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Last week, I forgot to tell if I had sunny say you know what I had to google, what going yard meant and she would turn to me. She said see:i told you so for those of you who don’t know what going yard. How me know what going yard is you do that going yard other than this? best church in Norris City for families zac was in the essence, act was in little league and we hit it out the park. We actually hit it out of the park. Homerun cuz, it’s out of the ball yard. You go yard, so I just like today. You know course it was a very small field, but he was google yard in love and marriage is like hitting at home, run how many, how many I’ve ever played bond hit the homerun okay there last week, but christmas? How many of you try to go yard when it comes to christmas, and you want to buy that perfect gift, and you want to knock it out the park, and you know man I’m married to wife who tries to go yard with every present in and it’s like, you can’t do that, but she tries and she does a good job. So I need to get that out of the way right and everybody knows now, i, don’t know where this is actually going to go tonight, which is going to worry sheila right now, because I woke up last night cost to turn out, for this thing has changed a gazillion times just today, but I want. How do you, like truth and most everything, yeah i, like truth as long as it matches up with your truth right, because where you don’t like her this, best church in Norris City for families actually runs up against something that that’s that’s, not what you think this is my prayer. That tonight is what comes out is truth, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be because it’s it’s I’m going to stick with what the word says in the word is truth. What are you with her lines? Up with what you wanted to line up it doesn’t matter, because it is what it is the last week we had some fun and you know for me if you can’t, if you can’t, have fun and laugh at it, I mean it’s just me. It’s like. What’s the point and I think you’ll learn better best church in Norris City for families you’re actually have a fun laughter, is a I really believe laughter is a gift from god, because laughter is actually a form of communication. You know you don’t even have to speak the same language and you can see the same thing thinking and laugh with somebody and you’re. Actually, you actually have a shared moment and that there’s a connection when you’re laughing with somebody I think it’s important I think it’s important when you learn i, think it’s important in best church in Norris City for families, i, think about laughing best church in Norris City for families and some of the messages that I use. Look at those core values:everyone, those core values. You can overlay on top of a marriage, every single one of them, because the core values of christianity are the same core values in marriage and he’s been talking about doing life together right when you do life together, a big key ingredient doing life together is just having fun and laughing together, because when you laugh with somebody when you have, when you have a shared experience, we talk about remembering here when you have a memory, it’s tied with the laughter, that’s a good memory in it and it hangs in there and it creates a thread okay and so in a marriage. If you actually have shared memories with laughter and then both of you had that same memory, you have a you, have a you start, building threads, that that bind you and becomes the fabric of who you are, and so did it’s just like with me and sheila. If you say why? What would your life be without sheila i? Don’t know because I don’t have a life without you live because I don’t have my life, I have our life and and and a lot of it are our entire life. Is chris crossed over so much of each other? You can’t tell where one stops. The other begins, because we have so many shared memories, and so I got to think about. Okay. What did the memories that we have that were flying? We have me was 5, so we’ve had a lot of memories. We have good ones. We have bad ones that we have cries. We have. We have laughter and i, got to think about laughter, memories and there’s some of them. You can’t hear-and she says yes and she’s-really starting to sweat now, because because honestly, there’s some of them that are just there just private stuff that we we we get it honestly. Even if I told you, you still wouldn’t get it because you had to be there right. You know I’m saying but I got to thinking about that, and and and one memory can’t it’s okay. Maybe we had nothing. Okay, we we had furniture that was borrowed for my brother, a tv that was borrowed from my sister and apartment that her parents, own and i, had no job. We would like to take sand no dog. Okay. We had nothing buddy, but I’ll. Tell you what, within three years we have something we had. Two kids and I had a job. That’s about the only thing we live, that we went. We rented a house out in the middle of nowhere, and so we have these kids and in and we got any, don’t have any money and we have to honestly we we were kids, our self, and so we had to create fun best church in Norris City for families we used to do was after the kids go to bed we play hide and seek then sound, like i, actually hide-and-sneak, because you didn’t have to stay put.

You can move around and if so house, if you turned off all the lights, the security light would shine in the house and you have a just enough room to not like to negotiate. And if you, if you step in a corner, you know you couldn’t really see and if, if you wore black, you really couldn’t see, you know as and you could move. So if somebody came around and search this corner out and you weren’t there, but you saw them as I left the room. You can move into that corner city and then it’s so when you play hide and sneak in this house it was. You were to find somebody special in the dark. What was her turn to hide and I’m hunting I’m hunting, this girl place I’m, hunting and i. Finally, I’ve looked everywhere and and in the corner we had a card table with a blanket over the top of it that the kids used to use for playhouse right. They would crawl under there and i. Don’t research them to that table and I knew she wasn’t there, but I’m thinking, okay, she’s moved on me and so I came back again. I stand in front of it and I’ve been down on my knees:crack when I bend down I think she’s there she’s under there she knows I’m there cuz she just hurt my knees, crack and so I’m, really quiet, I’m listening for anything and she’s breathing. Really shallow and she’ll tell you she had spit running out of her mouth because she didn’t want to swallow cuz. It made a noise. That’s why she’s underneath this table-and she can’t see in the dark anyhow i-don’t know what show me the shoes at a disadvantage:she’s she’s under the table, no one of them out there and I’m pretty sure she’s in there and I reach my hand under under and did not crap cuz, I figure, she’s, probably boy I did you know, have a blanket. She screamed and i, don’t know if the kids woke up or not, but it was that was fun busted over 30 years ago. That’s a shared memory that we have, and we can still talk about this thing where the girls cuz, because it’s something that we shared and it’s a memory tied with laughter. We had fun and it’s it’s a bun and you have to have those it’s in married important. You better have some of those threads for best church in Norris City for families the storms come cuz. If you don’t, if you don’t, have any threads to go back and you’re going to be dearly just floating out there by yourself as satan satan is we all know he’s a liar and I showed you last week how he want to get inside your head and turn your head, and he will tell you a lie:hello, liza. He likes it. Everything satan’s got this massive snap-on tool box full of tools sings got this little bitty thing. He carries around scott a hammer, chris rich flyers and some baling wire. It’s only needs because the same stuff that has always worked for the centuries is still working. He doesn’t need a lot of stuff to do with people, and one of the lies he will always tell is that he wait for the opportune time. I, don’t think they really love you i, don’t i, don’t i, don’t know? No, they don’t. Obviously they don’t love you or they wouldn’t have and he’ll rattle off a list right there and before long. If you, if you’re best church in Norris City for families over here, you see no i, don’t think so you know what why you even worry about. Why you even trying they don’t love you? What’s the point of loving them back, you know and that’s the lie. He will tell you and you better have a thread because truth, you have to stand wonder if there’s that was, it I think so. Flippin flippin for a we’ve got that on their day or not because I change best church in Norris City for families around flip case, for it says whatever is true:whatever is noble whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely. Whatever is admirable. If anything is excellent. Praiseworthy think about such best church in Norris City for families. How many times have you sat down and actually said best church in Norris City for families I’m not feeling it today I’m going to I’m going to find something? That’s admirable about my spouse and I’m going to think about that? What are spray imma find something I can praise about my spine. That’s what I’m going to think about today, because I’ve got this other thing going over my head, that I know he lies, but I’m going to find some some truth that I can actually think on because he says you need to think on these best church in Norris City for families, but so many times we feed the lie as,. We switched we sort of ended up here last time in and I wasn’t going to go back here, and this is where I keep getting drawn back. So I don’t know if it’s specifically for somebody or why they, just it just i, just kept coming back on so i, don’t go there you’re going to go there for men for men. Love is interpreted as respect okay, so she appreciates me as a protector provider leader when a wife, when wife is routinely critical, her words and actions are interpreted as i. Don’t love you that may not be the case. It may not be what you’re thinking, but that may be what he’s hearing i? Don’t love you when, when a husband for for women most women, love is interpreted that as a high degree of emotional intimacy, and he actually is into me, he actually does care. He actually cares about what and what’s going on in my life. So when a husband shuts his wife out and doesn’t expressed an interest in in in in in her his lack of words, you know one word answers to questions.

You don’t know. Maybe you know what he’s what what she’s hearing is is is that lack of attention there is is i, don’t love you this time it may not be what you’re meaning, but that’s what’s being heard. Cuz I’m in here chris is mexican. Team men here are women. Feel here feel silence is hostility. What does respect look like to a man, ladies if, you ever ask your husband. What does okay, if the guy on the stage says I’m supposed to be respecting, you did disrespect, look like to you exactly. Does it look like and then I asked you have you ever felt routinely disrespected by me? That’s what I said it’s a fair question:do I make you feel disrespected on a regular basis and and don’t don’t be ready with a defense. If he gives you answer, okay, because it’s not a did, you want to know what you want to know. What’s going on, don’t be some play. But, if no no g, if you ask me, he hasn’t answered, listen to the answer now that the interesting word, the word respect. If you look up respect, you go to king james, it’s reverence, okay, it’s the same word. It’s used! It’s the same that word in the greek, which is called phobio, which is where we get. The word phobia is the same word as used. Fear the lord, but it’s not politically correct to say, wives, fear your husband’s. Does it really make good, since you don’t want your wife to fear is fear the way you think of fear. I bring props we’re not gonna enthusiast, as you can tell, but we do have some guns at home as far as protection, because that’s this gun that a gun is used for protection is used for security is used to have around the house in case you wanted it. If you have an intruder, you want something to be between you and your husband was designed. His one of his roles has to be the protector, be the be there this year security. Ladies now, if I have a loaded, gun and I sit here and I start cortland like barney fife, throwing around and best church in Norris City for families in at, like that, what was you going to say that man is nuts right, we’re doing it’s a loaded gun and not yeah? Well, so big deal, it went off okay and when, when what happens when a when a loaded gun goes off unintended, what happens? Somebody’s going to get hurt or something’s going to get destroyed right you either going to shoot a hole in something or shoot a hole in somebody? That’s what I want you to think of this and this this is what I really believe. That’s the word, the fear fear respect. Reverence is your husband will use this example of a couple’s. A lot is your husband is like a loaded gun. Now you can hang with me because he’s there for he’s built in such a way that he he craves, respect and he’s your security he’s your protect. He wants to be your security. He wants to be your protector and, if you miss, handle a loaded gun at some point in time, nothing’s going to go off and he’s going to shoot yourself. shoot yourself in your marriage because somebody’s going to get hurt when it happens, and if you do this on a regular basis, you’re pulling that trigger on a regular basis. There’s this bullets flying everywhere and at some point, I’m, like an all in all guys, are going to handle the same way. Some guy may walk out. Some guy may put a fist of the drywall i, don’t know I’m, not saying it’s right, I’m saying there’s a way there. Ladies, there there’s a the word says that you supposed to handle your husband with respect. It’s not my words. It’s as, if they’re they actually said, fear you know, but is there, but now I mean I’m, not stupid enough to know that this door only swings one way. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander here, but the bible said it is specifically talking to wives here because that’s an area, that’s important for them, but it goes on to say:husbands, husbands, love, you wife. Now what does love look like to your wife? Have you asked her? Have you asked you? Okay do I routinely make you feel unloved my actions that I do on a regular basis. You feel like you. Are you hearing lover? You are you? Are you not hearing it so much once again, don’t don’t get in the defensive when she gives you a list and because she she may have been, she may even holding this one for a while, but she got here. But the word of the word for loving is agape, o n s. It’s a i, think I said it last week. It’s a verb is an action verb. Now it is not only is an action verb, an ongoing action verb, which means I did love. You I do love, you I will love you, it just come, it’s a continual action and it and it goes into action. You have to be doing something:the big four, don’t care I mean really. Okay. Do you love you? Oh yeah, I love that woman? Oh you lucky woman and i! Well, I got hers. I got her, something for christmas and I bought her something on her anniversary yesterday, I gave her gave her flowers okay. Well before we got too big for covered christmas, anniversary birthday and and and valentine’s what happens. If you go to work and they pay you for days of the year when really she she deserves more than just 44 days or or the obligatory times it just goes through this. You have to actually love her in it in a way, that’s an ongoing action and and you’re going to have to hunt for it honestly it.

What was it a couple weeks ago, but you have to take it. You have to tell each other. best church in Norris City for families you hit the mark, it was a few weeks ago. She loves to clean car, but it’s been too cold meow and so I actually took the car and went to town washed. It washed it all down and came back in and I came in and and that honestly I couldn’t buy roses that would have the same effect and and she and I walked in and she said, I feel so loved right now. You know, because that’s that that was what it says says:i love you. You have to find what you owe your wife may not. The car may not be a big deal for her, but I bet you there’s something that is. You have to actually go best church in Norris City for families for. What is it that’s going best church in Norris City for families I do this she’s going to hear she’s going to hear that I love her? So are you frequently guys? Are you frequently making promises that you don’t keep? There’s a proverbs, proverbs 25:14. It says, like clouds with wind. No rain is a man who makes boats that he does not keep if you’ve ever been through a dry spell, and you see a cloud on horizon, you think. Oh, yes, we’re going to get rain and then it just goes on and you did you just there’s a lot of wives out there they’re just me and he said he was going to, but it didn’t happen again. Okay I know I know because there’s one sitting right over here because there’s no, we all do it. Okay, yeah will do this best church in Norris City for families the weather gets pretty and then the weather gets pretty and you never do it. You know something else happens and then she’s hoping and she’s hoping and it just doesn’t have it so. But if you do this on a regular basis to the degree that you don’t even I mean it’s not even on your radar ever ever, even though you love your wife, what your what you were telling her, what she’s hearing is? He didn’t love me, and so, when satan gets in her head and says yeah well, you know i, don’t think he loves you, you know i, don’t think he does either and you got up you every pay, really close attention to the voices in your head and and stand on some truth there, which is why I like laughter threads, because you can you can take a thread and follow back. This may be how many women here love, but that’s not actually love. Okay, we’ve been talking a lot about how we here love what we feel love, love, isn’t a feeling, because, because feelings are subject to change, can I hang out and if I say she’ll I love you today and then tomorrow she does something while I’m not feeling it so i. Apparently i. Don’t love her today and there’s no security. Anything like that. You can have a marriage based on those security. I think it’s in you., you may have a place in you notes are love. Love is first and foremost it’s a choice, followed by commitment, an expressed in an action you choose. You commit you followed in an action when it comes to marriage. You choose your mate, you chose them, you commit your life to him and then then the rest of it goes into action. What are you doing, because both sides love make male and female? What are you doing? What are you actually doing to live out? Your love, cuz? You have to leave it out as a christian as a christian, we’re supposed to be I mean the bible is full of what we are christians are supposed to love, and you know it’s amazing to me how many people can come in here on a sunday and wednesday and they love everybody else, but they go home and it’s not so much there. You know it’s easy to love. Somebody you only see twice a week. Are we had a we got so we got a friend I got a buddy down in harrisburg and he saw a man. You know I love red dye for that woman. I said man try doing it daily. You know everyday, you know it so, but yeah in marriage, especially marriage. You should be living your christianity out as far as it relates to love, james 2:17, said faith faith without deeds or faith without actions is dead. We we actually talked one time. We talk james as a you. Take the entire book james and teaches a marriage manual. Yeah go home, read james like it’s a marriage manual to see what you see, what you get out of that one and take faith in and put love in their love without actions is dead, because if you, if you have love and you have no actions, can you really call that one love I mean? Is it really love? When you don’t do anything other than say? The word is saying the word make love so level always do what is best for the object of one’s love and getting love and giving real love is like swinging for the fence in baseball. If you’ve ever played baseball at all, you know you have to choose your pitch cuz, you shouldn’t. Are you best church in Norris City for families for the right pitch? You look at honestly. Don’t want that high fastball cuz! You can’t hit that thing. You want that one’s coming. You choose your pitch and when you know that’s the pit that is the one I can see it. You got it, you got it you caught back here you commit to the swing cuz, it’s not a! You can’t go yard with a check swing, all right, you’re going to have to commit that swing, and you have to follow through.

So, you choose, you commit me, have an action and when you do it right, hugo yard, does everybody make a homerun every time they step up white? No, they don’t but I guarantee you’re not going to make a homerun if you never swing either. So when you’re went in marriage you’re going to everyday, you got to step out fight and you got a crank back. You got to choose that pitching that hit it again. You know, because that’s love, you choose, you commit you follow through. What is it that I can do? What can I do today for my wife that she’s going to hear he loves me? What is it, ladies, that you could? What is it that you can say your words? Your words are powerful. There’s a head full of saying the sharp tongue will soon cut its own throat. You know and your words your words have such tremendous power with your husband. We were talking. We talked to couples all the time. Ladies, you know how, best church in Norris City for families your kid brings home a handmade valentine, we got one in the mail from mckayla the other day you get a handmade valentine from your from your precious little one, you just what you put it on the fridge and you keep it. No, you always say yes I’m keeping this when I want to put it in the box I’m, keeping it forever right. Ladies, have a box full of that stuff, a bunch of okay. You know your your husband’s do that with your words, so you don’t know because guys don’t talk about this, but they do I actually talk to the fellas been a couple years ago, and he was talking about. We were actually talking about this little respect thing and he was talking about best church in Norris City for families they had some friends that that the other basement flooded and they were need to shut the power off before it got up into the into the breaker box and breaker boxes downstairs:i need to go down there and they they they was going to pull the meter. So he he white, he walked on down in the basement, open up the box. You know and shut it off and now, honestly, that’s it’s not as unsafe as it sounds, but is it but it looks impressive if you don’t know anything, and so so he comes back up in his wife, says, been able to do that, you’re so brave, at what that was like 40 years ago. The man still remembers that night. That’s that’s his little box of of words that it cuz his wife told him that she thought he was her hero. Take me to we are i. Had an audi just been when she would does this all the time she makes rather have one that sticks in my mind, is what I had an outage one night I mean it was thundering and lightning crashing down pouring down rain midnight, the phone rings. They were out of power case I get up, and we just we just crawled in bed. I’m crawling back yeah cuz I’m getting dressed. She looks, she says, i, don’t know how you do this. How I do want you get up and go out there and weather like this and work? You know, I mean i, don’t know how you would do that I’m just I’m. Just so thankful. You can do that I’m impressed job, but as I’m going to the truck is like that woman loves me. Okay, I feel like 10 12 years ago. I still remember that night, you know we collect. We collect your words in her mind. You don’t know that I mean honestly. We cuz, we don’t normally talk about this I’m. One of those rare guys actually get the chance to say that, but your husband collect your words, both good and bad actor, who what was it is. It is his words alike. Words are life or death, or either poison or fruit. You choose that’s a proverb, something I don’t know which one it is you choose. You have the choice to choose that one so that that’s love. Love is a choice. Commitment, action but yeah I’ve got how much time I got here. I love her so much time. I got next. Question is mary, so take it was going yard with love and marriage. What it want me really what is married for and why is mary so closely connected with love and christianity. His marriage is basically just two people all right and you we have all known couples who are married:they don’t love each other and we’ve all known couples who are married that are christians. So me how’s, marriage connected that way. We know what god designed it. You know he designed specifically because I got a multi-tool i, don’t know which kid got it for me for christmas. One time. It’s got to know. Where is that thing? It’s got a thing in here that I got, it just looks nasty one looks like there’s a saw. Where is it I think it’s on this side? Yes, that thing right there is just wicked i, don’t know what you had said. I must be a leather all, but it looks like a nasty toothpick, but it’s got its got. That with the most obvious thing it is, is a pair of needle-nose pliers right when you can see that one. You know what that is these other best church in Norris City for families? You got to dig them out, but this is a pair of needle-nose, pliers and mary’s. To me, marriage is a whole lot like a multi-tool. It has a lot of functions. When you get married. When you get married, you can combat loneliness with marriage. You can multiply your effectiveness and productivity I ain’t. You can actually do more with somebody. You know you’re getting best church in Norris City for families done, you can have, you can have kids and you have you got an extended family.

You have friend with benefits, so was blessed with the most important function of a marriage. The most important function, if your teachable is marriage, is what creates the environment where you can learn how to truly love. Eddington creates the environment, it doesn’t get the job done, but it puts the thing in place that you can do this now. It’s interesting the word house in the bible, if you go to, if you go to the old testament, there’s a there’s. A word like there was one word:a wise woman, a wise woman builds her house, but where their own hands the foolish one tears hers down. Okay, the warehouse you look it up in the hebrew I’ve got it written down in there somewhere means family. What I mean if you look it up at the main meaning for that word is spanish. The wise woman builds her family. Now, if you go to the greek, it’s all over the place, this particular verse a wise man who built his house upon the rock right. You know what that word house means family, a, wise man who built his family on the rock in the storms. Kane winds blew the house still stood and the foolish man built his only have built his house that they were actually warehouses is ikea, i, miss him and the structure that is supposed to have our family is married. That’s that’s where that’s the structure, this post you supposed to have your family bananas is the married because god created that away now granted I’m, not I’m, not here, to jump on anybody. If you don’t have the traditional family I’m just saying this is how god started it out. This is this was the best way to do the heat piece of this is this is the way I want to see it done right, and so you have this family, marriage and family, because with marriage and family it provides a classroom where you can learn a lessons on how to love somebody else unconditionally unconditionally, because how many? No it’s it’s it’s you can love, you can love! Honestly, you can love somebody up there. If you don’t like save you see him twice a week. You don’t hardly know him. You can do loving best church in Norris City for families for exam. It’s the people that you live with. A drive you, nuts, those the people that is hard to love unconditionally because you put start putting conditions on your level. Well, if they do this, then I’ll do this. Okay! Well, once I do this, then I’ll go ahead and do this right? Okay, let’s get really hard to live with family, best church in Norris City for families right! Well, maybe your family, but best church in Norris City for families hard to live. I love that woman and she loves me. But let me tell you what we can drive each other bonkers, because we are so opposite and how we view life when we do house projects together. There’s always we build a fireplace in our backyard a couple years ago and we we had to build amount of menards blocks of 30, lb of peace, and so I start for this thing. I said:what is what he wanted to look like, i, don’t know, I’ll know it when I see it yeah, but that means you got to stack it up and i. Don’t like that? Okay, we’ll try this and you stack it up. Give me a picture. I! Don’t have a picture. I’ll know it. When I see it, can you stack it up? Yeah i, like that you still going to take it down, because now you are you going to take it apart and make sure you put it back right again, and so that was a long summer for us, because there was like there was a lot of. It was one time I climb down off the scaffolding cuz. She had said something that climb down off when she says what’s wrong, I said:don’t say anything and I’m not going to say any cuz I say something I’m going to say something:i, don’t want to say so, I’m just going to sit here for a minute but she’s, okay and she got up. She actually went and got me something to drink and wait awhile looked out the window and when she saw the one she saw the wrinkles come out of my forehead. Then she came back at you know:demi mawby, you’re married with that sarso ke and we’ve learned, but but we still, we have a thread. We have a thread. We laugh about it now, which is good, because because we can because here’s the thing I know that woman loves me even on my worst days, and she knows I love her even on her worst days, even though best church in Norris City for families we don’t what’s the word I’m best church in Norris City for families for here projected okay, best church in Norris City for families it’s hard to love your family. But when you do this right, when you actually do married dry, you will actually get a glimpse of how jesus loves us q that clip up. We got fireproof clip and it if you, if you haven’t seen the movie, has been a while caleb is this fireman and his wife are going through some trouble and he’s out talking with his dad, okay and his dad’s actually trying to say:okay, what’s going on here and he said well we’re having all this trouble and it’s not my fault, it’s her fault. If you got that clip cute up, but anyhow what you going to see hear what you going to see here is caleb actually walking through his frustration. He lives not saved. He does not know the lord his dad does and his dad is trying to actually get him get him to where he can actually see who he is and who the lord is in his need for all. That is the clip number two i.

Think if you don’t have it. Let me know:okay, when I realized who I was-and he was I realize my need for him-i needed his forgiveness and salvation understanding. Why do I need his salvation? What am I going to be thrown into hell for what cuz I got divorced? No because you violated his standards, kill dad I help people I am a good person. According to you, but god doesn’t judge by your standards. He uses his and what it is well truth:okay, love, I’m, honest faithfulness, I care about people, I am those best church in Norris City for families best church in Norris City for families, but have you love god, the one who gave you life his standards are so high. He considers hatred to be murder and lust to be adultery dead. What about all the good I’ve done? Saving someone who does not like you right with god, you broke in his commandments and one day, you’ll answer the in for that caleb. If I would ask you why you’re so frustrated with catherine, what would you say she stubborn? She makes everything difficult for me. She’s ungrateful, she’s, constantly griping about something I should thank you for everything. You’ve done the last 20 days. No and you think after I wash the car I change the oil. Do the dishes clean the house that she would try to show me a little bit of gratitude what she doesn’t if that’s when I come home, she makes me feel like I’m not coming in and I’m, not even welcome in my own home dad. That is what really ticks me off for the last 3 weeks. I have bent over backwards for her. I have tried to demonstrate that I still care about this relationship. I bought a flower, but last night was it I mean dinner for her i. Did everything I could to demonstrate that I care about her to show value for her and she’s fat? In my face she does not deserve this.. I am not doing it anymore. How am I supposed to show love to somebody over and over and over who constantly reject me. Ask me a question:jack is not what I’m doing. Is it? That’s not what this is about. So you just ask me:how can someone show love over and over again when they’re constantly rejected caleb? The answer is you can’t love her, because you can’t give her what you don’t have. How come true love your mother tell her I understood what love really was stop because I get some reward out of it decision to love your mother, whether she deserves it or not. God loves you, even though you don’t deserve it, even though you’ve rejected him starting his face, god sent jesus to die on the cross and take the punishment for your sin because he loves you across from defensive to me until I came to it, but what I did jesus christ changed my life? That’s when I truly begin to love you mom, sun I can’t sell this for you. This is between you and the lord, but I love. You too, much. To, tell you the truth. Can’t you see that you need him. Can’t you see that you need his forgiveness guess, but you trust him with your life and this one who sings? If you get it you get in. If you don’t do your talk scratching your head, but but it’s so true you cannot. Did you say you can’t give what you don’t have? Okay, if you don’t, you can’t give me 10 bucks if you don’t have 10 bucks in your pocket sunny, unless you want to go, rob somebody you know, and so you can’t actually give real love if you’ve never receive your love and you can’t reach you can’t have your love and less jesus give that to you, because that’s the only place that love trump, so you have to be actually have to you-have to actually married or not married or married. You can get married in and say you love your spouse and you can go to the one. You can actually have a love for your spouse. Let’s, but that way you can have a love for your spouse, but you’re not going to have the love for your spouse. If you have not received it first and end, this is where the rub comes in and I know wednesday night people are usually that the core people that the butt, but it doesn’t matter, there’s a lot of rain into a lot of best church in Norris City for families people who know a lot about jesus, but they don’t know jesus, okay, they they know. It’s like it’s like. It’s like the choice and commitment action, remember what we talked about and last week about best church in Norris City for families you get to know your spouse. You know a lot about your spouse, but you don’t really know who they are cuz. You got best church in Norris City for families backwards. You started the physical before you before you did the mantle and because there was an action involve here. I think there’s a lot of people that go to best church in Norris City for families that are so busy in best church in Norris City for families doing best church in Norris City for families stuff. They got. They actually got the physical side of best church in Norris City for families, a physical side of christianity ahead of the heart side of christianity. You know, and if you, if you got that backwards, you’re going to have a hard time expressing love to your spouse, because you really don’t have it to give them so you’re only going to get this. If you accept jesus okay, because that’s where you actually can learn or not, learn, that’s where you actually get what you need to start loving unconditionally. I hear it’s going to be something that you’re going to start the car. She look cuz we’re going to be in trouble. Now how you treat your mate is very often a reflection of your true christianity. Think about that, how you treat them as a raclette, because you say:okay, I love, my spouse.

No, but it’s not showing up at home. Where did my notes? Go I got some scripts in here, for that really are i. Think it was in john says how? How can you say, but you love jesus, but you hate your brother or i. Can I can actually change that asked for how do you say that you love jesus, but you you hate your spouse reconcile. This is, if you know the love of jesus. Go to philippians 2 1/4! If you know the love of jesus, are you showing that same love to your spouse and what love is that philippians 2 forces if you have received any encouragement from being united christ? If you have any comfort from his love, you have any fellowship of the spirit. If you have any tinder tenderness and compassion didn’t make my joy complete by being like my having the same love. Go back to that. These are best church in Norris City for families that you should be showing your spouse, encouragement, comfort, fellowship, tenderness, compassion, that is the love of christ. Are you showing that, on a regular basis, to the point that they actually hear hear it coming through loud and clear that that is your love, because, if you’re not and you’re claiming christianity you better back up and see? What’s? What’s what you know, because you don’t blow smoke, do yourself when it comes to your mate, do you do what’s best for them and their knees? Are you more concerned with yourself and what you can get out of the relationship? I think philippians 2:4 says each of you should look not only to your own interest, but also to the interests of others. I’m, pretty sure your spouse falls under the category of others. Okay, so you should look not only to your own interest, but you should be best church in Norris City for families to the interest of your spouse. Love, always love always put the other. First takes a backseat I think it is important in 2nd 1st corinthians 13 love isn’t always me. First, that’s one of them. When it comes to marriage, the focus has the shift from ourselves and what we need and moved her mate and what they need from us. Now that I’ve got some bullets, you got them on your paper here. Do you withhold love from your spouse because you’re waiting for them to move towards you? Why should we talk to a lot of couples? And if you talk to him one-on-one soon, as they start doing this, then by glaze, then I’ll kick in okay. Well, if you’d waited on jesus to do that. Well, as soon as jesus comes to jesus as soon as they start doing their thing, then I’ll go ahead and say it wasn’t there. He came to you first and you supposed to be loving, like christ, especially your spouse. How often do you study what god has to say about marriage in the bible is full of a lot of marriage. Stuff actually said:okay, let’s, let’s do it. Bible study on marriage I’ll be honest with you. How many years ago that was sheila sheila was to the point she was done with me and she’s made up her mind it as soon as the kids were out of school. She was going to get a better job and she was going to leave. I didn’t know that, but that’s what that was. What her plan was. I know that you know she told me later, and so that was her plan and I did. All I knew was something was wrong. I didn’t know exactly what annisokay lord you going to have to help me with this in because I don’t know what to do. I didn’t I didn’t learn married from my parents. I’ve got a pretty much messed up view best church in Norris City for families. He said well as start studying what it is to me. You need to go to the bible and find out what it means to be a husband and a father. Cuz I got a lot of stuff in there nathan you need to start reading. I actually started digging into the word on what it means to be a husband and a father and I was blown away at how bad I messed this up and the problem that I was facing was I had messed it up, so bad that even when I was like kaelyn, best church in Norris City for families I start doing it right, she wasn’t having any part of it. Cuz. She heard the wind blow before right. That’s, okay, well, this’ll, last all of them about 3 weeks and she’s. Cuz she’s closed off, so much that she didn’t even recognize any changes, because she she wasn’t best church in Norris City for families for any. She wasn’t. She she built a wall and she was done, but why really I know that what brought us back together wasn’t eating that I did, but it was what god showed me to keep doing. Let me tell you what it was:a long is about 4 or 5 years. There, then I was loving her in such a way that she was not responding to it now and then. Finally, finally, he opened her eyes. I mean it was like good night. How long have supposed to do this? He said. Well, you know what you kind of hose her for the last 17 years. You know, how could you pray for your spouse? It’s something to think about when you struggle to love your spouse. Do you pray for god’s guidance, strength, encouragement, do you pray or do you pray for? Please just change him or her term the prayer that I had one x, lord I hope this is not working here you going to have changed her change me or change, something you know when you struggle when you married. Are you asking god to show you the areas where you need to change is my last week, I said marriage to find the right person about finding the right portion will not being the right person.

What do you need to change because you have no power to change your spouse? None nada! The only the only person in this equation that you can actually have real infected change and see it happening before your eyes. Is you, okay and if you say well, I’ll start changing as soon as they start changing you’re going to have a long wait so between now and next week, I’m going to challenge you if you’re married I don’t care if I don’t care. If you want to open up a can of worms, you don’t either but go home,. Ask your spouse a hey is:is there any guys to look for it? Do you feel-and why are you feeling like you’re in love for me, because of am I doing something that just every time i? Do it you just you, have a voice in your head, says man. He does not love me, because you do not want to load the gun for satan. You don’t need that. Ladies ladies ladies asking asking is, are there best church in Norris City for families that I do is there’s other best church in Norris City for families that I say that that you find really disrespectful? You know when we’re out we had a. We had some people over house one time. This is just an example that we just built and-and they were want to see the house in in an asthma walking out about the house out of the basement, she looks around, she says, looks of her husband says. Then you need to get another job, okay, I’m. What does that make a guy feel like best church in Norris City for families he’s trying he’s trying to do the best, and he just got told it’s not good enough. You know your words are powerful. We do hang on to those. We got a little box inside her head and we take all those cards and we filing away. We keep them so time’s up. I just want I just want to cruise. You go home and and have a conversation with each other talk to each other and say:okay is is:are we actually doing what we need to be doing to make this marriage work and I was at? What can we do that? We need to be doing better

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