Albion, Church | Fixer Upper

But our final message on our fixer-upper series-we’ve been talking about this for several weeks now, Albion, Church so get your sermon notes out, get your bibles outlets open up together to nehemiah chapter 3, nehemiah chapter 3 excited about the bible excited about what god is going to do in our lives and our hearts today and so I pray that you join right in and listen to what god has in store for you and through this series, we’ve been talking about a lot of things and today I’m going to talk about two things. Two things very important over one is finishing strong, we’ll talk about the value and importance of finishing strong number to we’re, going to talk about, receiving rewards earning rewards and how these things applied or christian. So. Albion, Church First finishing strong. We understand the value and the importance in our life of being able to have to complete what we started to be able to take something all the way through to the end, to be able to take the ball across thegoal-line to actually make sure and close the deal. Let me know how many times in my life, when we not been able to finish something that we started and I think it’s incredibly valuable thing in your life. We be finishers, we want to finish strong. So it’s something we’re going to talk about and see what it looks like and i. Don’t want to talk about, rewards and we’re going to answer the question when I talk about rewards when I answer the question:does it really matter what I do and what I don’t do? What time will talk about? That I think it’s important question to ask in our life so that the follow-up to that would be. Are there any consequences to my actions or my in actions? Does it matter what I do and what I don’t do? Albion, Church Are there consequences to my actions or inactions so finishing strong, receiving rewards we’re going to talk about it and how we want to finish this anymore by show vance has anyone here ever started, something and not finish the toilet? Let me see your hands all over. Some of you started to raise your hand. You could even finish that it was so crowded in july, no trouble finishing things. We’ve all been guilty of this in our life, we’ve all been guilty of projects or issues, things that we started and starting is fun. Starting is exciting, starting has a sense of novelty to it. It’s like we have four filled with hope and what can be? Albion, Church What possibly could happen so starting to get pumped up for, starting which finishing is a little different deal to whole lot more difficult. You know, sometimes, when we get started it’s kind of like in a relationship and the novelty of it, the newness of it. You know we jump into a full steam ahead, and this is going to be incredible and we love each other and it’s awesome. It’s kind of like our project. Sometimes we jump in that project. We love it. It’s going to be fantastic. We can’t wait to do it with them after a while, the work gets involved and we realize somewhere in the project for that project as a person or project, is something else. We realize someone in the project that it’s a lot harder than we thought it would be, but it’s going to take a lot more work, a lot more money and a lot more time, doors to those of time, and then let’s get this knocked out taking forever that’s what we were pumped about initially, as time goes by, we start to wayne a little bit. Albion, Church We start to withdraw our passion starts to give up, love it and it’s not because we don’t want the rewards. It’s not because we don’t want to finish the project anymore. It doesn’t it’s not that we wouldn’t like to do it. It’s just that the pain of the process has become more clear to us than the joy of the reward. You know whether you might be okay, I’m, going to take music lessons so I’m, going to clean out that room of that garage for that basement. Albion, Church Drama I’m, going to I want to read that book. I have started more books in my life just confessional time. I have started more books, but I don’t finish because soon as I started the books enough for you and maybe a new diet plan. So we’ll talk about the importance of being a finisher in the body of christ and what it means to be a finisher. So so it’s look at that cuz. He has a lot to say about it. So I need my chapter 3. We look at these last two gates just two days today and me and maya chapter 3, I’mma start and verse 29, and you know what I’m going to save some time and I’m just going to call after getting all these names, I read through the games that I’m just going to save some time so we’re first 29. They built the east gate and made repairs a verse 31. Albion, Church They built the miss cat gates and made repairs as far as far as that per room at the corner. So the two gates want to talk about our the east defeat and the mexicats gates to those names, I’m sure they’re, important I’m, not discrediting the value of the people that built those gates. But it just me stumbling across the pronunciation of all those gates, just the eastgate song about the eastgate first time. The east gate also called the golden gate I was raised in elloree illinois, not very far from golden gate illinois. By know where golden gate illinois is golden gate, so the golden gate, the eastgate. What’s the value of this golden gate golden gate to eastgate, represent represent already finishing strong.

So you write that finishing strong. This is about the east gates about the return of christ, Albion, Church because this eastgate was on the east side of the wall. Obviously, and it was the first game that was open every morning as the sun would come up in the east, the east gate will be the first gate of the wall that they would open up so now on this eastgate also another significance and why it talks about the return of christ when jesus remember jesus, when he entered into jerusalem on palm sunday, they weighed all the branches and jesus came into jerusalem on the donkey he came in through the east gate. No, not the current eastgate, but the eastgate the jesus came in is underneath the current eastgate. They build the new wall on top of the old wall, but they believe it’s in the exact same spot and the jesus entered into that eastgate. That’s so the application is that the jesus came through that eastgate as the lamb of god on a donkey, but he’s going to return again and he’s going to come through that same eastgate into the temple when he returns what he will come back, Albion, Church not as the lamb of god, but it’s a lion of the tribe of judah. So it’s what’s going to happen now. That’s some significant things about this eastgate, the prophecy about this eastgate, of course, and jesus returning was very very prominent. When the 16th century jerusalem was under the control of the turks, the ottoman empire. We talked about this and are in time series and one of the sultan’s there, sultan suleiman i, think the magnificent was named. How many just calling yourself the magnificent? It wouldn’t want to add that to your name, steve, the magnificent source mary, the magnificent put everything baby so soon. In the magnificent he knew this prophecy about the messiah returning to the eastgate. So here’s what he did so this picture. Here’s what the eastgate looks like today. Albion, Church He closed this east gate to prevent they want to do this to try and prevent the messiah from coming back. This is under the turkish empire of the islamic empire, a lot of connections to modern day, so they build this east gate, and so the messiah will not be able to come through there close it up, but god is always. Let me know you got to always one step ahead of the enemy, because an ezekiel chapter 44 a thousand years before this gate was closed up by the turks. He made this property in ezekiel, 44, verse, 20 says. Then he brought me back to the outer gate of the sanctuary which faces towards the east, but it was shut. It wasn’t shut when ezekiel wrote this and the lord said to me. This gate shall be shut, it shall not be open and no man shall enter because. The lord god of israel has entered by it. Therefore, it shall be shut about jesus and even entered into this gate on the donkey. That’s 600 years later and god tori said the lord has entered in by this guy, but he hadn’t yeah, but he was prophesying, but I just wanted to tell you something’s going to happen long before it really happens, he’s faithful, so you’re going to enter into this gate, and this gate will be shut 600 years and a thousand years before those two things happen incredible. So you prophesied this. So then they also thought that the prophecy that said he lied. You must return before the messiah. Albion, Church Now they didn’t realize it was a spirit of elijah just going to come through john the baptist that john the baptist would be the one who perceives jesus. They thought you lied to, the prophet would actually come back and they believe islamic teaching is that elijah is a descendant of aaron who was the priest, and so they believe it’s a priest. A priest could not walk through a cemetery because it would make him unclean. So here’s what they did for the next picture. They built a cemetery outside of the wall, that’s an islamic cemetery that they built outside of the eastgate because they believe the sealed gate and the cemetery would prevent elijah from coming back and if elijah can come back, then jesus can’t come back. They think they’re, so smart, but you see the signs speaks to that but see god again. Albion, Church It’s always smarter than any of us are in the book of zechariah. When jesus comes back, all these nations will come against jerusalem relations going to surround jerusalem and it’s going to be a war interest, and it’s going to happen here in the end times in the bible says in zachariah there he says that jesus will put his foot on the mount of olives and the mount of olives is directly to the east of the east gate. So you see stories parables about jesus on the mount of olives, it’s just directly east of the escape. Albion, Church It says jesus will come and he will put his foot on the mount of olives and when he puts his foot on the mount of olives returns, the bible says that the mount of olives will be split into it, will be split into and part of the mountain will move to the north and part of it will move to the south. That means the crack will run east and west. How about when he puts it? I don’t know I’m just speculating, but maybe when jesus puts his foot on the ground, this big earthquake that split, east and west will go right towards that gate and that earthquake will cause that gate to humble and open up. I, don’t know if that’s exactly what’s going to happen, but I know that god is going to make a way, for there seems to be no way.

Man can try and stop him. The devil can try and stop you can stop. Albion, Church Jesus is coming back he’s going to put his foot on the on the mount of olives and he’s going to enter into jerusalem. Now another key thing go through. You see this picture show up this next picture, the one with the ufc that gold dome that’s the dome of the rock, that’s the sacred place for for the nation of islam there in jerusalem the dome of the rock. This is our place that they believe they built this on top of where the original temple was, and so they they’ve got that there and there’s some big dispute, because the bible talks about that there has to be some things that jesus got to enter into the temple when he returns. Will there’s no temple right now, so there has to be a temple bill before jesus can enter the temple over. Is he going to build the temple they’re not going to get rid of the dome of the rock? Albion, Church If you keep thinking it’s going to happen, if you want to chill the next picture, see there’s nothing right directly behind so just to the right of the dome of the rock I’ll be right behind the eastgate that space right there were there going to rebuild the temple and jews and muslims alike, are going to have a place of worship in jerusalem. At the same time, this has to happen because once the temples built, then they have to start offering sacrifices again and once they start off I’d like to talk about this a lot more, but we don’t have time for it, but once I start offering sacrifices again to god. This is where the abominations are going to take place. Albion, Church This is where the antichrist is going going to go in and make himself as god and being it going to require worship towards him and then the abomination of desolation, where the bible talks about it’s worth going to take place in that temple, but jesus going to have to come in and cleanse that temple and straighten everything out to eastgate. All that to say all that say to eastgate is about the return of christ and the reason I’m saying all that today is because I want you understand with each gate was about our walk with christ. We need to know, and we need to be reminded that jesus is coming back. Albion, Church We need to live with the understanding that jesus is going to return. Acts chapter 1, verse, 11, says hey. Why do you guys keep looking up into the air the same way that jesus left this earth is the same way he’s going to come back, I believe jesus is coming back and I want to be ready. I want to finish strong i. Want you to finish drunk i, don’t want you to get lost in the minutiae of every day, monday and christianity I want you to remember. Jesus is real and it’s really coming back. There is a heaven and there was a hell and we got to realize that jesus is the one that’s going to come back and set up his kingdom on the earth. We can’t lose sight of it, so I just about church services and stuff, like that, so the reality you have to keep in the forefront of our my first thessalonians says that this way he says that the lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout with a voice of an archangel in with the trumpet of god in the dead in christ will rise. First, then, we were alive and remain she’ll be caught up together with him in the clouds to meet the lord. In the air dust we shall always be with these games about the return of christ he’s coming back he’s coming back. Are you ready for his return? Are you ready, I’m, not a big I’m, not of the school of thought to think you can come back any moment and if I burst anybody bubble, then and then I’m sorry I’m not trying to offend anybody. My personal belief, you can study. Albion, Church Believe how you want i, don’t believe that he could come back. Any second I believe there’s a time frame that he’s giving us an idea on when you will come back. I personally believe he will return during and around the feast of tabernacles, the feast of trumpets, the day of atonement. I believe he will return through. That fits the only fish that has not been fulfilled in scripture, feast of passover feast of pentecost been fulfilled. I believe that feast, the trumpet will sound feast of trumpets. He will return. He will gather us together, feast of tabernacles forever to live with him anyway. That’s why I believe he’s coming back. He’s coming back. This fall I’m not trying to predict when he’s coming back but I believe we can know the bible says what I know you don’t know the day or the hour. I, don’t know the day or the hour. I, don’t know that I’m just not expecting him today. So what? If you’re wrong, I’m ready, I’m, ready, I’m, ready, I’m ready, oh yeah, just be ready, i, don’t know! If you don’t play no and I’ll just wait around. Maybe he’s not coming you better, be ready, be ready. Albion, Church Cuz I will talk about the importance of that. So again, this is what these skates about. This is the myth:cat gate lift gate. It’s also called the inspection gate, I used, inspection, gate cuz, it’s a lot easier to say, inspection, gate and this gate us about rewards. So the two things were talking about finishing strong and rewards a lot of times. We don’t talk too much about rewards and what that means in heaven, but I want to make sure and communicate a little bit today.

That rewards are god’s idea and not ours. God someone the bible, says that those who come to god must first believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. God has rewards that he wants to divvy up. How. Is he going to basil’s rewards twitter? Albion, Church What are rewards based on this is these are things that we’ve got to look at it see what it, but it’s a means for us, but here’s what the inspection gate is about yours, what they you did at the inspection. The inspection gate is for the troops would come back from a battle, so I come back from battle and they rented through this gate, and then the king would come and the king would come and he would inspect his troops. Albion, Church Can you check them out and he would see you would hear about what happened in the battle and hear what they did and during this time when he would inspect the troops as where he would begin to give out awards for their service, for the inspection gave us for the king would inspect them and he would hear what they did and maybe give give them awards for their service in the bible. Well, I believe our application for us today is our king of kings is going to return and when he returns he’s going to gather the troops he’s going to get all the troops together and we’re going to face inspection and that our inspection is where our rewards are going to be determined on how we live. This life see there’s two inspections. It’s going to happen number one is the great white throne of judgement. Albion, Church It’s in revelation, chapter 20, there’s two there’s the fro knows, and the bema kronos is the great white throne of god. The beam is the judgment seat of christ the throne houses for the unsaved. The beam of the judgment seat of christ is for those who made jesus the lord of your life. So you said before the great white throne judgement looking in revelations chapter 20 I gave it to you. There I saw the great white throne the sets on it and calls the dead small and great they stand before. God books were open and the book of life is open. The dead were judged according to the works by the things written in the books. The sea gives up to date on all that they were judged each one according to his works. Listen, this part was 15 and anyone not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. Albion, Church We need to understand, there’s a reality. I talk a lot about wanting to understand what we can do in this earth and i. Don’t ever want anybody to think that that minimizes, what I think about the about heaven? There is nothing more important in our life than eternity, nothing more important. Sometimes people minimize what they can do on the earth and they only talk about eternity. So that’s why I try to emphasize sometimes what god wants us to do in the earth? But don’t misunderstand me:there is nothing more important than eternity and illustrate this really quick grab that just let me know real this off. Will you be off just going to keep oh yeah just keep going? Okay, so you’re you’re out there that can go, see, look how much you still got this and here’s what I want you to see. This is just a quick illustration. I want you to see your life verses. He turned it your life right there right there. The rest of this cable represents eternity you’re 90 years right there. You have to be a hundred great job right there we’re watching forever young. What was it called show about people hundred three year old guy, still singing gospel music, 91 year-old gymnast? She was in 91 years old, still in the parallel bars, but anyway here’s your life, that’s eternity! Albion, Church What you do with your life right now determines the rest. You see the picture. You see the importance. Here’s my big life right here, that’s attorney, plus with all these guys. Still in his hand, there’s nothing more important than eternity, and this is what we’re trying to see in the scripture use put that down. Thank you bye this. What we’re showing that we realize the rewards are based on what we doing this life determines how we’re going to live the next life now I’m, not talking about seeing 2nd corinthians. It gives his picture of the judgment seat of christ. Let me bring the scripture up 2nd corinthians chapter 5, verse. That says, for we must all appear before the judgment seat, the beam of christ that each one may receive the things done in the body according to what he has done, whether good or bad. There are rewards it’s going to be given to us based on what we do based on what we don’t do. Jesus himself said this and matthew 16th for the son of man will come in the glory of his father with the angels, and then he will reward each of us a reward fuel reward each according to his works. Albion, Church According to his works on look up. This word works. This word, works doesn’t just mean what you do. This word works is a greek word. That means a function or a practice, in other words, like a doctor, opens up his own practice or large till something opens up your own practice, so we will be rewarded based on our practice, based on what we were asked to do. We were created to do each and everyone of you you’re not going to be rewarded based in comparison to someone else, you’re going to be rewarded. Albion, Church Based on what I ask you to do, your practice see god’s not going to reward me based on what chad did he’s going to reward me based on what god called chad to do the difference, big difference see I can do what I want to do.

I can hit that matter. Gives me the freedom to do it, but all of my rewards are going to be based on what god asked me to do 1st corinthians. Does it this way he says we’re all god’s building roll his his field for no other foundation? Can anyone lay but jesus christ, verse 12? Now, if anyone built on this foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay and straw, each one’s work will become clear for the day will declare it because it will be revealed by fire and the fire will test each one’s work of what sort it is if anyone’s work which he has built on it indoors, still receive a reward. If anyone’s work as burn, he will suffer loss, but he himself will be saved yet so, as through fire, here’s a picture. Here’s what he saying everything that we build on in our life, everything that we do with our life, we’re building a pile. Albion, Church That’s going to stand before god I need speaking here, he’s talking to the church, so this is talking to believers you’re already in heaven, we’re going to stand before jesus to be inspected for our rewards and we’re going to bring our pile up stuff, my 90 years worth of stuff that I spent all my time on a building this pile of magnificence. Has lord hears all my stuff. Here is my life. Everything that I did until your bible says that god is going to pull out the torch to be the glory of god he’s going to go, and it says the wood, hay and stubble are going to be burned up. The only thing that’s going to survive this fire or the gold to silver the precious stones, jimmy mcquestion, the god begin to put them on hard is what are you doing with your life? It’s going to enjoy the fire. What up? Albion, Church What up again I’ll bring this big pile to god I said:look at this file. It’s all to look at it. What else you got! There’s nothing left, I know, but I didn’t ask you do any of it notice what the bible says don’t mess with. It says he says you will be saved, but you will suffer loss. Your zoloft I believe he’s talking about your some people say:i, don’t care about that reward stuff! I’m, not serving. For its the focus. Jesus is my focus. I hear all these this time. It’s god’s idea, so I just need to live mine full of rewards. That is what I’m doing what god called me to do, because I’m only going to be rewarded on what he called me to do. Not what I made up for myself to do. I can choose a career path and I can do it and it can be a good thing and it could not hurt anybody choose to be a drug dealer. Albion, Church You can choose a good career path, but if it’s not what I asked you to do you be safe but you’re suffering off and here’s what I believe the lost his I believe in that moment, when people say I said i, don’t care about, rewards i, don’t believe. In that moment you absolutely will care about rewards, because our focus will be heavenly, it will be eternity, it will not be on the now it’ll be a party and the lost we will feel is what I could have done. That’s the lost! You feel how many of us have experienced unlocked when we come to a place where I should have could have would have that’s the lost i. Believe it’s going to happen when we see our blaze of glory shut down and nothing’s left, and we realize that we wasted time building something that wasn’t of god. Albion, Church Can you try to make me feel guilty now I’m trying to help us so we’re focusing our life on the right purpose? It’s up to you that was too late. It’s never too late. You know when it’s too late, it’s when the trumpet sounds to today. That’s when it’s too late. Until then, you need to be doing what god created you to do. You need to be building your pile based on his report. July. What I don’t know everything’s was i, know, i, don’t know whatever everything I’m supposed to either, but do what he’s asked you to do today do what’s in front of you do with all of your mic, pursue the things of god, because that’s what everyone’s going to be based on? Albion, Church How do we apply these two gates? How do we apply finishing strong and our rewards highway appliance turlock? When asked you? Are you finishing strong today? It’s easy to start something:i will start serving god I’m in it. I’m almost serve god, really imma give them all I got, but we need to. We need to finish in softball baseball. You play softball baseball and you hit it hit the ball. What do they tell you to do it first base? They tell you to run through the base right, they don’t say, run first stop if, if they say run through the base sprinter, you even see the tape when they tell you to run through the tape. How many of you have seen on the olympics or something your world championship track and field? You see, runners are out in front and then they start celebrating I know it don’t lighten up and i, don’t see behind them. Somebody’s going all out. That’s so, just as they’re getting ready to get the type somebody blows right. Past mm they let up. Albion, Church They didn’t finish strong, so they didn’t get the reward. What was there for the taking, but they didn’t finish strong. That’s what I want you to finish strong I’m watching super bowl, xxvii dallas cowboys fan leon the cat.

We don’t let him recover the fumble, so so that’s the end zone. Albion, Church He recovers a fumble and leon takes off running big leon his running and he’s looking this way and the sidelines right here. Thinking about you, he’s running and he’s running pretty hard, but then so he gets to the upper hand and it puts the ball out like this he’s going to glory into the ends off, but he didn’t see. Don beebe of the buffalo bills chasing him down I’m, just to see put that ball down getting ready, I mean he was at the goliath done, not the ball away and he didn’t get the reward of a touchdown in the super bowl because he didn’t finish strong. What rewards are we leaving on the table? Because we don’t finish strong? We use excuses, I put on getting up there. I’m getting old I done put care about getting old. The bible is full of people who didn’t finish strong samsung. You stood out the gate. So it’s about the message. People started, judas iscariot started good. The bible says he who overcomes I will give him the crown of life. Albion, Church Are you trying to give me the question? My salvation i, think the question of eternal, salvation and and once saved always saved, is very unnecessary. Here’s why I believe it’s unnecessary? What is the debate really about? Is the debate really about I want to see what I can get by with and still get into? Heaven is that what we’re really debating, how how relaxed I can be in my relationship with god and still get into heaven? Why not just fall in love with jesus stay in love with jesus and serve him all the way through to the end debate over there, so debate on, why are we debating over the stuff that we can’t determine any way for the salvation of a soul is something that god can only determine so I want to make sure I’m giving it my all to the end finish strong, your relationship with god and strong posted this 2 timothy I finished my race now. Finally, the lord, the righteous judge, is going to give me my reward. I’m, not only me, but all of those who love is. Albion, Church I, want you to fight the good fight of faith. I want you to finish your race. Why? Because jesus is coming back, I don’t want to get you I want, don’t want anybody to be caught. Sleeping i, don’t want you to be relaxed. Spoke to me and encourage me this week the chat there’s two places in your area and your life that you become complacent and you’re not running the way you’re supposed to run 1st corinthians chapter 9 news, encouraging the church, and he says this to him. He said everybody who runs. Everybody runs in a race, but only one receives the prize. I want you to run to win run2win. She goes on to say after run, to win next verse. Albion, Church He says this all athletes or discipline their training. They do it to win a prize on fade away, but we do it for an eternal prize next horse 2026, so I run with purpose and every step. It’s what you heard this phrase playing not to lose. There’s a big difference:if you play sports and playing not to lose and playing to win, if you play not to lose, you start getting passive, just trying to protect things, and you you get a little bit you back up when you’re you’re you’re, not aggressive anymore, you just trying to survive. I’ve got the lead, so let’s just survive clock hurry up and tick tick tick come on please! This is what we can do in our christian faith. If we’re not careful, we can play not to lose instead of playing to win, and this is what I was thinking. We should chat. There’s areas you’re playing not to lose run your race to win so you’re worried too much about what people think run to win you’re going to stand before men, giving account to me not to anybody else, run to win run your race. What’s hard, it’s hard, you’re, the greatest things are most frequent things of people that chat. It’s really hard to serve god. It’s true! Albion, Church It’s hard. What is coach dugan said to dottie on a league of their own. He said it’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is, what makes it great? Is it hard to serve god sometimes, but the hard is what makes it great sona ask you this question today:are you ready for the return of christ? Are you finishing strong? Are you doing what he created you to do or you doing what you came up with to do. Are you ready for your rewards? Are you living with your rewards in mind? Are you are you living in such a way that you know as much as you can no with you that you’re doing what god is ask you to do today? Albion, Church Sometimes we go to understand the principle that when he’s asked us to do something he’s giving something in her ass, we’ve got to run to win, and this is why we’re going to present this with this wall. You got your post-it note. If we’re going to build this wall this, while representing the kingdom of god, we need every person doing their part and on your notes there it says:is there a section of the wall being built with your name on it, or is there a gap with your name on it to do what god that’s goes to do I’m not going to stand with you on your award ceremony, you’re going to stand there before god by yourself tim about to check. If you come stand beside me, cuz I was in your services every week coming up to their pastor chad he’s here, I’m not going to be able to help you out.

I got my own issues. I’m behind you in line I’m, going to go jesus jesus I’m next up, Albion, Church I’m, sifting through my stuff, trying to throw out some wood, hay and stubble before i, get to don’t know what you be scared, i! Don’t want you to be intimidated. What he created you to do is what’s your best at what he created you to do with, what’s going to bring the most fulfillment in your life, it’s not like I’m going to have to move to africa. If I say yes to god I got to live in poverty, no see we don’t need a world full of preachers and missionaries. We need somebody who’s going to run their business according to the principles of the kingdom of god. We need teachers are going to teach their classes according to the principles of the kingdom of god, and when you come before. And you bring your business. Everything that you did you say:i didn’t try one trip, but every week I honored you with the first fruits of all my increase I finance mission trips, all around the globe. I’ve spoke to my employees and I talked to them about the kingdom of god fighting to church I prayed with him. I spoke over them all of this stuff, and he said it looks good song come on come on. Let me tell you a story. Closing cuz and luke chapter 19 jesus told this parable. It’s got a ruler who called his servants to him, and it looks like you and me he called as soon as he gave each one a minor bam, bam h, one of them I mean he left any told them. Here’s what instructions he told him he said. Do business until I come back in the king james version says Albion, Church occupy till I come back. So what do you think that he wanted them to do business with, he said:do business with my minor didn’t say just do whatever you want till I come back. I gave you a mind to do business with that as soon as he comes back and he says, I want to bring everybody to me and I’m going to inspect them. I don’t want to see how much every man had gain by trading. She brings to tim the head of mine at each one of us. A minor I want to see how much they had gained did increase. They do lies what he’d, given them the first one he talked to your one minor, has made I made 10 – with it. I did business with what you gave me. Listen, that’s awesome. What put you over ten cities? Next, one up I took your mana I made five more minus with him over five cities. Mission comes up, I knew you were very strict and I didn’t want to lose your mind through risky living like something other people, so I saved the money that you gave me and I hit it in my handkerchief, Albion, Church so I can give it back to you just like you gave it to me, but it did the lord say great job. Thank you for protecting my minor and I want to return on my investment. You could have done something with no it’s going to put in the bank and collected her, but no you hit it selfishly and so now I have nothing to show for it. There’s the application for you and I each and everyone of us. He handed us a minor in this world and he said to business till i. Come back. Do business till I come back here! Is your mind, don’t compare your mind. It was somebody else, but do business with your minor, because he’s going to come back and he’s going to ask you say, show me your pile of what you did with my minor i, really didn’t like my minor, so I chose to do something else. You may still go to heaven, but you will suffer loss because you realize you wasted time on this earth compared to eternity. You realize that this earth is all about investing in a long-term investment. Albion, Church How we live for eternity is determined by what I do with this sliver of a vapor called my life, chewbacca star for you and the question that got asked me to check. What are you doing with my minor? Are you doing business? Are you doing my business or you doing your business? Do business till I come back I’ve been busy that we see that were busy security 101? Ask you every eye on me of what are you doing with a mine that got gage he’s coming he’s coming to church services to be too late, eternity will show up bam, jesus will arrive too late. We stand before the judgment seat of christ, with our pile of our life. Albion, Church Here’s what I did what I built I’m so proud that you do what god wants you i, don’t know is going to be wasted or you going to lay down your life for the right cause. I want to encourage somebody to put their name on that wall and say god I’m going to do business with your minor. We don’t. We don’t need a bunch of more pictures. We need somebody, that’s going to go into the office. I carry the kingdom of god with him. We need hundreds of thousands of people in this region that are willing to live out, jesus everyday and show people the goodness of god. You think that your mind is not valuable if you’re not doing something on the platform and I’m telling you Albion, Church I need teachers that are going to say that I I couldn’t talk about jesus openly, but I talk to my students on a regular basis, privately I prayed over my students every day, I talked them with a passion and with the gifts that god gave me and I’m telling you he will say to you:let’s give her 10 cities, let’s give him 10 cities, Albion, Church because she was faithful.

He was faithful to do what I ask them to do

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