That word renewing means to renovate, to become new and different, better than before. Superior to before. Where are we becoming different? Where we become better than before. Renewed in by renewing of your mind. So notice what he’s telling us. Don’t be shaped or molded by outside influences or by your internal thinking. You have a choice. Do not do that. Do not be shaped according to the world’s thinking or according to your actions, but be transformed by so transform. How’s transformed that we’re transformed beings. Metamorphosis to change into something better to renovate, to create a new nature or a new default setting, a new basis. In other words, a new normal. When I’m talking about your nature, I’m talking about your normal, not about what you have to conjure up and figure out. Oh, okay, that’s right. I’m talking about what you do by nature Mt. Carmel Church.

Just your natural response that’s transforming. That’s, that’s your true base nature. He said the way you’re going to change your nature is by renewing your mind. When I changed the way I think I’m going to change my new nature or my nature, I’m going to change my default setting. So this is what we’re talking about, the power of choice, power of choice. Let’s put it, it was right here. Do not be conformed, but be transformed by renewing your mind. So now we’ve got to work backward. How do I become transformed? How do I not become conformed? It starts by changing the way I think. Here’s Ted’s problem. Chad wants to change the way I feel and then I can be different.

I want the transforming part to come because I feel different, but that’s not what the Bible says. The Bible says, change the way you think and when you renew your mind, change the way you think about that situation. Change the way you think about yourself. Change the way you think about your spouse. Change the way you think about your friends. Change the way you think about your job and your school, your career, whatever. You change the way you think. Now you’re going to begin to transform your nature Mt. Carmel Church.

In other words, your essential base structure. It’s going to change. When you start making the decision, I’m going to think differently. It’s not based on I feel most of the time when we don’t make changes because we look to our feelings and we take a pulse on our feelings and say, am I different? Will I feel the same? Therefore I am the same and the Bible says that’s not scriptural. When you change the way you think, you will start to transform

because the word transform is passive voice. In other words, the changing of your mind is what causes the transformation. It’s not, I’ll be transformed and then I’ll think differently when I become different. Now I’ll start thinking different. No, it’s backward. We start thinking differently and then we become transformed. Well, I want to be transformed magically. I know we all do, but it doesn’t happen that way. We have to choose the way we think. That’s the power of a choice. I’m not going to think that way about myself. I’m going to choose to think differently. It’s the power of making a decision. I want to encourage some of you, some of you are one decision away from changing your life Mt. Carmel Church.

Just seem to make a decision. Make a choice. Well, I’ve got this reason, this reason, this. Are you looking for a way out? Are you looking for it? Weigh-in, make a decision. We’re going to be given excuses all the time to stay where we are, but at some point, we’ve got to make a change and make a choice. I’m done with that and I’m going to start thinking this way. Making a decision. That’s what God’s looking for us to change our life. But sometimes we, we get decisions handed to us or we get choices handed to us because what we choose determines what we experienced. But, but here’s what I do know. We don’t always get to get to determine the choices that come into our life Mt. Carmel Church.

Everything that comes into my life. It’s not necessarily my choice. But here’s what I wanna encourage you with. We always have a choice on what we do from what comes into my life. You may be Senator and say chapel. I didn’t choose a divorce. I didn’t, I didn’t choose for my loved one to die. I didn’t choose for them to abuse me. I didn’t choose to get fired. I didn’t choose this. I didn’t choose that. I get it. There’s a lot of things that come into our life that we don’t get to choose the options that are in front of us, but we do get to choose which options we’re going to connect to. I get to choose where I’m going to go from here. I may not get to decide how I get everywhere I am and all that came into my life. I wasn’t expecting that Mt. Carmel Church.

What do I do now? But I do have the power to choose from here. Even if I didn’t get to choose everything came here. Not everything that comes into your life, you’re going to get a stamp of approval. Would we all like to do that? Like everything before it comes into my life? God. Could you run it by me so I can say, okay, it doesn’t happen that way, but I promise we get a dis a say?

So in which one we choose to agree with going forward. Power choice, power of choice. Notice the power of choice comes first and then it’s the power of change. There is a power of choice. There is a will Nelson, the phrase when we did this title, this message where there’s a will, there’s a way will come first. It’s not where there’s away Mt. Carmel Church.

There’s a will where there’s a decision where there’s a choice. We’ll find away. Paul said I’ll find a way in the will of God. Some means by now, at last, I’ll find a way. There’s a will. Whether it’s weight, it’s not. Whether there’s a way there’s a will because there’s a lot of time. There’s a way, there’s no will. So there has to be a decision first, but that’s not enough. Power of connecting, of making that decision is the first power of choice.