He said, there’s a way that leads to life and there’s a way that leads to destruction and it gives you an eye the choice which way to go. Notice what it says, the way to the destruction. It’s wide broad. Lots of people on it. Lots of people going that way. Be careful if we judge the validity of which way to go based on how many people are going that way Mt. Carmel Church.

Be careful with a way of taking whether it’s right or wrong based on how many other people think that way. The Bible says right here, there are lots of people. Let’s go into destruction. I don’t think everybody that’s going to destruction is holding up signs saying, I want destruction. I want destruction. I don’t think they do. I don’t think very many people at all really want destruction. The problem is not the desire of the destination. It’s the difficulty of the way ever heard this phrase. Somebody says, well, if it was easy, everybody would do it. Caminos to do the right thing. It’s not always easy to do. The good thing to do the right thing sometimes is harder Mt. Carmel Church.

Notice what it says. The easy way is broadway. Lots of people in that, but the narrow gate, it’s narrow and it’s difficult. Narrow and difficult to word. Let me give you the definition of the narrow and difficult. The word narrow there just means him. Then with obstacles restricted, limited, confined to bounds. Difficult means it’s crowded, compressed pressure to suffer hardship or persecution. We want the way that leads to comfort and sometimes the way of life leads to pressure leads to difficulty. We don’t like this message. We like to message were, Oh, everything’s going to be great. No. Sometimes the way of life stinks.

Yeah, in certain contexts it stinks in that sometimes we feel great pressure. Anybody ever went, ah, there’s a place that you can go on this rocky trail and you come to this real narrow place. It’s called Batman squeeze. You don’t. I’m talking about, and this is what talking about the narrow gate, when you go to go through that, not everybody or everything will fit through that area. There is passage. There is a way that you can walk through there, but not everybody can go through there with top Mt. Carmel Church.

When it says there’s a narrow gate is not being, some people are not welcome to come. It’s just telling us that not everything is gonna fit. We can’t take anything with us. In other words, to do them, to go on the way that leads to life. I may have to leave some things behind to do it God’s way. I may have to throw some things off. I may have to leave my pride behind to go the way that leads to life.

I may have to leave my selfishness behind to go on the way that leads to life. I may have to, I have to. I may have to leave self-justification behind to go on the way that leave because when I go on the way that leads to life, sometimes there is pressure. Doing the right thing may bring some pressure into your life Mt. Carmel Church.

Who knows? It’s harder to get good grades than bad grades. why is that? Does everybody want to fail? No, not everybody goes to school and says, I want to flump. I want to flow, but not everybody wants to go the way that leads to good grades. Does everybody want a failed marriage or failed relationships or failed finances or whatever? Nobody’s going around and saying, I want to be a failure. No little girls wake up someday and say, I want to be sold into sex trafficking. Nobody does that. No drug addict. Woke up in the morning said, you don’t want to. I want to be homeless and strung out on drugs Mt. Carmel Church.

Didn’t happen that way. Things happen. Things orchestrate some things in our control out of our control. All of these working together and he says, listen, I want, there’s a way that leads to life and he’s wanting us to find it, wanting us to find it, but we have some say sweetness and it’s harder. It’s harder to do things the right way. Sometimes. I’ve had people come to me and said, Chad, I want to, I want to change my life. I want to do things right. I want to for God, but man, it’s hard. I’m like, yeah, I know still. So staying in shape, but you still want to do it. I mean, it was a lot easier. You know, it’s Thanksgiving. I sit down

for lunch and I don’t know if you’d like you, maybe you’re like me, maybe watching you. We had two places to go in one day. And at sometimes the duration of the meal, you’ll start to blink or a little bit. So you’re by the time we start, by the time I finished, those are two totally different time zones. And so I start eating and I sit down, he and you and everybody have a little bit of everything. You want to try all this stuff. Oh, they make once a year for Mt. Carmel Church.

You know, you get those dishes you try once a year. So like everybody brings to the family, they’re one dish and see like, Oh, I got to have that. Oh, there was bring that. Oh God, have that. So I get my plan. I’m like, I need a bigger plate. So I get down and I’m eating it. I’m eating in a meeting way beyond my normal consumption. I mean eating foods. I don’t normally eat quantities. I don’t normally, but I’m just, I don’t know how high this thrown in here, how many nos.