That’s a whole lot easier to eat that way than to eat rice and broccoli. It’s a whole lot easier. It’s a whole lot easier to eat according to your taste buds than according to your body. Come on. Oh, I’ve gone to Midland. I’m just saying it’s a whole, it’s a whole lot easier to live my life according to my feelings then according to the spirit of God Mt. Carmel Church.

Yeah. See living our life according to our feeding feelings is like eating according to our taste buds. Both of them will produce a result and we may not like what we see. See as okay. For me to get by doing it the one day you’ll cause then, but you know we got to travel. Then we go the next place and we’re like, Hey, we’ve been waiting all day for you to eat. I’m like, Oh great. I’ve got to take one for the team. Just keep shoveling it in and he’s saying, listen, there’s a way that that’s a little harder, but just because it’s harder doesn’t mean it’s bad.

It leads to life and he says, but there’s few that’s finding few or finding the way that leads to life. Not because they don’t want to go there, but because the way is a little more difficult. It’s harder to say no. It’s harder to choose the right thing in that moment, and this is what God is saying. He said it’s, it’s a whole lot easier to get mad at somebody and throw a fit than it is to look at him and say, I forgive you. I love you Mt. Carmel Church.

It’s a whole lot easier to stay mad at that family member and not speak to him, give him the silent treatment for the rest of the week. But I’ve understood this. We sang the song. It’s better his way. I’ve found this about God. His way is always better, even when in the moment Chad wants his way, when I choose Chad’s way, and I do sometimes I’m like, I know I shouldn’t do this. I know I shouldn’t do that. I know that’s what I’m supposed to do, but right now I’m feeling this so I’m going to go with this Mt. Carmel Church.

Yes, I’m going with it, baby. I’m going and why? Because we want to make all the decisions and in that moment when I make the decisions I get the fruit of my decisions, but if I would do it God’s way, Oh I get the fruit that comes from him because of the way that leads to life away. That leads to life away. That leads to destruction. It leads to it. It’s like, let me illustrate this way.

If you go out on the highway here, here in our city, if you come out out of the parking lot and if you turn left that road leads to karma sounded like you get on the road, bam, you’re in karma. The road is not karma but if you get on that road it leads you to karma. Well that’s what it’s saying here so that we get on the way that leads to destruction. Sometimes we’re just, we’re deciding whether we should do something or feel something or think something based on what it is in that moment instead of where it’s going to take us Mt. Carmel Church.

We’re judging whether something is right or wrong, whether we see what’s wrong with it and how did that work out for Adam and Eve? They saw that the fruit was good, looked good. I’m going to eat it. I don’t see the big deal. I want you right now, but it’s not what we do right now. It’s where it’s going to lead us. He said there’s a way that leads to life. Get on that way and stay on it.

Sometimes we choose the way that leads to life and we do it until it gets hard and then we bail. I tried being nice to her. I tried. I did and she didn’t change, so I’m off. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Who said anything about you getting off the way that leads to life based on what they do Mt. Carmel Church?

Oh, I know. I don’t want to hear it either, but it’s still the truth. It’s not based on get on the way that leads to life unless other people do you wrong. Oh, okay. Then let’s get back on the way that leads to destruction. No, let’s stay on the way that leads to life, even though it’s difficult. So there’s a way. Look what he says though. There’s a way that leads to life the way it leads to destruction. Two different options, but notice he doesn’t choose the option for us. Where there’s a will. There’s a way. Look at the beginning of verse third, turn 13 he says, enter by the narrow gate. He tells you which way to go. He tells us which way to go. Wait a minute. Which one did he say? The Broadway. That’s wide and many are people on. Did he say go that way Mt. Carmel Church?

No, he said go. Which way? He said go the narrow gate. Yeah, but the narrow gate is narrow and difficult. God. He said, yeah, that’s the one I want you to take. So God, you’re telling me to choose the hard way. Yes. He said, I want you to choose the hard way. See God gives us a choice. In that moment, I have a choice. Am I going to walk in the love of God or am I not going to walk in the love of God? Am I going to think the right thoughts about myself? I’m going to have the right perspectives. I’m gonna speak the right words over my situation. Am I going to do the right thing or am I not? He says, you enter the right gate, so in other words, God has a will for you. He has a will for you there, his will, his life, but he says, you choose which Gates you.