You sit there, even though your favorite show may be on at home, but you’re sitting right there. Why? Because where there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s could be a positive sense, or it could be a negative sense. But we’re going to talk about that in a lot of different areas and see how it applies. This phrase was first published in 1640 by a guy by the name of George Herbert, maybe you know him. Here’s what he said initially back then.  To him that will ways are not wanting to him that will ways are not wanting, Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

Then by the 1820s the phrase was adjusted where it came up properly known today as where there’s a will, there’s a way. So for the context of this series though, because when, when God first highlighted that phrase to me, I had that thought, you know what? It’s like where there’s a will, there’s a way. So I thought, okay God, we’re going to be talking about determination, perseverance, pushing through, and overcoming obstacles.

His Will and His Way vs. Your Will and Your Way

Yes. And he’s like, no, that’s not what we’re going to talk about. What are we going to talk about today? We’ll talk about where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’m like, yeah, so it’s going to be about overcoming. It’s to know once you to understand, I want you to talk about the relationship between my will and my way and your will and your way. Oh, it’s a little different perspective.

What I felt like God was wanting to break down is the need for us to understand that just because God has a will for our life doesn’t mean it comes to pass in our life because he gave us a will and he wants us to cooperate with his will. So he has a will, but he also has a way to get to his will. Also, we have a will, and how many know we have our own way sometimes? So we’re going to see about that. We are going to see what it looks like when I start talking about the will of God, and throw that phrase out there. All kinds of different opinions pop up and conceptions people have. Some people think the will of God is like a divine Easter egg hunt. You know, they’re just wandering around in life, not sure what to do. They’re just making choices blindly and don’t know whether it’s the will of God or not, Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

They just think God’s up there going colder, colder, colder, warmer, okay, warmer, warmer. They think it’s something like that, and I don’t think it’s like that at all, but sometimes we wonder. Some people, when they think of the will of God (this is probably one of the most prominent ones) they think about an undesirable diet. Like when you think about the will of God, you think about a diet, because when you think diet, what are your first thoughts? When you think of a diet, you’re thinking about what you can’t eat. You’re thinking about what you can’t have anymore. Soon as you think diet, you’re thinking because there’s not a lot of it. You have a lot of fads, and a lot of great diets out there. You could be doing Atkins or keto. It could be all the kinds of different things out there.

Nobody’s coming up with pizza diet, you know, ice cream, chocolate chip cookies. Come on. There needs to be a diet for that somewhere. There is, yeah, there is. This guy came up to me not too long ago in the gym and he said, “Hey, you got any suggestions for me?” And I said, “Yeah.” He said, “What’s your secret?” I said, “More cookie dough ice cream. That’s what you need in your life.” But see, when we think about a diet, we think about what we can’t have. Too many times when people think about the will of God, they think about what they can’t do. So it’s like diet, depravity: will of God, depravity. There’s that correlation, Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

The Will of God Doesn’t Come to us in a Text Message every Morning

Then I don’t know if I want the will of God, because when I think about the will of God, I’ve got to think about what I can’t do anymore and we’re going to address that. I am trying to bust that myth a little bit.  I wish the will of God for myself. I wish the will of God came to me in the form of like a recorded message. Every morning is like dun, dun, dun, dun dun dun dun.

It’s like, I wish it’d come to me and it’d be like, “Chad, this is your mission for today. If you choose to accept it, this message will self-destruct in three seconds.” I wish it was like that, but it doesn’t come to me like that. I wish the will of God was that plane that God just sent a message to me is on my dresser. I wake up or it’s on my phone, a text from God. This is my will for the day. Check. How many knows it doesn’t come that way? So we’ve got to figure out what is the will of God look like and how can we walk in it. So let’s look at Romans chapter 1. I’m going to give you three Myth Busters about the will of God today. Three Myth Busters. We’ll get into the first one here in just a moment. Romans chapter 1:8. This is Paul writing a letter to the Christians in Rome. Thus they’re called Romans because they’re from Rome, Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

Clever, clever. Sometimes I like to break down the exegetical difficulties of the scripture so you can understand. Sorry. Anyway, you married this. It’s all yours, so yours. She’s like, thank you Jesus. Verse 8, stay focused. People watching online. I’m sorry, these people, verse 8. First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ.