“We do life together – because relationships make us stronger.”


It’s a biblical concept and a Roads Church Core Value. Even Jesus, the Son of God didn’t do life alone. He lived and did ministry alongside 12 disciples. They ate breakfast on the beach together, prayed in a garden together and fed 5,000 people together and healed the sick together, all while they learned about the Kingdom of Heaven.

We are no exception to living this way. Finding community in the body of Christ is an essential part of our journey. It’s why we believe Roads Groups are an essential part of our church – it’s all about connecting people in relationships with Jesus – together.


We offer two types of groups:

Short-Term Groups – these groups are topical and will meet for varying amounts of weeks throughout the year.  These groups have a specific day and time that they meet each week and new group members may be added – as long as space permits.  Short-term groups will be launching at various times during the year, so be sure to watch for these additional groups to be advertised in services and on social media.

Long-Term Groups – are designed to help you go a little deeper together and connect you to relationships.  Just as Jesus had 12 disciples that did life together, these groups are designed to be groups that commit to one another for a year. Each group is unique to its leaders, but meet weekly. Long-term groups can also start anytime during the year, as new leaders choose to start a group. 


Feel free to contact the church office if you have questions.

Norris City Campus  618-378-3959                   Mt. Carmel Campus 618-262-9777

Kandace Jordan

“All of a sudden, I wasn’t just another person in the crowd, I wasn’t judged but ACCEPTED AND WELCOMED, and my failures that I overcame were celebrated.”

Pastor Dawn Everett

“I lead connect groups because I like smaller groups to be able to connect on a more personal level, and I get to see lives transform and see growth with God.”

Debra McClane Schwartz

“What I love most about my group – is it’s a safe place to share our hearts.”