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The Roads partners with and supports several international missions and local outreaches monthly, in addition to several Gifts Without Borders giving opportunities throughout the year to help fund specific needs of our missions partners.

Missions teams prepare to go on trips throughout the year.  Informational meetings, information packets and sign-ups are announced leading up to each trip, giving you enough time to prayerfully consider how you might participate in the trip – whether it is praying for the team, sending team member(s) with your financial giving or going as a member of the team.  The informational meetings will provide you with information about the country/culture and language, the mission and purpose of the trip, as well as offer step-by-step guidance in your preparation timeline for things like fundraising, passport applications, visas and trip deadlines.

Every part of missions is an adventure. On a trip you will see, feel, and experience the heart of God in new ways, as you take God’s word and allow His love to flow through you to other people whose culture is different than yours. You see God bring life and change to another people group, and simultaneously He is changing you from the inside out. If you have any questions, please send an email to:


Lana Vasquez and Life Impact International is making a difference in Children’s lives. Through practical humanitarian aid services such as: Children’s homes for children at risk, starting and supporting orphanages and hostels, feeding programs for the poor, relief and development works, helping the hurting within the social context of the culture and country and preaching the Gospel and ministering to all people through outreaches and evangelistic crusades, Bible camps and seminars, leadership training, discipleship efforts, planting and supporting local churches, and general church ministry.


Bishop Titus’ ministry touches many areas of community in the Kakamega region of Kenya, to include supporting churches, pastors and children’s ministries that support and educate orphans and destitute children, community work to bring self-sustainability in a place of poverty, involvement in the HIV/AIDS fight, and an extensive farming program that supports the local church and community.


The ministry of Joseph & Sony is located in a fishing village in South India, where they do outreach and evangelism to the fisherman in the local industry, and supports local pastors. Working with Only Believe Ministries, they support and operate the ARK Rescue Center to rescue and house children who are orphaned and have a high risk to be kidnapped and sold as child labor or in the sex trade industry.The Center houses 95 children, who now have a future and a hope. Joseph and his wife Sony, also oversee a widow home – “Grandma’s House” – which currently houses 32 widows, giving widows – who are rejected by society, a home that offers them new identity through the love Jesus.


Maoz Israel Ministries is a Messianic Jewish non-profit organization founded in 1976, and whose ministry headquarters is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Maoz exists to be a witness of the Good News to the people of Israel in outreach, discipleship and raising up godly Israeli leaders until the day when “All Israel Shall be Saved” – through

outreach, training, translating, publishing, music recording, video production, economic and disaster relief, and underwrites a Hebrew indigenous Messianic Jewish congregation in Tel Aviv.


Voice of Judah Israel is a voice in the land that proclaims the Good News to the people of Israel; reaches out a helping hand to feed and clothe the poor, plants and cultivates congregations, and raises up a generation of servant leaders.

Voice of Judah is a disciple-making ministry in the heartland of Israel focused on cultivating & planting congregations, reaching out through humanitarian work & carrying revival in the land. more