his word gets greater inside of me, it doesn’t matter what I see. I still believe what God says.

When the seed is planted in my heart, the word gets greater. So let me encourage you as I encourage myself with this all the time, Chad, don’t let the physical evidence be what you’re desiring to get greater in your life. Don’t, don’t let that. That’ll be a mistake and it will cause me to let go of the word and I’ll give up if I don’t see change happening, quick enough, physical evidence, whatever you’re believing God for. If I don’t see change happening quick enough and that’s what’s my encouragement, then I will give up on what God said and I’ll say, well, maybe it’s not gonna happen, but when I let his word get bigger in my heart, it what? Best Church in Norris City for families I hear louder. Men. Now I hear what God says that, or I hear the rain member. I hear what God says louder than what that says.

So when it looks the opposite, I go, wow, that’s not good. But I still believe what I hear, I still believe what God says. It has to become greater. Now, let me give you this scripture in the Bible where you see the word Jesus and you see the word capital w you can. You can exchange those because Jesus is the word. John Chapter one, verse one, in the beginning was the word and the word was with God. The word was God. First John Chapter four, verse four. Maybe you know this verse, but I want you to read it in this context. Now it says, you are of God little children and have overcome them. Best Church in Norris City for families That word overcome means to win a victory over or to conquer. It’s the Greek word, Nikkei, or an English. We call it Nike. So the shoes that you’re wearing or that wardrobe that you’re wearing, when they got this brand up, marketing gurus, their company name literally means to win a victory or to conquer or to overcome great company name.

But now when you look at your shoes, I want you to be encouraged spiritually and say, I’m an overcomer. I’m a Nike. I’m a conquer. So now notice he says, you have overcome, you have won the victory you have conquered, because underline the word, because man, this is so important. Why have I overcome? Because God just said so. No, because God finally did something. No, why have I overcome? Because he who is in you is greater than he was in the world. Best Church in Norris City for families Now we say that loud go the enemies greater than he is slowed down. He who’s in you. Now let’s he who is in you with the word. The word you can replace Jesus with the word is not taking anything out of context. Best Church in Norris City for families So now it would read this way we have overcome because his word that is in me has become greater than the word that’s in the world. See how I can say that now I have overcome walk because his word in me has become greater than the word that’s in the world. Now, notice when did that overcoming take place? That overcoming didn’t take place. When I saw a result

that overcoming took place, when his word became greater than their word, my results still hasn’t happened yet, but I’ve. Dude, I’ve overcome. I’ve got the victory. When did that happen? Because his word in me is greater than the word of the world than the word of the devil than the word of whatever. Then the the thoughts that are coming into my head, his word is greater, and when that takes place, I’ve overcome, I’ve overcome. I haven’t seen it with my eye yet. I haven’t felt it with my hands, but I’ve overcome so his word is becoming greater. How does it become greater? Throw up Romans 10, 17. Just again real quickly. In summary, faith comes by hearing, begins with hearing and hearing through the word of God. Remember, this verse does not say faith comes by hearing and continuing to hear the word of God. That’s not how faith comes. Well, Best Church in Norris City for families I just keep hearing the word and faith will come. No, it won’t. Faith begins that way, but faith never comes to fruition in my life personally until I begin to hear through the word. In other words, what that means, he hearing the word is the first part, but hearing through the word as the second part and without the second part, we will grow numb to the first part, and this is important, if I don’t learn to hear through the word,

I can keep hearing the word and I’ll grow numb to it. This is how you can sit in church and hear Best Church in Norris City for families message just and it just roll off your head and you don’t get anything.

You’re hearing the word. The problem is not the first part, the problems. The second part, I haven’t learned to hear through the word and other words for myself. I hear this information that is contrary to the word and I say, no, I don’t believe you. I believe the word. Now I’m hearing the word. If I don’t get the second part, faith will never build in my life. Okay? This is important because if we don’t grasp this, Best Church in Norris City for families then we’ll just grow numb to it and you can hear where it all day and they will never grow something in your life. So we don’t want to grow numb. So hearing through the word means that what he says trumps any physical evidence. All right, so now go to mark chapter 11. We got that. We’re going mustard seed faith. Mark Chapter Eleven.

Look at verse 12. Everybody with me so far. This part you’ve got to really grasp. Now says now the next day, verse 12, when they had come out of Bethany, excuse me, he was hungry. And seeing from afar of fig tree having leaves, he went to see perhaps he would find something on it. When he came to it, he found nothing but leaves for is not the season for figs. No, don’t let that confuse you. It really wasn’t great translation for it was not the season for bigs. When a fig tree has leaves, it should already have fruit. A fig tree grows fruit first and then leave second. So if it had leaves, it should have had fruit. If it’s going to bear fruit. So this is why Jesus was upset at the tree. He said, your false advertisement, right? This is a form of godliness, but denying the power. This is saying I’m a Christian and I have no fruit in my life. Jesus says, Best Church in Norris City for families those type of people call me, Lord, Lord, I’m going to say I never knew you because you’re a fig tree that has leaves and no fruit. This is what Jesus upset at the bush. He don’t like that in bushes and he don’t like it. And people who don’t like it. So we got show fruit. I can’t say. Yeah, look at my leaves. I’m a Christian and my fruit be terrible. A good tree doesn’t bear bad fruit.

Alright, so we got that. Now we want to be good trees. So look at verse 14. So in response and response to what was the tree talking was the evidently it was because in response to there being no fruit, he said to it, he said, do it. What’s Jesus talking to? He’s talking to the tree. He said, let no one a prude have you ever again. And His disciples heard it. Now Jesus talking to a tree and his disciples heard it. How many times they could have been saying and Jesus has loosened it just talking to trees. Best Church in Norris City for families But it’s very important to notice why he talked to the tree. Verse Twenty jumped down, says now in the morning as they passed by, they saw the fig tree dried up from the roots,

and Peter Remembering said to him, rabbi, look, the fig tree which you cursed has withered away. So Jesus answered and said to them, have faith in God or have the God kind of faith. Now what kind of faith moves mountains, mustard seed faith. What kind of faith kills off pig treats? Mustard seed faith. This is what he’s growing. Mustard seed. Faith. Remember is when the word of God grows up inside of us. So much greater on the inside that we speak from the abundance. We’ll talk about that in a minute. So now we need the seed of God’s word in our heart. This is important to get this in our heart. When we get the word in our heart that produces faith in our heart. And then we can take our faith. It becomes my faith. And then I can take my faith and speak to my mountain and say, move.

And it will move. I can’t take your faith and speak to my mountain. I’ve got to get God’s word in my heart until it becomes my faith and then I can speak to my mountain move and it will move. This is what we’re growing. Mustard seed faith. Now who is able to do this? Who’s able to talk like this? Just Jesus. Look at verse 23 for assuredly, I say to you, whoever say, whoever turn to the person next to you and say that you turn to the person that was your second choice and say that you so you understand Jesus is talking to you, right? Whosoever. That’s you. That’s me. Whoever will say to this mountain, be removed and be cast into the sea and does not doubt in his heart, Best Church in Norris City for families but believes that those things he says will be done. He will have whatever he says. So now mountain moving conditions. Who will say, whoever will say to this mountain, are there any conditions on the. Whoever’s saying to this mountain move and it moving. This scripture gives 22 and 23 gives us three conditions. The first one is we have to have faith in God. We have to have mustard seed faith. In other words, what God says has to become greater in our life. If God’s word never becomes greater, we will never be able to speak to our mountains. So in other words, my want to won’t fix my situation,

my needing it to change will not fix my situation. God’s word in my heart will fix my situation, so get the faith of God, number one. Then number two, he says, if he does not doubt in his heart, and number three, he believes those things he says will be done. Three conditions. That person will have whatever they say, what kind of person? The one who has faith in God, the one who doesn’t doubt in their heart and the one that believes that those things believes that those things they say, we’ll be done. So we’ve already talked about mustard seed faith. Let’s look at the second one. Second condition does not doubt in his heart. What does doubt in your heart mean? Here’s where we’re going to break down some stuff. Where does the seed of God’s word grow out of our heart? Not Our blood pump, but out of our spirit, out of our heart. That’s where the word goes out, up. So now we don’t believe with our head, but we believe with our heart. You truly believe God with your heart. Romans chapter 10, verse 10, let me give you this says for with the heart one does what? Beliefs

you don’t believe with your head. So stop trying to figure out God. Give yourself a mental break. Best Church in Norris City for families Give your logic and reason the day off, we don’t believe God from our brain. We believe in from our heart.

Principle number one, we got to get believe in our heart, under righteousness and with the mouth. Confession is made unto salvation. That word, salvation means to rescue, to set free, to heal, to deliver all of those things. So what the heart we believe and what the mouth we confess. You see all these definitions here for that from the Greek word Sozo. So to rescue, he’ll deliver. Restore a former state to restore to a former state of wellbeing. So believe in your heart. Confess with our mouth and will be saved. So now notice that this is the third one. Believes those things he says will be done. Third Condition. Faith like God, mustard seed. Faith means we have to have faith in our words. Notice what it says in verse 23, but believes that those things he says or she says, or the person says will be done. Best Church in Norris City for families They will have whatever they say. Faith like God means we must have faith in our words. This is important. That means we aren’t saying things that we aren’t expecting to happen. Let that digest for a moment. Faith in our words means we aren’t saying things we aren’t expecting to come to pass.

We weren’t designed to say things we didn’t believe. We weren’t designed to say things we didn’t believe. We were designed by God. Genesis chapter one says, we’re made in the image and likeness of who? Of God. God doesn’t tell any lies. What he speaks happens. That’s why he always speaks in faith, so we weren’t designed to say what we didn’t believe, but here’s what happens when we are speaking opposing words. We are sowing opposing seeds into our heart. This is what I mean by believing this one. I mean buses have bleed, that those things he says will be done and not doubting in her heart. I’m putting these two together. So now when we speak opposing words, Best Church in Norris City for families we’re sewing opposing seeds into our heart and whatever is greater will be produced. Remember, where does the seed grow in our heart? Mark Chapter Four says, the ground produces a seed on its own, so your heart is growing seeds, no matter what, you don’t have to make your heart produce seeds. Best Church in Norris City for families It does it on its own. It knows how to do that. It’s a natural thing to put into there, but what seeds is it going to produce? It’s going to produce, have the greater one.

So now what I’m saying here is when we speak opposing words, Best Church in Norris City for families we’re building confusion in our heart by different words, and our heart doesn’t know what we believe. My

my heart is going to produce from the words of my mouth. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouse is going to speak when I speak this way, one moment and this way, the next my heart is confused and it’s gone. Which one do we believe? One moment you say, we’re gonna, get through this and the next moment we say, I’m going to die. Which one is my heart’s supposed to believe? My heart is confused. My Heart’s like, wait a minute. We’re going to make it. We’re not going to make it. Which one do I believe? Your heart’s looking for something to engage in and were scattering different seeds and our heart gets confused and we don’t know what to believe. This is doubt in our heart. I’m speaking one thing, one moment, another thing, and next we scatter seed with our mouth. My heart is confused on what to believe.

James Chapter one, verse six says it this way, he says, but let him ask in faith with no doubting that were doubting means opposing thoughts or opinions. So let him ask in mustard seed faith with no opposing thoughts, no opposing opinions for those who doubt or like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind for net. Let not that person suppose that they will receive anything from the Lord. Why are they not going to receive anything from the Lord? Verse eight tells us because they’re a double minded person, unstable in all their ways. Now, here’s where we got to break this down. Double minded. This we’re double minded means uncertain about the truth. It means to vacillate. It literally comes from two words, die, which means to and Sookay, which is the word for breath or spirit. This is the word. When the Bible talks about your spirit, soul, and body.

Your spirit is your sookay. So what this literally means, double-minded means you’re two people. You’re too speaking spirits. One moment you speak this way, and another moment you speak the other, you’re two different people. You’re double minded. I’m double minded when I do this, I’m too. I’m uncertain. I vacillate. Sometimes I’m going to do great. Sometimes I’m not and I just teeter totter back and forth. He says, that person is unstable and don’t think they’re double minded. They’re not going to receive anything from God. Sounds a little harsh, but he says, this is why you’re not going to receive anything because you’re unstable. The word unstable comes from two words. It means not in a pen. It a person that’s in authority or someone in a position of authority or in charge of not in a position of authority or in charge of not in a position of authority are in charge of what in all their ways and that ways is just matter of life or behavior. So what it means is this, when we put it together, not in authority or in charge of their life or behavior, but their life or behavior is in charge of them.

This is the condition when we’re double minded and unstable. It’s because I’m speaking this way and speaking that way and I’ve relinquished authority over my ways and now my ways are telling me what to say. Instead of me telling my waves how it’s going to be. I’ve lost. Best Church in Norris City for families I’ve given up the authority or charge over my situation and now my situation has charged over me,

has charged over my feelings, and now I feel great today and horrible next time. Woo. It’s awesome. Everything’s good. One phone call later on, I give up what happens. I’m unstable in all my way. Why? Because my heart’s looking for something to believe in. Just give me something to believe in. No where that song came from, but that’s what my heart’s saying. Sweat my heart. Say in my heart is looking for words and when I’m scattering these seeds one moment and these seeds another my heart gets confused and goes chat. Which one do we believe? That’s double mindedness folks. We’ve got to be single minded here. I wrote this down and to give us to you, we’ve got to bring stability to our mouth so that we can bring stability in our heart so that we can grow one seed and that’s the seed of God’s word.

We got to get stability in our mouth so we can create some stability in my heart and I can grow once. See, I can be single minded. See, I shared earlier that I had the situation just very recently where I had an impossible situation and I was believing God and I was speaking God’s word and I was saying this is the way it’s going to be, but all the physical evidence to the contrary, it wasn’t going to be that way, Best Church in Norris City for families and so I was in a place of torment with all these thoughts and all this. I’m standing. I’m trying to sow God’s word, but then I’m saying I don’t know what I’m going to do. So I came to a place where I had to put down these two items and I put down these two pieces of paper and I looked at it and I said, okay, God, see that’s the physical evidence, but your word said, and I put my Bible on top of what the situation was and I said, God, I choose to believe your word. I’m going to be single minded. I will not vacillate back and forth. I’m not going to listen to my feelings, but what you said is what? I’m going to solo in my heart. I’m so in one scene and none other.

This is the way we’ve got to be in our life. See, the devil wants to bring confusion in your life and saying, hey, look at this. This is the way you should believe. No, look at this. This is the way, but I’m telling you guys, mustard seed, faith is single minded mustard seed. Faith doesn’t waver. Mustard seed faith doesn’t say, well, I feel like at this day, but I don’t feel like it that day. If we’re going to grow mustard seed faith, we get determined. We say, you know what? I’m changing now because I feel like I need to change because I made a decision. I’m going to change and things are going to be different my life and I start speaking this over my life. Too many times we’re feeling led life and this is why we ride the rollercoaster

rollercoaster of life because we’re not stable, so here’s what I’m wanting to do this morning. Number one, recognize that you’re a disciple. If you’re in here this morning and you’re not a believer, you don’t serve God. You’ve never accepted Jesus as your savior. That Best Church in Norris City for families is the first step in the process. You need to become a disciple, needs to become a follower of Jesus. Follow up his teachings. Secondly, maybe you’re already saved, but you’re not following everything that he says. Maybe you realize, okay, I’m a learner. The disciple said, Jesus, why could we not cast it out? And Jesus said, well, it’s because you haven’t learned everything you need to learn. If you’ll learn some things right here on how to operate in faith, then you’ll be able to see these results in your life. What is it that you’re facing right now that you’re not seeing results in? God’s saying, it’s time to learn. Then maybe there’s others facing this situation. This is very common. Double mindedness some days or some hours, some moments. I feel like this. Some moments I feel like that I’m going to believe God. Nah, I don’t know. Maybe not.

God’s going to turn this around. I don’t know if it’s ever going to give you different. Your cart is confused today. Your heart is begging for stability. My heart is begging for stability. My heart is crying out to me. Say, Chad, give me one seat and I’ll make a difference, but I can’t give it to seeds. I can’t say, you know what? Thank you God. You’re going to pull me through this, and the next person asks me, how’s it going? I go, I don’t know. It seems it’s getting worse to worst. By the moment my heart’s confused. Wait a minute. You just told me a few minutes ago that we’re going to make it. Now you’re telling me we may not. What am I going to do? That’s what your heart’s dealing with. Your heart gets confused in this and your hearts, a producer, and it’ll produce fear.

If that’s all we. So in it, it will produce down thoughts. It will produce misery. It’ll have produced sorrow. It will produce whatever we sold the most full, so God’s word it will produce that. So maybe you’re in a situation this morning where you say, I need to scatter some good seat. Here’s what I want us to do. Would you just bow your heads with me this morning if you will, just go ahead and stand to your feet as you, as you bow your heads, just squat and stand your feet, Mr. Team, which you go and come up. I want you to bow your heads with

me as we we’re standing. I just want you to pray with me for a moment. I want you to focus on Jesus. Best Church in Norris City for families Don’t do yourself a favor and don’t focus on anything else. Stop time to worry about anybody else’s life. It’s not time to worry about getting out or that’s going to happen in just a moment.

Well, what’s most important to me is a condition of your heart. That’s the most important thing to God right now. Maybe you say, Chad, I’m in a severe state of double mindedness. That doesn’t make you last. Throw a rock in the room. You’re going to find some of us who’ve been double minded at times. It happens. God says, we’ve got to be single minded about our faith, so I want you to begin to give that situation to God. I want you to say no to all the other options and say yes to Jesus. If you’re not serving Jesus right now, if you’re not, if you’ve never prayed and asked him to be the lord of your life right now, I want you to be single minded. I don’t want you to begin to choose God. I want you to say, I want to give my life to Jesus. I want him to be the Lord of my life. I want him to take over. I don’t want to look to serve myself anymore. I want to live for Jesus. If that’s your prayer this morning, you see said, that’s me. I need to be saved. I need to give my life to Jesus. I need a fresh start. That’s what we want for you this morning. If you’re a believer already, but you say, Chad, I’m really struggled with some double mindedness in my life.

That’s what we’re going to pray for this morning. Best Church in Norris City for families

Maybe you’re believing God for a physical deal, mental deal, a business deal, or relational deal. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s a child. Maybe it’s a friend. Maybe it’s your own purpose in your life that has gotten lost track of me. It’s God’s still gonna. Use me. Be Single minded. So one. See this morning, make a decision. I’m going to stop running my mouth about seeds. I don’t want to produce. I was not designed to say things I don’t believe I was designed to speak those things that I choose that I believe will come to pass in my life. Maybe you’re like me. You may have to repent and say, God, forgive me for being double minded. God, I want to be single minded this morning. If that’s you, be prayer those areas. We’ve got some people here that would love to pray with you. Have you just step out and come to them and say, Hey, I’ve got some situations in my life I’m dealing with. Double mindedness on that doesn’t make you an evil person, means that you got something going on and you’re trying to trust God and believe God, but man, the fiscal evidence is overwhelming. It’s overwhelming. How do I get through it? How do I make it over? You? Keep sowing God’s seeds.

Let’s pray together. Let’s renounce the double mindedness and let’s bring a single minded and single mindedness into our life, into our heart. You’re confused. Heart, my confused heart is looking for clarity.

We’re going to bring it there.

As you feel this has God’s speaking to your heart and you need prayer. Best Church in Norris City for families Just step right out of your seat and come up. We’ve got people here that want to pray with you. Want to stand with you. Father, I thank you right now for the power of the Holy Spirit.

What I come into agreement with, everyone here says, father, forgive me for being double. Mike, Forgive me for being too mouth to breath, but I’m speaking to different things. Forgive me, Lord. I want singleness in my heart. I want single mindedness in my life. I don’t want to vacillate between two opinions. I don’t want to scatter opposing thoughts and an opposing options. I don’t want to speak that out of my mouth. I want to speak singleness in my alarm. I want one answer coming out of my mouth. I want one seed being sewn in my heart and that is what you say about my life. I’m going to stop asking the opinions of people and get the opinion of God. I’m going to stop asking what others think and I’m going to start asking you what you think that God used speak clearly into my life. Best Church in Norris City for families I choose to believe what God says and I deny what the physical evidence says. God, we come together for unity, single mindedness right now. I pray that over every heart for that person struggling in a business decision what to do, I pray for a singleness of mind. God has shown you don’t back off of what you speak, a relational decision, that emotional situation where your own emotions are tormenting you, a singleness of mind that God is bringing me through single mindedness.

I’m not going to be double minded anymore. Not going to shut down the voices that saying you’re not gonna. Make It. You’re not going to come through. You’re not. You’re not going to survive this. Ha ha ha. I’m not so in those seats. I’m closing my mouth to that and I’m speaking what God says. Best Church in Norris City for families I’m speaking the word. Get me chapter and verse God. Let your word become brighter. In my heart, I have overcome because his word that is in me is greater than the word that’s in the world, so God wait to speak this in agreement today,

honey mustard seed faith floor, because we are single minded, more single minded. It gets adversity, single minded against the opposition, got up a piece over every heart and every mind, every person in the valley of decision that’s vacillating between two opinions this morning. God, I pray that your word will be greater in their heart. I pray there would be no more doubting God. There’ll be singleness. There’ll be clarity today. God’s saying to you and to me right now, choose you this day, which voice you’re going to serve, shoes, which one if God is God, serve God. If the emotions and feelings are God, serve them, but God says, choose me. Choose my words. I will never leave you and I will never forsake you. Best Church in Norris City for families I watch over my word to perform it and I will be faithful to also do what I taught you. I would do god. We receive it and we declare it over our lives. We are single minded, focused on your work in the name of Jesus name. Hang on just a second.

She had a vision of a of a garden weeds in it, and the single mindedness is not just trimming those wings, those thoughts, in other words, overcoming them for an hour, but you literally grab them and pull them out by the roots, and this is what you have to do whenever these depressive thoughts, Best Church in Norris City for families these physical thoughts, he’s emotional thoughts. Whatever these destructive thoughts come into your mind, you have to grab them out by the root at St. No, and you replace them by planting these thoughts. These are things that I’m going to think on things that are lovely, things that are of good report, things that are virtuous, praiseworthy. I’m going to meditate on those things, so uproot some stuff this morning. Take it back of your mind. Take back hearts. Be Single minded today. Not Double Mind to. Don’t let the opinions of people, well, this person likes me. Yeah, it’s great. They like, oh, these people don’t like beaten up, down. It doesn’t matter. Single minded. What does God say about my life?