We’re not call you out or embarrassing you, but we’re just giving you an opportunity to say yes today. I prayed that prayer and I gave my life to Jesus. I am now a child of God. If that’s you and you prayed that, would you just raise your hand on three one, two, three come on, let me see your hand. If that was you. We want to say celebrate with you. Yeah. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Watching online, we don’t know. 10 10 I see your head tip. Come on. Can we give Jesus a big hand this morning Mt. Carmel Illinois Church?

Now listen. If you watch you online and you prayed that prayer, please contact our office. We want to help you with your next steps. Maybe water baptism, but if you’re in the room, listen, if you didn’t raise your hand, it’s not about you. It’s about the ones who raised their hand. I want you to take out your connect card, cause our hearts. I wish I could take you individually. Say I want to talk to you for a moment because it’s about what do you do now to me times in church, we raise your hand, we pray a prayer and we say, now gone.

Come back next week. We want you to talk to you about water baptism, about him getting bogged into connect group, getting on a team and serving, rubbing shoulders with other people that are walking out their own salvation with fear and trembling to grow up and make disciples. It’s not about a magic prayer. It’s about a lifestyle of learning what it’s like to die to my will every day. It’s not a onetime die every day with the best Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

I got to lay my wheel down and choose his will, so if you take a moment and fill out that connect card just so we can know who you are, we just to celebrate you and you can bring that up and hand it to someone here at the end of the service. But we want to have an opportunity for prayer. I’m totally geeked. That’s awesome Mt. Carmel Illinois Church!

We want to pray for healing before you go. We had a testimony just this morning. A lady walked into the auditorium. I had pain in her sciatica. She’s had this pain all week, couldn’t even get up out of a chair without pushing herself up with her arms. One of our ministry team members asked her what was going on and then had the woman’s sat down. They began to pray over her legs to shift and line up with the word of God. They prayed several times.

Each time they prayed pain lesson, she walked away at least 80% better and was able to get up out of her seat without using her hands and arms to push her up. Praise the Lord for that healing right there in Jesus name. I know we had a woman Wednesday night, Wednesday night had had her heart was racing, uh, out of rhythm and as sort of pray for him, prayed first houses some you can tell she, Oh, you tell right to tell and uh, prayed first time, no change. Let’s pray again. Second time, no change. That’s changes. I want to pray for you one more time. Prayed the third time. It’s all right. Just keep me posted. We’ll go up and we’re going to have worship service Wednesday night and she came up to me after service had less than five seconds after you walked away. My heart went right back into rhythm. God is touching people. We just want to give him glory. Give him honor and praise for it Mt. Carmel Illinois Church

So would you stand this morning? Ministry team’s going to be in the front. I want to give some words of knowledge that I think are important. If you need prayer for anything here, we want to pray with you. The first one, someone dealing with pain, going down the right leg, God’s wanting to heal that. Go ahead. Mystery team. Make your way. The front. Someone with headache pain right in the middle of their forehead, cause wanting to heal that a woman wounded in their emotions by words spoken over her by her own father when she was a little girl. Those words play over and over in your mind like the loop. But here’s the thing, God spoke to them, said, listen, he’s wanting to break the cycle in your family because those words were spoken to your father and that’s why it’s repeated out of his own mouth.

But God’s willing to break the cycle with you and your kids after you. So if that’s you, that’s when administered. You also heard the words from Genesis three 15 he shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel. So if that ministers to you, God’s wants to speak to you, I was supposed to take a moment and worship the Lord in this song. Father, I thank you that we’re healed by the stripes of Jesus. I think that we are saved, set free. Got a pray over every salvation today Mt. Carmel Illinois Church

God, that you are watching over them, protecting that seed, watering that seed. God, we bless them today. We thank you Lord that you are helping us to yield our will to your way. We trust you, Lord, your way is the best. Your waste. The way of love. Your way is the way of limitless. This your way is the way of long suffering. God, we thank you for what you’re doing. We choose your wheel today in Jesus name. Amen. Cool. Lead us in the song. If you need prayer for one of those things, step out. Anything else? Now so God, we just pray that you’re a minus in this upcoming week of what your will is and not ours. But what your will and your way is for our Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.