So we see that God has a will and God has a way God wants us to find it. Now let’s look. Let’s go over to another scripture. Go to Matthew chapter seven I’m going to give you three scriptures today. That’s the first one. Matthew seven is the second one. God has a will for your life and he has a way for you and I to experience it. He does not have a will for you that is inaccessible to you. Anything God wants you to experience, he has a way for you to experience. It may be a process that may take some time, but he has a will for it. Too many times. I think in our life we’re praying and we’re trying to figure out ways that God can bless what we want instead of us spending more time figuring out what he wants, our prayers Mt. Carmel Church.

Too many times where, God, please bless what I want to do. I some many times people just looking for affirmation for what they want and we try and Christians are the worst about coming up with all kinds of spiritual Christian cliches to get what they want. Instead of just saying, God, it’s not what I want, but it’s what you want. They’d come up with, we’re very creative. I’ve been pastoring long enough that I’ve heard people come up with some very creative ways to tell God to do what they want to do, pull out scripture and everything, but I just feel like you know, God. God said, behold, behold I do a new thing and a, so he’s doing a new thing, and so that’s telling me I need to leave my spouse and go get a new one. Behold, he does a new thing. Great. Great.

So let’s look at, there’s a will. There’s a way. Matthew chapter seven look at verse 13 this is Jesus talking. He says enter by the narrow gate for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction and there are many, everybody say many, many who go in by it. What is it? It is the wide gate and the broad way. That’s one way it says B because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life and there are few, everybody say Pew few who find it. What is it? It is the narrow gate and the difficult way. So we got two ways that Jesus gives us in scripture. The first one we see here, the first way that he gives us, it’s a way that leads to destruction Mt. Carmel Church. That’s wide gate and is broad and many people are on it.

The second way he gives us one that leads to life. It’s a narrow gate and it’s difficult to ways leading to two different destinations, right? So the question really is where do we want to end up? Which way do we go? That question is answered by where do you want to go? How many know? Sometimes it’s easier to determine what you want to do in the moment than it is where you want or sorry, back, back, backwards. It’s easier to determine where I want to go sometimes Mt. Carmel Church.

Then what I want to do in the moment. What I mean by that is I know I want to do the right thing eventually, but right now I want to do this. It’s like I know I’m supposed to walk in forgiveness destination, but right now I want to hold a grudge. It’s easier to want the right destination than it is to do the right thing in the moment.

I know I’m, I want to be an honest person, but right now it’s a little more convenient if I don’t tell the whole truth. He says there’s two different ways one’s going to lead to destruction. One’s going to lead to life before. Do we want to end up, we all want to go to live, right? Everybody wants to go to live. Great. Well, let’s look at those ways. The one that leads to destruction. What does that mean? The word destruction just means to ruin severe loss, destroyed beyond repair no longer exists Mt. Carmel Church.

There’s a way that leads to destruction. There’s a way that leads to ruin that weeds leads to severe loss, a way that leads to something being beyond repair or there’s a way that leads to life and that word life just means to be alive, experiencing the life God intended. Now you see, when we talk about these two ways, we think about ultimate or eternity, so we’ll think about heaven or hell.

There’s a way that leads to destruction. Hell, there’s a way that leads to life. Heaven. Yes, I think that applies. So we, there is a way that leads to life and that is through Jesus or leads to heaven. There’s a way that leads to destruction if we’re going to talk eternal terms, which is hell. There are those two different ways, but I want to also apply it not just in eternal terms but also in everyday terms because here’s what I’ve found in my life Mt. Carmel Church.

There is a way that leads to life every day and there’s a way that leads to suffering loss. There’s a way, in a moment I’ve got a decision. I don’t know if you feel this time something comes up and in that moment we’ve got choices to make. Which way am I going to think? Am I going to think along the way that leads to life, the God, the life that God intended for me or am I going to think along the way that leads to severe loss and destruction Mt. Carmel Church?

Which way am I going to go? In that moment, I determine which way, which determines my destination. See, we can think ultimately just about heaven or hell and we like to do that. We just like to think in terms like, I’m saved, I am saved, so that means I’m all good. I can be saved and still have some mess in my life. I can be saved and on my way to heaven and still have some issues that I need to work out and this is what God’s saying.