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Once again, it’s an honor and a privilege to be able to bring the word this morning. I, um, Best Church for kids in Norris City enjoyed bringing the message last week and I don’t actually have a part two for you, but I do have somewhat of a sequel, uh, that they don’t want to share with you. Um, that I think would be a good follow up from last week’s message from expectation to manifestation. And so the message title that I have for you today is simply called a life of faith, a life of faith. Last week I shared a little bit about expectation and about how that word expect and hope is really interchangeable in the word of God and that it means Biblical hope. It’s not like the world gives, but the Bible hope is actually a joyful, confident expectation of something to come. And remember I shared with those of you who were here.

It’s about this close to faith. Amen. Hope is about that. Close to faith is not quite there, but it’s close. And so we found that without hope, we really can’t enter into faith. You see, the two always work together, hand in hand. In fact, in Hebrews chapter 11 verse one, it says, now faith is the substance of things hoped for, and so we see here that it has to be hoped for. And then it is, it is that substance. It really is tangible, but we have to hope for it. And so hope is what our faith is actually hinged upon. Best Church for kids in Norris City And hope is what keeps us engaged until our faith is activated and receives it right now. Amen. And so before I go to my text this morning, let’s just go quickly to, uh, to the Lord in prayer and just ask his blessing on the Ministry of the word.

Father, we just come to you this morning. We thank you, we honor you today. We thank you for your spirit. We thank you for your word and God, we ask that your word would do what only it can do and that is to produce faith in our hearts. That is to draw us nearer to you and to release to us everything that you said belongs to us. Best Church for kids in Norris City And so I thank you father this morning for the, a word that goes forth in, in power. And in annointing and in demonstration, and I thank you father for hearts that are prepared to receive the seed of your word and that a harvest shall be read as the result. And so father right now in the name of Jesus, I take authority over any hindrance. I bind it in the name of Jesus and I thank you that your spirit and your word has free course into our lives today.

And for that we give you all the honor, all the praise and all the glory in Jesus’ mighty name. And everybody said Amen and amen. So I want to take you to my main texts. I’ve got a lot of scripture for you today and I’m going to be moving pretty quickly through it. You’ll see most of it up here on your screen, so just kind of bear with me and follow along. But the main text that I want to launch from is from Romans chapter one, verse 17. We’re actually gonna pull up 16. First, just to read it in context, it says for I, and this is the apostle Paul speaking, he said, for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, Best Church for kids in Norris City for the Jew first and also for the Greek, and here’s the verse that I want to get to.

For in it, the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith as it is written, the just shall live by faith. Come on, say that with me. The just shall live by faith and so those of you who have been justified by Christ Jesus, all of us who have been justified are the just it. Just as if we had never sinned. God has done that for us and he says, for those of us, we are to live a life that is from faith to faith, and so as I shared with you last week, Best Church for kids in Norris City God is really wanting to take us to new levels of faith in him to new places in God. It requires a more faith to go further into the things that he has for us. This word faith in the Greek is actually just a simple word. It is the word pistis and it just means a conviction of the truth, and so we all know that this right here is the truth.

This is the truth, and we are to have the conviction that this word of God is true, true for us personally and so to be convicted of the truth means to be convinced of the truth. Amen. We are convinced without a doubt that this is the truth, and so you know when we first come into a relationship with God, everything changes. The scripture says, old things are passed away. Behold all things become new, and so we enter into a brand new life. It’s the life called faith. Everything becomes new. Everything changes for us. In fact, the Scripture says in Galatians Chapter Two, verse 20, Paul is writing and saying, I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh. I live by faith in the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me, and so when we get born again, see, Best Church for kids in Norris City faith is not just that a one time come to Jesus meeting, Amen.

So I’ve had faith in Jesus and that’s it. I’m done. We all know better than that. Amen. So it’s not that one time come to Jesus meeting, but it now becomes our lifestyle. We live by the faith of the son of God who loved us and gave himself for us. We begin to enter into that life, that lifestyle, that walk of faith every single day. Every step is a step of faith. That’s what it should be for those of us who are the just a man. So what I want to say is that faith is not a formula. We’ve got to be careful with that. Faith is not a formula on how to get God to give us everything we want. Amen. But there are some biblical principles that we have to learn and apply if we’re going to experience the victorious life that Jesus died to give us. Amen. And so principals, there are faith principles that have to be applied.

In fact, in first John Five, four, the scripture says, for whatever, or we could say whoever that would be us is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world. Our faith. So these faith principles that are given to us in the word of God are given so that we can overcome the world. How many of you find that in this life? We got things that we have to overcome and it is by faith. It’s by faith that we overcome them. And so that’s what we want to talk to you about today. I have had such an excitement in my spirit and you know, I’ve received this myself, so I’m full of it. So Best Church for kids in Norris City I pray that you all can just experience a little bit of what God has done in me just in given me a refresher on this.

I don’t know about you, but this is the kind of stuff that I grew up in Christ, uh, many years ago. And this is something we’re not going to get away from. And Hebrews six, faith is a first principle, it’s one of the foundational truths that we have to learn to live our life by. And so even though we may have heard this message before, I enjoy getting a refresher and I pray that you do to and there is some of you who are always coming new into the walk of faith that need to hear these things again, but this is something that God, I believe once us to grab a hold of today as we move from that place of hope and enter into that next place Best Church for kids in Norris City which is called faith. Amen. Now I remember a May date myself just a little bit here. There was a man of God who said something.

I like to give quotes every now and then because I think there’s just such powerful things that come just in, in, in just a, just a few words, but I’m a man who was a great healing evangelist. He actually saw miracles in his ministry on a regular basis and he came up under a, another healing evangelist and a man that did a lot of miracles by the anointing and his name was rw. Schambach can maybe you know Schambach. Whoa. I got a few in here. He went to home to be with the Lord a couple of years ago, but I will never forget. He was so well known, especially in my mind for this, that he would always say, you don’t have any trouble. All you need is faith in God. Amen. Well, it’s true. We really don’t. When we look at comparison trouble, the word of God troubled what God says, we don’t have any trouble.

All we need is faith in God. We just got to focus on the faith rather than the trouble that seems to be ever present before us. Amen. And so I want to take you for a little while to, um, to the book of Hebrews Chapter Eleven. And I want to say that Hebrews 11 is what’s known as the famous faith chapter of the Bible of the 231 times that the word faith is seen in the authorized or King James version. Do you know that? It’s mentioned 24 times in that chapter Best Church for kids in Norris City alone in Hebrews chapter 11, and so I want to read verse one through three and see what it says here. It says, now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen for by it. The elders obtained a good testimony. By faith, we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that the things which are not so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.

And so what are we saying here? Faith is the substance of things hoped for. Faith is the invisible substance of things that we hope for. Just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. It’s just simply invisible to the natural eye, but it’s real. It’s substance. It’s something that’s very tangible and it’s the things that we are hoping for. That’s in the word of God. Now it said in verse two, that by faith the elders obtained a good testimony. See, that’s how we obtained a good testimony. It means that they were kind of commended for their faith. We will be commended for our faith as well, just as as, as, uh, as the elders left a good testimony and were commended. There’s many that follow behind us and we want to, we want to be a good testimony for them as well, and we will be commended for that.

In verse three, it said that God framed the world by the word. You know, that word framed actually means to create, but it also means to perfect or to repair. And so as God, as God framed, perfected a, repaired the world by the word, we can do the same thing with our world. Best Church for kids in Norris City How’s things happening in your world? We can actually begin to perfect and repair our world, the things that’s happening in our world, by the word of God, by the word that is found in our mouth as he spoke. It happens as we speak. It happens to amen. And so I want to stay with a little while with this chapter 11 because this is, there’s just so much good stuff in here. And really honestly, faith is throughout the whole Bible. It is inexhaustible and its subject. I found myself wanting to run over here, run over there and run over here.

And I just had to pull myself back and say, no, this is one message we get. We can’t do it all today, but God wants so much for us to grasp hold of this, that he has said it so many ways through so many writers from cover to cover throughout the word of God, for us to grasp hold of this because he wants us to live a life of faith. Amen. And so when we take a look at versus the following verses like verse four through 12, and uh, I’m not going to take the time to read all this because I have more to share with you, but they can, if they want to, they can pull them up on the screen if just to put it before your eyes. But it begins in verse four through 12. This begins to list many of the heroes of the faith and the things that they accomplished by their faith and so in that reading we find out and there’s a lot of other good stuff in there.

I don’t have time to go there, but please in your spare time, read the whole chapter of Hebrews 11 and just just let it, let it begin to build you up on the inside, but we find in those first few verses there that Abel by faith offered a blood sacrifice. We find that by faith Enoch was translated to heaven. We find that Noah built an ark, never had been rained before and know is building an Ark sane. It’s gonna rain. Abraham left his homeland and follow God to who knows where. Best Church for kids in Norris City He had no idea where he was going, but by faith he took God’s word and and left everything that he was familiar with. Everything. He was comfortable with, everything he had ever known for all of his life previously and said, God, I’m stepping out with you. God, I’m moving into a new place with you.

By faith. I’m entering into whatever you have for me, and God expects the same for us. Amen. You know it can be a little scary, but it’s the adventure of a lifetime. How many of you want to go? I’m with Abraham there. Amen. But then Sarah says, Sarah conceived a child after menopause. Her body could no longer received seed and have a baby, and yet by faith she was able to conceive and so we skip ahead a little bit and then we see in verses 17 through 34 that we find another long list of some more great accompliment accomplishment by people that was attained by their faith and we could stop and read all that, but we’re not going to. If they want to flash it on the screen, Best Church for kids in Norris City they can, but let me just sum it up with you and share that. Here’s some of the things that the next bunch did.

They subdued kingdoms. They worked righteousness, they obtained promises, they stopped the mouths of lions. How many of you know there’s one great big roaring lion when stop his mouth too? They quenched the violence of fire. They escaped the edge of the sword. They were made strong in weakness just as we are. They became valiant in battle, mighty, mighty warriors. They turned to flight the armies of their enemies and we do likewise. They even received their dead raised to life again. Best Church for kids in Norris City All of this they did by faith. This list here actually consists of about 16 different individuals and as it says, there’s even more that are not listed, but all of these people, they are put in the word for our example so that we can look at their life and say by faith, that’s what they did. By faith. This is what I can do.

By faith, they did all of this and that by faith I can do the same. The greater one lives on the inside of me. If God said it, then I can do it, and so we just take it by faith and we begin to do the same things that God tells us to do, that we obtained the promises of God by faith. Hallelujah. The wonderful thing about this is that all of these people were people of faith. They all walked by faith. They all lived by faith, and guess what? When they died, they died in faith. The same is true for us. Best Church for kids in Norris City We walk by faith. We live by faith, and when we die, bless God, we die in faith as well, and we go on to glory then and then there’s more to come. Amen. But we don’t turn loose of our faith. We don’t turn loose.

The what God said, we keep believing just as they did, just like they did. I found something that was really interesting to me in the midst of these two lists of all of these great heroes of faith and their accomplishments. And then the other list that was beneath that tucked right in the middle. I found something that what I believe is some principles of faith that we are to live by. And so that’s basically what I want to share with you as I began to bring this to a close. Um, and that is a beginning with the next verse, which is Hebrews Eleven, verse 13. I’m like, I said, it’s right in the middle of these two lists that we’ve just elaborated on or mentioned to you in verse 13. Speaking of these heroes of faith, it says, these all died in faith, not having received the promises. Oh, wait, just a minute.

I have to stop there because this is not the same thing it said in verse 33 and verse 33, it said, by faith they obtained promises. Amen. So let me move on and then I’m going to share something with you about that, but having seen them afar off, we’re assured of them, embraced them and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth. For those who say such things declare plainly that they seek a homeland and truly if they called to mind that country from which they had come out, they would have had opportunity to return, but now they desire a better. That is a heavenly country. Therefore, God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared a city for them, Best Church for kids in Norris City and so they went on and received. They received things that were out of this world. Amen. That we’re into the next life they received and they took their faith with them when they went.

Amen. But back to verse 13 where it says, they having not received the promises, what this actually means is not the promises that you and I are believing God for. These were Abraham’s people. These were his kindred. Many of the Abrahamic promises did not come to full fruition in their lifetime, but even more importantly than that, the one promise was Jesus and he had not yet come in this dispensation of time. He had not yet come the promise. Jesus, p Capital Promise a capital of pee in he, Best Church for kids in Norris City um, he is the promise. And in him is all the promises that we are now able to obtain. And so because of this dispensation of time that they lived in, they didn’t receive everything that God said would come through Abraham and even on through Jesus, meaning that eternal salvation and everything that Jesus died to purchase for us to receive in the now.

Amen. Are you with me? And so having clarified that, here are the principles. There’s four of them. And I want to just leave you with this and then we’re gonna, pray. Amen. So the very first principle that we see in verse 13 is it says, but having seen them afar off, the first thing that they did was they saw from afar off. The first principle of faith I want to leave with you today is that we have to see from afar off. You see, when we first have our eyes on the promises of God, Best Church for kids in Norris City they seem like they’re a long ways away. I don’t know about you, but that’s the way it is with me. It seems like it’s way down yonder in the distance a man. But we have to see not with the natural lie we have to see with the eye of faith.

That’s the first thing we have to do. We’ve got to see it. Ah, okay. That’s what the word says. And let me just say this to you, if we can see it, we can have it. Amen. If we can see it, we can have it. And so we see it in the word and you know, there are so many things in the word I don’t even know. I think there’s a difference of opinion as to how many promises there are on the word of God, but there’s a whole lot of them and there’s things that God will speak specifically to us. Best Church for kids in Norris City We know he’s promised us healing and forgiveness. He’s promised us, um, every need to be met. He’s promised this breakthrough in every area of our life. And I just want to touch on just a portion of scripture in psalm 100, three verse one through five to just show some of us that are in Christ.

What some of those benefits are that God’s made provision for us to tap into and to receive by faith. You know, I shared with you last week that David talked to his soul and he said, you know, so you just need to wait. You just need to be still and wait, be quiet. Well, here he is talking to his soul again. And he’s saying, bless the Lord, O my soul. And all of that is within me. Bless his holy name. Do you know that’ll help get you into faith? Just blessing God’s blessing his name, but he went onto say, forget not all his benefits and here’s just a few of them listed who forgives all your iniquities, who heals all your diseases, so we have a promise of forgiveness. We have a promise of healing for whatever disease or whatever, and pharmacy he says, he says, who redeems your life from destruction, kind of trouble. Are you? What kind of destruction is the enemy brought against you? God will snatch you out of that by faith. He’ll redeem your life from that destruction that the enemy has planned for you. He crowns you with loving kindness and tender mercies. Wow. What a thing to be crowned with loving kindness, tender mercy, God’s love for us.

Hallelujah. He goes onto say, who satisfies your mouth with good things? Come on. Best Church for kids in Norris City God’s got good things that he wants us to taste of good things. He wants us to partake of good things, and then he says, so that your youth is renewed like the eagles. So we’ve got to fix our eyes on what that promise is. Fix our eyes on what is that thing that we’re believing God for? What is that thing we need him to do? It may seem like it’s way over there, but fix your eyes on it. Look at that, focus on that, and as you look at it, it’s going to become bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, and all your troubles will begin to diminish. And the word, the promise will get bigger and bigger and bigger. In fact, it says that we are to keep meditating on this word, Joshua one eight. This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night that you may observe to do according to all that’s written in for then you will make your way prosperous. Then you will have good success.


Psalm one, verse two, blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful. And uh, and in his law, in his word, in this book, in this Bible, he meditates day and night, and it goes on to say, then he’ll be like a tree planted by rivers of water that brings forth fruit in its season whose leaf shall not wither. And whatever he does shall prosper. So we meditate. We, we fix our eyes on that promise. Then we meditate that word. We meditate that promise. What does it mean to meditate? We think meditate just means I need to think about that. I need to think on that. Best Church for kids in Norris City I’m meditating on that. Well, it’s more than that. It’s more than that because the, in the Greek, the word meditate means to utter, utter it. It means to mutter, it means to speak. It means to study and listen to this. It means to imagine. Did you know you can use your sanctified imagination to see it, see it, see it there, see it done. See it. See it as your. See it as your. See it as your very own promise. Who I feel like I’m going so fast. I’m so excited about this word. Are you with me? Are we good? Okay, we see it. If we see it, we can have it. If we see it, we can have it.

See it with the eye of faith. Hallelujah, and then will prosper, will have good success. Best Church for kids in Norris City

Second thing that that verse said is that they were assured, and Hebrews 11, 13, it says, they were assured. Look, there it is. Having seen them from afar off, they were assured of them. Listen, we have to become assured of the promises of God. We have to become convinced of the promise of God. Another way of saying that is we have to become fully persuaded, fully persuaded. Who does that make you think of? It makes you think of Abraham, the father of our faith. In Romans chapter four, verse 18 through 21, let’s read this. Speaking of Abraham, it says, who? Contrary to hope in hope, believed so that he became the father of many nations according to what was spoken so that your descendants, so shall your descendants be and not being weak in faith. He did not consider his own body already dead since he was about 100 years old and the deadness of Sarah’s womb. He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God and being fully convinced, fully convinced, Best Church for kids in Norris City fully persuaded that what God had promised he was also able to perform, you know, until we become fully persuaded. We’re still in hope.

We’re still looking out there until we’re fully persuaded, you know, faith. I found a, uh, an interesting acronym for faith, full assurance in the heart, full assurance, not half measure. It’s come to full measure, full measures in my heart, and that is what’s going to enable me to receive, to become fully persuaded that no man on earth can talk you out of what God said, that no devil in Hell can talk you out of what God said, but you know that you know, that you know that what God said is the truth and you’re fully convinced of it. No other way about it, but see when you’re still in hope and when you’re not into that full persuasion, but you’re in hope, Best Church for kids in Norris City you know you can step out and have a faith failure and then we walk away and we say, well, maybe this doesn’t work well. Maybe the word is not true. Maybe that’ll faith stuff doesn’t really work. It’s just not what everybody says that he is. You know, I’ve tried it and it didn’t work for me. Well, we’re in hope or where you fully persuaded was it based on what? It’s what this word said and were you fully persuaded of it?

Hallelujah. That’s what the word teaches us, and so let me move on to my next point. Best Church for kids in Norris City Number three is they embraced them. They embrace them. You don’t. When you get ahold of somebody and wrap your arms around them, you’re pretty close, aren’t you?

You’re pretty close. I mean you huggers. No. Well, I’m talking about I’m a hugger. I know I like to embrace, but that word means to greet in your heart. It means to take hold of. You know when you’re, when you’re hugging somebody, they in a whole lot of space between you and they all made me. Come on, you got to wrap your arms around your promise. Don’t you let know space. Get in between you and your promise. Don’t you let know space, get in between you and what God said to you. Don’t mind no room for no doubt and unbelief. Gideon there, wrap your arms around that thing. Hold it tight to you. Embrace in the Greek means to draw to one self. It means to receive it joyfully, to welcome it, so some of you just need to look at your promise and say, hello. Promise, take, hold, have yet thing.

Embrace your promise. Embrace what God has said. Don’t leave any space between you and yet don’t leave any space for the enemy to get in and to work against what God has said to you. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. The last point, the last principle of faith I want to share with you is it says that they confessed, they confessed, they began to speak some things with their mouth. We have to do the same thing. We believe therefore we speak because the word of faith is where it’s in our mouth. Let’s look at it from the word Romans chapter 10, verse eight through 10 says, but what does it say? The word is near you in your mouth and in your heart. Best Church for kids in Norris City That is the word of faith which we preach, that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you will be saved for with the heart.

One believes unto righteousness and with the Mouth Confession is is made unto salvation and so it began with this, but the same principle works with receiving everything else that God has for us. We believe in our heart and and and out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth will speak. Now I realize that sometimes while we’re meditating and we’re uttering and we’re monitoring and we’re imagining, we got to speak it, speak it, speak it, and it is the confession to our faith, but then we get to a place to where we slip over that it becomes the confession of our faith. And I’m not saying it to believe it anymore, I’m saying it because I do believe it. Best Church for kids in Norris City I say it because I know it to be so. It is the confession of my faith. I know that it is what God has spoken in. Second Corinthians four, 13, it says, and since we have the same spirit of faith according to what is written, I believed and therefore I spoke.

We also believe and therefore speak. And so you see this same principle works for everything that we received from gone. Everything we received, the word, the word causes faith. We speak that faith out and we begin to receive the manifestation of what we’re believing for. The classic verse of Scripture for this is Mark Eleven, Chapter Twenty, Mark Chapter Eleven, Verse Twenty Three through 24, and it says, for assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, be removed and be cast into the sea. Come a wanting mountain. Are you looking at today? And does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done. He will have whatever he says. Therefore, I say to you, whatever things you ask, when you pray, believe that you receive them and you will have them believe that you receive them and you will have them. Best Church for kids in Norris City What things? What will you have those things that God said and now you’re saying it too, not just anything that you can think up that sounds like a good idea, but it’s a god idea, is a promise from the word of God and this word in your mouth can move mountains out of the way.

This word in your mouth can get, can, can create and can. In fact, in proverbs it says this, proverbs 18, 21, death and life are in the power of the tongue. We’ve got to be careful what we’re saying. We got to be careful of the things that we’re speaking. There’s death and there’s life and those who love it will eat its fruit. In other words, what you speak is what you will see. What you speak is what you will get. So what are you believing God for? What is the promise that you have? I want to close with this verse that we started with in the very beginning, Romans 1:17 for in it, the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith as it is written, Best Church for kids in Norris City the just shall live

by faith. The just shall live by faith every single day of our life Best Church for kids in Norris City

holding onto God and what he said, what he said we can do and what he said we can be and what he said we can have. By faith, we can accomplish great things. By faith, we can overcome by faith. We have the victory over every situation. By faith, we can release signs and wonders and miracles. By faith. We can go to India and preach the Gospel. By faith. We can go to Jamaica and we can go to Thailand and we can go to Africa and we can by faith do great exploits for God. By faith, we can obtain every promise that he made to us. Everything he’s told us to do, it’s going to take faith to accomplishment, to accomplish it. Best Church for kids in Norris City It’s going to take faith to accomplish these things. Just like those in in this precious book,

they showed us how to do it, they showed us how to accomplish it, and you may be here this morning and you may be at a place to where you have never done the first step of faith. You have never, ever asked Jesus to come and take up residence in your life and help you to have a life called faith. It begins with one step, and if you were here this morning and you have felt something tugging at your heart, you see the Best Church for kids in Norris City the promise with a capital p is Jesus. When you get him, you get access to every other one, every other good promise that’s in this book, and so if you here today and you have not received Jesus, you have not believed in your heart and confess with your mouth that he is lord of your life and he’s asking you to do that.

Then I asked you to surrender that to him. I asked you to give him access. He’s waiting for your permission and listen, this is not believing. It’s not head belief. You may be here and you just spend y’all. I’ve always thought Jesus was Lord. I’m talking about something in your heart that he has moved to say, I need him. I need him and I need him. Now, if that’s you today, I’m asking you just right where you are. Say, Jesus, Best Church for kids in Norris City I believe that you are the son of the living God, that you died and gave your life for me, that I might live for you. God I give you my life. I ask you to forgive me and cleanse me of all unrighteousness. Come in and live in me. Teach me what I need to know. Do a work in my life, change me and I will live for you from this day forward now until eternity.

Listen if that’s you and you prayed that in meadow with all your heart, you have just entered into us live called faith and God’s got a whole book full of promises for you and I’m on to ask the ministry team to come and have you made that profession or do you actually believe? Now it’s time to make that profession. I’m going to ask you to step out and come up here and tell somebody, tell one of one of those the bus that are up here that you’ll receive Jesus because we want to give you some some materials and information that help you to learn about all those promises and all of this live called faith and you’ve just entered into, Best Church for kids in Norris City but you may be here today and you are the just. You have already received Jesus and God has spoke to your heart and is sparked faith in you for whatever it is that you need. You might need forgiveness for something you may need a to receive. Hailing in an area you might need a financial breakthrough, a miracle you may need. I don’t know what it is you may need, but I’m asking you today to release your faith relationship and take hold of that promise that God said he so he has ready for you to receive. You see, it’s the exchange. The currency of heaven is faith. We give him faith

and then we are able to receive what he has already his arms, Best Church for kids in Norris City and so activate your faith today as the word has come forth. Hallelujah. Just began to worship and if anyone here has a need and you want somebody to pray with you and agree with you, that’s what we’re here for. Why does Scott, what are you believe in him for release your faith today for whatever it is that you have.