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Alright, the series that we’re on is called mustard seed faith, Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois smaller to greater mustard seed faith, smaller to greater. So if you’ve got your bibles, let’s go to matthew chapter 17. Yes, that’s just people excited. If you’re not sure what that’s about is people just excited about the Bible and what God’s doing. We believe God is the most exciting thing in the world. Everything else is a close 75th. It’s not even a close second. Mustard seed faith smaller to greater matthew chapter 17.

There you gonna have to be with me this morning. There’s one thing I’m going to ask. I’m gonna ask for a little bit of participation. It’s not because they’ve got a complex. I just like to make sure that I know you’re getting it, so what I’m going to ask for is there’s just a little bit of working with me talking with me because I believe whenever we teach like this, I want to make sure you’re grasping what God’s trying to say because I believe truly that God’s going to teach you something this morning. I’m going to try and stay out of his way and let him do what he does best and that’s bringing something to light. So in matthew chapter 17, this is a story, Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois if you’ll remember, talk last week about the father who brought the son to the disciples, was having some epileptic issues and kept throwing them into the fire and brawn to the disciples and they couldn’t cure him.

They couldn’t get him well and solely brought him to Jesus. And Jesus rebuked the demon that was causing the problem and the child was cured from that very hour. So the disciples saw this go on, and so they come to Jesus, and this is where we’ll pick up in verse 19, the disciples come to Jesus privately and they asked this question, said, why could we not cast it out yet? Being the demon? Why could we not cast it out? So it’s a great question that the disciples ask was just basically this, hey, how come it didn’t work for us? Now all of us have asked that question and you may be asking it right now. I know I’ve done that in my life many times in different scenarios. Your question may not be, why could we not cast the demon out? Your question could be something else along the lines of, God, Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois why is it not working for me?

Why is this not working in my life right now? What I believe? This is what you want, but I’m seeing this. Why is it not working? And I think that’s a valid question that we all have at different times and I believe Jesus wants us to ask that question for the simple reason he wants us to give. He wants to give us the answer, that question, and he does. He doesn’t get mad at them for asking the question. He didn’t go. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois That’s a dumb question. Don’t ask me such things. This is above you. You know you’ll never know what God wants to do. My ways are higher than your ways, so don’t ask such silly questions. That’s not what he says. He says, here’s my answer. Jesus said to them, verse 20, because of your unbelief or little faith, puny faith, for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, move from here to there and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you.

Now, here’s where I want your participation because I want to break this verse down right here in a little bit of summary before we go on. So I want you to follow with me the problem that Jesus said. He diagnosed the problem and the problem was their walk their unbelief, right? So now he says in this, answer your unbelief. For assuredly, I say to you, to you, who’s you? Who’s he talking to? He’s talking to me. He’s talking to us, right? Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois Jesus specifically talking to the disciples, but he’s also talking to you and me. So he’s talking to us. He says, if you have faith, if you have faith, faith what? Faith. Like a mustard seed, very good. If you have faith like a mustard seed, you will say now who will say? You will say, we will say, we will say, and we will say to what we will say to the mountain, so who are we talking to?

We’re talking to the mountain. This now who’s teaching us this? Jesus. It’s not some strange guy on the street corner that has some jacked up theology. This is Jesus and how he knows he’s got a pretty good solid theology. He’s pretty solid. So if Jesus is teaching, this is how we roll. Then we rolled that way of Jesus saying, Hey, this is how it’s done. Then we got to buy in. We got to believe that he’s telling the truth. So he said, you will say, and we will say to what we’ll say to this mountain of what will we say to this mountain move? We will say to this mountain move and what will happen? It will move. It will move, and then what will be impossible to us? Nothing. So now we see that we will say to this mountain move, it will move and nothing will be impossible. Let me say what Jesus is telling us right here. Impossible should not be a problem for us. Sounds weird to say in our mind and say it out loud. Impossible by definition means not possible, but Jesus is telling the disciples right there. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois Nothing will be impossible for you. Nothing. So take that to heart.

Whatever situation you’re facing, Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois it qualifies under the category of nothing

that will be impossible. You see what I mean? Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois Whatever you want to say, well this is going on. This is going on, this is going on. That’s all in the category with the heading of nothing will be impossible. No matter what you write in there, it’s all in the same category. Nothing is impossible, not well. You don’t understand. My situation goes over here with probably not. No. They’re all in the same heading. Nothing will be impossible. So now we see what is the key to this happening? What is the key to you and I having faith or you and I sang to the mountain and moving from here to there and what is the key to nothing be impossible. He said, if you have what? Faith as a mustard seed, so mustard seed faith is the key ingredient to everything else working the key for nothing being impossible and the key to be able to say to a mountain, move in and move.

The key in this verse is mustard seed faith, so what is that? Go to mark chapter four. We’re gonna. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois Do a short connecting flight right here, and then we’re going to take off in another direction. Mark Chapter Four. I want to make sure that you get it. We’ll make sure that it’s settling down in your heart. I want it to not be a nice, cool message that you go while reverend. Good sermon. No says. Then he said, this is Jesus again. To what should we liken the Kingdom of God or what? With what parable shall we picture? In other words, what illustration should I give? It is like a mustard seed, which when it is sown on the ground is smaller than all the seeds in the earth. Look at this birth is like a mustard seed. When it is sown, what is sown it? What is it in? In verse 14 of that St Chapter is the word of God.

When it is, so what are we supposed to so we’re supposed to so it, and it is the word, the word of God, sewing it now and it says, sown in the ground. What is the ground? The ground is your heart, not your blood pump, but your spirit, who you are, the God part of you, your soul, and into your heart. How’s this soul? It is sewn with two things. By speaking out of your mouth and meditating or thinking in your mind. This is how we sew it. We sold the word. Now what are we sowing? We’re sowing, yet am I sewing what I want to happen? I’m sowing the word. Here’s the problem. Too many times people are speaking and meditating what they want to happen and not what God says. This is a key ingredient. Remember, this is just teaching us what mustard seed faith is and if we want the impossible to be possible, if we want the mounts to move in our life than we need to put this formula together correctly, because if we say a squared plus b squared equals c squared, then that’s true.

We’ll a cube plus b squared does not equal c squared. So if I, if God has created a formula to get to mustard seed faith than I can’t just throw anything together and say, well, God knows he’ll do it. No, there’s a system and we got to put the system in place, and here’s the mustard seed system. We’ve got to sow the word right here, the BIB les. That’s the book for me. We’ve got a. So what it says, so now our prayers are not filled with what I want God to do. My prayer is filled with the word of God. I’m sowing what God says into my heart. I’m not trying to grow my result. I’m trying to grow his word in my heart. Too many times in prayer, Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois our strategy is if I just pray hard enough about what I want, then God will do it, and that is not the good theology.

That’s not what Jesus’ teaching Jesus said. We so it. What is it? The word we so it the word we sold in our heart. Now notice what is the condition of the word when it’s initially sown? The condition of the zone is smaller than all the seeds of the earth that were smaller. The word microservice means tiny and it means less than means. Insignificant in size. It’s the least. It starts out smaller than all the seeds of the earth. Remember, seeds of the earth. This important saw the seeds of the earth is just natural realm stuff, natural world stuff. It means the natural system, the natural world evidence, the natural world evidence of things in our natural world for something to be valid, Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois for something to be real. We are taught from little fellows and gals up that we have how many senses? Five. Five senses.

See, smell, hear, taste, touch, see, smell, hear, taste. Touch that, right? Yeah. Fast. One to see. Smell, hear, taste, touch, so now we have been taught that anything that’s real has to be measured against the five senses or it’s not real, but we’ve got understand as believers, we’ve been given a sixth sense and that sixth sense is faith and faith is something that can say something is real. Even when the five senses say it’s not real, the six one says the five senses say sorry. It ain’t real. The six one says, oh, that’s me. That’s me. It’s like you got all these kids in the class and nobody knows the answer. All five of these going, I don’t know. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois I can’t see it. Hear it, smell it, taste it, touch it. I don’t know. It’s not real. I don’t know. I can’t say. I know there was a whole me, me, me.

Your faith is saying it’s my turn. I get to answer this one. It is real and I’m the only one that can see it. I’m the only one that can hear it. I’m the only one that can touch it. Faith is that sixth sense. So now notice when this word is sown though it’s smaller than all the five senses. All Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois my five senses are big. They’re telling me no, it’s not there, it’s not there, but my sixth is small and I first start speaking at first. Start leaning into all of this natural evidence says that it’s not real. Now, don’t confuse the seeds of the earth as evil things because they’re not necessarily just evil things. Sometimes they’re just natural things and this is important for us to get that these are things that have already been sown into our life. This is his way of doing, or the way the world works, the way the world functions were taught from ground up.

This is the way the world works. Well. Now we’ve got to understand God wants us to underhand understand his system, so knows what happens at smaller, but verse 44, birth 32, that was a lot harder than it should have been, but when it is sown, when what is sown, the word, when it is sown, it grows up and becomes greater than all the herbs and shoots out large branches so that the birds of the air magnets to undertake. When it is sown, it grows up. When does God’s word grow? In my heart? Only when it’s sewn, it does not grow and this is important. God’s word will not grow in my heart because I think God wants me to have it. God’s word will not grow in my heart, no matter how much I want it. It’s not based on that. It will not grow in my heart, no matter how much I made it,

it will grow. When I saw it, when I saw it in my heart, it grows up. That’s what Jesus is teaching. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois When it is sown, it grows up, not when you need it. It grows up. When it is sown, it grows up. How do we sell it? We speak it out of our mouth and we meditated in her mind. I’m speaking it, I’m thinking about, I’m speaking of, I’m thinking about and what am I speaking and thinking about my situation, my problem? No, I’m speaking, thinking the word. I’m not speaking, thinking about what I want God to do. Speaking and thinking about the word chapter burse,

you follow me? This is important. This is mustard seed thing. This is how it’s got to develop, so now when it is sown, it grows up and becomes greater and greater. As the Greek word mega comes, huge becomes bigger, but it only does that after it’s so, so now here’s the process and mustard seed faith. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois How do we get to where something becomes greater than even though it started out smaller, how do we get it to be greater? All right, now let’s go over to Romans chapter 10. Let’s take off from here. I’m going to show you this burse some going to be familiar with it, but I want you to look at it with a fresh set of pupils.

How does something if mustard seed faith is when something starts smaller and it gets greater, how do we get it greater? We meditate the word. That sounds great, but technically what do I do? This is the how to seminar on how to grow faith. How do I. Why am I talking? Why am I starting on this series? Because God bro, Bro, I’m walking through a place in my life where God brought me to a place that the only thing that would work for me was faith. So God had made. He says, use your faith. God, I need to use your faith. Oh, I better get in the word and remind myself about faith. So here’s what it looks like. Romans chapter 10, verse 17.

So then faith, mustard seed. Faith comes by hearing. That word buys a Greek word Ek, which means begins or originates hearing and hearing by the Greek word, which means through the word. So the first buy and the second by we’ve translated them as the same in English, but they are not the same in the original Greek writing and it should be translated differently. It should read. Faith begins or originates with hearing and hearing through the word of God. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois That’s the way the world should read in technique, in literal terms, so then faith begins or originates with hearing and when we hear through the word, so here’s the two parts to this verse, what you hear and how you here, faith begins with what I hear, but it is fulfilled in how I hear

what I hear is important. How I hear is just as important. Faith will not come to fruition if how I hear doesn’t come together or what I hear doesn’t come together with how I hear. See the difference? The question is this, what am I hearing? Am I hearing the word of God? Am I hearing what God says or am I hearing what everything else says? Am I hearing what my eyes see? Am I hearing what my five physical senses tell me or am I hearing what my sixth sense is telling me? Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois What am I hearing? I may hear both. More than likely you’re going to hear both. The difference is, is how you here is that as far as which one do you put yourself in agreement with the five or the sixth?

How I hear says, which one do I put my agreement with? What seeds am I fertilizing and what seeds am I killing off am I’ve fertilizing the seed of what God says in my heart? I’m feeding into it. I’m putting miracle grow on it and I’m round up in everything else. It’s not of God. That’s the way it’s got to work. This is how we produce mustard seed faith. Everything that God says gets fertilizer. Everything that everybody else says it gets round up that kill it off got killed up. Everything that my mind says that is not agreement with God’s word. Don’t spray roundup on your head, but I’m just saying you got to round up those thoughts. So what seeds in my upper lives am I killing off? Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois Here’s the statement I made put together says, the more exposure we have to the seeds of the earth or the world system, the more time we spend growing them, the more difficult it will be for the seed of God’s word to outgrow them. Say that again. The more exposure we have to the seeds of the earth or natural things, the more attention I give them, the more focused I give them, the harder will be for God’s word to outgrow all the other seeds of the earth. Romans chapter 12, verse two says, don’t be conformed to this world, but be transformed by renewing your mind. The new living translation says it this way. Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.

So how am I? How’s God’s word going to get greater inside of me when I changed the way I think, I just don’t think the same way anymore. My reality isn’t limited to the five senses. Now I think that my sixth sense is also true. My sixth sense also has something, so the only way I can bless God’s system become greater. It’s when I don’t copy the behaviors and the customs of the world, our copy, God’s system. Everyone else in the world system says, this happens to you. Bam. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois This is your response. Now are not in God’s system. I’m not copying that system. I’m copying God, so I got to change the way I think because that way seems right. There’s a way that seems right to a person, oh, it seems right, but the end of it is death, so this is why we’ve got to follow God’s system.

So the more natural knowledge we have in an area, the more difficult it can be for God’s ways to become greater. Because again, remember mustard seed faith. We’re trying to allow God’s way what God’s saying to be greater than all the other seats. The more natural knowledge I have in an area, this is what I’ve seen in my own life. If you’re an expert, so you’re an expert in the natural financial world, maybe you’ve got your education there and your training there, and you’ve got this great natural knowledge in the area of natural finances will of God begins to speak something to you about doing something different. The more knowledge you have, Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois the more difficult it is for God’s way to become greater than this way. You see what I’m saying? Because you keep leaning on what comes natural to you.

This is why if, if I’m, if I’m an expert in the medical field and I see how things work, and I understand this is a natural part of it, if God speaks to me about something that goes against that, I’m going to have to learn to subtract my natural and flow with the supernatural. It can happen very easily. You can make the transition. It’s not that these things are evil by any stretch. It’s just saying the more natural knowledge I have, the more I have to shut down in the natural to believe God. See, you can do it. It’s just learning for God’s ways to become greater. So now people leaning on their intellect is important. People leaning solely on their intellect will never embrace the six themes because intellectually works in the five senses, right? So you’ve got to learn to run into this sixth sense. So then it’s what you hear versus how you here. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois So how you hear determines what becomes greater. How you hear determines what becomes greater. And I’m going to illustrate that in just a moment in this story. Let’s, let’s go on over there to first kings chapter 18,

first kings chapter 18. Remember, faith begins with hearing

and then it is fulfilled when you hear through the word two parts to it. So do I need to hear the word of God? Yes, but I also need to hear through the word your St Chad. You’re saying here through the word. What does that mean? What it means is, is when I hear anything that is contrary to what God says, I filter it through God’s word and decide whether I believe it or not, I hear through the work and so the word is my filter and it catches all trash and unbelief. It catches all junk. And when it runs through that filter, and I’d hear, wait a minute, God, does that agree with your word? No, Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois it doesn’t agree with your word. Then I got to throw it out. That’s what I’m hearing through the word is. So now let’s illustrate this. If we can first kings chapter 18.

Now here’s a story about the guy who named Elijah, and if you’ll remember, King Ahab was now king. And King Ahab was not a good king, not a good guy, a bad dude. He got the children of Israel worshiping the god bail right now. Bail was the god what the people that worship bail believed that bail controlled the rain. So when they wanted ran, they worshiped bail. And they believe that bail provided the rain. So in God and his ingenious mode, since you’re going to worship the rain God and say he’s the one who provides rain. Here’s what I’m going to do. So he speaks to Elijah and Elijah comes to Ahab and says, Hey king, I’ve prayed to my God and we’ve decided something. We’ve decided it’s not going to rain till we say so. Oh No, no, there won’t even be due on the ground til we give the heads up, so I’m just letting you know. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois We’ve decided we’ll let you know when it’s going to rank. All of a sudden days go by. Weeks, months, years. Three and a half years. It didn’t rain. No dew on the ground.

Three and a half months go by for us. That’s a long spell. Without Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois ring we’d say it’s been a mighty dry spell around here. Right. But three and a half years without rain. That’s a lot of dust. I mean it was Elijah’s face was on the wanted poster in every post office in the area because he’s the one that’s supposed to tell when it’s going to rain again. Ahab was after him. He’s wanting to kill him. And then the, you know a Elijah has this big showdown with all the prophets of Bale and the earlier in this chapter look at verse 41. So Elijah comes back to Ahab and he says they have go get something to eat. And because I hear the sound of the abundance of rain, no, no. Stay with me on the story. I like to insert myself in the story, and Elijah, remember it hadn’t rained in how long?

Three and a half years. There’s not a cloud in the sky, hasn’t been cloud pillow top. There’s not all cloud, let alone many clouds that would bring on a rainstorm. There is no clouds anywhere, right? And so Elijah sees all this. They’ve not experienced any rain. Three and a half years, he says, I hear the sound of the abundance of rain. Now what sound do we hear to tell us? Rain is coming. Thunder. Thunder rains coming. There was no funder. Five physical senses were saying, Zippo, no rank, but Elijah has the audacity to say, I hear the sound of the abundance of rain, not just I hear I hear a shower. The abundance of rain. What’s that tell me? It tells me that God is El Shaddai, Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois which means more than enough. When God brings. See, rain always represents relief and refreshment, and when God comes into your drought, your season of struggle and brings refreshment, he always brings abundance.

He’s always going to bring more than enough. Why? Because he wants to refresh me so much that I can bring refreshments. Anyone that I’m around, he doesn’t just want to give me a little bit. He wants to pour it on me so much. I’m like, somebody come get some of this rain. There’s too much for me. I am soaking wet. That’s the way God works. So he says, I hear the sound of the abundance of rain. Where is, what is he hearing? Where’s the hearing? Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois This sound? Which what’s he hearing that nobody else is hearing everybody else’s dry and hot. The same forecast for three and a half years, dry and hot weather men were right on the money. Every day forecast for tomorrow, dry and hot, extended forecast, dry and hot. So now he says, I hear the sound of the abundance of rain. So here’s what I’m asking God, Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois what is he hearing and how can I hear that?

He wasn’t hearing from the guys he was hearing from the sixth sense, he was hearing from the Voice of God. We’ve got to be able to hear things that nobody else hears. We’ve got to be able to hear things that we don’t see. We’ve got to be able to hear the voice of God and when the Voice of God speaks, it’s got to be more real than what the five cents he could have heard. I believe Elijah could have heard the sound of the abundance of rain. God’s speaking to him saying, rain’s coming, but he could have kept it to himself and waited till God proved it, but it takes no faith for that. This is why we got to begin to speak what God’s saying when our sense of say, Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois it’s not happening. This is mustard seed. Faith is when we begin to agree with the voice of God instead of with what everybody else is saying.

How many knows when? When Elijah says, I hear the sound of the abundance of rain, everybody else starts mocking and making fun. Sure, sure. Look at verse 42. So Ahab went up to eat, drink, and Elijah went up to the top of Carmel. Then he bowed down on the ground, got on a big pile of Carmel. He lived his sweet tooth, so he bows down on the ground and puts his face between his knees and he said to his servant, go up, now look toward the sea. So the servant goes up and looks and says there is nothing, Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois and seven times you said go. So let’s put ourselves in the story. So here’s Elijah speaks. I hear the sound of the abundance of brain. So what does he do? Elijah then goes and gets down head between his knees. That’s as close as I can get.

Any starts praying. Now I’ve got a theory on why he did this. I got, I got a theory on why I believe he put his head between his knees because I believe Elijah did not want to be discouraged by what he saw with his eyes. He went to the source of the sound. Where was the sound coming from? The sound wasn’t coming from the sky. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois The sound wasn’t coming from anything. He could see the sound was coming from God. When God was speaking to his heart. So who did he go to for reinforcement? He went back to God and said, Lord, I thank you that you’re bringing rain. The problem is we’re looking for physical evidence of something God’s speaking into our heart and we need to go back to the voice of God and say, Lord, it’s what you said. I don’t care what everybody else says. I’m going to trust in what God said. We’ve got to go to our knees and pray. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois Prayer is where we go to the source and say, God, you’re the one speaking to my heart that this is going to change. So I’m gonna. Close my eyes and that’s what he did, and he sends the Servant and he tells his servant, go and go and go and check and see, and what’s this? What’s The servant comes back and says, there’s nothing so Elijah doesn’t even look up. Keeps praying at says go again.

There’s nothing. Go again. How many knows about the third, fourth time the servants probably going whatever.

How far is still praying? I don’t even know if he goes and looks. He’d probably go look again. Still nothing. No. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois I don’t know if he’s even going to look at, but say you put yourself in both those situations. The one that’s depending on physical senses, sees nothing and speaks about nothing, but the one is dependent on God says, go again, go again. Go again. What’s that? Tell me that I cannot be discouraged. What my senses tell me if it comes time after time after time, Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois I’ve got to stay focused on what God says and not on what my eyes tell me. I’ve got to keep after it. Elijah didn’t quit. He didn’t listen. He didn’t go. You know, about the fourth or fifth time he could have said, well, I guess maybe I didn’t hear the rain after all. Maybe maybe it’s not going to happen.

He just said, keep going again, and then what happens? Next thing says, go again, says, then it came to pass the seventh time. What a coincidence on the seventh time, seven number fulfillment, perfect number that he said, the servant comes back says, well, there is a cloud. Mind you, but it’s the smallest man’s hand rising out of the sea. So I got a decent size hand, but, but if you take my hand and put it way up in the sky, it’s gonna look like about one point five, lead pencil be really tiny. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois So there was very little evidence that what Elijah was praying for was coming to pass. But what are you lied, you say? Soon as he got that report about that cloud, he said, go on up until I have get your check gets coming to flood. It’s coming what we call a gully washer.

In other words, if you want to get out of town, you better move fast because the rains come. I’m sure the servant was like, go up. It’s two point five. Lead Pencil cloud. Why? Why? But the sound of the abundance of rain in him was so strong that what he heard was greater than the voice that said, there is nothing. This is mustard seed. Faith. When what God is speaking to me becomes greater that I keep praying. When the devil keeps coming, telling me there is nothing I say, try again. Devil. There is nothing. Try again. Devil. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois There is nothing. Try again. I will not quit because I hear something on the inside and I won’t be denied. This is what God wants us to do, that what God says has become so great in us that the devil can parade all kinds of physical evidence across our path.

Nananana. It’s not working. There is nothing Nan and Annette and you just keep praying and you say, try again. Devil, try again because I hear the sound of the abundance of rain. I hear something, I hear something, and when I hear something on the inside of me that becomes greater than no matter what I hear from someone else, no matter what I hear from the devil, no matter what I see with my eyes, I just say, God, I know there’s nothing on the outside, Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois but I hear something on the inside. This is when it begins to get bigger, begins to get bigger and now you can say to your mountain move, because the voice of God has gotten bigger than anything else. So No. So what happens now? It happened in the meantime that the sky became black with clouds and wind and there was a heavy rain, so Ahab Roadway and went to Jezreel than the hand of the Lord came upon the legend. He girded up his robe, tied it in his belt, and he ran ahead of Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel knows verse 45 and a half. In the meantime, the sky became black with clouds and wind. All the heavy rain comes. Evidence is here. Finally, everybody else can say, you know, the servant finally said, I’ll be triggered. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois It is going right.

Everybody’s on board now saying it’s going to rain because evidence is there, but who’s the ones that can say it’s gonna rain when there’s no clouds or maybe there’s one cloud the size of the point five lead pencil or when your situation, my situation, I hear the sound. I don’t see any evidence, but I speak what I hear in here and I don’t speak what I see out there. The servant and everyone else can say, man, look on them clouds. Let’s get outta here. It’s going to rain. But before that, Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois Alijah was all by himself praying, saying it’s going to rain.

There’s nothing. It’s gonna rain. There’s nothing. It’s going to rain. This is what God’s trying to put in our hearts with this mustard seed. Faith is it folks. Nobody can move you off of what God said. Everyone comes up to you and say, there’s nothing changed in your life is not getting better. It’s actually get worse. I’m sorry. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois God’s word has gotten greater. The sound of rain has gotten greater. That I can’t hear what you’re saying because God’s sound is so much louder. The Voice of God gets so loud and here’s when we know this is kicking in. Whenever the Voice of God gets so loud that what other people say becomes like Charlie Brown’s teacher, Wa, Wa, Wa, Wa, Wa, you’re that. Sorry. I can’t hear your demo because what God’s promised me is so loud. I just can’t hear you. I can’t hear you. I can’t hear what you’re saying.

I can’t hear what you’re trying and my eyes tell me Nana and in and as I see ya. But I hear something and what I hear is greater than what I see, so what do I do in that moment? Here’s what I’m learning to do is I do this, Lord, I thank Ya. I don’t see anything but I still hear it and I’m focusing on what I hear and not on what I see. We go back to prayer, we go back to what God says, and we don’t get discouraged by what we see with our eyes folks, because I’m telling you, there’s gonna be times that you’re going to speak it and it may take six times. What if on the sixth time Elijah said, that’s it, right? Maybe I missed it. Maybe it’s not for me. Maybe it’s just not God’s timing. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois Did he hear the rain?

If you heard the rain, then you speak it. You keep speaking it, you keep speaking, and the next time he said, go again. All of a sudden provision came. So here’s what I’m speaking to you this morning, speaking to myself, folks, mustard seed. Faith is what God says. Become so great in your life that it drowns out all the other noise you ever been in a building, a metal roof building, but in Africa during the rainy season and you’ll be in these churches that are just a metal roof. Nothing. No installation. No. I mean you see the metal is right there and the rainy season when it comes to rainy season Africa, it doesn’t just come a nice shower. It’s like nothing like that and it rains so loud. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois We would have to schedule the meetings around the time of the rain because you could not hear because the rain was so loud. You couldn’t hear yourself talk. It would be difficult to carry on a conversation because the sound of the rain was so loud and this is what God’s telling us to do for his voice to get sold loud in us, but I can’t hear anything else but what God says, I can’t hear what the devil saying. I can’t hear what people say because of that God so loved. I’m sorry. You have to speak up. Don’t believe, but because God’s promise being something.

It’s loud. Huh?

That’s God’s voice. What needs to be in our heart? How do we get it there? By sowing, by sewing. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois It’s not because I feel good today. So God’s voice is loud, Huh? It’s a simple formula of I speak God’s word. I think about God’s word. And when the devil comes and says, sorry, it’s not going to work. Now, nine, nine. Uh, it’s not working. There is nothing. I say. Try again. Try again. Try again because I hear the sound of the abundance of rain. You and I have got to hear the rain. You’ve got to hear the rain. You’ve got to hear the reign of God’s voice. You’ve got to hear the rain cloud louder than anything else. This is when the seed becomes greater and grows up greater than all the herbs of the earth. When God’s voice becomes louder than now, I can face my situation. I can look at my mountain right in the face and I can say, Mo Mo. Why am I saying move? Because god’s saying move inside of me so much that I’m agreeing with him. And I said, I hear the sound of god’s provision. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois I hear the sound of god’s solution. I hear the the sound of god bringing provision melloW. So I say mountain, move out of my life.

There is nothing. There is nothing moves. When do you stop saying move


You stopped sayIng move. When it moves. That’s when you stopped saying no. Every time it comes, say, move. Thoughts of intimidation and fear move. I hear the sound of god’s voice in my heart. Would you pray with me right now? Father, I just thank you for the power of your word. So now, Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois holy spirit, I just give this to you. I give this time to you and ask you to do what I cannot do, and that is to Bring it alive in the hearts of every person here. Thank you lord. I trust you and give you all the glory right for you. Or as you’re praying with your head bowed, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to listen to the sound of rain, the sound of refreshment in your life, the sound of peace in your life, the sound of the presence of god. I want you to listen for somethinG god has told you that maybe you stopped saying move maybe, but there is nothing talk has gotten the best of you and don’t feel.

I don’t feel discouraged. It’s gotten the best of all of us, but there has to come a time where we come back to the voice of god. He says, god, I hear the rain. I hear the rain, that this is going to change. I hear the rain, but you’re moving. I hear the rain that you’re working. When I don’t see it, Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois I hear the rain. You’re coming. I hear it. God, when I don’t see a cloud in the sky, when my situation looks bleak and hopeless here the way this is, mustard seed faith. Now you set your mouth in agreement with what you’re hearing. God’s saying, god’s growing something on the inside of you and it starts out smaller. It does start smaller, but god’s saying, that’s all right. Keep sewing because when it is sown, it grows up, becomes greater like a metal roof in the middle of a rainstorm, but now all of a sudden, all I hear is the voice of god. I see evidence to the contrary. I see all kinds of adversity. I see all kinds of opposition. I see all kinds of feelings and emotions that tell me I’m in this condition of my life, but I hear the sound of brain. It feels like I’m in a bad season in my life spiritually, but I hear the sound of the abundance of rain. god says, Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois you’ve put your mouth in agreement with what you hear, not with what you feel.

god’s bringing faith up inside of you and your business. what do you hear? Do you hear these economic times or do you hear the sound of the abundance of rain? What do you hear in your relationships in your families? You hear drought for three and a half years. Do you heAr? There is nothing. Best church for kids in Carmi Illinois I’m telling you, there is nothing. Give up. Quit nothing. What are you here and your job sItuation? There is nothing. There are no jobs. There are not. What do you hear? Do you hear the sounds of provision? My god shall supply all of my needs. You got to hear that sound. I hear the sound of the army of the lord marching.