Colossians chapter two says this, as you, therefore, received Christ Jesus, the Lord walk in him rooted and built up in him, established in the faith as you’ve been taught, abounding in it with Thanksgiving. Let me jump down to verse nine says for in him, in him, we’re going into, are you looking for a way out? You’re looking for a way in for in him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily and you are complete. Let me read verse 10 against you can participate with me and you are complete Mt. Carmel Church.

Okay, let’s try it again and you are complete in him. In him, sorry Jerry Maguire, but we’re complete in him. We’re complete in him. Who makes you and I complete. He does. Getting in him, that’s what completes our life. He’s the one who brings that fulfillment into us as so it’s not about what we’re trying to get out of.

It’s what we’re trying to get into your and mind. The way in is our way out. You think about it right now. What are you trying to get out of New York? What would you like to get out of? Maybe it’s a habit. Maybe it’s thoughts. Maybe it’s whatever. I don’t know what it is you’re saying Chad. I would love to get out of that right now. Well, your way out is your way in. You need to have God show you what’s my way in and become a person who’s looking for a way in, excuse me, excuse me about swallow a bug flew in my mouth or something. I don’t know what that was Mt. Carmel Church.

Sorry. Let’s go and do something silly there. Don’t do that shit now. I’ve gotta refocus, man. It’s like you get these moments now where do you go? And this is online even. Hey, what’s up? Are you guys doing? Hey, our way outcomes from our way in. If I encourage people that are wanting to change their life, it is not focusing on what you want to stop doing. It’s focusing on what you start doing your way in is your way out. You’re like, Chad, I need a different life. Okay, get into a new life and you’ll walk away from your old life, but as long as you keep dabbling in the old hanging out with the old, I’m not looking for a way out in my life. I’m looking for a way in. I’m not looking for a way out of my relationship with God through guilt and common net condemnation Mt. Carmel Church.

I’m looking for a way and I’m telling you, the devil will talk to you right out of a relationship with God. You got to look for a way into your relationship with God. Stop blending them. Fool us. Just because we do something wrong, he starts putting guilt and condemnation. We start baling. Look for a way out. No. We look for ways into our relationship with God. You got to look for a way into your marriage. Don’t look for a way out. What we focus on is what we will see, right? If you’re looking for a way out of the church, hang around for five minutes, you’ll find one.

Yeah, we’re a bunch of human beings. We all make some mistakes, got different perspectives. We looked at, if you’re looking for a way out, an offense will come. Jesus said this, offenses may come. Don’t look for a way out. Look for a way in. There’s going to be plenty of opportunities for you to walk away from your relationship with God, but don’t look for ways out. Look for ways into it Mt. Carmel Church.

Sam will be a person that looks for ways in which I’m, I’m not giving up easily. I’m not going to be denied. I’m going to keep looking for a way in because when we’re connected to God, let me throw this in. When I’m connected to God’s way, I don’t want to say it this way. The power of change comes from our connection. So what I’m connected to becomes my source. If I plug into this now becomes my source. It’s like,

yeah, and when we were kids, we used to drink out of a garden hose. Nobody does that anymore. You got to have water in a plastic bottle that’s been sanitized and all that, but we used to drink the street straight out of the garden hose and you know when you first turn on that hose, it’s me. You’ve been sitting there for a while. You know, you know the water I’m talking about. There’s water already in the hose but you, but you don’t necessarily want to drink it, but it fits connected to the right source. If you will turn it on and you will let it run long enough, then what is not good will be pushed out by what is good Mt. Carmel Church.

It’s not. It’s not just about getting the bad water out. It’s about getting the right water in. You can sit there and just don’t turn the water on and you just try and hold the hose up and drain all the bad water out. How tedious would that be that I get it all? No, just crank on the good water and let it flush it out. This is what our relationship with God’s supposed to be like. Just turn on the good thoughts of God. Turn on the ways of God and watch it wash out all the bad ways, but a little wash out all the things you don’t want in your life. I’m not looking for a way out. I’m looking for a way for freshwater to get in. Bad water. Can’t help the get out. When freshwater starts coming in. This was what God saved to us Mt. Carmel Church.

We’re focused too much on. I just got, I wish I wouldn’t take those thoughts. I wish I wouldn’t take too. I understand. Second Corinthians chapter 10 we’d take thoughts captive, but if I don’t plant new thoughts and meditate, Bible tells me what to meditate on. I’m not looking for a way out. I’m looking for a way in. I’m looking for a way into new habits. I’m looking for a way into new thoughts. I’m looking for a way in well that was praying about this and meditating this week and all the time I kept getting thoughts and negative thoughts and I kept saying, you know what? I changed my mind. I changed my mind. I’m not thinking that way anymore. Discouraging boys from the enemy. Tell me all kinds of things. I’m no good at not very good at terrible. Nobody likes you. Nobody listens to you, tells me all these things.